Becky “I need to cope with having an enemy in the game. If I get evicted, I could come back”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 09-44-04-787
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9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.Julia, Steve, Shelli, are in the bathroom getting ready for the day.

9:45am HOH room – Johnny tells Becky I will vote what ever way because I think I’m protected either way as long as I vote with you guys. Becky says its not looking like Vanessa will go. It not like its James, its Meg. Becky says they circled back and forth but there are very good reason to evict Vanessa. Johnny says let me know if anything changes. Either way I am covered. Becky says if Vanessa stays and wins that is terrifying. I am dead in the water, dead in the water if she wins. Shelli and I will be drunk in jury tonight if she wins.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 09-45-51-092

Becky heads to the havenot room. Becky says I just need to cope with having an enemy in the game. James says at least you know she’s your enemy and you’re not blind sided. Like I know Shelli is my enemy. She is very smart with a group that listens to her. Shelli might just have John but Vanessa has Austin and the twins. Meg says the twins are starting to get pissed because people assume they are Vanessa’s people. Becky says hopefully that’s not my case but if Julia wins, Liz wins I might be up. Meg says they’ve been saying they’ll protect you too so well be pissed if they do. Becky says if I make it through this won Steve will have my back. I need to be okay, I pissed off a strong social player. I really thought she was more independent. Meg says her game has been blown up a lot this week. Becky and Meg talk about how Austin is acting is weirding them out by breaking up conversations Shelli would have. Becky says I feel better waking up today. Its a game. In my real life I wouldn’t make enemies and I would be friends with Vanessa. One thing I noticed about Vanessa is that she tries to control the votes. I would hate to be going so much out of my way to control the votes when its against what the house wants because then no one will want to work with me. What’s best for the group is best for my game because I can’t do it without you guys. I’m normally calm and not emotional but I’ve been running around like BLAAAAAA. If I get evicted I get a chance to come back in the game. Today in the POV I have a 1 in 6 chance at winning. If I don’t win today I don’t believe that I won’t be put on the block because they need another person… Big brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 10-02-46-399

10am Big Brother blocks the feeds and switches to the live feed highlights. It time for the HOH lockdown.

12:05pm The live feeds are still blocked..

12:20pm – 12:55pm The live feeds return with the house guests leaving the HOH room. The house guests start getting ready for the day / the double eviction tonight. Becky tells Jackie and Meg that she does feel a lot better today and just needed to sleep and breath. I want to tell Austin that I do believe in the twins and him. Its scary that I created a target and they didn’t go home and that the comp is in their favour. Yes very scary! Meg says tells her she thinks she should talk to him. Becky says I do want to talk to him because my cards are out there. Has he brought anything up to you Meg? Meg says no other than he was worried about you yesterday. Becky says if she wins I know that I will be going home. She will put me up next to one of you guys. Meg says she will be f**ked if she does do that. Jackie starts studying the video clips. Austin and James join them and they continue studying.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 12-34-03-057

12:30pm In the storage room – James tells Vanessa that everything is good on our side so everything should be good to go. Vanessa says thank you. James leaves. Julia comes in and Vanessa tells her James said she was good. Julia says good! They talk about studying together and how they need to win the HOH. Julia says no one else has been doing like us. I think we have a good shot.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-13 12-32-47-474

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It sounds like it’s settled, Vanessa is staying. But Becky shouldn’t worry about the upcoming HOH because it is a memory competition. Steve should ace it, if he tries. Then again, he is so weird that he might just throw it again so as to not draw attention to himself. This would be another loser move on his part.


When I look at this upcoming eviction 3 people mainly stick out to me, Shelli, Jmac and Vanessa. As much as I hate Vanessa’s antics, she clearly executed the best. Obviously, hindsight being 20/20 we see that Vanessa took a day to sulk and think but then went right to negotiating with the Goblins. She clearly understood who held the power for eviction, she gave them information and told them whatever they wanted to hear.
With Jmac, although he really wanted Vanessa to be evicted, he decided his best strategy was to lay low, sleep and stay out of the cross hairs. If he would have remotely tried to negotiate and strike a deal with Goblins, maybe Van could be going home. Now he’s panicking and sulking, illustrating the fact that sometimes if you really want something at some point you have to get your hands a bit dirty.
Shelly’s game play was ultimately the most annoying. She started too late. If she wanted to stay, she should have spent her time initially diffusing the Gobblins and building trust. Not focusing on avenging Clay and stealing a hoodie back from James. Those things matter. It’s almost as if she was blinding by revenge.
I seem to remember her saying to someone that James needs to come to her instead of her going to James. She’s up for nomination and instead of placating, she’s talking about about how she plans to go after Gobblins. She showed her cards too early and obviously the Gobblins could tell, which was why they are so adamant that Shelly is coming after them. All Shelly had to do was put her tail between her legs, lie and pretend as if she wanted to work with Gobblins, and if so, Vanessa may be going home. I don’t understand how you don’t network and kiss butt harder to the 3 people who hold you fate. Even if you don’t like someone and you want them gone, it’s important you don’t show your hand. As the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold.
Overall, I have to give it to Van, she recognized early that the Goblins had the power during this eviction but would need protection after that. Realistically, with Becky not being able to play, all the Goblins have is James, a glaring risk they need to mitigate.
While I understand that Shelli is a risk to the Goblins, what I don’t understand is the level of animosity Meg has towards Shelli. It’s as if Meg is not willing to even listen to Shelli, which makes me feel there’s more to it. Does Meg resent Shelli for scoring Clay? Is she jealous of Shelli? Shelli’s pitch is actually reasonable, she’s clearly desperate and she seems a lot more trust worthy than Van. Jackie understands this and is willing to listen to Shelli, even James to some degree. Meg on the other hand shuts it down completely and talk goes back to evicting Shelli. Amazing how much power Meg has for not having done anything so far in the game. We even hear Vanessa tell Jackie “if I win HOH I am open to doing what you guys want. I would even do Steve and Austin if you want.” Not hard to figure out that Van has no real loyalties.


