WEEK 7 POV players and Have Nots Picked “Oh my god this is delicious”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 08-12-14-063

8:09am Have nots Corn beef and hash ..
Natalie- you guys are going to eat like kings this week..

James – Oh my god this is delicious.. I eat this all the time.. That’s like breakfast every morning..
Congratulations Bridgette on you have nots virginity

Victor – this week’s’ have nots players are the first 3 to fall off the HOH competition Corey, Bridgette and JAmes that mean you are have nots. But don’t worry your have nots week won’t be too harsh with addition of slop you can hash brown and corn beef hash
James – YA
Everyone is is excited..

(what the point of have nots?)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 08-18-43-339
8:15am Girls getting their makeup on while the guys sleep.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 08-44-22-784

8:43am Natalie and James
Natalie asks him if she’s getting backdoored because he’s being so nice
James explains he’s a southern gentleman that’s just the way he is.
Natalie – I’m just kidding..

8:53am Feeds cut to Jeff

POV players are : James, Victor, Zakiyah, Michelle, Nicole, Paulie

Host is Paul

9:10am Victor and Paulie making some food
Paulie singing a song “A$$ and t1tt1es, A$$, A$$, A$$, A$$ and T1tt1es”
James is walking around talking how awesome his have nots food is.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 09-15-58-185

9:16am Have nots JAmes and Corey
James says that is his first time getting his chip picked out of the box. In the past he either played in the POV because he as nominated or was HOH. James hopes it’s a luxury competition

James isn’t sure Michelle was happy or sad when she picked his name.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 09-28-10-432
9:28am Natalie and Bridgette Bathroom

Natalie is going to do her hair after the POV
Bridgette leaves and Michelle come sin she asks Natalie if James will use the veto on her..
Natalie says she’ll have to talk to him.
Michelle- I’m nervous..
Natalie tells her she beat James and Frank during the OTEV she can beat the guys again.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 09-42-35-929

9:35am Zakiyah telling Paulie no “Hanky panky” they have to focus on the POV competition.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 09-47-06-683

9:37am Safari room Michelle
Michelle – I’m the target this week so winning the veto is what I need to do.. the veto draw was a crappy draw.. Freaking Paulie, Victor, James and Nicole..
Michelle – I think it’s the hide the veto comp.. I have no idea where to hide it.. I wonder if under the rug maybe..
Michelle thinks it’s being too emotional that is why she is on the block.
Michelle – If I win the veto I’ll definitely blow stuff up and hopefully I have a round trip..
Michelle – I hope it’s not sweaty or athletic.. Freaking Paulie… worst draw every.. Zakiyah picked him.. Lets see who is the target if he uses it or not.
Michelle – I’ve gone through the stages of grief.. Shock.. Denial.acceptance.. depression.. nothing I can do it’s the people in the house that vote.

Michelle says not being in a showmance is hurting her game that and her being blunt and speaking her mind.
Michelle – nobody will use the veto for me.. I’ll play for myself.. I have no one on my side..
Michelle – victor just blows my mind how cocky he is.. even reading that sheet really pissed me off..

Michelle – this will be a horrible season to watch.. all these freaking showmance..
Michelle – if I win HOH I’m messing sh1t up if I stay
Michelel – I might have to go so sleep.. yup..

9:45am Natalie working out.. *This is her standard sky bridge workout*

9:53am Michelle heads to bed on her way she meets up with James comments on how they are still drilling outside for the POV competition.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-06 10-00-06-035

9:57am James and Natalie sky bridge

James is laughing that he’s throwing the Power of Veto.
James- if it’s a luxury comp sorry.. I’m taking the 5K or a trip.. Listen I have a kid.
James- I mean it’s just a game.. playing the game to win and for money..
Natalie – I support you.. you have my vote when I make it to jury over everyone else in this house.. I hope you make it to top 2..
James knows he can make it to top 5 and will take Natalie with her.
James says he’ll take “the kids” to Disney world and get the express package..

James share the difficulty of his daughters situation. He explains that the mother has two kids from 2 different men. She met James on a 1 night stand. James says whenever he does things with his daughter he feel obligated to take the other child (A boy). So he’s taking both to Disney World.

James says sometimes he wants to have just a daddy daughter day.
Natalie goes on about the importance of a Daddy/Daughter day.
James – I treat him like he’s my own kid.. I’m definitely attached to him he’s technically family to me.. I treat him like he’s my own.

Doesn’t sound like the father of the boy is around that much and it puts JAmes in the position as the father, “You gotta hold that guys feet to the flames”
Natalie asks where the other father is
James – he has other kids
Feeds cut..

10:28am Natalie says she doesn’t Pump gas where she is from “Its illegal”
Natalie doesn’t know how to pump her own gas saying “you don’t pump gas in Jersey.. most people in jersey don’t pump gas their entire life” (holy crap is that true?)
James is as surprised as I am..

10:55am More family chit chat…

11:20am James and Natalie continue to talk outside the HOH room. Natalie says she’s obsessed with hot dogs (weiner dogs). James says he’ll fedex her a hot dog.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 12-02-04-212
11:25am The live feeds are blocked …. likely for the power of veto competition..

12pm Still blocked..

3:10pm No feed no one

4:10pm NO

5:20pm You thought the feeds would be back… NOPE!

6pm Keep checking .. they’re not back yet..

6:55pm Still nothing.

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Funny they sing ass and tits cause they saw Real Worl Explision when Jenny Delich


An almost 28- year old singing that. King of douchebags. Pukie.

