ANDREW wants to Nominate Paul & IKA – Then Back Door Heather!

11:35am The Live Feeds return. Andrew and Kenny are out by the hot tub talking. Andrew says he will put up Paul and IKA as the pawn. The discuss back dooring Heather. Kenny tells Andrew how Ika and Heather are the ones planning and trying to get out big players. Andrew says that Kyle is gunning for us but its not time to get him out yet. Maybe the next time or the time after that. If we make him feel safe this week, then he won’t come after us next week. Andrew says he can win the veto to keep the nominations the same. Kenny says that he hopes he is picked to play too.

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Nomination Results “We have to win the veto like have to.. seriously” -Elissa

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen Current Nominations: Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa Elissa and Helen nominated 6:28pm Storage room […]

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Big Brother 15 HOH and Have Not Results “Amanda’s strategic game is flawless” -Andy

10:05pm Have nots Helen an Amanda
Helen: “OK .. we are all here because of you OK you are amazing OK you are winning without having to win OK.. You are a champ OK”

Helen says if next week it comes down to her and Amanda She’ll throw the HOH to Amanda.

Amanda: “McCrae didn’t want to win he didn’t want the blood on his hands.. “
Andy joins them. Amanda tells Andy she’s so happy for him she doesn’t want him to think she is a sore loser she just really wanted to win something She’s the only person that hasn’t won anything in the house.
Andy: ‘Girl i was right there beside you until today”

Amanda leaves says she OK just feeling down because she wants to see her family. Helen starts jumping around congratulating Andy..

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Big Brother 15 HOH and Eviction results Candice Vs Howard Vs Amanda

Helmanda show with special guests the superfriends

It’s not all roses with the superfriends Helen has told many people in the house that she’s going to go against McCrae and Amanda. McCrae and Amanda have done the same.. It would be very exciting to see these two groups go to BB war this week instead of waiting until final 6. Lets hope CBS has something planned to stir it up or we can just call Big Brother 15 The Helmanda show with special guests the superfriends.

The feeds have been on trivia since before noon this is unusual something is going happen tonight.

My Predictions
Howard goes home with 8 votes against
HOH win goes to Helen because this is how this season is going

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – HAVE / HAVENOT Competition RESULTS!

RESULTS of the HaveNoT Competition: Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie.
HaveNot FOOD: Ramen and Raisins

3:55pm In the living room – Helen, Candice, Andy, Judd and Spencer are talking about how bad it is being a havenot and how they never heard about how difficult it was to be a havenot week after week.

Up in the HOH room – Aaryn is talking to Howard about how she was shocked when she heard she was being called a racist. I was crying so hard I could not breathe. I know I should be more PC (politically correct) but that is not me. It destroyed my reputation is some ways and it is still talked about. Howard says that he never labelled her that. Aaryn says well they are saying that you did say that. Howard says I won’t go personal, that’s not me because I know we have lives outside of here, not even in the diary room did I say that. I know that it a lie when it comes back to me because I have never said anything like that about you. Aaryn says that she heard that Howard, Spencer, Elissa and Kaitlin tried to flip the house last minute instead of Kaitlin going home. Howard says I never messed with Elissa.

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Have / HaveNot Competition RESULTS!

2:15pm – 2:35pm In the lounge room – Kaitlin and Gina are talking. Kaitlin says that she is here to compete. Kaitlin says that just so Gina knows me and Aaryn are going up on the block. Gina says they are just picking on because we are pretty. Gina says they got Jeremy out, they got what they wanted and now they are still coming after us. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is the target this week. Judd joins them. Gina says that this is a game and I am here to compete. People are mad at us because we haven’t been have nots. Gina says I already told Andy I would take his spot. Kaitlin and Gina talk about how they already know they are going up on the block. Judd asks how do you know that? Who told you that? Gina says Aaryn. Judd says that it pisses him off that people are saying that because I haven’t even made my decision yet. He says that he is afraid because of the twist that Julie mentioned. Kaitlin says that Aaryn twists peoples words. Judd asks did Helen tell you that too? Gina says no I haven’t heard that. Andy comes in and says that the nomination screen is up. Nominations are today.

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Have / HaveNot Competition Results!

