Havenots and POV players picked! “ME F*** FACE”

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10:17am Have nots picked
Havenots = Alex, Christmas and Elena
Mark is also a have not as he went for the have not temptation and picked the wrong door cursing him a Have not for 2 weeks

Paul – as head of household I must choose 3 have nots for the week
Paul – which three haven’t been havenots yet

zmas – me.. f*face
Paul – you three beautiful ladies are now have nots
Paul adds that mark is also a Have not having gone for the have not temptation but picking the wrong door.
Paul – the have not temptation is back in play only the first persons to claim the key in the Diary room can accept the temptation Mark because you received the have not temptation last week you are not eligible this week

Paul – ladies who wants to run in there? (usually there’s a sprint to the DR to get the Key but since 3 in a row have gotten the penalty people are becoming less enthusiastic about it)
Xmas – NOPE
Elena – what colour is it..
Paul – Purple..
Elena – ok

10:27am Paul and Jason HOH Studying
Paul tells him to not pick Elena if he gets Houseguest Choice. Paul says Elena really knows her Storm Watch and he would rather the two of them win it.
Paul – if she (Elena) does get picked I’m going to ask her to throw it, I want to pull you off.

Jason – I think Elena and Christmas would vote me off If I stayed up there
Paul – doesn’t matter it’s only 2 votes
Paul – Dude she (xmas) was getting on my f*ing nerves last night
Jason – it was driving me f*ing nuts
Paul – I was like you might not even play so shut the f* up
Paul – at least Elena was actively helping
Jason – and she’s (xmas) telling everyone to shut the f* up .. just bossing.. I was like HEY you shut the F* up
Jason – she’s been rubbing me wrong since day one, I can’t say nothin and then I break her f*ing leg it’s been a slippery slop
Paul – she has a very assertive personalty. It’s always about her.. she always brings it about her foot..
Paul – I was like f* my back hurts and she’s like “ewww is your foot broken’
Paul – B1tch

They bring up how she talks to you about irrelevant tangents and commands the conversation and when you try and walk away she gets mad.
Paul – you’re going off on a tangent nobody cares

Jason – she’s like you know you have to rub me (her foot)
Jason – I’m like KEVIN if you don’t step up every time I have to rub that b1tch
Jason – She blackmails the f* outta me
Jason – Kevin just laughs his a$$ off..

Jason wanted to like Cody but he just couldn’t
Paul- he’s a c**k
Jason – he’s a dumb prick
Paul – he’s a dumb prick and a f*ing pu$$y
Paul – he talks sh1t, says what are you going to do and then walks away. (Surprised Paul is retelling it like this. I got the impression that after Cody left the room Paul jumped all over him showboating in front of the house)

Paul now claims that Cody ran into his room and cried after the confrontation with him.
Paul – what a dumb pr1ck

Jason starts impersonating Cody..

11:13am Kevin and Jason Studying
Lost size in Tijuana where she went to the orchard and picked a poison apple..
Microbiologist.. all other experts disagree.. precipitation hasn’t been that this low since hurricane Glen..

No studying..

Pov Players have been picked
Cody, Jessica, Paul, Jason, Kevin, Raven
Host = Christmas

10:57am HOH Paul and Kevin

Paul going off about Cody getting booed this season because they never studied for the Veto.
Kevin says once Jessica and Cody are out he’ll throw the Veto to Paul.
Paul – that pr1ck is done.. dead in the water.. that’s the second time I get his a$$ out of this game.. They’re sucking face.. that f*er is 32 years old what a absolute child.. F*ing disgusting..

11:05am Paul, Kevin, raven, Elena and Jason

Paul telling them he wants to use the veto on Jason so they can get another vote to get Cody out.

11:31am Kevin and Alex
Kevin is mentioning how Christmas in the game isn’t fair to the other players..
Kevin pointing out that they are being portrayed like peons, Maybe not Alex because she’s winning stuff.
Kevin saying if they can get Cody out they should put up Mark and Matt.

Kevin – say it’s me, PAul and Jason.. Alex i’m just going to go.. (throw the POV)

11:37am Alex and Jason
Alex telling him Jessica did not get safety for 4 weeks that is a lie.
Alex tells him if she wins HOH Jessica and Christmas are going up.

12:13pm Elena helping Jason prepare.
Elena – if I don’t get super skinny this week i’m gonna be pissed.. if I lose my curves I’m going to be pissed.

