Havenot Temptation – Jason picks the purple box and gets 2 weeks as a havenot!

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2pm HOH room. Kevin, Paul and Mark.
Paul – have you talked to Ramses? Kevin – no. Paul – can you give him a little word and be like.. Kevin – oh today? He isn’t going to f**k around. I’m sure of that. Paul – do mind going down there and be like man everyone is in on it. Everything is going good. Kevin – yeah. Paul – can
Mark – I’ll even be like Ramses, take it easy. Really stick it to Cody. Paul – Cody got called in already so just it might be soon. Mark – the environment is so much better than last week. Paul – he won’t even look at me. He just looks down. Kevin heads downstairs. Paul – I can’t wait to find out more about Kevin. There’s something more to him. I think he is very very intelligent. Like next level intelligent. I think he is so smart that simple instructions confuse him. Like clip your mic to your shirt. I think he invented something. He is rich.

Bathroom – Kevin and Ramses.
Kevin – the powers that be want to make sure everything is going to go down alright. Ramses – that’s what I’m wanting. I trust the house. Kevin – you have to. They said make sure Ramses is on board. Ramses – I’m not the type of person that lies. Kevin – that’s cool.

2:17pm Lounge room. Elena, Matt, Raven, Josh.
Matt – I think I am going to go for it just so that Ramses doesn’t get it. Elena – I would rather not have it just so I don’t have to keep having people come at me. Josh – I am going to give the most epic speech and I won’t stop until the tell me to stop. That would be so good to pull myself off.

2:25pm HOH room – Raven, Elena, Mark, Paul, Jason
Paul – I’m waiting for them to call this pricks name. (Jason’s name because he is the veto host. When he gets called the veto comp will start soon after.) Jason – yeah come on. Am I ever going to get to beast it?

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2:30pm Kitchen – Alex and Christmas.
Alex – I don’t trust him (Ramses). Christmas – That’s why I’m having this conversation with you. We’ve been set up beautifully. I can’t remember any other villain, with the house at agreeance and it works perfectly. If he (Ramses) pulls this rug out. Now I think there would be 4 of them because I think Cody is sweet talking Jason. Alex – but what could he do though. Christmas – if Ramses gets on board. Alex – I want to punch him so hard. Christmas – Cody is very manipulative. And then all 4 of them could compete for HOH. If one of them got HOH, I know I’m going up. It would be really stupid for him to do it but I’m not putting it past him. I’m not at the point were I trust him. They head to the bathroom to talk with Raven and Matt.

HOH room – Mark, Elena, Paul, Jason
They’re talking about Cody and how he won’t talk about things. Elena brings up how he mentioned he worked in this small town. Elena says she lived there to and wanted to talk to him about it. He told her he couldn’t talk about it. Jason – what is he CIA or something? Paul confirms with Kevin that he talked to him and he isn’t going to do anything to mess up the plan. Ramses joins them. Ramses – you can trust me that I am not going to f**k this up. We’re all on the same page.

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3:05pm Bedroom – Alex & Kevin.
Kevin – I was going to say the f**king guys can’t even spell zebra. My point is whatever Paul said is right and whatever I said is wrong. I had a dream that it was me and you in the final 2 Paul. Kevin you weren’t even there. Who the f**k do you think you are? It’s all it is is a dream because you ain’t going to be in the final 2. I can tell you that right now. They get up and walk away and do you know what Paul said to me. They asked me to talk to Ramses. I ain’t talking to f**king nobody. Alex – so Christmas thinks Ramses is going to flip. Kevin – he couldn’t beat you if there were 20 games. He wouldn’t beat you in one. Alex – he’s smart. If its a mental one he could do it. But what they’re thinking is he is going to win it and that Jason is going to team up with him. He’s going to be the next one out. Christmas is bad news dude. Kevin – what about the girls. Alex – Christmas is the only one smart enough. Alex – Paul asked me to throw it and I said no. Kevin – for who? Alex – to him. Kevin – why, he’s won everything. Alex – because its his show now. Alex – if they had listened to me we would have control of the house right now. If these two had listened to me, Jillian would still be in the house, those two would be on our side. Me, Cody and Jason. We would have taken everyone out. They f**ked us. They’re dead to me. I can’t wait till they go home. Now we have to play their stupid game and bend over. Kevin – you need to win HOH. Alex – I don’t want it for the next couple weeks because they’ll want me to take out these two (Ramses And Jason). We don’t want these two (Ramses & Jason) on the jury because they might vote for people on the other side. They’re so stupid. Alex – they’re going to take out Ramses, Jason and Jessica. Kevin – they’re going to head hunt Jason, Ramses and Jessica. We need to stick together. You watch my back and I’ll watch your back. Paul joins them. Alex – we have a

