“they’re building something outside.. it’s HOH tomorrow.. I’m taking Ramses out.”

It’s been slow… We’re waiting for the POV Ceremony and they’re flipping back and forth dozens of time weather or not to use the veto. It’s maddening.

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4:31pm Have nots
Have not temptation is back in play.
Mark, Josh, and Ramses are have-nots
Jason got cursed last week when he tried for the Have not temptation. He’s got 1 more week as a have not.

Mark and Josh run to the Diary room to be the first one to claim the Have not temptation.
They tell ramses he should run out.. He runs…

Jessica thinks the slop is jive.

Jason – it’s up to me.

Storage is restocked..


Everyone telling Jason to use the Veto. *Everyone = Paul and Kevin)

Josh gets to pick the have not key. Picks the right one and he’s not a have not, pick thr wrong one (like Jason did) and he gets a 1 week extension

Jessica reintegrating with the other houseguests..

5:21pm Jason and Kevin
Kevin tells him he’ll cut Paul before Jason.
Jason – i’ll tell you one reason I’m not using the POV
Jason goes on to explain Jessica was feeding him all sort of Bullsh1t, when he compared notes with “the people” upstairs he got to the truth.
Jason – f*ing liar..
Kevin – They’re driving us f*ing crazy
Kevin says he asked Dom what she was doing. She told him “People broke my heart” immediately after she went into a prayer.
Kevin – I’m like What the f* man
Kevin hopes that the eviction is tomorrow Night… I mean it man.. I just can’t take this sh1t..

Kevin jokes it the vote comes out and their on the wrong side he’s putting Jason’s head in the oven.

Kevin says he pledges to Alex, Jason and Paul they will never be voted out by Kevin.

6:07pm Josh – I’m going to start calling people out..
Josh is getting frustrated..
Paul says he felt the same way last night with Dom and that is why he did call her out.
Too many people are making up stories.

Paul – they’re building something outside.. it’s HOH tomorrow.. I’m taking Ramses out.
Josh – there’s a buy back
Alex joins them.

Dom comes in
Jason catches her on the spy screen before she comes in – “Ohh shit…”

6:28pm Backyard is open.

6:34pm Paul and Xmas
Xmas says nobody other than Paul knows she voted out Ramses last week.

Paul says that the POV ceremony is later tonight.
Paul hopes if Dom has her talk show tonight thta nobody shows up. Dom doesn’t need another platform to spread her agenda.

Paul – you bat for me so I’ll bat for you.. I think we’re solid
Elena – we got a good thing going.. I had a d1ck in my dream last night… I had a d1ck attention …
Paul – were you f*ing me
Elena – no
Elena – I was putting into jason’s wife’s B***h***
They Laugh…

Dominique – It’s interesting how Paul exploded and disrespected me
Dom – There’s one thing you don’t do you don’t disrespect my god he is all powerful and he is everywhere.. Don’t you dare say he’s not with me..

Dom is shocked that Elena would hang out with someone that has disrespected their god. She’s not cool with Paul, she doesn’t want o hang out. Paul disrespected her god.

8:08pm Kevin is sharing a story where he turned down a spread in play girl. talking about his young life…

8:56pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin says if the other side wins HOH they are going to put up Ramses and Jason.
Take some of the makeup girls away.. So we can have some room in the bathroom.
Kevin is surprised Christmas is still allowed in the house
Kevin says Ramses is getting creepy…

Kevin – I say we carry each other to the final 4..

Jason says if he would have won that Veto over Alex he would put up Matt and Dom.

Jason – Dom’s going home..
Kevin – lets put up some of their power..

Kevin – Matt and Mark can’t beat you at a competition.. No one can beat your and Alex nobody….

9:50pm Paul, Mark and Kevin
Paul says he talked to Dom and told her this is just a game and he would like them to maintain a relationship outside the house.
Paul says she just looked at him and looked away.

11:09pm Raven and matt
Raven complaining about Christmas being in the game with a busted foot..

12:15am Raven and Matt
Raven is saying that they need to Backdoor Christmas.
Matt doesn’t think they’ll have to she can’t compete in POV either way. He wants to throw her up right away.

9:54am Everyone still sleeping..

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Simon the snark this season is exquisite. 2 thumbs up.

Smitten Kitten

Thumbs down??
Simon should permanently ban anyone who disagrees with that statement. 😉

Why bother coming here if you don’t find Simon’s reviews funny?


