Dani “He [Memphis] is trash! He is the worst alliance member. He is Devin, except not likable.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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12pm Bathroom. David and Tyler.
Tyler – you can pick me (POV house guest choice) if you want. David – okay.

12pm HOH room. Memphis and NicoleA.
NicoleA – I am a very straight shooter. And if I feel like the person is good with me.. I make it known.. I said what I said and then I showed my faith like see I meant what I said I am not playing (safety suite). And I apologize if that come off the wrong way. Memphis – you don’t have to apologize. Someone has to go home. Look lets get through the POV and see how it shakes out. Everyone was well who do you want to go home? And I’m like that is up for the house to decide. Its not like I wanted Keesha to go home but We didn’t have anything. Nicole – I would just hate for you to lose another number. Memphis – for sure but the house is going to decide. Nicole – and I’m not the type of person that get butt hurt. Memphis – and that is how you have to play. Nicole – thank you for talking to me. Nicole leaves.

12:10pm Bedroom. NicoleF and Dani.
Dani – Nicole don’t freak the hell out ..this doesn’t go anywhere. Nicole – Okay I wont. Dani – Janelle is like after you. Nicole – I know. Dani – here is what I am thinking .. Memphis is a freaking tool. He won’t listen to anything and he doesn’t want to do anything so like. And he doesn’t care about us. So lets do this ourselves. If the veto doesn’t get used this week and it isn’t planned on being used. Lets make an alliance with her. I have no intention of going after her right now. So its stupid not to. And she threw my name out there. Nicole – she threw your name out there? Dani – that’s what I’m saying. Also she knows I’m not coming after her .. that’s just bad game play. Nicole – its because you talk to me. Dani – if it doesn’t get used .. me, you, Kaysar, Janelle and bring in one other guy. Nicole – they’re not going to stick to that. Dani – no, but if its one week and its next week and they don’t put us up.. good! That is all we need. All we need is to get it till we get HOH. That is all we need. Nicole – its a great idea but they’re just going to pacify us. Dani – but that is what we’re doing to them.. don’t you get that!? Nicole – but they’re not going to hold true to it. Dani – but neither would we. For right now yes and for next week I think so too. Nicole – it won’t work for a week. Dani – by then we will have the numbers. Nicole – okay we will try. How do you know she is after me? Janelle or Memphis? Dani – Memphis .. she wouldn’t tell me. Nicole – He acts like they’re beneath him. He thinks that this is just one week when you’re an HOH .. he still needs to mingle. Dani – he is trash! He is the worst alliance member. He is Devin. Except not likable. Nicole – I don’t even want to associate with him. Dani – at all! On a game basis because he sucks and on a personal level because he is a d!ck to everybody and making people cry. I want to be making this experience fun and enjoyable for everyone. I want nothing to do with him. Nicole – this showed his true colors. Dani – they couldn’t get Dan back so we got Memphis. And next week he is going to boss us around and tell us what to do with Safety. I am not doing what he says. He is just so aggressive and doesn’t shut the hell up. His girlfriend must not be able to get a word in edgewise. Nicole – but we can’t be heard talking about this. Dani – yes, I agree.

12:25pm Cody, NicoleF, Dani and Christmas.
Cody – he (Memphis) is like I don’t care about the group. I care about myself. I’m keeping you guys safe is not how an alliance works. If people (Janelle/Kaysar) are targeting the alliance .. they need to f**king go! Dani – if I was in power I would do everything in my power to keep everyone in my alliance safe. Nicole – can you talk to him? Dani – not now, after the veto. Cody – I said four of us are mentioned and if one of them wins .. one of us are going home. Nicole – he doesn’t care because its not him. Christmas – what if we plant a seed that since he’s not HOH next week.. and if if he didn’t put up someone that they were wanting, thy were going to come after him. Cody – he will never believe it because he is too tight with them. Janelle just literally opened up everything to him last night. So what wait .. not they’re targeting me?! Nicole – but he did tell me that he thinks its sketchy that she said everything to him when they’re not that close. Dani – I am pretty sure that worst case scenario we could get everyone in the house would back us because we all want her gone. NicoleA hates them now .. she would say it. Last case scenario we could start that lie and everyone would back us. Cody – the problem with that is how confident are you that he wouldn’t immediately have a conversation with Janelle. And she will be like who said that!? Dani – he just wont listen .. he shuts you down every single time. Cody – he thinks he has Kaysar, Janelle, Bay, and Day. Plus Memphis.. Plus NicoleA. Dani – Plus Kevin. Christmas – and potentially David. Dani – said that Janelle and Kaysar think they have David. But they dont! Christmas – so lets not give them David. Dani – they don’t even talk to David. Nicole – who does he respect the most. They all say Cody. The only way he will put them up is if he thinks he is in danger so make it up. Dani – we have to wait till the veto. Cody – the problem with him is on his season he didn’t work with a big group … it was just him and Dan and they threw all the competitions. You’re alliance is getting mentioned and you’re not going to do a f**king thing about it!? What the f**k! Dani – he basically told me that he is going to do nothing about it. Cody – he cannot be told what he has to do .. he needs to come to the conclusion himself. Dani – guaranteed if we win HOH next week he is going to try and tell us what to do. Cody – we’re a group of 6 and 5 of us are saying those two need to go.

