Kevin – You’re HOH what the hell is going on here. Wheres the respect for the pimp

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Almost no game talk happened tonight..

12:24am Elena, Paul and Josh HOH
Elena says she knew Corey from last year he lives 5 minutes from Elena. Says she watched last season because he was on it. Says she never watched the Live feeds and would miss the odd episode.

Elena says girls in fort worth go around without makeup on and wear jeans.
Elena – I Actually think I’m pretty without makeup.. I can go like with makeup

Elena says her mom taught her when she goes out she puts herself together.
Elena’s sometimes looks at what the girls are wearing..
Elena – I’m not here to judge I’M here to party. But./..

Elena – I’m more casual than not but when I go out I get done up that’s how I was taught..
Elena explains her mom puts a “outfit on” every time she goes out.
Elena – full makeup and hair.. Unless she’s golfing.. She has golf shoes to match every outfit.

12:29am Jessica and Mark Bathroom
Jessica- do you know who he’s going to put up
Mark – no idea
Mark – I want to hang out with you and Cody when we leave the house
Jess – same it’ll be fun
Jess – you win some you lose some
Mark – love you girl
Jess – love you too

1:49am Chit chat .. Christmas sand Kevin rubbing..
Paul talks about last season how Corey and Nicole would just sit in the corner all day sleep and make sandwiches.
Paul – Frank and Bridgette would just hangout by themselves
Paul – Victor and I would play pool and cook
Paul – and then BIG MEECH would just f*ing terrorize everyone
Christmas – they had to push back some clips.. remember they were like yeah we have to push back because ..
Feeds cut..

Paul – Josh I could kick you in the head right now
Kevin – Paul talk friendship.
Josh – what are you doing.. you trying to f!nger b@ng my ear with your toe
Paul – toe bang you
Kevin – You’re HOH what the hell is going on here. Wheres the respect for the pimp

Jason fires a booger at Josh..
Alex – JASON he’s going to go get the mustard

2:02am Xmas and Mark
Xmas says it’s a cool cast she likes everyone but Megan.
Xmas says Megan was a quitter.
Mark – she was so aggressive then she just quit..

2:04am Grab a$$

2:26am JOsh tries to toss Paul

2:28am Paul and Josh

2:33am Mark and Elena bathroom
talking about her curves.. makeup.. etc..

2:37am Josh and Paul
Josh – if you f*ing fart…
Paul – how old is you brother
Josh – 25.. He’s the exact opposite of me way more mature.. He doesn’t eat sh1t he doesn’t screw around.. I’m like the problem child
Paul – what business does he do
Josh – my parents business..
They start talking about money and their businesses back home
Paul says in the month of December he made 15 thousands which was a big increase.
Paul – before I left I have 35K when I got back I had 55K (social media followers) I thought I was going to be way more.. You hear me..

The go on to talk about wanting to retire at 40. Josh brings up his sister and brother and how his parents treat his sister like the youngest but she’s the oldest.
Paul says he has to text his mom at tell her where he’s at. He goes on to say he’s very independent. He’s got a good relationship with his parents.

Paul says he’ll make 15 grand from the stipend to be on Big Brother
Josh thought it was 10
Paul says he makes 1K a week, “read the contact”
Josh – I didn’t
Paul laughs
Feeds flip

2:58am Mark and Elena Kissing

5:40am Sleeping yo

9:31am Sleeping

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Gator girl

I meant to vote thumbs up. I cannot remember how to correct it. Can you tell how to fix a wrong thumbs up?

to the troll

i posted a comment about the troll who was saying mean things about JODY and they wouldnt post it bc it was too much slander. but i just wanna say that you are pathetic and should not be talking so much vulgar and immature stuff about them. so what if he`s not a humble and sore loser. he doesnt like to lose. who does. ya sure he has no sportsmanship . the guy fought for our freedom and if u cant give him the respect he deserves then your a poor excuse for a citizen. you must be a fat ugly four eyed virgin and have a really beat dead end job making 10bucks an hr living in ur parents basement at 30years old. if im wrong then correct me. but i bet im not and im sure everyone agrees that cody isnt the nicest guy or maybe even a prick sometimes but he deserves our respect bc of what he did for our liberties. if u dont like it then go back to whatever country your from cause no true americian would dare say that about a marine


Way too long of a comment


Please calm down Judgey McJudge face. Remember, unless you are Indigenous, you “came from” somewhere else. Gawwwwd I hate that sentence.


