Steve “You’re promising me that you, Jackie & Meg are voting to evict Shelli tomorrow?” James “Yes!”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 01-39-11-823
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12am Comic room – Steve, Julia, Vanessa and Steve. Julia and Liz are quizzing Steve on the video clips. James joins them. Vanessa asks James would you tell me if I’m staying or going? Big Brother switches camera and then switches back after a minute. Vanessa says I went and told Becky that if I stay we could have a conversation if she wanted. Just to clear the air. I’m 32 years old this is a game. James says you’re fine. I’ll make sure on brass tacks. Vanessa says if I’m getting evicted just let me know. Please don’t let me get blind sided on national television. James says yeah, you’re not. The information that I have. If they blind side me that’s different but I doubt it. Julia tells Vanessa you have our votes. The conversation turns to talking about Vanessa’s goodbye speech. Vanessa wishes they could get a phone call in jury. James says Jason said you get a censored phone call. They talk about Johnny Mac being weird. James says that he lost Clay and now he’s probably losing Shelli. James says what Austin and I were talking about was people in the middle coming together and taking us out. Julia says if we win we have to put up Steve & Johnny Mac. James says the people in the middle are Steve, Becky and Johnny Mac. Vanessa says I would put up a different order but I am amenable. I would put up Becky. But I am amenable on the order. James tells Vanessa I am 99.99999999% sure you are staying tomorrow. And the .99999% on a DNA test means you are the father. Vanessa says if at any point I am not the father just let me know. Vanessa suggests Shelli someone tell Shelli also so that she isn’t blind sided either. Vanessa says if Becky wins the second HOH I’ll just take my seat in the nomination chair.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 02-12-28-529
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12am – 12:50am HOH room – Austin, Meg, Jackie and Becky are also studying the video clips. Steve joins them and he and Austin head out of the HOH room to play a game of chess. In the bathroom – The camera’s switch to Shelli and Johnny Mac talking mid conversation. Shelli says to put me and Clay up… and asks how can I feel good about someone like that (James) who then comes to me and says I have your back more than anybody. How can I feel good about that? She says I’m never going to campaign against you. Which is smart because she is going to campaign against Becky. She doesn’t have anything bad about me. Johnny says she is good and for my game going forward I just have to nod my head until I get to (he then gestures stabbing with a imaginary knife.) She really trusts me right now. She asked for my vote and I said I don’t know. I’m going to ask James some time tonight and find out what is the bottom line just tell me. Shelli asks do you think there is any shot of him (James) coming around? Johnny says no not really, you would have to sell your soul for the whole game. Shelli says I don’t get why because its better for Meg, Jackie and Becky to keep me. I am just starting to get pissed. Vanessa says she (Vanessa) trusts me enough to ask me for my vote. I don’t know if she does or not though.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 02-11-04-741

12:35am HOH room – Shelli says I don’t know if I need to even start studying. Shelli asks why is Austin blocking me every where I go. Do I even have a shot at all? Jackie says I don’t know. Shelli says I know I there is this new 8 person alliance to target Me, Johnny Mac and Steve. Meg says it wasn’t an alliance it was a plan for double eviction last week. Shelli says I have heard things in talking to people about what Vanessa is saying. She is saying bad things about Becky. If you vote her out then you have the twins and Austin who are weak without her. They you’ve gained me and Becky. If you keep Vanessa just to target the bottom two Steve & Johnny then after they are going they will come after y’all. Becky says I am scared if Vanessa win HOH I am gone. Meg says the votes count so much. Becky asks Shelli if you were to win HOH who would you put up? Shelli says definitely Austin and then Steve, Johnny or one of the twins. I don’t know that’s all that’s left. Shelli suggests maybe I don’t even try to win HOH. Meg asks why would you do that? Do you want to? Shelli says no. Shelli says nothing buries the hatchet more than a vote. If y’all vote for me I would not put y’all up. 100%! I am not the type of person that can promise something and then not do it. I would promise that to James too. Shelli says I am pretty sure Clay would tell me to bury the hatchet with James as well. Do you guys honestly believe she wouldn’t put y’all up? Jackie and Meg both agree Vanessa will come after them. Shelli says she will go after Becky first and then y’all. I love the twins but are they ever going to experience this? Austin is their shield. If he or the twins win HOH who would they turn on .. y’ll they won’t go after Steve or Johnny Mac because they can use them for numbers. Shelli says it would be bad if I got voted out and then Vanessa started winning. Jackie says I would rather have you here. Shelli asks does James have a connection with Austin? Jackie says no he attaches onto guys because he gets sick of being around so many women. James joins them. Shelli asks have you thought about our talk? James says its up to the group. Shelli says I am extending an olive branch and its up to you if you accept it. I know if Clay was still here he would be saying the same thing. They talk about how Vanessa said we need to get out the other Clelli. Shelli says that’s so perfect. She was perfectly happy with everyone voting me out. Shelli tells James she will not put him up and if they vote to keep her they will have her loyalty. Shelli reiterates her reasons to keep all over again to James. Shelli leaves.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 02-13-47-389

