“Jack is on my list at the very top.. they’re scared out of their boots and they should be”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
have nots are: Tommy, Christie , Jackson, Kat

Powers in the game

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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10:21 am Cliff and Nick
Cliff – couldn’t sleep worth crap in here
Nick – Noms are today by the way. I know you said I was safe when you won
Cliff – I want to talk to you
Nick – well we all got blindsided
Cliff – I know … I still want to work with you
Nick – I know
Cliff – BUT there is a BUT. There are people trying to throw you under the bus
Nick – I’m sure Jack and Christie are all throwing me
Cliff says enough has been said that he knows Nick/Bella are “separate from other people”

Nick – it’s pretty obvious now
Cliff – I don’t want to leave that group of six people alone one has got to go I think I have to
Cliff says all he’s got are the people that are not part of that group people like Nicole
Nick – do you trust her she was spending a lot of time with them yesterday and so was kat
Nick – I told Bella I gotta take my shot next week. I’m top on their pecking order

Cliff pushes how serious he was working with Nick and Bella
Cliff – I’m not going to put you and Bella up that’s not what I’m thinking about right now I need your help to figure out how to approach this
Cliff says Christie told him about her power, “it’s the Diamond power of veto… 3 weeks” (kinda)
Cliff – that worries me a little bit
Nick says that it was Christie and jack that masterminded the whole getting Cliff out
Cliff says the tricky thing is if he puts Christie and Jack up the POV and Christie’s power gets played and they put up Sam “then they have the numbers”
Nick – I know
Nick – if I win next week I’ll put up jack and Jackson I should have done it last week I f*ed up they took the first shot
Cliff – they are all paranoid
Nick – ohh did you see how sad they were when you won
Cliff – I’m sure they were.. they’re scared out of their boots and they should be
Cliff says what Christie heard in the boatroom was blown up
Nick – you gotta do what’s best for your game.
Nick – I trusted Christie and Tommy we made a five.
Nick – jack is awful for my game he’s running the game right now
Cliff – I know
Nick – it was him and Christie that did the flip Christie is so enamored with this kid like LOVES him
Cliff – Jack
Nick – yeah. Oh my GOD loves him says if she was into guys he would be the one and Jack .. Christie reminds Jack of his EX
Nick – if you put up Jack and Jackson and one of them comes down you put up the one of the other six as the replacement. The only thing is if one of them wins veto
Nick – you can’t be scared of the power .. I don’t know if she’s going to use it on someone that isn’t herself.
Cliff – I know
Nick – Jack could easily put me up and if Jack puts me up I go home it is what it is
Cliff distances himself from Nicole says it was OVI that brought them together
Nick – Jack is my main target. Michie says whatever Jack says
Cliff – If I get out Jack this week where do we sit next week
Nick – get out Michie or Christie

Nick – I like Christie but she f*ed me I don’t trust me anymore .. I would put up Michie .. I don’t know if I would put up CHirsitie because she has the power right away .. Michie and Holly or Michie and Sis
Cliff – here’s the deal you and I. We talked about working together
Cliff – you’re not the target I’m looking at this week. Jack could be the target .. if I do that I need some support
Nick – Me Bella and Sam .. try to reign in Jess …
Nick says he’s good with Nicole .. they hashed it out

10:31 cam 2

10:33 noms today

10:51 am Sam and Cliff
Sam tells him about them trying to make a 9 person alliance with him he always knew he was at the bottom. Sam says if jack would have won Cliff would have been evicted when Cliff won camp comeback “everyone was losing their mind”
Sam says he heard there were rumors about a 6 person alliance.
Sam – do you want to make a big move? If you don’t make a big move you’re gone next week
Cliff – it doesn’t do me any good to take out Kat and Jess
Sam – numbers are in your favor if you make a big move
Sam – Christie is trustworthy but I know she’s playing her own game.
Sam hard to follow says Nick and Bella are not working with the other couples now.
Sam pushing the targets onto Jack, Michie, Holly, Sis. (tough to follow)
Cliff – how tight are christie and Jack
Sam – they’re tight but we have talked numerous times about getting jack and Michie out.. Jack is the major one we need to get out..
Sam says Christie is playing both sides just in case.

Sam – when her and I talk like on our own like she has no remorse if jack or Michie had to go cause they have to go we’re not all stupid they’re HUGE HUGE targets
Cliff – how tight is michie with everyone I always felt he had my back a little bit but then he voted against me yesterday
Cliff – I don’t consider Michie as big of a target and jack
Sam – the house still likes Michie. If you put Jack and Christie up jack will try to get everyone to flip to [vote Christie out]
Sam 0- Michie would vote out Christie to keep Jack and they would still come after you next week
Cliff says if he put up jack and Jackson he is going to talk to Christie and Tommy and tell them they need to watch his back.