I totally agree. I love those two. They have their moments but they’re not even close to being as mean as the other house guests and they’re so hilarious. Not to mention their shirtless walks in the backyard :P. I hope one wins and they other gets runner up and America’s player.


I just wish Jason had not questioned Cody’s military service. Kevin and Jason are my picks for #1 and #2. Cody or Jessica would be my pick for America’s Favorite Player with all they’ve had to endure. However, if Paul gets evicted before final two, the person who is HOH at the time would get my vote for AFP.


Notice how Paul put pants/shorts back on and stopped living in underwear as soon as Cody came back. I am thankful for that.


will production interfere and save Jessica this week from eviction before jury? will Cody jump on a grenade for Jessica? will Cody & Jessica continue laying in bed together and do nothing to save their BB lives? will Raven continue to battle all the BS life threatening diseases she has come up with? does Matt have any other shirts besides the Texas longhorns muscle shirt? will anyone abandon and escape the clutches of cult leader Paul. ” all this and more on…..BIIIIIIIIIIIG BROOOOOOOTHER!”


Will Mark ever grow a pair? Will Elena ever wear a bra? Will Christmas ever find her own husband? Will Alex ever find some real nuts to crack? Will Josh ever…no, probably not.




~~CHoKe mE DaDDy ~~

Salty is not a good look for Simon and this site

Simon, you must be really salty.
Jason blowing snot across a room is not only disgusting,
it is also not entertaining whatsoever.
That’s your “likable” HG, along with the floater Kevin who now wears a ladies doo-rag,
and is making his family cringe every time he allows xmas to touch and rub on him?
— I’ll of course leave my yearly donation, but if this is entertainment for you, I’m out.
No need for anyone to respond with that overplayed and stupid ass saying,
that was funny ten years ago, “bye Felicia”
Feeds only for me from now on.
And cheers to all the suck ups on this site that thumbs down me,
as if Simon or Dawg actually care, or will reward you for doing so.
Bye LilyStark, I will miss your comments the most 🙂

Odd Concept

That is an odd conceptual belief you have. I am amazed how many people go on a rant and call someone else exactly how the ranter is coming across. It’s like grade 1 level self awareness that many failed at. The only SALTY one is yourself. If people get offended by snot in 2017, that is some extremely limited thinking.

No One

We’ll miss you!!


I suspect kevin’s wife, as she watches Kevin and X-Mas, may have a different opinion at this point about Kevin.

If that was my spouse they would be served divorce papers


The showmance’s were so sweet tonight. Mark and Elena getting back together. Boyz2Men, Scammin and the metal cereal bowl had a three way. Jody as usual. Then there was ‘Jaul’. Josh and Paul. I knew these two would finally hook up. Both mommas boys. At least Josh knows he’s immature. Paul’s so independent living with his parents and texting his mother to let her know where he is. These two are perfect for each other. Hopefully Paul walks out of the HOH room with crabs! #Jaul

Min O'Pause



Where You Bin Min?

Victim Schmictim

You forgot Kevmas. (Blech)


This show looks so boring now with jessica failing to win pov


Elena admits it’s a slippery slop.


Yeah I still hold out hope somehow Jess stays, but Josh is too stupid(God his voice. I have to walk away when he speaks) and Xmas exposes and ruins any plan that would make the show better.

Does she realize everyone hates her and dreads when she comes in a room?

I will just watch eviction shows from here out. No more feeds or AfterDark. Last night was brutal.

Kevin is even annoying now. And whoever is cutting his hair if you look at the back now it’s really bad haha.

Capt. Obvious

Yeah Jess totally deserves to stay in the house after all she’s… well I mean there was that one time when she got out of bed and she… there was that one morning where it looked like she was awake and was thinking about actually….
Either way, yeah she totally deserves to be there.

And you’re totally right about Josh being totally stupid for not keeping Jess in the house. When someone tells you that you disgust them and they focus for their entire HOH on telling the rest of the house how you are a worthless POS, the last thing you should do is kick them out of the house when you finally become HOH.

It’s like these people just aren’t thinking, amirite?!?!