Tiny Trump hands

I had no doubt that it was Paulie singing t1ts & @ss. Can this guy try any harder to show what little respect he has for women?


Paulie is the man!
Veto king!
Go ahead and hate big girls!


Thumbs up if you want to take a poop on Paulie’s chest, but not in a sexual way.


So I learned this is a fetish and once again I wonder if the internet is a good thing…



Captain Crunch

I swear there’s nothing but sheep in the BB house. Anybody else getting tired of this follow the leader bs? When are people gonna wake up and start playing THEIR game, not Paulie’s, but THEIR game. Could’ve sworn Vic said his target was Paulie if he got back in the game and now he’s gonna do what Paulie wants by getting rid of 1 of the girls smh. Vic is gonna regret this when he gets sent home next week in the DE when Da warned him about it.

Also wouldn’t mind James going home this week via back-door he brings nothing to the game except for throwing comps and trying to be the “cool kid” so he can win AFP by doing stupid pranks and kissing Paulie ass by giving him info on his allies (Da, Nat, Michelle) who actually have or had his back.


The years have all become similar. very few big moves, while the hg think they are. Too many hg don’t want to go against the house which makes it a very boring season. Hg know they are getting evicted so there are no more surprises. Same script, different hg =boring.


Very true. I guess going with the house is the safe thing to do, b/c if you do as the majority wants then technically you didn’t get your hands dirty. But it does get tiresome and I would like to see people start playing and doing what they want and develop a strategy other than throwing competitions. On the production side the show would also be less tiresome if they actually got some original competitions, it seems they limit themselves to one new comp. per season which is never seen again. They have to know they need some originality when HGs are saying, “We’ve had OTEV, what is next, the counting or the prizes comp.?” I know they have limited space, but seeing what they already create there is it so impossible to come up with new ideas for comps?


I agree Captain , they ALL need to wake up and play for themselves and NOT GET PAULIE’S permission for every thing , I’m surprise they don’t get his permission before they crap …. ( or maybe they do ) and them poor little girls ..Z spends all her time rubbing all over Paulie and looking in mirror playing with her hair , Nicole can’t seem to get out of bed with Corey or doing her favorite PASTIME ..Being Whiny ! that’s all she does ! and as for Natalie , get away from James or he his going to take you down , he claims he is a southern gentleman , BUT if it comes down to Natalie and James , watch how fast he takes you down ,….SO girls get in the game , stop laying in bed with the IDIOTS , stop primping, stop being whiny and start playing the game ! AND last but not least STOP I REPEAT STOP FOLLOWING PAULIE !!!! play your own game , HE DOES NOT RUN YOU NOR DOES HE OWN YOU ….P.S. hey Victor wake up and smell the coffee , Paulie sent you packing ,,,,,,hmmmm seems to me you should return the favor , maybe then everyone will start playing the game with the HEAD IDIOT gone ..and would’nt that be a nice surprise for Mama Da ….LOL

Is it over yet...



hate to admit it cause i cant stand him and hes such a royal douchey boy but paulie really has put himself in the perfect spot i mean hes been doing it all season and he just continues to dominate everyone in the house with ease hes gotten rid of all the real threats and now hes just coasting to the end yeah true he has’nt had any “real competition” in there but still you gotta give the guy his credit due


I have to admit something too. Even though he’s a POS Paul is figuring this out. He’s knows that Z is a mindless vote for Paulie to stay in the house and that’s why he’s trying to get her out. I’m sure Pee Pee is going to take a shot at each other by F5.


one of the most ridiculous comments i’ve seen this season

Lets be serious

Ok all you Paulie hatters out there are just going to hate and I’m one of them, but let’s all be honest here, he is by far playing the best game out of anyone in this house, I would go as far as saying if they do a all star bb he should definitely be in it cuz his game play. He’s got all these loser doing his work and that’s the point of this game get to the end with the best game play


Okay. Nice try, Cody.


Ugh…Michelle is so hard to watch, or even care for!

She cries like a 4 year old – literally! And with that mascara running all over the place, she looks like she’s possessed! But the worst aspects of Michelle are her personality traits. She is SO MEAN when she talks about other girls, especially Bridgette, but cannot handle the thought of anyone saying or thinking she’s mean. She is so jealous and insecure that it makes one think that she was abused and neglected throughout her life – but that is not even close to being true. She has been coddled and spoiled since she was born, and still lives with mommy and daddy!

Bottom line: she is a spoiled, jealous, immature, self-entitled woman-child. Michelle – your parents failed you! Now put your big girl pants on and grow the f* up!!

Ok, I feel better now. Sorry for the rant, but with Michelle, I just can’t…


Yes re Michelle agree. If you watch her after she has her crying tantrums everyone runs to coddle and baby her then she instantly stops the water works and smiles and laughs. All happy once she gets her sympathy fix. Very calculating and manipulative. Nauseating to watch!

Can Confirm

I have a four year old, she cries exactly like Meech. My husband even mentioned it when he watched last week.


I find her crying to be very forced.


Vic is as stupid as the rest of these *ss clowns.
What’s with this crazy desire to “fit in” hey dumb*ss Vic your douch bag buddies already sent you home once and since you are lacking a back bone you you run to them again.
You think this is a GREAT move in BB history? only in your stupidity almost as bad as not using a veto on yourself or giving it to someone else.
You bought yourself another week to hang out with your “bros” and I’m positive if they evict him and he has the round trip ticket he will work with them again.
Such a waste he came back Tiff would of stood with her back to the wall throwing hay makers until she left but unlike the guys in this house she has balls that even Paul couldn’t rip off.