Cliff – I’m not going to worry about the powers there’s only so much I can do.. If Christie has a power, Michie has a power and Jack has a power
Cliff – Jack is on my list at the very top
Cliff – if I can get Tommy and CHristie to work with me it’s water under the bridge what happened yesterday I’m worried about who would come after me next week
Sam says Christie would vote with Cliff this week “We all know Jack has to go”
Cliff – Jack vs Michie or Jack vs Sis.. I don’t care about getting rid of SIS I don’t want everyone to turn on her
Sam thinks Christie would vote out Jack over SIS
Sam mentions if Cliff puts up a couple it strengthens what Christie has been saying in the house.

11:08 am Bella and Cliff
Bella says Jack and Christie have a power

Cliff – I know they are going to come after me if they get a chance

Bella says there’s 6 of them and they won’t be picking at each other until all of them are gone.
Bella says he’s got her, Nick and Sam’s behind him.
Cliff says he is putting up 2 big targets he has to regardless of the power
Cliff warns her that given all the powers in the game an outsider might end up oni the block
Cliff – we’re all taking a bit of a risk this week
Bella – they want you out so bad. so bad
Cliff – I know
Cliff – I don’t see my path moving forward not involving y’all
Cliff doesn’t think Christie will use her power unless it’s on herself.
Bella says Christie was really pushing for them to get Cliff out prior to the HOH being played. She says that Tommy, Christie, Sis and jack are the core 4 and Michie and Holly are on the outskirts

Cliff isn’t worried about Jackson and Holly he doesn’t think they will come after him in the short term.

11:22 am Jack and Cliff
Jack comes in gives Cliff a coffee says he’s cleaning the fridge
jack – this week ash been incredible watching him compete has been awesome

Cliff – it was a gut punch yesterday

Cliff says he was never picking targets he says when he was listing the couples group Sis and jack were first and Tommy/Christie was last he never said he was targeting them.
Jack – I love your journey I love your story (what a douche)
jack goes on about Nicole being a wonderful person “we made a play to stand against what is being done”

11:36 am Kat and Cliff

Cliff asks out of the four who would she not want to vote out
Kat says she would hate to vote against Tommy and Christie.
kat – I would put up Jack and Sis and Tommy as the pawn
Cliff says the only reason he would putu Tommy up is as a pawn.

11:43 am Jack and kat
Kat saying that Cliff is leaning towards putting people up that haven’t been put up
jack goes on about Nicole being a victim last week and he stood by her but voting for her to stay

12:13 pm Feeds down for Have nots

1:37 pm Feeds are back slop cans

1:41 pm
Cliff and Tommy

Tommy- I will shoot it to you straight .. I would love to see a version of this game where you and I get to be on the same side. really I would
Cliff – I’m trying to think of an option for that (but it’s tough)
Cliff says he has ideas and those ideas and those ideas do not include Tommy or Christie

Tommy – if one of us were to win you were not going on the block this week ( didn’t you all vote him out .. .wtf)
Tommy – it’s scary to say that out loud because I’m really showing all my cards (ZOMG)
Tommy – it’s scary to do that… you don’t know who to trust (not you)

Cliff tells him he’s not targeting any group with these nominations he just trying to reduce the numbers
Tommy – I love that we stood up with what is right because it goes past the game

1:54 pm Christie and Cliff
Christie – Sam pulled me aside this morning and asked her if Cliff put up Jack and Michie which way she would go
CHrsitie – we started off as a group of 8 which was awesome then we turned into 9
Christie says her heart is that Michie and they are more solid and Nick/Bella were flip-flopping she doesn’t like what they did to Bella “It’s not what I stand for”

Christie – Nick said it himself he doesn’t give a sh1t ..
Christie – What is Sam trying to do

Cliff – it is a bit of a numbers game for me. There’s a lot of people on the block before and I don’t think they should be
Cliff – it comes down to Nick and Bella vs all y’all ..
Cliff says on a personal level he likes Nicol but on the game level he

Cliff doesn’t like how Nicole or himself were treated
Christie – Sam was trying to get me to turn to try and have some amunition.. my response to him .. Jack and Michie he’s putting up Jack and Michie if I know Cliff He’s not disclosing what he’s doing

CLiff – from a numbers and point Nick and Bella are not the targets this week because the shots are fired I have to protect myself this week.. I hope you understand I wasn’t planning on targeting anyone until further in the game.
Christie says she’s the first person to get kicked out of the 6.
Cliff – I don’t want to target you and I don’t want to target Tommy
Christie says Tommy is good for the three of them. His social game is strong and that helps them moving forward.