12:18pm Elena and Mark HAve nots
Elena – if I act a particular way around you, in front of people, not that I am goin gto be hateful, malicious and mean or anything like that.
Elena – it’s just because People need to perceive the separation. do you understand what I am saying
Mark – mmmmmhmmm … I got it
Elena – you’re turning away from me right now because you are upset..

Elena kisses him.. Mark starts crying.
Elena – are you crying about me.. that’s a yes huh..
Mark – mmmmhmmm

Elena leaves..

12:41pm Elena and Cody Storage room
Cody says Jessica won’t let him jump on the grenade this week. He imagines she will be using teh Hex.
Elena doesn’t know if she’s throwing her game away from someone she just met.
Elena – Am I a ice queen or am I a dickhead.. I can’t be a little bit of both

Elena – Mark is so passionate.. A lot of me this whole time was like DUDE.. I’m just the best option in the house for you to point your dick at, LIke you don’t really like me.. llike it’s just a intrigue. I’m your best option .. I dunno maybe he genuinely does like me and if I hurt him that will kill me.. it’s rock and a hard place

Mark comes in to grab some razers…
Cody – he’s so bummed out

Elena – I’m a floater now
Cody – no you’re not you’re a outsider
Elena – I’m a outsider now..

1:01pm HOH Paul, Christmas, BOYz2men, Alex, raven

Paul is going to tell Jessica that Cody is the target and he’s got clarification of her power.
Paul – I know once yo use it you can’t use it again.
Boys2men – there’s still 10 people in the house that won’t be happy with you

Christmas please go to the Diary room
Paul – we’re going to compete
Christmas – someone pour a pot of coffee down my throat
Paul if you don’t give the house what they want this week it will seek out revenge the following week.

1:20pm Jessica and Cody

Jessica – Cody I don’t want to be separated from you before Jury
Cody – I’m sorry… If we don’t win HOH we’re going out next week ..
Jessica – they already told me if I don’t win safety they’ll take me out
Cody – as far as next week if it’s you or me I’m jumping on that grenade

1:27pm Kevin and Jessica
Kevin is encouraging her to consider leaving the hex for herself she might need it in a week or two. Points out that the house will be gunning for Cody every week.

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I’d like to see Kevin win an hoh. I have no idea what he would do.


He’d do whatever his daddy Paul tells him to. Kevin is fun to lol watch but strategically he’s a bitch.


I think he would do what Paul wants. Paul knows Kevin won the 25 grand he can hold it over Kevin’s head correct me if I am wrong.

Aunt Cece

Whatever Paul told him to do.


That’s why he doesn’t want to win it cuz he doesn’t know what he’ll do either. He has to then pick a side and he enjoys the middle ground. He’s Nice to everyone and everyone likes him.

Luvin' Kevin

He even said why win it until you have to. His strategy is to let them pick off each other. It should get him to jury at least. With the $25k he already took (plus a few bucks from that one comp lol) he’ll go back to Boston with at least $38k for a summer. It’s all about the Benjamins for Kevin. But I hope he steps it up when the time comes.


Wonder what characters/alliances would have developed if Dom had won the hex and Cameron had come back in the house.

Pants on fire

Mark and Elana in the have not room together. Time for a make up or furthering the break up? Maybe Elena will get lucky and get the slop pass for the week.


Elena is already cranky, now she has to sleep on that bed and eat slop……only going to get worse!

The Garage Disposal

What a visual!! Elena eating slop on a spiked bed!!! While shoveling slop in her pie hole, eat she must be careful not to puncture any surgically enhanced area.

Wasted Time

Elena had breast REDUCTION, not implants. FYI


Will The DR give her TUMS and a cushion?

Garage Disposal

Elena will find a way to strap a feed bag to her enormous inflatable lips. Doesnt make any difference. She’ll eat anything not moving. Ask Mickey!


Those lips are ridiculous. Not sure why people think that lips like inflatable butt cheeks are a hot commodity.


They are talking like Cody is gone. Do they really believe Jess won’t use the Hex? lol


She mentioned that as a possibility and Cody said she shouldn’t use it on him last night, so it is a possibility. Unlikely because they have until Thursday to calm down, but it could happen.


If Cody doesn’t when POV and pull himself off, Jess won’t use it. Cody will leave and then she still has it for next week. If she uses it this week, she has nothing for next week if she doesn’t when HOH. If she doesn’t use it, it will be the first thing she has done right in this game.


she would have to use it to save herself,or she would be voted out…so bye bye power.