It’s good to see Jessica mingle, and bless the other house guests with her beauty….


Jessica or Dom?
keeping Jess= big target + no friends
with Cody battleback= more suckyface and nausea- still a target
evicting Jess= focused Cody set on revenge
Keeping Dom=big target + no friends + cancellation of her little show
evicting Dom= we will never hear from her again- unless the battleback is mental


I think next season ALL the houseguests should be on pain meds. Would make for one messy summer.


I don’t think any of them are playing this game except Paul, Jason and Kevin. Like them or not at least they are playing. I was a fan of Paul’s but he is starting to get on my nerves but for some reason everyone just fawns over him and takes his word as gospel. I don’t get Christmas why is she still there. If production plays a hand then they need to step in and make her leave.
I know nobody will agree with me but I still think if Cody comes back and aligns with Paul and Alex they can take out everyone and then battle it out for the win.


after Christmas got hurt she asked that they keep her till jury .. that way she gets to experience pretty much everything bb had to offer … I would give her that .. after all she is also a vote ..

BB lover L

Thats why Jess needs to go this week. Wuth her in the house, Cody wont play, he’ll just pet her. Ugh…

sunny dee

cody won’t work with paul, that has been the source of his own downfall in the first place

Captain Crunch

How many weeks does the den of temptation last? Im sure everyone cant get tempted and it has to end at some point so the houseguest don’t get an advantage/disadvantage late in the game.

Smitten Kitten

Julie said the next one is the last for the summer.

Coco Coco Puffs

Julie said on Thursday that this week’s is the last one.


ugh, not using the pov? how dumb is this house?


Dom is right. Paul is the biggest snake in the house and people are to dumb to figure it out!


Or as the last post said production is running the show

Bunny Flop

Good ol GnomeBeard. You gotta hand it to him. He knows how to insult someone. In front of everyone.
And still manage to be the offended party.


Paul is a snake

Capt. Obvious

What season did that stop being the point of Big Brother?


Use the POV and bring Jessica into the group. Cody comes back and you have two people to add with Alex and the dumb a$$ people she’s working with. Jason is crazy if he thinks they will still vote out Dom. If that’s even what he wants anymore.


I’m LOL over the gif of Elena, but I have to admit that my nose gets super twitchy/itchy quite often (Austin area is allergy capital of the world), and I’m always worried someone is going to see me rubbing/wiping my nose and think I’m a cocaine queen or something.

*God knows I have never touched the dust. I’ve only ever seen the stuff on Miami VIce and Magnum P.I. (Oh, wait…there was an episode on Charlie’s Angels, too); I swear! My god (yes, Dom! He is my god, too) knows the truth! But, this one time I was eatin’ at a Denny’s after getting my groove on at the local honky-tonk…and people were looking at me all strange. It was only later that I realized I had powdered sugar on the tip of my nose from my French Toast combo. I guess I’ve been paranoid ever since. (Granny throws her pageant sash and crown from 1979 in the basement. )

Smitten Kitten

Magnum PI? You’re dating yourself, Granny. 😉

Although Tom Selleck is a “major bo-hunk”.

Bunny Flop

Cedar Queen! No cocain needed!


You are too funny love your posts. Keep on Rocking!


I would rather see dom evicted because she’s not there to win big brother!
I’d like to see Cody win the buy back and team back up with Jessica and alex!
Preferably I would love to see raven get evicted! As this isn’t a charity!

RAven is a scammer

Wow! She’s just too fake. I get really angry every time I hear the HGs say they’d rather she wins the 500k. Well, lets see how she explains this when she gets out. It will probably be more lies and scams. Sad.


I had a feeling something was way off with this chick. How incredibly infuriating and abhorrent. What a slap in the face of those truly suffering from terminal illness…


Pathetic if her strategy to win is to falsely claim to be terminal and also get BB viewers to donate to her gofundme page. Can’t look at her now without thinking of the wall comp. She reminded me of a marionette puppet in her awkward stance with right arm bent and black makeup streaming down her face.


I knew that this girl was full of crap. I was thinking why would CBS cast a person as sick as she claims to be. It made no sense.


It is very disturbing that she calls her illness terminal. It is not. My granddaughter actually was diagnosed with the same condition. She had a feeding tube until the age of 5. She’s now 11 and thriving. It is very manageable. Read about it on the Mayo site. Their whole family are takers. I just hope Cody educates himself as researchers the truth. He mentioned he would get a 2nd job to help her financially and wanted her to win the prize money.