Yeah, Shelli waited until all the deals were struck and DE alliances struck before she started campaigning to Gobblins. James even mentioned that Shelli should have come to him sooner, implying he would have worked with her.


People are going to swing it the way they want to swing it. If Shelli had come to them earlier, they would have said “why is she trying to make deals with us? We told her she’s safe,” and try to justify evicting her because she questioned their trust, which she should because James gave her his word and did exactly what he swore not to. Which brings me us back to why go to James for a deal when he JUST broke the last one that was even more important than this one? (because it meant Clay not going to Jury)

Meg is jealous of shelli because she liked Clay, so she doesn’t feel sorry for her. When it comes down to it the very reason they’re keeping Vanessa is the reason they should evict her.


I agree with everything you just said! I hope Shelly comes back in, kicks James butt and makes Meg cry! That side is horrible!


Becky isn’t jealous of Shelli, what I get from Becky is a desire to fit in with Shelli I.e. head cheer leader. This is why she told Shelli the plan right after nominations even though the group promised secrecy. She is trying to get shelli’s favor. Jmac has some sort of .. What’s the term when the kidnap loves the kidnapper? Stockholm syndrome. Shelli and clay used jmac so bad as a pawn, I recall a Dr where he said he would throw them both up. They even asked him not to use veto on himself. They used that guy and bullied him so much he’s loyal to them as if they have a relationship that wasn’t one sided. Had jmac just stuck up for himself and not continued loyalties to Shelly he would be a run away train of fandom.


It becoming more obvious that because Vanessa directed so many game moves earlier in the game, Shelly and Steve sputter out when she isn’t helping them with game decisions.

Like...I'm Jackie

Austin needs to flip it now! With Vanessa in there he will never have full control of his game let alone the ditzy ass twins. Then again he is a pussy and will do what Vanessa tells him.


It’s true that Shelli waited too long to try to secure votes, but in her defence she thought she had them. If Becky hadn’t told shelli the plan, and had instead let Shelli play her social game, instead of advising her to lay low, maybe she would be staying.

As for Meg, I think it’s too simplistic to say that her jealousy of shelli over clay is reason enough for her to not talk game. The goblins have made their decision, and are shutting everything down.


Regarding Meg, the reason I wonder if she is just of Shelli. Isn’t because the Goblins won’t change their mind but because she seems unwilling to hear Shelli out. It’s fine if they choose to keep Van but while Jackie and James listen to Shelli points, my feeling (and I could be wrong) is that Meg doesn’t even want to hear any of what Shelli has to say or offer. Which makes me think that there’s potentially more to this.


I think Meg is fixated on removing shelli to avenge Jason. She still thinks she’ll and clay were the masterminds of that eviction. Maybe she’ll reveal the motive in farewell recording.


Meg is the village idiot . she is useless and has done nothing but try and put her titties in clays face when she was drunk . why she is still there confounds me . I would vote her OUT in the double just to make a point that useless has no room at the table anymore . GO serve Smelli some food that’s your only skill MEG !


I agree completely!!

Angela M

Well we know what happens when you start feeling too comfortable…


I agree that Shelli waited too long to start campaigning, but feel that the fact that Becky was in her ear, assuring her that “she definitely..100%…had the votes to evict Vanessa” was probably a big factor in Shelli just laying low.

As for Meg’s dislike/dismissal/whatever of Shelli — I think that stems from Meg’s huge (and very obvious) crush on Clay. Remember when Meg got drunk and was stroking his face and telling him she couldn’t possibly vote him out? =)

I'm adding a penny...

I agree with you regarding her crush on Clay but it does go deeper for Meg: Shelli put her up against Day who Meg adored and she did it because she knew people would keep her and vote out Day. Meg hated that. Shelli and Clay had a huge hand in Jason going home. Meg hated that. Meg loves and supports James and struggled last week when Clay was on the block but was torn between her crush on him and her loyalty to James…it was just a bad scenario. I don’t think Meg plays an emotional game but she is unforgiving…the end. She was genuinely hurt when Day and then Jason left and resents Shelli’s part in both of those evictions.

