Big Brother 14 Cast Member Jennifer Arroyo “Jenn City” Videos

With the release of the new Big Brother 14 cast members, it is no surprise that more information about them is turning up. We have discovered that Jennifer Arroyo used to be a bassist for the Canadian band Kittie and the New York band Suicide City. Just searching her name brings up numerous articles and YouTube videos like the following ones about her and her music career. Here is an article about Jennifer talking about tattoos and about living in Brooklyn. We also uncovered Jenniffer Arroyo’s Facebook account and her Facebook fan page. Here are a few of her favourite quotes:

“That pole is going to bend”

“You can pay for school but, you can’t buy class”

“Destroy Everything”

“Stapling my hands together, mumbling to God forever”

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Get READY Big Brother Fans because Big Brother 14 Premières in one week from today! From only watching a few videos of Jennifer you can tell that she isn’t one to shy away from conflict or standing up for herself, so I am sure she will keep us entertained once emotions run high in the big brother house.

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LOL I thought she looked familiar I just just couldn’t put it together yo.

Nice find Dawg!!!


Unless she has it in her to steal ED’s playbook and has equally high BB IQ, she will be one of the first ones out. She seems like a cool person, but very independent and eclectic, she reminds me of Casey from BB12(who also DJ’d). Those personalities are always a threat because they are not easily manipulated.


She kinda reminds me of Kat Von D…especially in the first pic.


Looks like for now I’m team Jenn, based on the interviews. She kind of reminds me of Bif Naked. Also like Hantz, didn’t think I would, but his interview was good.