Jessica is disgusting, I agree with you she hasn’t done anything. When they aren’t in power they go to bed and talk shit, cry, hump, and talk about how bad they want to physically assault people… In great detail I might add.


Are u kidding? I can’t wait for this week to be over so that Jessica is sent packing. I can’t handle all this mushy lying in bed garbage, and playing the “everyone is against me” card anymore.


it all comes down to pushing whomever josh’s replacement is to blow up his or her own game. i’m not convinced it will happen, but it could happen and would be the strategic play. having someone realize they’re at the bottom of paul’s alliance, scrambling, then getting called out for scrambling and being sent home would be glorious.

Capt. Obvious

Being sent home… instead of Jess??
God, you guys are so stupid.
I’m sorry to be that vicious, but what the hell were you thinking when you typed that out?!?!
You all type out the most stupidest & outlandish ideas that make ZERO sense to what is happening in the house, and then you end each asinine comment with “but Josh is too stupid to do that” or “Paul won’t let his minions do that”.

Grammar police

Most stupidest. Lol


You forgot you’re jack boots…

I know.


I wish the house realized that this is a great week to make a big game move and get a serious threat out of the house.


And who would that be since Josh is loyal to Paul & Corey is safe? I can’t believe Xmas thinks anyone can convince Mark not to use the veto.; That stupidity got used up seasons ago

Xmas should go

Endurance comps on the live feeds are my favorite BUT Xmas can’t compete and battle it out next to the house guests. This takes a certain element away from the game that I love the most. Xmas being in the house injured and unable to participate, clearly medicated A LOT (ER nurse for 22 yrs)…..


Xmas injured and on drugs has placed 2nd in the last 2 comps. she has played in. Whether she is on drugs and wearing a cast, she has outperformed other houseguests like Matt and Raven, and Kevin, and Elena. Matt and Raven have thrown every comp they have played in, and might as well be in full body casts.


Throwing comps helped put Christmas is 2nd place…..doesn’t mean she would’ve gotten 2nd place if everyone would’ve been trying to win. As-far-as endurance comps, no-one will ever know how Christmas would do because SHE CANT PARTICIPATE!!!

Your Mom Raised You Like That?

Looks like Elena will do anything to stay in the game.

Magilla Gorilla

It also looks like Elena will do anyone to stay in the game.


Will do anyone…

Fight for yourself

I want to see Jessica and Cody start talking with Kevin and Jason. When Mark takes himself down, and hopefully Christmas goes up, things could really change. They could work together to get Paul out.

Kid Rock

Thing is Cody doesn’t talk game with nobody but Jessica! It’s mind blowing that he thinks he can ONE MAN IT ALL THE WAY TO THE END!!! He is not as smart as he think he is….or Competitive!
Having that Advantage to reset a week was the perfect time to pick up new allies

Capt. Obvious

Jessica can’t vote. Did you even think about the math before making that post or did you just want to make the dumbest comment of the day for the hell of it?!? Jesus Christ!

Fight for yourself to stay

I want to see Cody and Jessica talk to Kevin and Jason. When Mark pulls himself off the block, and hopefully Christmas goes up, things could really change. They could work together to get Paul out.


I would love to see Mark & Cody realize that they only need 4 votes to tie and 5 to evict whomever Josh nominates. Kevin has already asked about talking to Cody about joining them, and is interested in teaming against Paul but is trying to be very careful about it right now. This is the time! Cody needs to talk to Kevin, reel in Jason, and hopefully Alex or possibly Christmas. Then they get out Matt & form a new alliance against Paul while keeping Jessica on their team. That one be one powerful alliance and great for all of their games. Kevin, Jason, and Alex have to see that Cody and Jessica are great competitors. Wouldn’t it be great for them to keep them on “their” team? Jessica needs to realize her game is “not” over until it’s over. This is the time to turn it up, and make some deals. Guarantee some safety … something! C’mon!


With the exception of Alex and xmas…..they are not worthy. But Cody Mark Jessica Kevin Jason could rule the house and get rid of Paul, assmas, Alex, bore and bore II, and Josh the season could be better.


