BIG BROTHER 14 Spoilers- NEW Commercial Meet the House Guests


In the newest BIG BROTHER 14 commercial we meet each of the 12 new house guests before the July 12th premiere, in addition to hearing from the host Julie Chen, executive producer Alison Grodner and Rich Meehan. They discuss this seasons cast and the Big Brother Mentor Twist that has never been seen before. CBS has shown the mentors behind a towel in a recent promotional photo shoot. Now with this new video we see the Mentors hands holding up 4 cards with Guess who, Surprise, Beware , and The Unexpected written in them.

There is a lot of rumors rolling around about who the Mentors are with most signals pointing to Boogie, Janelle, Britney Haynes and Dan Gheesling. Still it is unknown how these twists will play out and to what capacity the mentors will play the game.

Tune into the premiere episode on Thursday when the 4 returning house guests identities are revealed. Sign up for the Live Feeds before July 11th 10pm and save 25% on your live feeds, Mobile option comes free with a live feed superscription.

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Shane and Kara or Shane and Danielle Showmance?


I say Shane and Kara. They seem like the 2 fakest people in the house.

Maybe Danielle and Frank?

Beyonce fan

Shane and his self


Shane and anybody will be a short lived showmance cuz Shane’s stay on BB will be short lived.


showmances suck


Hhmmm… I say Danielle.


Case senario:
Senario 1-If Janelle/Rachel as mentors:Janelle vs Rachel HOH Record Chase
Senario 2-If Janelle/Daniele as mentors:Janelle vs Daniele POV Record Chase
Senario 3-If Janelle/Daniele or Rachel with Britney as mentors:Janelle Reclaim her HOH Record and increase her pov or Rachel take over HOH record or Daniele will challenge Janelle & Rachel HOH and Janelle POV RECORD
HOH record chase
Janelle 6 HOH wins
Rachel 6 HOH wins
POV Record Chase
Janelle 7 POV wins
Brendon 6 POV wins
Daniele 4 POV wins




Doesn’t Rachel technically have 7 HOH wins, because she won 2 her first season, then 3 her second, then two parts of the final HOH. Does that count as one or two?


Those records are pointless, when you go back and look at how all those HoHs and PoVs were earned…I mean, you don’t have to look any further than last season’s roster of nonathletic chumps, for a good example of the easy wins and the past BB’s memorable awards.


This record is pointful. Because whoever newbies challenge the recordholders will reclaim the dominate and greatest player.

Big Brother's Big Brother



GREAT cast this year! love Wil Love Jen Love Ashley

LOVE Big Brother Love onlinebigbrother


HOH and POV wins doesn’t mean much. Some of the greatest players ever did not win tons of competitions. Dr. Will never won a competition, but he is the best the game has ever seen. I would also say that the difference between Rachel and Janelle’s competition wins is the calibre of the competitors. Rachel beat the Brigade (who usually threw competitions), a tiny girl, the smoking lady and a gay guy. In her second season she beat some of the worst players in history, Dani was really her only true competition last season. But Janelle won against players like James, Kaysar, Maggie, Boogie, Danielle R. It’s one thing to beat the last place team, and another altogether to beat the champions. Still, I think it takes a lot more to be a great player than winning competitions. If Rachel hadn’t been joined at the hip to Brendon (who won most of the POVs that saved her) and if she hadn’t had the protection of the vets minus Dani, she wouldn’t have been around long enough to win all those competitions. It isn’t important how many competitions you win, the important thing is to win them when you need to win them. A smart player knows that it’s often better to not win if you don’t need to. That’s why Dan and Will are probably the best players ever.


Very good point


I sort of between agree and disagree. Doesn’t matter if you are smart or not. HOH and POV wins are very important and matter of fact that’s how strong and smart you are. We look for strength and weakness!


So you’re saying that Dr. Will isn’t smart or strong because he never won a competition? He won the game without winning a competition, and in allstars he made final 4 and set up Boogie for the win, again without ever winning a competition. Dan didn’t win competitions until just before the end and he won the game, so would you say he isn’t smart or strong?

