Big Brother 17 Finale Night


It’s finally here the finale for Big Brother 17. Personally I really enjoyed the season much better than the last 4, it was Spectacular but still a solid show. Tonight we’ll see Vanessa and Steve face off in the final Head of household competition. Both Vanessa and Steve have told each other they are taking the other one to the end. But secretly it appears they are planning on taking Liz. Steve has practice his speech Ad nauseam where he will tell Vanessa in order to win he’s got to cut her. Vanessa has told Liz in private she will take her to end. There’s a real potential for a upset tonight. Poor Jury management on Vanessa part could cost her the game. Did Liz do enough to beat Steve or Vanessa? Will Austin, Julia and Becky have enough sway in the Jury? Will Steve and Jace hook up? We’ll find out tonight!

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The winner of AFP is whoever held the cat lady vote. I didn’t follow cat lady politics this season so i’m not sure who it is.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 18-33-07-107

Results from the show

They were in the house for 98 days.

Second part of the HOH that Steve ends up winning

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 18-57-53-720

Will visits the Jury members.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-05-00-277

Final HOH
Question 1 – S:1 V:0
Question 2 – S:1 V:0
Question 3 – S:2 V:1
Question 4 – S:3 V:2
Question 5 – S:3 V:2
Question 6 – S:4 V:3
Question 7 – S:4 V:4
Question 8 – S:5 V:4

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-10-20-959

Winner of the final HOH is Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-16-13-643
Steve takes Liz to the final 2. His speech causes him to short circuit. (it was the same speech he’s been practicing)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-16-02-643
The look on Vanessa’s face during Steve’s speech

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-16-24-648
Vanessa tells him it was a good game move
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-16-50-646

Liz – Oh my God Steve thank you so much.. I love you .. thank you so much
Liz – Steve i’m so happy that you did this.
Liz says she wasn’t expecting him to do that.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-17-13-645

Vanessa tells Julie she’s not completely surprised, says she never fully trusted Steve. She’s not sure if Steve made the better deal. Vanessa says she wasn’t going to take Steve.

Jury cast their vote
Shelli votes for Steve
Jackie votes for Steve
Becky Votes for Steve
Meg votes for Steve
James votes for Steve
Julia votes for Liz
Austin votes for Liz
Jmac votes for Steve
Vanessa votes for Liz

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-55-03-412

Winner of Big Brother 17 is Steve

Steve 6
liz 3

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-23 19-59-17-119

Winner of America’s favorite is James

Top three were Johnnymac , James, Jason

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 12-23-37-937

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297 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Finale Night

    1. Season might be over but I feel it’s necessary to point out that just now in the jury interviews by William that Meg STILL can’t see that Vanessa and her alliance was fooling her.

      What a dumbass. I can say for sure she is the dumbest player in this games history.

      1. I agree with you about Meg being the dumbest player ever. She was oblivious week after week and just kept saying, “All of my peeps are going home.” Vanessa sent them home you dumb bit¢h.

      1. And let’s please also talk about the fact that there was NO WAY Steve wasn’t going to win this after those speeches! LOL! He destroyed Liz’s attempts at trying to sway the votes. Though I feel she never really tried: she just giggled and did her “let me be my adorable self” maneuver just like she did throughout the game. Steve was AMAZING by thinking strategically and evicting Vanessa. He did what that DUMBASS Cody should have done last season of BB! And no one please pull up the “friendship loyalty” card because BB is a game… Vanessa showed the little woman she is by in the end holding a grudge and not voting for Steve… clearly the best option. She herself said she would evict him. Anyway… I liked Vanessa’s gameplay but I TOTALLY agree with Jason: she should have owned up her game. It was annoying for us watching her crying and holding the Bible. Thank Jesus she is not a pastor! Anwyay… at least we finally had another good season of BB (after the last couple years!) even though I truly hoped outsiders had flipped that house so much!

        1. Liz didn’t know that both Vanessa and Steve were going to take her, and neither bothered to tell her so she wouldn’t take the time to formulate any type of speech to justify her winning. She was kept in the dark on purpose.

          1. Liz knew Vanessa was going to take her if Vanessa won.
            The discussed it three or four times after part 2 of the HOH on feeds.
            Liz didn’t prepare.

            1. Liz wasn’t going to believe anything Vanessa said to her. Liz said in her post game interview that she thought she was 3rd place no matter what after losing the first 2 HOH comps. Why believe a serial liar? It was still in both Vanessa’s and Steve’s interest that she wasn’t prepared to state her case.

    2. When all Steve did was evict Jackie and Julia then beat Vanessa in one comp, Vanessa controlled the entire game throug manipulation, Steve was a little bitch who followed Vanessa every move, played with his thumb in his ass and doesn’t deserve a penny, doesn’t deserve anything, should be another forgotten BB player who had no strategy and clung to Vanessa for guidance

      1. I disagree. He, as he said himself. aligned early with Austin, then Vanessa, then Johnny by playing in his mind, chess. He saw moves ahead in the game, thought out best scenarios, all the while dealing with his medical liability, which by the way, Vanessa took total advantage of which was heartbreaking to watch at times. He broke up Austwins and his final move, getting Vanessa out. That in itself was vital for him. And it was the right choice.

        1. The reason I say that is because you berated everyone all season for the same thing that you just posted…there are Vanessa fans, there are Steve fans…all entitled to their opinions. An argument could be made for either…personally, I loved seeing her evicted like Victoria last year. Hated her gameplay. Agree with Jason that if she would have owned it and not beat people up, I would have rooted for her all the way. She played hard, too hard! Derrick, Dan, Dr. Will never had hissy fits daily. She will be remembered for sure. Glad she didn’t win either end prize. Look forward to doing battle with you next Summer. XOXO

    3. Steve looked really hurt when he saw that Vanessa didn’t vote for him. Bet he felt she would have respected his game move which she should have. I think Julie Chen started with Vanessa’s key because if she went in order of who voted first, Shelli, Jackie, Becky, Meg, James and John all voted for Steve which would have been less climactic.

      1. I don’t think Julie knew who Vanessa had voted for. But if she went in the opposite direction, then Vanessa’s vote would have been last and possibly irrelevant to the decision. She wanted to highlight it, and I think she was enjoying the moment. I’m not sure if Steve was hurt. I think he was just discouraged that he had the first strike against him, and that the other jurors may also vote irrationally.

      2. When Vanessa was talking to Julie, she stated that she never fully trusted Steve and that he had stabbed her in the back multiple times. Other than voting her out…when did he stab her in the back?
        And…her vote was totally vindictive! Who wants Liz as the representative of this season? Lame excuse!

        1. How about when he joined up with JMac and the Austwins and planned to evict her the week she won veto (Austin’s hoh)?
          From what Vanessa was told, the whole plan was Steve’s.

          1. Vanessa doesn’t take anything she’s told on face value. It benefitted her to scapegoat Steve regarding scamper squads betrayal. Meanwhile, Austwins continuously discussed the need to evict her for several weeks past that betrayal point. Steve was just doing what Vanessa had done to clelli…..dissociating himself from what was becoming a huge liability while trying to keep the target off himself. Vanessa also continuously considered getting rid of Steve when other plans didn’t go as expected. Calling it a betrayal is just another emotional excuse for her action.

    4. FYI: Just saw Steve’s interview on The Talk with Julie. He said, “Winning wasn’t a possibility when I walked in the house so I never thought about the money.I was just there because I was a fan and wanted a chance to play the game.Money was never part of the equation. I knew I could never win, so I never thought about what to do with the money…. No splurging, no rash decisions.
      Being a super fan helped me win, (he answered in response to him being a super fan question). Julie asked about final HOH win and evicting Vanessa. “She Didn’t vote for you to win. Did you ask V why she voted for you?” Steve said,” I was definitely caught off guard. Had Vanessa stabbed me in the back she would have had my vote a million percent….we are.both strategists, we can separate our personal feelings from the game. We will be close friends outside of here, regardless.” Steve took the high road but somehow I don’t think Vanessa will “forgive” him anytime soon according to her warped thinking. He did EXACTLY what Vanessa would have done to him.

