Have nots / Veto Players Picked “This is a good veto to be in because I don’t even care”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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The Power of Veto Players are
Paul, Paulie, Bridgette, Victor, Natalie and Corey Host is Nicole

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 08-17-00-617

8:10am Have Nots
Paul reads from the Have Nots Card.
This week have nots are the four players that have the lowest core in the head of household competitions. The players are Zakiyah, Corey, Natalie and Paulie. However Natalie since you’ve received a never not pass from America you are exempt from being a have not as for the rest of you with addition of slope you get to enjoy trail mix and marshmallows all week long.. Enjoy

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 08-37-19-933

8:36am Bathroom Zakiyah and Nicole
Zakiyah talking about last night’s issues with Paulie. Says she was up late going back and forth with him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 09-21-32-872

9:19am Paulie and Paul
“PP ehhehehehehe” (they both say this)

Paul – it’ll go as planned
Paul – you know how I feel and I respect you guys .. once I make that move i’m going to stay outta everything just try and keep your boys name on the LOW LOW
Paulie brings up Zakiyah’s “F****G water works ” Last night
Paul – you handled it
Paulie – ya I did
Paul – PP is straight chilling
Paulie – kicking it
Da’Vonne joins them

They start to whispering, “Him or Nicole.. is doesn’t matter ”
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 09-20-54-874
9:19am James and Natalie
James – Paulie picked Victor to play
James says if Natalie wins the POV and pulls PAulie off the block the house wouldn’t be mad. If She pulled Bridgette down PAul and Paulie would be mad. They would put Da’Vonne up and Paulie would sit on the block till Thursday.

James – If you win that Veto and the house want you to use it on Paulie .. Make a deal no nominations no backdoors for next week for you. Don’t worry about me I can take care of myself.
James says this might be a luxury veto. Natalie says she’ll want to get the veto over the trip.
James says if depends on her goals, “It;’s really what you want.. Win the Veto make a deal pass up on the money.. And hopefully whoever wins HOH next week keeps the deal”
James – Paulie is probably going to want to win next week.

Natalie – do I have a chance going home
James explains Michelle, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne and him will never vote her out over Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 09-36-23-314

9:34am Corey and Nicole
Nicole – I gotta get on your good side in case you win a prize
Corey – I really hope it’s a luxury comp.. I don’t think it will be though
Nicole – I think it will be .. that is why they are doing it early cause you always get your costume tonight…
Nicole – and all the punishments tonight when the backyard opens..
Corey – I Hope so.. I’ll take anything at this point ..
Corey – This is a good veto to be in because I don’t even care..
Nicole – to win ya.. But you can’t make it look too obvious
Corey – I want to win everything..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 09-52-22-458
9:50am Nicole and Corey whispering with Paulie
Hard to hear.. Paulie is bringing up his conversation with Da’Vonne when playing chess with Paul. Da’Vonne is trying to get Nicole or Corey as the replacement nomination.
Nicole – what did you guys say
Paulie – we just nipped it in the butt
Nicole – why does she feel so cool to say that to you guys
Paulie – I don’t know I think she’s a little nervous.. she’s like you guys talk to Nicole at all.. we’re like nah not about game.
Nicole – she’s evil.. lets get her
Corey – I just want to win bro.. and pull you off.. I just want to pull you off bro
Paulie says Paul is 100% onboard with getting Da’Vonne out.

Paulie starts to complain about Zakiyah saying she just wants to argue for the sake of Arguing.
Nicole points out Zakiyah and Natalie are BFF’s now.
Pualie- I told her to get close to Natalie.
Paulie brings up last night’s drama between him and Zakiyah.. (Go back to see last nights post here)
Paulie says he’s going to have to get Paul or Vic to “Clip” her
Nicole – she’s very into you.. she’s distracted.. (OMG she said that)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 09-52-19-461
Nicole is really worried about getting in a TIFF. Nicole adds that she use to be really close to Zakiyah but they never talk game now whenever they talk it’s about Paulie.
Paulie continues to talk about last night.. brings up Zakiyah saying “Uncomfortable” etc etc…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 09-55-22-459

Paulie – I wanted to say you sound like f****g TIFFANY
Paulie has had enough after last night everythign with Tiffany is messing with his game, Drama, Drama, Drama
Nicole is stressed because she’s Da number 1 target. Warns Paulie that Zakiyah is going to be so mad she might come after him
Paulie assures her Da is going home this week.