Would be a great show if Tiffany and Frank were still in the house minus Paulie and Michelle and Z.

sunny dee

vic is caleb. thinks he’s part of the all guys group, but isnt’. is more interested in ‘battling it out’ at the end and if there are ‘girls’ at the end it would be ‘too easy’, not a challenge. and not proving bro power.

vic even indicated he doesn’t care about anything other than 10 wins in comps, after that i feel he’d volunteer to be evicted. give him credit for not thinking he’d get the popular vote tho.


Do not compare Vic to Caleb. Caleb is a prince compared to that doucher Vic

Vet tech

.How many think if Paulie sends Vic out again and Vic has the roundtrip ticket Vic will come back and try to do Paulie’s dirty work again. Thumbs up =yes and Thumbs down=no. I’m thumbs up.


I agree with Meech….crappy POV draw. I think it will come down to Paulie, Victor and Meech actually fighting for the VETO: Meech because she is all alone in the game, Paulie to prevent a possible backdoor and Victor because he wants the comp win.
Fingers crossed Meech does blow shit up because Paulie thinks he is the only one who should be playing the game.
Question about have-nots: can everyone eat their food?



An Apple A Day

I think they’ve covered their bases as far as Meech blowing anything up. And face it, she’s alone in this game because she’s a total jerk and a social loser in this house by choice. Bridget has tried to make amends with her more than once. She has put all her stock in Z, for gosh sakes. One Mean Disloyal Zero Comp Winner + One Mean Disloyal Zero Comp Winner = Absolutely a Waste of BB Space. Alone by choice, too bad so sad. They’ll be equally disgusting when it’s time for them to vote in the Jury House.


James just got huge points with Natalie when he described how he treats his daughter’s half brother like family. Natalie has said she wants to see his James is outside the house and that gave her huge insight into James’ character. Good for James for stepping up to the plate when he doesn’t have to. There are a lot of people who would not include a half-sibling.


He is not the best Big Brother player but the guy has a good heart and not every man would step up to the plate.


Regardless of what she has said, I find it very difficult to believe that Natalie will pursue a romantic relationship with James outside of the BB house. They will be lifelong friends, nothing more.


Why is it so hard to believe?


Completely disregarding statements that she has made multiple times to multiple people (and us) seems strange to me.


People in the public spotlight say a lot of things they don’t really mean in order to shape how they will be perceived. Natalie is on a national television show. Did it ever occur to you that Natalie might say she will consider a romance with James simply because she doesn’t want it to appear that she is using him? Within the BB house she uses the prospect of a future relationship as a tool to keep James enthusiastically motivated to attend to her current needs. I absolutely believe that Natalie values his friendship. Plus he is an ally and confidant in the BB house. These things count for a lot. However, I can assure you that in the real world Natalie has numerous suitors who are kind and “true gentlemen” to choose from, many of which can offer her benefits which James cannot. For example, how do you think James rates against these men for variables like financial security, career earning potential, physical fitness, social standing, etc.? I’m not being critical of Natalie. It’s just about being real. Think about the young women you know who fit Natalie’s profile. How many of them are involved with a guy that matches James’ profile? I’ll bet the answer is very few.


There are a lot of people in this world who do not judge a book by it’s cover. In my eyes, once you get to know a person they become more attractive. There really is more to life than the outside looks. James is a true gentleman.

Face palm

James such a good hearted model citizen getting a girl pregnant on a one night stand, such a role model!

Mindy T

Agreed. Also, James is someone who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to get competitors to give up their opportunity to win an HOH competition by making promises to them he has no intention of keeping. James has done this two seasons in a row. A man’s honor is measured by the authenticity of his words. If someone like Michelle had this track record of deception she would be heavily criticized for it. But since we are talking about James here he gets a free pass. It just doesn’t make sense to me.


Maybe James’ baby mama should learn about birth control. James too. Does anyone know about HIV or STDs?

Makes sense

I understand Vic not putting up the PP in the beginning. Because they very well could win veto. Then his cards are shown. Maybe now they won’t fight hard for the veto. Maybe if Vic or one of the girls win it he can back door one of them. Just not sure Vic is capable of that type of thinking but I can hope.


Victor will likely be evicted next week. His best movie would be to back foot Paulieif possible. It would probably be his only chance to do something significant. Does he have the balls do do it or is he too dumb to figure it out?

Face palm

gotta love those back foot moves

604 Macho

How can you just expect him to turn on PP for your own entertainment? Who would he align with going forward? He doesn’t have anyone else.

Paulie won already

Victor only needs to get out half of P, the half that evicted him. The other P would probably work with him to get Paulie out. I think Paul is playing a deeper game than most think. I am sure he realizes that going to final two with Paulie he may go home with 50000 instead of 500000.

Powder Puff Girl

he does not have Paul and Paulie – has a better chance to align with Bridgette, Michelle


In Oregon you do not pump your own gas. They have teenagers come do it, like an entry level job for them.


Yes Dawg/Simon you aren’t allowed to pump your own gas in Jersey and in Portland. So weird!


Yes, yes, yes it is true. Only full serve in Jersey. I hate pumping gas.


I live in Jersey and Natalie is right we do not pump our own gas. I have not pumped my own gas once in my life


So you’ve never left New Jersey in your entire life?


Why don’t they let you pump gas yourself?

hr puffin good stuff

It’s like that in some areas where I live too. It’s to provide entry-level minimum wage jobs. Mostly for kids.


