NicoleA – “If I stay I am going to f**king go savage and take out all of them.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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5:47pm Lounge room. Cody and Dani.
Cody – I know I could have conversations with you and you could be like yo settle down and I would be like okay, you’re right. Dani – I am very gentle with things that are serious. We’re talking about stuff that is bigger than this game. Everyone always forgets that our lives are bigger than this game. Cody – but even in the game .. you do what Derrick .. and I feel how I felt with Derrick. Like when Derrick said something to me I didn’t have to feel like why is he saying that. Like is there a reason .. with everyone else I would be like there has got to be a motive. But like having one person that you can be like you need to calm down. I would be like okay. That is the most important thing I needed in this game because I knew he wasn’t coming. Dani – I think Nicole was really upset that he wasn’t here. Cody – NicoleF? Dani – yeah. Cody – he might not talk to her after this. Dani – why did she get you out? Cody – no, for like personal.. like she called him about 18 (BB18) to see if he was coming back. And he was like why are you going back? He was like she called me out of no where. And she was like no I’m not going back .. she was lying to him. Next thing you know she was on the show. This go around, they were talking.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

6:30pm Backyard. NicoleA and David.
Nicole – yes it is a game but it is also a journey of discovery and self growth and I hope certain people learn from this process and get a piece of humble pie.. I really do. If I stay and get HOH .. I am giving the same speech. If I stay, I am going to save that speech for nominees. Two of you need humble pie and I’m serving up two right now! That’s what’s happening. I really will. If I go out on Thursday I’m saying it then and if I stay and win HOH, I’m saying it during noms. Because this journey is about learning about life and yourself. You can say what you mean but you don’t have to say it mean. There are just certain people in this house that need humble pie. David – sometimes humble pie doesn’t taste good. A little shame pie right in there face. Nicole – that’s nice too. Just take it. Some people just keep getting served the same pie. Here’s the sh*t pie. Here’s the sh*t pie! Last season I didn’t express myself. I’m like a long island iced tea .. I’m sweet but I’ll f**k you up! This is the mindset that I’m in ..If I stay I am going to f**king go savage and take out all of them.

7:18pm – 7:35pm Lounge room. Janelle and DaVonne.
Janelle – how are you feeling about everything. DaVonne – good, but Memphis makes me really nervous. I don’t know what he is going to do. Janelle – he literally said I don’t want to be in an alliance with you .. to me. He doesn’t want to be a part of an alliance. So thats why.. I didn’t even know the nominations. He gave me a free pass this week .. same with Kaysar. He is a free agent. DaVonne – the other ones on the list I feel good about. NicoleA .. I don’t think she is going to stay this week. And if I can be completely transparent with you.. like not even trying to play the race card. I can’t vote David out. I can’t do that. So I don’t foresee Nicole staying.. unless you guys keep me in a lock. This house is all over the damn place. Janelle – On my kids someone came to me and wanted me and Kaysar to be in an alliance. There were four people in the alliance. I said I would think about it which is basically a hard no because that left you and Bay in jeopardy. And I want to protect Bay. DaVonne – who are the four? Janelle – Cody, NicoleF, Dani and Tyler. DaVonne – okay. Who asked you to be in the alliance. Janelle – as long as you don’t go around .. It was Dani. But we aren’t talking right now because she is pissed… probably because I told Bay that Dani did ask me. Look I am not going to be after Dani anyway. I am not here to take out Daniele Donato. DaVonne – Like I told Kaysar .. I am down for the cause. People are also telling me that you and Cody are working together. Janelle – WHAT?! Wait stop! Who said this!?! DaVonne – I dont feel comfortable saying that. I don’t care about that your thing. What I care about is if we are doing our own thing and then you are working together.. Janelle – we’re not .. whoever gave you that bit of information .. they’re covering their alliance. I promise you I have not talked game with Cody. Or Tyler. I don’t want to be the bottom of their alliance. Janelle – what do you think about NicoleF. DaVonne – she is trying to right her wrongs. Janelle – she did the same thing to Rachel Reilly on the Amazing Race. I think its NicoleF / Dani and Cody / Tyler. DaVonne – if we can get things together .. I am down for the cause. I need some security. After this ceremony we should talk. What about Christmas? Janelle – Kaysar said she is down to ride. DaVonne – alright .. I’m in! Janelle leaves. DaVonne looks at the camera and says WHAT THE F**K!?!