12:53pm – 1pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and then switches it to the kitty cam.. Veto picks are happening now!

Power of Veto Players Picked: Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo

They laugh about how Enzo isn’t going to read the Host script but will make it up as he goes. Enzo – I’m going to make the veto disappear. NicoleA – well its definitely not a one at a time veto if we have a host.

1:44pm – 2pm Bedroom. DaVonne, NicoleA and Janelle.
NicoleA – I can do this! Janelle – you can. DaVonne – just remember your why and you can do this. Nicole – its a big why! Its definitely a group thing because then we wouldn’t have a host. Janelle – Oh I don’t know. If it remains the same ..that is so bad. You have Kevin’s vote right? Nicole – I think so. Janelle – Memphis said he would break a tie. Its so stressful though. Nicole – veto first. I wish you and Kaysar would have been picked. At least I know where you stand. Janelle – I would have done it and shown my hand at this point .. I mean its whatever. You were going to pick Kevin though right? Nicole – only because he offered first. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

2:45pm The house guests are sitting around waiting for the veto to happen. DaVonne – everyone is saying that they’re not playing the game but there are all these DR’s .. where are all these DR’s coming from?!

3:15pm Outside the HOH room. David talking to himself.
David – I want to win this veto and I want to get Memphis out. I just don’t like the vibe. Its an uncomfortable vibe. I am trying not to be angry and aggressive. I’m trying to be calm. Its hard to be calm when someone pokes you. If I show anger it might be potentially difficult to have the house behind me. I want to win this but if I can’t I want to make it to at least jury. People that look like me don’t make it to jury. Better males don’t make it to jury. I don’t know the percentages..its low too because theres usually only one per season ..that is part of it. I am trying not to be intimidating ..I am trying to be kind. I am kind.

3:47pm The live feeds are blocked for the power of veto competition..
4:58pm The feeds return and …no veto yet. They still haven’t played in the veto competition. (No idea when the feeds went to the kitty cam for so long.)

NicoleA, David and Bay talk in the bathroom. Bay tells NicoleA and David – I have heard that there might be a back door plan so you both could stay.

Bedroom. NicoleF, Christmas and Dani.
Nicole – I am just going to try and win the veto so that I have something to say. Dani – anyone who is playing today if we wanted would use it .. except for Ian and Memphis. They all agree that Memphis will not put up Janelle. Christmas – if we let him know that he can have safety next week then we can take one of them (NicoleA or David) off the block and back door either one (Janelle or Kaysar). Dani – he is not going to do it.
Christmas – can we speak to his ego and say that this will be the biggest moves of all time! Christmas leaves and says “Later a$$holes!” Dani tells Nicole about the conversation she had with Janelle where she told her that she and Nicole freaking love you. She says that she told Janelle that her and NicoleF are not coming after her and if she hears anything she (Dani) can squash it.

5:17pm Storage room. Enzo and Cody.
Cody – they’re trying to get in Memphis’s ear about NicoleF. The problem with that is .. if one of them win .. they think that I am NicoleF’s closest ally. If they go after her .. they’re going after me. I’m worried about the people that we’re supposed to be tight with .. Day and Bay ..they’re always in a room with them. Dani is sitting in a room alone with them… and then they’re not coming and saying sh*t.. what the f**k is that about!?!?! Yo don’t play loyalty when it only f**king works.. Enzo – give me some info. Use them like they’re using us! We will use Bay and Day until we don’t need them anymore. Everyone is scared to get blood on their hands but you watch there will be blood all over the place..

5:45pm The house guests are waiting for the veto to start. Janelle is playing Jenga while Bay and Kaysar watch.

6pm Bedroom. Kevin, Enzo and NicoleA.
Enzo – I wonder if you win veto .. who is he putting up? Nicole – I am ready to win it! Enzo – do you think he would go after Cody? Nicole – I don’t think he would go after a guy. All I know is that I have to and I will win this veto today. Enzo – I have a funny feeling that either NicoleA or David are going to win the veto. Just to like f**k sh*t up. Kevin – Tyler is really good .. he’ll probably win it.