Cody is the target. She doesn’t use it this week, she can use it next week to save her if cody goes this week. It would get her to jury. Thing is, the house isn’t trying to get her out. It’s Cody, Mark, Elana before her. So she should use it to by Cody another week and hope they get HOH next week.


Jessica did say that she might not use it last night, and Cody told her not to use it on him if he’s going to hurt her game going forward. They do have until Thursday to calm down, but it is a possibility that she doesn’t use the hex this week. Unlikely, but it could happen.

Mr. Know It All Paul

They know she can only use it once… what they don’t understand is she can save both her and Cody with it.


If Jessica doesn’t use it, they will vote her out before Cody so she can’t use it the next week. She is stupid if she actually believe they will send Cody out the door and leave her with power to use the following week.

ChillTown 2.0

I know I said it before but Victor really boosted Paul’s image last season. It is crazy I forgot about P & P and without Victor charming everyone Paul is coming across as the entitled d^ck head he is. This cast is unbelievably filled with so much vitrol and lacking any common sense.

Just curious for everyone in the big house alliance outside of Jessica and Cody what happens if those 2 leave? Is Paul taking everyone F2?? Just think people jesus christ. Additionally, if I am Jessica and Paul tells me again how the whole house loves me and without Cody (her only ally) she wont be targeted I would tell Paul to F*CK off because I am not dumb.

Thanks to Dayvonne giving Nicole the W last year we were blessed to have the bearded arsehole back in the house to lead the sheep. BTW Josh is an absolute joke, Mark should be allowed to smash Josh’s face in because Josh is being the worst type of bully. If there is anyone I am rooting for its Mark because the minions are letting him sit there and take verbal abuse from a moron, when they know he cannot react.

This season hasnt been enjoyable at all, so Jody needs to win the next HOH and take out Paul!

James is Taller Than Paul

Get to steppin Paul!

Tyrion is Taller Than Paul

That will be the highlight of the season.


Completely agree about Mark before this I didn’t really like him or care about him but it’s ridiculous people are acting like hes the bully for ripping the pan out of Joshes hand and telling him to get out of his face.


Are we forgetting about the drink in Josh’s face?
Bad, bad move.
Mark what have you done?


Paul has been enjoyable

So predictable

Will production please put a muzzle on Paul? He just keeps going and going and going … can’t wait until someone catches him off guard like a deer caught in headlights 😉


He did slip when talking about who got the 25 gtand on Thurs! He sad Kevin, and they caught it and then let it go and it was never mentioned again! I was never a Mark supporter until now, the way these people are treating him breaks my heart! lol


he said cameron, not kevin.

Jess's finger

That hairy gnome will find a way to gnaw through anything. Did the gnome come out this season or last as a gay man?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I think Raven has taken the crown as the most hated houseguest of all time. She was expecting the temptation so must think America loves her.(hahahahaha)
Hoping she gets booed.

Botox Pelosi

I agree that Raven is a zero but I will take her all day over Josh. Paul is sickening too.

Botox Pelosi

I think this is the farthest I have ever gone in a season without figuring out who I want to win the game. I started out thinking Cody since he was the only one standing up to Paul but he lost me when he went AWOL. Then I thought Alex and Jason but I’m done with them since they are just puppets for Paul. I liked Xmas in the beginning but she is just too shady for me. Josh and Paul are the worst so I guess I am leaning to Kevin?

Who are you pulling for?


I have zero idea who I want to win….I just don’t like anyone enough and there really is not much gameplay going on.
If I had to pick a Final 2 RIGHT NOW, it would be Jess and Elena. Jess is playing (somewhat) and Elena is smart. Bitchy but smart. I do not like Kevin….slimy and sneaky.
For AFP, I may just go with Ramses.

I hate you all

They are alot of people I want to lose.
Remember in All-Stars when Dr. Will said “I hate you all.”?


Dr Will is Chilltown 2.0 right?


I don’t know, everyone says Alex is up Paul’s ass, but that could easily change. She can win things so I’d say she could be in the best position to challenge him if she works on her social game some more. She’s got Jason, and maybe Kevin, at the moment.

I think I’d like Jess a lot more if Cody wasnt there, and I’m interested to see what her gameplay would be like, she sort of just moped the last time he left. No one else in the house is worth a mention st this point. Most of them are super annoying, or basically useless. And I don’t see any of them successfully challenging Paul. It’s like they’re all too scared to strategize or something.