      1. 500,000 dew drops of joy that Vanessa had her baggy ass kicked to jury
        Steve did what numb-nuts Cody should have done to Derprick last year
        although you weren’t my fave, good job Steve!!

    1. In post-game backyard interviews, Jeff gave Vanessa a box of tissues with beanies in it. It was hysterical, she was losing it, crying, manic, still in shock angry she didn’t win. She kept defending all her moves, said the game took alot out of her. Doesn’t know what she’s gonna do, but take time off &. gonna DJ on the road, no more poker, which was different than she said on stage. Jeff kept telling her the game was over, she didn’t need to lie anymore.

      1. Vanessa’s still not owning her game. It was poetic justice that Steve mocked her style while evicting her, with the flustered, fast talking, teary eyed, apologetic, get to steppin’ that he delivered.

      2. If you ever wondered if Vanessa was off, watch her manic interview with Jeff. I just watched it on YouTube and it is obvious that something is wrong with her. She spoke at a million miles a minute, eyes were jumping all around, she couldn’t stand still, she was “scurry” in the words of Christine!

  1. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2015
    Let’s meet the inductees
    -Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13)
    -Simon & Dawg ( 2015 lifetime achievement award
    -Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:All-Stars)
    -Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13)
    -Joshuah Welch (BB9)
    -Sheryl Crow (BB3) Celebrity wing
    -Sue Hawk (BB2) Celebrity wing
    -Curtis Kin (BB1)
    -Jason Guy (BB3)
    -Jessica Hughbanks (BB8)
    -Otev (BB11-present)
    -Lisa Donahue (BB3)
    -Keesha Smith (BB10)

    Congratulation to inductees big brother hall of fame class of 2015

      1. You deserve it Simon! You are Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015 lifetime achievement award. You should have entitled Big Brother Hall of Famer Simon

    1. No! Simon and Dawg should be the winners in ALL categories, FTW.

      Maybe not “best showmance”

      Thanks again guys for all you do and all you put up with. You help us all get deeper into the best not-gameshow on TV and enable us all to fight about it. Best BB board, hands down.

    1. When I saw they sat Mel next to Dr. Will and his wife in the first row, made me nervous that Vanessa may win this thing. But so glad that was not the case.

    2. Jeff talked to the players and gave them parting gifts from the dollar store. Johnny said he’s going back to dentistry since he didn’t win, Jeff gave him a toy guitar. Jackie said she’d vote for Steve even against Van, she’s going on Survivor, Jeff gave her a Vegas dancing flower. Becky said she’d vote for Steve, will stay in touch with everyone, make stronger alliances and she’s going on Survivor. James invited Jeff to come drink with his buddies, said Steve grew up from a boy to a man on the show, was shocked Van got the boot, will go on CBS reality shows, and Jeff gave him a camo doll. Shelli said Clay owes her a date and she wants it to be going on Amazing Race. Clay said he’s back at A&M seeing Shelli was magical and they’ll take it day-by-day, uh oh. Audrey said she’d vote for Steve, regrets hiding under a blanket and says everyone shouldn’t apply, it’s not as easy as it looks, Jeff gave her a blanket. Jason said Van should’ve owned playing agressive, and not played victim. He would do BB again and tone it down.
      Jace said he’d do BB again and tone it down, Jeff gave him a glo stick called it a bro-sick. Da’Vonne said she’s doing mom things, glad Steve won. Austin said the Judas thing was stupid, he’s pissed at Van, he’s going back to wrestling, Jeff gave him a barbarian doll.

  2. Thank you Siiiiiiimonnnnnnn and Daaaaaaawwwggggg. Not my favorite season but you guys definitely made it an enjoyable one. I’ll be watching The Amazing Race and two more installments of Survivor then BB Canada will be here before you know it! Enjoy your time outside of the Big Brother house.

    1. Ex-poker player, stutters says she’s an Ex-poker player, used to play, then says she’s still playing and not DJing. She can’t decide what she’s doing. And don’t care Vanessa, nobody believes a word that will every come out of your mouth. She is poor loser who didn’t vote for best player. That’s not integrity.

      Funny CBS cut away from her and Mel making out crazy tongues. Kabuki makeup didn’t hide the sick look on her face when she lost HOH and Steve dumped her. He didn’t even get to do the personal social side of his speech, but seriously, Liz? She & Van talked shit & about how much she hated Steve right up to fake feeds Farwell speech. Van’s true colors showed and she didn’t win a game that was rigged and thrown to her. Spend time getting to know people, be genuine and not so elitists she might have won the final comp fair and square.

      1. I agree. And Vanessa votes for Liz? Really. Did you hear Liz’s answers? Steve gave her so much BB info throughout and she knew he would be her toughest competition in the end, yet SHE’S A SORE LOSER and even after Jason said she didn’t own her treachery, she still softened what nasty things she did. Glad Austin, still not my cup of tea, called Vanessa out in the Jury meeting. I give him some props for that. But Steve’s final analysis speech was succinct and hit the points James and the rest needed to hear. So glad James won AFP.

        1. Not the biggest Steve fan, but Im so glad he won over Vanessa. Like you, I was very disappointed in Vanessa for not voting for Steve. He would have been a fool to take her to F2 and she knows it. Van and Austin were talking in the backyard during the interviews and she was saying how loyal she was to Liz up to the very end by voting for her. Her vote was petty, nothing more. The Austwits thought they would be ale to control the jury b/c they were guaranteed votes. I loved how it was 6 -3, so those 3 votes never really mattered.
          Also shame on Liz for not having a better speech prepared. Knowing she had a chance to go F2 w/ Van, she could have at least thought about a speech or some decent answers. She looked like a deer in headlights. To have someone like her in F2 who had no clue how to play the game was insulting. I hope she uses the money to get her masters(like she’s mentioned on the show) and does not try to become some sort of star in Hollywood. She and her sister might make the next season of Bad Girls Club, but that’s about it.
          I voted for James for AFP, but during the finale I finally understood the appeal of JMac. When Van joined the jurors on stage, John said “Hey, its my best friend” or something like that. Funny!!!

          1. I agree. But watch for the nitwit twins to be on the show like, Twinning, ugh. They want the fame. They said over and over, good our alliance won so we have more face time. Pleaseahhh. No more. And JMAC was underrated-his strategy was observing, listening, winning when he needed to and reverse psychology, all wrapped up in his infectious sense of humor.

  3. LOVE that Steve won final competition. Kudos that he found the courage to evict Vanessa. She obviously is upset but at least she isn’t a sore loser nor bitter.

    1. Vanessa showed how bitter she is by voting for Liz to win. I didn’t like her as a player, but respected Van as a super fan. I have no respect for her at all anymore! As a super fan she lost all objectively by snubbing Steve to win. He was hands down 10 times the player Liz was. Yet, Vanessa let bitterness and vindictiveness get the best of her by not casting her vote for the better player….STEVE!!!

      What hipocracy to be mad at Steve for not taking her to final two when she was stringing him along and wouldn’t have taken him to final two either.

    2. Apparently Vanessa was too bitter to vote for Steve. She obviously felt that Steve was the better player, which is why she wanted to take Liz to final. She’s too smart to respect Lizs weak jury performance. She just could not bring herself to give him the vote bc she felt too much resentment towards him deep down inside.

      1. Liz was asked in the final questions what her best achievement was apart from competitions. So she goes on to say forming an alliance with her twin sister and a guy who was in love with her. In other words other people was her ‘best achievement’ lol.

        How can Vanessa vote for that? What a filthy bitter whining sore loser.

        1. Did you catch Austin’s reaction to Liz’s answers? He shook his head knowing they were lame responses and that if she had any chance of pulling out a win, she just blew it. Priceless!

          1. I just rewatched it and the entire segment is fascinating. Austin looks like his cat just died and Julia is also upset the whole way through. I guess they must have known the jury was not going to vote for Liz.

            I actually felt sorry for Austin. He looked very real.

