“she always talks about how she hates liars, she’s lying to our face”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 19-45-03-552_jpg

7:37pm HOH Austin and LIz

Austin is happy he got a workout
liz complains she so full
Austin says he thought it was the midday chardonnay
Liz – it was your massive omelette
Austin – I had to make it massive for you
Vanessa joins them while Austin is in the shower. Vanessa is wearing some kind of face mask.
Austin comes out tells Vanessa to make a “mean Pork chop”
Vanessa – do you guys trust Steve and Johnnymac more or Meg and James more
Austin – that’s a tough one
vanessa – I’ve been pondering that
Vanessa adds they have a much better chance of beating the goblins in competitions than Becky/Johnymac
Austin was hoping they can just let it go and have it decide itself
Vanessa- does meg and James have anything against me
Austin – no, everyone’s good with us now
Austin leaves
Vanessa starts working liz to get Becky out
Vanessa says if she gets houseguest choice she should pick Austin
Vanessa adds they need to talk to steve to make sure he knows they want noms to stay the same
Liz says James will keep the noms the same
They wonder who Becky will pick
Vanessa – Meg maybe thinking Meg won’t win she can beat meg
Liz – Oh ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 19-46-23-550_jpg

7:45pm Jmac alone

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 19-55-13-212_jpg

7:54pm Becky and Jmac
Jmac we got Austin, Julia and steve we just got to get one of us off ..
Becky says losing JAckie shocked her. She doesn;t have anyone for houseguests choice
Becky – I stopped caring at this point
jmac – If I vetoed Jackie Steve might put you up
Becky – I know I know I know .. Steve taking out Jackie and me when Austin and the twins continue to bully him
if it endurance coming back we look pretty good
Becky – I know but Shelly.. I can’t do mental comps to save my life
Jmac giggles “no you cant”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 20-06-23-226_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 20-19-11-656_jpg

8:13 HOH The twins
Liz saying she doesn’t trust Vanessa and doesn’t like her
Liz – I believe Johnnymac
liz is worried that Becky will be coming after them with a vengeance
Julia – so now you’re saying you want to send Becky out
Liz says they will have to wait until tomorrow.

Liz – she always talks about how she hates liars, she’s lying to our face
Julia gets called out for not wearing a microphone
Liz – I’m backdooring you
Julia – Stop it
Julia – Vanessa being here, everyone is targeting her except for Steve.. If Johnny Mac wins she’s going up they’re for sure

Julia complains that Austin’s Hair has polluted the sink
Liz calls Austin her b1tch he’s making her dinner right now

They mention how their memories are so bad they don’t remember the conversation they were in. Comparing themselves to Vanessa who they say remembers all the conversation verbatim
LIz – Austin is so funny he’s so over her too he’s like she’s such a joke
Liz says they cannot get caught stretching themselves too thin that’s what Vanessa is doing.
Liz says it will be insane if they make it to final 2 together it’s not goign to happen. Julia says it will.

Julia asks what her and Austin were talking about.
Liz- we both want to keep Johnnymac and get rid of Becky
Liz- Johnny mac will not come after me and you unfortunately he’s goign after Austin and I’m OK with that
Liz- Oh my god Austin is so cute..
Julia- he’s the one that needs to eat all the time

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 20-13-57-654_jpg

8:12pm Austin and the goblins
Meg Talking about Vanessa being on the block then later the same night had control over Steve’s HOH.
Austin says Vanessa is manipulating everyone
They Agree to make Vanessa feel safe so she doesn’t win the next HOH.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 20-48-40-336_jpg

8:47pm The goblins shit chatting about Meg’s types of guys Austin making dinner, Liz prancing around in her mask. everyone else off feeds I assume they are sleeping.
James asks her if she likes Bad boys to good boys or in the middle
Meg says She leans toward bad middle
James – Yes like me

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 21-06-15-551_jpg

9:05pm Meg tells JAmes her friends that was on survivor twice is from the country he would love her
(Meg’s friend is Andrea Boehlke)
Meg – She likes pretty boys.. she’s like Clay
James – I’ll have to find out where Clay is from and flatten his tires.
They laugh
Meg says Clay is the kinda guy that likes to party, “He plays it off that he doesn’t”
Meg says Clay would bring up all those bar fight stories
James – The bar fights I get into charges are pressed but we drop them the next morning
James says in the old days his friends would be like ‘Who’s containing James tonight”
James’s- I’ve calmed down a lot now I have a little girl I can’t be like that

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 21-29-00-762_jpg

9:30 Austin and the twins having a dinner talking to Steve about
On the other camera James is asking Becky and Meg what their favorite line is on the fast and the furious movies.