1:20am HOH room – Becky, James and Jackie talk about the choice between Shelli and Vanessa. Becky says if we keep her Shelli she won’t put us up but Vanessa will. Jackie asks if I win what do I do? Becky says if you win and we keep Shelli what do I do .. put her up? Becky says yeah. She is either 100% out this week or she has a chance of staying in the game. James asks so we keep her for one more week and then send her home. Jackie says that’s what we’re doing for either of them. Becky says we are far more likely to be taken out by Vanessa during double eviction. Jackie says if we did keep Shelli she could take out Austin then we take on the twins. Becky leaves. James asks Jackie what do you think? Jackie says I want Vanessa out so bad but I am honestly okay with either. But Vanessa is tied in with Austin and the twins and will manipulate them. Either way we have enough people to take her the f**k out come double eviction. James says Shelli is more well rounded to win different comps. If she does stay she could come together with other people. James asks if we didn’t win that week would Becky still be on their side? Would she target the rest of us. Jackie says no never. James says change of events week to week. James says if you trust her then I trust her. Jackie says she didn’t put us up. And we’ve all worked with Clay and Shelli at some point. James says I just don’t want to play someone else’s game who was always with us. Becky joins them again and starts pushing for Shelli to stay again. They continue to talk in circles each saying the same points over and over again. Becky brings up how hard Austin is pushing for Vanessa to stay. There’s a reason why the other side is pushing so hard to keep Vanessa. Jackie says if we keep Shelli the other side will go after her. They won’t go after Vanessa. James leaves. Becky says that Meg is so adamant about keeping Vanessa. Meg joins them. Jackie says lets just let them both freak out till the last minute so they won’t study and be shaken for the HOH comp.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 03-13-28-886

1:20am Havenot room – Austin tells Meg we need to make a group thing. Meg agrees. Everyone’s big concern is Vanessa after us and she (Shelli) makes a lot of good points about that. Austin asks like what? Meg says just like in the past. Who she’s been going after and .. Austin says she’s been swearing up and down that she wants to avenge Clay. So then all of a sudden she just changed her mind. Meg says I know. Austin says I know for a fact that Vanessa will go after Becky. Shelli was angry as f**k about James having Clay’s shirt. She hates him and wants to stay and take him out. I would be shocked for her to stay and take me out. I am pretty sure her, Johnny Mac and Steve have formed something. Austin says I could see either one stay and could figure out a scenario for either one. Meg says we need to win tomorrow.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 03-38-14-525

2:40am Havenot room – Meg and James are talking. James says we just have to do what’s best for our game. What Becky is trying to do is for her game not ours. Meg says when all of a sudden did our game become our game. I didn’t sign up to work with her! James says I didn’t either. She wasn’t there for none of the sh*t we went through she was part of it. Meg says I know. James says I mean damn. The Generals and Sh*t. Meg says Austin is becoming too nosey right now. James says we’re working with him. Meg says yeah but what are we going to say its all the same old sh*t. James agrees. Meg and James start studying.

2:40am Bathroom – Vanessa talks to Jackie. Vanessa shakes Jackie’s hand tells her they are good. My integrity is everything. Shelli and I know so much about each other’s games and haven’t blown each other up. Vanessa says if I win HOH I am open to doing what you guys want. I would even do Steve and Austin if you want. I am not coming for you. Jackie says eventually we all have to come after each other.

3:15am Kitchen – James tells Steve I think it pretty much came down to who would win the competition if they stayed. And we’re thinking maybe Shelli would be better at the comp. Steve says okay. That’s probably where our votes are going to go. Steve asks to keep? James says to get Shelli out. Steve says okay. James says I was just letting you know. Steve asks do you think Shelli would be better a the comp than Vanessa. James says 50 /50. Steve asks is this decision made? James says pretty much. Steve asks so you are promising me that you, Jackie and Meg are voting to evict Shelli tomorrow? James says yes that’s my promise. Steve asks so you’re not asking me for my opinion you are telling me. James says yes, so you can make yours. Sorry it took so long. James heads to the havenot room.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 03-42-06-693

3am – 3:40am Havenot room – Jackie, James and Meg are talking. Jackie comments how she believes Steve will win the first HOH during the double eviction. She says he’s really good at the video questions. James says that’s scary we haven’t seen him in power. Jackie says it will only be for five minutes. He is going to put up Austin. I asks if he would put up Vanessa and he said he needed to know what was going on. I think he would put up Vanessa and Austin .. then we just vote her out. Meg says Shelli isn’t selling us the right deal we want to beat Austin and the twins in the end. Meg says Becky hasn’t been working with us the whole time she knows she’s next to go. Meg says she knows what she is doing (voting out Shelli). For us to keep Shelli it really benefits Becky’s game. James comments on how he was wearing the sh*t out of the Clay sweatshirt. They agree they’re going to vote out Shelli. And for double eviction Jackie says we all agree we put up Vanessa and Johnny Mac and then backdoor Steve if we have to.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 04-09-52-096

3:45am – 4:30am Cabana room – Steve and Meg study the video clips. Steve knows the clips inside and out. James joins them. James tells Meg that he told Steve how the vote is going. Meg says yeah we already talked about it. Steve asks is it a secret for both of the votes? Meg brings up how crazy last Thursday was and how its better to keep it quite. There could be a lot of drama tomorrow. James and Meg head back to the havenot room. Meg tells James and Jackie the moral of the story is that when you’re HOH you treat everyone like they’re staying. Jackie says why would Becky not talk to her .. she is going to jury and is going to vote.


