Big Brother 17 – WEEK 7 OBB Power Rankings


Biggest gains this week are Austin and Meg followed by the Twins. Austin and Meg can attribute their increase to their social game. Very few people if any are targeting them.
The Twins banter is entertaining while other players are scheming their riding the shark.

Everyone close to Becky took a hit this week. She was outmaneuvered by Vanessa add to this the goblins scampering, paranoid ways all meant Becky’s HOH plans were going to get derailed. Johnnymac and Steve had hitched their ride to the Becky train hoping to form a Becky/Shelli/Jmac/Steve alliance.

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James, You lost a hoodie but recovered expanding your goblins alliance with Austin and the twins. “Bros before Foes”







Even the goblins want to keep you before the twins.. Really not a target by anyone right now. The fact that the twins with a potential showmance were able to make it this deep in a game is remarkable +1







Nobody says your name when asked who they will target even the twins say “Meg? She’s not a threat”  The truth is you’re not a threat. 50K will be your jackpot. +1 for giving me the best 1 liners to tweet



3 (4)




Fun on the feeds, playing a solid social game. Making it this deep in the game with your sister and “showmance” is pretty good +1







Fun on the feeds, Playing a social game. Essentially outsourced strategy to Vanessa,m Liz and Austin. Surviving this deep into the game with a sister having a “Showmance” is pretty good +1.







You’ve transformed into a goblin and keeping Vanessa is the same as summoning a demon. On the plus side  I haven’t heard anyone mention your name as a target in a long time.  A couple weeks ago this was not the case.







Vanessa has more tricks up her sleeve than the house combined. Even though it was the goblins you had the plan to keep Vanessa she helped it along. Still a major target in the house







Back in the saddle again, Scheming, shifting blame painting targets, selling people out. Unfortunately you have a lot of baggage from the first month.  







A couple  blunders this week while being caught scheming too much with Jmac was damaged your position.  You’re a target again but you still have powerful friends.







Along with Becky and Steve your game took a hit. It’s starting to look like you're a DR player.







You’re gonna hate this HOH. You flipped to the Goblin side and got bit. Now your arch rival will stay in the house. -1 messing up your HOH

There’s three main categories, Entertainment value, Social Skillz and Strategy/game with each category ranging from 1-5 with a 0 value being used for exceptional cases. A bonus category is also added worth 3 points for those special cases that don’t fit the 3 main categories.

1/3 – Entertainment
0- You’re not entertaining – I turn the feeds off when you’re on
1- Offensive, Rude, unlikable or flat out boring COULD be SOME words that might describe your behaviour on the feeds
2- Maybe you’re laying too low. Right now everyone on OBB is joking about not knowing your name
3- Neutral
4- You’re a likable person and showing it on the feeds
5- You’re making these feeds Very fun to watch

1/3 – Social game
0 – Your social game is non existent go back to blogging in a basement
1 – Most of the house dislikes you. You’ll see yourself a target soon
2- You’re building some relationships but not enough to keep your ass safe if you or our close few friends don’t win a comp
3- Neutral
4- You’re building a lot of relationships but also some enemies
5- Most if not all the house likes you. Nobody has thrown your name out there as a target yet

1/3 – Strategy
0- Strategy .. HUH? what does that mean
1- You have a short term plan that will get you by the next 20 minutes
2- Your plan is to to make it to Jury to get the stipend
3- Neutral
4-You have a Short term or Long term plan and a couple ideas plans on how to execute it
5- You have a clear plan for the short or long term and a clear plan to execute

+/- 1-3 points can be awarded to players that has done something incredibly awesome or stupid. Maybe they turned their game around after being universally hated or squandered away a strategic asset because they couldn’t keep their mouths shuts..

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12 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 – WEEK 7 OBB Power Rankings

  1. Re Jackie……..You’ve transformed into a goblin and keeping Vanessa is the same as summoning a demon.

    Now THAT is funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’ve transformed into a goblin and keeping Vanessa is the same as summoning a demon.

    Now THAT is funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hard to believe Austin is No. 2…But it’s true. He has done a good job socially and managed to not have his size put a target on his back.

  4. Either last night or the night before …
    One of the twins, I think it was Julia said that Jackie n James were her targets if she wins HOH

  5. I hope Steve or johnnymac win first and second HOH and get everyone scrampering. Although, the odds of that are low. Johnnymac HAS to win the 1st HOH or he’ll be out tonight. The constant DR sessions and showing so much emotion these last 2 weeks has killed his game, I’m afraid. I like JohnnyMac. At this point, as much as I hate Vanessa I hope she makes it to the end just to show all these fools what a mistake they made Give Austin, this or Julia make it to the final three I’m going to puke

  6. Vanessa is working on targeting Austin … She has had enough of his disloyalty
    Van is in stealth mode … but laying the ground work to get Austin out
    If she survives that long?

    1. Yeah, she wants to scoop up the twins. She also doesn’t like that Austin hangs so easily with James. Austin is rightfully aware that Vanessa is trying to run the twins, and it makes him legitimately nervous. I do believe that Austin would side with the goblins to take her out if she is back on the block tonight. The twins would probably vote to keep her. I would like to see Austin and James lose the girls they are carrying and work together.

  7. Becky really is a trainwreck. I think you are generous giving her a 6. The only person left in the house that would work with her is Johnny. She made an enemy of Vanessa, which is a fatal mistake, she lost Shelli ( you never put someone up if you don’t want them to go home) and she doesn’t know yet that the goblins know more than she thinks about her own rattiness. She only had one person openly after her (Steve), and now after her HOH she only has 1 person that trusts her, and he is on shaky ground (also partly her fault). Jackie is pissed at her, she realizes that Becky used her as a life raft to attach herself to the goblins when she needed it. I don’t think this HOH could have gone worse for her, and it is all her own fault.

  8. I completely disagree with meg being so high not being a threat because she’s useless doesn’t make her a good player. I agree with the rest of the rankings especially James he made the big move last week and even though his target Shelli stayed he’s making sure she goes this week even though Becky wants Vanessa out.

  9. I agree that Becky’s hoh has been a disaster for her game.
    I don’t think her plan was bad. It was her execution and lack of understanding of the power structure of the alliances.
    In Becky’s mind, she was a member of the jjm alliance (even though 2 voted against her when she was on the block with Jason). She believed that alliance would follow the wishes of whichever one of them was hoh because last week jackie kept saying that is was a slap in the face for anyone not to follow the wishes of the hoh. A big deal was made about that on several occasions. She erroneously thought that sentiment would survive through this week because her ‘alliance’ took glee in plotting the downfall of Vanessa. What Becky failed to realize is that James is the clear and present leader of that alliance. They do what James wants because: they think James is their only hope of staying in the game, or they’re gullible, or some combination of the two.
    Becky’s execution of her plan was flawed because she jumped a step. she went from a) backdoor Vanessa in nominations to c) celebrate Vanessa’s downfall. she missed b) make sure Vanessa is evicted before celebrating. Also… way to finesse a juror. sheesh.

  10. Glad to see meg recognized for being a good person and a rather smart player. The jerk who compared her to Frankie is an asshole. People respect meg as a person she has some class. Frankie was the worst thing to ever happened to big brother. He was and I’m sure still is slime. Meg is to use an old fashion word a lady. Frankie is an embarrassment to the human race

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