They don’t know. James goes on to describe an entire scene from the movie.
Meg – Oh my god you are goign to tell us the entire move..
James keeps going.


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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What is Vanessa wearing…a hobo mask?

Back Door Dentist

What game is Johnny playing? How can you be a super fan and not have a clue how to play? Someone please give me a compelling argument on why all of you think hes the best and why everyone is rooting for him…..i dont get it? Because he makes weird grunting noises? Because his strategy was to do anything Clay told him to do and he did it? He has slept for the last 2 months….why is anyone rooting for this dude? He is the most undeserving and boring player in the house. Its like, oh wow this dude cant speak right and sounds like a caveman when he talks and he stays in bed all the time and only comes out when someone makes him do something to help THEIR game, so I want him to win.


Because he wears penn state gear all the time. We are!!

WV Boy

We are….Marshall!!!


Look, Im all about sticky buns from The Diner….. But as a fellow Lion I would be lying if I wasn’t embarassed by his gameplay. We Are!!

Ms Chiff

Jmac held such promise, but his gameplay has turned out to be a major dud.

He’s starting to sound like Becky! B1tching obsessively about Vanessa, rather than offering the twins what they really want to hear – that he’ll keep them safe for as long as he’s in the game, and maybe even that he will ask for and consider their input when he’s in power.

He’s not dumb – how could he not know how to tilt things in his favor? He should know how to do that??

Very odd :/


Thank you for outlining all the reasons why I love JohnnyMac…..you forgot UNIQUE


Becky looks so tasty in that outfit.
Love that combo, look good high, look good low.


I don’t really get his appeal either as a good game player, but he’s a likeable person and production’s darling. There is no way he won’t make it to the end. Unless Vanessa wins HOH next week and puts him next to Liz (which she won’t). But then Steve has to vote him out, which he probably won’t. JMAC is so safe and a frequent POV winner, I don’t see him not getting to the end. Especially if good old Shelli comes back.

I think someone is coming back two evictions after DE, and Vanessa is leaving next week. She is not great at comps, especially anything physical. She won two HOHs where one was reactive and another was luck. Plus no one is thinking about getting out TWIN SISTERS and the guy who wants to be family with them soon.

Ms Chiff

That’s what I hoped would happen when Kayser and Janelle were fan faves – that production would make sure they made the finals, and instead Maggie won :/

Guess producers can only do so much – this week they could definitely tell JMac how to save himself and not do the same for Becky. He should have told the twins he wanted to help them before nominations, but guess after playing veto would still be better late than never.


Am I the only one who likes Vanessa?! I mean, she’s super smart! She does remember conversations verbatim and can maneuver her way through people’s minds! I’m all for her getting far in this game! Go Vanessa!!


I hear you KS Nessa is smart and memory is on point… but not a team player… never..she’s the type that would kill her young if it benefits her… cold heartless baby killer for beyond the game of BB… black soul 100%


You must be Vanessa’s mom?


She’s my favorite player this season and the hate she gets on this site is ridiculous. People with no qualifications are diagnosing her with a litany of mental illnesses. She’s just smarter than the rest of them, smart people process information quickly, talk quickly and remember nuances of conversations that other people don’t. I’d also like to point out that claiming someone has a mentall illness to demean them is offensive to all of the rational productive people in society who actually live with mental illness. The hate is similar to what Frankie got last year, I think it has more to do with them being successful, wealthy and gay than anything they’ve done in the game.

She Diagnosed Herself

Vanessa said this place makes her Bi-Polar. Vanessa diagnosed JMAC with a Mood Disorder. Vanessa called JMAC and Becky the Devil on numerous occasions. Vanessa called JMAC dangerous murderer for listening to Death Metal. Every houseguest that live with her call her crazy, weird, worse than Audrey. Production calls her the Mad Hatter in comic book comp. Vanessa blames Production for mixing up her meds causing her bad game play, cuz she can’t tell her pills apart? Austin. tells her to take her meds when she’s spiraling to help her. She didn’t show Audrey compassion, she called her certifiable. Now you demonize contributors for agreeing?