Josh to Xmas, “i only trust you and Paul”
Xmas to Elena, “i only trust you and Paul”
Elena to Mark, “i only trust you and Paul”
Mark to Elena, “i only trust you and Paul”
Raven to Matt, “i only trust you and Paul”
Alex to Jason, “i only trust you and Paul”
Kevin to Jason, “i only trust you and Paul”

nacho mama

I guess its good to be you and Paul

Ravens Vagina

Paul is an obnoxious tool.

Johnny Depper

I feel like I’m missing something; if the “house” is dead-set on evicting Dom this week then why are people worried that if the nominations stay the same that Jessica will be evicted; it seems the outcome of Dom’s eviction is certain since she has found herself on the wrong side of Derrick…I mean Paul. I guess the 2 rules in BB are: never volunteer to be a pawn and don’t pretend to be a talk-show host.

With the battle back, I hope Cody wins (he was a great player regardless of his social shortcomings) and since Alex couldn’t shake up the house I hope he does. Production then needs to find some way for Christmas to leave the game before jury.

Johnny Depper

Just posted literally 2 seconds ago and can’t see my comment…fix website!

Johnny Depper

No, I’m getting irritated with the “Andrew” spamming comments too while I can’t see my comment for a long period of time while he/she is allowed to flood the comment section; that’s all but it appears I can see my original post so I guess the problem fixed itself.

Andrew's Momma

Not sure why the hate for my boy. It looks like there is mostly love for him except for a chosen few. It’s just a game. If you like Cody you should love Andrew!


Simon and Dawg moderate the comments on this site. That means they have to approve them before they show up. They also have actual, money paying, legitimate jobs working for other folks. This site is a side project that hopefully provides enough income to cover the Kraken. Sometimes posts pop up quickly because they are working on it right then other times it takes a while because life gets in the way. For instance, there should be a little Dawg now and that’s going to have an affect on Dawg’s time. So Simon had been solo for a few days.


I heard that Andrew hid Dom’s bible.

The antics never end.

Team Andrew

Andrew is such a silly goose.


Nice Simon


Sorry Andrew brings nothing to the game except for the one lap dance he’s boring


Up yours !

Yo Noid

Jessica is like a completely different person since Cody left.


so true…watching BBAD and she is actually having fun!


Which will only last til Cody comes back in. Sorry jess, but you got to go for one of you to have a chance. You 2 together are horrible gamers.


Dom will go as she has firgured out Paul. Alex has firgured out it Kevin, now what? Paul is bashing Christmas but she thinks they are ride or die he will have her out soon. Cody needs to come back be awesome tv seeing that play down. Think he will tone it down with Jessica’s help. If Dom was a little less “I know but can’t see and spent more time playing than reading she could have been in a good spot. I think Paul is trying to keep both sides even and he in the middle.


I don’t think Paul left Christmas down. He’s just not pushing to much or showing to much how he wants her in. Otherwise she could become a target. He has campaign so much for her that he needs to hide this now.


My guess is that production is hoping Christmas gets evicted so they won’t have to deal with a second player leaving the game outside of the normal schedule. Paul suddenly turning against her and talking about how unfair it is that she’s still there, Julie emphasizing how she’ll sit out a lot of comps, the fact that there’s no way they’ll let her be a have not and sleep on spikes while recovering from surgery, are all just prods for the cast to vote her out. I think if it hadn’t been for Megan leaving, she’d already be out the door for medical reasons, but with the Halting Hex most likely being production’s way of putting the game back on schedule after Megan’s departure, they don’t want to have to cobble together something else.


I would bet that Josh has African lineage in his DNA too.

Yo momma

Raven needs to go , so annoying & maybe Matt will start playing the game.


Enough with the all the grade school hitting between her and Matt.

Bunny Flop

So Baby Huey is gonna go “off”. On who, and is he really gonna go off, or just go off a little bit?

Bunny Flop

Poor Dom. I wonder what she did to offend God. She had to of, I mean, why else would God have allowed Paul to be so mean to her. And why else would that pious princess Elena not want to talk to her anymore.


I know what she did.

She used the words “had to of” instead of “had to HAVE”.

Bolt Uprite.

Someone should tell her no one likes a martyr.


Mark is such a little baby sometimes.
How would he react if people were doing to him what they are doing to Josh right now. It just comes off as mean and petty.


Tonight reminded me of the Lord of the flies. Poor Josh was piggy.


