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Last night the finale of Big Brother 17 aired and Steve Moses was crowned the winner by a vote of 6 – 3 taking home the 500,000 grand prize. Steve had said numerous times through out the season that it wasn’t about the money, it was about the experience and if he left without a dime he would still be happy. He never thought he had a chance to win because he knew he didn’t have the social skills. His decision to evict Vanessa in the final 3 was the huge move he needed to seal the decision by many of the jurors. In addition to Liz’s lack of being prepared with a finale speech and her inability to give compelling reasons why she deserved to win over Steve. Liz won the runner up prize of $50,000. The America’s Favourite house guest vote came down to the top 3 where Johnny Mac, Jason and James and received the majority of the votes. James ultimately won with the most votes and walked away with the $25,000 prize.

We will add to this post as more news, interviews and information is revealed in coming days.
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Below are a few of the Backyard Interviews with Jeff Schroeder:

Winner of Big Brother 17 – Steve Moses:

Runner Up – Liz Nolan:

America’s Favourite – James Huling:

Vanessa Rousso:

Johnny Mac:

The rest of the backyard interview can be viewed on CBS’s YouTube Channel

Liz Nolan’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter

*** UPDATED ***

Big Brother 17 Stars Sound Off on Winner, Vanessa’s Bloodless Hands and What You Didn’t See on TV
TV GUIDE Article

Vanessa and Mel are now engaged after a surprise proposal after the finale:
“The last 48 hours have been insane…the best part, for me, was today when in my hotel room my beautiful, amazing girlfriend surprised me”

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Captain Crunch

(BB finale)Vanessa-90% of what i said in the house was true. (sighs)

she still wouldn’t own up to the way she acted in the BB house but the best part for me was when she tried to reveal that she’s this big poker player and no one cared lol.


So Jason and Day suddenly started kissing her ass cause she’s poor? Don’t kid yourself that they don’t care.


Bob you are just as delusional as Vanessa and so many of her other fans….Not sure what more it will take until it is clear to some people….Vanessa could swear the sky is green and mean it. And yall would defend her..Thats how badly her “act” has some of you manipulated!!

90% BS

BB pretending Vanessa was revealing a big secret was dumb. The live feeds showed several houseguests discussing Van’s poker-player career, so they knew already. That may be why they were pretty much unmoved by the news.


I think CBS was throwing her a bone by the poker player “shock.” Really? She mentioned it a million times in different ways. CBS was just trying to let her save face.


What is there to “own up to”? She doesn’t have to own up to anything. What does that even mean? She played the best game of all players this season. Steve, barely the winner by one question, called her the best female BB player of all time. He said she was Dr. Will, Dan and Boogie all wrapped into one. He called her a great and strong player of Maggie Ausburn caliber (BB6). Remember that squirrely Jason, one of three of Americas’ favorite players? He said he was a big Vanessa supporter. JMac another of America’s favorite players called her game brilliant and the kind of game he respects. America’s #1 favorite player, James said he was rooting for her from the jury house. In interview Da’Vonne supported Vanessa and wanted Vanessa to win. Meg was shocked Vanessa didn’t win and said Vanessa played an amazing game. Becky said Vanessa “brought her game”. So what does Vanessa have to own up to? She said 90% of her crying and all was real.
All these people that America favored supported and rooted for Vanessa. What do they know that the “fans don’t know? They know a good and deserving player. She will be back.


Vanessa did play a very good game. She did plot and plan every step of the way….arguably overdoing it at times. Nonetheless, it is remarkable that she got as far as she did given that the houseguests were basically on to her for at least the last 6 weeks. Had Becky had her way, Vanessa would have been first to jury. The main reason I and I believe most fans don’t give her full credit is because of how little resistence she faced. Everyone talked about getting her out, but who other than James or Becky even tried to make a “big move” until the last couple of weeks? Everyone was too afraid to get “blood on their hands”, hoping that someone else would make a big move to evict someone relevant. That is what the fans miss and hope returns next season…competitive people that aren’t afraid to go after each other. It seems that the last couple of years we’ve had too many people that are just happy to be there and enjoy the ride and not enough that are truly trying to win.