3:25pm Jason comes out of the diary room with the havenot temptation key. They all head to the havenot room to see if he’s unlucky or lucky. Jason picks the purple box. He opens it and he says I knew I should have gone with the f**king orange!!! Jason has to be a havenot for 2 weeks.

3:55pm Big Brother calls Jason to the diary room .. the POV competition might start soon..
4pm Big Brother blocks the feeds…

6pm The feeds are still blocked..

7:25pm No feeds for you ..

8:15pm Nothing yet..
9:05pm You thought the feeds would be back after 5 hours …NOPE!

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And in the end it will be Paul’s lack of self awareness and love of the spotlight that will tank his game and likely the games of those close to him. He’d be so much better off if he could just stop talking.


Maybe after Cody is gone people will see how manipulative Paul really is. I think the reason Paul is supported by most people is that Cody made enough enemies, so most of agree with Paul’s goal to get rid of him. Without Cody, Paul should become the next huge target.

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

Yes, it is amazing how fast things turn in this game from week to week. Right now everyone is focused on getting Cody and Jessica out. But by the time Cody goes people will forget about Jessica and someone else will become the prime target by next week. That might well be Paul because he is a vet and he is a threat (but remember, he is safe for 2 more weeks thanks to production). I think Cody will be back due to the revival twist (the Paul versus Cody rivalry is just too big for production to let go of this early) so that battle is far from over. For the record, I think production has found the next Brendan and Rachel in Cody and Jessica – they are perfect Big Brother villains and I think we will see them in the future (not saying I WANT to see that, just that production has a history of doing that for ratings).


Hope so. Already tired of his game, saw it already. Would like to see what the Newbies come up with without him.


Cody HOH game play was down right terrible. you add in his decision for a showmance with Jess with his huge ego, and you end up being a target from here on out. the longer this Cody/Jess showmance continues, the shorter BB life Cody has. the sad thing is, Cody showed potential as being a very mysterious and unpredictable BB player. his DR sessions about teaming up with the hot chicks and alpha males unearthed his shallow identity.


Why the hate on Paul? Just because he gets another shot at BB? He should have won last year over Nicole, imo.
So, he’s loud. So he knows more than the others about BB. He shares his know how. He hasn’t been nearly the douche that Cody has been.
Cody back stabbed him. Why on Earth would Paul want to keep him in the game..when Cody s a good competitor and wants him out?
In any event…There will be a buy back, Cody comes back into the house. Production is loving the drama.
My point is…Cody is over the top with his attitude and anger. And no question he makes for tenseness..and not in a good way.
NO GAMESMANSHIP on any level. NONE. He and Paulie are cut from the same cloth.
Coy said it all. He told Jessica that if F*****cking Paul hadn’t come into the house..he would have ruled everyone. Yeah. He just can’t handle not being top dog.


He said if it wasn’t for that temptation Paul got… we would never have to see him again. He was doing all of us a favor, except AG I guess


say what you will about Cody, I’m not a fan. But, you gotta give him props for seeing the big headed snakes (paul and xmas)


Nope. I like Paul. Glad he’s back. Admittedly, I did not like him till toward the end of the season last year. He’s an above average player, good social game and can win comps when it counts.

It’s like he said, he’s at a “10” in the house for entertainment. But in real life, he’s more at a 5. As an avid live feeder, he does keep me entertained, even if he annoys me sometimes. Lol. Honestly it would be pretty boring watching everyone make out 24/7 otherwise. Which there’s a lot of that so far this season.