Dani to Cody – DaVonne is lying its not Tyler .. its DaVonne. I am like whoa right now. She came to me and said that she pulled me into the bathroom. The second she did that I knew that Tyler wasn’t lying. Nicole – I knew Tyler wasn’t lying.

Backyard. Kevin and Dani
Dani to Kevin – are you going to try and get NicoleA to throw Janelle under the bus to save herself? Kevin – no. Dani – I don’t think he is going to use it.. Kevin – I don’t think he is either. Dani – Yeah, so what is the plan? Kevin – I think she is going to get the votes. Dani – you do? Kevin – she said that they’re (Janelle & Kaysar) going to vote for her. Dani – so that’s two votes. I think a lot of people are uncertain because she is connected to Janelle and kaysar. Kevin – oh I didn’t even think about that.

8:50pm Hammock. Cody and NicoleF.
Nicole – I just really want to win HOH. Cody – same because I have no f**king problem putting them on the block. I have no problem.. being like .. because Bay and Day and I were like super tight when I was HOH. And now that he is HOH .. guess who thinks they’re tight with Janelle and Kaysar .. so guess who they’re hanging around with Janelle and Kaysar. Nicole – but that was the double deal. Cody – I am cool with the double deal .. he is HOH so what do you think people are going to try and do with him? Nicole – make deals. Cody – Make deals and what is he going to do? Nicole – say yes. Now .. you think about Bay and Day .. we’re supposed to be solid. Now when they’re going up there trying to strike deals were are you most of the time? Nicole – who me? Cody – No Bay and Day. Nicole – that’s what happened last time with Day. Cody – if you want to be a floater.. just float away. Nicole – what do you want me to do about her coming up to me about the alliance? Cody – the thing that I don’t like is she went to Dani about the thing with Tyler. That is information to know. She has no f**king loyalty. You can’t say no .. so we’ll yes it. I don’t think Ian will ever f**king cross me. Nicole – no.

9:36pm Dinner is ready.

9:45pm – 10pm Hammock. Christmas and Tyler.
Christmas – that sh*t is crazy. Tyler – everyone is just trying to do everything. Christmas – well the sources are the top of the list. Tyler – they’re just spreading paranoia. Christmas – their girl is getting ready to go home. And Memphis’s reign is coming to an end soon.. and then we can actually work as a team. Tyler – we’ll show them how its done! Bust out an HOH. Christmas – I am just trying to build relationships and trust with people so that at least if we don’t win I can influence for someone else to go up. Everyone in the alliance is trying to work good relationships ..except for those two. They asked me to be in an alliance with them.. Janelle and Kaysar. Tyler – are you going along with it? Christmas – try and do something for me first. Tyler – they’re going to want you to vote with them. Christmas – no. Tyler – that’s a thin line. Christmas – they didn’t even come to be until I started winning sh*t. Tyler – Memphis was pissed when you picked Ian (as her safety suite plus one). Christmas – he didn’t tell me that. Tyler – he wasn’t happy because he wanted Ian out.
Tyler – I’ve caught Dani in multiple lies already at this point. Christmas – like what? Tyler – like DaVonne was up here trying to pull some sh*t with Dani and now I’ve caught them in a couple of lies right now.

10:07pm Backyard. Enzo, Cody and Dani.
Enzo – this week is going to be fun yo! Cody – no, not this week. Next week. Enzo – whoever wins HOH next week is going to be crazy. Cody – like literally at the end of this week I might just walk up to someone and be like you better win HOH! Dani – I told that to Ian. I was like are you going to win HOH? He said I want to. And I was like you better! He was like .. I better?! I was like I didn’t mean it like that! He was really freaked out .. you should have seen his face. Enzo – yo we have to go to Memphis and be like who the f**k is going home!? Cody – I don’t know. Enzo – lets wait till he locks it in again tomorrow. Yo I am f**king playing in the safety suite next week man. Cody – if you win you have to pick me because if you don’t I am going home.