        2. She was like a deer in headlights. At the very least, she could have pulled out some thin bull about her HOH evictions. Very embarrassing, although not quite at Gina Marie level. During post finale interview she obviously had no idea how poorly she did. She was still buzzed that Steve took her to final. There’s no excuse for her lack of prep, as she knew that at the least Vanessa would take her to final.

    3. I don’t think you know what a sore loser mean nor the true meaning of what bitterness mean .
      Look in the dictionary, Vanessa and Austin faces are there side by side.

  4. OMG
    Good job Steve
    Steve wins final HOH and picks Liz
    bye bye Vanessa
    And the end I would give a like to Vanessa
    Vanessa is a strong competitor !!

    1. Austin calling Steve “boy” not once but twice in the finale was a bit crass. He still doesn’t get it. That it’s mean and derogatory. Were you Austin sitting in the Final 2? No, so show some respect.

      1. I was surprised at that myself. I thought Austin picked up on the awkwardness when he called Steve ‘boy’ on live TV during his own eviction. Apparently not. It’s not just crass, it’s racially charged. I don’t believe he’s using it with that intention, but his lack of awareness is stunning.

  5. It was all rigged for Vanessa to win this season. What a bunch of losers that would say that. Now what haters? Oh now u happy and it wasn’t rigged? Stfu and go back in your basement apts. LMFAO!:-)

    1. It was rigged you poor loser, but if she hadn’t spent so much time drugging, sobbing, ranting lies on the Bible and abusing others she would have been able to actually get to know other houseguests and answer the easiest questions of the year. Her ego and elitism asking with her paranoid delusions wrecked a game that was wholly thrown to her. Those were CBS’ and Vanessa’s mistakes, there’s not enough room here to list yours.

      1. LOL oh wow. Some people. You can’t even stop to consider the fact that you might be wrong long enough to spell your name right.

        1. Vanessa’s bribes are on record and the she’s the joke of all social media outlets, as well as embarrassment of poker industry mags. No need to think after 3 months of watching the b*tch cheat.

          Look around, autocomplete is a problem on this site, but you f*cked up your name on purpose. Can’t expect much from someone who misses the other biggest douche of his season. I know facts aren’t your thing, but you should check out what Evel Dick or any players think of Rance and his tweeker rage guest spots on his & McCrae’s show. Vanessa lost cuz she couldn’t bribe Steve on live HOH3. Seriously, dude, read the comments, ain’t nobody stopping to consider they were wrong about Vanessa–she couldn’t have been a worse poor loser on Finale, proving everyone was right, if it ain’t rigged she loses & would have gone home sooner.

          1. Wow, just keep fixating on your hatred, even after the object of your obsession lost.
            What a class act.
            Have you left a congratulatory comment for the winner, Steve? Were you happy he won?Have you commented anything positive about anything? Ever? Other than taking the chance to toss another hatebomb, did you even notice a winner was chosen?
            I won’t miss those types of comments. I’m glad you’ll essentially be on a time out in the corner until next season.
            A more bitter vile and negative bunch of comments from one person, I’ve never read in my life. You should be happy. The object of your loathing lost, and you still continue with the hate.

            1. And that’s really the difference between the two types of people on this site. Some of us are just happy for the players we like, and accept that the game doesn’t always go the way we predict. The others just spew hate towards players and other posters, and it’s never enough to sate their crummy attitudes.

              I mean, why would I care what Evel Dick thinks of Zach? Evel Dick was a mean person, to houseguests, and to his own family! Zach’s not perfect, but at least he’s not intentional cruel!

              1. You are the one throwing hate to commenters & posters. You throw hate to anyone who disagrees with the hate Vanessa and Liz threw right up to their fake speeches. Take a look around, no one respects poor losers like you and Vanessa. You can’t handle truth or admitting when someone’s right. And you can’t intimidate anyone into a corner. Rage much, Vanessa has a pill for that.

            2. Don’t know who you’re talking about but I’ve left plenty of positive comments defending Jihnny, Becky, Steve, anyone your favorite alliance attacked, about other players playing the game without the abuse you’re spewing. Real facts reported from more than one source and defended attacks with more facts, like Vanessa would have done in her debate history. Keep the comments on the game, not on commenters. But if you want to attack so-called haters, and you gotta get personal you betray a weak argument, but you gotta expect the same back. So now after you make fun of names no one better mention Rance psycho performances on You Tube and live streams? He’s was smoking drugs and swearing his ass off getting in fights on live air. But hey if he’s your dude, no one’s arguing. You said consider the source, so we’ll apply the sane to you.

      2. Liz even threw the first part of the HOH finale to Vanessa. Vanessa saying, Now it’s time for psychological warfare. Remember, a few HOH and Vetos were thrown Vanessa’s way. It was set up for her to win. But she was so repulsive in her actions, etc. She showed her true colors throughout the game with her piece de resistance…not voting for Steve, who obviously was better than Liz. What class.

    1. Or, at the very least, a boy with a very full bank account.

      Of the 3 finalists, I think Steve will definitely appreciate the money the most and spend it the most wisely.

      How They Would Spend $500k:
      Vanessa – billboards around Las Vegas saying how great she is + muscle relaxants
      Liz – dance clubs + starting a business with Julia marketing the home version of “pot ball”
      Steve – huge college fund + a new friend for CoCo + 1 night with a hooker that looks just like Vanessa

      I’d love to see more followup coverage after BB. The finale is always a bit of a let down.

  6. As predicted, Steve wins, turfs Vanessa and eeks out the win. Meanwhile, Liz can now afford a luxury “tent” for camping with Austin tonight–ew.

    1. Liz kept repeating herself over and over how she came into the house at a disadvantage, with her twin. That was her answer to every question, she looked like a fool. It just proved she was NOTHING without her stooge boyfriend telling her everything to do and say. After he left the house, she didn’t win anything, three people shared one brain, the twins shared Austin’s brain, and he took his orders from Vanessa. BB cast tooooo many sheep this year, Julia, Liz, James, Meg, Jackie, Jason and crazy Audrey.
      Austin, Liz, and Julia took orders from Vanessa, but on the other side of the house, the goblins evicted anyone who tried to lead them, (Jeff, Becky, Da). They preferred to be rogue sheep, although too late they tried to follow brainless James. When they resolved themselves to be lead by someone their was no one left to lead. Well maybe next year will be better, there were some good spots this year, Austin’s face when he was evicted, Vanessa’s face when Steve sent her out . . . priceless.

  7. Sorry to say this but Liz looked real ditzy on live TV and she should have practiced answering questions in front of the mirror and been prepared for the jury. I think her bubbly not well thought out answers just made Steve win the money.

      1. Actually to be fair. She was just sent out, very little time to process. Still a lot classier than Austin who is still being a crybaby and he has had time.

      2. Yeah and Vanessa fake smiling, made sure that she mentioned making 4 million on poker while holding her beanie on her head…so her head wouldn’t explode from being beaten at her own game by “boy” What a great rush!

  8. I will be so mad if they let Liz win. What has she done besides hide behind Austin until he got evicted. After he got evicted, she hid behind Vanessa. That trashy bitch doesn’t even deserve the 50K. They questioned Steve calling him a floater when all Liz did was float through the game. This is definitely a bitter jury. They can’t see how Steve made it to the end but from the outside looking in, we all know how and why he is there. They were the ones to stupid to figure out exactly what he was doing. I will be PISSED if they let Liz win!

    1. I think the jury was just unsure of how much a role Steve played in the game. He played quiet in the beginning and his schtick with being the socially awkward nerd who’s always needy made it difficult for the others to see him taking charge of anything. However, his responses to the questions shows he was aware of the points he needed to address with the jury for their vote.
      I can see Vanessa actually believeing that Liz played a better game because Liz did what Vanessa wanted and Julia and Austin didn’t vote for gameplay. I think we’ll see Steve ended up with the other 6 votes because Steve articulated his strategy and accomplishments well.

  9. Has anyone ever noticed that every season someone cries about the game being rigged for someone, and that person rarely ever wins?

    Only exception I can think of is Rachel. Nevermind that Rachel had to win almost all the comps at the end.

    Simon and Dawg should make a poll for all of the contestants at the beginning of the season predicting who these chuckle heads (viewwers) will be crying the game is rigged for. Also during which week people will say it is the worst season ever.