NJ thinks it’s a safety issue. When getting gas in NJ I have never seen a teenager working the gas pumps, so I don’t think it’s to provide entry level jobs.

Bolt Uprite

It’s about JOBS. In labor heavy states it is a way to pad the employment numbers.


Hey Simon … It’s true … I live on the west coast now but my family still lives in NJ. The first time I took my hubby there he got out to pump gas and the attendant gave him a dirty look and told him to get back in the car. LOL!
I’m rooting for Nat … She’s the only one in there with a heart … the rest of the girls (except Bridge) have absolutely no clue they are in the Big Brother house.
BTW I love your comments you add to the posts Simon and Dawg! You both continue to make me laugh every day! Thank you!!!!


And as an outsider that’s spent time in Jersey, it’s so annoying, It’s like stepping in a time machine….except with a surly Pakistani man who is not in any sort or rush….


I live in Oregon and I absolutely love not having to pump my own gas. Most of the attendants are prompt and courteous. At my local gas station, they’ll even clean my windshield and rear window.


Pauline says he only deals with women not girls… I’m sorry but what woman would want you?


Exactly! No woman wants a self-absorbed A$$ like him. I bet you he only attracts insecure clingy girls like Z and that boosts his self-esteem. He’s a complete turnoff. I don’t even find him good looking, he has a face that I want to slap.

Paulie's Face

……and slap, and slap….rinse and repeat as necessary.


Oh and real women want a guy who posts pictures of his pen!s online. Yeeaaaahhhh riiiiiight.


Vic wants to get Paulie….but how is he going to accomplish this? { Unfortunately Vic is not a BB fan…he does not know how to play the game. If he did, he would be very dangerous. He is smart and good at physical comps…. his social game stinks.} He needs allies to get out Paulie. I am pretty sure he could get Paul, Meech. and Bridgette, Natalie,.but he doesn’t know it. Then you have James with the 2 votes. James would probably screwed them over.
Paulie wants to get rid of Vic…….Paul wants to keep Vic………..Paul knows the game and he should make his move now to try to get rid of Paulie.

Im a True BB Fan

Michelle’s own siblings despise her. She is a mental case. Totally stunted at about age 4. Oh and that cry!!!!! It’s beyond fake. I rather chew on aluminium foil than listen to her cry. Yes Michelle ……you are the ugliest girl there! Inside and out.


Poor James had a one night stand and that awful woman has had her hooks in him ever since.


It does take 2 to tango. James had several options available to him — abstain, wear a zucchini beanie or “get laid”. James strikes me as a very insecure man who is always looking for his next opportunity. I do respect him for providing for his daughter and the way he talks about her, I am certain he has no regrets. I do not think it is fair however to make it sound as all the fault is with the mother.


Bullsh*t. Those are laws and concepts from another century. From back when women didn’t work and being a single mother was shameful and ruinous to a woman’s reputation. Today those laws serve no purpose but to ruin and destroy men.

sunny dee

so you think the most important thing here is that james should cut all ties with this woman, and his daughter, and his daughter like so many other sons and daughters of negligent daddies should grow up without any input or participation by him.

I am going out on a limb and guess that you are a baby daddy (or GF of one such guy) who thinks that the child support you pay is going to the sole benefit of the mother, and not the actual child, even tho spending that on a better home, extras and/or food/utilities does benefit the child 100%. ok, don’t pay child support, single income mom rents a one bedroom or one room, and your child grows up without their own room, new clothes, or decent food. wow


Cry me a river. Close your legs.

Bolt Uprite

Except Baby Mama has a son by another guy who doesn’t even come around.


Did she hold a gun to his head to have a one night stand? Also he could’ve used protection, then it wouldn’t be an issue.


Is she mentally deficient? Did she not know what happens when she opens her legs to every man in town? She popped out another kid to another man, but he must’ve been better in the sack because she’s not punishing him by threatening him with jail time.

Hell, pop out a couple of kids, collect the government handouts, apply legal leverage to the poor dumb hillbilly Asian man, and sit on your arse for the rest of your life. That’s one way to live–if you’re an evil c*nt.


By your comment about James. While he admits his daughter was the result of a one night stand, I don’t recall him every saying anything about the mother, especially her having “her hooks into him”.

Franks fumes

Fumigate that bumper car asap…better yet put Paulie and Z back in it first!


Honestly i’m rooting for Michelle to win that PoV and i also hope she has the round trip ticket. Mainly because she’s realising she has nobody in this house, so this is her chance to redime herself. Please stop saying she’s a mean girl, i’m just tired of how much people hate her, or Z or Nicole and everybody…… i mean CALM DOWN. I’m also rooting for Nicole and Bridgette.


Did you forget how MEAN Michelle was and still has been to Bridgette?? What goes around comes back around! Karma! She deserves to be on the block and leave that house!


I feel like rooting for Michelle or Zakiyah is like one of those would you rather type questions…


No one in New Jersey pumps gas, it is illegal so you can go your whole life without ever doing it.


New Jersey and Oregon are the only two states it’s illegal

Mister pickles

What r u people talking about? Are those the lyrics to a Bon jovi song , or Springsteen?


I hope the fact that Paul really wants Zak to go and Paulie really wants Michelle to leave causes at least a small tear in the PP friendship. Paulie already railroaded Paul into getting Davonne OTB when Paul really wanted Bridgette gone last week. Hopefully, Paul will wake up and see Paulie will betray him too when it comes down to it bc Paulie will not want to sit next to him in the final 2.


