“Cody, Tyler, Dani, NicF are locked in that’s four right there. I would have to get everybody else. “

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

1:00 pm Enzo and David
Enzo – how are you feeling alright?
David – can I count on your vote
Enzo – Of course what are you talking about mother f***er We’re in an alliance yo. You got Me, and Tyler right there.
Enzo – but we gotta work yo .. to keep you but we gotta work yo
Enzo – I don’t know who she (NicA) is invested with
David – yeah
Enzo – I like her I do but oh my god
Enzo – me yo and Tyler gotta sit down and talk yo when we get a chance.
David – Agreed.. for real

1:01 pm Kaysar and Memphis
Kaysar – Bro NicoleA is going home
Memphis – I don’t think so
Kaysar – 100 percent
Memphis – I’ll talk to Enzo. We’ll see

1:24 pm Enzo, Da’Vonne and Kevin
Kevin says that he thinks Memphis wants to keep NicoleA
Enzo doesn’t know “yo” “I think he just doesn’t care whatever you guys do do.. I’m going to ask him”

1:28 pm Da’Vonne and Kevin
Da’Vonne says Bayleigh might have f**ed her game.
Something about telling Dani a bit of information about Da’Vonne and seeing where it went. It went to Cody then back to Da’Vonne.
Da says Janelle called it an experiment.
Kevin says they have to worry about their three after this week.
Da’Vonne says Bayleigh is “set” “I have to worry about me”

Da asks him the first day he told her he wanted to play with guys “What happened”
Kevin says he’s playing with guys he feels that Enzo, Tyler, and Cody are cool with him. “I feel like they’re at least looking out for me” (ZOMG)

Da’Vonne says Enzo is the genuine person in “that backroom if not the house’
Kevin believes it says he has certified receipts
Da – nicA possible saving grace is if everyone thinks David is a boy’s target. but he’s not the HOH anymore his reign is over.

NicA joins them.
Kevin asks if NicA connected with Memphis to see if there was an “angle”
NicA – no
Da explains again that NicA’s saving grace could be if the house thinks David is the HOH’s target.
Kevin – I know you are close to David. you have to win ..
NicA – I know I’m going to do my rounds today. if you want me to be here to fight I’ll fight
Kevin – I’m trying to talk to David to try and figure out what numbers he has.. I’m telling him hey if the house goes a certain way maybe I’ll go with the majority. Maybe he’ll tell me the votes he has.
NicA tells them she has a fire in her.

Kevin – who are you talking to today
NicA – everyone, person to person, and follow up tomorrow.

Da – if you can get franzel you can get ian they’re a package deal
Kevin – or if you get Franzel and Cody you got Ian
Da – mmmmhhhhmmmmm mmmmhhhhmmmmm
NicA – I got this ..

1:44 pm David and Kaysar
David promises if he wins HO Kaysar won’t have to worry “I look up to you”
Kaysar – I don’t know who you’ve made deals with. I have nothing against you.
David – more people like you than you think. Just stating that
Kaysar – I Like you. I’ve wanted to work with you since day one I just don’t know where you stand that’s the problem.
Kaysar – I wanted to work with you day one
David – I’ve never played this game I was scared.
Kaysar – Alright let’s talk some more.

1:50 pm NicA Da’Vonne
NicA points out there are usually more people on the fence for eviction the fact they’re not means to her there’s a group working together.
Da’Vonne – I’m not part of it
NicA – that’s very scary
NicA asks is David part of that alliance or is it a separate alliance that is saying they want to keep David.
Da’Vonne – if we save you this week we can pull them in
NicA – I told you my Core. I know my Core if and when I win HOH that will be proven.
NicA – Cody, Tyler, Dani, NicF, and maybe EnZo I think right there ..
Da’Vonne – I believe When it comes to Enzo I think they let him believe that he is part of it.
NicA – makes sense.
Da’Vonne – makes sense.
NicA – Cody, Tyler, Dani, NicF are locked in that’s four right there. I would have to get everybody else.
NicA – it’s going to be close
NicA – six votes would be a tie.
NicA – do you think you and bayleigh will vote together
Da’Vonne – I don’t know what she will do
Da’Vonne says she wouldn’t feel right voting out David “that’s why I’m telling you it’s important for you to get EVERYONE you know what I mean Because I want you here”
Da’Vonne – I can’t do it.. I can’t.. and you’re not the only person that has talked to me about it. Me and Kaysar had a full-blown argument about it last night
NicA – I understand where you’re coming friend David’s your friend
Da’Vonne – he’s not my friends that’s the thing. It has nothing to do with my emotions or my feelings. It has everything to do with the fact there’s never been an African American winner.
Da’Vonne – so that this is happening I can’t..
NicA – I hear that .. I know

NicA – I hope the favor is returned down the line
Da’Vonne – that is what I was thinking of last night
NicA – that’s all well and good I’m there for you I think that’s phenomenal I’m right there with you believe you.
NicA – But if he’s in that alliance and it’s between you and me that’s my concern.
Da’Vonne says she trusts Kaysar and after that conversation last night it made her think about it.
Nic – make sure its a decision that will help you in the game. You say you want an African American to win well maybe that winner should be you
Da’Vonne – yeah
NicA – how are you going to get there..