6:15pm Havenot room. Kaysar and Janelle.
Kaysar – if we don’t make a move this week. A Kevin goes home or something and then we lose NicoleA.. imagine.. we’re the biggest morons. Janelle – we only have a 50% chance of someone coming off the block. Tyler, NicoleF, Ian is not going to f**king use it. No one will save David. Kaysar – if we have Christmas .. we have the votes. Janelle – if we have DaVonne. Kaysar – you don’t think DaVonne would vote for us? Janelle – I don’t even know. I am trying to be positive but its not looking good. If NicoleA gets the veto .. perfect. If David gets it .. great. If Memphis gets it .. we will have to convince him. Janelle – Kevin leaving is better than NicoleA leaving for us honestly. He sucks! Memphis is not going to do a big move. He will not target a big player. Kaysar – if he gets the veto we will convince him to put up Kevin. Janelle – you would have to get NicoleA to vote out Kevin .. which she probably would after she hears what he said. NicoleA leaving is really bad. It doesn’t matter if there are different pairs in the house .. we’re the ones people want out the most. Kaysar – we have me, you, DaVonne, Bay, Christmas ..potentially. And we have one of our members on the block.. Janelle – We need 6 and Memphis to break the tie. Memphis really f**ked us. Its obvious that we’re working with him.. and he put someone (NicoleA) in our alliance on the block.

6:46pm – 7:10pm HOH room. Memphis, Kaysar and Janelle.
Kaysar – we were just running scenarios.. Memphis – you already know what I’m going to say .. you use your brain too much.. wait and see what happens and then we talk. Its going to run you ragged. I can’t ..my brain doesn’t work like that. I can’t think about if this or that happens .. because my goal is to win. If something differs from that .. then we can go down the rabbit hole. Kaysar – I can respect that. Memphis – we’ll see how bad David wants it. Janelle – he was walking through the halls yelling I’m grown, I’m grown! and punching the walls. Memphis – it seems like everyone is on edge. Janelle – They’re scared. Memphis – my agenda is to win. Kaysar – we need to save NicoleA.. because she is a number for us. Memphis – how do you know that? Kaysar – we’ve run the numbers. Janelle – they have 7 votes and we have 5 maybe. Memphis – why do you think they have Ian. Kaysar – Nicole and Ian are working together. Memphis – I don’t believe he isn’t sway able. Kaysar – if you win it .. is your plan to keep it the same? Memphis – Yes, my goal is to keep it the same. In week 2 I am not backdooring anyone. I am NOT, I am not going to do that. And that is just me looking out for my best interest. And you have to respect that. To backdoor someone on week 2 .. that is not something you throw a grenade in the middle of the house. And that is what that will do for sure. That is not my plan .. if Nicole takes herself off then obviously that will open the door to backdoor someone. Janelle and Kayar leave the HOH room.

7:10pm – 7:25pm Outside the HOH room. Kaysar and Janelle.
Kaysar – he (Memphis) is never going to come around. We can’t wait for him to come around. So we have to form an alliance and ask for forgiveness afterwards and pull him in whenever he is ready. He has it all wrong! Kaysar – we can’t sit around and wait for him to come around and be okay with it. He is reading the room all wrong. He doesn’t think there are alliances. He doesn’t think we’re in trouble. He doesn’t even believe that they’re that loyal to each other. Lets see what happens in the veto but we need to pull in Bay, Day, NicoleA. And he won’t take her off .. she has to win it. Janelle – the house has changed because of what happened. Kaysar – its okay we can fix it. Janelle – he is just so predictable. His game is garbage. He (Kevin) is horrible at this game. I don’t want to work with him. Kaysar – I would rather get evicted. Janelle – I would rather self evict. After we let keesha go last week and NicoleA this week.. we just look like dumba$$es! Janelle – tonight you need to talk to Christmas and tell her that we love her and want to work with her. Kaysar – okay I will. Janelle – I’m tired. Kaysar – whats wrong with you? Janelle – I’m 40!

8pm – 8:15pm Bedroom. DaVonne, Bay, Ian, Janelle, Dani, Tyler, David.
They’re all sitting around the bedroom – the girls are asking the guys girl questions and the guys are asking the girls guy questions. Enzo – I have a feeling Ian is going to win. You’re a superhero now. How old are you now? Ian – 29. Enzo – really?! You look 16!