While I agree with most of what you said, if Vanessa had not been so involved in the game, she would not have been able to convince others to keep her. If nothing else she convinced others they should not get blood on their hands. She did provide each guest with reasons to keep her where they might otherwise have not. And she was right. Look what happened to Becky after she went after Vanessa. Look what happened to “Jame’s Gang” (my coin). There was resistance there and Vanessa right there to dissipate that resistance and not let it grow.
I am amazed at the educational level of the guests this year. Look at Vanessa=Duke, the twins=Loyola, Clay=Texas A&M, Steve=Tulane, JMac=dentistry school. I don’t remember any others but I am sure others are educated. I remember Shelli saying she was in interior decorator. Then you have James. Not the intellectual. There is a huge anti intellectual bias in America. The statistics are appalling. For example, 40% of all advanced degrees earned in America are being earned by foreign students.
I know that in the earlier seasons it was a knock down drag out BB. That was because it was new and people hadn’t been able to figure out the game. They were amateurs. After a dozen or more seasons viewers caught onto the game and what we have now are “studied” players. They have studied the game and know much better what works and what doesn’t. The style of Becky and James doesn’t get you to the win. If you want that “ignorant” BB perhaps production should start a season filled with people fans like. People like Donnie, James and Caleb. They could call it “Hillbilly Big Brother”. Given what the masses want, I predict it would be a huge success.


the degrees by foreigners are because the government pretty well pays for all their education and living expenses through grants (free $) loans that are forgiveable..subsudized housing etc…not to mention free $ for them to on have small businesses like confectionary/convience stores…hotels/motels etc..
thats why!

Not Exactly

My degree cost me $30K/year back in 1997. I paid every single cent.


I know for a fact that in China and other Asian countries, American schooling is paid for by the parents in most cases. I thought that since China is a communist country, the government must be paying for the education of their children but it is not true. The world in no longer divided into communist and non communist countries, the world is divided between the haves and the have-not’s. The haves stick together and the have-not’s fight each other, LOL.


Hmm well no. Actually you are wrong there buddy. Vanessa had very little if NOTHING to do with saving herself the week that Becky was the HOH. Actually it had more to do with Shelli. As well as production messing with the game. By making a point to inform James that Shelli stole the shirt that Clay had left for James. Had that not happened. And had production not yet again helped Vanessa in some way. She would have been gone that week. So…Your point is wrong sorry!


Remember, quite a few comps were thrown to Vanessa. She also was in a huge number alliance. Many of the players were young and impressionable and recruited, not real core BB fans. We give her too much credit. Besides bullying, bribing, manipulating, crying, throwing tantrums, she was shielded by a 6/7 person shield. I tried to listen to her exit interview, give the real Vanessa a chance to emerge, but yet again, this fast talking, PMS blaming, polemic using passing guilt to others, came out again. And she still didn’t vote for Steve which a Dr. Will or Dan would have for making that move. Even though the HGs kept the end of their deals with her, she seems like she’s passing the buck on her promised bribes. And when Jeff asked what’s next for her, notice she didn’t mention “Poker Face” show, just rambled on about DJ work, etc. I really want to read the blogs of the players once they have a chance to get home, watch the show and absorb it all.


What “Poker Face” show? Post a link that mentions Poker Face AND is responsible for the show. The anti Vanessa crowd was saying she was going to win because of the Poker Face show and that BB17 was rigged so she would win, LOL. Where do you guys come up with this garbage? Now that she lost, there is no Poker Face show, LOL.


Word of advice: don’t go into research analysis of any kind. If you don’t get what I mean by that, it just proves my point.


I don’t know what you mean by “research analysis” but if you mean analyzing the season by going deeper than what is on the surface, then you prove my point that “Hillbilly BB” would be more appropriate for people like you, LOL.


I knew you wouldn’t get it.


Most of the HGs haven’t watched the show or feeds yet. Wait till they get the full effect of Vanessa’s venomous tactics and bribes, etc. Jason reiterated that though he thought she was good, she never owned up to all the blood on her hands, just kept crying. Austin, with Vanessa in the backyard, finally gets it and says he should have stayed with JMAC.