1:50 pm Talking about how annoying Janelle is.

2:00 pm Dani and Cody
Cody – Da’Vonne isn’t mad at you at all.
Dani tells him they have to make sure Da’Vonne doesn’t think they are close.
Dani – I feel sorry for NicA.
Cody – it’s not even her fault
Dani – I know she’s so nice.. and she’s so innocent. I don’t know .. I feel really bad for people you can tell she really wanted to rewrite history in here and you can tell she’s not getting the chance. She feels like she’s letting people down. I feel really bad.

2:07 pm NicA and NicF
NicA – how are you feeling about everything
nicF – I have heard so many things I heard you and Janelle were talking about getting rid of me in the bedroom.
NicA – she said it yes
nicF – was she trying to get me backdoored this week
NicA – she was yes. (What a champ)
NicA – that is what she’s told me. She has said it with everything that went down this week. I think she kinda set me up
NicF – for what I don’t get it

NicA – hand to god I haven’t said anything
nicA says she was really upset during nominations because she feels like she was “Setup”
NicA – She said stuff to me then went around told people that WE had a conversation
NicA – she pulled me in a room I didn’t say sh1t
NicF says the source of the stories is Janelle “I’m so confused”
NicA – I don’t want a fit but if you were to say something I have actual receipts to what she said.
NicA – I would blow her up
NicF says she doesn’t like to blow people up she likes to keep things in her back pocket

NicA says Janelle gives her a constant “smoke screen makes me look like an a$$”
NicF – to trust somebody .. I feel really bad you are in this situation you are a really nice girl.
NicF – she doesn’t have the number because she doesn’t talk to people she doesn’t care about people. She’s just pulling in people she can pull
NicA says Janelle doesn’t bother with her anymore now that Memphis has put her up (ZOMG.. )
NicF – why would she want you gone
NicA doesn’t know what Janelle’s plan is.
NicoleF says she was terrified she was going to go up today.
NicA – week 2 you’re coming after me I’m embarrassed for you
NicF – Janelle likes to go after .. I’m considered a floater and have the best people left to battle. That’s what she likes to do

2:33 pm Da’Vonne and Dani
Da’Vonne wants to be able to have a conversation with Dani and not have it get back to Cody
Da’Vonne brings up Bayleigh telling Dani something and it getting back to Cody.
Dani says Bayeligh told her about the conversation and then told Cody it was nothing negative.
Dani – Girl I have no issue with you.
Dani goes on about Her name coming out of Janelle’s mouth
Dani going on and on about Janelle. “why the hell is she talking about me period”
Da’Vonne says she heard that Dani approached Janelle to work with them.
Dani says she never tried to recruit Janelle she’s already in an alliance their alliance. “on my family” (Dani has talked to janelle. )

(It’s hard to follow these chain of events.)

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An ornery mouse

Nomination for the next edition of Webster’s English Dictionary:

franzel (verb): to audibly self-obsess and whine during all waking hours, usually in an extremely nasally voice

franzelled; franzelling; franzelles

Ex. – Nicole franzelled on the live feeds to the point of psychosis for many viewers.


Based on NicA, there must be a meaning for “Nicole”.

BB2 Nicole is the best Nicole of BB ever.


Not sure anyone constantly watching feeds of a reality T.V. show and while constantly posting about the contestants can criticize another as being “obsessed.”


They said self-obsess. Reading is fundamental.


Lol we need a laugh sign!


Why is Dani playing so sloppy? She was in a good position, now she’s kinda on the radar with several ppl bc of all the shit stirring…… actually, would LOVE to see her on the block with her BFF Franzel….. that would be a feeds feast

another name

because she is so busy being stooge for Cody so that he can just sit there and complain about people, and so overconfident in her ability to mist people (that… she actually isn’t THAT great at), that she’s throwing her game away.
Her mission seems to be:
1) Help Cody.
2) kill Janelle.
3) eyeroll, bridesmaid dress fitting for sigh nicole’s wedding.


Can we just vote NicA out now? Such terrible plays and reads. Imagine she gets voted out, returns (somehow beats Keesha) and after returning guns for J and K…she is listening to the people who ghosted her in real life (NicF!, wtf?). If they were sh!t to you in real life, why would they have your back in this house?? So clueless and terrible at playing this game.


NicoleA should return the $25K AFP to CBS. She shit talks Janelle and Kaysar, her ONLY votes, more than she ever shit talked last year’s cast who all gunned for her. She’s an awful player


Last season was last season, she can keep that. Honestly, her biggest punishment for her gameplay is going to be how she feels when she sees that Janelle was actually crying about how NicA doesn’t trust her and their friendship…has Janelle ever cried in this game before? She’s always fought, but now…I don’t remember her crying over any of 6 (far more stressful and intense environment), I don’t think she cried over Will and being made into his Fembot to take out the entire house; but she cries about NicF questioning their friendship.