    1. Vanessa would have been evicted sooner, and even thrown, rigged, and THE BRIBES WERE REAL, she still couldn’t win. Her hate, her ego and Karma, meant she didn’t bother to get to know anyone else in the house and couldn’t answer the easiest questions of the season. If she took fewer drugs, didn’t spend all her time throwing tantrums, and attacking other houseguests, she might have gotten to know them. She treated people like tools, and got the haters she got in and out of the house for a reason. Allowing bribes is against all rules, BB sees the backlash in social media. You’re erasing 3 months of favor to their resident celebrity because Van couldn’t bribe Stee to throw the final comp? Get a grip.

    2. It depends on how you define “rigged”. It isn’t rigged to the extent that production predetermines the winner, however, clearly conversations and strategy are discussed in the Diary Room. Perfect example is what happened with Meg/Goblins during Becky’s HOH. They were all 100% in favor of getting rid of Vanessa, as planned. Meg goes into the DR supporting Becky, and comes out questioning why she/James/Jackie are playing Becky’s game and not their own (as though there was some great strategic benefit for them in keeping Vanessa over Shelli). Production DID NOT make Meg and the Goblins change their vote….but they certainly get players to talk about and consider things they previously were not. Is that rigging the game, or just creating a little drama for entertainment purposes?

    1. And wasn’t Austin dressed so nice and so well groomed to meet the parents. No mention of Bold and Beautiful either. What a bitter, poor loser.

  10. After the Q&A I don’t see how anyone but Julia, Austin or a bitter Van could vote for anyone but Steve. Fingers crossed for Steve!!

  11. I’m ambivalent about who wins the money at this point. Although I guess I’d want Liz to have it less…as long as Vanessa didn’t win. She played hard but I didn’t like the bribery.

    1. So now does Vanessa pay off all her promised bribes, rent for Jason, car for Julia, gaming stakes for Austin, trips to Vegas for the twins, on and on? Or will she welsh on her bets? They kept their end.

  12. Jmac is an idiot. How was Steve a bad alliance member? They were on the block together the first time he was evicted and even though he was HOH the second time it was Van as the all powerful Veto holder that evicted him. Steve as HOH was powerless to stop it. DUMMIE!

    1. Steve was actually fighting for him to stay and wanted to get to the end with him (knowing he probably couldn’t win against him). He thought he was being funny and he needs to realize he is just not as funny as he thinks he is.

    2. Steve admitted he threw that veto that sent Johnny packing. He regretted it but still threw it. He knew Johnny would be eliminated.

    3. Seriously? JMac played a good game. Not sure why No one gets his game play. Still a JMAC fan. Glad Steve took out Vannessa, and then Won, and glad to see James get AFP. Although I wanted JMAC to win, kudos to Steve and James.

    1. She’s a legend in her own twisted mind. I hope one day she can see how incredibly shallow she acted for almost 90 days. She played the game well but she owned NOTHNG… Very sad.

    2. AND the utter SILence when Austanky walked out on stage. That was as loud as anything last night, except maybe the look on Vanstanky’s face when she got popped! Those two moments were the best and confirmed what we have all talked about all season: The public opinion does not favor those two people

    1. I think that you are right. Half-gay Clay did go visit Audrey last month and stayed at her place.
      They did an interview together on RHAP during that visit. They had much more chemistry than Clay and his mom, Shelli ever did.

  13. I’m catching up on DVR, and hahahhahaha, Vanessa got evicted! Best female player, my left ear! She played the game too well, and that was the flaw in her strategy. I like that Steve is a snake, but he is so annoying. Get a life, dude!

      1. OK MEL !! we get it , you are very loyal to her, but the sooner you learn how fake she is the better for you, run while you can!!!

      2. Actually, I am thinking Vanessa voted for Liz, because of how she perceives Integrity. You could almost read it when she blasted Steve about honesty during her interview with Julie, and then finishes with I was going to evict him. Vanessa’ definition of integrity only relies on her interpretation of it.

        Jason I think brought that circus performance out with his question. Those jury comments are selected beforehand, so that is why Da and Jason got to discuss two huge gripes about the players.

        No, I think Vanessa voted for Liz, because she (van) is a hypocrite who thinks integrity is of her own choosing. Not a female thing, etc.

      3. And then Vanessa says, “Game theory, game theory, gamer,, game theory, studied game theory in university, game theory, writing a blog, game theory, I’m writing a blog, game theory”
        And her final vote is “boys against the girls”
        A HA HA HA HA HA! There’s that integrity again.

  14. Well…way to go Steve. I first choice was James. Obviously ELATED he gave Vanessa the boot! Steve DID play a better game than Liz as well as I feel he and his family could use the money more.

  15. So $250K for his mom, $200K for a therapist and judging by that reaction when he won…$50K on Depends.
    Congrats to him and to AFP James!!!

    1. Maybe they liked his “squerrel” comment or “Oh Mylanta!”. He was pretty entertaining though, but I didn’t expect him in the top three. I bet it was VERY close between James and JMac. I’d love to see the results.

      1. Kudos to James, but one of the voting days I was told I had reached my 20 votes allotted and I didn’t vote that day. Did anyone else have that problem?

    2. I wasn’t surprised by that, those were the 3 I thought would be up there. I wanted JMac to take it, but happy for James as well. Anybody else think tonight’s audience was quiet? I was expecting thunderous applause for both James and JMac and it was ‘meh’, Vanessa got about the same as them (?). Austin got almost 0 response, which was not surprising. Interesting…the other 2 evictions for JMac were way more supportive.

  16. The fact that Vanessa voted for Liz says a lot about her as a player and a person. There is no way a true gamer would have voted Liz over Steve. She really has no integrity.

    1. Especially since she told Julie she also would have chosen Liz over Steve. She’s just mad because he beat her to the punch. I’m glad he did and I’m sure he will be too when he sees how much crap she talked not only to him but behind his back.

      1. Wish BB would have a reunion show after all the HGs’ get a chance to watch the season and see what really went on. Now that would be interesting.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Vanessa called herself a superfan and objective player. The final vote she cast for Liz to win, just proved what a sore loser she is and def not a true superfan!

    3. Van’s not much of a gambler if she thought the winning money was on Liz. She would have showed some class if she had acknowledged that Steve out played her (or at least beat her at her own game). Now she seems bitter and spiteful which is kinda sad.

    4. I’m in the minority because I don’t agree. She may have been bitter and that’s her right to vote any way she wants whether the audiences insists other wise. We aren’t playing the game but observing it so the rules we like to put on them voting doesn’t always apply. But she was in an alliance with Liz in which Liz kept her safe at least two times. Liz isolated her game and didn’t strategize for herself . But she was in a tight alliance with Vanessa almost the whole game and one of her minions. Liz did actively try to win HOHs and didn’t throw any. Which made her a good person to have on her team. I would have threw her a vote too for playing with me the whole game. She didn’t owe Steve her vote especially after sitting there knowing she helped get him that far.

  17. I’m screaming from the rooftops, CONGRATS TO STEVE AND JAMES. Vanessa looks stupid and bitter voting for Liz (who she says represents everything the game is about) LMAO I never laughed so hard in my life.

  18. I am known as a cat lady…..I did vote for James…so I have to say good call Simon…. I’m so happy things turned out as they did. Like you, I think it was much better season than past few.
    My thanks again to you and Dawg and I will be using your link for my amazon purchases.
    See you next summer…..

    1. The look on Austins face when Julie announced the top three for AFP was one of surprise. He was slowly shaking his head no, with his mouth open. He thought he was the favorite, he kept telling Liz that he was going to win.

      1. That was great. The top three for AFP were all UNDERDOGS!!! And Austin always called Austwits and Vanessa the “good guys.” (The underdogs were the real good guys) He really thought he or Liz would win AFP. Delusional!!! Love ya James.