10:16pm Bedroom. NicoleA and DaVonne.
Nicole is crying again. Nicole – I shouldn’t have come back. DaVonne – what is bothering you? You have to talk through it. Nicole – if I stay over David .. I don’t think I can do it. DaVonne – why!? Nicole – I’m just not strong enough. DaVonne – yes you are! You were the first time! This is a game. It cannot and will not break you. You have to fight through it. Find that strength. Nicole – I just can’t handle it. I don’t know what it is. Its my anxiety. I just don’t have it in me .. I really don’t. DaVonne – I just met you this year .. the woman I met wouldn’t go down swinging. Nicole – I’m so defeated and David is not so why should I stay over him. DaVonne – what is your WHY!? WHY are you here? WHY did you come back Nicole?! Nicole – I should have just let it end me. DaVonne – but you story wasn’t over. Nicole – it should have been. DaVonne – you mental stability comes first and if you’re not okay ..then you need to do what you need to do because this isn’t worth it. Do you want to stay? Nicole – I don’t know. DaVonne – I tell you what its 10pm .. go to sleep and sleep on it. This is not your real life. This is a game.

10:30pm Backyard. Enzo and Tyler.
Tyler – I f**king caught Dani and DaVonne in a little scheme. That group they were trying to form. Some people were saying no to Dani and some people weren’t. And then trying to pin it on me. Enzo – oh that she had your wrapped around her finger. Tyler – Dani said I heard you’re trying to start a group with DaVonne. So I went to DaVonne and said Yo Dani said I am trying to start a group. I am not trying to start anything. Enzo – we need them for the numbers but the girls are going to go after each other. Enzo – I say we just play fake with them. Tyler – I just have one final thing to talk to DaVonne about to smooth it out.

10:50pm Hammock. Christmas and Janelle.
Christmas – what are your thoughts on Dani? Janelle – Ummm.. we’re not speaking right now. Like I kind of called her out on it and shes like no I’m not. And I’m like you’re with them. And she was like ok. She basically admitted it. Chirstmas – I thought that was a different situation. I thought that she was good with you. Janelle – She is good with me .. like I am not going to go after Dani. Like I don’t want to. Christmas – I just thought you guys were talking. Janelle – we were then something happened .. she basically told me who is in the other alliance and offered me something .. I was like I don’t trust those people, I am not working with them. Christmas – good for you. Janelle – it was kind of awkward. The next day we talked and said you stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you.

11:27pm Ian acts out another scene with Tyler & David playing two of the other roles.

11:35pm – 12pm Outside HOH room. Kaysar and Janelle.
Janelle – this girl (NicoleA) needs to pull it together .. we’re risking our lives for her and she can’t even get out of bed. Kaysar – I think she is having a hard time right now but she will get there. Janelle – its so frustrating. Kevin is a f**king floater .. I hate that motherf**Ker! Kaysar – be nice, be nice, be nice. Janelle – what about having .. our alliance is three pairs and you, Day and Bay, Christmas and Ian? Kaysar – what about NicoleA? Janelle – I don’t think we even have the votes to save her. We can try! Kaysar – what about Ian, can we trust him. Janelle – I can trust him. Janelle – DaVonne told me that she will not vote David out because of what happened last year. Kaysar – you have to be f**king kidding me. Janelle – I get her cause but its not game related. Kaysar – f**k! This is a disaster. Janelle – I thought she was a smart player. They’re so bad at the game. Kaysar – everyone is. Janelle – I think Ian would be a better option to work with than Kevin.

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NicA you might want a slice of that humble pie yourself!

Holy mess that Derrick talk.

Really hoping Memphis will put up NicF, but I know that is likely not happening. Either way the alliance looks like it will not last…..too many egos…..who will get the next power trip?!?