Vanessa can dish it out but can’t take it. Her crying sobbing manic tantrums Bible quoting finger pointing threatening name calling is genius strategy to make us take pity on someone appearing to have mental issues?? Is she using the mentally ill and LGBT communities for sympathy cards, to label others bigots or to further victimize herself in the game top justify her failures. Take responsibility for your lack of likability Vanessa. Vanessa even called Becky JMAC cold-hrarted, GERMAN cold you know direct quote. Now she’s blaming Germans Hitler what next? People don’t trust her like her or respect her name calling gameplay.


Finally, another Vanessa fan…the way the board is reading lately, I feel like I’m trolling if I try to talk about her 😉 Not a huge fan of her meltdowns, but she’s playing the game. More than I can say for anyone else left in that house. They all know she’s manipulating them, and yet they still keep her and better, make excuses why they can’t put her up (except Becky, and we all saw how that went down). Don’t think she’ll make it to the end, but I love watching her in the house. Liar, manipulator, hypocrite, overly-emotional? Yep…and I’m fine with it. This is Big Brother.


I love Vanessa. And there are a lot of Vanessa fans on the feeds. For some reason all her haters seem to flock to this site, because on the feeds her fans outweigh those that dislike her. I think she is hands down the most strategic player in the house. And she’s very good at manipulating to get things to go her way. In other words she’s there to play big brother.

The only thing I wish she would do is tone it down just a little. I know she is there to play, I mean that’s obvious. But if you want to appeal to the younger players, you have to chill out a little bit. She was an overachiever though throughout her school years and people like that tend to be laser focused on the goal and have a hard time accepting failure. She has to realize that part of the social game though, just chill out a bit!


Amazing how easy it is to look “super smart” in a room full of idiots.


I can’t decide if Liz is stringing Austin along or not! It was clear in the beginning that she wanted and needed his protection and used a flirt mance/show mance to get that loyalty. Despite her saying numerous times that she was going to tell him in jury she’s not interested, she certainly seems to be reciprocating what’s going on despite telling her sister the opposite. But then again, these girls HATE everything. So you never know. Big babies, I can’t wait until Liz leaves. My dream would be Austin and Julia on the block, then back dooring Liz! Leaving two people on the same side who can’t stand each other. This would force Austin over to the middle presuming Vanessa is gone already.


At first in the beginning of the game I thought Liz was just doing what she needed to too in order to keep Austin on board. However the other night when she was totally outraged that Austin was ignoring her it became obvious she has feelings for him more then just friendly. I think it’s obvious now that she is looking for a romance outside the house with him…

GeekSquad McGee

I suspect Liz may have clued in to how the public perceives her deceiving him, and is now acting like she likes him more than she does, for image control.

For example, she tells Julia that if JMac targeted Austin, she wouldn’t have a problem with it. And then says right after, Austin looks so cute! As though she caught herself and had to do a little damage control.


Come on Liz grow a pair and backdoor Van if possible! At least maybe your douchebag ball less boyfriend who stanks!!!


But it doesn’t make sense for her game. Why would she waste her hoh to take out someone that is on her side. Whether she lies or not.


I don’t think Vanessa has done anything that should make them personally evict her. Place her further and further at the bottom of their alliance, but all her lies seem to be against non-Austwins.
Anyway, they are just making her their human shield.

Of all jury members, no one will vote for her. Even less than MEG (who may get a pity vote or James’ vote if he’s out). Who is going to vote for Vanessa? I can’t think of anyone at this point. Not that I expect this stupid cast to realize that.

It seems like they are all in HS talking shit and not realizing that you take Meg and Vanessa to the end or as far as possible with you. Namely Julia or James who can actually execute that. Steve knows though, I think.

Terrifying Ticking Time Bomb Vanessa

Vanessa is dangerous to EVERYONE’S game because she will go OFF on anyone on a dime. blow up their game, for nothing but paranoid delusuons. She is furious if anyone talks game, makes a move without her permission or even speaks, dreaded, gets too close with any other player.

Vanessa is the definition of a control freak and everyone else is just an expendable pawn in her game. She dictates the script, no matter who’s HOH, you better mouth her words and not have an independent thought even for your own game. Why keep Vanessa in if she terrifies you and makes you cringe every time she enters a room? (quotes from Twins). Once she finds out (from henchman Steve) Austwins hate her they’re dead meat, so they better pray she doesn’t overhear them through the walls, like she pretended to hear Clay, JMAC & James.