BB Fan

Definately Elena. I like her personality. She’s bitchy, which is super entertaining and she’s very smart. She understands the dynamics of the game and i think she would be a worthy winner. I can’t stand the majority of the other houseguests.


Kevin has sold his sole to Paul come on I loved Kevin too and he’s funny but he’s in with the rest of the little bottom feeders worshipping Paul’s word!

Blayne Gayle

Cody and Jessica is dum and dumer they need to go home


Raven seems like trailer trash. I hate to say that but she is so mean and trash just comes out of her mouth!

Bunny Flop

If Jody sits out the veto, wonder what GnomeBeard will do? Think his beard will catch fire? Oh I hope so.


The gnome’s facial beard? Am sure he has plenty of ‘beards’ outside the house.

Nonon Jakuzure

Here’s what I think f ever houseguest right now.

Paul, I really don’t like him at all. He’s the strongest player this year but he’s a complete D-bag
Alex, In the beginning I thought she will be the player that stands her ground and is in it to win it but now she’s just one of Paul’s useless follower
Raven/Matt just feels like the same person to me right now. Followers with no brain of their own. Doesn’t do anything noteworthy otherwise
Kevin, I’m a little impressed with his gameplay he manage not to be a target with a cast full of younger people and appears to be going fairly far in this game.
Elena, I honestly don’t care for her
Christmas, sometimes I forget she is in this house lol
Cody/Jessica, they are ok, the only hope to change up this season
Josh, I feel so bad for his family that he’s presenting them this way with how he’s behaving
Mark, he’s getting played
Jason, I’m super disappointed in him. He knew about Paul before and now he’s getting on the bandwagon

James is Taller Than Paul

I agree with everything you said except the Elena comment. She hasn’t done anything for me to have an opinion about her.


Elena is working for Paul to get out Cody and then Jessica. She’s plotting in the HOH room with Paul and the minions on how to mind f**k Jessica into getting rid of Cody and not use the hex.

I Hate Paul

This season is a Paul set up!!!! Everything is for him!!! I can’t stand him, he is so 2 faced! He only has “friendship” with you if you do what he says!!!


Well, looks like Jessica is definately using the Halting hex, so, no Paul, you’re not getting Cody out again. Production would have probably convinced her to use it anyway. It’s part of the schedule.


Exactly!! fuck its ridiculous


If I was Jess, Cody and Mark in that House right now I would pull some pranks on people besides Josh and Paul in that House right now. They need to flip it and let the others feel the heat for a change, because it’s much too convenient for everyone else to sit back and enjoy it when they don’t have to get involved. – I would, take a ride on Christmas’ scooter when she wasn’t looking and leave it at the opposite end of the House every chance I got. Or go and flip Alex’s bed over, or better yet hide her kitty ears again and blame Christmas. Lie about a banner you saw regarding Matt and Raven. Pour all the cereal out on to the counters ! Anything to cause CHAOS amongst the SHEEP !!! It’s better than Paul running the show and he will be confused as to WTF is going on. A whole House fighting is better than just 3 people fighting, because it doesn’t single anyone out.

Capt. Obvious

They aren’t that creative.


Paul is a giant standing tall amidst mental pygmies. The Gospel according to St. Paul is crude, vulgar, and not worth listening to. But the Pygmies continue to follow. Come the first double eviction it would be nice to see St. Paul, and his loyal apostle Josh “get to steppin” on their way to the Jury house.

Jim Jones

Wait til the gnome starts passing out the Kool-Aid. Make sure gnome take the first swig!!

Boney Maroney

Big Brother better start looking at who they cast next season. They’re hemoraging viewers daily.

Bounce Paul

Can you imagine having to live with Josh? I’m sick of Paul running the show too.

All we can hope for is that things can change in a hurry in the Big Brother house.

less of 2 evils

Live with Cody (up), live with Josh (down)

Bunny Flop

I wouldn’t complain. Except, I have to fast forward every time Josh or Paul start talking. Then I miss some of the gaming. I have to fast forward every time Jody,maven, or Marlena are on. So I feel like I’m not enjoying it as much as I could. So that’s what I would complained about.


I’m with you Simon. There has never been this much drama/game play so early in the season. It keeps things interesting. I could go for a little less temptations, I was happy when I thought it was all over when Jess got hers, but oh well it is the summer of temptation.


