Memphis “Don’t be a f**king.. Don’t tell me to do something that you wouldn’t do.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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12:30pm Ian’s punishment continues with lots of script readings. DaVonne helps with reading some of the characters lines.

Backyard. Christmas, Bay, Kaysar, NicoleA, David, Tyler, NicoleF, Ian.

12:40pm Bathroom. Bay and Day.
Bay – Last night Cody was like Bay I’ve never seen you hang out with Janelle so much. I’m like I’m supposed to be! Day – who said that? Bay – Cody. Day – yeah that whole .. that was weird. That was weird as sh*t! I want to try to make Dani tell me about the three. But I have to figure out how to do it. I don’t know if I should be like .. I need to try and get her to tell me about it. Bay suggests they head up to the nook. Bay – I need to figure out how to get her to tell me about the trio or the duo. I need to figure out what he is going to do with that veto. If David is still up there then.. but if NicoleF goes up there then that is a totally different conversation. I will tell him that we can talk but he needs to figure out what he is doing with that veto. kaysar said that people think that I’m in his alliance but I’m not. David joins them. Day – that other situation (putting up NicoleF) was only if one of you pulled yourselves down. It makes no sense for him to change his noms. Bay – he is so stubborn. Bay – if you stay what are you doing? David – this is it. Bay – you haven’t been pulled into anything yet else? David – NicoleA and Kevin. Day – that’s okay because we like Kevin. If you stay though ..that means she (NicoleA) is going. No matter who I am talking to or what I am doing .. this is the core. David leaves. Day – I don’t think Tyler is working with anyone. I haven’t heard anything. Bay – he is pretty loyal. Day – he (Cody) is trying to play like Derrick but he is doing it all so wrong! Bay – his only targets right now are Janelle and Kaysar. Memphis would be the one to come after us together. Day – I have to crack Dani. I really have to crack her. If Nicole wins HOH who would she put up? Bay – I think she is going to throw sh*t. Bay – best case is Enzo wins. Day – he isn’t going to win an HOH. Cody won the first HOH on accident. He wouldn’t have won that either.

12:50pm Bedroom. Nicole and Christmas.
Nicole – this is very different from what we went through last season. Christmas – yeah it is a very different experience but there are similar triggers. NicoleA – it is very trauma .. PTSD. Christmas – do you have a sense of security with Memphis? NicoleA – no. Christmas – but you obviously had enough security to not play in the safety suite. Nicole – I just want to play and have fun. Christmas – decide how you’re going to move forward and how you can get people to vote for you. Show you but not all your cards. Go to the bathroom and put on your warrior paint. Don’t run around like Sam did or what’s her name.. Joey. Nicole – I want to stay and know the shots I want to fire. Christmas – I can pep talk the sh*t out of you.

Janelle – what about you .. what is your preference on who stays? Ian – David is my buddy but its just the reality of it is .. he is strong. Janelle – he is hungry for it too. There is a certain element to that too. Ian agrees.

1:37pm Storage room. Cody and Memphis.
Memphis – I go calm down. Relax and I’m like okay so you’re telling me if you were HOH and you won the veto you would backdoor Janelle!? Don’t be a f**king.. Don’t tell me to do something that you wouldn’t do. Cody – see me I would easily backdoor kaysar .. They really want Janelle. Memphis – I am looking out for us two… the other 6 is great and we’ll continue to look out for them but .. Cody – its a lot of numbers around us which is what we need. Memphis – no no I’m with you and I agree with you. I think if Janelle wins and you continue to do what you’re doing she will put you up. Cody – we just want our group to stay good. The only thing that worries me is if they win HOH what will they do. Do you think it will be an issue? Memphis – as long as you’re putting in the work with Janelle ..then I don’t think it will be an issue. Cody – cool.