Paulie tells them before Victor goes after them he’ll be going after Natalie and Zakiyah
They agree to wait until August 18th to evict Victor so he doesn’t come back
Nicole – oh my gosh what if Da comes back
Paulie – I don’t care..

Nicoel – I am so happy if she goes
Paulie – She’s literally going on the block.. I have Paul convinced..
Paulie says he’s done trying to be made to feel bad
Paulie says he’s gong to put on a smile with Zakiyah and just play it cool for now.
Paulie – I can feel that she likes me and I like her too but certain things … I’ve liked her from the beginning..

Paulie says he doesn’t need a girl pissed at him because some girls looked at him a certain way.. “I’ve seen that waaaay too many times Brah”
Paulie says he never dates people like that, those are the type of girls in college that were attracted to athletes, “They just wanted the attention of dating an athlete.. they get territorial as f**k then they try to make you jealous by flirting with other guys.. ”

paulie leaves to sleep…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 10-25-00-405

(Zakiyah must be sleeping)

Paulie telling them Da’Vonne is going to be the renomination.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 10-52-27-744

10:50am Bridgette icing her knee before the POV
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 10-56-31-096

11:00am PAulie and Victor giggling about ace ventura pet detective..
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 11-04-02-052

11:03am the new Bevis and Butt head prepare a prank.. They pull in James.
Victor explains the plan “Line Paul and Michelle with marshmallows.. and chuck them at him when he walks out the door”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 11-07-23-054

They Attack!!!

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 11-26-06-190

11:25am Bridgette and Corey
Bridgette she knows Da’Vonne is throwing Nicole’s name out.
Bridgete knows Da’Vonne wants her out.
Corey – she’s got something coming
Bridgette – I know
Corey – I’m excited about this week
Bridgette – me too.. AS long as Paul has the balls
Corey – he will i’m pushing him hard, Me and Paulie both sat down with him.. were like bro you know we get it it’s your HOH theres a bigger picture here.

Corey – She was mad me and Nicole like you and Frank
Bridgette – i’m f***g likable..
Corey – whats wrong with them

Bridgette saying she’s cool with Nicole. Brings up a conversation she had with Da’Vonne out by the Jacuzzi where they were talking about the girls in the house and all these rumours getting thrown about, “That’s when I started talking to Zakiyah and Michelle trying to get to the bottom of it, I’m chill with Nicole but hte other two I’ve been really uneasy about”
Bridgette – we ended the conversation with look I deal with bullies.. and the bullied there shouldn’t be any bullying in the house and I”m (da’Vonne) going to get to the bottom of this you don’t have to worry i’m on you side about this yadda yadda yadda”
Bridgette – and I find out from Natalie that instead of saying that to the house she came back in and was like gave that girl a piece of my mind I put her in her place yadda yadda (Da is sloppy)
Bridgette – I’m like FU** are you kidding me.. she legit gave me a hug and was like I’m going to get to the bottom of this you can trust me.. and then she said sye made the comment you need to make people forget you were friends with Frank
Corey – Most the house likes Frank
Bridgette – right
Corey explains Frank just over played
Bridgette – he was everywhere.. I know .. he knows it..
Corey – we all still love him for it.
Bridgette says she talked to Frank about what she said and he told her Da’Vonne wants her to stop targeting Da’vonne’s side and removing Frank will help with that.
Bridgette says Da’Vonne is smart, “She said better not put me up if you win HOH.. she said that.. i was like as if I just forgot the last 3 weeks.. it’s fine”
Bridgette says any of those girls she doesn’t feel safe at all, “Natalie I love her to death I feel like I can trust her but she really doesn’t play the game:”
Bridgette says Only Nicole and Natalie are nice to her, “I don’t know what happened about the rest.. i’ll try and fix it.. hehehehehe”

11:51am Feeds down for POV

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A Girl Has No Name

Aaaaaaahhhhh Da, your days might be done. I honestly can’t see HOW these people don’t see Paulie as the bigger threat. Cut the threat’s throat FIRST and then go after the goldfish.