Something’s gotta’ give!

Everyone sees how well positioned Paulie is, and how his social game is strong, is winning the comps he wants, and dictates a lot of what happens with votes. I think most of them feel it’s Paulie’s game to lose, but instead of conspiring to get him out, they run to him with info in hopes of getting (or staying) in his good graces! Until this changes, it really is his game to lose.

HOWEVER! Perhaps Vic is actually plotting a big game move to change things up. He did mention to Bridgette that he trusts her more than Paul and Paulie. And he did get backdoored by Paulie, and must be playing back in his head all the lies Paulie told him leading up to Vic’s eviction. AND – he did vow to get revenge on Paulie if he had the chance.

In addition to Vic’s motivation for revenge, maybe the time is right. There appears to be cracks in the PP armor. Paulie is aware that Paul is positioning himself for jury votes with current HG’s and with Da before she went into jury. And Paul is aware that Paulie is making most of the game decisions behind the scenes, and is trying to keep Z safe this week, in spite of the fact that Paul definitely wants her out.

No matter who wins the veto, if it’s used, this gives Vic a chance to backdoor either Paulie or Paul. Either one being evicted would weaken the other and give everyone else a better chance to get whichever PP remains, which would then make the rest of this season less of a trainwreck and more of a competitive game.

Vic is far from my favorite player, but I believe he’s smarter than most of us give him credit for being. Let’s hope he actually uses his brain instead his wannabe bromances to guide him — and let’s hope the others can get on board with getting out Paul or Paulie out through the backdoor. All it will take is the veto being used, and 4 HG’s seeing the light! Otherwise, watching the rest of this season will be like groundhog’s day with the rest of the votes until the final 3…


Your scenario is exactly what I want to see happen, but which 4 houseguests?
If Meech is up against Paulie, basically everyone votes for Paulie to stay: James, Nat, Nicole, Corey, Z and Bridge are all pro-Paulie. Paul is the wild card who may not risk being the sole vote and putting the target on his back.
If Z is against Paulie, same scenario except Meech is the sole vote against.
If it’s whoever versus Paul, it all depends on what Paulie decrees which may be to take Paul out while he has a clear shot.
IF Paulie ever gets evicted it will be during F4 or F3.


That’s why I say “something’s gotta’ give”.

So if James uses his veto eliminator on Paul and Z (if veto was used on Z), that will mean James is on board with getting Paulie out. That results in 2 votes to evict Paulie (James and Nat).

There is no doubt that Nicole and Corey see Paulie to be the threat to win that he is – and might take a shot to evict him if given the chance. That’s 2 more votes to evict Paulie.

Bridgette already doesn’t trust Paulie, but keeps him close as much as possible because she has so few options. She will clearly see that getting Paulie out will help her in the long run, and if Nat and James have conspired with Victor to evict Paulie, she will definitely be on board with that.

If the veto was used on Michelle, she will absolutely vote to evict whoever is on the block next to Z.

If Paulie wins the veto and takes Z off the block – Paul goes up. Then James uses his veto eliminator power on Paulie and Z.

So it’s possible to get more than 4 votes. And something I just realized, is the fact that it will only take 3 votes this week (due to 2 being eliminated).

I’m not a fan of James’, but I did vote for him to get the vote eliminator prize this week. I did it to put a bigger target on his back, but maybe I will get so much more bang for my buck if he and Victor get smart and look at the bigger picture!

sunny dee

i don’t see a world where bridgette would not vote out either z or meech, regardless of paulie leaving being better for everyone.

TX rar

That’s why I’m voting Victor for ACP 3. He can get out Z of there is no back door for Paulie. James would need to come through with the votes.


I can’t stand Michelle but I hope she wins veto. Wreck Paulies plans, why is everything working out for him?! i guarantee he throws it , James throws it, and Nicole might even, cause they are all pussys. So come on mean girl win it.

And does anyone know how the care package of super safety will work with double eviction ? Please help


Package isn’t delivered until Friday so it would not be in effect until after Thursdays elimination.


Yeah but it’s double eviction so the safety for a week won’t help anyone to the following week?

sunny dee

everyone is excited about double eviction. first of all, julie and the ads didn’t announce it for next week, so it isn’t going to be next week. second, i don’t see a scenario where they are doing evictions and using the round trip tickets. there are two more evictions left where the round trip tickets are going to be opened, and they aren’t going to do anything to jeopardize someone going back in then right back out on the same night so if / when there is a double, it will most likely be after the aug 17 eviction night, so aug 24 earliest. HGs are not thinking about these care packages and ticket backs they just assume double eviction time, but they don’t really have a surplus of HGs, and they may not get a surplus unless one has the ticket. if no one has the ticket, maybe there won’t even be a double evict. or if there are normally two in a game, there will only be one and they’ll be sitting waiting for the annoucement and planning for it and it never comes.

in fact it would be far more interesting to have no double eviction at all, just have them planning and scheming for something that never happens, putting all their decisions onto one side that depends on that happening, and scrambling around when it doesnt’. in spite of the fact that we’ve already seen a come back twist, paulie still talks/acts as if there might be a jury come back, which is highly unlikely. another thing i’d like to see is BB confusing the super fans and those who studied the game and not do some of the usual things like doubles, and instants, and so on.

i also lol every time these paranoid ‘bros’ start talking about the ‘girl power’ BS. seriously, they are grown men, who are much more athletic than most of the women, and yet they are so afraid of the possibility someone might think girls are good people, they run around spread rumours and target them. If someone is ‘pro girl’ but isn’t winning any competitions, is there a reason to be so afraid? it’s like they see a female and immediately fear and target her, and all she does is agree with someone they are trying to get info out of about how sure, i’m pro girl as well, yup.

in many ways paulie is going to Day himself out of the game with paranoia and distrust and confusion. better to work on the relationships and build the trust, stuff like this, if corey was smarter should be getting back to nicole and the others. not like they don’t notice the targets switching. he actually creates the scenario that wasn’t there when he target them. before Z and M would vote his way, put up who he wanted, never think about putting all guys up, now of course that is the first and only thing on their minds.