  19. It’s a beautiful thing. Not my favourite winer of the season…but i’ll cash that ticket/
    ANYONE except the BULLY.
    I hope Steve wins. He was bullied, belittled, and BOYed.
    You go go Steve. Help your family. And…give NOTHING to that bullying, bribing, bitchy Vanessa.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Thank G-D…Season saved.
    I replayed Austin’s eviction. I want to replay Vanessa’s/
    She THOUGHT she was golden!!!! WRONG!!!
    A lying, bullying, vindictive CUNext Tuesday.

  20. Very glad James won America’s Favorite. He was the only one with a sense of humor. JMac was kind of a wet towel around other houseguests. GO JAMES and take care of that little girl of yours…. and kick the cat. J/K

  21. Didn’t like you much.
    Actually hated final 3, but I hated you least.
    Thanks for bouncing that clown before final 2.
    That was the highlight of the season.

  22. First, thank you Simon and Dawg for another amazing play-by-play of the season. You guys truly make this experience a unique one each year that I look forward to.

    Congrats to Steve! Dude had so much smack talked on him, but he owned this game and is the most deserving winner of Big Brother since Ian. I am bummed for Vanessa, but so happy for him. He did earn this.

    Lastly, in Zach Rance fashion, I’m going to brag on myself for calling all of this. In the Part 2 HoH update, after learning Steve won Part 2, I called Steve beating Vanessa, I called him taking Liz, and I called the vote in his favor 6-3, getting every single juror’s vote correct. I’m not one to brag, but Zach Rance would shamelessly pat himself on the back for this, and in his honor, I’m doing the same.

    1. Jumping on the bandwagon huh? Kinda like Rance played, emotions outta control, slow learner coming late to the party after torching his own team. Why did everyone this season call him an ahole?

      1. LOL salty much?

        I didn’t jump on a bandwagon, I’d actually called Vanessa getting far in this game since day 1, and I’m bummed for her because she did play a solid game, but so did Steve, and I’ve been very satisfied with his game, with everyone’s really, minus Austin’s. This was a great season, and if you knew anything about my posts, you’d know I’ve had basically no complaints about this season. Grow up and get a life. It’s a game, and this year, it went pretty well. You’re clearly bitter.

        And you’re lame for bashing on Zach. People like who they like, what concern is it of yours? Besides, Zach may have been an emotional player, but it’s better than being a faceless internet troll.

  23. You guys can say whatever you want about Vanessa, but props to her for taking it like a champ when Steve sent her out i totally thought she was going to meltdown and freak out. I was really shocked she handled it as well as she did.

    1. She showed her true colors, now that show is over she’ll have nothing to do with any of these people. Remember the promise she made to Jason about helping him after the show. Not going to happen. No ones going to Vagas to go gambling with her. Totally self absorbed,

    2. What else could she do? She looked like she was sucking on a lemon the whole time. Will take her a long time to get over this, especially if she ever finds out how many people didn’t like her game play.

  24. Anybody else disappointed in Vanessa voting for Liz????? Vanessa being a so-called superfan I’m surprised she was vindictive instead of objective. Steve played a much better game than Liz and Vanessa knows it, yet chose to be a scorned and vindictive B by casting her vote for Liz to win.

    1. The way I see her reasons for voting for Liz…..when answering jury questions he tried taking credit for her moves. Him breaking up the Austwins would never have happened if Vanessa didn’t give the ok. Also, I’d be pretty bitter having to hand someone half a million right after being evicted. At least with the jury they have more time to process what happened.

      1. Honestly at the point he targeted the twins and Austin, there wasn’t anyone else to target. He wasn’t looking for Vanessa’s ok. It was either he put up the twins and Austin or John and Vanessa so of course Vanessa is ok with Steve’s choice. Her only imput was to not put both twins on the block at first because if the one not on the block won, Vanessa knew she was going up and out.

  25. Vanessa was a bitter idiot…and Julie made sure everyone knows it… lol…Vanessa never respected Steve…such a great outcome!

  26. Before I exit this site till next year….I want to thank Simon and Dawg for all they do. I will definitely support you guys with every Amazon purchase I make cause I shop there a lot. It’s great to be able to come here to talk with people I can relate to and argue with people I disagree with. Mainly because I don’t know many people who love BB like I do. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t even watch the show if not for this site.

  27. Didn’t hear Austin say Bold and Beautiful and admitted Judas was a woose. I liked him in the beginning until the Liz thing

  28. Thank you Simon & Dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys have the best Big Brothers Spoilers site on the net!

  29. I was ok with either JMac or James for fave as most of us were. As far as best game in one sence it is Vanessa, but her bad behavior cancelled out best if you consider the social aspect of being crazy, and it ruined it for her, which is sad. She would have won over Liz or Steve.

  30. No one asked about an Americas player or if there was one- so much for their conspiracy theory of JMac bring a twist. I wish it would have been shown-all those discussions- to make them feel stupid for thinking so.

  31. If it couldn’t be Dawg that won then I’m glad it was Steve. Thought it was weird that production had Vanessa rub in everybody’s face how much money she has won and how she was a top poker player. If I was one of the house guest I would of been a little pissed off knowing production recruited someone that is a professional manipulator and didn’t need the money. Wait till they find out about her show. I still think it was rigged for Vanessa. But with all the blow back from fans they decided to let it just play out at the end. I’m really glad James won Afp. Going to miss reading the updates and comments. See you all next season! Survivor is already pissing me off. Wanted Abby kicked off tonight and still didn’t get my way.haha and so it starts…….

    1. So Abby didn’t go home she is no threat.
      Survivor didn’t brag about how many twists they are going to have this year but damn they hit the road (sand) running.
      From scavenging the boat to the race for the rice, just bang it’s on, no week to feel each other out, then straight to tribal from the immunity comp so people would have to discuss things in the open not go for walks down the beach, hiding the immunity idol where everyone could see you get it pretty awesome
      This is why Survivor is the best of the two shows throw in no Julie Chen and it makes it easier on the eyes and ears.

  32. This was a horrible final 2….so many haters of Vanessa but she is the only one who deserved to win this season. The only reason either of these two were in it at the end was because of Vanessa doing all the dirty work. Both admitted their biggest move was aligning with her. I would like the show to be a full two hours so they can ask the non jury evictees more questions and reveal more news to the sequestered house guests. Like let Austin and the twins know how much they are disliked by the public. Also voting James AFP was sickening…..after his comment on the live feeds that his motto for an appropriate age for dating is “If they’re old enough to pee they’re old enough for me”……seriously???? Last I checked most kids are potty trained by the age of five so that’s just sick to say that. After that comment and him acting like a twelve year old(some very embarrassing stuff for his daughter) I could not get on board with all the love for him…….oh well disappointing ending to this season

    1. It’s over and done now. Vanasty got evicted just like everyone else. She was given a fair chance to win and she didn’t. Steve did what anyone would have done in his position. Vanessa played a great game but she lost. Oh well.

      People were on here talking about “BB is not a charity. James was entertaining but don’t vote for him just because he has a daughter. Vote for Jmac just because he is the underdog and has college loans to pay.” **Blank Stare** But I thought you said BB is not a charity…..

  33. I am so glad that Davonne called Austin out and should him for the phony that he really is. I never saw such a bitter childish player in my life.
    I will muss Bb because I am a diehard fan. The one thing that I will not miss is Liz or Austin eating. The noise was unbearable, but them shoveling the food in before they even swallowed their last mouth full just irritated the sh#* out of me. I know this is all after the fact, but Austin’s behavior tonight just brought all of that aggravation out.
    Simon & Dawg thank you for your hard work, dedication, and amazing insight. You make the season worth watching. All of the posters thank you for your ongoing comments. They certainly make things more interesting. See you next year!

  34. James hit it on the money when he said Vanessa wasn’t hanging out by the pool all summer, she was up in her room strategizing. Jason hit it on the money also when he said that Vanessa Dr. Willed it, she Danned it and she Derricked it. I know a lot of you people hated Vanessa but I saw her as brilliant from the get go.

    1. He also said she didn’t own it. If she would have owned it instead of cry boo hoo, I didn’t have a choice, she would have played a great game. But instead she chose to lie, cheat, steal, cry, bribe and look where that got her. She is bitter and should have voted for Steve for making that move. Steve would have voted for her, if she voted him out. Sore loser!!!