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins

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Loved The Goblins…..until this week. I can’t wait for Van & her cult to put them up, seeing Meg cry
will be hilarious. Seriously MEG may be this season’s Frankie. I cannot stand her and James was fearless
for a hot second, but now he has no balls.
I think wearing those sunglasses have blinded them to reality.


Au contraire,I think it’d be clever for the Goblins to team up with Austwins to kickout Shelli thus weakening the potential Becky-Shelli-Johnny-Steve alliance,which if it comes to fruition would be better and meaner(Becky has proven how the hubris of power can do damage) than others.In addition,The Goblins know how weak Austwins alliance is competition wise.


There is no Becky/Shelli/Jmac/Steve alliance. Becky and Jmac are 100% against Van/Austwins, meaning pro James’ side. Shelli is a free agent with what seems like burned bridges on Vanessa’s side. Steve will probably gravitate back to Vanessa.

James and Meg are literally shooting themselves in the foot, when they could have had the numbers, against Van, Austin, and twins – an unbreakable 4-some. After Becky and potentially Jmac leave, who is Van and Austin going to target? It’s James and Jackie, two respectable competitors.


I see your point and it’s good one–however I don’t think the 4some you allude to is that solid.Under pressure they run and hide like cockroaches(you see they were ready to vote out Vanessa without thinking through,She had to literally pull them back to her side).The twins are a solid pair,they can cut loose Austin any time they feel it’d keep both of the safe.Vanessa is the brain and breath of that 4some,attack her and the rest fall flat.


… exactly, it is nothing without Vanessa and why they should vote her out!


OK! Meg may not be good at the comps, may be a little ditzy, and may not have the best (or any) strategy but to compare her to that useless fame whore Frankie is just plain wrong! Meg for the most part is a very sincere and sweet person. Frankie was a low down snake in the grass, over acting fame whore who was also a pig. (he always had his hands on the guys and talking about shoving things in his ass.


There is no Frankie this season, luckily. Honestly there’s no one this season I outwardly despise as much as I disliked Frankie last year. Austin and Becky both annoy me, but Frankie was repugnant. Meg certainly has nothing in common with him.


My respect for James lasted one week. This idiot now thinks he and the goblins will work with Austin and twins as a group of 6 to take out Vanessa and the rest of the house. I think Jackie smells the BS that’s coming, but James and Meg are two of the most stupid people I’ve ever seen on BB. Have they forgotten how Vanessa broke her word, tricked them, and took out Jason already? I remember how Meg was crying over it, but I guess her gold fish-like brain forgot now. Austin, accidentally, even gave Jackie some clues yesterday she should have picked on. He spilled to her that he’d be willing to put Vanessa on the block as a “pawn” (only) and not until after the Double Eviction. Well, by then, 2 people on the other side (Jame’s side) will be gone, either Becky or Jmac or Shelli (who is a free agent now, great at comps, and the second best strategist in the house after Vanessa, imo). Unless James’ side will keep winning HOH’s, which is unlikely as Meg is utterly useless, what will happen is that Van, Aust, twins, and I believe Steve, as Vanessa can draw him back in for the extra vote (Steve wants back on her good side if she stays), will continue as a group of 5 picking James’ side off one by one, while James and Meg ignore what Becky, Jmac, and Shelli are telling them (all true) and end up leaving with embarrassed looks on their faces. These two are so dumb, they can’t see that Vanessa – after her initial, emotional, screw up by targeting Austin for a few days – was willing to expose herself, her side of the house, break her word to James/Jackie/Meg/Becky/Jason and basically piss off half the house in order to save Austin. They don’t see how close Vanessa and Austin are. I mean, I give up. Let Vanessa slaughter them one by one, as I sit and watch with my popcorn.

Now, I think the twins understand they have to get through Vanessa in order to win the money and they already seem to be throwing some words to Austin, so I fully expect them to take Van on in a few weeks, but not after they thin out James’ side a bit by a few numbers.

James is not only dumb, he’s a coward. Watch him talk to Vanessa. His voice shakes. She intimidates him so much, she talked him into going against Becky. Who did Becky go against now… the opposite side (Van/ShellI). Who does James want to target… Becky. Well, he thinks he’s working with Austin.

Interesting season. I dislike most of the house guests, so it is irrelevant to me who wins this.


Great post! Your respect for James lasted one week longer than mine. He is afraid of women Becky, Shelli, Van, Twins, Jackie, and Meg. He played professional pawn since the beginning to Vanessa, and started talking tough after he they were going to make a career out of sending him home, enter Meg professional pawn & crier Meg.

She has just as many mean things to say as the Twins and Vanessa to cast doubt on others characters, she merely cloaks it in her 1950’s I Love Lucy lipstick and giggles at James sexist pervy “blame it on my southern duck dynasty Asian women are subservient upbringing”… Oohhh Rickyyyy! All he talks about are how many brawls he gets into when he drinks, how he’s got a different girl every night, and how he better get Clay’s shirt back, or else I’m gonna burn this house down! Brokeback Mountain lines comes to mind…”I just can’t quit you Clay”.