On Thursday’s episode, Julie said it’d be a double eviction this week.


Julie did say the double is next week…

BB Fan 4-Ever

Actually Julie DID announce that this week would be double elimination!

Stop hating on PP

You can’t hate ppl that know how to play the game. The house guest are just to dumb to go for them. I really hope one of them makes it to top 2. They are well deserved.

Powder Puff Girl

My opinion:
On a game level they are smoking it! I do not think people are disliking them for that. They have these players eating out of their hands. I do not dislike them for playing the game well. If they win they earned it unlike the others. No one is playing the game. I am just not cheering them on.

I think People dislike PP’s arrogance, misogynistic behaviour, Paul wanting to punch girls faces, Paulie’s abuse/bullying (not sure what word to use) of Z, the list goes on……… Paulie was pandering to the feeders hoping we would think he made a great move belittling Z over BS lies/or her forgetting someone was in the room.


If Vic and James would just wise up and work together, they could make this into the game it was meant to be!!
One win the veto, pull one of the suicide sisters down, throw Paulie on the block. They would control the vote, using the ACP, and send Paulie home. THAT would be a BB move–old school style!! Won’t happen, but it’s a good dream…. 🙂


AND… they could work with Paul and make it to 3 if they stick together. James knows HOW to play, he’s just not doing it, and Paul is pretty perceptive. Vic is a competitor, he just doesn’t know the game well enough. If he did, he would make it his goal in BB life to get Paulie out the door in retaliation. We need to see some Dan-mist happen!!


I really hope Vic backdoors James or Nicole. They have been the essential reason that Frank and Day got booted. Frank and Day would probably still be in that house if it wasn’t for Nicole and her lies and James selling out Day. Day wanting to take a shot a Paulie wouldn’t have hurt James game. Now Paulie wants James or Victor gone before the rest of the girls. Paulie is sick of James throwing comps and even though he uses the info James gives him, he said himself that he hates snitches. If Paulie makes it to f2, as much as I hate to admit it, he deserves to win. Not because he was that good but because the others are that pathetic.


DaVonne ruined her own game from the start. She planted the seeds to anyone who would listen and they all turned to weeds. She bad mouthed people, started false rumours and tried to get everyone against anyone instead of herself. Davonne overplayed and got caught. She ruined a lot of the entertainment we could have been having right now by putting the target on her own alliance members, people who could have made better moves and knew the game. She may have studied the game of Big Brother but she has no idea of how to play.

Powder Puff Girl

Da wanted to be the last vet standing she started the beef with Frank, then Nicole. She spent her time focusing on the vets instead of making alliances in the house. She turned on all her alliances even Z. Da should not have gone after Frank, Tiffany she should have aligned with them as she knew Paulie, Paul were running the house. It was all personal, ego, not gameplay.

Froot Loop Dingus

Well if anyone wants to beat Paulie, this is the week to get him out. If anyone but him wins the veto it needs to be used. The back door him, eliminate 2 votes and 3 votes sends him home.

If that doesn’t happen I want James backdoored. He’s ruining the game for everyone. His game play (or lack of even trying) sucks the life out of the house. He talks about throwing every thing but I doubt he’d win anyway.

And does anyone besides me think his one night stand with his daughter’s mother is the only time he’s ever had sex? He’s a borderline stalker with Meg last season and Natalie this season. I think with him gone Natalie could go far.

The Roach Coach

It’d be nice if somehow Meech or Z win veto and the option of Nicole Nom becomes more real to everyone… I still don’t like Z or Meech so I wont be upset if they both lose the veto…
Nicole is so annoying
I think its hysterical that she sees the parallels of her season with derrick and cody (shes not wrong)… except James aint Derrick you Fruit Loop Dingus! Then she wonders, what could she have done differently in her season to prevent her fate…. and she cant figure it out…
DUH Nicole, if you took out Derrick or Cody, it’s not that hard to figure out….
Stop worrying about snuggling with Corey for a min and keep your eye on the prize and maybe you’d see that Paulie is Derrick… Honestly, maybe Paul is Derrick… but it sure as hell is NOT James!
To Nicole’s credit, this season is being played exactly like BB16, but she played that year so she can relate, it’s not like that takes a lot of thought…
She frustrates me because she is in such a great spot, but honestly has not done a thing strategic besides Lie, Squash Beefs , and Cuddle a possible Bi-jock…
Just throw on your Germatard and accept your fate…
For veterans, Nicole and James are really disappointing, as veterans they should be leaders, instead they follow…
They are honestly more interested in showmances with people who see them as friends over the possibility of a once in a life time experience of playing this game… instead they have a twice in a lifetime opportunity and they are more worried about doing something I’m sure they do every weekend night at home, looking for a summer fling… it’s pathetic really…
Atleast Da and Frank played the game and had their eye on the prize… Enough with these lame showmances already…
It’d be really cool if Paul Bridgette and Victor secretly formed a group of 3 that focused solely on the elimination of those 6 involved in their lame SM… As for Nicole, I really hope she throws the veto to PP and they take a shot at her this week


Yup….can’t pump your own gas in Jersey. Illegal.

