“Houseguests, Congratulations there will be no have nots this week except for Elena”

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9:05am WAKE UP music Feeds cut to fish. When the feeds come back everyone still sleeping..

9:34am A HOH Lockdown has been called.
Kevin – Jas was it a mistake.. (Kevin calls Jason jas)
Jason – no.. it’s a HOH lockdown
Jason – I gotta take a piss something fierce..
Kevin – IP daily by yellow streams

9:43am Kevin telling the story about last night.

Tells them about Alex painting Jason’s toe and finger nails black. He grabbed the gallon of cold water and poured it on Alex.
Kevin – it was a riot

9:45am HOH Lockdown..

10:07am Have nots..

Paul – you guys really outdid yourself this time.. (LOL there’s no slop display)
Josh – Houseguests, congratulations there will be no have nots this week expect for Elena.. Elena you will be the only have not this week.
(Only Elena because she went for the have not temptation last week and got the curse)

Cody frantically grabs his stuff out of the have nots. They assumed they would be have nots this week. (LOL)

Cody – Thanks Big Brother.. we needed
Cody – I love this HOH..
Jessica – not yet..
Cody – not yet..

Mark tells Elena – I’ll stay in here with you this week. (AWWWW.. )

10:14am Jessica and Cody

There must be something “Gross” on Matt/Raven’s bed.
Cody – Cover that up guys..
Cody – don’t look
Jessica – gross.
(it’s left up to our imagination)
They start talking about how much Paul name drops..

Cody says he use to know someone that was in the Army that would lie about their service, just small lie after small lie. He started believing it in the end, “It was sad to watch”
They agree Paul is like this.
Jessica is going to make up some fake names and test Paul to see if he says he knows them.

10:32am Cody and Jessica
Jessica – this week might be a double eviction
Cody – if that’s the case and it’s another crapshoot HOH
Jessica- it’ll be true or false
COdy – give me endurance.. my gosh .. let me terrorize this place just once that’s all I ask

10:39am Jessica – oh god please let Cody get picked today

10:45am Mark and Cody Bathroom
Cody – small victories..
Mark – yeah.. this is a tough week
Cody says this was like training in the marine core it was always shitty .. but there was small victories throughout the day “Yeah f*ers”
Cody – the power is stripped from him, that what irked him so mad about Jessica (Irked Josh that Jessica got nominated by default for losing the temptation competitions)
Cody – in fact you have no power now, you can’t even vote..
Mark – we’ll see what happens with this veto
Cody – they’re trying to pit us against each other
Mark – no matter what man I’m glad you came back fresh start

11:00am Alex, Kevin and Jason
Kevin talks about their spot being perfect they can see who goes in what rooms.
Kevin – you should give Jess a hug today..
Kevin – If they don’t get that POV (Cody/Jessica) She’ll be back to work.. what Saturday night..
Alex leaves..
Elena is a pain in the ass she thinks the show should be called Elena Big Brother.. she thinks the whole show is for ther.

11:06am Josh and Christmas
Christmas – we need to talk before the Veto because PAul still wants me to use my Thing
Josh – did you tell him (Paul) you told me (about her POV power)
Xmas – no
Josh – you should have seen how I outed Elena, It was EPIC..
Josh says Paul was saying “I never saw it before but now I see it”
Josh – I was like Fool I’m telling you she was throwing you name under the bus
xmas – if she gets the veto she’ll use it on herself..
Josh – ya
xmas – you need to talk to her about not using it on herself (waste of time)
Xmas – you want me to tell Paul you told me not to use it (her POV temptation power)
Josh – Yeah.. I don’t want you to use it because down the line we’ll need it
xmas – we will need it, doesn’t make sense when theirs three people we don’t want on the block

josh doesn’t want the POV played “there’s three targets on the bloc”
Josh thinks Paul see’s through Paul’s bullshit
Xmas warns that Paul has had a slot of close conversations with Elena nad he doesn’t tell any information about those conversations.
Josh – I’m doing it in best interest of my game, the group’s game. .I want Elena out..
Josh – I’ve had your back this whole game but I want Elena out..