The definition of disloyalty, she has a backup plan in every direction with her multiple alliances, deals, temporary deals and Final 2s, so she’s ready to cut off anyone and destroy their game in Jury House if she doesn’t get her way. She fights without direction, and when her hurricane force tantrums blow she destroys everything in her path, even her OWN game. She’s at the bottom of everyone’s totem pole now, alone with no friends. That can’t be a good strategy, she’s the casualty in her war. And with everyone against her and nothing to lose, she will put up her own allies to demonstrate her power, so her vote is not guaranteed. Everyone’s a stupid lowly pawn in Vanessa’s world, who would be here, doesn’t deserve to be here except by her benevolence. Now she’ll trek a self serving story and quote from her BB Bible, the Book of Job….


… because when you don’t, someone else randomly puts you and your closest ally up the next week and one of you goes home. Maybe try a different script, execute a backdoor of Vanessa. I thought Johnny was doing a good job of planting the seeds of how the Austwins could court jury votes – be the one that evicted Vanessa!!


Because she’ll win 500k and Liz won’t, that could be a good reason. Getting the best player in the house out isn’t a waist of an HOH either it’s actually a decent strategy. However keeping her to be the house target is a smart move as well. Look no further than Chilltown keeping Janelle in BB7, unfortunately it cost the best ever his game that year. It’s a move that could get the twins 500k or go quickly to jury. Personally I’d do it because you can’t play this game with fear, Vanessa will continue to form sub alliances in the house and mainly it would cause mass chaos and destruction throughout the house with her freaking out the rest of the week which makes great TV. Then again I’d purposely never win a comp so I wouldn’t have to make the decision, winning comps is a losing strategy. Don’t believe me look at Meg, she’s going to final 3 or 4 but won’t win because she’s not ruthless enough to openly and proudly lie and deceive anyone in the house.


Get rid of Vanssa now she’s on nobody side except for herself

Pot Kettle Black

Vanessa umm like umm really annoys me.

Come on Liz and Julia

Keep thinking…….Vanessa…….
Vanessa is manipulating everyone……..vanessa……vanessa…..
Come on TWINIIIIES!! (Nadya and Natalie Survivor and Amazing Race)


Hey N & N you are so right Vanessa needs to go. She thinks she’s the boss.
Her way or she flips out. She gotta go


Love Becky train hit survivor she needs to start a rumor tha Austin want The other twin gone, this she over heard while in the toilet. Let it spread thru the house and then wait for them to go after Austin and they could back door him.

Witch Hunt

Why don’t they stop procrastinating on evicting Vanessa and just get that witch outta there? How can 7 people (excluding Becky) not realize that it is not helping their games to keep her as a “shield”? She will manage to win HOH and decimate them. Strike now, fools! BTW–are the twins really adults or just 12-year olds that got fake boobs?


Please explain how Liz would benefit from Vanessa going out this week? Vanessa targets are Becky, Jmac, James, Meg…in that order.

It makes absolutely no sense for Liz to use her hoh on Vanessa. I want her out to, but at this point it would be a terrible move for Liz.


Liz is to scared to backdoor Vanessa because she has a chance to come back.


I know it is wishful thinking, and asking too much to actually believe what Liz said to Julia, about if the Veto is won by Becky, and Becky comes off the block, Liz said she will put up Vanessa. That would be GREAT, the look on Vanessa’s face would be PRICELESS, to be put on the block 2 weeks in a row, Liz, Julia and Austin are on to the way Vanessa is playing the game and the don’t trust her.

Vanessa is not the HOH, and she pissed Liz off running around telling people they are safe, Liz even mentioned how she had to run around and talk with people first, Liz said she is sketchy. I hope and pray that Liz would put Vanessa on the block of JMac or Becky win the Veto, I am so over Vanessa always talking game, she said that is what bugged her about Audrey.

Vanessa cannot turn it off. Austin and the twins have noticed this, this is way they have started breaking away from her, I want Vanessa to shut the hell up and stop trying to control everything. Vanessa is a paranoid annoying person, she is constantly saying she hates liars, and it drives me crazy, she is one of the biggest liars in the house!!!


That will never happen. Liz does not have the gumption to put Vanessa up. I haven’t even watched them that much today (too annoying) and I heard her say she was “scared” twice. Lol.

