The Talk Video AND Promo Commercial of BB14 Cast Moving Into the House

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To promote the première TONIGHT, CBS has released video of the Big Brother 14 Cast moving into the Big Brother House! This promotional commercial shows the new 12 house guests entering the front door of the house and taking their first steps inside. Wil Heuser immediately feels like he and Frank Eudy will bond in the house because they both have great hair. Frank then grabs the big bed in the hopes that one of the girls will have to sleep with him.


Here is a clip from the first episode, where Ian has a realization about Willie Hantz:

The next video is of CBS’s The Talk Show concluding their Big Brother experience by voting to evict one of their members, Julie Chen then reveals the Big Brother 14 Twists. Unfortunately, nothing she mentioned about the twist was anything we haven’t already heard.

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37 thoughts on “The Talk Video AND Promo Commercial of BB14 Cast Moving Into the House

    1. been a diehard followerer with you guy’s looking forward to your excellent writing…..can’t follow myself from windsor ont canada so ty again….

  1. Just 1 hr and 22 minutes till showtime. I’m from Chicago of Norridge! Home of Howie Gordon and 2 time America’s Favorite Houseguest winner Jeff Schroeder!

  2. I think Dan is one the Best players of all time. In his season he was down in the beginning if you remember he aligned himself the Brian but he got voted off the first week, which put him in a bad place, he laid low made small moves until he started calling shots, and winning at the end when he needed too.

    CANT WAIT ALITTLE OVER AN HR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ^_^ Sooo excited! Looks like a solid cast this year…finally. Love the site btw!! Thank you for all the work you put into it!!

  4. Hey fans of Brendon and Rachel, they will be on HGTV tonight at 9 EST(same time as Big Brother) on a show called Natural Born Sellers. The show is supposed to be about them looking for and buying a condo.

    1. Sorry guys, I was misinformed as to when Rachel and Brendon’s episode will air on Natural Born Sellers. As soon as I find the correct information, I will post it

  5. Simon I got the feeds last year and was disappointed. I decided to givevit another try. I hope this year is better.

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