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BB #1 fan

I wonder why Elena is getting such bad edits. She seems like a nice girl.

On the flip side I think Kevin is greasy and can’t figure out why others don’t see it.

I am still hoping for our sick friend to win the money so she can take care of her health issues!


No words…..surely you jest…..

Resist the Twist

I think he actually is serious. But don’t call him Shirley LOL


the way production is going to play this out is by having a Paul & Alex VS Cody & Jess throughout the rest of the season. that is the storyline production is painting right now. Elena or Mark will be the sacrificial lamb this week. this production stunt with Josh & Xmas was used last year when production instructed Natalie & James to work with Nicole & Corey instead of Paul & Victor. for those who are outraged by the bullying that took place a few days ago, that was also a production stunt. wouldn’t shock me if by some strange reason Jess is voted off this week, that production instructs Paul to work with Cody. EXPECT THE EXPECTED! show is scripted to entertain.

Bounce Paul

You have to love seeing Paul drop in the daily ranking grid. He has dropped all the way to eighth place even behind Josh today. LMAO.


Hopefully, he will be dropped right out of the house as soon as these people wake up!

Sick of this show

I agree with you 100% it is fixed. HOH comp was something that Josh could win. He said he went miniature golf with his dad. Very well choreographed. The whole show.


IIt’s time for those “sheep” to leave the flock. Paul is playing everyone’s game and it is very disturbing. Cody and Jessica are the real players of the game. I would hate to see them go early in the game.


It’s time for those “sheep” to leave the flock. Paul is playing everyone’s game and it is very disturbing. Cody and Jessica are the real players of the game. I would hate to see them go early in the game.

i watched the first few episodes last night and i gotta admit. cody is super shallow. he puts up jill and megan for no other reason but they are ugly. no other reason.. he’s mean to ugly people cause he’s just a douche. and his stone face is getting old. hes just throwing a fit right now bc he though he had 500k in the bank but when paul walked in his dreams got shattered so he’s being a baby right now. and jessica strait up is a racist slut cunt. she called alex pow pow. they look nothing alike but im sure to all ignorant white folks all asians look the same right. that is strait up racist of her. and she’s super catty about alex too bc she’s a mean girl at heart that picks on others and feels threatened by her bc cody has his whole “vietnam marine bang asian hooker 5$ sucky sucky” fantasy going on with her. i know his type. looks down on asian guys and think asian chicks are sex dolls. and on top of it jessica wouldnt even be with cody if he didnt win hoh. if say mark or matt won it she would be all over them the first week. she just went for who she thought was the strongest player which could get her further in the game. a user. for sure she uses guys to pay her bills in reall life too. well she can go back to serving bottles next saturday and im sure by the time cody gets out of jury she will already be back with her sugar daddy who prolly has grey balls and drives a lambo. can’t anyone see the skank whore that i see. thumbs up if u think shes a skank like i do. thumbs down if your one her gold digging wing women who are trying to make urself feel better by saying she’s not a slut so it justifies that same gold digging shit that u do with her.

You must be a pretty ugly person to live with.

Just saying.

Jess is clearly not white. She is claiming Brazilian (in other words black).

Smelly beans

Jessica’s not white, but I agree calling Alex Pow-Pow is pretty racist.

BB Fan #489

You’re pulling our leg, right?


Elena is loyal to no loyalty to anyone but her self. She follows Paul just like everyone else in this game and pushes away mark whenever someone in power tells her too, then tells Mark its his fault because he is friends with Cody. Raven is a mean person and extremely fake, every time she wants something she brings up her health problems. Matt is boring but seems like a good person but he has no opinion and just follows whatever the group decides whether he agrees or not. Alex and Josh think they have control and some say but at the end of the day they just follow Christmas and Paul. The only thing Josh and Alex really do is shit talk and bash people. Jason talks big about how he is a rodeo clown but hasn’t done very well in the competitions, i guess i expected more from him. Kevin is mainly there for some comedy and being the house father, he is my favorite in the game but he needs to start winning and make moves. Jess and Cody i still feel bad for but Jess does come across very mean girl at times. Cody seems like a okay guy but has issues interacting with people. Honestly this season would have been so much better without Paul who this he is an expert in everything and is just annoying.


