BB14 Cast Photo shoot

We’ve read the new cast bios, Seen the Big Brother 14 House, and we’ve heard about the mentor twist were 4 “successful” house guests will be returning to the game. In a Series First, Four of the Most Successful Players of All-Time Return to BIG BROTHER, Playing the Game with Their Own Agenda and For Their Own Prize. While we dig up more info (Here, Here and Here) about the Cast and wait for more Twist leaks to come CBS has released a series of images from a recent photoshoot of the BB14 Cast. don’t forget to like our onlinebigbrother facebook page.

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12 thoughts on “BB14 Cast Photo shoot

  1. Pretty much all the guys this season look like douches. I’ll have to admit willie is going to be my eye candy for sure! I love me a southern accent. As of now he’s the only one I like after watching his interview.

  2. Ian looks like ronnie and cochran all roll into one. he will be the first to go. Willie, stick with survivor

  3. Lots of rumors on the Internet saying the 4th mentor is now Britney and not Rachel. Just to let everyone know…thought this was AMAZING news.

      1. Great stuff to hear, especially since Evel basically said she wouldn’t be back in that video she released and Allison Grodner also said no one from last season would be on this season AND the four mentors of Dan, Boogie, Janelle, and Britney are all listed on the Big Brother Guess Who…I am going to guess those will probably be the mentors. Hey, four familiar faces that aren’t named Jeff Jordan Brendon and Rachel plus 12 new houseguests (who seem pretty cool)…best of both worlds for every type of fan….I am thinking this is going to be a memorable season. Just think if these four mentors live in the house…new drama among the 12 new fools and then Brit’s DR sessions, Jani getting in like JoJos face and her giving it back (you know she will), then everyone targeting Mike’s players just cause he is a part of Chilltown. I don’t know…I wasn’t the biggest fan of the mentor thing, but at least we know it won’t fall thru week one like the saboteur hahahaha. Definitely pumped.

        1. I’m excited for this season Brit was one of my all time favorites and some of these new players look like they can hold their own unlike last years players.

    1. Out of the last 5 years of watching the feeds I would rank last year as one of the worst, most seasons are MUCH better for feed watchers. If you are on the fence about getting the feeds you can always wait until the show starts then try the 3 day free trial. You can always read the updates on this site to see if things look interesting in the Big Brother house and if they are pick up the feeds then.

      The early bird special ends on the 12th.

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