Peace out Shelli. Meg doesn’t hear SHIT when you are talking!



To George – Break it down bro. Spot on.


Interesting maybe meg is jealous of shelI you never know!


I think Meg is definitely jealous over the whole clay and Shellie relationship. Honestly, Meg is the one houseguest in the house I can’t stand. She seems nice, but she does NOTHING and complains about everyone else and lets her emotions get in the way of her game. James and Jackie at least try to play the game. Meg just annoys me


I can’t believe i’m about to defend Meg’s ungame game:
– i don’t think Meg is jealous, that was soo long ago in big brother time (my goodness, that was pre-jury).
– Meg does talk game with the other goblins, and although what she has to say is so not what’s happening in the house, both James and Jackie listen to her.
– It’s also pretty incredible that her name doesn’t get tossed around for nomination – not even in a pawn scenario.

I am biased though, Meg is part of my BB draft.


Pinocchio Obama

My guess is that Austin will be the first one out in tonights HOH. By the end of the night we are going to see some serious scrambling.

Race of the Village Idiots

This is ridiculous!! It’s a race of the village idiots, not to the finish line, but to see who can throw the HOH comp first! I guess BB16 taught everyone you can do nothing, play stupid, throw comps and make it to Final 2. A shark can create hysteria and call the shots while everyone shivers and quakes, giving away power. What next? POV tossed around like a hot potato?

There’s no game talk, only competing excuses for why I’m not gonna win: Megs got bad knees and bad memory, Steves mom told him to throw everything even the check, Becky can’t play, Jackie wants HOH for a full week not 20 minutes, James isn’t good a puzzles, Shelli’s voted out, Austin is good at nothing, Liz is busy covering hickies, JMAC is too depressed to focus, Vanessa swears on her mother, mel, cat and beanie she doesn’t win comps, and has to keep her word, so it looks like Julia will be handed the 1st HOH.

She’s putting up James & Meg, and if forced, backdoor the ghostly coaster JMac. Vanessa will preach from the Bible, Megs lipstick will run from sobbing and James wearing Clay’s shirt will cry what happened to Brass Tacks?? Who will play POV to take Meg off the block, zzzzzzzz they’re all napping. If only it was a sleeping comp, she would have won! Julia says you better vote out that perv James or it will be war! Liz will screech …yeeeeaaahhh! Austin will teach an exercise class. JMAC will hide in DR til it’s over, they’ll all pull cheating POV chips engraved with names they all read like mail Braille. Meg still doesn’t get it and pulls Steve. James pulls Becky, and Julia pulls house guest choice and picks Vanessa.

Oooooh yeeeaaahhh! The Noms dont change, cuz everyone threw the POV to Julia! Yiiipppeee! James is evicted stuck in Jury House with Shelli. Just desserts. They fight over who gets to call Clay first.


Hilarious!!! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard!!! You made my day!!!

Becky n her RAT slippers

Sooo befitting i tell ya, tremendously befitting!!!!!

:: facts of life ::


Bad move Johnnie, now you and Stevie have showed your hand and Vanessa is going to have you out next week. No way are Jmac and Stevie going to win the rest of the comps!


Vanessa is a piece of work. On last nights episode when she got put on the block she was crying about how Becky broke her word. Yeah, you know who else broke their word? YOU! When you put Jason up! Disappointing that she probably will not be leaving tonight, but we can all hope she goes in the second eviction.


Last night I had an Amazon ad for brass tacks. Today it’s for a Gremlins DVD. Hilarious


Haha! I saw that too????


Oh sweet. If Vanessa is still in the house and Jmac is gone by the end of tonights DE episode, I’ll be ordering that movie and watching that rather than BB. Because yes, I’ll be pouting.


I can’t stand Becky. She’s so full of herself and has terrible gameplay.

Seriously Becky

And I love how Becky says she hates when people try to control the votes. What the hell does she think she’s doing by trying to make everyone vote out Vanessa, she’s trying to control the votes!! I didn’t mind Becky before, but this HOH “power” has seriously gone straight to her head.


I personally can’t wait until someone puts the twins up against each other. Maybe not even initially but if one is up and the VETO is played and someone comes down and they are up together. They are just a little too cocky right now, too comfortable.

BB17 fan


Someone has told them one too many times that they’re just so special.

They’re in their twenties, but the sounds that come out of their mouths, their actions, and facial expressions suggest that they’re developmentally as bright as toddlers.

Pot Kettle Black

Umm I umm hope umm that they all are umm glad they kept umm Vanessa…


OHHHHHH I’m sick, upset and angry all at the same time. If they don’t vote out Vanessa I’m done, I’M DONE!!!!!!! I will never watch this show again, CBS set this all up its a SCAM!!!! I can’t stand Vanessa and she needs to go if she stays tonight I will personally call CBS and tell them the show is just a SCAM!!!!! OMG I been sick all night watching the feeds. Vanessa is nothing but a trash talking, TRASH BOX!!!!!!!


Wow!!! Get a life. It’s just a game.


you should get out more,


I think you are way into this show… you think you should go for a walk outside and meet people or something.