All Stars???

Probably whoever wins next HOH.


Again, Nicole A is a DUMB ASS!

Big Jim

I love NicoleA but she isn’t going to do a damn thing except whine and cry the rest of the week. Time to start playing the game girl

Team Janelle

Well you’d have to win a comp first in order to “go savage”. Highly unlikely, but hey, if it happens I’m here for it….

Dean Gulberry

I’m liking Bayleigh a lot more this season.

Linguini Pants

Nic A will “fu*king go savage,” Enzo quits saying YO, Nic F/Dani quit being Janellous, Christmas shuts the fu*k up, David learns to play the game, and Ian divorces the hammock. Not gonna happen.


Come on DaVonne, Janelle and Kaysar are the ones to ride with. Janelle has been straight up this whole time. NicoleA looks to be a lost cause, sadly. I had hopes for her, but her judgement is clouded with nonsense. Team Janelle/Kaysar/Bayleigh/DaVonne, lets go!




What did I miss? What is Dani saying Da lied about?

Miss Impression

I don’t know but it must be Janelle’s fault.

Linguini Pants

Janelle also betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, was then reborn to lead the Inquisition, how she learned all those yummy torture techniques, then in her next life started World War II by invading Poland, and then in the life after that got a job at the Texas Book Depository and killed JFK. She’s evil! Only Nic F and Dani are really onto this, and that’s why they dislike her so much…no other reason 😉

another name

Last Night:
Da was concerned about how to save David if he stays on the block. As well, Da and Bay had discussed just how many different alliances it looked like Cody and Dani were in.
Da went to Tyler. yesterday. PM. during the whole holding pattern for hours they had for the POV. Kitchen Table I think.
Da told Tyler about Connect4 because she was sketched by the multiple pies Cody has his finger in. Da suggested a new alliance. Enzo was suggested.
Tyler went and told Enzo about this. Enzo added he doesn’t think they like Dani and their whole bedroom is being pegged as an alliance all over the place.
Da and Bay speak to Enzo, and Tyler. Da leaves to quiz Dani. Da didn’t like Dani’s flow.
From this conversation the before veto group including Enzo/Tyler/Bay/Da/ and adding Cody and David (who don’t know about it) and Dani (that was included but none of the members want her so maybe not included) was born.

Da told Dani that Tyler pulled them in to start the group, and that he might be a bit sketchy.
Dani went to Tyler. Tyler said Da is lying.
Dani believed Da more. Cody believes Tyler more after Dani talks to him about the situation. Cody convinced her it was Da lying.

NicF went to Da early today. she tried to start a group that includes Core4 and Da and Ian and maybe Xmas. not sure if there are more members. NIcf then went to everyone and said Da wanted to start a group. Nicf isn’t intentionally trying to get Da in trouble here. She just doesn’t want anyone to realize that Nicf is trying to form a wall of meat around herself that includes all of her favorite people. BUT, because of the Da/TY stuff that is intended to test both Tyler and Dani’s trustworthiness….

Da’vonne looks like a sketchy hypergamer.

Miss Impression

You need an all star memory to keep track of who you’re in an alliance with.At this rate the few who don’t have alliances just need to lie down and avoid the circular firing squad.

another name

I’m not sure if this will help. This is what I’ve been able to construct of what has been happening in terms of proposed, under construction, and real alliances.
I left off the NicA and Jaysar triad because it is sooooo sketch that I realllllly didn’t know HOW to address it. if the picture adds. if not, i’ll just put it as a post instead of a reply… and maybe address it’s size.

Smitten Kitten

DaVonne told Dani a lie about Tyler to see if it would get back to her (to find out whose actually working together in alliances), but it was a terrible lie to tell, because now Tyler will NEVER trust her again.

I love DaVonne, but this is what got her evicted the previous times she played… she just can’t LAY LOW and keep her mouth shut.


Nothing personal, but Nicole A, get to steppin.