1:50pm – 2pm NicoleA and Janelle.
Nicole – have you heard anything? Janelle – no. Nicole – is there any plan in place.. does he have a target? Janelle – from what I’ve understood David is his target. Nicole – my impression was that you and Kaysar were solid. Janelle – we are solid. Nicole – and I thought Memphis would be on board with that. Janelle – Memphis doesn’t want an alliance. Nicole – its not an alliance .. its just allies. I worry about the future of this game. Janelle – I do too .. believe me I do too. I will talk to him again. I do think that David is his target. Nicole – whatever you guys want to do ..If I’m not on the block I can vote with. Its so frustrating. Janelle – yeah it f**king sucks. If I keep pushing.. I’m going to go on the block. Nicole – we need to start worrying about week 3, 4 and 5. Janelle – I talked to Ian and if things remain the same .. he would vote foryou. You have me, Kevin, Bay, Kaysar, and Christmas. David is a bigger threat than you. I know you’re worried but we’re trying to help you. Kaysar is sticking his neck out on the line for you. You leaving would be disastrous. I will talk to Memphis again but I have to tread lightly with him. Nicole – I wish we could all talk to him. Janelle – it makes him uneasy. Nicole – but he isn’t going to be HOH next week. Janelle – he wants to do his own thing and I can’t keep pressing him.

2:12pm – 2:30pm Bedroom. NicoleA tells Kevin about her conversation with Janelle. If you really were my ally you would be telling me how you’re working to get me off the block. Janelle told me that Kaysar is doing me the honor of getting people to vote for me to stay. Kevin – you need to thank him. Nicole – she told me that and then I just went out to Kaysar and he was like this is what I need you to do. I need you to get Kevin to vote for you. Dani, Enzo, NicoleF.. the rest I can do. I really want to see if they’re telling Bay and Day to keep me. Or are they saying only talk to these four people meanwhile they’re telling the rest to vote me out. I am going to ask DaVonne if Bay is being told to keep me. If she is being told to vote me out .. I am blowing sh*t up after the veto ceremony. I am being honest with you the only person I trust is you. Kevin – ask him (Memphis) to sway people to keep you. Asking him to use the veto is asking him to blindside people. Nicole – I like that better .. If you push for people to vote to keep me I will owe you. Kevin – Ian is a number cruncher .. you have to tell him that it doesn’t make sense to split the votes this early. He is risk adverse. Think about it from their perspective.

Bathroom. NicoleA and Dani
Nicole – I do want to see where your head is at. I have a fair number of people. Dani – What is the freakin deal with Janelle… like obviously she is going to try and save you right? This is like ..don’t repeat this but my one worry is that people are linking you up with her (Janelle) and people with want to like.. Nicole – you have my word I am not. Dani – yeah but I am telling you for your sake. Like girl you know I freakin like you and trust you .. You know I do. I am telling you that people in the house are linking you up and she is not in a good spot so that sucks for you. Nicole – the care is not there. David walks in. Nicole – last week she was like hey lets hang out .. lets do makeup.. and now she is like ewww don’t talk to me. Dani – so they’re not helping you? Nicole – she said Kaysar is trying. Dani – don’t repeat this but the only way to save you might be to sell someone out. So if we have to go there, don’t freak out. Nicole – like a random person or a specific person. Dani – a specific person. Nicole – okay I was already thinking that.

3:10pm Backyard. Kaysar and Nicole
Nicole – do I have your vote. Kaysar – of course you do. I am working on getting you 5 or 6 other votes too. Just get the people that I told you to get. Nicole – what if there is a tie. Kaysar – we will figure that out. Get me two or three solid yes’s and I will get the rest. Nicole – okay I appreciate it. Kaysar – don’t mention it. Nicole – I wish we could go up to Memphis now. Kaysar – no it doesn’t include him… its too early to talk to him. Don’t talk to Memphis about anything. Do not mention an alliance or anything. Nicole – do you know Memphis’s preference? Kaysar – he wants the house to decide. If you talk to him at all just tell him you’re still good with him and that you’ve got his back. Memphis joins them. Nicole – how are you today Memphis? Memphis – good.