  35. but she wasn’t likable like those players maybe i didn’t like her cause she has money or am I wrong about the money and where can you watch the after party interviews thanks

    1. She thought telling everyone she won 4.5 million in poker was going to be some jaw dropping moment. Instead it was like standing up at a dinner party and telling everyone you make $250 K a year.

      Not to mention turnover in high stakes poker is very different than profit!

  36. I thought it was hilarious when James asked Steve the question about him being a floater sitting next to a person who played a very strategic game and he looked over at Liz like “WTF!” Who? I think that question was chosen when they thought he would be onstage with Vanessa not Liz. Steve recovered well but I could understand his confusion.

  37. I don’t think you can watch this show without investing your emotions into it. Well next I will watch in October like I said. It kinda sucks but they did have on the edge of my sit tonight n when Vanessa evicted Austin

  38. What Jason said about Vanessa was so on point. Vanessa was an amazing player but her crying woe is me persona was grating on everyone’s nerves.

    1. Totally agree!!! She always pinned her actions or reasoning on someone else… she never took ownership. While Vanessa was NOT my favorite I couldn’t deny her game play. She could convince people to do anything AND THEY DID IT. However, as Jason said she cried through it all and never took ownership. Plus she constantly made deals and promises with people and went back on them – but crucified other for doing the exact same thing. If I had to hear one more time about her “integrity” I was going to scream. GAG ME! I think it was sweet justice to see her evicted Final 3. She had NO poker face last night. She was pissed and I loved every second of it! :)

    1. Vanessa told Liz that she had her vote after Steve evicted her…. So glad she was gone as Steve’s game was better then her’s in the final end…

    2. And why would that be? Was she guaranteed to beat Austin in that quiz??? With Liz and Steve she at least had one of them who would have taken her to F2 had she won the final HoH. Was it a perfect game? Of course not. But Van was one question away from winning it all. No reason to spend time regretting much when you get into a position like that.

    3. JMac regrets keeping Steve too. I remember thinking it was a harder decision than it looked at the time. Getting rid of Steve would have left Liztin as the target and not JMac and he would have made F3.

      1. Not necessarily. Jmac was Vanessa’s target. She seemed to be riding with the Austwins and only evicted Austin when the opportunity presented itself. I don’t know if she would have ever trusted jmac enough to keep him over the Austwins. He was a wild card and the lack of control she had over him was very difficult for her to deal with.

  39. I would have liked to see much more discussions by Julie of the evicted houseguests. That’s usually the best part. Too bad there wasn’t a one hour after show on Bb after dark.

    Like at the end how Meg went straight for Clay and Clay tried to dodge her. Check it out if you have it on DVR.

    1. I think CBS is leery of what the evicted HGs would say, so they pick one or two to speak and that’s it. No fair to the audience because that would be extremely watchable tv and give insight to the HGs that haven’t seen the shows, not to mention the intensity that some comments would hold. They definitely should have a BBAD to discuss season.

  40. I can’t find the backyard interviews ANYWHERE!!!!…..I tried the sawlive, vaughnlive, & original. livestream, and…they all showed “offline”. I don’t pay for the live feeds but each year I’ve been able to find some site showing it. I even tried all the CBS links but it takes me to the 2014 & earlier backyard interviews…PLEASE HELP!!!

  41. It was all worth it to see the look on Van’s face. I was rushed to hospital back on 9/14 and as am in 3rd world country, no tv or internet in hospital. I had to bully my way out of hospital today so I could catch finale. Have to return to hospital tomorrow but it was all worth it. Simon and Dawg, thank you for all your hard work again. You two make BB very enjoyable.

      1. Just…….Like……Jason…….LMAO.

        I think players will respect her game. That was her house and you were only there as long as she allowed it. Look I get it, people didn’t like her personality and yes it would have been much more awesome if she went to the DR and laughed her arse off when she got Julia to pick Austin in the POV. It might have brought some people to her side if she would have bragged and enjoyed her blood bath in the DR. But not that many. From a casting POV she was FANTASTIC! The rule in entertainment is to be loved or hated just as long as people care. That is why they helped her along (apparently) just like they helped James and Da amounsgt others.

  42. My vote goes to the person who best represents this season. How is liz a representative of anything other than airheaded ditsy 60 i.q. party girl for life slut

  43. It seems like I remember Vanessa threatening that if any alliance member scum bagged her in the final three and sent her to jury, that person would NOT get her vote. Does anyone else remember that? It may explain why she voted for Liz. Regardless, seeing her voted out on third place was the highlight of the whole season for me. And it was poetic justice that the person that sent her out was the person she saved so she could scum bag Austin. lol!

    1. Vanessa said on feeds recently (2 days ago?) that IF Steve won final 3 and picked Liz over Vanessa, Liz would be assured of three vote for sure because Vanessa didn’t respect Steve’s game.

    2. Turns out James was right. Vanessa played too hard in some ways. Not hard enough in others.

      Out at #3… just like Victoria.
      In the end, her vote meant nothing.

      The hardest game is not always the best game, particularly if you can’t control it like you think you can.

  44. Looks like Jeff interviewed most of the houseguests and gave each of them a dollar store gift, but I didn’t see any interview commentary from Vanessa. I guess he didn’t interview her – wonder why??? He could have given her a new hat, lol, or a deck of cards.

    1. Jeff interviewed Vanessa fifteen minutes after interviewing Steve. First he interviewed Vanessa and Austin together, then Vanessa alone.
      he gave her a kleenex box full of beanies.
      Speaks volumes about a season when the 3rd place finisher is the final interview of the night instead of the winner, doesn’t it?

      1. It was obvious that they wanted it that Van. Van set the tone from week two onward. She played the fuck out of this game. Go get some rest Van and we’ll see you in a few years. :)

  45. Right after the finale i turned off my computer to think without writing impulse comments.
    Steve made the right move evicting Vanessa.
    I don’t ascribe to the boy becomes a man school of thought because he’s not a boy. I believe he amplifies his nerdiness in order to disarm people. He said it himself when he told Liz and Vanessa in the bathroom that the mommy stuff was just for TV. His personality type that so many have attributed to being autistic (he isn’t autistic, it isn’t neurological, it’s personality based preferential) is very thorough in planning and executing in advance (practicing his speech for nearly three days being a pretty clear signifier). Still, my congratulations go out to the winner. Steve won the money. I’m not sure if I see his game as the best game of the season, but he won, and for that he deserves congratulations.
    Of the two people i’d picked to support after double eviction, Vanessa and Steve, I didn’t think either actually had a chance at making the final three.
    I think I would have preferred to see Vanessa win, but she lost fair and square. Don’t hate just because I would have preferred seeing the person that put in the work get the reward, rather than see the person that road the coat of the person that did the work get the reward. The game is over. We can all admit it. She lost. oh well. I’m sure the rabid haters could jump on that in order to cling to the vestigial fleeting moments where they can rant their Vanessa hatred, but hey, the game’s over. Congratulate the winner and express your happiness for them, because the entire rants that don’t even mention that you are happy the winner won sort of shows more about the weight of the opinion than should be shown. She failed to win the final HOH. She was evicted. She lost. Brass Tacks.
    I didn’t buy Steve’s answers in the question period. they were semantics. That said they were better than Liz’s answers. I will give him credit for keeping Liz in the dark about taking her to finals so that she was ill-prepared. Good move. I don’t believe her planned answers would have been much better, but good move nonetheless.
    I’m not feeling the same zeal i’m reading that Steve won that so many people seem to be feeling, but I am happy for him. Maybe it’s because I never jumped on the hate Vanessa’s game because i don’t like her personality band wagon. But the joy seems so much more because she lost than because he won.
    Sadly, I think that’s what i’m going to take away from this season.

  46. is it just me or am I so happy that Vanessa did not win……… Nope, not just me but probably 80%+ of us…

    Was not a fan of Steve but he was the one that finally put the dagger into the back of Vanessa and for that I am glad he won…

  47. This whole “owni g it” thing needs to stop. Owning it has nothing to do with how well you played the game. It might be something that makes an hg more enjoyable to watch but the person who said it mean sshe didnt play a god game is confused. You own things in the dr and the dr doesnt help you through the game because you say “i lie a lot” or something.