Member of the Ant Farm

Um…I’ll still see you tomorrow, Zapp4u…I’ll bet on it!!


Umm…Okay. Be sure and get back to us about what CBS says. Inquiring minds wanna know….

Jmac attack

I feel the exact same way!
I can’t stand Vanessa or Austin.. Yuck!!


Well I can’t stand jmac as a player. But if he wins hoh or doesn’t get voted out, I’m not going to pick up my toys and go home. Lol.

It’s just a game. Enjoy it!


I can’t stand the goblins! Or Austwins for that matter! All the wishy washy, back and forth is ridiculous. They’re just all so stupid and clueless. How can they not see getting Vanessa out is best?! Now my hope is Vanessa wins the HOH and sends either james, Meg or Jackie packing!


My hope is Shelli leaves ….. Comes back in ….. Shelli, Van and either JMac or Steve (whichever is left if not both) DECIMATE both sides – Not one real game player there between 6 people anyway – The six of them can try and figure out what went wrong in Jury. Shelli and Van final 2 (Finally two smart females) and Meg can tell the Jury who they should vote for because she obviously had a real handle on the game all along LOL


I love it! That would be perfect. I like the way you think, BBFAN!


Even ppl watching the feeds are split about what is better. So it s not stupid. The truth is Vanessa is better in strategy, Shelli is better in comps. Vanessa is after Becky, Shelli is after James(I just don t see her nominating anyone else). They both are threats. The decision is based on – are you more scared of influential& strategical players or comp beasts? Me personally in this game – I d be terrified of Shelli- she didn t even really try too hard those first few weeks and already kicked ass. In the end with Derrick&Rachel on the block i d always decide to evict Rachel. So bye, Shelli.

I survived last seasons BB

If they dont use DE to get out at least one of the Austwin triangle..Then they are criminally stupid


Be careful what you wish for…Vanessa needs to go, first or second tonight…either way.


Well I guess it’s just time to wait for the DE to start! If Steve doesn’t throw the HOH it sure sounds like he is the strong front runner and that would make me happy because JMAC should then be safe, but who knows what Vanessa will do to Steve if he wins. She will probably convince Steve to nominate himself and vote himself out haha.

Come on JMAC !!!!!!!


Steve’s target is and has been Becky


So very disappointing. Enough said.

Just me

Can someone explain how Meg’s game got blown up a lot this week?


I think Meg was talking about Vanessa’s game being blown up after her nomination. The pronoun is unclear but I’m pretty sure they were talking about Vanessa to Becky and why it wouldn’t be horrible to keep her.

Just me

Thanks Hmmm. Now that I re-read it, I think you’re right.

Don't know who to root for

Wich game?

Cheesy Poofs

When she was picked to play in the POV competition it revealed that she was really in the house to play not just chit chat.


LOL meg got game? the only game i see meg playing is the one where she screws up everything for everyone to save the biggest target in the house each week.


Just write Vanessa the check now. In this game she’s playing chess while the rest are playing checkers.

steve the loner

If Steve wins the next hoh,(unless he throws it) because he’s good at these kind of comps, There’s a good chance he’ll put up James, and Jackie/Becky especially with a nudge from Vanessa, who’ll make it look like she didn’t have anything to do with it.and then I see James as the next jury member..I really see bad news for the goblins if they can’t win HOH in DE. and already it looks like James, Jackie are going to throw the next HOH BAD for them, don’t get comfortable, even your temporary allies, are not going to honor your brass tacs alliance.!!


How hilarious to have Shellie and James the first two jury members.
No need to worry about karma or someone coming after you.


its their own fault though, becky warned them that vanessa is allied with EVERYONE in the BB house. and if vanessa wins HOH she’s not going to nominate becky, she will nom james for SURE.

skeptical onlooker

Shelli will one day realize that Clay’s sweater could have cost her $500,000. With Meg being jellie about Clay…James was angry with Shellie for just not asking for the shirt back. Shelli was so petty..and ridiculous.
In saying that..I think it is better for James’s evict Shelli now. She would gun for him..and she’s much better at comps than Vanessa.
Vanessa won the music challenge..because Jason taught her. The ball in the 50 hole was a fluke.
Vanessa will have very little chance of getting back in the game..if sent to Jury House in the next 2 weeks. Shelli is good at endurance…and if Steve is there..he’ll win mental comp.
I do think Vanessa’s game has gone sour. The house guests are onto it’s just a matter of time.
I think Meg or Julia will do well in the comp tonight.


Really? You think Meg will do well tonight? When has Meg ever won anything. She’s this season’s Victoria. Worthless and irritating to watch, but will somehow magically make it to Final 3.


Meg came in second to Steve on the POV comp. Dollars to donuts – shes’ gonna win tonight.


I love how you use the example that Meg came in second place in a competition to counter my original statement regarding Meg never winning anything. She came in second. Good for her. I am not saying it’s impossible for her to win. Anything is possible. It’s just unlikely that she will. Guess we’ll see. Even if she wins, I am sure she won’t be smart enough to nominate the right people. So, it’d be a waste of an HOH.