8:20pm Outside the HOH room. Cody and Memphis.
Memphis – dude they (Janelle and Kaysar) are out of their minds. Cody – they are swarming you. Memphis – they are crazy! Cody – are they trying to get you to backdoor somebody? Memphis – no.. well she mentioned it but I straight up told her I wasn’t doing it. Not on week two! Kaysar talked like this. I told him that if he wanted to have this conversation .. he should wait till after the veto. I don’t want to talk about scenarios that might never play out. Its like he was trying to catch me slipping. They’re scared. Cody – the thing that I don’t like is that they’ve marked NicoleF, Dani and Tyler as the other side. Memphis – I don’t think so ..they mentioned it but I don’t think its at the point we need to worry about it. Cody – they’re spiraling. Memphis – I think they’re throwing sh*t up against the wall. Cody – and hoping it sticks with you.

8:54pm Bedroom. Ian and Dani.
Dani – where is your head at? Ian – I think I’m at where you’re at. If I win it .. the problem is I don’t know what Memphis would do. If I did, its like handing a crazed person a gun. I think its best just to keep the noms the same. Dani – I don’t think NicoleA will win it. She doesn’t feel well. David won’t either he is battling other demons in his head. Ian – if I win I am leaning towards keeping the noms the same.

8:56pm – 9:10pm A voice comes over the PA and tells Ian to act out scene 26. (Its his safety suite plus one punishment.) There are a bunch of costumes and he has to play multiple roles in a scene. Ian has to act out 4 different scenes whenever the announcement comes on over the next week.

Ian gets changed and comes out to act out the scene. All the house guests gather around to listen. He finishes the scene, everyone claps and then he’s instructed to do it all over again.

Lounge room. Kaysar and Dani
Dani – he should be a little more gentle with his words because he is going to make people mad at him. Kaysar – I agree .. but he is his own person. I have no idea what he is doing. Everyone thinks that I am working with him. We’ve never connected on game play. He doesn’t want to talk game. No one has talked game to me. If I am not talking game, someone is. Dani – Keesha was so nice but she didn’t even ask me if I was voting for her. She didnt campaign. Why would I keep her? DaVonne said that she went up to her and asked Day to campaign to Bay for her. Honestly as long as our intentions are in the same direction .. that is all that matters. Kaysar – I’m game.

9:35pm Ian is asked to perform another scene..

10:30pm Still no veto..

10:50am Kitchen – Cody and Dani. Cody – yo if they wake us up at 9am tomorrow I will be super pissed.

12:05am Ian is asked to perform another scene..

12:19am The live feeds switch to the kitty cam. After waiting all day long the Power of Veto Competition is FINALLY happening..

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I really want to like Dani… But then she goes and aligns herself with Nicole F.

I really want to like Nicole A…. But then she goes and rats out Janelle (who would have carried her to Final Four).

I don’t really want to like Memphis… And I don’t.

Thanks Simon & Dawg for all you do… Sending another tip your way. 🙂


The problem with Nicole A is Kevin is her new Cliff


Yes, perfectly stated! Nicole needs social distancing from all Cliff-types when attempting to play BB.


I feel the same way about Dani. Maybe NicF gets “clipped” early and we get to see different gameplay.
NicA, I was always lukewarm to me. I think a good chunk of her popularity was from the fact she was in a season of unlikable people. At least for me. Still, she’s alright.

Thanks for the support glad you like the spoilers this year 🙂 🙂 I feel this season is going one of two ways.. Super EPIC or BB16 .


100% on Nicole A. I was cheering her on by default in BB21.

Still hopeful for a good season… But once I hear, “I just want to make it to jury,” then I might change my mind.


In certain scenarios NicoleA could be a favorite just whats going on now she’s not mine.

HAHA i haven’t heard that make it to Jury line yet. I forgot how much that is thrown out on a newbie season.


I thought David said he wanted to win, but if he couldn’t he wanted to make it to jury.


Right.. I’ve kinda heard him alluding to that.


What I do not get is Janelle is friends with NicoleF out of the house.If you hate her so much then why did you invite her to your wedding?Unless it is for show so people think they hate each other.If it is not I doubt Janelle will be attending her wedding lol


Maybe she invited her to impress her guests, like “look at me, I’m friends with Janelle”.

Invites probably went out long before knowing about All-Stars.


Dani is not a nice person. If you watch the feeds you’ll see.


Would love to see Dani and NicF go on the block at the same time.

The Beef

I’d like to see that as well! See both of those liars and smack talkers back-stab each other to their own alliance members, just to stay alive in the game. Would be sweet! Also wouldn’t mind seeing Dani and Cody on the block against each other for the same reasons, although I suspect it would come down to a bro’s against girls thing if that happened. I doubt if either of those things happen for a long time though, as they are both very comfortably aligned at the moment in very powerful positions, which sucks.