I feel like the issue with Paul is that he is behaving like a tyrant this season.

poor hg's

Can you blame him. It was handed to him on a silver platter.


Agree with EVERYTHING you said. I’m not liking Paul because he doesn’t know when to just SHUT UP. I HATE a sore winner just like a sore loser. So full of himself. Take a seat, chill out, have some fun and casually check in with your people so nothing goes off track. I’m done wih his petty drama.. so Jason talked to Cody/Jess. Geeze, that’s really reaching…


Jason getting off easy af for breaking Christmas’s foot.

boo hoo

She already got everyone’s sympathy vote thanks to mark panicking over pauls rigged temptation. Sweet ole Jillian is a home cause of that garbage




yeah cause you know he did it on purpose. F*ckin’ dummies everywhere ….


You make it sound like it was not an accident. Watch the tape she was riding his back. Jason did not fall out of maliciousness. Maybe it was karma that effected her foot for the lame game she started out playing and this accident has forced her to up her game which probably kept her in the game. So she should thank Jason if I use your logic!
I liked Paul last season this season he is coming across like a Vanessa type player just with a better social game. I think the move to go after Paul the first chance he got was the right move but Cody should have discussed it with some on his team I am sure they would have reminded him there were temptations and that Paul was the fan favorite last year. Either way Jessica or Cody needs to go home this week to let the showmances know they are not safe and they cannot play the game that Nicole played.


Im thinking Cody will come back in buy back then it will be a battle between him and Paul all over again with maybe new lines being drawn


Where can it be confirmed that there will be a buy back?


no where but given Megan quit and the need for double evictions and how the dates/weeks work out, I think there will be one. plus a chance to reunite a showmance? ratings galore


It’s already on the CBS schedule lineup for Friday July 21st.


If there is a buy back and if Paul is still in the house. Maybe Cody and Paul will have to compete against another to get back in!


Paul likes the sound of his own voice.
Shut the F up dude!

come on king!!!

The BB fans need you next week Kev.


Omg two weeks of have nots? That’s really rough, he’s going to be half dead by the time the two weeks are up. The beds they put in there are killer


Good. Hope it wipes that goofy smile off his face. Hope Cody walks out on Thursday in his froggy costume. That maniac deserves it. He’s a bastard.

rib it

He might be wearing the costume…but the only toad here is you

xmas is the worst. no, paul is the worst. F*ck they're all shit

Is it just me or are 99% these house guests shit ….. shitty personalities, shitty phony f*cktards, shitty weaklings, unnecessarily shitty backstabbers, shitty competitors, all around shit stains.
I think the only people I like are Alex cause she’s fierce. Jason because he’s got a wicked personality and he’s easy going and fun, too bad he’s in a house with f*cktards who want to put out his light. Kevin’s ok but he’s a follower too. And Ramsey I don’t know why everyone doesn’t like Ramsey I’ve been watching the feeds for about a week and he hasn’t warranted the hate coming from Xmas and Dom. Poor kid, the old man f*cked him over so he could hang out with Paul.

If you’re going to talk about someone at least get their name right. Its Ramses not Ramsey


If Paul truly thinks that Kevin is a rich genius he’ll try to keep Kevin around just so he can try to get in good with him for business reasons because Paul is as much about making business connections for after the game as he is about the game itself.

Bunny Flop

Is Kevin with Alex? Or is he just out for himself? I truly can’t tell. I do stil love him though.


Kevin is on Kevin’s side and that is a wise way to play this game. He is liked by all and seems to have a top secret alliance with Paul and a few F2 deals with others. In the end, I do not think he will stick with Paul, but it is a good strategy at this time, esp since nobody seems to know about it. I think Kevin is playing a great game.


What exactly is a VIP Concierge? That’s what Jessica has as her job.


Vip concierge in la = escort..the red bottoms gave it away

Thats the game...

Anybody in BB with half a brain is just out for themselves. You don’t win the $500k without lying along the way.