I disagree about Cody , in the begginning he was social, he has his group and was friends with everyone even got a girl, he was just secretive because he didnt want people to talk him out of this game. He spoke to everyone smiled ,laughed joked, it wasnt until people betrayed him that he became distant and there is really not much for him to say to people that dont like him . He is a socail person , he just hold onto things!

Wired Trucker

Hi Codys Mom


Compared to the other girls in the house, Alex, Christmas, Raven, and Elena, Jessica is the mildest of the mean girls and the only one strong enough to stand up to Paul. Cody, a ten-year military veteran who has won many, many medals and awards, is described by one of his marine buddies as completely different than the Cody you see on TV. Much warmer and easy going. Both Jessica and Cody have made mistakes, but when it’s ten against two led by a power hungry maniac who is threatened by them both, and a production staff which allowed the bullying that went on, I think they handled it well. I think Christmas would welcome an opportunity to get rid of Paul, and the sooner the better. I would love to see Kevin win, but he needs to keep his distance from Christmas to save his reputation and marriage.


What is going on with Christmas and Kevin!? Don’t have feeds so just wondering….


Christmas flirts with him a lot and crosses the line, IMHO.

Of course, it takes two to tango. He doesn’t stop her.

I haven’t seen anything I’d slap Grandpa for in the same situation. But, still, it’s just not cool.

Just an observation

I agree with everything you say. Much like being a Trump supporter though most people are afraid to show there support because of the bullying they will endure.

I hope Raven wins the money so she can get mediacl help. She seems really sick.


Bang on!

Paul's Mouth

I hope Elena outs Raven for the lying POS she is! Would just like to Alex’s reaction since her hate for Jessica has a lot to do with the Cat Ears and Coke conspiracy!!!


I’m pretty sure Alex already knows it was Raven (and that it was a joke), but she was playing along just using it as Jess ammo.

Sad, isn’t it?

~SLaY QuEEn ELeNa~

ThUmBs uP iF u tHinK ELeNa i$ MoM, ThuMbs d0wN iF u tHiNk PaUL iS DaDDY #YuM #PaULiSS0H0T


Yes. I think the houseguests should have a meeting and agree not to evict Raven, because she has several terminal diseases, or Elena, because she has no job and can’t pay her bills. It’s the right thing to do. They should also thank Paul for generously coming on Big Brother with the sole purpose of helping them with their games. And they should thank Mark for sitting on the sidelines and silently disapproving of the bullying. It was very brave of him. They should also thank Christmas for being such an inspiration.


I completely agree with you!!!!


When is Paul gonna wake up and see that Josh and Xkmas is stabbing him in the back and when is Jessacaand cody gonna get out of the house . These HG are pure STUPID


Youre pure stupid. You dont understand what a back stab move is. Also if Jessica is still on the Block Thursday she will leave, it doesnt matter what Josh wants, because what Josh wants is a really dumb move for him and the house!

Penny Audrey Geissler

From past episodes, it appears What Paul wants the house gives him. It sure seems like everything from production is giving Paul every opportunity to win it all. If he doesn’t it’ll be bc he screwed it up. I love bb and have watched every episode but the way Paul’s been given the power is so obvious. The least BB could have done is use new comps or move them around so no one has an advantage.

Look in the mirror

Stupid is as stupid does

sunny dee

jessica and i agree on something finally, i also hope that cody gets picked to play veto, and then that xmas uses her hex to pull him off, too funny.


How has her temptation not expired yet?? Everyone of them had allotted amount of time to be used. Does it last all game or something? So tired of this chick. She is worst than that amateur wrestler from the twins season.


hers did not have a time line


“Ring of Replacement”
“The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.”[4]


I looked this up “The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.” It says they can play in any veto this summer so there’s no expiry on hers.


The following is the wording of the Ring of Power temptation:

The winning Houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.


She said she thought hers didn’t have an expiration but she was going to double check. I haven’t heard what they said if she asked, but I don’t think hers expires.