Step 1242

Who goes home

Smitten Kitten

Poor, Nicole (A) just can’t seem to get out of her own way.
For someone in Nicole’s alliance, Kevin sure is a terrible alliance member, as he’s filling her head with lihs about Janelle and Kaysar being disloyal to her, but all they’ve been trying to do is save her.
So in a nutshell:
Janelle and Kaysar are trying to save Nicole, but her ingenuous plan is to get the whole house on board to pressure Memphis into using the Veto to backdoor Janelle, right?

Smitten Kitten

Nicole? Go f*cking savage??

Don’t make me laugh, aha, aha, aha – Danny Zuko

For Real 23

Are U kidding me? David needs to play the game for real and stop being a pretender but a contender.


It’s another week of who cares who goes between Nicole and David. They both aren’t that great at playing! Maybe next week it will get interesting.


We can only hope. All I see are a lot of people spouting off about this one and that one and nobody really wanting to make a big move. I predict next week it will be David and Kevin on the block…just another week like this one. Come on people…let’s go! And Memphis…what a way to waste an HOH!

Jan Nan

All Stars???? Where are they hiding because the only Big Brother Stars I see are Janelle and my man Kaysar.

Jan Nan

NicoleA can’t get out of her own way for tripping herself up. She could have played with the legends but she prefers to look for the ones she thinks are outcast. I just want her gone, maybe David will step his game up and give us something to talk about. I’m anxiously waiting for all these alliances and alliances of alliances to implode. That will be fun to watch them all scatter.

another name

day 12’s under construction alliances, real alliances, proposed alliances, named duo’s and untitled pairs (i think i’ve missed QUITE a few pairs).

bb22 DAY 12.jpg
another name

The pink group…. i don’t know. it’s more humor than actual consideration i think.
Mostly because i’m starting to get lost in the circles of who is lying to whom, and who brought up the idea… who proposed THOSE specific people… but I find it hard to think Da would come up with THAT particular group of people to put together…. All of Nicf’s chosen circle?

And i missed this on feeds… did Memphis actually insinuate to Enzo that he’d prefer David leave?

Miss Impression

So Cody is allied with everyone but Janelle Kaysar and NicA,and is in nearly every real or fake alliance.Hope that doesn’t end well.

another name

That’s why Da and Bay are having Cody issues.
One of them saw Memphis/Cody/Nicf/Xmas sneak into the have not room. After the Cnnct alliance was created, and after the suggestions of Cody Nicf Dani and Tyler started to float.
They’ve been informed of Nicf/Dani/Tyler/Cody as a group (don’t believe tyler would do that) and that Cody/Enzo/Nicf/Dani (?) or Cody/Tyler/David are things as well.
They see Cody having powwows and not saying anything to them, but he demands they tell him everything they say especially where Janelle is concerned. They see that Nicf is to be protected… but Cody won’t admit to having anything with Nicf. Neither will Dani.
I think Nicf talking to Day about joining a big alliance with Cody/Enzo/Dani and Ian and maybe Christmas maybe Tyler was one more distrust brick. If Da finds out Nicf is saying it was all Da’s idea? worse.
Here’s the thing: Cody is now talking about making a new fake alliance between Cody/Dani/Enzo Bay and Da. That alliance already exists. it’s the cnnct 4 alliance… only now it’s going to be a derisive joke around the hammock to Cody Enzo and Dani.


Thanks! I haven’t been able to watch much of the feeds. Hard to keep up!

another name

After Janelle’s talk with Ian, and then Kaysar and Janelle resuming their talk from earlier…
I think they’ve come to the conclusion that they are floating down excrement infested waters without a hand held propulsion device.
They know they can’t get Ian. He’s too attached to Nicf. He said as much. And seemed to give an Ianesque warning that moving against them would be dangerous.
Janelle gave him more info than she should have (gee that’s a shocker Janelle shares and shares and shares with ALL the wrong people), about the pairs and possibility of larger groups.
Janelle told him it’s probably impossible at this point to save NicA. If Ian were evil he’d use that information. I don’t see him using it.. that doesn’t fit for some reason. Now if he tells Nicf whole different story.
That would feed Nicole’s victim of the evil Jaysar paranoia that Kevin has been feeding her for days and days.
They’ve realized Enzo isn’t as unattached as they thought.
Yeah. They’ve figure out the middle of week 2 is not when you form alliances in New School Big Brother. Apparently LIKING, TRUSTING and WANTING to work with your alliance is old fashioned. See the incredible shifting alliance cesspool that is the rest of the house.
Meh. Part of them doesn’t care. They acknowledge that they suck and laugh. The getting picked off part is the annoying part for them.