    1. I strongly disagree. “Owning it” in the dr helps us superfans appreciate a lying backstabbing manipulative style of game play when you just admit it. Not admitting it and phony crying or whatever is weak

      1. When Jason made those comments to Vanessa he also added she was like Dr Will & Dan etc.. Her response: “That sums it up perfectly” lol

    2. IMO, i agree that the ‘owning it’ stuff can be pretty foolish.
      Why is it required?
      Because Dr. Will and Dan sat in the diary room making themselves look like pompous arrogant d!cks, now everyone that plays big brother has to play Dr. Will and Dan’s style of game.
      But watch out, if the player does play the owning it in the d/r game, they’re going to be hated for not being original because they’re playing Dr. Will and Dan’s game.
      It’s not required. It failed to be new or entertaining seasons ago. But if you don’t laugh maniacally like a sociopath for every move you make in the game, your game is considered inferior apparently.
      No, the truth is, we’ve become so used to not having to use our own minds to determine rationale because some players have played the ‘talk down to the viewers to show how superior we are because obviously they won’t see how brilliant I am if I don’t tell them’ diary game, that that’s become the only way many viewers can identify with the game being played.
      We’ve gotten lazy and spoiled by a tool of the production department to further their plotlines.
      I’m really not impressed that explaining every move you make in the d/r has become the only acceptable way to play the game. I’d rather come to my own conclusions.
      When i watch the feeds, I don’t think “oh i can’t wait for the d/r so that that player can explain what they just did and I can share a little wink and a smile against my better judgement with how evil they are.” No, I’m thinking wow, you’re evil, if it works good going, if it doesn’t sucks to be you.
      I think we’ve all got to get over the own it in the d/r routine, and weigh the players moves with our own minds without being spoon fed.

      1. Very presumptuous to conclude that are opinions are driven by production’s manipulations. It’s obvious that Vanessa could not own her moves b/c she was not in full control of her decisions in the game. It was not all strategy, it was emotional and reactive in part. It weakened her in the end b/c she did not have a clear strategy for her end game. That’s why she got the boot. She was all over the place and there were too many people who did not trust her by midgame. So she was forced to stick with the Austwins in order to advance, but apparently they were not going to take her to final 2 unless they were broken up. In the end she was left with a weak player who could not win to take her to the end, and someone who was too smart to take her to final. The final three ended up being a random shot gun trio b/c she had backed herself into a corner by midgame. Viewers are bedazzled by her superficial aggression and overplaying, but that in and of itself is not superb play b/c it lacks a overview and long game perspective. It’s true she was thrown a curve ball b/c Austin’s original loyalty to her was challenged by his showmance with Liz. But excellent players adapt to that. Maybe if she hadn’t been so busy playing defense after making herself a target, she could have broken up Austwins sooner and hooked up with new people who truly trusted her. Her game was shot long ago and it was only a matter of time. Final 3 or final 5 or 7 or what have you, it was already in the cards.

        1. it’s not presumptuous at all to call the d/r a production tool.
          They are called in by production, and asked questions.
          The sessions can run hours. The episodes show up to ten, maybe fifteen seconds.
          The players don’t have a say in what parts of their sessions are shown or not shown.
          It’s not a case of house guest walks in and starts talking, then they themselves sit with an editor and choose which part of their session gets put in an episode.
          The writers (check the credits, there are lots of them) craft a storyline. They help shape our perception of the house guests based on how they are crafting the episode storyline. They use d/r in order to further that task.
          It’s more presumptuous to believe that the house guests have input and control over what parts of their sessions, and which questions will be asked of them in the d/r. It’s not an actual diary. It’s a guided question and answer session, where editors choose which ten second blurb best fits the story the writers are trying to tell.

          1. No duh, DR is a production tool. Now go back and read my first sentence again. It’s presumptuous of you to assume that viewers’ loss of respect for Vanessa’s game due to her lack of ownership, is based on manipulations by the DR. Total picture, man. Some of us see it.

        2. Thank you. Well put! For some reason, anyone who disagrees with Vanessa’s tactics is labeled a hater and subjected to personal attacks of her cult, not surprisingly like the players that tried to speak up for themselves in the house.

    3. “Owning it” is not about theatrics in the DR. It is about being honest in the DR and relating your self to the audience. It is about displaying self awareness and awareness of the situation you are in and the people you are playing with.

      In the grand scheme of things, Vanessa played hard. She was not self aware or honest with us or herself about the situation she was in and the people around her. And she lost. Do the math. You have to own it to win it, period.

  48. The thing is, the joy over Steve’s win has almost nothing to do with Steve. It’s further proof that Van was the dominant figure of the season there is simply no argument there. I don’t think there has been a season where the winner will be ultimately so overshadowed by someone who didn’t make final 2, Amanda and Andy included. But to win BB you need some luck too. One different answer from JMac and it’s a whole other story tonight.

    Vanessa was the prime mover and shaker of the best Big Brother season in years. For that she is a LOCK to come back on the show and it sounds like she wants to. Don’t like her? That’s too bad because she’ll be back…

    Thanks for all the crazy entertainment Van. You’re a brilliant mess and it’s EXACTLY what Big Brother needs. Give me a cast full of Vanessas over cutesy stiffs who are barely engaged in the game.

    1. If Vanessa does come back, and if she is in the house with some people who are actually smart and playing the game, she is toast. Everyone has seen how she is paranoid, annoying, cannot trust anything that comes out of her mouth. I guarantee you, if she is brought back on the show and she has to play against people who will not let her manipulate, control, brain wash, bully, Vanessa once again will not win, she will be evicted.

      I for one, hope CBS does not ever bring her back on the show. I can’t stand the sound of her voice, the way that she speaks when we have to see her DR sessions/comments, Vanessa may have played a good game, but the one thing that I do not respect about her game, she had to tell everyone every 5 minutes about how loyal she was, how she was a person of integrity.

      I did not like the way she offered bribes, even when they were down the final 3 people, on Tuesday when she was in the backyard talking with Liz, she made a comment about how loyal she was and how much integrity she had, and how everyone who was loyal to her was going to have a GREAT Christmas. Once again, she was trying to Bribe people, talking about how she is going to help people when she is out of the house, well I do not buy that for one minute.

      If Vanessa is the Super Fan that she claims to be, she needs to go back and watch the show. Take note on how when she was not HOH, and everyone was saying they are going to vote with the HOH, she was the first person to say, we don’t have to play the game for the HOH. We cannot be bullied into voting how the HOH wants us to Vote, but when she was HOH, she demanded that everyone vote HER way, she bullied and threatened people.

      Vanessa has a problem with people doing what they want to do, she finds fault. But when she turns around and does the same thing, we get the fake tears, how she was marked because she is Gay, how she is all alone, how her word is good. She blind sided Austin, not that I had a problem with that, I did not like Austin, the Twins or Vanessa, but when Steve sent her Ass packing, she was vindictive and voted for Liz.

      Liz could not even answer any of the questions asked of her by the Jury, Steve made Liz look just as dumb as we all have seen during the entire show. It was true, Liz hid behind Austin and Vanessa, Liz did not play her own game, she let Austin and Vanessa control her HOH, Vanessa even made comments about how Liz was over rated, and didn’t play a good game. But being the self absorbed, vindictive, annoying, paranoid bitch that she is, Vanessa voted for Liz.

  49. It will be interesting to see what happens to some of the houseguests in the next few days/weeks/months. Will Shelli and Clay have any kind of relationship? Will Johnny Mac have any patients after saying (several times) that he doesn’t really like his job, and only wanted to be a dentist for the $$$? Will Vanessa keep her word and help Jason (she never specified what she’d do, but inferred that she’d help him in some way)? Will she still host the twins in Vegas for a really fun time? Will the twins want to go to Vegas? Will Vanessa just go back to playing poker for a living,or go into DJing? Will Austin stalk Liz? Will he shave his pony beard? Will he ever get a part on a soap? Oh, the possibilities!!!