Don’t be surprised if they never come clean about what really happened or how they really feel. They signed contracts not to “talk (bad) about Production” and they all told Jeff, Dr. Will & Hollywood Reporter they want to work for CBS in any capacity, Amazing Race, Survivor, All Stars, social media rep, PodCasts, or a contract like Jeff’s as voice of BB. If they make it look like a love fest, don’t cover for the Brand, compliment Van, Production and each other, they’re never gonna work in that town again.

Hilarious when Van said she’s not paying any bribes since she didn’t win she told Austin Liz can teach him poker! Guess the trip to Vegas is off! Poker mags also show how many viewers dislike Van for cheating & bullying, the comments there are as bad as here!


Which poker mags commented on Vanessa’s play? Love to see what they thought.


You’re probably right about the HGs wanting to be on other CBS shows and may have signed a confidentiality contract. Don’t know, but it’s a good point. Just wish fans can really hear, through their blogs, interviews, how they really feel once they’re home and have watched the full season and feeds.

TV Guide is Owned by CBS

John, Clay, Austin & Jason were the most honest about their experience in backyard interviews with CBS employees before they saw the worst of what really happened. And they’ll only know if they watch months of 24/7 feeds. Vanessa was famous for slamming her hands down, screaming and crying when she first hit poker tours. Ex-husband Chad Brown tried to teach her to control herself. She’s still blaming PMS for her crying rants, no way! Not with all the drugs she was taking? She calls Steve compliments fake, and refuses to give anone credit, non stop self promotion in staged engagement?! No one believes anything she’ll ever say, totally killed her credibility, no future in TV thank goodness!

James so desperate to get out of his prison job he’ll say anything to work for CBS. And he’s got lot of sour grapes Steve, Liz, Austin, John made it farther after all his sucking up to Vanessa. He’ll never own the gazillion mistakes he made either. Who will Moonves push on us in other CBS shows if they were casting mistakes here?


If she was such a great player why was Vanessa so terrible in the third rd HOH? What she didn’t do was take the time to get to know most of the other players and how they think. Also why didn’t she vote for Steve? He split up the twins and took out this years “best” player(yawn). She was really good in a house full of dumb a$$ people. No one could keep a secret and almost everyone was too scared to go against her for fear of her crying and being called a bully. Last but not least not owning up to her moves and getting blood on her hands. I have no problem lying in the house but treating the viewers like they weren’t watching her every move was stupid. Good riddance 3rd place!


Anon is right. Round 3 involved “guessing” what another house guest said. If you noticed the answers given by the other guests, they were in interview style, not dialog taken from the show. The other guests gave their answers outside of the house environment. Don’t forget that Steve won by the slimmest of margins, one answer.


The HGs have not seen and heard what we have. They’ve been sequestered. They haven’t seen live feeds or BBAD. Wait till they watch and hear Vanessa’s DRs,comments, etc.


Watching Vanessa’s exit interview and mia culpa with Austin was painful. Did she take something because she talked a mile a minute. Jeff couldn’t get a word in. Blaming her actions PMS was insulting to women. Her words only proved, again, that she still won’t own up to what a nasty, manipulative person she was in the BB house. She gives prop to Steve, yet she doesn’t mention not voting for him. What a mess.


I thought she gave a great interview and superior to many others who were interviewed. She was right about Austin. I think he finally got it be was hesitant to admit that she was right. He would have lost to Vanessa if he took her to the final 2 but he would not do that any more than Steve would. Nobody would … except for maybe Liz which is why Vanessa kept her around.


Where can I read the HGs blogs,posts? I want to see what they say once they get home and watch what really went down behind their backs? Then hear what they have to say?

Bored Silly

Love what you say.Now that she is engaged will she demand that CBS pay for everything?
Or will she cry and call discrimination and swear on everyone’s life and her integrity. The
poker world must be very proud of her.Don’t know a great deal about poker players but what
I do know is they are cool under pressure and control their emotions.4 million dollars you
are right NO ONE CARES!


Actually, that didn’t seem like Vanessa’s idea to reveal herself. Julie gave her to clue to go ahead and say that stuff. So it was more due to CBS wanting a shocker and kinda shows why it seemed they pulled for her to win the whole thing.