NicA had her chance at her fairy tale BB by teaming with Janelle and getting to the end. Now she sold out the best ever friend that she’s had in the BB house (over 2 seasons), and will be out 2nd.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure Janelle is the type of person that if she spends a few hours of her time doing your makeup, there’s an actual bond. She only makes long-term investments.

Ganging with those who ghosted you and sell out a true friend. I keep seeing Michael Corleone confronting Fredo, “you broke my heart”…to renew some hope, I hope that this all lights that fire in Janelle, she still has the fire in her, needs some spark. Janelle needs to stop focusing on that she is 15 years older, she can still compete with the rest of this house…in a fistfight, my money is on Janelle over Xmas…


For real


Totally agree! I can’t believe she’s talking trash about Janelle, NicoleA really is clueless. Just like you said, how can she run to the people that ghosted her in real life. She’s going to feel so silly and embarrassed for turning her back on a legend, Janelle legitimately likes her and is trying her best to help her. So freaking annoying, darn you NicoleA

Jan Nan

I wonder if NicA will try and have Kaysar and Janelle on her sad little podcast about a game she doesn’t know how to play. I hope they flat out tell her No. Shes so disappointing uggg. Please don’t tell Janelle or Kaysar waste one more second on this clueless girl.


I can’t stand Nicole A (or Nicole F for what it’s worth). She is one of the worst Big Brother players to ever play (in my opinion), was lucky enough to get a second chance and plays the same horrible game. She cries and whines about never being in the loop but never tries to make any moves or make herself valuable to others. Then on top of that, for someone who is a fan and host their own podcast, she seems to have no understanding of how this game works. She has people helping her and decides to throw them under the bus and not trust them? Dani said it well, “she is trying to re-write history” and that is the problem. Instead of learning from her past and moving on she has let it consume her. Please vote her out unanimously, then she can cry to Julie on eviction night and continue crying to however many listeners she has on that podcast of hers about how she never got a fair shake. I’m a Millennial and she is exactly what is wrong with many in our generation, entitled, clueless and always the victim but never willing to put in the real work to make a change.


I for one appreciate the honesty regarding your generation. Refreshing to hear.

Can’t remember

With all the stirring going on they will have butter soon! Can’t keep pace. I may need an alliance chart but I’m not sure they even know! Who’s on first?


Someone made one recently in these comments, check back a few articles and you should find it. I think it was created by “Another Name”, pretty incredible. I can’t wait until things really start to cook, hopefully someone like Janelle can win the next HOH and then things will get very interesting…


It’s like trying to follow the flow chart from a soap opera.

Team Janelle

Lol why is NicA so blind in this game?? Why on earth is she there? Worst pick big Brother……terrible.

Baleigh's Snorts

NicoleA is a artificial red-headed fool. Did she not hear Davonne say that she and Kaysar disagreed about her voting to keep David? That should tell her he and Janelle are not against her.


If we ever lose the audio on the live feeds, we can predict that 50 percent of the words being spoken in BB22 are: “Yo” and “Janelle”


Nicole A. is absolutely ridiculous. She’ll hide the identity of the people who said they are voting to EVICT her because they “told her in confidence” yet she’s willing to sell Janelle who is literally breaking her back to keep her here down the river. It’s all backwards and it’s the reason she deserves to go home. Whack.

another name

So wait…
Janelle actually cried? Really? About NicA.
oh i can just see the splitscreen.
NicA saying eff Janelle what did she do for me?

(Never happen, would not make episode edit in a million years because well NicA is one of the sweetheart role models).

Bay putting herself on the line for NicA (not smart even without that whole NicA being a spinhead).

So what are votes right now?
David: Da’vonne, Christmas, Nicf, Tyler.
NicA: Kaysar, Janelle, Bayleigh and maybe Kevin?

possible undercover hinky vote: Enzo.
undeclared but leaning David: Dani, Cody, Ian.

I still think NicA goes home. but at least it hasn’t been a TOTAL pityparty. Nope. Just a complete flop selling out the people that have actually tried to save her. That will be great for her headspace when she gets home. She’s doing to Janelle and Kaysar exactly what season 21 did to her.

another name

Notice how tight lipped Kevin is about Nicf knowing about the backdoor stuff.
Could it be he knows where Nicf’s version of events REALLY started? That’s right Kevin… it’s the conspiracy theory you floated around 3 days ago. Almost word for word. To Dani.


I really wish David would give up playing the victim and get on with it. How many times do you get to play that card? He definitely got a bad deal last season, but move on. I want to see if he knows how to play or I want him out.


Ah, hes most likely been playing that card his whole life.


Interesting convo between Kaysar and Ian at the moment. Kaysar and Ian possibly working together


Nicole A deserves to get voted out. She’s a complete fool. I’m amazed she has a podcast about BB because she is horrible at the game. It’s mind boggling.