Ricky Bobby

If you are not first your are last.


I hope CBS edits it to make it look like “sweatergate” was the main reason Goblins changed their mind and evicted Shelli. It would be comical! Having James wear it in the Goodbye messages would be the icing on the cake!


He should wear it tonight for eviction.


I agree with vanessas game going sour, but I still feel like people are going to just keep her regardless,they are on to her ya, but they will keep her in because she is a “target” and she will win this game..they don’t seem to realize that there is going to be less people in the house better chances for people getting to play for veto, so backdooring is going to get a lot more difficult–no long term thinkers in this game, just short term…


Vanessa isn’t going anywhere. It will be Shelli and steve/Jmac who go tonight. I’m not a fan of her but honestly production clearly favors Vanessa (shocker). I can’t say I have a clear favorite to win, but I am certainly excited to see how it all plays out. Best season in a loooooong time!!

Bunch of cray zees

JM is the only person left that doesn’t make me want to jump off of a bridge right now…

Canadian Bacon

Don’t worry. The little Doctor Johnny GooGoo is gonna be okay. Production has had him in the DR for 2 days learning and memorizing all the answers for tonights HOH. You’ll get to watch your hero do his Shakes the Clown imitation. I just wonder who they told him to put up.

Ms Chiff

Am going to get so many thumbs down for this comment, but the thing that drives me the most nuts about contestants is when they’re capable of a lot more, and don’t try their hardest.

This show’s great about casting a diverse group every season, so half the fun of watching is getting to know a wide variety of different personalities, for better or for worse – so when someone holds back, it makes for less of a BB experience for the rest of us.

Was hoping he’d start to play, but suspect he’s too protective of his professional reputation to do much more than he has been so far – can understand why he’d want to do that, but it does drive me nuts.

jmo though – he does seem like a nice, smart, funny guy! 🙂


JMac doesn’t want to do anything to damage his professional reputation as a dentist? ?
Damaging as in announcing to everyone that you are a dentist, who is not interested in dentistry or your patients, just their money?
Or damaging as in saying that one time you accidentally drilled into a patient’s sinuses, but no big deal, you just sewed them back up? :/
Sorry, your precious muppet is a dud as a dentist and as a BB player.
Doing nothing but making stupid voices in the dr does not win you the game, and rightfully so.
And I don’t think that the stupid voices is going to help win him any patients either. Would you trust a dentist that sounded like he’d been sampling the gas?


There is something with Johnny Mac that we dont know yet. ..
The reason I say this was because of the old Johnny Mac /Donny Mac fiasco… Someone on this site explained that it was all a gag. Then, I think last week, they showed a segment on JM family. To me, it wasnt odd because he is a fan favorite, then it got me thinking, maybe there is something more. He keeps on getting called into the DR, but he isnt shown that much on the televised shows? Also, I find it funny the have not room is uncomfortable dentist chairs. I would say it was for sure something, but then, I couldn’t imagine CBS being able to sit on it… They would be like Jason when he(day) figured out the twin twist.
Also Steve and him have been very chummy since day 1. Steve has a secret, but I am not sure if it is personal, or what? Something more is going on here, but maybe I am just a conspiracy theorist at heart?


Steve’s secret is that he has Aspergers. He told bed-bug Meg last night that he used to have a friend and nobody liked his friend because friend was a jerk. But Steve wasn’t able to pick up on the social cues, so Steve could not tell what a jerk his friend was and that really bothered him.
Go look up Aspergers Syndrome, then watch Steve. All of his weird little tics and mannerisms; Aspergers.
All things considered, he is doing very well and it’s unfortunate that he is mocked instead of given the credit he deserves.
And he is dying to tell someone, anyone his secret but nobody gives him the time of day and he certainly hasn’t been made feel comfortable enough to share. But he wants to. Badly.


You may dislike vanessa and disagree with me, but I really think he could tell her. I don’t think she would judge him at all. I think she would be there for him.


I dont believe Steve has asperger’s. He is social (akward, but social), he does make eye contact, he is able to adjust very well to changes in routine, he has handled competitions and been on slop (sensory overloads)… He is able to understand social cues (asking vanessa if shes mad, by looking at her face), he shows empathy and concern of other house guests (vanessa), and the biggest one, he has never thrown a tantrum or had some sort of meltdown over something minute…
I am not saying for sure he doesn’t have it, as I have only worked around children who have aspergers (not directly with), and as I understand some of these symptoms/behaviors can be learned and overcome, such as forcing eye contact.
If this is Steves big secret, in my eyes he has already won! Going into the big brother house with it and surviving till jury, is a feat in itself.


Love how the goblins aren’t at all concerned about Austin/twins/Vanessa…who will eventually outnumber their small group.


Yep! If they don’t win HOH and get Vanessa out at DE, they will not have another chance because of numbers. Vanessa is smart and will use the number thing on Austin and twins. If they don’t get her out, she’ll be going to the end. Jmac is the only other thinking correctly, but if he doesn’t win HOH the next 2 rounds, his game is over.