OMG!!! I almost spit out the Kraken on that one!! 🙂


Wow I’m really starting to believe that stuff about Raven having MBP…I think she legitimately wants Christmas out because then she won’t have competition for being the victim of the house.
How did this girl pass the psych evaluation?
I’m curious what production knows because they probably had a discrepancy with what they saw with Raven’s foot in the dr and what Raven is saying to the hg’s.
There are some rumors about Raven purposely hurting herself and that wasn’t on the feeds so we shouldn’t comment on that part, but if this girl keeps getting injured or if production saw her purposely trying to injure herself she should be immediately pulled.

He gotta go

I about died when Mark said if he went on the block people would see him as a physical threat. Yeah Right!! You suck Wrecked Ralph!!

Wrecked Ralph

Wrecked Ralph gotta go

Geri Holy Hell

Interesting that two weeks in a row one of Mark’s closest allies end up making themselves the biggest target in the house and gets voted out. First Cody and now Dom, poor Mark might be bad luck.


Please learn the difference between “their”, “there”, and “they’re”.


Seems someone has put on they’re jackboots!

I know.

Grammar Nazi

You keep up that good fight battling against spelling errors on the internet….it is an infinite job. So thankful there are hero’s like yourself protecting us!! The paradox though is only you are hurting your own ego because an actual intelligent person isn’t bothered by silly little things in life…so the paradox is those that choose to pick apart others grammar are actually less intelligent because they are trying to beat a dead horse….so lighten up!


On that note….should be “heroes”

and you should say – others’ –



Is Dom channeling the biblical Audrey?

Like what the heck. Sorry, but her obsession with Elena being jealous, Xmas too mouthy, judging Jess for knowing Cody’s actions (though she had no proof of this) Alex has to go etc, etc were just as catty. Is she right? Probably, I mean they all have narcissistic traits or they wouldn’t be on the show.

I’m also sure Paul did her wrong. However, her claims of saying something that ONLY Paul knew which is why he’s a snake isn’t an accurate statement. What Dom is referring to is – how Elena was jealous of her & Mark. BUT .. this isn’t true. She told Mark this and he is the one who told Elena, which then was repeated to Alex. So, for her to blame Paul as the only one she told is quite funny (and a lie). To my knowledge she never even asked Mark if he told Elena or Alex what she said.

I have never liked when players use religion in their games, so I’m lacking empathy for her b/c of this. Maybe, I’m alone in this feeling. Everyone knows she came on the show for exposure and to build her hair product/brand, So this feels very orchestrated. She’s angry at Paul, but meanwhile Mark is already distancing himself, but apparently that is okay?

The entire thing feels like an orchestrated moment for TV — laying there with her sunglasses on, spouting scripture & threatening God’s wrath and pay back — please. Either get up and call people out, battle to stay or interact to build your brand in a positive light prior to leaving. But, this biblical Garbo (or Audrey) routine is wearing thin.


I agree with all of this (except that no one can “Audrey” but Audrey), but Dom DID call Paul out, and from the posts was holding her own pretty well, but Paul STILL managed to “best” her, like he always bests people in these situations (dammit!). I don’t feel too sorry for Dom though because she will have vindication when the season is over and Paul’s full shenanigans are uncovered. Doesn’t help her now though, which is too bad.


Does anyone have details on Kevin talking about his young days? I don’t have the feeds. Thanks!


I feel for Raven because she says she’s terminally ill. However, what’s the big difference between Gimpymas and Ravens game playing? Both are using sympathy and s@xless affairs.

Raven pathetic

She is only terminal in her own mind for sympathy.
She is pathetic!

Raven on my nerves

Yes whenever talk is on xmas she always brings it back to her…i almost died twice on the operating table I had to be revived twice. She is on my last nerve and I see I am not alone because she is at the bottom on jokers poll…finally!


I agree with you. She even compared her foot “injury” to Christmas

Reading about her on the web, in all pre big brother articles, it Berber ever mention it’s terminal. Yes it’s chronic but not terminal.

char y

People in the house, especially Paul, keep saying Raven has “two terminal illnesses.” So I am extremely curious about what the other one is…


Do we know who has the temptation yet? I hope it’s not one of the showmances


Raven is a fraud & her whole family are frauds. She is exaggerating her diseases for sympathy and the house is eating it up. I started reading up on her “deadly” diseases and her family. They are a bunch of scammers.
Her mom picked her outfits so her stomach pacer is in full view at all time. Now she wants Xmas out (so do I) because she is taking away some of the injury sympathy in the house.