I loved it when Meg threw herself on Clay for a week trying to get him to stay. No Meg, he’d rather lose $500k than spend a day longer with you! Now, the jokes on James as he tries to be besties with Austin while Julia plots his demise. Why does he follow the alpha males around like a puppy dog, instead of getting close to Steve & JMac guys in his own alliance? Because he’s intimidated by them too and no real leader, just a pawn floater who one a couple times, letting his bitche’s do the talking, thinking, negotiating. He has no more of a clue what’s going on in the game than the Twins.

So what is going on with Jackie? She let’s another blowhard Jeff run the first half of her game, then James Meg the second half, while timidly expressing herself and defending Becky.

Jackie could have groomed Beckys communication, used get strength to build a parachute or bridge to JMac Steve after James Meg torched the alliance. But she just waits for everyone else to act while incessantly finger combing her hair extensions. Now she’s seen as a fearful expendable floater. Except by Vanessa who now wants to make her Final 2, & get her help to evict Austin & Liz, while Julia takes oUT James & Meg. Vanessa, Jackie & Julia she says. What will we call that alliance? VaJJ?? Who will the Jury vote to win-not Jackie or Julia they’ve hardly played. Well at least after destroying his alliance & game, James will finally get some VaJJ!


Actually Austin said the part about Vanessa going up as a pawn after he said he thought it would be best to keep Becky and vanessa in the game for a week because they would be occupied with going after each other. So it wasn’t really a slip.

Brass Tacks the Brass Tax

Vanessa actually put up Jason to keep her word to James and Jackie. Everyone was trying to get her to put one of them up before Jason, but she’d promised them both safety that week and wouldn’t do it.


Keepign Vanessa is risky, but keeping Shelli means James would have a Ginamarie on his tails till he s evicted/killed. From the objective stadnpoint I get it that Vanessa is more strategic and all around better player. But living 24/7 w a person that hates your guts is sth very hard to overlook. I knew from the start that James would be the saviour of Vanessa this week coz Shelli cannot hide her hate and that s what will end her game. And you shoudnt be happy for when the Goblins will be nommed, coz Meg wont go home … it s James, without James- the sh*t sense will have almost no competition and we can watch the Austwin in f3 while throwing up .


Christ…nobody can be this stupid….is Meg a production plant or something? She is single handily ruining 4 peoples games. She might as well be handing out numbers indicating the order they will be evicted.


How in the hell has Meg the Useless become the oracle of the goblins ? She hasn’t done a damn thing all summer and somehow she is able to sway them . Oh wait , I forgot , they are complete idiots and don’t understand logic or strategy . VANASTY MUST GO FIRST FOOLS !


meg is the one that has single-handedly ruined BOTH becky and james HOHs now. she comes up with the best ideas for her alliance to get evicted and lose the game, she’s doing a good job. brilliant for vanessa’s team. cant wait to see who wins HOH. it will be AMAZING to see vanessa keeping her “word” to JJM LOL.


Meg the Useless as oracle, so funny! And James is none better…cannot believe his strategy is based on Clay’s shirt, now it’s a $500k shirt?? Meanwhile Jame says tell Austin everything, we’re working together, at the same time Julia says she’s putting James & Meg up. Best news I’ve heard yet. Goblins are screwed and they deserve it for their being short -sighted and jealous of Clay. Napoleon complex much and who doesn’t think you’re sexist James?? Julia is after you now! Yeah, Julia for president!

Meg is lying when she says Becky would come after her. Until your down to final 4 or 5, you make each your team stronger by winning comps. Shelli isn’t going to put up her team. But Vanessa tells Jackie she’d put up Austin?? Throwing out they’re she needs a final 2? While she rants she’s loyal? Then she schools Julia on branching out to form new alliances & becoming independent of Austin Liz because she’s loyal to her team?

Becky and Vanessa fear and loath each other because they are so much alike. Smart but can’t keep a secret or control their emotions, outward confidence, masking low self esteem, unable to see themselves clearly, lack of socIal skills & trust issues prevent them from forming lasting friendships. Over rely on logic booksmarts and use pushy verbal jousting to pursuade, showing too much frustration and anger during debates.


I sincerely hope Vanessa wins the HOH and puts up one of the Goblins
and it will be the best deja vu of the season. remember to zoom in those camera


If only Shelli really threw Van UTB, they might consider it. But, in her 2 pathetic attempts to ‘sway’ the Goblins, she never once mentioned stealing that damned hoodie!!!! Fess up! It’s your BB life on the line! Btw, I always bust out laughing when Simon & Dawg write, “Goblins Circle.”

Enjoy the show everyone!! This has all been very, very exciting!!! Not one of us has mentioned waiting for Survivor to start like the two previous seasons of BB. lol.. good stuff…

its b

I think the best move for them is to vote out shelli she will win and Vanessa will be another target ahead of them she wont go after them before Becky n jmac


My dislike for Meg and James is increasing by the hour. They are a bunch of idiots and i’m getting sick and tired of them.


lol james might be going out the door right after shelli. meg will have noone to tell her brilliant plans/ideas to. jackie doesnt really listen to meg, its all james, and he doesnt have a brain cell to safe his life.


Well, if Becky wins POV, while Van’s side has HOH, who’s going? Well, My guess Jmac or James, but it would not surprise me if Van/Austin wanted to take out James first because he’s a better competitor and has to goblin clan going. Van’s side understands the importance of eliminating strong targets.


Wow!!!! Reading this I thought Shelly is gonna stay again. This housemates are awesome..their unpredictability is unbelievable and thats why this season is one of the best. EVERYONE IS IN THE GAME (including Meg). No major floater. Love it!