Especially to themselves the lying part

Brother Utah

Paul never ever shuts up. Kevin is so sick of him. Whatever happens to respecting your elders? Kevin is not Paul’s butler.

Say what you want about Alex, but laying low for the next few weeks will really benefit her. Even Josh, who would be kick out this week, really benefit from Paul’s mouth.


No, Kevin just says that stuff to certain people. Kevin’s REALLY good at telling different people different things he thinks they want to hear. He had me confused last week, I had no idea of which way he was really going even with watching feeds all the time. He’s really convincing. In the end, he was really with Paul the whole time. But he’s smartly working different angles. And again, he’s really good at selling himself and disguising his agenda. I have high hopes for him.

I couldn't take it

True, but I wouldn’t be able to lay low being stuck with Paul 24/7. Sooner or later I would just scream “Shut the F up”

Crystal Ball

Since Christmas is going to have surgery on Monday, she will obviously not be able to function well at least for a few days,maybe a week or longer. I smell a rat regarding Cody’s expulsion. Not quite sure yet,but something is up .


Maybe Xmas has to leave for good so no elimination.


I forget that Dom is even in the house!


She spends most of her time in the prayer closet.


And planning for that ridiculous “show”. Does she actually think that she is going to get a job interviewing people after this? Smh


It’s worth a shot!!! This is a huge opportunity if that is the case. It shows ambition, the type not found in a one letter handle.


I can’t watch the feeds, and it’s only been a few short weeks. Usually being this annoyed happens towards the end when everyone has pretty much left the house. I can’t stand to watch and listen to Paul’s obsession with Cody, it’s worn out it’s welcome. Dude, shut up and just do what you are going to do, we don’t need to hear about it every single second. Watching After Dark, was horrible too, had to FF through 3/4 of the show just to not hear his annoying voice. I refuse to believe this hate towards Cody is just because Cody put him up and then Christmas, something deeper is going on… Also, who tells someone not to talk to anyone? Who does that? Paul, get over yourself, you are not that relevant… In fact, I forgot all about you from last year, until I saw your little short stature come back in the house with your egotistical big mouth, poser tats, and skeevy, “so last year” beard… Take all that sh!t away, and all you are is just a little, teenie, “Eddie” munster with ADHD…

Little Man Syndrome

You forgot the underwear he wears as shorts to look even more ridiculous.


Jeesh, Paul’s living rent free in your head It’s just a game, calm down killer.


I’m far from needing to, “calm down”. It’s just a game that I pay feeds for, and the last thing I paid for was to see him on every channel whining about Cody. From the sound of it, the only place he’s living in, is your basement!


Agreed super annoying the only thing Paul, Matt and Raven talk about is Cody and Jess.


Seems like many of these house guests main goal is only to make it to jury and will ride Paul to get there. Paul is using that to his benefit. The way I see it, only a few really have their eye on the big prize and are really playing to make final 2 … Paul and Alex …. think Jason is to a certain extent but he is shooting himself in the foot. Kevin is a wildcard … not sure what his strategy really is. Ramsey would love to win but just does not have the game or maturity to manipulate the other house guests. I would say Cody but his inability to look beyond Paul killed his game and then getting hooked up with Jessica and secluding themselves has not done anything to improve his game… even if he were to win a buy back comp and come back, the first week he does not win HoH, he will probably be evicted again.

We'll Be Together Forever

Some seem to have come in looking for a showmance. They were hooked up in about two days.


Looking forward to watching Paul trip on his own words.

VIP lounge

I think Jess is chill female. Cooler than most


I think she is pathetic. The way she latched onto the first HOH right after he won. Thought she was HBIC.


I feel ya. From what I’ve seen tho she can handle herself on some boss ish. The opening gif where Jason picked the wrong box, you can see how she looked twenty years ago as a toothy young’n. Still the same young lady I’m sure, as are you. It’s ok to let your guard down, were all friends here

Mary ann

Is Jessica wearing a hair extension because I saw her the other night in bed with Cody and she looks like she has no hair in the back of her head and her forehead is very receded.