Raven scam artist

How about her comment “I could bring enough of the medicine I need to live to make it through the summer because it is too expensive”
In the meantime just bought a 40k car & opened her 2nd dance studio from her gofundme accounts.
Pathetic fraud & scam artist

char y

People in the house, especially Paul, keep saying Raven has “two terminal illnesses.” So I am extremely curious about what the other one is…


Take some of the makeup girls away.. So we can have some room in the bathroom. –Kevin

I love this line.


And the man knows what he’s talking about with 6 daughters. Kevin slays me.


Dom – I am pretty sure God won’t be voting for you on Thursday !!!
Is it just me but watching Raven and Matt is like watching a scene from the Movie GREASE – except Grease was way better and I am definitely not Devoted to this crap !!!

My Beloved Andrew

Grease is the word.


As a African American, I am so sick of black people infusing God into every G*dd*mn thing in life. It’s so stupid to be believe so ardently in Mythical beings and biblical Mythology that you can’t even think for yourself. It’s freakin annoying as “F”.

With that said, Jessica needs to go because we know Cody will win the Battle back but Dom may be a better choice. Get the Jesus freak out of the house. If there was a God, I don’t think it would give a rats a$$ about BB19.

Note to Production: No more devout religious people, they are Delusionally insane!!!


Subjunctive… Look it up sometime.


I get confused with all the added advantages/temptations/curses so forgive me but.. This next temptation (the Halting Hex) can it be used at this next eviction or only after this week?


I’m not exactly sure but given that this week the eliminated player becomes part of the four-person battle to get back in the house, I would guess that it cannot be used until next week.


Big Brother is a competition game not a charity organization. If they wanted to give it to a person suffering from illness or disease, they can just donate the prize money to the children’s hospital. People should be fully screened before entering the house.


I am so ready for the pov ceremony. Anyone know when it should be happening. Hoping he doesn’t use it. Much more drama leading up to eviction to see if some will flip and vote Jessica out. Which I really hope happens. Don’t want to have to watch her and Cody together anymore. I want to see Cody play the game without her. Can’t stand his arrogance and the way he treats people but I think the dynamic with him and Paul will be interesting. Could go either way. Whether they team up or battle it out. Would love to see Cody and Jessica go against each other to get back in the house. And lastly. What will happen with Cody and Alex with Jessica gone? Hoping alex would stay her course. Maybe even play Cody. Could be fun to watch. Jessica going this week just seems to make everything more interesting. Obviously Dom staying or going doesn’t have much effect on anything.


Agreed,. Nobody seems to be thinking about the battle back. And it’s in everyone’s best interest – especially Alex, if Cody does not have his showmance. Jessica is a very jealous girl and Alex could work with Cody if she was not there.


I’m really torn on the POV myself. I want Jason to have fun using it since he earned it, but it’s good that he’s being loyal to Alex’s HOH because they need to stick together for now. So there’s that. Then, there’s the “would it be more interesting to (potentially) have Cody back sans Jessie or with Jessie? Definitely sans Jessie, so that means Jessie SHOULD go in order to maximize that potentiality. And keeping Dom would grate on Paul and a few others, so a plus! But then, I’d really really like to see either Matt, Mark or best of all – Raven – on the block with the hopehopehope that one of THEM goes out on Thursday. So, yep, torn in all different directions.

Kevin, Alex and Jason for F3!


Raven has issues besides her illness. Sad to watch a young girl begging for attention for a sickness that supposedly no one can help with but to dump money on her. If you have 2 years to live why don’t you go out and really do something with your life in those 2 years. I watched her say no man ever stays with her because of her sickness. I find that hard to believe she probably get the man gets what she needs out of them and is so needy they have to go. The show has on been on for a few weeks and we all are annoyed by her needing the focus on her imagine her with a cell phone sheesh she probably calls people 24/7 so they can ask her how she is! I hope the girl finds answers and gets help but I do feel she is a bit of a scammer. It doesn’t make sense that cbs would cast someone so sick and not run a whole episode on her and do a lil donate now to that particular disease.


So wait – Jason is seriously planning on NOT using the POV?


Oh my god these people are so f’in boring!! Wake me up when The Paul Show is over! Zzzzzzzz!!


Kraken hour?? Please tell me this entertaining bit is coming soon!!