I would also say people seemed impressed. Austin, in particular, begged her to show him how to make money in Las Vegas in the post interviews – when he was about to be interviewed by Jeff, Vanessa walked by and they started talking while Jeff held the microphone toward their conversation.

I’m not mad Steve won. He actually played a good game so I’m happy for the little weirdo. But even he feels Vanessa was the best player this year and I agree. Best player doesn’t always win the game.


That was my 2nd favorite part. My favorite part and the reason why I can tolerate this season (now) is when Steve sent her lying butt packing. It was sweet justice!! And then I was LOL’ng when she made her “big reveal” and nobody gave two shits. And how spiteful of her to vote for Liz over Steve.


Is there any way Canadians can watch this? It just keeps saying this video is not available.


I guess this is new this year because I’ve been able to see the CBS stuff from your site in previous years (?) Cheers, CA


They have now been posted by someone on Youtube. Just search Jeff Big Brother and time filter “Today”. They are there for now at least. (Im outside of the US)

Big sexy 40

This kid must be losing his mind . Multiply his dream x just making it x creating a system that worked x getting those final questions right x evicting Vanessa x taking the right person x making valid points at the end . Good for you dude . Your life will be changed forever. As a viewer I waited and waited to see if V made any mistakes… Flawless til the end, but going 0-2 on first 2 questions sealed her fate . Crazy ride, makes a lil more sense now that the puzzle is complete .. By the time the goblins got a clue it was too late – that side of house around the end of July won everything straight thru… It kinda predicted finals. … Constant of Liz- Vanessa – Steve. – Liz – Vanessa – Steve winning hoh …. The goblins .. J Mac side were helpless. As random as it all was, it was written in stone before it started. Steve was that ” team” that was destined from game1 – regardless, it was a crazy ride, and like a sucker, I’ll be back for bb18


And hopefully this nerd will finally get laid.


By his mom (or Clay)

My Two Cents

He’s gonna have to give up Coco first….


I’m glad James won AFP
Thanks Simon & Dawg for a great year.


It won the precious because it evicted Vanessa. Although Vanessa was tricksy, it was more ticksy than she.


I was all for team Steve early on but changed my mind when he ran to Vanessa with everything he heard. Then I was team james til that failed. I didn’t get back to team Steve until final three. I just didn’t want Vanessa to win because I felt she played a very dirty game. She did play hard and play non stop, I will give her that. Almost choked the other night when final three were just talking and Steve said there were no bullies this season. Vanessa’s face gave it away right then that she knew she had bullied him. She was well aware of the nastiness of her game….but none dared play that way against her. She forbade it.”


I caught that look on Vanessa’s face too. It solidified that she, herself, knew she bullied Steve and others

Better Than Last Year

OMG! Vanessa’s on some kinda speed!

Couldn’t get thru more than 5 min of her interview. Talks so fast it’s hard to understand her. Repeating, repeating, repeating…..YIKES!

Thought Steve & James interviews were great. So glad Steve won!

See ya’ll next year!


No kidding right?! She’s telling Austin she’s his best friend, he says by backstabbing me? I should have gotten away from you and joined Johnny, but I trusted you that was my mistake…he keeps asking if she’s gonna make him rich like she promised by taking him to Vegas, she keeps playing it off. Jeff and Austin beg her to stop playing the game, are you gonna try and run his life outside too?! She wasn’t playing a character that’s who she is …also considered whacko by music coach on You Tube videos…Yikes!


Exactly, she is a sociopath . Truly is. I have studied the disorder among others as well for years. I can see it so well.


You are implying that you are somewhat in the know as a professional. Well, if that’s true, then you’re a rather unprincipled one to be diagnosing via the media. If you’re only a student or someone who self-educates, well then your observations are just as speculative as everyone else’s.


HAHAHA Are you fing serious? You’re “diagnosing” a Big Brother player as being a sociopath??? NO REAL doctor would ever even consider saying what you just said. See this is exactly why I will go to different sites next year for spoilers, honestly the people that post and use this site are just too much. Really freaking weird people. It’s a shame because I like Simon and Dawgs updates, but I just can’t with you people.