    1. Will Becky catch a train back home, or will the train catch her?
      What’s Clay’s fixation with furless bats? sounds a little homoerotic.
      Will Steve drop the Norman Bates as a four year old routine now that he’s won the money?
      Did Jeff (the player not the interviewer) really skip interviews because he has to go to work tomorrow, or has he realized that nobody wants to hear what the creepiest most misogynistic pig on the cast has to say?
      Will James go back to trying to get Audrey into bed now that Meg has shot him down?
      Did Liz ever get her period after complaining she was a month late a month ago? Will Julia take the pregnancy test for her as part of the twin twist?

  50. Vanessa played a great game, she deserved to win. But you can’t win by being the best. It is a balance and her gameplay tipped the balance into being too good. Steve knew this and although his gameplay on the surface may seem inferior to the gameplay of Vanessa’s, it is actually superior to hers. He knew how to keep the balance of using manipulation when he needed, of staying low when required and going for the jugular when absolutely necessary. As Jason might say, “He owned his game.” And that was Vanessa’s fatal flaw, she could not accept her role in the damage she inflicted. She was brilliant but flawed.

  51. Although this was the greatest season of all time, it would have been much more enjoyable if Jackie had won HOH. Instead of a floater like Steve winning, James could have been the one cashing the $500k. At least he won America’s Favorite. He was a really cool guy. I hope we get to see him again.

    Whew! Now I can finally get some work done. The time to cancel my feed subscription is at hand. See y’all later.

  52. So glad Steve won. He was never a floater. He was a strong player.
    Austin: it was embarrassing listening to you call steve boy on live national tv. Your ponytail beard was embarrassing as well.
    Vanessa your green beanie was in Bare thing as well I’m shocked you would wear something so ugly on national television live finale night. Your vote for Liz was embarrassing as well. Where was your incentive?

  53. Houseguests social accounts:
    Steve 1st place –
    Liz 2nd place –
    Vanessa 3rd place –
    Johnmac 4th place –
    Judas 5th place –
    Julia 6th place – Julia (NONE at this time)
    James 7th place –
    Meg 8th place –
    Becky 9th place –
    Jackie 10th place –
    Shelli 11th place –
    Clay 12th place –
    Jason 13th place –
    Audrey 14th place –
    Jeff 15th place –
    Day 16th place –
    Jace 17th place –

    Liz 2nd place –

    Vanessa 3rd place –

    Johnmac 4th place – — family created account but is his own account i don’t know which account he will endup using.

    Judas 5th place –

    Julia 6th place – Julia (NONE at this time)

    James 7th place –

    Meg 8th place –

    Becky 9th place –

    Jackie 10th place –

    Shelli 11th place –

    Clay 12th place –

    Jason 13th place –

    Audrey 14th place –

    Jeff 15th place –

    Day 16th place –

    Jace 17th place –

  54. Vanessa would have been one of the TOP PLAYER on my list, despite her being evicted!!! BUT What a sore
    looser, bitterness and not vote for the best player to win…she is. That show how she is in real life. If Van ever come back and play again with the best of the best players of BB, they will eat her up alive on day 1.

  55. great game great season van you should have won 1 of the top players ever i knew you should have gotton rid of steve a long time ago he didnt deserve to win he won a couple of comps and rode your shirt tail good job ill be watching your new show hope you play all star bb

  56. Better late than never but Steve even played the final 3 perfectly. He had Liz and Vanessa both believing that if he won the final HOH he would be taking Vanessa to the final 2. This meant Liz had nothing prepared to say to the jury. Vanessa wins final HOH, it would not matter what she said, the majority of the house would vote for Vanessa. Steve wins, he takes Vanessa so no speech would be necessary. Steve blindsided both. With the game he played, he deserved to win.

  57. Missed the show so other than saying it was a good game move maybe I missed something. I thought Vanessa was better then that. That bitch voted for Liz out of pure spite.

  58. Can You Imagine Vanessa D.J ing a party ??

    Someone asks Her to play a song…Her reply,,,At the end of the day I have too many C.D’s in My hands, My back is against the wall…Then breaks down crying about how the crowd isn’t dancing

    It was GREAT seeing Her evicted, so close yet sooooooooooooooooooooo far

  59. I thought it was incredibly interesting how all of a sudden Big Brother in the finale episode gave Vanessa a DR that “owned” ONE of her actions(psych warfare as she called it)

    if she did that ALL season, I’d be so angry at the winner. but…she didn’t. OR she did and the DR never showed it, I just really doubt that..

    was hoping MAC won AFP, but good for James.

    MAC left us with one final gem though. he was the one willing to say Liz shouldn’t win. the look on Austin’s face was CLASSIC. and calling Steve a rat? equally classic. I think its fitting that a guy trying to play half of Dr Will’s game got to sit down with Dr Will.

    was a fun season everyone. thanks for taking time during the awful post game of thrones pre NFL period of the year.

    donating now- thanks Simon, Dawg, everyone here-

  60. First and foremost, thank you to Simon & Dawg for this amazing site. You dedicate your summer to watching the Big Brother feeds, so you can update all of us with what is going on in the house. You also give everyone a way to communicate with each other and discuss our thoughts and feelings about everything that is going on. I have used this site for over 7 seasons and plan to continue using it for many more. I appreciate everything you do, so again, thank you. Next, congratulations to Steve. Whether we wanted him to win/lose or thought he did/didn’t deserve to win, the jury voted for him as the winner of Big Brother 17. So congratulations Steve. Also, congratulations to James for being America’s Favorite Houseguest.
    When I look back on this season I find it very predictable. I said in the beginning that Vanessa or Steve would win. There are parts of the season that seem very rigged, but then there are parts that didn’t seem rigged. I don’t feel there was any big OMG! moments or really any major blindsides. Maybe it’s because we see the feeds and know what is going to happen before the episodes (even evictions) or maybe it’s because there wasn’t much excitement. I found this season lacked drama. The beginning had some drama but by the time Audrey was gone the drama really dwindled down. I didn’t hate the season nor did I love it. When it comes to game play of the final 3, I can’t honestly say who played the best game. There isn’t only one way to play Big Brother. They all played their own game with their own strategies. Liz’s strategy was to basically have other people advise her and help protect her. She won comps so she didn’t float her way to the end. She may have rode some coattails but she needed help from people to protect her in order for her sister to enter the game. Vanessa probably had the most control of the house. She played a huge part in almost every eviction. She won comps. She manipulated people to do what she wanted them to do, which it all was to benefit her game. Jason mentioned how Vanessa didn’t own up to what she did, however, she would have if she made it to final two. Steve’s approach was to lay low, connect with strong players, and win when he needed to. He did seperate the twins and he did evict Vanessa, those were both huge in order for him to win. None of the final three were my favorites (they weren’t even part of my top 5). Steve reminded me of Ian and Vanessa reminded me of Derrick. As far as who I think deserved to win, I would honestly say Steve. He only slightly deserved it more than Vanessa. The biggest thing is Steve was an outsider. He did have random alliances but for the most part he was alone. Vanessa had a big alliance. Her alliance was almost always in control of the house. There was really only one week that Vanessa’s alliance wasn’t in control AND she had to worry about going home. The week that it was her or Shelli. Yes that can be argued as being good gameplay that you have control of the house and don’t have to worry about going home. I just feel that it was harder for Steve to get to the end than Vanessa.
    These were just my thoughts and opinions. Many can argue with my points but I just wanted to express my feelings toward the final 3.
    Thank you again Simon & Dawg. We’re just 9 months away from Big Brother 18! It’s always been my dream to be on Big Brother so who knows maybe one of us fans will be a houseguest next year.

  61. Having Vanessa with that look of F-U to Steve just made the season for me be one of the best. I have wanted her out since week 2 and finally it happen and she gets nothing for being in the final 3.

  62. Huge thanks to Simon and dawg for yet another season full of updates and hard work. I feel you guys don’t get enough credit for what you do for the live feeders. Keep up the terrific work and we really do appreciate you guys for your endless effort to keep us all updated

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