If Shelli stays, how are their numbers any better? Any deals Shelli makes with James is going to be turned back on. Unfortunately, no one is ever going to know how this plays out. It will be a bad decision which ever it goes because the majority of the people will always be against the eventual winner because they are cheering for someone instead of just watching the game unfold.


What a mess… what a fuck!ng mess…


yes. a delicious. hot mess. yum.


Thanks for the reply ‘returning HG from jury’ Simon/Dawg yesterday. It’s so stupid if they bring a HG back after being out of the House from the 13th until 27th (2 HG’s). This is simply CBS hype and it sucks. I’ll get off my soapbox regarding this now.


Returning HG’s generally get crushed quick mainly because they are an easy target.

Accept the unaccepted.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work with twins too?


I did say generally=) This year people seem to be willing to take the risk. Are you taking a risk if you’re just oblivious to the danger?

I've just been dying to use that name and your post gave me the perfect opportunity.

I agree with your logic, but you just never know with some of these people.


Isn’t the phrase expect the unexpected?? oh maybe i’m confused lol

Froot Loop Dingus

I think it would be 4 House Guests: the 2 evicted tonight, One on the 20th and whoever is evicted on the 27th will then immediately compete in a competition, come back in and probably either compete in the HOH competition that starts that night or be immune for the first eviction.


Yes, I know it would be 4 competing but 2Hg’s would not be involved in the day to day for 2 weeks and that seems against the spirit of the social game BB is known for.

Austin's rubberband

Heyyyy Simon and Dawg do you have a stream at this point? The football games are a thing in my area.


Yes Football is preempting the Live eviction So we can watch the Live show here?


What are the competiton possibilities for tonights first HOH. and the POV after? Then will the second HOH be an endurance? I’m sure some superfan has the answers.


Since it is DE night, I would think the first HOH competition would be a quiz type since they wouldn’t have enough time to do anything elaborate for the HOH set since the second HOH is just minutes away. I agree that the second HOH will be endurance.


I think that the first HOH is sometimes the before/after comp, but they have been studying videos that they were given last night so factor that in.
The POV is the clownshoe/ rubber ducky in the ball pits. Remember how winded Donny was last year after running (walking fast) back and forth to collect all 3 ducks?


I would bet that second HOH is physical strength, untangling themselves from ropes or something like that. If it isn’t tonight, there should be a competition like that soon.


I think the POV for the last two years during DE was running and digging through a pit to find items. Last year I think Donny found dog bones or something. If I remember correctly it was MCrea the year before but I could be wrong.


Oh, I know, I’m so behind with this one. But, my all-time fav conversation is POV talk between Johnnymac and Steve: Are you going to save me if I pick you to play?, Jmac: No. Steve: So, you’re asking me to risk my game on this one? Jmac: I am . Oh, my gosh, I can’t stop laughing over this. I’m taking notes, hahahah!


Right?! That was truly hilarious.


He gave Steve a reason to put up Jmac.


i cant wait for 9 o clock tonight to get this game rolling … i cant stand vanessa but if she can continue to persuade these house guest give her the money i am tired of these weak sauce players …

skeptical onlooker

Shelli has herself to blame for getting evicted tonight.
Lolling around with Clay most of the time..riding on a winning streak with Vanessa..getting smug and complacent.
She’s a strong competitor in comps…but never thought ahead. And..really..after seeing how Vanessa operates..she never thought about what would happen if they were on the block together??
Clay..I’m one unhappy camper right now. He threw in the towel..thinking Shelli had the better chance to win. ooo-err.
Shelli had her hand in every eviction. Let’s not forget..the fake tears…how much she loved Jason. And.really..loving on Audrey? Pffft. Has she mentioned her since she left?
Shelli was too concerned with how she would look to America….and wanting to be the new Jeff/Jordan.
Shelli is just fake…and really played a very bad game.
Vanessa is warped…a long playing record…of imagined wrongs…..delusional thinking….and pretty high on herself.
I can’t wait to see her gone.


If you think about it. Shelli/Clay had deals/alliances with everyone in the game at some point. Everyone in 6th sense, side deal with Jmac, side deal with Becky. Also working with JJM at some point, hence why they got so mad about Jason going home. Shelli can only blame herself, you can’t work with everyone in the house.

HOH's Before Bros

Umm, aren’t you talking about Vanessa? She is the hardest person to watch in this game….It’s painful


I just want Jackie to win the 2nd HOH of the night (or whenever they do the next HOH) after this double eviction.

I like underdogs, dunno just like rooting for her.

Ms Chiff

Underdog in what sense? Her group’s been in power and running the show for two weeks straight now.


I wonder what the pussy cat Clay ill tweet after his Momma is evicted tonight?


another thing if Julia wins HOH and puts Austin up…I know, I know but it would make for some great TV.


If Shelli and Becky get evicted tonight, you know Jeff is going to triangulate the location of the jury house on google maps, scale the wall, sneak in like a ninja under cover of darkness and break off a three-header with them hoes. Jeff got hoes on lockdown.