Children trying to play a grown up game are about to WILLINGLY hand over $500k to Paulie who has become my least favorite HG.

Sad face.


Da versus Bridge………………

If the plan happens then Paulie comes down. But Da may not go home.

Bridge- Vic, Paulie Corey
Da- Z, Michelle,

James, Nat, Nicole…………. If Da wasn’t so stupid floating Nicole’s name I’d of thought Nicole saves Da plus might pull Corey over to. Da needs Nicole to stay as it looks. Then there is James and Nat. Would James actually cut Da loose I’m not sure. Then there is Nat is she gonna vote out Bridge if James tells her to? Wonder if Nat Nat grows a backbone and tells him to pound sand!
Any way you dice it if Corey is true to the guys they need 1 more vote to tie and Da goes home. PP think they can count on Nicole to be the 4th. If she is going she’ll blow up the house. Step one is get Paulie off then flip the house Da if you can. Might be some entertaining stuff I hope.

Big Meech HATES Puppies!

Big Meech HATES all of you who read this too!!!!

Crazy Stuff

Paulie won the VETO comp. Day is in trouble…the block spells out Da’vonne. This is all her doing. I wish her the best. Stop all that talking and win something.


I really don’t like Day’s gameplay at all. And I would hate to see her win any of the care packages. But if Bridgette won veto and Day went up. And then Day won the cancel 2 vote package. Paulie would go home. As much as I would hate for Day to stay, it would be awesome to see Paulie go instead of running right through to the end. Nobody will ever get rid of him otherwise. As long as Bridgette is safe though.

Care packages

Is the next care package delivered before the next eviction vote?


One care package per week so cancel 2 votes won’t save Day this week

sunny dee

pretty sure it is going to be after evictions and before nominations. What i don’t know is if they have to announce what they won, because something like eliminating 2 people’s votes is going to be crazy.

voting for that one opens on the 31st, so not sure if it is awarded prior to eviction night. my guess is they will want to show the winner only once a week, so they will hold off until the Friday or thursday night.

it depends who is on the block who i would want to get these 2 votes, and of course what are they going to do with them, do they have to say ‘i want james and natalies votes’, or can they just eliminate total two, regardless of who did the votes, but base it on who is on the block.

after this conversation with corey, i can’t really see bridget putting up corey and nicole, or nicole and james. more likely zak and michelle, and would be backed by the PP bromance, and james/natalie aren’t going to care, victor isn’t going to care, and nicole/corey aren’t going to care. so if that actually happened, anyone can have the votes. Only if paul or paulie is on the block do those votes make any impact and there isn’t a single person in the house who has paulie as their target, unless James is wise enough to do it. but even if he did have someone up there, who would have the votes behind them to stay over him, unless they are holding those 2 votes? maybe.

Crazy Stuff

I can’t say enough about these HG. They just Don’t know how to play the game. Look at them they not enough good in a nomance. I am sick of all of them NEW CAST NEEDED! They all remind me of the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Scarecrow that needed a BRAIN, The Tin Man that needed a HEART and The Lion that needed COURAGE. The HG need to use the brain they were given, get some courage going on and play the game with their own HEART and MIND! am just saying###

Crazy Stuff

I like Day and Paulie. But Day needed badly to be in this comp to save herself. I believe the HG is going to send her home. She ran her mouth to the wrong HG early on in the game plus all her lies is going to send her packing. Paulie is running the SHOW! I was a Paulie fan, But now I want him on the block and out the door he think he is all that. NOT!


Sad to say girl, but Paulie is playing the best game so far. The only other real players, Tiff and Frank, are gone. Corey okay, but the rest really suck. And there is no way in hell Michelle is a super fan. She gives us real super fans a bad name.


If Paul had a clue about BB he would either keep Paulie on the block or replace him with Corey. I’m hoping this Bromance is just BS. Paulie isn’t going to pull a Cody so his wanting to keep Brig should tell them he won’t keep an F2.
Paul can convince Vic that Paulie wants him gone next week so he has to go. He can do the same with Michelle and tell her Paulie has chosen Brig over her. Add Da, James and Nat and you take out the power. It would be an epic move.
Do I think he’ll do it? No. But I can hope.