Where can I catch that video re: Vanessa/music coach

Thank God it's over!

Had a feeling from the time Becky said the camera’s were zooming in whenever Steve’s name was mentioned that he would win. To be honest he was better than V, but not by much. He totally ruined a good game by voting out Jackie …I still think he could have joined the goblins and it would have been more fun. I would like to know more about his background….I am not going to follow next year’s …it just has gotten tooo fake.

Not a chance

No way he could have alligned with the Goblns. Jackie wouldn’t talk to him, Meg didn’t like him, Jason did nothing but talk bad about him. That side of the house didn’t give him the time of day.


I’m glad Steve won ONLY because he was the least of three evils.


Anyone know what Steve’s “big” secret is? He said we would find out when the show was over

Also Awkward

Supposedly, he is gay. Big whoop.

Ian's lament

Steve will tear off his face and reveal himself to in fact be Vanessa. She will go down as the greatest BB player ever for successfully pulling off the doppelganger twist in the most ” twisted summer ever!!!” :””(


Well, wasn’t expecting this ragtag Final 3 (ragtag as in the oddest trio ever) but as long as Vanessa didn’t win and James won America’s Favorite, I’m good.
I see Vanessa really is a basketcase (she is going to be in BB game mode for awhile) and Austin really is a douche. JohnnyMac seems more relaxed now; I can see some of his appeal again.
Well, another summer comes to a close and I just want to say I am going to miss Simon, Dawg and all of the commenters here. Big Brother and this site are my summer camp; I used to read other sites but I don’t anymore, The sense of community, camaraderie and dedication that is OBB is unique…it makes me feel as if I am in the house and the commenters are the jury.
Everyone, have wonderful fall/winter, enjoy the holidays and Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll meet again next summer.


Robin, you said it best. I found this site by accident a couple of years back and it is my favorite!!! Great job Simon & Dawg!! The only time I go to any other site is to see who is voted the favorite HG on those sites. I like to compare them to what everyone is saying & voting on this site.
Can’t say it enough….This is the BEST BB site available and I love the comments especially the ones from return visitors.


Thanks JR! Those are some awesome things to say 🙂 🙂


Where to start with the disappointment….. Well the bully of the season turns out to be small and petty not giving Steve her vote. She wasn’t honouring her word to him F2 but he should to her? It speaks clearly to who she is. If your a fan you should be ashamed. That said she was the only one playing the game hard. Sad she didn’t get 50k out of it. Unfortunately F2 she wins 500k either way.
So Van Juju and Austin only votes for Liz. I think Steve’s speech sealed the deal combined with the answers to the questions. Liz was basically it’s harder for me because I had a twin. ROFL
I thought Steve was going to have a hard time getting 5 votes versus Liz but he got all the rest. Is he a great player no. Would he get crushed in all stars yes. Versus Liz the right player won. Questions is a crap shot and Vanessa lost 500K fair a square. It was a love to hate kind of season and that’s what good seasons make. It does not seem like a great year to me though.


Hey Steve took her out, in the quick minutes after you would be vindictive too,almost everyone would too.
As for Liz, well compounded by her twit sister she lived up to being blonde.

Ian's lament

Something tells me this PokerFace show of hers will never happen now. She got alot of exposure from the show but way to much negative. Also her complete insanity with production has probably convinced them that she can not be the centerpiece for a show. Imagine how crazy she will get when they can’t monitor her 24/7?


One of the worst seasons EVER finally came to an end and I haven’t seen a minute of feeds or the show for the last 1.5 months. Only came back to see the winner.

In the words of the comic book guy “WORST SEASON EVER!!”

Double D

Probably the best season in 3-4 years.


Poor Jeff. You can tell that Jeff thinks Vanessa is a whacko. He handled the interview so professionally. What the f–k drugs is she taking? It’s like she’s on uppers/speed in the post-show interview. But I’ve seen her down/slow/sluggish, too. This “manic VanASSA” on this interview is really hard to even get through. She sickens me.