Regardless of who everyone appears to HATE in this game, I think Meg doesn’t want to listen to Shelli because she finds security in having Austin/Liz/Julia on their side during this double eviction. James and Meg can’t get beyond Becky’s turning on them neither and finding that Shelli/JMac/Steve and potentially Becky would go against them, scares the bejesus out of her. I think Austin genuinely wants to work with them till final 6, and laugh at the fact that Vanessas hasn’t even gotten off the block and her and the twins are scheming to go against that. Those twins are so stupid it is beyond belief. They flip flop back and forth depending who is talking to them. Then we come to Becky who is helping the Goblins study last night, and after watching a few seasons has miraculously become an authority on everything pertaining to the game. This girl has a holier than thou attitude and become a “Legend in her OWN Mind”.


Meg, James, and Jackie are pretty much towing the line of being screwed either way. Especially James and Jackie. So I understand whey it wasn’t a clear cut choice. It’s too bad Shelli wasn’t the initial target.But at the same time Vanessa’s meltdown was priceless and she deserved to put on the block. I personally think Shelli is stronger than Vanessa as a all-around player. She has helped Vanessa’s game more than Vanessa being some sort of straight up svengali. Shelli would almost have the whole house as allies or potential people she should use minus Jackie, James, and 1/2 of Meg. At least with Vanessa they are on to her and so is JohnnyMac and Becky if she makes through tonight. They have to pick their poison and Shelli seems like the ore dangerous player.She’s made some mistakes and part of one may have been teaming up with Vanessa whose style or sneakiness in all actually doesn’t mesh with Vanessa’s.The downfall of either one of them was really inevitable barring one isn’t in the game and the other comes back in.


the three blind mice better be ready for a surprise tonight. it will be HUGE when/if vanessa’s group wins HOH and knocks down JJM. vanessa can throw the HOH comp to austwins and steve just to nominate them(JJM).


What is happened this week if Vanessa stays has nothing to do with anything Vanessa did or anything the Austwins did (Quite the contrary Austin was more about evicting Vanessa than Shelli until James brought it to him.)
What happened is what happens this Season…. don’t just talk to who you think the boss is, do not get to cocky and think you are staying…. you have to talk to everybody and not just the chiefs.
In the past two to three years there have been chiefs that controlled their group and it’s votes and the underlings just did what boss man/ woman decided. People have not been campaigning to people individually.
What happens this Season people have gotten offended with people that do not talk game to them and in some cases that has had them voted out. People have gotten mad at those who think if you talk to the big strong man the little lady will just do what he tells her to. That is what happened this week.

Becky and Shelli got cocky thinking that Becky (the General) had the Goblins locked in and they would do what she said they would do. They ignored them, they made the assumption that they had them locked in. So left to their own devices they started thinking “Does keeping Shelli do something to help my game? or does it help Becky’s and Johnny Macs Game?” They decided to keep Vanessa on their own because they felt ignored and Becky did not keep them in the loop. Shell did NOT make any deal to keep them and evict the Austwins next. Nothing of that benefited them. So what happens you are first to look at the whole house.

Vanessa and Austwins: Only Vanessa wins comps. Austin and the twin have been useless.
Becky, Shelli, JMac, Becky Steve: Shelli wants revenge for Clay. This group can pick them off one by one and we have a much better chance with Vanessa and the Austwins.

That is all that happened… NO brilliant House Flip done by Vanessa and the Austwins… The failure is in Shelli, JMac and Becky… for not making them feel safe and a part of things… of course they went over to Vanessa because they can make her feel grateful and take out Becky and Johnny Mac before them. As much as I would love to give Vanessa all of the credit in a Dan Gheesling Mist stroke of genius. It wasn’t Vanessa’s game Brilliance as it was Shelli and Becky’s Game stupidity.
I love that, this Season is one of the first in YEEEEEaaaaRRRRsss that people really need to campaign and keep campaigning till Thursday…. there isn’t any crap written in stone… it’s Excellent.


Spot on. The goblins are feeling the same way about Becky as the Austwins are feeling about Vanessa– wanting to break free on their own. James said that Becky’s HOH reign has been all me, me, me. The twins and Austin were also concerned with all the deals Van has and how she has kept them out of the loop while reminding them constantly about their loyalty to her.
I think the two groups, Austwins and Goblins want to play the game hard when they get down to final 6. then sides are 100% clear and all is fairgame. Its a smart game move on their parts if they don’t chicken out and fail to evict each others targets —Vanessa/JMac/Becky /Steve/ when the time comes.


I don’t think Vanessa will mess with the goblins if she wins tonight. She knows perfectly well that they are the only reason she is staying tonight. Whoever wins the HOH tonight can’t compete in the next one later tonight, so she would be very vulnerable with the second HOH. Vanessa is way too smart to target the goblins. She is however planting the seed to the twins, but I don’t think they are 100% trusting Vanessa either, and Austin is adamant that they keep the DE deal they made with JJM. As long as Vanessa sticks to the plan and takes out Becky or JMac, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if she does win the first HOH. I would rather JMac take her out, but I don’t see that happening, he is too busy moping instead of studying. The second HOH is probably going to be physical strength, maybe the rope challenge, which favors the guys and athletic girls.


