Entertainment Tonight Canada Big Brother 14 House Tour with Julie Chen

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Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada with host Rick Campinelli preview the new season of Big Brother 14. Rick says even though this is the 14th season it will be just as crazy as ever!

Big Brother Host Julie Chen then gives us a sneak peak at what to expect as she shows us around the newly designed Big Brother house. Julie Chen then welcomes us to “the house of dysfunction.” She says that house has a whole new style that is all about urban pop. “Feels very young & hip!” Julie Chen then talks about the “kicks” room, where there are shoes all over the wall. The next room she tours is that “stereo” room. She then heads up stairs to the HOH room. The tour continues down in the “arcade” room, where there are little robots and a carnival game.

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The next video is an Entertainment Tonight interview with each of the house guests, where they reveal their strategies for winning the game. Shane reveals that he used to be an over weight band geek. He says that at his heaviest he weighed 240 pounds. Willie Hantz says that he would vote his Mom out for half a million dollars and that “if there is a guy on the show that thinks he’s cute and wants to touch my balls, I’ll let him touch my balls, I don’t care.”

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Now, it would be Rachel vs Janelle mentors!

Beyonce fan

Rachel is not a mentor Shocker


Daniele and Kaysar out!
Next up Jesse and Remmey!
Favorites:Britney, Dan, Jeff, Rachel, Janelle and Mike Boogie
Underdogs: Ragan, Remmey, Jesse, Enzo
It would be Rachel vs Janelle


Not sure how reliable this source is, but is saying that the mentors get paid $20k for being on the show and $100k if their team wins.


and dont forget the 2K a week they will get for the stepid allowance….?….