I’ll say it again, Dani is so blinded by jealousy and getting Janelle out, that she is ruining the opportunity to run the house with her. Janelle and Dani as a team is what I’d like to see, they would smoke everyone. Hopefully Dani takes her blinders off, if not it’ll be Cody and Tyler in the end


And if Dani can’t get her head out, I’d like a Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, David, and DaVonne team up. I would’ve thrown NicoleA in that mix, but the way she turned her back on Janelle in a split second doesn’t sit well with me.


Dani and Janelle would be amazing

But why would Dani team up with the biggest threat in the house? Why would Dani want to make of herself the second biggest target in the house? That would be plain stupid. Dani is here to win… and not to be BFF with Janelle.


If Janelle goes Dani moves up on the queen to evict list

another name

I’m trying to get in the mind of Memphis to determine what his thought process is.

His target was Ian. Christmas and Nicole his allies sunk that ship.
His alliance suggests Nicolea. Bunhead was thrilled. Target Nicole A it is.
Okay. he gave his alliance what they wanted with no blood, and got to put the young guy that was evicted after one hour in his place.
(remember… i’m trying to be Memphis here)

So i hear what the other side is planning. I share it with Cody telling him for his ears only.
Damn i got that Janelle snowed, she’s our ticket to being one step ahead of them.
Dani comes in spouting all that stuff he told Cody in the cone of silence. So Christmas and Nicole and now Cody are really not great. Damn.
And I gave them what they said they wanted.
Screw this, i’m hoh. They gotta step in line.

And…. scene. If Janelle hadn’t pushed Ian and Nicf so much we’d have a different scene.

How bad is your HOH when you are Male… and Nicf hates you… and you nominated one of her most hated enemies.


I have a feeling Memphis would have nominated Ian if he were available even without a push from Janelle (Based on previous statements from Memphis about Ian)

another name

oh i mean if janelle hadn’t been saying she’d target ian and nicf so many times, he would have no problem getting rid of Janelle.
the more people after his enemy the better.


It’s hard to tell what he is thinking most of the time so you could be right on that


Memphis might have been trying to leave this week with his 6 plus 2 more in his corner.
A perfect world for him would be to have the 6 and also K and J as they are closer to him than anyone in the six. Gives him more options, more info and better chances to move forward when the six begins to split.
It just isn’t working out how he expected, but every week things can change. If k or j win HOH, Memphis will be safe. The others in his alliance will be shook.
I think he wanted to get people out to give himself a better chance to win safety or be a plus one, based on how he sees the dynamics.
Make no mistake, he and Cody will ride together for a long time. They should be called the “Connect” because I’m pretty sure they were connected before going into the house…
Memphis is also an old school player who hasn’t paid much attention to the show since he last played.
A lot of people seem to make his words to David a racial thing, and he did not call him “boy” (as per David), he’s just making comments about how green he is to the game, trying to make tv moments like it was years ago and add dramatic effect. Does anyone remember his season? He was really only liked because he was loyal to everyone’s favourite, Dan.
If this season saw Paul, anyone from 15, or Donald Trump, working with Derrick, they would all be loved.


I think if Jenelle or Kaysar win Dani & NIcole will hang Memphis out to dry to try and save their own asses

D from FLA

I’m super disappointed in NicA for ratting out Janelle constantly and believing the whiner Kevin. I’m super excited that Dani is playing too hard and breaking up the big group. There are too many alliances and side alliances this early in the game.


Same. NicA is a bit of a mess..

Purple Aki

Thanks for all the work Doug!


Damn .. the veto draw has me worried..


Me too, like worst possible scenario


Does anyone know who houseguest’s choice was?


Maybe Ian can win it. Would he use it? Seems likely a backdoor of Kayser or Janelle could happen as 4-5 would use it. Not sure if Memphis will stick to Derody’s or maybe Corick’s plan, I’m terrible at the name thing. Maybe one of the alliance folks will push the wrong buttons and Nicole F. gets got.


I don’t think he would. These are two non-targets. They are only numbers that may be needed down the line. All the big players would be willing to get rid of them now so they still have shields in the house.

another name

nicf tells enzo she won’t use if if memphis doesn’t want her to
(she’s not trying for this veto, no way no how).
Tyler will gun.
David will gun.
Memphis will be disgusted that another of his alliance isn’t falling in line.
Nica will perform to the level that nica performs in MOST veto competitions.
Ian… who knows.


I don’t think Ian would mind being voted out.


he does seem lost… needs a Britney.


I like how people are trying to get both David and Nicole A in the proper mindset for this comp


Jfc worst comp draw possible



another name

in a weird way, I think Janelle sealed herself as renom.
She told Memphis the four person alliance (well it was Dani but she didn’t elaborate)
came to her and propositioned she and Kaysar join their four.
So they could have safety next week.