It won’t happen unless Cody keeps it to himself… because Jess hates Alex. She has since ghee beginning of the game. Jody needs to smarten up. They need to get out of bed and start talking to people. I don’t even get why people think Jess/Cody are so deserving. They were just as douchey as paul when they had all the power. They haven’t done anything to get these HG to like them. If they at least tried to fight to stay then I’d agree. But laying in bed all day? No. Cody just doesn’t know how to play the game


What if Mark blows up the house and tells Paul’s minions to stop being saps and throw Paul out. He should dare them to vote him out and give the Veto to Jess. He would help Eliana, save Jess, and look very good.


I wonder what Raven’s students and their parents think of her *clearly* putting out on the live feeds nightly. Last night was pretty over the top.


I was thinking the same thing. Gross


Raven’s mouth and the constant use of “f__k” should have a good number of parents pulling their children from her dance classes, especially girls. Her, “Oh, f__king God, no,” was the clincher for me. Worldwide exposure on social media might be her downfall.


It won’t be boring. Xmas on the block would be BB Gold. She will lose her s*** and begin to throw everyone under the bus. She is already super paranoid, and bursts into every room with one of her inconvenient walking aids. When she has to climb the HOH steps to be in a room of “game talk”, she becomes so aggressive. I would like to see her as HOH or ONT, so we can get to see crazy Christmas Joy.


What’s up with Xmas and Kevin?


I’m wondering the same thing. They are totally crossing the line with their cuddling and touchy-feely crap. I dunno why Kevin’s doing that cause he always talks shit about Christmas.

Paul's beard

He’s married so he should know better and she knows he is married so she should know better but we are in the big brother house. Sometimes I think they forget cameras are on 24/7. Or maybe not. Disgusting behavior either way.


wouldn’t it be great to have three or four groups go at it instead of house rule? when I watch the show now I imagine the whole cast breaking out into song from Jesus Christ Superstar, with Paul in the lead role.


I have a structured settlement, but I need cash now.


Call J.G. Wentworth

BB Juicy Blast

I think they need to assign the house guests to teams (like tribes on Survivor) and then in competitions the winning tribe would be safe and the nominees come from the losing tribe.

They could mix it up throughout the season and eventually go to every man for themselves. I would reduce all the comp throwing and the floaters.


They did that last season. It sucked.


Ugh…Elena. I’ve been ‘meh’ with her since day 1, but just can’t stand this Paul/Mark pingpong game and her zero BB game. I wish there was a chance she’d be voted out, but that doesn’t look likely for all the worst reasons. That’s why (if possible) Xmas needs to be a replacement nominee. Jessica would have way more viable campaign arguments against Xmas.

sunny dee

i’d bet real money jessica won’t do a speech, she’s that petty and bitter.

this oh me oh my i’m such a victim blah blah blah, when all they do is lie in bed and talk to nobody, so over it. maybe learn something from matt and raven, who are active in the house, engage others, and socialize, as in get themselves out of bed, not saying they aren’t on the list, but they sure aren’t on this week’s list, or the next one


It might get interesting if Josh is still pushing for Elena and Jason and Kevin entertain the thought. With 3 folks not voting which leaves 8 voting. The votes could split in weird ways or Josh could be a tie breaker…


Okay, that Mark GIF looks CREEPY as F**K !!! But at the same time, it kind of explains this Season.


These people are obsessed with Cody and Jessica. That’s all they do all night long is talk about those two. Meanwhile, Paul is playing them all and will be sitting in one of the chairs on finale night. I don’t know yet who will be next to him since the rest of the cast is so horrible at playing this game.


When Cody gets evicted, I think he should say in his final speech, “Paul, congratulations on winning Big Brother 19. When you are sitting in the final two, regardless of who is up there with you, I will vote for you because you have been playing your game and everyone else’s.” Plant seeds in their heads that unless they do something, Paul will win. Cody planted seeds about Dominique and Mark the last time he was evicted and look what happened.


Maybe someone mentioned this on last thread but Paul and Matt have some nerve telling Josh to go all out on Cody “pots & pans” telling him it is ok Evel and Rachel did much worse Blah, Blah, Blah. I wish Josh would have said cool go do it yourself if you think it is such a great idea. What a couple of pu$$ies they are

Psychological Warfare

If I was Josh, I would agree to Matt and Paul’s request. Come morning I would grab the pot and pan and head over to Matt and Paul and bang away. Tell them this is what happens to idiots who try to get the meatball to do your dirty work!!