After some thought, not only will it not happen (people getting smart and voting out P), but it can’t happen. I believe they would all be too afraid that P has the round trip ticket and will come back in with a vengeance.! If P was smart, he would put the brakes on D and get the other P to put up Z. Homegirl #2 HAS to go!


And Da shouldn’t get anything!!!


these HGs will be stupid to take Paulie off the block. hoping Bridgette wins the POV, so it can be Da and Paulie on the block.

Reality Check

James will do shit nothing with the current power unless the power makes a move on Nat Nat and got her gone from the game. Until that happens, James is riding shotgun with Paulie and Paul.


Here is my thinking about America’s Package:
– Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes: Da’ should get this if Paulie stays on the block! She got something similar on her season and she could rally James/Nat, Bridge and Victor to evict him.
– Super Safety: If Bridgette does survive, this one would be awesome for her to have, considering she may not last long enough for the other 2 packages. Might as well give her safety now.
– Co-HOH: Because I can’t stand anyone else. Victor or James.
– BB Bribe: Victor or James.

If none of the ‘others’ get a package, that would be a huge red flag and sign from America that we don’t like you. What do you guys think about the packages???


The 2 canceled votes is for next week, not this week


Yeah but it would have been great for this week to cause some real damage. It’s a shame that they tell the house guests about the packages. If they were given in secret they could be a lot more useful strategiclly.


The rest of the packages could be secrets… Or at least a few of them coming up, I mean they can’t make the bribe care package work by telling the whole house about it. They must not have realized the pettiness of the house when they gave Nat the no slop one. Production is probably sitting back watching saying to themselves “are these folks serious, they are talking about hate and voting out Nat because of that care package?”

Unbattled Block

I was trying really hard to like Davonne but her farewell videos to evicted HG’s were beyond hard to watch. Very immature and catty.

At least they have the common sense not to waste an HOH getting Bridgette out and going after a true target

I really hope Bridgette wins HOH to shake it up this Thursday, and then gets Safety w week 3 care pkge as well

The Veto PIck

Wow the veto pick coudnt have gone better for Paulie? really? wow


BB needs to have a Wizard of Oz spin and let us vote for “gifts”.

For James…courage
For Michelle/Z/Day…a heart
For Corey/Nat…a brain


Paul going after DaVonne is such a dumb move for his game. Da is not coming after him. Hope he realizes this and wins veto, pulls Bridgette off and nominates Nicole. It will cause that alliance of showmances to crumble


Hope Brigette wins to to still the pot and put up DA would be epic


jeez, learn to proofread.


Yeah James the wuss continue falling in line with Paulie the douche. Have Nat make a deal with them if she wins the veto so they can break the deal with y’all next week. Karma is Karma. How’s is James liked? Come on BB gods give this veto to Bridgette. Save this week. Paulie up on the block with Da would be fun week.


Hey let’s not hate on Paulie because he’s playing w sheep, don’t really like this move at this time of putting himself on the block but overall playing like frank, but without calling people out in front of others.


these guys are so simple minded about strategy.. no foresight whatsoever as long as they not going home this week its all good.. with 11 ppl left the bottom 6 just need to form an alliance take control and pick off the top.. nat james bridge meech zak and da just sitting at the bottom waiting to get picked off apparently satisfied to simply make it one more week.. they could possibly get out paulie this week for gods sake if they just open their eyes and actually try to win the game.. but nope they too busy worrying about meaningless petty fighting or hurt feelings or some stupid high school crush or simply floating along lalalalala.. i mean who cares about 500 grand as long as you have friendship.. smh..


Bye Da’vonne.


Paul is so clueless about BB… he’s more concerned about getting #friendship to trend. I wish I could be there when he first gets internet access after the show. He’s in for a rude awakening when he finds out what America really thinks of him.


Paulie is a dumb ass I don’t think he knows all the info Z has on him & Paul hopefully Z gets a heads up & start exposing his ass. & Maybe we can get something going.