I think that was Christmas’ way of stalling Paul so that she can bluff him that she can’t use the ring of replacement.

Sick of this show

And then Josh puts Paul up! Perfect play!

ChillTown 2.0

If somehow Jessica wins PoV watch the eff out because Thursday should be endurance for sure (then double in 2 weeks probably?). Plus if Cody gets picked to play and Xmas wastes her own power to take Cody out of the POV because Paul is scared of Jody that would be pathetic. It would perfectly summarize this is season to a tee.

It is still kinda crazy none of the sheep have questioned Paul yet, but I am prayingggg Jody makes it out alive this week, Elena goes home and then its becomes Cody + Jessica + Mark vs. Herder and his sheep. If now is an appropriate time to “rig” the game Production this POV sure would be it!!!


I want to see Josh ahead of Paul in the poll. That would be awsome! They are 2.14 to 2.14 right now.

Capt. Obvious

Wouldnt that be totally AWESOME!!
Or…. OR…. who gives a shit.


My question is, why is Paul even ranked that high? He is a manipulating maniac who shouldn’t even have 0.01 percent in the poll.


He should be in the negative percentile

sunny dee

oh, and then the fact they don’t believe paul might know some famous people even tho he lives all his life in LA, probably went to school with some, and his ex is a Disney channel actress , his modeling & video work, while not extensive is still exposure.


I ran into Tommy Lasorda in St. Louis, I waved, he nodded his head. We’re best buds and he’d probably give me his kidney if I needed one…

Well, at least one sentence is true.

The Mooch

Paul dated Mickey Mouse? He is kinda cheesey!


Paul does name drop a lot and even though he lives in LA does not mean he actually “knows” anyone that he claims. Paul has Napoleon syndrome and wants to be a big man but alas he is just a little gnome!


Paul= “I’m a Chickenhawk ” runs to the next room “I’m a Chickenhawk ” Gets in the HOH bed with Josh “I’m a Chickenhawk” Yells from the balcony to his little followers “I’m a chickenhawk”


hahahahahahahahahahaha Unfortunately I like Paul, but this is hysterical……….


On the Bright Side I think Paul plans on bringing more interesting people further in the game (ie not Raven & Elena)


Is that Paul’s body outline under Josh’s sheets? (((Oh my…)))


Not real sure about this but I think the replacement veto player power Xmas received expired already … thought she only had 3 weeks to use it from the time she got it.

It would be funny if Cody was selected to play in the veto comp and Xmas tries to swap with him only to be told by the big brother gods, “Sorry Xmas, the time for that power expired a few weeks ago.” Then watch Cody actually smile and laugh for a change.

to bad so sad

It has expired… no way she can be allowed to use it. It’s been three weeks. Can’t wait till production shuts her down. Hope she messes up her other foot.


Seriously? lol. Are you that dumb? I’m pretty sure her POV temptation is not expired. You think she hasnt gone in the DR and asked them to make it very clear what her power is and for how long? And I’m sure production has heard her talking about it. If it was expired I’m sure they would call her in and tell her. I doubt they’d let her hold onto it and then attempt to use it and make a total ass out of her.


TOO BAD you are so hateful.


That WOULD be great! Small things make me happy, what can I say?


Well then you certainly must enjoy your trips to the bathroom


Sorry, I was responding to the temptation expiry and didn’t read the second part closely. I don’t want Xmas to hurt her other foot.


Christmas temptation didn’t have an expiration date. It is still good, but she can only replace a chip that is pulled not someone on the block.


“Ring of Replacement”
“The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.”


I will laugh my butt off if Elena is the only one on slop this week and she gets evicted.

Robin Edwards

Josh needs to do his own HOH. Who cares what Paul or Xmas thinks. Come on Josh you won HOH fair and square now do what you want!!

Robin Edwards

Josh please do your thing this week. Send home who you want. Do not care who Paul wants to go home or Christmas. Please bring this game back the way it used to be. I get so tired of hearing I need to discuss it with Paul. Backdoor him and get him out.