Memphis being Memphis….


He has those two in his pocket. If he puts one up, he loses the other.

another name

would HE see it that way… or say lookee here, i just done ya a favor, hyuk. Now ever-one will think ur pathetic and alone… see? a favor.

Starry night

This discussion group is obviously the Janelle fan club. I’m not impressed with her at all in this game. Same goes for Kaysar.


People are rooting for her because, as has been the last few seasons, they threw a lot of unlikable people in there. And honestly I don’t even see how it is possible for them even to have a game… considering the amount of pre-game was done between others, and the fact that everyone was against them as soon as they walked in the door. Shame it was a jealousy thing for some of them. The cards were completely stacked against them from the get go, making it pretty impossible to have a game, unless they are able to pull a dan and manage some crazy funeral type stuff


I think for some it’s just that some of the folks in charge now are unlikable. The others are clueless and Janelle is the underdog because Cody was allowed to benefit from Julie not making him wait until the steps stopped moving like she did with the others. Also Derrick sucks.


So you prefer the NicA fanclub?

Kat’s Alien Bitch

Janelle is before I started watching. She was a a legend but this far I haven’t seen why

I hope to hell this alliance blows. Really there is nothing better on BB when alliances disintegrate. Last year when the Jacks turned on ext other was fun

NicF seems pretty well connected at this point


nostalgia, underdog, older more likable style of play.

Starry night

I get the nostalgia. I’m sure they were great when they played. I’m not taking that away from them. I’m watching THIS game… Janelle and Kaysar are struggling and I can’t see blaming others for it. They think Memphis is with them. If they would actually take the time to think about it they would figure out their wrong. She’s the queen of big brother. I’m waiting for it.

The Beef

Maybe you should consider her situation before you chime in. As others have explained, the pre-gaming lead to alliances being formed outside of the game, so advantages were had even before the game started. Others were formed very quickly based on age and when they last played (old school vs. new school), so there’s not much she could do about that either. There’s been talk about the disadvantage to the ladies of the first HOH comp as to the location of where they had to get their balls to on the first part, and the “movement” of the pedestals on the second, which clearly worked in Cody’s favor on the second. Second HOH was clearly a crap shoot, so she really hasn’t had much of a chance to show her skills yet competition wise now has she? Plus, she is 40 years old now, and a mother, so should we really expect her to “beast out” in comps like she did in season’s 6 and 7, when she was 25 and 26 years of age? Let’s just pump the brakes a bit, and give the girl a chance here.

another name

They haven’t played well.
IF they weren’t given blame for absolutely everything,
and IF they weren’t so against Cody and Nicf…
They’d be treated like the laughingstocks their games have been.
They’re the ONLY people actually targeting two big threats.
That’s the ONLY reason.

The Beef

Yeah, laughingstock is kinda a strong word to use in describing Janelle and Kaysar’s game IMHO. It would be better used to describe Kevin or NicA’s game maybe. Their read may be off on Memphis (which baffles me a bit after he nom’ed NicA.), but they do seem to have a pretty good read on everybody else (maybe not Day and Bay, but I’m not real sure where those two stand, as they seem to be “outstanding in their field”). They are just in a tough position alliance wise and really need to win HOH to try and turn things around for themselves. I hope they can do it, because I really like them both.

another name

This season?
If anyone else were making the consistent errors that Janelle and Kaysar have made, they’d be equated to Fessie.
I have a soft spot for both of them (but i also know what their weaknesses are).
they are performing badly this season.
They better not bring back the pressure cooker. I’d hate to see Kaysar throw it after 13 hours again. To someone on the other side.


Just listened to the Dani/Memphis convo in the HOH from earlier today.

Memphis makes about as much sense and also sounds like Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down


It’s hard to have a favorite this season too many personalities and too much wushu washy game play I was really hoping for a janelle kaysar Nicole A alliance but I’m not liking how they are acting this season but I will say there is only a handful that are actually playing the game and those are the ones I hope make it far.

another name

Cody not having control and final say in this HOH is making him rant and spiral.
Janelle talks too much about nicf.
day dani and bay talk too much too janelle.
Memphis doesn’t seem interested in this being the second week of Cody’s HOH.
(And Derrick always made it look so easy is playing though his head over and over)

reality: Memphis is gonna Memphis.

Team Janelle

These damn jealous people. Ughhhhh


Rachel-Dick-Janelle-elizercise are close in the real world. Rachel and elizercise have a public feud with NicF that spanned Twitter and The Amazing race. dani is famously at odds with her father Dick and is Friends with NicF. During Season 13 Rachel said a bunch of sh1t about Dani. Dani mentioned on this last week that rachel said awful things about her.