That would be neat but he’s way too cowardly to do it.


Have Xmas and Kevin done anything more than “rubbing”?

I feel like they totally are going to bang.


I hope not. I will lose respect for Kevin. I already have no respect for Christmas.


Does anyone else get nauseated when they see Xmas sitting and pawing Kevin? He is a married man and this is not a good look on a “motivational” speaker.

Two To Tango

While I am no fan of Xmas, you can’t just pin it on her, as it takes two to tango. Xmas seems mildly upset that she isn’t in a showmance and that none of the guys went for her. Xmas has a giant ego on her, she has accomplished a lot in her life no taking that away but her giant ego has been evident all season so far. If you don’t agree with Xmas she will damn well make sure you feel her rathe.


She needs a vibrator


If the house gets alcohol. Something will happen.

Xmas should go

After hearing Kevin talk about his personal life I wouldn’t doubt it for a second is someone from his inner circle is pi$$ed about Xmas hurting or jeopardizing Kevin’s game with all the grab a$$ing. Yes, Kevin is equally as guilty, HOWEVER, Xmas is the instigator. If Christmas goes this Thursday, I can almost bet Kevin’s “people” made it happen .


Do you think these people will have a different perspective on Megan when the discover

1. The true reason she left?
2. Her military background?

I think Cody would really have a different opinion when he learns these things.


Megans PTSD is from a sexual attack, not sure if happened during her service but it was Josh that sent her over the edge. His mother must be so proud of how he attacked a female. People dont need to like her but her treatment was so wrong


Cody said Megan told him right to his face that she hated Marines (before he put her on the block). So no, I doubt that will change his mind. I heard several HGs say she said really mean things to people and obviously tried to stir up trouble between Alex and Jessica (Panda comment). Since the feeds hadn’t started, we never saw any of this. People keep criticizing
Cody for saying “I just don’t like you” but it was payback. People also keep bringing up Josh’s yelling at Megan. I thought it was cruel, too, but now realize we don’t know what Megan may have said to him that caused his paranoia. I don’t think it just came out of thin air like Megan implied. She was an interrogator so I’m sure she’s adept at mind games. Just my 2 cents.


Is it possible she misheard the Panda comment?

As for mind games I’m sure she’s much more adept than most. I have to wonder how much iwas mind games and how much was PTSD?

Until you’ve lived with someone that has it and seen it daily it’s hard to truly grasp the gravity of the illness.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Paul has to keep pressure on Jessica & Cody with Mark & Elana to help keep attention off himself. He has to use Josh cause if Paul did it directly it would get people talking. He has to screw over Mark to keep people from realizing that if they go out of order then it could expose Paul’s game because he has not yet identified his next target within the house who is looking like Xmas. Xmas is going to become useless to Paul now that she has use the Hex. Please Mark use the Veto and Josh please put up Xmas and then have Jessica & Elana start campaigning. Xmas does not need the money. She has gotten her exposure for her brand.
Not really worth watching unless they start bullying Mark and it sounds like they may start doing that. When I say they I mean Paul issuing an order and the minions carrying it out.


I was starting to like Jason BUT seeing his blow his snot on Josh was soon GROSS!

Game of Drones

Don’t forget his never ending tales of STD encounters and pouring diesel fuel on himself after realizing in his drunken stupor that he banged a nasty gal in the bar parking lot


I miss Dom

This is so wrong

I dislike Paul so much but at the moment I feel he should win. He is getting everyone to do his bidding. Jessica and Cody were the only ones defying him. You see how far that got them. What is creepy is watching him sleeping in the HOH bed with Josh. Cody and Jessica were the only ones who had the balls to go against him. I at least can hope that Cody can get revenge. I hope he can win HOH and put up Xmas and Paul on the block. All the girls are using their sexuality in hopes of staying safe. Elana with Mark and Paul Ravin with Matt Xmas Paul and Kevin. The only one not doing it is Alex. Even Paul sleeping with Josh to further his game. You might hate Jessica and Cody but at least this couple actually is a real romance. This season of bb19 has picked the bottom of the barrel for a cast. I do like Jessica and Cody. I hate seeing Jessica giving up. It’s time for her to blow up everyone’s game. Now that they all know the way they bullied them did not sit well with America I don’t think they will go down that road again. I hope Cody can get revenge on the house and finnaly get a big target out.