Here’s another weekend when I’m afraid to look away from the feeds. At any moment there could be some exciting, game-blowing realities unfold. There are more lies to discover…more secrets to reveal!

I just hope we aren’t blocked for long. There’s been way too much blocked time this season, IMHO!


I have a feeling OTEV comp will happen today. I mean it always happens during the 1st/2nd week of August, sometimes even in the middle of the month.

Paul's Mouth

If it is OTEV, I hope both Cody and Xmas get picked….just to piss “Gnome King” off!!!!


I just don’t understand why Xmas would use that power this week. It doesn’t benefit her at all, she isn’t on the block or in risk of going home. She needs to save that til she is on the block..or an ally is on the block and then she can stop someone from playing who could beat her in the veto comp. Anyone dumb enough to listen to Paul on that one shouldn’t be playing Big Brother.

Impractical Joker

I will laugh my butt off if they somehow get Paul nominated between mark and elena and somehow mange to vote paul out sending him home pre jury

it wont happen but hey a girl can dream


Paul can not be nominated between mark and Elena. If Jessica pulls herself off the block, there is no replacement. Only Josh’s noms get replaced.

nikkki g

there massive special aug 18 simon

Paul's Mouth

Maybe a “Fast Forward” on a Friday, instead of a “Double Eviction” on Thursday. Oh man this could get VERY interesting ……!

About to upset people

Herman Munster (Josh) needs to stop lying to everyone. He doesn’t want Elena out because of game play. He wants her out because she has no interest in him.

Jess is the smart move here but CBS will throw her or Cody the veto. Pretty much ensuring that Mark goes home.

Bounce Paul

Someone owes Herman Munster an apology. Herman was likable.

Matt's Towel's

Boogers & Semen


Problem is…those are “house” towels for all of the house guests to use. Just gross!


An epic move would be if Josh wins POV and pulls Jess down. I would love to see that, if only to watch the bearded gnome’s reaction! As for Jess and Cody, love or hate them, they are the most real people I have seen on BB in a while. And their showmance seems like a true romance. I think they are truly in love. Okay, thumbs down me Paul fans and Jody haters.


it would be epic, but Josh can’t play in the next HOH which means he would be a target to Paul.

The Hound

I don’t have a horse in this race……if you analyzed anyone of these mfkrs, they are all despicable in some form….even “Queen” Jessica with her deviant sexual behaviour. AT LEAST Paul isn’t laying in bed all day and messing up the sheets or picking out baby names….aggressive & arrogant? You bet! But at least he’s playing the game…..hard to believe Paul is only 24, c

Penny Audrey Geissler

No he’s laying around letting the girl pop his zits and spewing vomit with every syllable that comes out his mouth.

The Hound

And still playing the game,granny!


Production is playing his game. 3 weeks of safety? C’mon man wake up.


Dawg and Simon,

Matt’s breaking game update gif had me rofl!

Thanks for that!

Bolt Uprite.

What did Cody and Jess see on Maven’s sheets? Even they were skeeved out.


The cameras were too because they never showed us

*My special thanks to the camera operators!!!


Gone are the day of the real BB players who lie to other HG’s and then laugh hysterically at them in the DR. Will and Boogie did it best. These youngsters take themselves way to seriously! Jessica just blew her opportunity to fake out Josh and actually be nice to him. She would have secured his determination to get Elena out. Jessica should check that ginormous ego of hers and play nice. She did when Cody wasn’t there. Too bad for her. Paul wins again. Nothing short of her winning veto will get her another week.

Big Brother......... more like Rigged Brother

Watch Jessica win Veto today…They’re obviously Trying to keep the Paul&Friends Vs Mark&Cody&Jessica Feud going for the rest of the season and Jody for some odd reason brings on ratings ……. Elena will go this week because it’s in the script for her to go this week and Thursday being a endurance competition with either Cody , Alex , or Jessica winning the HOH . If you don’t think this show is rigged then I feel sorry for you proof of it being rigged was last year with Nicole winning everything fell into her lap and production even covinced the people who were planning to target her to target someone else and Nicole hada problem with women so there’s that and now this year with Paul ( 3wks and a veto competition he already played is not a coincidence ) They need to do all-stars because I’m tired of all vets vs the newbies season Paul basically ruined this season and the only way the season will be saved is if his minions all wake up and get Paul out ( Pre-jury would be good but jury is fine also as long as I don’t see him being in the F2.)


if you think that, then why are you still watching?????