The play of this season is what makes this season good. A lot more action than we have had in some seasons before. I don’t get how people can complain about bringing back vets now when they have done it in the past.. Think they equate seasons with people’s personalities


Because Simon, they have nothing better to do than complain. There are certain people who will continue to complain no matter how good it is. I am enjoying it as well..


It has the potential to get really good. If nobody goes out this week, it could mean having 3 doubles in order to end on schedule. Maybe 3 weeks in a row. Good stuff.


Paul has such an obsession with Cody, so much so that it’s downright annoying to hear anymore. His retelling of the event is getting bigger and bigger with every telling. It’s just excruciating.


Jess would be a fool NOT to use the hex on Cody. He is the only person that she truly can depend on. The others are after her and having Cody leaves two people playing for HOH not just one.


She won’t use it on only Cody. The power is to stop halt evictions. That means no eviction Thursday. I hope she uses it, too. I would can’t wait to see the looks on the houseguests faces when they realize what Paul did to them. Bunch of moronic sheep following a bigger moron (Paul).


It doesn’t matter. She can’t possibly win with Cody at her side. EVERYONE in the house hates him, and you can’t win HOH every week. It’s only a matter of time before he gets picked off anyway. If it were me. I would be saving that HEX for myself. It means 2 more weeks safety for her, and that is plenty of time to form some relationships with other people in the house. Cody has 0 chance of winning this game, and she will be targeted on the block with him every week they aren’t HOH until one of them is gone. There is absolutely no point in saving him. Abandon ship, keep your HEX and cultivate new relationships in the house.


Too late for her to form relationships. The hex used this week saves her, too. Not just Cody. They both need to stop talking to people & just play their own game. Survive as long as they can then go home/to jury. Seriously. Cody screwed up when putting Christmas on the block. Now they need to focus on at least getting Paul out before they get the boot (which is kinda inevitable).

Pants on fire

Last year I loved watching Paul with Pablo and when he had to do the secret service routine chasing people around the house, sliding on tables and jumping couches. He is a much harder watch this year but I think part of that is it has become an extension of last year and it is becoming tiring to watch and hear!!


Gay men always have crushes on military/marines. Paul just cant handle Cody’s dislike for him. Go figure!


Good news, House Guests! Elena’s a Have Not. More ice cream for the rest of you!

Weight Watcher

Oh, good Lord. Although she is a weight gainer. She does has a good appetite.


I’m so tired of the bullying! Now Paul is going to bully Jess! Geez she is all alone basically, she’s playing her own game and not Paul’s. God forbid Someone thinks different in this house.

1984 Apple Commercial

Much like the 1984 Apple commercial was about thinking different and breaking the status quo, in this house if you do any of that, you are isolated! Its such a group mentality and dont think for yourself herd this year, thinking differently gets you no where in that house this year.


Still can’t move past Jason telling the porcupine comparison to all the men he said Jessica allegedly had sex with. It had to be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard a man, let alone a father say about any girl. It makes me sick that both Raven and Alex sat there and added to it. This is what happens when you (specifically Alex), calls another woman names like slut, etc. A man would feel that comfortable to say such a vile statement in front of you. Classless bitches.


I agree. Jason slipped in my estimation with that one too and I’m pissed about it. I find him funny and there’s only so many likeable HG to choose from for cryin’ in the night! I wouldn’t call myself a prude, but that kind of s*^t-shaming I cannot stand. And Jessica told Cody that Jason was “really, really good to her”. What changed? Just playing along with the girls? Sheesh, buddy.


I’m done with Jason and Alex they are 100% disgusting people. Way over the top with hate.


I really wish someone would step up and put Paul on the block. The house would wise up and vote him out. He doesn’t need the money. Wierd as it sounds. I’d like to see Jason win as he can provide his family with a better life. Most likely want happen. Cody sees Paul for what he is. Paul is aware that Cody is on to him. Wish Cody could control his temper. It would be a plus for him to at least get to Jury. It appears that he could use the money .


This isn’t a game of charity. Winning isn’t about who needs it most.


Watching these bozos tying to figure out the hex is hilarious. It’s all in the name…HALTING Hex. It means she uses it and no eviction this week. Paul’s HoH will be for nothing (which makes me happy), and he cannot play in Thursday’s HoH (which makes me happier), and Cody/Jess have a shot at winning & could put that bearded moron on the block (which would make me happiest).