Pot Kettle Black

Agreed Franzfranz! Double eviction tonight…hope someone different wins HOH. I am really enjoying this season after a couple of predictable duds.


Did not get the hype anyways, cause he is boring on the feeds and annoying in DR, but Johnnymacs gameplay is a big let down too. Telling people he wants to be on a team now is pathetic. Mastermind my ass. He is freaking out now because he realizes he does not have a clue about what is going on. By suddenly talking game to people he ignored before he makes himself an even bigger target. I also don’t like that he is working with Becky cause i can’t stand her and that he is dragging Steve down with him.


I completely agree with the Johny Mac hype and game play. I don’t like his voice, and he doesn’t crack me up in the DR, in fact he gives me the sudden urge to turn down the volume. His loyalty to Shelli and Clay is sickening, since he was put up twice.

With that being said, I do think if he can survive the DE, I cant imagine he would be anyone’s first target.. Their plan to backdoor Van flopped, but Becky is the bigger target from this blow up. He is smart to play desperate, it makes him look weak, then they want to target bigger players. He made it clear he is on Shellis side, and with her gone, he will be like a wounded bird.
They all say he is target #1 now, but come next week, they will flip flop on each other, and realize keeping Van was a bad idea. The Austwins and Goblins have too much power to not go after each other. Johnny Mac will be a free agent.


The house is already wavering on the plan to target Jmac. Vanessa is likely sincere in her talk with Jmac, as she’s always considered him a small fish. She already hinted at possibly striking at the goblins if they have the chance. And the goblins are always all over the place with their plans, seeming to switch to Steve as the backdoor now if Vanessa ends up winning POV. The twins could potentially win, so that may be his biggest threat right now. But he may just get through this. Although I agree that his game play is weak right now, getting into a depressed funk instead of rolling with it to make alternate plans.


I still wondering what’s up with jmac and the DR. Is production getting free dental care or what?


As much as I would love to see Becky on the block tonight, I don’t believe it will happen. In spite of the fact that Steve is being presented as a lock to win the HOH video comp, I think JMac will win it. While everyone else is studying, he is going in and out of the DR. He will have all the answers memorized. The question we should be asking is who is JMac going to nominate. I am not saying this because I want it to happen. I do not like JMac or his “Oh he’s so funny…teeheehee” fans, but it looks pretty obvious. I hope the BB Gods will protect my Goblins.

Grease the Goblins

I would like to see all the goblins hold their next circle in the Jury House. James needs to go first since Meg and Jackie are at least nice to look at.

Ms Chiff

Am starting to think Johnny Mac probably came into BB wanting to win the big prize money like anybody else, but may have decided from the outset that he wasn’t going to do anything in the house that might jeopardize his dentist practice out in the real world. Like hopefully he could even build his practice if he came across a certain way – funny, non-threatening, etc?

Guess playing passively was working out just fine until this week – am now thinking that maybe even if it doesn’t continue to still keep working for him, we might STILL not see him do much else?

Didn’t know what to think about his family saying we haven’t seen the ‘real’ Johnny Mac – have feeling we probably never will see anything more than he’s already shown. Probably the DR are trying to get at the ‘real’ JMac, to get him more involved in game play, and he won’t budge would be my guess as to why he’s in there so often, but who knows …

Would have been fun to see him really play – because with the way he’s been playing, he hasn’t been that much more exciting to watch than Meg lol ..


After seeing him on BB he would be the last dentist I would go to. He seems hypo and his movements are jerky scary stuff IMO


A little unfair. If the plan had gone through as proposed, with Vanessa evicted, JMac would have been in great shape. Would have solidified Steve along with Becky and Shelli as close allies of his. And he wouldn’t have been a target for a few more weeks easy…. it was only when things changed to voting out Shelli that now he is almost guaranteed to go on the block tonight if he doesn’t win HOH and could very likely go home… But he was set up great after this week if the goblins didn’t change the plan.


I stopped liking JM when he started throwing comps I know its a strategy but I don’t like it. IMO he has the blood on his hands.


I think Vanessa is going to screw over JJM, big time.

MEG stinky p*ss

It’s pretty obvious too . Only them are not seeing it .

Ariana Grande stinks!

Actually I HOPE she will. What a bunch of fools!


LOL YOU THINK? its pretty obvious that JJM are oblivious to their surroundings when they’re keeping vanessa over shelli and calling becky a selfish bitch.


but Becky IS a bitch. I hope she goes with creep boy JMac right after. THAT would be a good Thursday.


Naw, she would never go back on her word! She likes to make a plan and then sticks with it. Its just how she is, no bullshit.


I agree. I don’t think they are her focus at all, I mean eventually they will be, but eventually everyone will be after everyone.


Understatement of the week.


How hasn’t she burnt her bridges? Who is going to team up with her now?


WOW!!! Dawg is more popular than Austin. The twins talk about how bad Austin smells, how can Liz stand it. Maybe she is falling hard. Yuck!!!