Reality Check

Only problem is Z has done nothing for 46 days in the BB house. Does anybody know what Z’s game is besides bad mouthing the girls, wearing maxi-Z’s and trying to make out with Paulie? Sure Z can really put a game move on Paulie but she is so obsess and dumb about Paulie, she has ZERO game moves.


Oh well Paulie should be off the block soon… then they will replace him with Da’Vonne. Unless Big Meech wins and decides to not use the veto again. Oh well, Da’Vonne you should have never trusted James. James wussed out and ran to the guys. Da’Vonnes biggest mistake was trusting Nicole… she backstabbed Da’Vonne hard. I guess she didn’t learn to not trust people, just shut up and and watch… she would still be in that game if she acted like everybody’s mother.


Da has no one to blame but herself for losing the trust with James after she made the comment that “The couples have to go” and James was with Natalie… I mean how stupid can you be…


I don’t think Da’Vonne was thinking of James and Natalie as a couple… I really don’t think anybody but James and Natalie are the only ones that think of them as a couple. Most people think that Natalie is yanking James chain and it isn’t anything real. No James did what he did last year and tried to get in good with the big boys. Honestly he should have told them nothing or listened to Da’Vonne.
You heard his advise to Natalie… the best strategy for him is to realize that his only hope is take out those other guys (Paulie, Victor, Corey and Paul.) He should grab the opportunity and take Paulie out this week. If nominees stay the same… He could get Natalie, Himself, Victor, Big Meech & Bridgette to evict Paulie that leaves Zak, Nicole and Corey voting out Bridgette or Da’Vonne… Huge game move and a bigger threat go’s home. The power structure would change because Paul can not compete…a complete total house flip. Will that happen no, because some people play to be sheep that are there to be picked off.


The problem is all those people you mentioned that James would need to switch the vote will just tell Paulie that James is trying to get him out and James is gone this week as Paul will replace Paulie with him. The sad fact is that the three girls, Nicole, Michelle and Zak are all in the hands of Paulie and they will rat out James as soon as possible as they also hate Natalie with their typical girl cattiness…

Anonymous too

I am not a fan of Paulie’s but I haven’t paid much attention to BB lately and I am now confused. Does Paulie still have a final two with Corey or is it Paul now? Or both? And they don’t know about each other.


Both. Paulie plays well with whoever is HoH and Bridget now that Frank is gone. Kind of weird how he is all about Brid now, like he wants to be Frank.


Paulie is so confident he puts himself on the block even though he’s in pole position and running the house. production please remind the others they’re on Big Brother! pleeeeeeesss!


What was the BB they had vets come in and be coaches. They need to do that again.

Tiny trump hands

too bad the girls can’t understand the value of a tight, same-sex duo. Every male winner has come to the end with a loyal F2, every female made it to F2 by herself

Jake K.

I somewhat agree. But what about Maggie and Ivette (BB6) for example??


If that’s the real plan (to backdoor Davonne)…..Yeah!!!!!!… I’m all for it. !!!


If James wasn’t such a moron, he’d support Natalie in pulling Bridgette down. They’d have a group of three. Plus Paulie and Da’Vonne will go to war with each other further fragmenting the status quo. Too bad James has no spine. I think Natalie is considering Bridgette if she wins the veto because she’s not a fan of Paulie.


I’d like to see Da stay as well, crossing my fingers that Paul convinces them Bridgette should leave and leave noms the same. However if Da leaves it’s a win win for her. you get to leave the amateur players to finish their wack game and you still get 25k from America’s favorite player.


Americas favourite, you’re either high or one of Da’s relatives. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t get booed. People are soon to forget the lies and gossip she spread around the house. And she was usually the instigator or right in the middle of all the cattiness between the girls. She seems to be a bit better this week, but I think that’s only because she heard the loud applause for Frank when he left and she wasn’t expecting that. She’s starting to realize that shes not looking so good to the BB fans. I’m not a Paulie fan by no means. But I want Day out! Can’t stand watching her ghetto DR sessions anymore.


sabs aka AsAbe I’m not related to Da. Only time will tell. Watch and see


Ok………. then you’re high then!


This season is full of bullies. Everyone in that house is fucking mean except James, Natalie, & Bridgette (by default). Da’vonne is somewhat not mean, but isn’t very good at the game.