I agree. They are sucking. They’ve got to hope an impolostion of the multiple alliance side helps them, because left to their own devices right now, they are doomed.

Another wait… when did that happen? DID David go to NicA and tell her she would be leaving on Thursday because he already has the votes to stay locked in? While she was having her whatever that is she’s doing? Audrey cocooning? And he named names????

another name

Okay. I’ve made it clear that i’m not impressed with Nicole A.
Man David was a complete Dick.
Go to someone and kick em when they’re down (I know, she’s down most of the time, but you know what I mean).
Yeah, he wants to redeem himself. He wants to prove he belongs there. He has a social agenda. I’m cool with that. I respect redemption. I respect equality for all humans.
What I’m not cool with, and don’t respect: He’s not thinking about how you get there.
Da’vonne let him off light.
If I weren’t so disappointed with Nicole A’s game up to now, I’d be hoping she’d go to Memphis, say listen dude, Veto ceremony hasn’t even happened yet, and I’ve already been told I’m going home. David says he has (list off the names that he so graciously provided) locked in. If you prefer he stays, leave me on the block. She would NEVER.
I’d have to at least partially re-evaluate my opinion if she did.


Enzo sounds like a teenager with the “Yo” He’s must be in his late 40’s. Grow up!! So sick of one alliance dominating the game EVERY season while the others roll over!

another name

early 40’s. but yeah. Is it one alliance dominating? Or is it 4 alliances in one about to consume each other before they’ve gotten rid of the others? I hope the latter.


So Christmas thinks she’s playing a great game by choosing Ian for saftey? Sure let’s keep all the strong winners of the game safe. (And I like Ian but imagine the game play had he been put up. Would have been All star worthy). Thanks Christmas?
Da had a dumb plan to see if word would get back. She should have told Tyler prior that she was doing something to see if she could trust Dani. This way she could find out if Tyler would go tell and If Dani would tell but she jumped and talked too much and played too hard too fast.
I’m afraid Memphis HOH will be a bust.
The Derrick talk is telling and irritating at the same time.
I just don’t think the focus on non game playing players is worthy of allstars. Kevin, NicoleA and David should not be the focus.
Ian being saved (and prior winner) Dani and Cody version of her story (both getting to the end of BB) Da and her big mouth, Kasar/Janelle power and NicoleF (former winner) should be the focus of the all stars yet we are looking at NicoleA, David and Kevin??
Maybe there’s some hidden master plan of a blind side and Memphis’ reign can be redeemed, but I believe here I’m just wishful thinking.

another name

What gets me is Christmas doesn’t realize she was / is completely being used by Nicf.
Nicf informed her ian might be a target, but that was stupid because Nicf had Ian in her pocket, and could get him to vote her way. She told Christmas that if Ian were safe, then Memphis would have to choose another target and it might be Janelle.
Fresh off Da’vonne’s vote flip lie that Cody, Dani and later Nicf convinced her was all Janelle, she was ready willing and able to jump in and save Ian if it meant Janelle might be the target.
Of course that wouldn’t make the show edit, because people might wonder if Nicf has a sketchy petty problem with Janelle, and it would tarnish her goodgirl victim image.
The only thing that gives us a blind side is if the multiple alliance group has a major explosion, or if somebody tells Memphis before the veto meeting that Nicole has already been told she’s leaving, leading to her meltdown. Tell Memphis that they’ve cuckolded his veto power, and list the votes. Two of the votes are people he’s already told he’d prefer David leave.