Liz now telling the DR she likes Austwit? I am sure that is just to cover her ass knowing people will complain about her using him. I personally like Julia more. I think Liz has used her body (she does have a nice one) more then once to get what she wants. She has Austwit wrapped around her little finger. It is really going to get interesting when they have to turn on each other. The others made a big mistake IMO letting those 3 get so tight and nobody wants to be the one to target them now for fear of losing 3 jury votes. I think James should have broken them up instead of Clay last week. If Shelli and Clay are both in the jury it would still be the lesser of the 2 evils. Now it only benefits Vanessa if she makes it to the end. (unless she is up against one of the twins)


I think production and her sister told her she is being seen as a whore so she’s trying to save face. too late 🙂

I've voted for Dawg

But Simon should be on there he was in on the Brass Tacks convo with Austin, Julia and Liz from the “I’m literally scared she’s staying, She finds a way to move groups, I’m f**Ked” update.


My head is swimming. How are we supposed to keep up with who is voting for who (whom?) when they all keep changing their minds/lying? This week is NUTS.

I hope I will miss Vanessa’s green hat soon. She’s too manic for this, and it doesn’t make for good TV.

PS: thank you for the Alliance breakdown, Dawg. Much appreciated and needed! Good job rock in the polls! Ha!

MEG stinky p*ss

This girl is so fn clueless .
She think she run the Sh*t yet she’s doing everything that will bite her in the *ss in the long run .
it’s hilarious that the one that should target Shelly are targeting Vanessa and the one that should target Vanessa are targeting Shelly .
I don’t get the fear of J-Mac and Steve . It’s pure paranoia .


The Goblins should rethink their double eviction plan- if they put up JMac and Vanessa, then Steve will be the swing vote (2 goblins plus Becky vote to evict Vanessa, Twins and Austin vote to evict Johnny). They’ve all admitted that they don’t know where Steve’s head is at, so putting him in a position of power like that is stupid. If he decides to keep Vanessa, they’ve wasted a HoH and made an enemy of her.

They’d be better off putting up Vanessa and Steve to start, because they know how much JMac wants to vote out Vanessa. The vote would be an easy 4-3 then.


Yeah I don’t see Becky letting them put up Jmac. But he will go up if Steve or Vanessa wins POV. Then Jmac could be screwed. Production does not have any power to save people during DE. If it is Steve/Jmac, Jmac is toast. If it is Vanessa/Jmac, Steve will have to pick from his last two allies.

Ariana Grande stinks!

And so impossible is happening. So far I loved JJM but after this last series of discussions, I’m actually seriously disgusted by Meg. True colors show: she was fighting tooth and nails to save Vanessa and evict Shelli — irrational, stupid…

Now, after this I TRULY hope Vanessa wins HOH puts James and Jackie on the block and then backdoors the despicable blond airhead — Meg!


Ug. Shelli has let me down.
I wish Shelli would tell the Goblins, Van is supertight with Steve and Aust twins. That’s a 5 person alliance right there. Austiwns are snowing you if you think they are ever going to pick up to save before Van. The 6 of us (Goblins, Becky, JMac, and Shel) can work together. You vote out VAn today, Steve will be in our pocket and it will be the 7 of us against the 3 of them (austwins). The austwins will still come after Shel, Beck, JM, and steve before them come after the goblins.
Wake them up Shelli! You are running out of time. FOrget it. It’s already over.


She’s beat the Austin/twins/Vanessa thing to death. She’s told them that over and over (how close they are.) But it was way too late. She should’ve done that right away.


I can’t stand Vanessa, Austin or Shelli. I don’t like Becky. Grandma makes me chuckle because she’s clueless. The twins annoy me. Jackie talks likes she’s about to shank someone. James is planning on throwing a comp at this stage and with the numbers the way they are?! I can’t tell if Steve is a genius or a moron. Johnnie Mac had a glimmer of game last week but now is turtled up. It’s Thursday morning and once again, I’m not 100% sure who’s going home. (Shelli is most likely but…)

I really like this season.


Hhahaha! Jackie DOES look like she might carry a shank, doesn’t she? That chick has a hard edge and a I’mNotBuyingYourBullshit stare.


“I can’t tell if Steve is a genius or a moron.”

He’s both.


I think he’s just playing dumb for the camera and the houseguests.

Flipped the script once again

How is it Becky and Jmac are the only ones that see what a real threat Vanessa is? Her tears and double- talk seem to draw these idiots into doing whatever she wants and they don’t even realize it’s her controlling the situation. I can’t even tell if the tears are real or fake and just part of her game play.


Me either. Honestly, probably a little of both.

meg's always laughing

AUSTIN + LIZ = BARF!!!!!!!!!

so confused

i have no ridea what’s going on this season/who’s really with who i might as well call myself meg


That is what makes this season a good one. Everyone lying to each other is much better than the season of “the drones”


The night is dark and full of terrors……..complete MORONS!

Grease the Goblins

I hope the Goblins are looking like Jon Snow soon.

White Wolf

Goblins are gonna get bit in the a$$.


its official, Big Brother’s dumbest players of the year are, James, Jackie and Meg.


I think it’s a mistake for JJM to keep Vanessa… oh well, they’ll learn a lesson when one of them ends up in jury this week.


Wait why are people saying Vanessa will go after James/Jackie/Meg??? When her targets are clearly Becky/Johnny Mac who are going after her.


I don’t see why all the goblin hate. Getting Shelli out first is def better for James game.


Also Shelli is 100% going after James side, since they took out her “man”.