The fact that she repeatedly blamed it on hormones and her time of the month was repulsive. Yes, all humans have fluctuations with hormones, especially menstruating women. But, for goodness sakes, that is a gross representation of monthly emotional outbursts. PATHETIC EXCUSE THAT IS DEMORALIZING TO WOMEN.


I saw the interview and don’t agree that Jeff thinks Vanessa is Whacko. He clearly is impressed with Vanessa’s moves during the season. Vanessa made taking the interview a breeze for Jeff. She lead and he followed, LOL. I was impressed with her interview but must admit that I think most young people these days talk way too fast for me to keep up, use poor grammar and they mumble (Clay) a lot. I could keep up with Vanessa because she spoke clearly, loudly, used correct grammar and she spoke coherently. James (and others) drove me nuts. He was forever saying “Me and Meg are …..” (should be “Meg and I are ….” for those who don’t now the correct grammar). My teachers taught me that sure sign of being uneducated was by using poor grammar and that is about as poor as it gets.

Really rigs?

If you’re going to correct grammar at least check your spelling!


If any of you guys uses Periscope, there is a guy named Ed Brophy that just filmed the BB Cast partying

Uh huh...

I thought it was funny hearing Austin ask early in the Vanessa interview (within the first 3 minutes I think it was) why she didn’t just send Liz packing over him if she was so concerned about needing to break up their “showmance.”

Yet at the same time he’s still openly stating how much he loves her even during the finale… what an ass. His arrogance with how he kept calling Steve “boy” was unnecessary too. I know they kind of used it as a nickname for him, but you could tell that the manner in which Austin kept referring to him that way was meant as a put down.


If you look at the Austin/Vanessa exchange, when he said then why didn’t you put up Liz…Liz was to his left and heard that remark and turned around. Give that relationship till the after party is done.

Double D

Did Austin and Liz go camping?


Yep. Constantly calling him “boy” is a textbook case of being diminutive, pretty much by definition!


I agree, Austin was so obviously attempting to put Steve down with the “boy” mentions. In the end, Steve can laugh all the way to the bank while Austin can cry all night in his bed…alone, as I’m fairly sure Liz will very soon go…Austin who?

As for Vanessa…if we never see you again, go morning, good afternoon, good night and GOODBYE!


Vanessa mentioning to Jeff, already, I’d love to come back and play BB again. PLEASEAAAH…NO!


Oh please let her come back. I can guarantee you that she will be the first person evicted


James couldn’t stop calling him boy during every interview either. They considered themselves so much better than everyone else, and hated congratulating Steve who they bullied all season. He was the pawn they all abused, glad to keep around as a meat shield, but to have a virgin teddy bear carrying student beat these self agrandizing he-men who considered themselves lady killers beat them?!

Poetic justice, and because they never talked strategy with anyone for fear of getting caught by Vanessa, they never had a chance. They turned out to be the biggest wusses, standing by watching everyone else picked off, as long as they were safe. I bet John would’ve won AFP if the voting wasn’t shut down for 3 days. Millions of people stopped checking back every day knowing it was gonna be a BS vote. No announcement at all, unlike when Idol or DWTS has a voting glitch. CBS was afraid of John bc he told the truth, couldn’t trust him as America’s Favorite. Love how he doesn’t gloss over even for TV Guide.


anyone have BB withdrawal?

Roll Tide

Me either Dawg. I am re-reading OBB. I already miss the show!


An education does not make you smart, it only makes you educated.

Since when have you heard a PHD say they were wrong. It took S. Hawking many years to say it.

A high school education, who has Wisdom of years, will outrump an educated person in this game any time.

That said, there is something fishy about the Loyala and the Twins… Julia couldn’t even write her own speeches, and neither had a idea of modern history. If they got by, they must have squeaked by. But, like I said above, and education, just makes you educated. It doesn’t give you Wisdom or Experience ( Smarts )


I don’t believe the Twits ever attended Loyola, much less graduated. They are ditsy, fake-boobed, bleach blondes whose English can be horrendous. I got so sick of hearing, “I need to keep *Austin and I* off the block”. Or, “There’s a photo of *Julia and I*”. I know nobody cares, but when you’re the OBJECT of an action – not a SUBECT – you must use “ME”, not “I”. Those girls spoke like this all the time. It drove me nuts! Surely, *educated* people erroneously use “I” as an object a lot. That in itself does not suggest they didn’t attend Loyola. I’m just throwing that out there. But, how can one be college educated – (meaning one had to fulfill a GER class with psych, soc, or philosophy) – and not know who Sigmund Freud is? I CRINGED when those twits confused Freud with the lion tamers! Ugggggh!!!