Beyonce fan

Chole good good point


@Chloe. You forgot about Danielle Reyes from season’s3&7,made it to final 2 by only winning 1 competition in season3(which that’s the same season where Danielle should’ve been crowned the winner of season’s3 Big Brother).I also want to add that, I think the best Big Brother players are the people that can win or go super far in the game,by mostly having a great strategic game plan.I think it’s more difficult to do what Dr.Will and Danielle(from season’s3&7)did.Which was to convince the other house guests to make moves that would benefit their game and further their position in the house.The fact that the people that are picked to go into the Big Brother house,will mostly have their guard up the moment they walk into the house.They’ll be expecting the other players to lie to them.So,the fact that Danielle Reyes in her season and Dr.Will in his seasons,were still able to convince the other house guests(keep in mind,that most of these house guests was once a viewer.Which means that they’re aware,people in the Big Brother house will lie to their face)to trust them and make them think that they were working with them,when in reality they were furthering their own position in the game.Anyone that can play the other house guests like the both of them did,well that’s impressive.I also like the strategic game from Dan on season 10.I kind of want to add Shelly from season 13,because she was able to convince people that already had doubts about her,to do things that she wanted.The reason why I said, I kind of instead of saying I will add her,has to do with the majority of the game,all of Shelly’s manipulating moves were made only to further Jeff and Jordan’s game.I have a problem with house guests that make decisions in the game,that will benefit another player’s game.I think if Shelly would’ve did the majority of the manipulating and convincing other players to do what she wanted,was only motivated by her desire to further her own game and to win the money for herself instead of every move that she made being based on protecting and helping Jeff and Jordan win the money.Shelly might have been put in the same category of great strategic game players,like Dr.Will,Danielle Reyes and Dan(season10).Like I mentioned,Shelly was a good manipulator,but the only problem was for the majority of the game,all of Shelly’s manipulating plans/moves was all to benefit Jeff and Jordan’s game.She waited to long to finally start playing the game for herself.Shelly does have one thing in her favor,which is towards the end,She finally stopped kissing Jeff and Jordan’s butt.And she did that by helping to evict Jeff from the house.Which is more than I can say for Adam,who decided to continue kissing Jeff and Jordan’s butt,no matter how much other players(Shelly,Danielle,Kalia and Porsche)tried to convince him to stop making a fool out of himself.Adam just couldn’t be reason with.Seriously,watching a grown man do whatever another man told him to do,was just pathetic.


I totally agree. Danielle didn’t even go on the block all season, if I remember correctly. She managed to get to the end convincing people to do what she wanted without getting a target on her back. Her, Will and Dan are the best. Janelle may have won lots of competitions, but in the end, Chilltown got in her head and ruined her game, so what good did it do to win the competitions. In BB, 3rd place is the same as 7th place, as far as the money goes.

I was also a Shelly fan last season, unlike most people. People were so hard on her and couldn’t separate the person from the game player, but I liked her. She tried to play the game, unlike most of the others on her season. If production didn’t bring back the duos and give them the same challenge that Rachel already won in the first HOH (she had the total advantage – Jordan, Kalia, Shelly and Adam sucked at that challenge and didn’t have a chance), she would not have made the end game, and Shelly might have won. Season 13 was the worst ever, even worse than season 9, and Shelly was one of the only reasons I watched at all.

Beyonce fan

Shelly was crying calling people fake when she the one that was fake that men looking bitch need help


She was playing the game, it has nothing to do with her as a person, she was doing what she needed to do to stay in the game. Would you rather she was like Kathy? At least she wasn’t having sex with her boyfriend on the live feeds like Rachel. At least Shelly’s lies had a purpose in the game. When I watch BB, I want to see a down and dirty game, not cheap porn on 2 cameras.

Beyonce fan

I’m saying shelly was crying to us the fans about people lying in the house when every one know she lying don’t cry to us we know you fake

James deGuzman

I think Dan is one the Best players of all time. In his season he was down in the beginning if you remember he aligned himself the Brian but he got voted off the first week, which put him in a bad place, he laid low made small moves until he started calling shots, and winning at the end when he needed too.