James has to many people fooled. No James is just a wuss that slides by on the win of America’s player last season. He’s playing the same fing game that’s not worthy of that title. He does what his king aka Paulie the douche tells him. He falls right in and doesn’t say a word. Bridgette by default lol? If you say so. She’s a loyal strong competitor with a great outlook on people. Nat has no game and boring floater that got a carepackage that was wasted on here cause America doesn’t know how to vote logically.

Bolt Uprite

That wuss got your boy up and out of the house. James plays the game he can play. He can’t go toe to toe with the athletes on their terms. James plays within himself, unlike your boy who tripped over his own dick and shlt the bed.


Da is somewhat not mean? Who are you fooling? Go back and watch the feeds. You need your eyes checked. Da is big instigator in the house. Think a few weeks back when she was talking to Tiffany calming Tiffany down while laughing. Sure she’s somewhat nice I guess lol


This has been such a predictable season. BB please do something about it… it’s a snooz-fest.

Grandma G

I’m glad Nicole gets to host. It was the one thing she didn’t get to experience in her last season and wanted to.

Anyone who doesn’t see Davonne as a huge threat is mistaken. She was one of the last ones standing in the 6 hour endurance comp. She uses truths, half truths and outright lies to go after her target. If she hadn’t wasted most of her time going after Nicole she could have gotten a girls alliance and James for a strong alliance.
Yes, Paulie is a bigger threat to win the game but he is playing a better game than most. If Paulie remains on the block I don’t see many votes against him because his social game is good.
I like that James advises Natalie on what is good for her game and doesn’t expect her to play for him.


I might be glad if she wasn’t so caught up with Corey and wanting america to love her.


I am NOT into Nichole at all this year. She is just, just. Whiny…..ughhhh

Houka Inumuta

This season has too many people who do nothing to contribute to the game, they just follow Paulie and do whatever he says. Cory is a box of rocks and Z has done nothing all season but ride coat tails. They offer nothing to show.


There is just no hope for this season. None. Hell, I stopped watching the show and only skim thru the recaps. I do like reading the comment section the most though 🙂


Victor is such a two faced fool. Before he was kicked out he would mock James for doing all the pranks in the house and now he is actively promoting to do pranks… Hope James catches on soon that Paulie and Paul are going to use Victor to either get James or Natalie out over the next few weeks and instead they need to boot Victors arse out the door again for good.

Tonight and 2020

At first I was thinking Victor was really weird but I don’t think that’s it …I just think he’s trying to hard to be somebody he’s not.. I think she’s trying to be like Paul because Paul is well liked in the house and everybody thinks he’s funny so he’s just trying to be really funny and it’s just not working for me ..


Please people DO SOMETHING-
What’s good for your own game.
If something does not happen soon
I will have to give up any hope for this season. It’s been a snoozefest so far.


I m gonna be honest, I root for him…these ppl just desreve what s coming…and what is coming is Paulie evicting them one by one..and I can t possibly rott for the Bachelor gils, or the puppets or even Day after she s playing a really bad game….so the last person left is Paulie


Well victor thought (maybe) if you can’t beat’em join them.
Everyone was so happy and excited when James the wuss was doing it.
To get along, you go along.
James is nothing but dumbass that
Floats until he don’t and his stupid ass is out the door.


James is an idiot.
Bridgette for the win.