Short bus driver

Everybody saying that Paul is wasting hog this week is way off-base. Cody and Jess are the only two he can’t trust at all. If he doesn’t get her to use the hex now, he’s stuck with the same problem a week later. Plus it’s good to make sure that those two remain targets next week, rather than the house buying Jess’s lie and letting them sneak by for yet another week.

Also, everyone worried about Paul dominating, be patient. There’s only been, what, 4 people evicted (almost all of whom were boring duds)? It’s smart for people like Alex Kevin and Matt to lay low and let him do the dirty work. They’ll make their moves soon enough. Probably as soon as Cody and Jess are gone. You all should be rooting for Jody to get booted, because that’s when the next phase of the game will kick in


Based on your GIF above Matt has picked up his game! He is using a spoon. I have only seen the one guest appearance of 3-Shirt? Maybe it was a rental

nobody goes this week!

paul wasted hoh because we all know double eviction coming up soon

Ice Queen Dickhead

Josh, where art thou?


I would like to see a season where they don’t bring back any former players. It’s run it’s course in my opinion. The newbies need to be able to develop their own game not follow around vets. It’s painful to watch how Paul can lie to everyone but screams loyalty and friendship and they just follow him around.


I think the problem lies in the mixed group of vets with new faces. Maybe something like Survivor did where all the HG’s are returning players. Not an “all-stars” but rather most memorable HGs who didn’t win. Folks like Donny, Victor, as much as I don’t like Paulie, he tried to play, and Audrey or Vanessa, or that girl with black hair in season 16…


Regardless if you like Paul or not once he leaves it’ll be a snooze fest in the house.


While I agree with your perspective to a degree, maybe without Paul in the house it would be a complete train wreck because Im not sure anyone in that house would know that to do with themselves without Master Paul dictating. These house guest could win HOH and nominate themselves for all they know how to play….lol


I find very little about Paul entertaining. Without him we might actually see some game being played. Without Paul you have smaller factions that each have a different agenda and eviction night might get interesting again without the same predictive mass vote.

Jessica's Smarter Twin

If I were Jess here is how I would play it. I would go to Paul to confirm that the house is targeting Cody and not her. I would try to make the following deal. I would ask that if Paul convinces the winner to use the veto to take Jess off the block then she wouldn’t use the hex. If Jess doesn’t get pulled off the block then tell Paul she has no other choice to use the hex because she can’t trust that the vote won’t flip at the last min like last week. So Cody will be here another week and Paul will miss the opportunity to get Cody out again on his HOH. This way she gets off the block and keeps the hexfor another week.


Paul nominating Jess and Cody had some interesting results. It almost ended up with two showmance breakups, made Jessica seriously distrust Cody and who he is outside the house, and gave her out an option in her head to separate from Cody (at Cody’s request).
The chances are that Jessica will stick with Cody and keep that target on her back, but people who say that Paul’s HOH will be all for nothing are wrong. It caused all sorts of waves, which might end in an eviction or might not. I don’t think it really matters though because things aren’t easily forgotten in the house so this stuff will come back up. It was interesting that Paul was willing to risk going against a temptation that Jess was very unclear about in order to call her bluff.

It was good to see Cody being honest with Jessica about who he is, it was frustrating to see Jessica lecture him afterward about who he is. She either needs to accept him or let him go.


Once this week is a wash, and Jessica uses the Hex, I want to see Cody come back with a vengeance. He has enough ammo to go after some big players on the other side. I think he will go after Alex and Jason for sure. He feels like they switched sides on him, and if not them he will probably go for Matt and Raven. I don’t see him going for Paul unless the POV is used, and unless Cody or Jess win, you can bet Paul will talk whomever out of using it. I want to see Pauls minions lose a few numbers before jury. Let them sweat a little. It would be interesting to see that side sweat a little. Cody has nothing to lose at this point but to take out whoever he can.

Suitcase sally

Instead of Maven, it’s more like Rat (t)!

online player

Anonymous, how do you think Paul doesn’t need the money. if he did have the money, he wouldn’t come on the show

Chilltown AKA the best alliance in BB history

From what I heard Paul didn’t wanna go back on the show but Production went out of there way and asked Paul to go back on the show and i think he didn’t want to but once money was involved he probably said ok.

North Best

I really hope jess doesnt drink the Paul Kool aid and think she’s only a target with Cody, she has been and will always be a target because she’s actually playing the game unlike some of the other fools on this show. Matt raven josh xmas and now I think Alex and Jason should be gone in that order. I’m not sure if Jason is a sucker for Paul or if it’s his strategy until the right moment.