She’s wearing extensions. People on twitter were posting a ton of pics showing how bad they were when she had her hair up. She was laying on the bed in the pics, so you might have seen what everyone else is posting. I felt kind of bad for her bc they are really, really bad.


OMG thank you, wondering that too

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wonky eye

Hahaha, Jess has a fivehead. She’s a slag.


Yes she is wearing extensions. Which is kinda weird Bc they aren’t even that good of hair extensions. Don’t seem worth the money.


What a shame that the camera man focused in on those bald spots. At the end of the day, why do we care what she looks like? How is ripping her looks, relevant to her game play? I don’t like the way she acts, but the last thing I would do is point out her flaws when it’s completely unnecessary. She is a beautiful girl whether you think so or not.


You could see the clips on the extensions. Most people try to hide the clips. ?


I’m thinking the hair issues could be caused by maybe being a former dancer or gymnast. They sometimes have that problem wth receding hairlines bc they pull their hair so tight into a bun and it ends up damaging the roots.


OMG thank you I was wondering that too


ButtersMom: “Ive talked to several past houseguests and they told me it’s scripted”


Paul is laying out the “Kevin is rich” thing in case they F2 so ppl won’t be as likely to give it to Kevin. Plus he is a little scared of Kevin becuz he indeed is smart and Pauls worried he can smell his bs.

Love that Alex hates Xmas. And if Paul thinks cutting down Jason so he can get ppl off the smell of that he actually plans to use him later in the game…Paul will never even get to F4 at this rate.

If Cody leaves this week. They can’t let fish lips bring Jess back over to that side. Alex Kevin and Jason need to pull her in. Her hatred of Xmas feeds into their plans.


Butters Mom

Im confused as to what part of what I said is bullshit. I have indeed talked to several past houseguests over the years and all have told me not to believe that everything is organic that they say… that much of it is scripted. All have told me that the winner has not been predetermined but the fights are not always real and they are given things to say in the DR as well as to other houseguests. You can think or believe whatever you want… I’ve been on this sight a long time and I’ve watched bb from the beginning. Many on here have had encounters with former house guests… they are “real” people btw with real lives outside of the house.

Butters Mom

and further more, if you are going to quote me… then quote me correctly. ” I’ve met several former players in the past and they have always told me SOME of it is scripted”


Name one house guest that told you it’s somewhat scripted. I realize theses ppl have real lives. And you watching the show from season 1 is great. However u reading online ppl like Ian said that the DR sometimes steer houseguests certain ways. We all know reality shows have writers. That’s not the point.

Lie all you want. That’s on you. Name one houseguest that told u that. And I will have it checked out. K. Name one. Let’s go.

Butters Mom

I live in the same small town as Jerry, *season 3, I have also met Libra *season 9 and Candice *season 11.. all from my area. I met all of them randomly at different times and all were very nice regardless of how they were portrayed on the show. Have at it having it checked out.. Im sure you have all kinds of connections considering how clueless you are. You sound seriously immature.. “lets go” get real.


Ok once again with feeling….Idgaf who you “met”. THEY DID NOT TELL YOU THE SHOW IS SOMEWHAT SCRIPTED.

As I stated yes production does steer the players in certain directions at times. And again..every reality show has writers. I am not debating that fact or debating if you “met” past houseguests.

Where I know you are lying is that past houseguests openly go around discussing production of the show.


Name one. I promise you u won’t. U will say well I can’t name one becuz I dnt want to jeopardize their trust in me. Spin it however makes you sleep better at nite or u think embarrasses u less.

Dnt lie and then be mad somone calls u on it.

Moving on. Good luck to you. Done.


Personally. I just want Cody to leave so then everyone can start PLAYING the game. I feel like I’m one of the few people who cares less about drama and actually likes to see people think and plan and PLAY. I’m so over ever season being a dating show..hate Paul all you want, but he is one of the few in the house who is at least playing the game…once Cody is gone(for the 3 or so weeks until I’m sure he will come back) we can see some actual game play. And then even more when and if he gets back! I miss people who played to win. Not to be famous or find a fucking boyfriend/girlfriend …


pretty sure there’s no returnee twist until jury this year. cody is one of three people currently playing the game (other two are paul and alex). if you want game play you should want him to stay.