I cant believe these people actually think MEG is going to win HOH, where have they been these past weeks? Jace has a better chance to win HOH this week.


Lol. You never know. Either Austin or Meg could win the “coveted” short DE HOH


Meg almost won the comic comp.


confused please help, if someone wins the pov and takes shelli off, the winner can’t be put up as a replacement? i remember other years the winner being told if you take off a you will go up???? so confused


Winner of the POV cannot be nominated if they decide to use it. Often the threat will be used that if the POV holder uses the POV, the HOH will nominate someone on their side to be the replacement nominee.


Sometimes they mean if you use it then you will be that groups target next. In essence asking do you want to piss off several people to save one person.

Flipped the script once again

Do you know what’s not entertaining? The HGs bowling on after dark!!!! Where’s all the scheming? BB please put an end to their bowling and ignorant plugging of products in the house. What a waste of after dark!!!!!!!

Scooter McGavin

I love how Steve thinks he’s the greatest BB player of all time and truly feels he will win the game. He’s nothing more than a floater with an encyclopedic memory bank of past seasons.

Meg really?

Let’s face it… Meg = Victoria
…get used to her until finale uhhhgh


this is going to be a great episode to watch tonight! it’s honestly a toss up for who they get rid of. if they keep shelli there’s a chance she’ll win hoh and she won’t really feel like she owes anyone but becky (but still might put her up). someone like jmac could also win and shelli could convince becky who could convince jmac to put up Jackie, James, or Meg. On the other hand, Vanessa could stay and we all know how wishy washy she is, but it’s almost definite if she or Steve win some combination of Becky, James, Jackie and Meg will go up. i do admit a part of me likes not being able to predict who is going home though. i think this season is doing just fine without the twists, but since they promised the twistiest season of all time with bb takeover i was at least hoping for a little something something.


This Goblin crew cracks me up, they are influenced by whomever is in their faces at the moment. It truly seems as if they all need one of Van’s pills to help them focus, they’re all over the place. But I love it, I’m not complaining. For the first time in a long time, the target could change at the very last minute!


OK for all you Meg doubters/haters – watch her win her first HOH tonight. Even beating Asperger Steve.


If she wins it is because Steve told the camera’s he was going to throw it.


*Generals = anyone allied with Becky
^ I just noticed that. LOLOL!


Haha. James is right, it really is a stupid name.


The season has me addicted to BB and the feeds. First time in a long time. I’d love to see a poll to see how many others feel the same.


Love or Hate Vanessa, watching the HG keep her when everyone wanted her backdoored this week has to be the most entertaining thing to happen all season. I would absolutely lose it if she betrayed J/J/M during the double


just write Vanessa the check. In this game she’s playing chess while the rest are playing checkers.


I. Cannot. WAIT. For. Tonight! And to think I actually toyed with the idea of not watching BB this year. Frankie made last summer nearly unbearable. The highlight for me was seeing the realization on Frankie’s face when he found out he wasn’t even in the top three for America’s Favorite Houseguest….watched that part over and over.


I don’t think Shellie will ever realize just how much damage she did with sweatshirt gate. Shellie thought she was safe in her alliance of the Austwins, John, and Steve with Vanessa going home and didn’t care about insulting James, proving her true feelings towards him. It’s impossible to talk her way back from that now “I want to be on your team” from a woman who just stepped on you like a bug ain’t gonna cut it. Even though the shirt isn’t being mentioned to her face her attitude towards them cut deep and is still being remembered.


You my friend can read women. Meg noticed that (Shelli is a revangefull bitch) and that’s why she’s pushing to evict Shelli and protect her Jamesy.

I believe Van will not put up Goblins if she wins HOH as she can play the vulnerability card once Becky is out the door. She should let Goblins and Austwins fight each others until James or Austin are gone then pick-up the pieces and reform a smaller group. I’m just not sure she can lay low for 1-2 weeks…intensity is her weakness and will be her downfall.

make up your damn minds

has even one plan run it’s course this season????
I really don’t care who goes, I do detest “Van the beard woman” and think they’re nuts to keep her but, as long as JMAC is still there I’m good. I think Meg was coached by the DR she’s the one that started the flip on votes, there’s no way that girl has enough brain cells to figure anything out. James is nasty and, really thinks he has a shot with Julia if they align ……….if Van stays I want James or Meg to go in the DE……it’s sad because I use to wait for the live evictions and now I just PVR and, only watch bits of the show…………the cast had so much hope and they allowed Van the beard lady to manipulate them time and time again that the show has become boring


Then don’t watch the show if you feel that way, simple solution.


What’s the “beard lady” thing?


Vanessa would promise her first born child if she could to not get evicted. I think it’s a bunch of bull she will strike at James and Becky if she has the chance. Why would she waste a HOH on Austin and or Steve. They are stupid for falling for it! But the choices you make in this game end your game, so bye Goblins!


How is it stupid for James to evict Shelli? She hates his guts & is an emotional player which means she would go after him hard no matter what she says. She s prettyy much almost gone & even now she cannot tlk to James without having a “i want you gooone” vibe. Yeah Vanessa is smarter, more strategical , but that means she can be reasoned with. I dont belive for s second Shelli could be ever talked into not going after James. The Goblins are pretty much done without James so it s smarter to protect him then sb who just showed up by their side. Long-term keeping Vanessa is a risky decision, but keeping Shelli means there might not be long-term for the Goblins.