2pm When the live feeds return from showing TRIVIA during the have / havenot competition – Judd, Jessie, Gina, Spencer, Amanda and Aaryn are in the bathroom showering and talking. The bathroom is coverd in plastic to protect it from the mess. Jessie and Judd talk about how it was fun. Gina says I look like a Jew! Gina asks who do I look like? Amanda isn’t sure. Gina says a Jew! Amanda says oh. Jessie comments that the living room tv says Nominations Today! (Not sure but I think the havenots are Jessie, Judd, Aaryn and Amanda)

Up in the HOH room. Helen tells Candice that she can’t trust Howard or Spencer. Candice asks what why?! Helen says she doesn’t want to talk about. One of them is being back doored. I am bringing Jeremy over to our side! Helen says they are totally against us! Candice says that we can’t bring Jeremy over. Helen says fine we can back door him. Candice asks can’t we just scare Aaryn, one of the girls.

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America Voted for the Have Nots to Eat LIVER & LIMA BEANS!

12:25pm When the live feeds return the house guests are inside the house. America voted for the havenot house guest to eat LIVER & LIMA BEANS. Candice is explaining recipes they can make with it. McCrae is super excited and says that he can’t wati to try the liver. He says that he has never tried liver before. The havenots thank America for the lima beans. Nick says that he is stocked about the lima beans but not the liver. Nick, Jessie, Andy, McCrae and Jeremy start chucking the lima beans at the liver.

12:35pm In the bedroom – Jeremy, Andy and Gina are talking about a girls period. Gina says that she fights a lot and gets angry when she is on her period. Nick and Gina decide to go back to sleep. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Jessie, Spencer, Amanda and Judd are talking about religion.

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Big Brother Spoilers “There’s lots of F*** Rachel haters out there”

12:26AM Aaryn and DAvid

Aaryn is pissed off that half the people in the house don’t know how the Power of Veto works. Aaryn is also stressed that Elissa will continue to win MVP because she’s rachel’s sister and will have Rachel/Brendon campaigning for her to win it. She explains to David how the MVP works. Elissa can put up anyone she wants, nobody will know what happens and therefore Elissa will not get any blood on her hands. Aaryn adds that the MVP twist essentially makes Big Brother a game of chance.

Aaryn mentions that Helen and Elissa are very close they have to be tight lipped around them. David and Aaryn both say they fully trust each other and they only have each other in the house.

Aaryn says that Kaitlin was an alternate during the casting. Davide mentions that Katilin had failed her drug test and was having trouble getting on the show.

David points out that Spencer has been weird lately. He mentions that Howard was getting Chummy with him earlier in the day. Aaryn says that David needs to get closer to Howard because that is a vote. She adds that there is so few people in the house that understand the game.. “They’re fu*** retards”

Aaryn goes on and on that she worked so hard to get on the show, studied it over and over..

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Big Brother Canada Have / Havenot Competition RESULTS!

7pm When the Big Brother Canada live feeds come back we find that the house guests competed in a have/havenot competition. The house guests got pizza. They had to do stuff to earn to be haves for the week and they succeeded.

Emmett says that was basically a how bad do you want it. Talla says that was doing things that you wouldn’t want to do or ever think of doing. Jillian says what would they have done if someone had chose to answer all the phone calls? Big Brother tells them not to talk about production. Alec comes into the kitchen and asks what do we have to eat right now? Topaz and other say this. They congratulate each other on a great job. Andrew says I guess they are cleaning up the chum bath now eh? Jillian had to wear a pregnant suit. Andrew had to get his legs waxed and wear a maid outfit. Talla tells Andrew and Jillian that they need to get back into their costumes.

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Big Brother Canada: After over 5 hours Down the Live Feeds are Back – Toms Target Changes!

6:10pm When the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds come back from showing the “Hush Hush” screen for over five hours we see the house guests are moving around the house. Tom mentions that nominations are today. He says that the sign was up on the Living room tv. The havenots get to eat Poutine. Tom and Aneal are in the storage room talking. Tom says that his plan has changed and he now has a personal vendetta to get Suzette out this week and Gary out next week. He says that Suzette threatened to come after him and is spreading rumors like making up that I threatened Liza. Aneal tells Tom that he has his back and will do whatever he wants him to do. Aneal leaves the room. Emmett enters and they discuss what Tom will say to Suzette during the nominations. Emmett says that he should ask Suzette to apologize. Emmett tells Tom to tell Gary that he is the pawn. Tom says that he will tell Suzette that she has spread too many lies and she has hurt their families with all the lies she’s started.

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