Tour 2

I don’t like to see Johnny Mac look so down. Miss the old Johnny Mac that was so lively and Out There! I’m hoping that he wins veto! His downfall is that he only aligned himself with certain groups in the house (Shellie and clay), then once they were gone it seems like he became dispondent and he didn’t try to reach out to other groups. He needs to restratigize his game and own up that he is alone in the game and pitch to the rest of the house that he is a “free agent”. He needs to pitch that whoever teams up with him is on the wining side, considering his winning track record. He needs to re shuffle his deck ASAP!


Don’t worry, Johnny Mac or James is winning this season, and a HG is coming back to help them.

Austin has never said or even thought that Vanessa is rich. Annoying and crazy yes, but not rich, and he hates Johnny Mac before this. Production stepped in already after last nights double eviction. I definitely do not think Austin put stuff together on his own about Vanessa but they know she is unpopular as hell right now. They also realize that Jmac is super popular. Something happened and I knew it would but it’s too obvious DR fed them stuff last night.

Witch Hunt

Those twins may just be the most vapid people to ever play the game. Maybe they should just stick to eating their toenails–like Julia just did.


Agree. Why the F did BB put these 2 btchs in the show?


I would really like Becky to go, then Vanessa.

Watch Steve/Jmac join with James/Meg. To take out the Austwins.


The twins suck!!!! Their voices r like nails on a fucking chalkboard
Both of them were jealous of Jackie b/c she is stunning and didn’t have to whore herself out like liz
Can’t wait for both of them to be on the block or Austin


I forgot to mention, I crack up every time I hear Meg, Austin, Julia or Liz call someone a floater, I guess I have to take Liz out of the group since this is her 2nd HOH win. But please tell me what the hell has Meg, Austin or Julia won? Austin won HOH one time for s quick minute, other than that, even LIz & Julia both complain about so many muscles, but he cannot win anything.

Austin loves to call other people floaters, and does Liz like Austin now ? When he is out of the house and see how they said he smells, and does not have the best hygiene, he is going to feel bad. I am so sick of him always pawing all over Liz, but I’m also confused now, does Liz like him ?

I also heard Liz tell Julia she would not have a problem with Austin being voted out, when he gets home and his family and friends tell him how he was played, and portrayed on TV, Austin is going to feel like a fool.


I have never seen two people all over the place as much as these two. Just an hour ago they said they hated Johnny Mac and wanted him out. Lol

I mean I know this particular group of houseguest change their mind on a dime, but these two ding bats go from one end of the spectrum to another with in minutes. I hate her! (15 minutes later) I love her! They make meg look like a genius.


Hello, Steve is also a have not this week. Or am I wrong?

Uh huh...

Right now, I want Vanessa and Becky to cast their differences aside and make a final two alliance between each other. To have some extra numbers helping them Becky will work over JohnnyMac and Vanessa will continue to control everything Steve goes about doing.

Becky can tell JohnnyMac that Vanessa approached her about forming a VanBeckyJmacSteve final four alliance. Vanessa can tell Steve the new plan. Steve and Jmac should go for it since their already working together knowing they’d work

Simon/dawg/or whoever can answer my ?

I was getting ready to order birthday presents off Amazon when I remembered about going thru this site. Do I just click on the Amazon ad at the top of this page and log into my account?


Vanessa’s not going anywhere this week. Unless one is HOH, the Austwins can’t make it through next week unless Vanessa is still in the game as HOH, as nominee or as voter. So that ship has sailed. I can’t wait until Vanessa gets word of Austin’s latest betrayal (and there have been so many) and crucifies him. That will be fun to watch.

B-bad owl

Is Austin in the best position to win at this point? Nobody other than Julia wants him out. Everybody except Vanessa see’s him as running Liz and Julia’s game(Vanessa see’s herself running everybody’s game). Pretty much everyone likes him, and trusts him over others.
As the game stands right now, who in the house could beat him in F2? Vanessa can’t, and he may be the only one she can’t beat. She has wronged too many people with her bullying (kudos to JMac for realizing she was about to go off on him and changing his tune fast. Had to be a tough pill to swallow).
Liz and Julia are seen as his minions. James and Meg are jokes in most houseguests minds.
Steve, not a chance.
JMac, he is seen as someone that didn’t really play the game.
Becky? The only way she is making F2 at this point is to win her way there.
Honestly I don’t see anyone beating him, and only one person wants him out. If he can get lucky and somebody else takes Julia out for him……he is on the fast track to $500k.