I was just on Youtube and watched a video of Elena, Mark, Josh and Paul in HOH. Elena was entirely enjoying and exploiting the attention her body was getting from Mark and Josh, enjoying their discomfort even. She spent ages admiring herself in the mirror and showing herself off. I am all for “body-positive” and pride in one’s self (I’m female by the way) but that was just…I don’t know what the right word is…distasteful? Marketing herself to Playboy? I dunno, but Good Lord, the narcissism and WORSE, the pseudo-coy: “What? What am I doing?” Blech x 1000. I think Alex also uses her sexuality to some extent too, albeit it’s not specifically targetted at someone. Is it THAT hard to cast women who have additional tools in their kits?


Alex has her fake tatas hanging out in those skimpy bras and tops 24/7. I rarely see her boobs covered up! Enough already, we see you had a boob job, sheesh! I wonder if hers are eco friendly??


Look back to the beginning of the game- Cody drew first blood by putting Paul on the block and outright saying he did not like Paul. I don’t think Paul had an opinion about Cody or most HGs at that point. Thereafter Cody’s ‘lone wolf’ act just did not fly with HGs- they just could not back him.

Cody has been aloof and he acts as if he is superior to the rest in every way. Paul may also feel superior, but at least he has a social game. That got him far last year and is getting him far this time as well.


OMG!! I like Jason but snot rockets?!? What is he 5? That may even top the dishtowel abuse.

We're all adults here

Not even close, nothing tops the towel


Christine got booed for snuggling and rubbing a man while she was married. Will Christmas get the same booing? Its disgusting to watch.

Sick of everyones worship

Just mad at the overt Paul worship undeniably ruining this season. Stop acting like it can ‘get better!’ & still ‘become a great season’ without Jody and such… we’ll just see BrokenLeg try & scurry for votes when she’s on the block & then haggardly gloat ‘I thought I could trust you..’ as she zooms out the IKEA door frame. The we’re stuck with the other boring nobodies. Paul*pukes* couldn’t they have got someone better..? Not strategic wise, just someone LESS ANNOYING… iki sound bitter, like Raven’s mom when people expose her for scamming and theft, but i cant stand the dynamics we’ve all known as ‘Paul& his minions’ this season!! ITS UTTERLY TRAGIC TO REALITY TELEVISION AND SOCIAL GAMEPLAY OF BB!!! CAST BETTER PEOPLE WTF?!

Game of Drones

How do Jody fans justify the golden couple not fighting for her to stay in the game? Cody is so hell bent on revenge ” and making their lives miserable” and won’t even at least try to talk to ppl he apparently can ” tolerate “….Kevin & Jason at least! I can’t stand when ppl give up like that in this game! Even when Donny had everything stacked against him, he still went to individual ppl to try and talk some sense to them abt Derrick being a puppet master! Of course, the sheep reported this to Derrick and the rest was history! The best part for me of that season was when Christine got booed by the audience


Imagine being a Paul fan. Only took him 3 weeks of safety, 2 HOH’s, a whole house of worshippers, & the ROR to get 1 of Jody out ?……


Is Paul the only Have Not who took the key, picked a box to unlock, and got pulled out of being a Have Not? Seems like all the rest who tried got two weeks.


I’m watching BB AfterDark….there sure is a lot of sex going on under the covers this season :O


Jason is so gross. Him and his STDs.

This is so wrong

Has I said earlier I wish Jessica would blow up everyone’s game. If your not going to fight at least do some damage. I do hope Cody wins HOH. I am getting board. I want to see him put some real targets on the block. Can’t wait to see them draw lines in the sand.




What was the gross thing on MAVEN’S bed ? did we ever find out?
That whole house must reeeek of sex …friggin bunny rabbits or roaches lol


Mark needs to dare Paul’s minions to take him out and then give the POV to Jessica. He would save Elana and restore his manhood.


If Mark uses the veto on Jessica, there is no replacement nom. Either Mark or Elena goes at that point. Paul keeps Elena over Mark.


Mark needs to dare Paul’s minions to take him out, then give the POV to Jessica. This would save Elana and restore his reputation for being a weak player/man.


I have this on going question this season… Is it Paul misting? or is it what happened the first HoH? A lot of the things we find as Paul being a boss is more or less a reaction to what has happened in the house.