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Lol that’s hilarious.. what kind of drilling? The Cliff kind or the Jax kind, the latter 2 can’t stop drilling other houseguests !? Lol

Franks fumes

If somehow the Jackholes manage to survive this week I hope Holly goes just so Jackjaw will have to deal with Kat’s advances….. corny smarmy Tennessee turdboy.

J e t s jets jets jets

So he can go back for thirds?


LOL … too funny!

bb uk

if that there game jack would be outta here know

Coupe in a Jeep

LOL Jack with the pandering. “Cliff your toes are nice, Your gray hair looks immaculate, those glasses are cool. Hey Cliff’s wife, you have a good one here, um um (O.P.M.) Old people matter.”

Jack meet Karma!

double D

I wouldn’t drink that coffee Cliff. Hard to tell what he might have put in it.

V bb fan

Jack looks like the cavemen from the Geico commericals. Typical 20 something thinking 50’s are old.


I think Jax truly believes he shines like a star when he attempts to be sincere. It’s so awkward to watch and listen to. Beyond Phony! I hope he isn’t striving to get into acting.(Other than his “staring role as an asshat on BB)

the core

The best thing ever

double D

Finally, the other side of the house actually becoming the other side of the house.


This is what I’m here for, the chickens have come home to roost. Payback is going to be oh so sweet. I’m hoping either Jack/Jackson or Jack/Christie for noms, seeing Christie meltdown is going to be epic


Is Christie related to Vanessa?


I hope Christie goes sooner than later

Jon Bon Ovi

I don’t see it happening yet, but I cannot wait until Jackson is voted out. He is delusional… rationing peoples food?? He should be eliminated just for that.


He’s rationing food? Doesn’t HE eat constantly?

V bb fan

Jackson is a have not this week. That alone will be awesome to see.

double D

Put up Jack and Jackson and tell Christie if she uses her power this week she is going up next week.

Dalia Hobelman

Omg Kat STFU dam I don’t know who has the biggest mouth her or Bella geeze


Who the heck is Michie?




Yeah I refuse to use the asinine nicknames they give each other. It doesn’t take a brainiac to know the diff between Jack and Jackson

J e t s jets jets jets

It’s not a nickname it’s his last name.

double D

Has anybody else in BB history ever been evicted, fought their way back, and won HOH all in one night?

Jack's He Hive

I think Brendan O’Reilly did!


Amy season 3


Oh but she wasn’t evicted in the same night
Brenden also wasn’t
So yeah cliff is the first


I smoke too much to remember all past seasons


Christie can only use her power for 3 weeks right? So it’s either this week or next.




If I was in Cliff’s position, I would put up Mickie and Bella initially. Depending on who wins the Veto, I would convince Christie that I am on her side and I want her to save her power for when she actually needs it.

Then, if one of the Six Shooters win the Veto and pull Mickie off, up goes Christie. If anyone else wins the Veto, I’m convincing them to use the Veto on Bella to put Christie on the block.

If it’s Mickie and Christie on the block, it won’t matter who goes home because both are big targets and it forces the six to eat one of their own.

If it’s Bella and Christie, the other half of the house could come together to a 6-5 vote for Christie to be evicted. This would depend on whether Kat and Jess are willing to side with the others as well as Nicole not being salty towards Bella and Nick.



I like your idea and would love to see Christie miss out on using her power and then get evicted. She is hard to watch with all her blubbering and paranoia.

Dalia Hobelman

I agree Jack and Jackson I would want in end cause everyone will grow to hate them the more blood they get on they’re hands lol if anything that women are annoying me more than the men with exception of Nick he annoys me


I would love it, just love it if someone like Kat or Nicole won the POV and convinced Chris to use her power, then nominate her. It would be dirty but it’d be worth it. #goals


Kat is going to do what Jackson tells her to do. She ran to him after Cliff talked to the girls early this morning and told him everything Cliff said. Jackson telling her how she is to do with Cliff etc so they keep their peeps….


Too many things could go wrong. I’m not sure when Christie has to tell production to activate her power but if it’s any time before the veto ceremony she could flip out and assure her safety if one of the 6 had the veto. She’s paranoid and lost her mind last week. Right now Cliff needs 5 votes to get whoever he wants out. Bella is one of those he’s more likely to get and Nick wouldn’t like that risk to his snuggle buddy.


I don’t mind it but I’d rather put up Jack and Christie. How much does he love her to lose a veto to not campaign against then either way if none of the 6 a$$hats don’t win the veto we lose one of three most irritating people


I have to give Cliff credit….. that Camp Comeback win was impressive. Not just winning, but dominating it and talking smack the entire time!!! He’s got to have one of those contraptions in his back yard lol

D mac

Online big brother

D mac

Jack sn Jackson are not going anywhere! Jack has a power to rename POV players an choose who he wants to play an Christie can used her power an put one of them up ! Them Cliff hoh means nothing! Nick an Bella r douce bags big bullies! I think it’s funny ! He thinks they scared it going to be on him! He doesn’t have the numbers! Jess an Kat r w the other an they don’t know it!