Think Paulie is having quite a quandry…..I don’t think he wanted to be picked for the veto. He feels very secure in his position in the house & doesn’t want to be the one to decide Max-Z’s fate. He wants to keep her but if he does, Paul will be pissed because he wants Michelle out. So…………I think Paulie is going to throw this veto comp & get James to cancel Paul & Victor’s vote to evict Z.

What I wish would happen is when he goes to James to cancel the votes……..James thinks hard & then goes to Paul & Vic to insure it’s what everyone wants! HooBoy! Would love to see that.


For the record, Victor won’t vote this week; he’s HOH and there will not be a tie.

sir peanut

I’m thinking the POV will be the hide n seek, tear up the house comp. Is Big Brother trying to tell you something??


POV is definitely outside as the HG’s said the outside doors were locked and they were hearing drilling.


i guess have nots is worth keeping for the crappy sleeping room, but the food and shower restrictions seem increasingly pointless.


I want the nom to stay the same cause I do not want bridget to go on the block
to me im not voting America packages 3 or 4 to pulie or Nicole or zarchey if she sill her
it will got to brdiget in the next will got to victor or michell reason michell I whould give to her before I give it to pulie or Nicole or zachery but if bridget hoh this week im vote all the rest of my votes to michelle that way a boy could go home then the next package 4 bridget im vote for her all the way but for now all my votes going to bridget for America packages 3 if she hoh it goes to michell or victor then the next one is hers that how im voting this week in next


You need spellcheck. Or read what you type before you hit post.


Simon, being from Jersey I can attest that we have a State Law that bars anyone other then employees from pumping gas. It dates back to the post prohibition years when they were trying to stop illegal sales of gasoline also on the black market. Stupid law but then this is Jersey…. Great Job once again by both you and Dawg for the BB capsules…

Jersey girl

What you see as stupid, I see as a service convenience. In bad weather I don’t have to get out of my car to pump and pay. Don’t have stand there and do nothing except watch the meter. Pumps aren’t blocked by cars of people paying inside. My favorite stations also squeegee my windows and the attendants, regardless of ethnicity, are always very polite. As I’ve driven tens of thousands of miles over the years exploring the USA and had to pump, it’s one law I appreciate.


Does that make the gas more expensive? Like, there are full serve gas stations where you can buy that convenience, but you’re going to pay a few cents more per litre. I can only imagine the overhead to run a business like that, having to employ more people (a good thing), but the cost of service then must be higher to accomodate paying more wages. When Natalie said it was illegal, my thought was “girl, what country you living in?!?”


Enough with the you’re-not-allowed-to-pump-your-own-gas-in-NJ! We get it !!!


Trump. I’d rather have a bloviating billionaire with a limited vocabulary than a pathological liar and sociopath who has the blood of 4 dead Americans and alledgedly countless others on her hands.


lol…we got a red state person here…yee-haw!


States in the US are usually identified as red states for those with a strong Republican voting base and blue states represnt Democratic states.

Purple State

I find it quite funny red state folks will state their view and blue state folks go to lowest denominator and start name calling.

TX rar

That is soooo wrong! I’ve found Dems can be snarky but they state facts. Republicans go to fear and name calling and are mostly emotion and NEVER fact check on Politifact.com or Snopes.com. I’m an Independant so no killing the messenger.

Powder Puff Girl

Clinton! I am Canadian followed the debates. Also liked Bernie.

Min O'Pause

I’m with ya TRUMP ALL THE WAY!!!!!@ I’m so sick of Killary Benghazi getting a pass from her and Bill’s money laundering foundation to the ambassador and the others who burned to death in Benghazi.


Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only Secretary of State to have personnel murdered overseas due to terrorism. So did Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, George Schulty. Dean Rusk and others. In fact 119 other were murdered since WW2.
better to dump Trump.To close to Russia.




I don’t know what to make of the fact that even though the democrat voters found out that the upper echelons may have hindered one member while aiding another which is supposed to not be allowed, they shrug their shoulders and just follow who they’re told. Couple that with the fact that there are multiple instances of very questionable circumstances surrounding Clinton and I’m baffled.

Of course then there’s Trump. It’s one thing for a business man to boast, primp, and strut but the office of the president is supposed to be more dignified.

One of them will be president…fortunately, congress is …oh, my…well, How’s Canada doing?

So right

The office of President should be dignified, which is why I get upset when Obama appears on Kimmel, etc. Just don’t think they should do it.




Simon, as one who has lived in Germany and studied and experienced the culture and history, there are too many similarities in drumpf and Hitler’s rise to prominence for me to ever advocate for Donald drumpf!


Remember, Hitler promised to make Germany great again after World War I. Sound familiar?

Powder Puff Girl

in other words Patriots!

Powder Puff Girl

In other words nativists prefer to be called patriots.


This election’s like prison sex, you just hope nothing too permanent comes of it.


Wait until the next Wikileaks info release. You may want to rethink your comparision.
Also, no Republican to the best of my knowledge, took millions of dollars from countries who regularly kill gays. Mrs Clinton did.

Powder Puff Girl

so did Bush!

TX rar

Anonymous – it’s scary how true that statment is. :(. Plus Trump is Unqualified and too thin skinned to be president.