1) Kevin took the bribe… Paul entered and Cameron left.

2) Friendship bracelets.

3) Cody, Matt and formed a super group of showmances and cool kids. Leaving Meghan, Jillian, Ramses, Josh, Alex, Kevin and Jason on the other.

3) Josh freaks out takes the golden apple and go’s off on Mehgan. Cody nominates Mehgan and Jillian. Mehgan self evict because she can’t handle it (I wish more players did.) Cody nominates Alex and wants to work with her.

…. still no real Paul misting.

4) Cody throws the PoV and tries to nominate Paul… Paul had a temptation of 3 weeks safety Cody then nominates Christmas his own Team Member and completely blindsides his entire Team… this is the root of what happened in the house it was not Paul it was Cody that set everything in motion to what it is today.

The bizarre thing is if you look at who went home it was more Cody’s stupidity that set this in motion than it was Paul’s misting, Situations fell into place…. irregardless to Paul.

Ramses just had to loose a POV so Cody could be backdoored… his score was so high, he got the target on his back.
Cody to save Jess sold out Dom and Mark… to Alex, Paul and Christmas… that wasn’t Paul.
Dom made herself a bigger target because of her interview show and what happened that week when she went crazy. That was all Dom and Cody and their disloyalty.

Cody Came back and Jess went back up his butt and failed to realize… here is the bizarre part nobody was not even being subtle about Ramses being the next target… because during the week of Doms eviction, they told her it was because if Ramses won it would have saved Cody. … they told her. She then put up Ramses and Josh… to get Josh out??? they told you Ramses was the target after Dom… they did not lie to her. She also did not have the ability to count. Paul’s three weeks Jillian, Dom, Cody…. Oh my gosh Paul is not safe. If her goal was to get rid of Josh why did she put up a target and Paul or Alex… say Alex or Paul went up and one of them won PoV took themselves off. You have the other one to replace them… if Josh did not get voted out Paul or Alex would have… what was she thinking she knew Cody was a Target…. take out the numbers that want him out… not the kid who would vote with you because he literally had no one else he also tried to save Cody by saving himself. What was she thinking? Math time Cody, Jess, Ramses, Mark and Elena (5) other side Paul, Christmas, Matt and Raven (4) Alex Jason, Kevin and Josh (4) note: If you pay attention on the other side even if Paul and Alex work together and Kevin works with Paul…. there is a sub group that has loyaltys all of their own based on a seres of situations. There is more than one boss and their is Matt and Raven who are the most Team Paul but they are really floating out in space as a pair. If Jess and Cody had actually paid attention they would have known keep ing Ramses would have given them numbers. Cody has done some stupid moves that only hurts the people he works with…. that is not Paul.

Pauls week HoH… He told Jess what would happen.
Josh’s week his target is Elena not Jess. Where is the Paul mist? Jess might go home… it might come down to who go’s up.

I still ask myself is it Pauls Mist? or is it a whole lot of stupid that lead the house to this?


EXCELLENT recap and analysis! Seriously flawed gameplay by both Cody and Jess have led to where they are today. Conversely, Paul, just being Paul, and plainly laying out his game plan has been working for him. He can ‘fib,’ but he says he cannot lie in the game. Paul mist v Jody jist?


Voting scenarios at the moment have me thinking there is a possibility for drama.
Let’s say either ‘couch cushion’ or ‘terminal mendacity’ are the replacement nom.
Could enough interest be raised to get rid of one of floating gruesome twosome?
For the moment we can consider Alex, Paul and the other of that pair (Matt or Raven) to be concrete votes to evict Jessica. That means there are five votes that in some way could be pliable.
Let’s say Christmas votes out Elena, as she is currently trying to engineer.
Mark never votes out Elena, but could he be convinced to knock out the third nominee?
Kevin and Jason don’t really have any real use for the floating pair. Kevin has a history of voting off party lines.
Cody has already said he’d vote for Matt (guessing the same case could be made for Raven) just to cause questioning in the house.
Complete long shot idea here. But what if the hoh, and the hoh by proxy both get snowed and the replacement nominee goes home in a 4-3-1 vote?
That would cause complete feed chaos that I’d love to see.
I’d enjoy it, oh, that just means it won’t happen. Imagine the drama though.