Multiple factions in the BB community and we’re seeing those faction rivalries play out on this allstars season.

Team Janelle

Makes for good entertainment for us 🙂 I personally cannot stand snakecole, so this makes me like Janelle even more lol


What condition does Nicole F have. She seems to be seriously ill due to the slop. She apparently needed a medic.

Team Janelle

Her condition is onmynervesitis.

Starry night

I thought Nicole Anthony was the one that got sick on slop.


Memphis is such an arrogant a**hole!!! He just does not listen. I can’t wait until his HOH is over.


He’s a bore.


At this point I’m pretty convinced that Memphis won’t put up Janelle or Kaysar. Obviously it could still happen, but I think Memphis likes having them on his side and them thinking he’s with them and doesn’t want to burn his bridge of playing both sides yet (even though he’s doing that horribly)
It’s also why I can understand that Janelle and Kaysar are still working with him. While I think it’s because they haven’t keyed in on the fact that Memphis is with the other group (which like…how?) it’s better for them to continue ignorantly thinking he’s on their side than realize he’s not and have him put them on the block because of that realization. It’s a weird gray area in that sense right now.
In an ideal world I’d like to see Ratcole on the block but unless some magic is pulled that ain’t happening, so I really hope Kevin is put up if the noms change and he leaves with his bad takes.

another name

so it looks like veto won’t begin until 3 hours after Old Man Milwaukee’s bed time.
Oh there’s gonna be cursing in the seniors wing of the big brother residence.
It’s hard to believe he’s in his 30’s. It’s not hard to believe he’s single.


it is pretty comical how everyone is against them or at least selling them out.

another name

It’s phenomenal.
2 players with a generally clueless read.

Most of a set of alliances *members of core and connect and natural disaster and secret illiterate book club…. 7 out of 13 stressed, one more seeing floating visions of doom, and another having anxiety fits… because of 2 players with a generally clueless read of house dynamic.

When Cody says they are playing scared because they’re alone… what’s his excuse when he has alliance with everybody and Grodner and Derrick? He’s has a conniption twice today and considered inciting a mutiny or holding a group protest. Over 2 people with a generally clueless read.

I couldn’t make this crap up. The only people unbothered are a nominee, a guy with autism, a woman playing so deep on the down low she works out while eleventyteen meetings take place right in her sightline… and the moron hoh. I mean… if there was still a sex stool… Memphis would need it just for himself… because he’s effin up his game bad.
that’s…. oh. that’s sad.


I’m pow pow

another name

OH no. did anita make an appearance claiming to be the ghosts of evictees past?

and is it heat combined with rolling blackouts causing veto delay?

Golden Gate Granny

If the house had a blackout we’d know. But, this heat here in all of Cali is no joke for sure and the raging fires in LA too.

Maybe air quality???

another name

I actually wasn’t joking in that part.
I was actually asking IF the heat and rolling blackouts were causing the delay.
That part was serious.
Just poorly structured when added to a joke comment.

Guy From Canada

Is that the Kraken talking?

another name

the house:
we’re afraid to go use his bathroom but Janelle goes up for an hour at a time.

ok. you’re cowards, and she’s a honeybadger? Is that what you’re saying?


The words are hard to read. It appears too light. Is there any way yall can please type the paragraphs in BOLD? Thanks.

another name

The veto host has gone to bed.
Nobody has seen the hoh for a while.
so are they playing last to go to bed wins veto?

Also waiting patiently for Christmas to go off on Memphis like he’s her ex’s new girlfriend’s car.

Patience is wearing thin.

another name

Da and Ba.
Bay: i heard it was Dani/Tyler/NIcf/Cody (the janelle kaysar nicA version)
Da: I heard it was Dani/Tyler/Cody/Enzo (the kevin nicA version)
Bay: TF is going on?
Da: Right?
Bay: Oh we need to get to the bottom of this.

Editorial Addition:

Add in: Da saw Cody/ Memphis/ Nicf and Christmas sneak off to the Have not room. And told Enzo or Dani who said it was nothing they’d talk to Cody… and never got back to her.

Add in Enzo joking about everyone being in 12 alliances a couple days ago to Bay and Da in the comic room. And them saying what are you talking about, you’re crazy. All laugh.