Game of Drones

It’s a given that Jess or Cody will win veto


Christmas used her temptation and took Jessica out. Not sure if it was random draw like it is suppose to be.


So there is a special friday episode on the 18th. gee, maybe it will be another barn dance concert that happens before eviction where they edit out the evicted house guest. By that point there won’t be enough in jury to have a battle.
Christmas’ talks with Josh: I don’t buy them as a congress of equals. I see them more as subtle ego stroking on Christmas’ part to manipulate. Getting Josh to back her wish not to use her temptation in defiance of Paul’s wishes further bolsters this opinion.
If Elena were to leave this week: what does it matter on a game level. Even after being nominated she’d still jump back to whichever group got hoh next week. I’m dubious about Josh trying to get Elena to be his showmance days ago, and wanting her evicted days later after she didn’t give him what he wanted. She’s a floater for sure, But I still think the timing deserves questioning.
Raven’s sympathy challenge last night: Someone better tell her mother that Raven says she’s in the hospital and may die. Given her mother’s activity on twitter, that should come as a surprise.
Josh and Jessica’s talk today followed by Josh talking into the camera: oh look. Josh has figured out he doesn’t have to wait for houseguests to enter the room to whine for sympathy about how he’s being persecuted. eyeroll. He’s figured out ‘from his letter from his mother’ that he’s been portrayed negatively for his actions. So, his apologies aren’t based on what he’s done, but on the reaction. That seems to be pattern. He wasn’t sorry he switched votes (the whole thing that started the jess/cody v. josh stuff), he was upset they took offense to being lied to. He isn’t actually sorry for his pot and panning, he apologizes because he’s afraid he’s been portrayed badly. He doesn’t regret his actions, he apologizes only because fears the consequences of his actions. The pandering to the camera trick isn’t swaying me. Given that he’s already been told by d/r to cut out the crap, he can easily see that the public could perceive his actions negatively without the mom suggestion. Josh’s camchats are Josh making excuses.

We'll be right back

I hope Elena stays this week.

Your program has been interrupted

Dude, you are really desperate for attention, and it’s a shame that you will take negative attention just to prove some one read your posts.


Christmas used her power. I wondering did a random draw. If not then that is wrong


I just really wish that Josh would let Cody and Jessica in on his plan to get Elana out and not Jessica. This could help him moving forward next week and possibly for weeks to come. If he waits until after the Veto and Jessica or Cody win it then it won’t matter what he says because they won’t believe him anyway!1


LOL!!!! Drone!

it’s a multiple meaning word and I prefer this definition:

a male bee in a colony of social bees, which does no work but can fertilize a queen.


If Christmas has been chosen to play in the veto by her chip being pulled, can she still use her special temptation in that particular veto?


no. She cannot replace one of the nominees. She cannot use the temptation if her name is pulled.
She can use her temptation to replace someone else in veto when she has not been chosen.


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For someone with gastroparesis……Raven does nothing but eat ALL day long! She is all rainbows, glitter, and donuts!

stop your crying loser

Oh Cody, sounds like victim noises you whiny little bitch…waaaahhhhhh. What a joke you hypocritical douche bag.


Think about it Jess gets veto pulls herself off smart move Josh puts Paul up as a pawn so house gets rid of elena
however house decides to backstab josh and vote paul out
Jess votes Paul
Cody votes Paul
Jason vote Paul
Xmas vote paul
Kevin vote paul
raven votes elena
matt votes for whoever raven votes for
Alex votes paul

next HOH cody wins puts up raven and matt
house votes out raven
Big Brother 19 season saved

and there was much rejoicing


If Jess pulls herself off Josh doesn’t get to name a replacement nom because she was there for losing the temptation.