Just Me

You would think Austin would have got the hint about how bad he smells when he saw his comic cover, “If his muscles don’t get you…his odor will!” Wash that greasy, smelly hair. You can shower 5 times a day, but if you don’t wash your hair, you will still smell. I really thought he would be more of a threat in the house, but he is turning out to be a big disappointment. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t volunteered to be evicted, just so he can be alone with Liz at the jury house without cameras on them. Also, who would have guessed that dopey Meg would come in second last night with the Comic challenge, I was stunned! This is definitely turning out to be one of the better years for BB. Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping us up to date with everything. You guys are the greatest!

Hot Twins


Can you please post a link where those of us who are getting preempted by football tonight can watch the show?
Thank you very much!


I’ll supply a link with the week 7 summary post about 1 hour before the show airs.

Hot Twins

Thank you Simon.

Lennon's Ghost

Thanks Simon!


Why keep someone you know is going after vs someone who probably wont?

And shelli sucks at campaigning


She doesn’t really suck at it, she just always thinks she doesn’t need too.. and when she finally does, it’s too late. Both times she was on the block she was told she was staying and she felt safe. Never ever feel safe in the BB house.

Kudos to Vanessa for getting herself out of this.


Yeah, Kudos for Vanessa for getting herself out of the situation. That’s not even what happened. The Goblins are the reason the Vanessa is staying and not even because she was really all that great at campaigning. It’s because they are too stupid to stick to a plan…or production got involved to save Vanessa since she makes the show more exciting than Shelli does. That being said, I don’t like either one of them and am just happy that one (at least) will be exiting the house tonight. In my opinion, Vanessa has no intentions of really being loyal to the Goblins….Becky may be her next target but JJM are on her radar too. It would serve them right if one of them (JJM) got evicted tonight during Double Eviction.

Your logic is illogical

Everyone is everyone’s radar at this point in the game. It’s just a question of priorities. Vanessa is a strategic thinker, while Shelli is an emotional one, which is odd when you see how emotional vanessa can get and how coldly calculating Shelli seems. They have their points, though, where both emotion and logic go out the window, and they revert to their base strategy. Their lists will be the same, but in a different order. Earlier in the order is what matters in the short-term to the Goblins. It’s a question of importance vs urgency. Shelli is a more immediate/urgent matter, at least for James, which is why she currently sits at the top of his and the Goblins’ list. Unless she can convince them that she’s not a threat (which I don’t think she can do), I doubt that will change tonight. Of course the DE means that two at the top of your list can go if you can manage it, so that could flip.


So how long before the twins get into a fight with any or all of JMB? You know at some point these women are going to at it.


I think they will be fighting each other soon. Did you see the daggers Julia was giving Liz when she was whoring with Austin.


Sounds like Julia is willing to mix things up if she wins hoh. She said putting up Jmac and Steve is a waste.


I kind of liked Becky, but watching her Week 2 HOH and how she was so sure Audrey was out and always acting like it’s in the bag. I am not sure how she can be taken seriously in this game. I think she is like Steve, was looking for a way to make herself visible to the public in this game.


those are some dumb ass goblins yo


yes, bless their hearts.

AKA Twistin'...

Tonight’s gonna be a nail bitaaa! I expect Shelli to exit stage left. She’s a bitch.

I love the Goblins. ??? Hope they make it through double eviction!


Becky’s mistake was she thought she was finally with a loyal group, unfortunately for her these 3 misfits have let the last eviction go to their heads and think they are the top dogs… the mighty will fall during DE tonight….
all I want is for JMAC to win, don’t care who he evicts and if Becky doesn’t win the following HOH he’ll be on the block and will win POV …….GO Johnny GO!

Season 11 'Aint Got Shit on BB17

Ok tonight:

The first eviction should go as planned. Shelli walks out door. I think she will be the one to come back in house in a few weeks. I think Shelli os good. shit down deep and was a good game player with Vanessa’s help. When she had to sit next to Vanessa on the block and Vanessa had to save herself and not Shelli, that sealed Shelli’s fate for now. It also showed you how much Vanessa having her back helped Shelli till that point. If she does get back in and plays her cards right she could hook up with Vanessa again. Shelli gone for now.

Ok second HOH comp.

James wants no part of winning this. Meg wants no part of winning this. Jackie wants it bad but is too brain dead to have any chance at winning.

Many of you think Johnny wants it bad. Nope. What has been this guys mantra since day one? “Sit back and sed how this all plays out” He doesn’t wana win HOH he already shitting his pants because Becky fucked up his whole game. He doesnt want to make any waves right now.

So it’s gona be a battle royale between Steve , Vanessa and Jackie. Austin may try to win but doesnt stand chance against Steve and Vanessa. Same for blondage. I love Julia but hate Liz and we all know neither has a actual brain for needed for this comp.

Jackie will try…but yeah go sit down bitch and make sure your hair is always only on one shoulder. Her actual main concern in the house.

Steve and Vanessa battle. I think either way here Vanessa stays and survives both evictiions tonight. Yes!

As much as I hope Becky goes in the second eviction tonight I also want her to stay so Vanessa can make her suffer and die slowly all next week! Then send this boring fake self entitled pond scum out the door!

Tonight is going to be grand. We all win when Vanessa lives to play another week.