Crazy Stuff

Lol! Simon you know you have started a war and I have America Care Package2. So I am going to deleting two of the comments in favor of Trump. am just saying Lol Lol Lol

Kathie from Canada

I always follow the American election cycles since they seem more lively than ours. But this year I absolutely amazes me that in a country of 300 million plus people that Trump and Clinton end up being the candidates. Both are incredibly flawed. I understand why we switched from Conservative to Liberal in Canada, but I have to say, I’m not a fan of Mr. Selfie. I worked on his Dad’s first election run, and junior is no Pierre Trudeau.

TX rar

1) The system with the electorial college needs to be changed for both parties
2) voter turn out in the US is shockingly low compared to other countries
3) the majority of people dont know or research any platform ideas or care when statements have been debunked as false

Meech sees the truth

Was anyone else laughing when Meech said, “This is probably the most boring season to watch with all these showmances.” Lol. Right on!!! Can’t believe it took the super fan this long to catch on!

Butters Mom

I miss the days of food comps where they had to “earn” their food…. and what exactly is the point of have nots? Seriously… remember when America voted for the food they would get and it would be sardines and saurkraut? This “experiment” game has turned into actor wannabees at summer camp and THAT is why it isnt as interesting as it used to be. on another topic… I hope Paulie got Z’s yeast infection… he deserves it.


I take it Jersey is the only state that u don’t pump gas from all the surprise reactions, it’s funny cause I live in PA and we always say when a jersey person pulls up and waits for a person to come out they must be from jersey it’s a big joke to us


Oregon also forbids non-gas station employees from pumping gas.

Pumping gas in New Jersey

Never cared…


Paulie won’t win the veto, he will throw it. That way he will not have to take Z off the block. If he won it and did not take her off, I don’t even want to think what she would do!


I must admit, I felt no sympathy for Meech or Z when they went on the block. Even Meech’s tears seemed phony to me. The way these mean girls treat the other girls in the house, I won’t mind either going home this week. I’m still holding out hope that Vic will BD Paulie this week. With Jame’s help they could easily get him out. “sighs”

Bryn Mawr Mama

The HN food is not a punishment – since when are hash browns and corned beef a hardship? Bring back the liver and sardines, the calamari and beef tongue…now that’s HN food. What a bunch of wusses.

Only can wish

1) PAULIE may not try to win POV, Z will be expecting him to use it on her and Paul will be PISSED, if he does use it on her.
2) NICOLE may not try to win POV, she told Michelle she will take her off the block. If she doesn’t use it and Michelle has the return ticket, either way Nicole will have a target on her back.
3) JAMES is not going to try for POV at all.
4) VICTOR shouldn’t try to win POV, everyone is looking at him as a comp. threat.
I’m so hoping for Paulie to be backdoored and have a 1 way ticket.
A miracle has to happen this week. We all have suffered long enough.


Is James really going to throw this comp?? Nat could be the replacement if one of them come off the block. He should just try to win it, then with the veto and the ACP in hand he could try to make some deals. (That is if anyone trust deals anymore…LOL)

Only can wish

I didn’t even think of that. Dang, This could go many different ways. And the plot thickens….


Simon — As far as I know, you can pump your own gas in France so not sure it is a French thing. I know it is very hard to find a full service station anywhere in Canada.


Worst. Season. Ever.


Why not both?!

I am not a fan of these showmances AND I am not in showmance!


Since James and Natalie can’t win anymore prizes, I don’t want to vote. Who wants to see any of them win a prize. Nicole is gonna be so sad when she see what everyone thinks of her and gay boy.


I am considering voting for Vic on the next one just to p*ss Paulie and Nicole off.
After that I will vote Brig for Co-Host.

True Story

Lol, Im from Ohio originally where everyone pumps their own gas, but I’ve been living in Jersey where its illegal to pump your own gas, so whenever I visit other states I forgot for a minute and sit there like an idiot waiting for someone to come pump the gas, lo.


Go back to PB&J ONLY…have nots is a joke…no condiments…nothing extra…just PB&J and water like old times…they got sick of it pretty quick…the Slop has run its course!


Simon, have you seen any HG eat slop? This is the first season I haven’t seen them make slop like items like they have in seasons past. Just curious … I agree with you about the HN food this season.


Its pretty ridiculous when the HAVES..are wanting the HAVENOT food…lol…CORNBEEF AND HASH
big time suffering….YA I AGREE SLOP ONLY and water


POV comp is over 3 hours now. Crazy.


Gawd…I don’t know who to root for, usually I like whoever the underdog is week to week, but I at least want the underdog to show that they are playing their agenda and not someone elses. This is why I’m having such a hard time rooting for Bridgette. Can’t root for Nicole as she doing the same stupid boy crazy gameplay she did last time . I wish I could root for James like I did last time he played, but he’s playing the same way he did last time too, and is going to find himself evicted while he sits waiting to make a move. The 2 Ps…they certainly have the control so far but have a hard time rooting for their arrogance when what I want is for someone to do something to knock them down a bit! Someone pleaseeeeee do something!

Justin beaver

POV comp is pumping your own gas.


Production overhead Nat say she’s never pumped gas. They don’t want her to win. The show is rigged!! Haha

Powder Puff Girl

I am voting for Bridgette this week for Care package 3. Hoping Victor and Bridgette team up. It is better to vote than not vote PP may get a package.

Powder Puff Girl

If opportunity arises Paul/Vik needs to BD Paulie this week. I think Paulie will always argue that Z should stay just one more week, just one more week, just one more week, then it will be F3 too late.