Jack can just do a recast for veto picks. If he’s nominated it doesn’t matter really, as he is already playing, it’s still a crap shoot as who’s picked. Christie can just up the veto power. If her and Jack are on the block, and Cliff wins veto her power is worthless. If one of the outsiders wins, then it’s pointless to use it as it will be another 6 put up. If one of the 6 win, they will put up an outsider, but it’s still 5/5 voting so Cliff would break the tie. This week is not a waste, definitely going to be one of the best we have seen in a LONG time.

Bullies SUCK

Christie has a real issue with Jack. As long as she is not going on the block, she will let him dangle and vote against him. Not to mention the fact that she will float right along with Tommy, and he blows in the wind. As soon as he feels the remnants of Gr8ful are toast, he will jump ship. Jack can change the POV players all he wants. As long as Cliff determines the replacement, his HOH will not be a lost cause. The geeks are about to take over the house…as long as they don’t get bitten by the Foute bug.


Just curious – at this point, does Cliff understand why he was voted out? Does he know that Christie heard him rambling out loud to the live feeders?


Thanks Simon!


If only Kat could watch Love Island she would see that her true love, Winston has arrived and is about to shake it up. aybe she can get booted and hijack a plane to Fiji.


She likes Bret not Winston

another name

Jackson as a have not.
i wonder: how long before he sneaks food?
a) has he eaten yet, it’s been a few minutes
b) an hour
c) until group meal time
d) a day
e) he’s already trying to find camera blindspots near his secret stores of hidden food.
f) don’t worry, d/r will feed him secretly


all of the above LOL


I would almost be tempted to keep one of the jackasses, anyone of the other players would beat one of those numb nuts in a F2 vote.


I’m a little confused about how this is gonna go down with the Diamond Power of Veto. Say, for example, Jack and Jackson were on the block. Holly then wins the veto competition. She uses her veto to save Jackson. Cliff puts up…say….Tommy as the replacement nominee. Then Christie can use her DPOV to save Jack and names Bella as the replacement nominee. Is that how it’ll go? With two different vetoes in play? Or will the DPOV trump the other one, taking it out of play? Anyone know?


From what I understand of how this power works, (To use your scenario) Jack and Jackson both are up on the block. Holly wins veto. If Christie were to activate the DPOV, it would turn Holly’s veto into the DPOV. So Holly could then take Jack or Jackson off the block and then Holly would chose the replacement.


Thanks!! I was worried that both of Cliff’s nominees could be saved.


I think all that is accurate except I think Christie can then name the replacements!! Simon??? anyone ???


The veto holder names the replacement. Christie only names the replacement if she won the veto.


That isn’t how DPOV works – there aren’t 2 POVs to be played… Christie’s power turns the POV into a DPOV which means that whomever wins POV, when/if the power is used, will now have a DPOV and be able to not only take someone off the block but also pick the replacement. A DPOV takes the power of naming the replacement from the HOH.


Read Christie’s power at the top of the page.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.


First off…how do you not comment more behind these asshats words? I read it and generally throw in a “oh suuurrree” behind what they say to Cliff (or each other for that matter) but get a kick out of it when you do it lol. And second…I don’t really think Cliff will make a huge move until I see it. Seems to believe the lyingest players in there (Nick & Bella). Third…they better bolt the fridge and cupboard doors shut while Jackson is on slop. Wouldn’t put it past him to go ahead and eat normal food still.


I would love it if jackson gets a penalty vote for eating regular food and is unable to be a vote to save one of his other shitshooters LOL


Cliff really needs to put Christie up right off the bat so she’ll be forced to use the DPOV to save herself.


My thoughts also. There is no doubt she would use it on herself.


Jack & Jackson are uber douches can’t wait until one or both get nominated-I also can’t wait for Christie to lose her sh*t- this season suddenly got better 🙂

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 21 HG’s

Cliff slayed everyone.

These two cómp wins are the equivalent to doing a well executed death drop and a wig reveal on the same LSFYL on RPDR and I’m here for it.


how interesting would it be with jack/jackson on the block christie doesnt use her power to help save jack (provided she can) and jack doesnt get evicted. lol


Simon or Dawg,
I don’t have the feeds and come here for my BigBro fix and plan a donation when the next payday comes around. That said, can you clarify who are the have nots because at the top of this update you have different names than later on in the text?
Appreciate you guys and what you do!


Got my wish, Jackson is a have not. Bonus that Christie is freaking out, along with Jack.


anyone know what the HOH comp was?


WOW!!!!!!!!!!! this going to be a good week