I would love to hear what Austin thinks now about the way America felt about him. He thought everyone was going to love him and the showmance.


Me too. He and the twins looked shocked that they weren’t among the top 3 for America’s Favorite.


Dawg and Simon, can you get any of the BB HGs’ to comment once they have a chance to watch all the shows. That would be epic. And again, thanks so much for the in depth coverage and a fun place for BB fans to comment and discuss on a daily basis. You’re the best.


Why are we here on obb site
BB is over and we still came here just looking for anything
I would say yeah we are having BB withdrawals


yep..was a good escape


Is there a Meg exit finale interview? I didn’t see one for her, Jace, Jackie?

watched them all...

I didn’t realize that the link to the exit interviews wouldn’t be posted. Soooo, my last post didn’t make sense. 🙂
If you want to see the other interviews -they have ALL of the cast members. Just look at the videos that Simon and Dawg posted (thank you guys!), and click on the youtube button on the bottom of one of them. That will open the video up in youtube, and you’ll see the other interviews along the right hand side of the page.


did anyone notice the question james read to steve was meant for vanessa being in final 2?


Yes. After James read the question to Steve, James even looked around at Vanessa. Steve looked perplexed. That question was definitely geared for Steve/Vanessa sitting in the finals together. Interesting, isn’t it.

Watched them all....

Sorry – I hit “post” too quickly. 🙂 Copy and past my link into your browser and then look at the videos on the right side of the page. They’re all there!


Hey guys, if any of you so desire to cancel your live feeds subscription, the number to call Customer Service is 888-274-5343 . This is a 24 hour telephone number. So you can call and cancel at any time


Had hoped Julie would reveal to the jurors and finalists that there was no Amerca’s Player in the house this year. I’m sure that would have gotten more reaction than Vanessa’s “poker player” reveal.


Vanessa was Spartacus!!!


Come on, Steve was dragged by Vanessa. He played a mediocre game at best. Johnny Mac helped him too. He did very little on his own. It came down to one question and if you look at the answers to the 1st four house guest questions, it was all game answers to Steve’s advantage. Anyway, another Ian win. Too bad, so sad. The 3 parts at the end really needs to be at least an 8 part that would some how measure the best of all the games, so that it would be a better measure of the the best of player. Also, the jury should not be able to vote so bitterly. Some how, America should have some input into the outcome. Love BB but very disappointing in seeing such a weak player win again. By the way, I watched live feeds and studied it all this year. Hope Vanessa see this because she was remarkable. Only thing I would have like to have seen her own it more in DR.


Vanessa is pretty when she doesn’t do duck face – which is about 1 percent of the time. Why oh why do chicks do this weird lip thing – so unattractive. Stop it y’all. Please, lol.


If you google Vanessa Rousso AKA Vanessa, you will find out why she was never seen in a bikini on the show. She is/was a knockout that would have put the others to shame. You will also see her ex husband. Not quite of Austin’s stature but better looking, almost as buff but shorter and he looks like an alph male which might explain why they didn’t work out. He looks like he eats haters for breakfast so look out all you Vanessa haters, LOL.


Seriously? She’s 32, did her promo shots with bikini at pool and never even put on shorts she prefers to dress masculine and had to reassure viewers she showers in TV Guide interview. Show some respect for her ex husband and teacher who’s died from cancer years ago, he’s certainly not reading your comments and going to beat up your detractors. She doesn’t need to read blogs, Twitter has plenty of evidence, and she said she direct cate what anyone thinks except her inner circle. Do you read, or merely react? If Vanessa doesn’t care (she didn’t care what anyone said in the house even for half a million dollars) you shouldn’t care either. Let it go. If she’d played a better, more open humble game, she would have won. Are you PMSing? That’s what Vanessa blames for her mania, there’s over-the-counter pills for that.