Does it matter to me if Da’vonne is a target? No.
Do the surrounding implications make me shake my head? Yes.
The majority of the houseguests are incredibly short sighted and possess the memory of a fish.
Point in fact, the majority of the house agreed to revolving door the battle back winner, whoever it may be.
The fact that everyone not currently aligned with Vic isn’t up in arms that for two weeks he hasn’t been on the block after a house agreement, why aren’t any of those fools figuring out that if he’s not on the block, he must be aligned with the people deciding the nominations, or the person pulling their strings?
Have any of the women noticed that none of the men, when naming potential targets, have mentioned the name of a man at all this week? If every man is naming women as the next targets, and the women aren’t concerned, then they deserve to be picked off.
These women cast in the game this year are about as strategically useful as waterwings in the winter.
The longer this week drags on, the more convinced i become that i will not see an epic blindside the likes of which have not been seen since Godfrey vs. Jordan on BBCan 3 (similar situation, with a guy thinking he had a better understanding of the game in a majority alliance volunteering to go on the block, but then getting the tables turned on him). At this point, in order to make that dream come true, Paulie needs to be on the block on Thursday, possibly against Da, and someone needs to turn Vic (by telling him Frank and Paulie were complete partners in the backdoor week two), then convince James and Natalie that both of them need to turn (probably by using the idea that it’s what the majority wants), and somehow get all of the girls aligned to actually go after a man in a way that doesn’t involve showmancing them. Okay…. yeah, that dream may be too hard to accomplish. Still, it would be incredibly wonderful to watch Paulie leave on Paul’s hoh, even though one of the two of them have the round trip ticket if my sense of the storyline for the season is in any way correct.

Hi , bye .

Bring frank back ! So boring now . Zzzzz


Let’s go Bridg


I am liking Bridget and finally have a favorite!!


Please be a baking comp

Lady Mormont

Gosh, I hope Corey wins.

Lady Mormont

I mean the whole season.


Bye Da! She has no one playing in the veto that would not do what Paulie wants…Natalie is like the only one but she won’t not do what the house wants! It’s funny to me she’s going after Frank one week later you beat Frank but lost the game idiot!


Not really a fan of Paulie AT ALL ever since he started getting cocky… Like over the top cocky. BUT, you’re delusional if you think he isn’t playing a GREAT game. Maybe I’m biased since I picked him to win from the very beginning, but I think he’s very underrated. He’s a wayyyy better player than his brother. He’s not afraid to call someone out & I guarantee if he has to cut Paul or Corey then he will do it in a heartbeat if it’s best for his game. He never would’ve taken Derrick to final 2 over Victoria lmao. Still not rooting for him though… I’d love to see him get voted out this week!!


I hope Bridget wins VETO and Paulie has to stay on the block with Da’.


Damn it James! Why do you have this whole game figured out now? Aren’t you a week late?


As much as I hate the vile gnome, I have a sneaky suspicion that Paul picked up on the game very quickly when he saw the eviction of his 3 close allies (Jozea, Vic, Bronte). He assimilated to a subordinate role, recognizing the Alpha Dogs, played to their ego, worshipped them and agreed with everything they said, just waiting for the right time to strike! Well, now’s the time! He can rally the Newbies about the agreement they all made when they entered the house to get the Vets out! He can keep Paulie up and replace Nic as the renom for Bridge. He’s got Vic, Mbitch, Z, Bridge (once he pulls her off), Corey (once he puts Nicole up in B’s place). James, Nat and Da will fall in line because they’d want to get the biggest target and vote with the house! That’s what a Player would do! But we all know Paul is an egomaniac obsessed with his genitals, and Paulie knows this and is using it.


Paulie is always the little birdy in someone’s ear!!! I’m not surprised nobody has figured him out yet because EVERYBODY TRUSTS HIM! I think Paul has definitely lost control of his HOH and wanting Bridgette out, allowing Paulie to convince him to take out Da just because it’s bad for his own game. As much as Da is disliked, could she be the only hope of flipping the house? If she goes home, these showmances will take up the majority of the house. The first to get picked off would possibly be Nat and James, which I hope not. I think James will regret turning on Da because she was not targeting him or Nat yet. Yea, she’s caused drama, but so has all of the other houseguests. These girls (except for Da) are so BLINDED by these guys, they’ll be leaving Paulie and Paul in control the entire time. Maybe Vic will get jealous and realize that he’s not Paul’s No. 1? Maybe Bridgette, James, Nat, or MEECH will realize that Paulie and Paul are controlling this house and do something about it before it’s too late. I don’t know. Please Shake things up!!!!

Powder Puff Girls

I think James regrets putting up Frank.


Paulie instead of Da get rid of one of those showmance chicks Z or N. Paul can’t see Paulie’ s running this game is not smart. He needs to team up with Da ,James, Nat and Bridge he may win.


Funny how James makes sure that Natalie makes deals when he himself can’t keep a deal. What an idiot hobbit.