James may think he’s safe with Vanessa… Well Vanessa’s first target may be Becky, but who do you think is her second target?…. James!!!!…


I’m hoping that Vanessa or one of the twins are next out the door. I just don’t care for those gals. Loud, rambling, and obnoxious. I have a headache from listening to them.


Why is Austin and somewhat Liz helping JJM to study?
What fools!


Well, tonight will be interesting for sure. . . If Van wins I’m betting she’d put up JMac/Becky, don’t think she’d go after the goblins since they’re keeping her safe.

missing ranceypants

double evictions are always good for a surprise or two. whoever wins HOH tonight , and whoever gets evicted, most of us don’t see it coming. my hope is that somehow someway Austin sees himself out the door. I’m just not impressed with his game play, or rather lack thereof. I also want the twins to be able to play independently from him.

sixth sense remembers

who is it that broke their alliance apart…?? james! liz/julia venessa will put him on the block if they win hoh..they of course will say their putting him up as a pawn , but look what happen to shelli, ..Heck even steve would put him up, with vanessa’s guidance..Goblins better get ready, they are not safe at all, better be studying, That includes meg lol…


This is how I see tonight DE…Steve wins HOH, Vanessa tells him to put up Becky and JMac to get back on good terms with JJM and Austwins. She’ll tell Steve, JMac is safe (but she will get the Austwins to go after JMac) because she wants Becky out. Becky wins POV and is replaced by Meg. Then Bye bye JMac… blood on Vanessa hands but she still is in control. Then Steve will be either with Austwins/ Vanessa for majority numbers or on his own. Becky will be on her own unless goblins want a number, but it won’t matter. Vanessa thinks weeks in advance but plays like only a week at a time with one week deals. I don’t like Vanessa, but she is the only one actually playing the game. Austwins are just skirting by with her help.


How about a completely off the wall and 180 degree opposite of your prediction?

Austin is part of a push to get Vanessa evicted tonight. Remember, you heard it here first.


I have a feeling that you’re probably correct.

missing ranceypants

double eviction nights are always good for a surprise or two. It’s very likely that whoever wins HOH and whoever is evicted, most of us won’t see it coming.

personally, I hope sustin finds his way out the door. I’m just tired of his lack of gameplay and his gropping of liz. I would love to see the twins be able to play independently of him.


Austins bromance is getting Liz jealous.. lol Love it.


I want Austin to shake off the barnacles and join up with the goblins.


I highly disagree when people say that Vanessa is anything like Derrick from last season, if anything she’s more like Tony Vlachos from Survivor: Cagayan. They’re both very logical players and know the dynamics of the game well, but they are both very emotional, erratic, and their mouths can get them into trouble and remember that Tony wasn’t really liked at all during his season at all like Vanessa, but when he won people were satisfied with that outcome and his win and he was also a memorable winner of one of the greatest and most entertaining Survivor seasons ever like this Big Brother season is currently. I can see that similar thing happen to Vanessa as well if she somehow wins whether you guys agree or not.


The thing with Tony is he’d flip on his own alliance to blind side someone and tell his alliance afterwards it was a good game move for him. Then they’d dutifully line up to get their next set of marching orders.


James would be an idiot to trust Shellie. Jackie is an idiot because Van didn’t put her up when she lost her HOH during the BOB. Shellie and Clay suggested Van put up Jackie and she said no. She had given Jackie her word she wouldn’t do that if she lost her HOH. Shellie is the biggest snake in that house. Vanessa is a strategist that moves her opponents around like a chest game. Shellie smiles and plays victim while she’s pulling that knife right of your back. Jmo

Jmac attack

JJM will be in the jury house by keeping Vanessa
They possibly could have managed at least 3 more weeks by keeping Shellie


Wow, Vanessa is really going to screw herself up if she picks a fight with Austin. That would split the Twins and everyone else in the house would just sit back and watch that group self distruct…it would be the best thing that could happen for everyone else. I actually think Austin has played a smart game. He has been loyal to those closest to him. Unless Vanessa screws it up JJM and the Austwins will be the last 6 in the house


Liz and Austin deserve each other … they’re both so freakin clueless
They have zero loyalty and don’t seem to understand that an alliance is
supposed to work together and back each other up
Can it just be a quadruple eviction tonight?
Send out Shellie, Becky, Austin, and Ditz … oops Liz


Who are they not being loyal to? Vanessa??? She has been paranoid and seems like she will be going off the deep end any minute now. Austin has been loyal to Liz and even Julia. He is making the smartest move he can right now by buttering up to JJM. Who else is there for him to work with? Becky—has a target on her. JMAC- has a target on him. Steve–to my knowledge he hasn’t done anything to jeopardize that relationship even though Steve has been scampering all over the house.


Loyal to Julia? Him telling Jason about her and saying he was OK with her being voted out was got Vanessa so mad at him he was almost backdoored.

Austin makes me sick, he has nothing all game and now that Vanessa and Shellie carried him for the first half of the game he thinks he has done it all on his own and owes them nothing. I hope he goes soon preferably by Vanessa or Julia.