After seeing all the comments on this blog about Vanessa’s head exploding when Steve doesn’t take her to the final 2 or Vanessa being taken away in a straight jacket and all the other crazy things people said she would do just didn’t happen, LOL. She was disappointed but took it all in a cool, confident, mature stride unlike her detractors. The more I see of her the more I am impressed with her. She has her shit together far better than any of her haters. She is, in one way or another, what the other houseguests hoped they might someday be. As an example, she is the rock star Austin and JMac want to be. Don’t believe me, google her.


So where is this web site that shows Vanessa’s music teacher bad mouthing her?
Where is the website that validates a show called “Poker Face”?
I suspect it is just more made up stuff that losers create to make a point.
And if Vanessa does read these blogs, which I seriously doubt she does, I am sure she realizes most of her haters are sore losers.


Google it. We’re not supposed to link other sites in comments. You really need another hobby. The truth is the truth. Vanessa made no secret of wanting to do TV, she tried Poker commentating but crashed burned, she told players constantly she was Productions favorite and other websites that transcribe feeds counted she spent far and beyond most time in DR over any other player including John and Audrey she badmouthed on purpose to camouflage her attempts to direct Production and rewrite BB Rules.

Vanessa’s been pitching her ideas for projects all over you tube and poker mags and on the BB feeds, she told Steve she waneed to do Website, Social Media & Podcasts with him & Austin, told the Twins she wanted to DJ with them. She probably pitched Poker Face to CBS, Production, Cameramen. and the catering truck herself to influence cast and CBS as well. She probably already pitched it to NBC when she was on Poker After Dark and tried commentating. She plans to do Amazing Race & All Stars at a minimum, she’s too physically & emotionally weak to do Survivor…and before you jump on the messenger, she said that herself too on feeds. You should get them next time, or read transcripts. They’re very good if you’re interested in facts.


I did google it and there were a few websites that mentioned “Poker Face” but they were gossip rags. Nothing from CBS or any reputable media outlet. I put this into the same category as those who say Austin and the twins were visibly shocked that they were not picked as America’s Favorite Player. I reviewed the show and that is a total falsehood, as are most “opinions” coming from the Vanessa haters. When Jason’s name was called, he was visibly shocked as was Liz who was standing next to Jason. You don’t have to post the exact link. All you have to do is post is the google keywords and words that will direct me to the correct website. Obviously you know where this “proof” is.


You said “She probably pitched Poker Face to CBS, Production, Cameramen. and the catering truck herself to influence cast and CBS as well.”

So are you saying that the all the rumors of her being cast on a show called “Poker Face” came from her comments and not on anything reliable? People on these blogs said Vanessa was favored to win because CBS has new show called “Poker Face” and they want Vanessa to cast in the show. IF that is the case, that explains why there are no reliable websites on the net to validate the truth of what bloggers were saying. God, what a bunch of morons.


I do not remember Vanessa ever giving Steve her word that she would vote for him if he was in the final 2 without her. But it seems to me that I do remember her giving her word to Liz that if Liz was in final 2 with Steve that she swears she would give Liz her vote.
I remember saying when they showed Liz and Steve side by side, if Vanessa votes for Steve, then she didn’t keep her word to Liz.
then when it showed that she did vote for Liz, I said well she did keep her word.


Plus the fact that Vanessa said she would reward those who are loyal to her. Liz was and Steve was not.


Simon or Dawg, is there a way for US to watch BB Canada?


You’ll need a VPN for the Global feeds. We’ve posted most of the feed highlights on youtube as for the episodes they’re tough to find you’ll need to go to global’s website using a VPN.


I cannot believe that I’m having BB withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t feel this way about BB15 or BB16. I was so glad that those seasons were over with. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the final 6, overall it was a decent season with lots of drama early on. Looking forward to next season, hopefully people play hard and don’t mind getting blood on their hands


Another Big Brother Season has come and gone, subsequently the efforts contributed to the big brother family had become more prevalent than the past Informalities that one winner comes out the graze and losers are pertained. See you next season on Big Brother.