The Talk Video AND Promo Commercial of BB14 Cast Moving Into the House

To promote the première TONIGHT, CBS has released video of the Big Brother 14 Cast moving into the Big Brother House! This promotional commercial shows the new 12 house guests entering the front door of the house and taking their first steps inside. Wil Heuser immediately feels like he and Frank Eudy will bond in the house because they both have great hair. Frank then grabs the big bed in the hopes that one of the girls will have to sleep with him.

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Entertainment Tonight Canada Big Brother 14 House Tour with Julie Chen

Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada with host Rick Campinelli preview the new season of Big Brother 14. Rick says even though this is the 14th season it will be just as crazy as ever!

Big Brother Host Julie Chen then gives us a sneak peak at what to expect as she shows us around the newly designed Big Brother house. Julie Chen then welcomes us to “the house of dysfunction.” She says that house has a whole new style that is all about urban pop. “Feels very young & hip!” Julie Chen then talks about the “kicks” room, where there are shoes all over the wall. The next room she tours is that “stereo” room. She then heads up stairs to the HOH room. The tour continues down in the “arcade” room, where there are little robots and a carnival game.

The Big Brother 14 season première airs this Thursday July 12th! DON’T MISS IT!

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BIG BROTHER 14 Spoilers- NEW Commercial Meet the House Guests

In the newest BIG BROTHER 14 commercial we meet each of the 12 new house guests before the July 12th premiere, in addition to hearing from the host Julie Chen, executive producer Alison Grodner and Rich Meehan. They discuss this seasons cast and the Big Brother Mentor Twist that has never been seen before. CBS has shown the mentors behind a towel in a recent promotional photo shoot. Now with this new video we see the Mentors hands holding up 4 cards with Guess who, Surprise, Beware , and The Unexpected written in them.

There is a lot of rumors rolling around about who the Mentors are with most signals pointing to Boogie, Janelle, Britney Haynes and Dan Gheesling. Still it is unknown how these twists will play out and to what capacity will the mentors play the game.
Tune into the premiere episode on Thrusday when the 4 returning house guests identities are revealed. Sign up for the Live Feeds before July 11th 10pm and save 25% on your live feeds, Mobile option comes free with a live feed superscription.

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Big Brother 14 CAST PHOTO Released With Alumni Mentors!

CBS has released the Big Brother 14 Cast photo of all the house guests in the backyard of the Big Brother house. Its nice to see Wil Heuser isn’t afraid to rock the banana hammock. The photo also includes the Big Brother 14 Alumni Mentors hidden behind a towel. From the looks of it, it looks like Britney Haynes legs second from the left and Janelle Pierzina four from the left. Its too hard to tell for sure which male mentors are coming back from the photo, but its a strong possibility that its Dan Gheesling and Mike “Boogie” Malin.

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NEW CBS Big Brother 14 House Guest Video Interviews – Meet The Cast

Just days before the première of Big Brother 14, CBS has release another video interview of each of the new Big Brother 2012 cast. In the video interviews each of the new Big Brother 14 House guests talk about their strategies for winning BB14 and also answer a few other questions about themselves and who their favourite Big Brother Alumni are from past seasons.

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BB14 Cast Photo shoot

We’ve read the new cast bios, Seen the Big Brother 14 House, and we’ve heard about the mentor twist were 4 “successful” house guests will be returning to the game. In a Series First, Four of the Most Successful Players of All-Time Return to BIG BROTHER, Playing the Game with Their Own Agenda and For Their Own Prize. While we dig up more info (Here, Here and Here) about the Cast and wait for more Twist leaks to come CBS has released a series of images from a recent photoshoot of the BB14 Cast. don’t forget to like our onlinebigbrother facebook page.

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Big Brother 14 Cast Full Bios

CBS has finally released the full cast Bios of the NEW house guests for Big Brother 14! Below are the house guest bios of the new cast which includes a short description about themselves and their answers to a few questions to get to know them better. The video interviews of the new cast members have also been released and are available on SuperPass. To watch all of the cast videos simply sign into your Superpass Account and click Big Brother 14 under the Big Brother menu. It looks like we have a pretty diverse cast this season with some interesting characters. To get the full impression of the new cast you really need to watch their SuperPass Interviews.

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