This is all subject to change upon the next thing Vanessa says to anyone obviously. Lol

Amazon question

I found the link thru the ‘how to support this site” tab. Also, I want to thank you for this site. This was the first year I was able to donate since I finally have a real j.o.b. Although I probably failed a few test in nursing school since I would spend my only available hours to study reading up on OBB, I still graduated with honors, and am finally able to show my appreciation.


The Gremlins DVD is for sale from Amazon on this page lol

Uh huh...

(continuing from last post; accidentally hit the post comment button)…

So yeah, Jmac and Steve will work together once it’s down to final four knowing HOH winner and Veto outcomes will have an obvious factor in how it ultimately plays out. They would have a slight advantage to make it to final three though given how at that point Van and Becky would likely want the other out at that point.

Basically, I would just love to see that all play out somehow even though I know it’s extremely unlikely – especially since it would likely require Becky coming off the block this week with James or Meg then being the replacement nominee and then requiring Vanessa to work her manipulation powers on the Austwins to have James or Meg voted out over Jmac.

So unlikely, but I would love to see it happen… with anyone other than Vanessa winning it all amongst those four.

And hell, if Jmac or Becky does go this week then I wouldn’t mind if James got pulled into that final four scenario instead.


Vanessa can’t go until she gets Becky and finally boots Mr Smelly Austin out. Then she can take a trip to the Jury house. I just want the joy of watching her get him out. He thinks he’s so cleaver and cool ….. Sickening to watch him and Liz.


This is so boring


It sucks for Johnny Mac cause if he wins veto, than he will be a pretty big comp threat

An ornery mouse

Geez, does Liz have a big minstrel show audition coming up or something? I’m gonna see that top picture of Vanessa in my nightmares tonight. She’ll be telling me about Becky and asking who my targets are.


Would like to see Vanessa stay long enough for Austin, Liz or Julia be on the block, Austin especially. For all their talk of hating her now they will running to her asking her what they should do to get out of it. Would be fun to watch especially if the other house guest tell Vanessa what they have been saying about her.

another name

I usually try to get inside player’s and alliances’ minds to understand what they’re doing.
i’m having a very hard time doing that this week.
i had a hard time with the jason week. not because i liked jason’s game or anything, but it was such a weird week. from the moment jackie and vanessa won hoh things were just weird.
here we go again. but for a different reason. Every time Liz and Austin speak to someone (except Vanessa) they leave the conversation saying I like that one. we should work with them…. I have no clue what they are going to do anymore, because the concept changes every time they see a shiny object or a squirrell. i think i have to take a break for a day… it’s like there is no such thing as logic and they have the attention span of a strobe light flash.
one question: which alliance are the austwins so upset about?
the one jason, meg, jackie, vanessa, james, shelli and clay becky and julia were part of to get rid of austin?
or is it the one vanessa, austin, james, meg, liz, julia, becky and jackie formed to get rid of the remainder of clelli? the one the austwins knew was fake at the time? the one that has becky so butthurt.
at least i’ve figured out it isn’t the james jason jeff jackie meg clay shelli dayvonne audrey alliance to get rid of jace.
i’m just confused because the other two seem to get intertwined in the retells.


The twins are comedy, they aren’t very good at the game but entertaining. They change they mind every hour. Liz disliked Johnny Mac earlier now her and Julia are saying they like him…I think Vanessa could go up but chances are very slim because the twins are too scared! And really twins you like Steve?? James will turn on them eventually if no one does he’s smarter than he seems!!

Too Funny

Liz def doesnt like austin u can tell by her looks n body language when he touches her she is using him n slips n says it to her sister alot. Her sister even said liz is all abt the attention she gets from guys n has to have it all the time… I really hope jmac wins the veto tomorrow!!! Vanessa is a good game player and really smart but has over extended her hand by talking too much and telling ppl what to do all the time but somehow always pulls out right moves at the right time and u have to respect that kind of game play. I wish she wld just calm down a lil bit and not act soo crazy sometimes. I think austin better look out cuz shes coming for him pretty soon to take back control of the twins… she sees how close hes gettin to the gobblins and thats not good for her game n she will be gone once he dsnt need her as a shield…


You r soooo right. Pretty sad. He’s gonna die when he watches this on TV.
He needs to go its gonna be good tv when he’s on the block and watching him trying to get off.