I agree. I don’t like the showmances and the desperate need to he famous… I also like the fact that Kevin is older and I think they should bring in more older players instead of all the bimbos, both male and female. I liked Chicken George way back in the day.


LOVE Kevin.. not just saying that sarcastically. He’s a great guy and my favourite competitor this season, well, one of them. But it’s ANNOYING to see him and Alex discuss how Ramses “f*cked up their plan and positions in the house with the vote last week” when KEVIN’S the one who switched.. Like.. Screw him low-key for doing that. Queen Alex deserved better..

Matt/Mark/Elena/Raven.. they all need to go back to Dominos Pizza or wherever they’re working currently and stop ruining the show with incessant floatmances and ‘VOTE WITH THE CURRENT POWER!’ stack-ups. So dire and trite. Paul better send one of them packing soon.

Feed me please

Hmmmm? …..feeds have been down for a long time, I wonder if Cody saw everyone throw the POV to Paul and a fight erupted.

Feed me please

Hmmmm.?, feeds have been down for a long time haven’t they? I wonder if Cody saw everyone throw the comp to Paul and a fight erupted


I will say this… I didnt like Paul last year and I am on the fence abour him this year. I love that he shook up the house but I hate his ego. But something we can all remember when they were choosing to bring back a vet just be happy it wasnt Frankie that walked though the doors.


Can someone pitch an idea at BB for all of the floaters to compete in an endurance competition to see who TRULY wants to fight/play in the game? Raven, Matt, Elena, etc.. It’d be funny to see Julie’s face appear on the screen and reveal “another TWIST.. America has decided for the floating voters to compete to stay and see if they REALLY want this experience or are here JUST to relax and have fun!”

CUE Raven’s shocked, bunny face and Matt awkwardly smiling. REPLACE THEM WITH REAL FIGHTERS AND PLANNERS! LOL


It’s weird that the feeds have been down for so long……. this doesn’t usually happen until mid – end of game….


The game is rigged for Paul….. Plzzzzzzz Xmas go home Monday sooo Cody can stay and play the game unlike the rest of these followers


Do you think some stuff went down Dawg/Simon? 5 hours no feeds even if it’s an endurance comp everyone was going to throw it, except maybe Alex so it should have gone fast right?


Do you think some shit went down since there are no feeds? Even if it was an endurance comp everyone was going to throw it so they should be back up right?


I see Alex and Kevin are plotting for the elimination of Paul…I don’t think Paul will make it to Jury. I’d love to see him and Cody have to battle it out for the reentry.


So did all the POV players let Paul win again?


Paul won POV!

Basic Weirdo

Cody and Paul had a fistfight causing both to be kicked out of the game. Veterans Frankie and Amanda enter the game as replacements and everything is reset. The rest of the house guests have a 5 hour cry and production gets them all ready. #ButSecond trends as we are back online!

Basic weirdo

I could have sworn I saw pov by Paul’s name for a second then I refreshed the page and it only says hoh now.


Paul is a snake. I can’t stand him. When he talks to the house guest it blows my mind that they believe his crap and his to what he tells them to do. Are you kidding me. And christmas is so dramatic and annoying.


Probably not going to watch the show after Cody gets kicked off cause I see what’s going to happen. They are all playing Pauls game. Literally if he tells them to do something they do it. They just want to make it to jury. And hand that snake the money. FOOLS. IDOITS. I can’t even deal. BB can you NOT bring any vets in. It’s annoying to watch. Same crap every year.


Paul’s level of arrogance is ridiculous! The fact the others follow him is sad.. play your own game or at least be like Alex who is following but makes it clear she’s doing it to help her advance in the game not because of some sick hero worship! And someone in BB please tell Raven she looks ridiculous with all that makeup she wears that is three shades paler than the rest of her.. what ever happened to natural beauty?