Think they will keep laughing when they realize their alliance with Dani and Cody and Enzo is just another in the line? Let alone their new alliance with David/Tyler/Cody/Enzo/ Dani/ Bay/Da?
Or will they come to the conclusion that it’s ONE BIG ALLIANCE and they’ve been conned?

another name

so. Da in bathroom tells Dani that Cody and Nica both mentioned a backdoor Nicf plot. Dani says she doesn’t see that happening. Da asks Dani: say that Nica wins veto and Nicf is put up against David. who do we save? Dani says Nicf because she loves you. (wrong answer Dani).
Da asks Enzo the same question in the bedroom(Enzo knows it’s a trap question). Enzo says whoever is best for the alliance.
Bay and Enzo have already confirmed that Bay doesn’t like Janelle’s people: Kaysar, Dani, Christmas Memphis and Nicole a.
Bay is still including Dani in the alliance. Says a pair of Cody and Tyler scares Janelle. Bay tells Tyler that Dani says she has Tyler wrapped up so we can do this thing to Janelle.
Enzo tells Tyler that Dani is sketch she’s with Janelle. Tyler says so no Dani (who will cook his food) okay we roll with six if we throw in David. so we gotta save David.

Meanwhile… they all want Bayleigh to stay close and good with Janelle. (Bayleigh was planning on making sure Janelle though she was in with them anyway so she’d be covered on all sides, and including Da in the plot so both would be safe no matter what).

Question: Cody is included in this group roster? didn’t authorize it? didn’t organize it, and it has Tyler in it? He specifically told Bay no Tyler. When Dani was added. Do you think Da asks Cody the David or Nicf question???

oh he’s going to be demanding nobody close any doors and no talking game without his presence from now on, isn’t he?

Oh yeah, Kaysar is making an alliance with Christmas too. and gave her his info on who is what and where in the house and how people are connected. If she sticks to her word and keeps Kaysar info on the download (from talking to herself 2 days ago) this won’t be a question mark for either of them. If she tells Lord Memphisto…. or kid cauliflower or Nicf? oooo. ugly.

So heat causing veto to be late has led to this. Bay / Da selling out Janelle again, but pretending to be close. Another 6 person alliance without Memphis, without nic F… and maybe without Dani or Christmas. Odd reset.
Surprise: Nobody claimed Kevin.


With everyone selling out Janelle, does it improve anyone’s standing?

She’s already at the bottom with only Kaysar as a true ally, and I’m pretty sure they all realize that (the only ones oblivious are K and J).

It’s almost reminiscent of thinking Donny to be an elite special force military man. She must be Wonder Woman in disguise.

another name

How many times has nicF smack talked Janelle?
Like… constantly. since day one.
Now she’s playing the we were friends why is she so mean crap?

another name

By process of elimination in conversations, and not cofirmed:
I think Memphis must have won the POV.
nicole anthony fell immediately. nicole franzel lasted 36 seconds.
david and tyler did not win.
enzo said he would talk to him about if it would be used or not.
david whispered to tyler his head is going to get even better.
nicole franzel is whining that janelle is in memphis’ ear and is trying to evict her and it’s not fayyyir i even invited her to my wedding we’re supposed to be friends, why is she doing this to me (how many times has she told everyone that janelle has to go, janelle has to be evicted this week). the memphis alliance crumbled because he wouldn’t agree to backdoor janelle for god’s sake.
HIS OWN ALLIANCE IS SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS. when Nicolef says even Ian heard about the backdoor, well he couldn’t have won then.
process of elimination: Memphis HAD to have won.

Bay is Janelle bashing with Dani now. Cody is Bay bashing i think. Christmas is pro Kaysar… Cody says he sucks. Cody says they’re going to go up to Memphis or Kaysar and tell him “he’s beat.”
Nicole is still crying about Janelle.
So all these people thinking Janelle won veto for Memphis or what?
Cody knows he doens’t want to back door.
Janelle and Kaysar know he doesn’t want to back door.
Lots of issue for nothing.
Nicf: NicA has to go, she’s close to Janelle.


Has anyone noticed how when Dani talks sometimes she does a really weird giggle like a vibration of her voice. Can’t describe it but it is very annoying to hear. I don’t know how the others can stand to hear her talk like that all day.

BBAS2 baby

wait a damn minute… Devin was likable?

In what world Dani?


In the world where she does and says the opposite of Evel, which is this world.

Golden Gate Granny

Their status/reputation is a threat all by itself.

Behavior analysis most certainly IS an important facet to playing their pieces effectively. So, YES they are playing this game. It’s all game for them (and we’re only on day 10). They are dangerous just by these skillsets alone.

another name

this is a representation of what the talks and deals are shaping up to look like in the wake of the Core 4 being discovered, and Memphis’ horrible job as an HOH.
a Bayleigh battle with Dani is coming. There was tension coming off Bayleigh all night.
Bayleigh thinks Dani wants to get rid of Bayleigh. I don’t know who planted this one.

BB22 DAY 11.jpg
another name

This representation no longer applies.
Something NASTY went down.