4pm Lounge room. Tyler, Bay and NicoleA.
Tyler – do you think that they’re going to stay the same? Nicole – I wish we could just rally as a whole house. Because that happened in a previous season. They all went up to the HOH and said we want this to happen and if it doesn’t we’re all coming after you next week. He told me that its up to the house. Bay – so that means that he is not going to change it.

Outside the HOH room. Janelle and Kaysar
Kaysar – I told Nicole to get Ian, Kevin, Enzo, NicoleF.. Janelle – she is not getting NicoleF’s vote. Kaysar – I know that but if that side of the house does not see her campaigning to certain people they’re going to get suspicious. I want it to seem like she is campaigning to everybody so that she looks like a floater. Janelle – MMmmhhmm. Kaysar – I will speak to DaVonne, Christmas and Bay. And we’ll make it official. Janelle – are you sure its a good idea to make it official? It could be bad for us. Kaysar – these people if you look at the past seasons there was a big group and everyone else didn’t form anything and all got picked off. Janelle – I am just worried if we make an alliance and we lose power .. we’re at the head of the alliance. Kaysar – no because we will never speak of it. Janelle – I really wish there were more pairs. Its hard to play being the only pair. Kaysar – if showmances can make it to the end .. two friends can. Janelle – I don’t get how DaVonne is so smart but doesn’t see that those four are together. Kaysar – people see what they want to see.

4:25pm Memphis joins them Janelle and kaysar. Janelle – he (David) is going to put us up if he stays. Memphis – I mean I don’t think he has the balls to do that. Kaysar – he felt like he didn’t get a chance to make a splash the first time so he wants to make a move. Janelle – he wants to make a name for himself. Memphis – we will make sure he goes. Janelle – I hope we have the votes. Do you think you could get Enzo to agree to vote him out? Memphis – I think so. Janelle – I think Ian would agree to vote him out. If David is gunning for us .. that’s a weapon for them.

4:40pm Ian acting out another scene. The voice comes over the PA and tells him to do it again but with more tears..

4:55pm Bedroom – Cody and Enzo.
Cody – I know how he (Memphis) is. I ain’t going to be pushy like how Dani it. I can’t be pushy with him.. because he will turn off to that. He doesn’t like that because he is like that big alpha male kind of guy. I am just trying to bide my time. If we don’t win comps we’re going up. Enzo – you trust him even though he is all over the place.. Cody – you know why he is all over the place .. everybody knows he was a f**king G on his season so everyone is trying to get in with people because on his season .. he was literally .. on his season he was as good as Derrick, Dan .. he was incredible. I don’t even know how he didn’t win his season. He should have f**king won .. he played the whole house. He got screwed ..he’s brilliant. I don’t think he is going to do anything .. he is going to keep it the same. The only thing that makes me not want to get rid of David is the fact that NicoleA told us and everyone even though she was shunned by them… say we keep her they maybe able to say we’re so sorry that happened. Enzo – NicoleA is going to be our f**king mole. She is going to tell us everything. We’re going to have to get rid of Dave because that’s who he wants to get rid of. Cody – I don’t think he cares. I think NicoleA would be a mole for us. Enzo – just us. We can’t trust anyone in this house but me and you. Cody – every time I talk to Day and Bay they wait for me to say sh*t. They ain’t saying sh*t to me. If you’re so tight with Janelle why am I hearing from Christmas that she’s talking about me. Check your sh*t!

5:40pm Working out with Christmas in the backyard..

5:50pm – 6:20pm Lounge room. Dani and Cody.
Cody – I like both of them. For game I don’t fully trust that she can’t be coddled back from them. They were a group and made her feel like she was included in something. Dani tells Cody about the conversation she had with NicoleA. Dani tells Cody how she told Nicole that she doesn’t think Memphis will use the veto and her only option would be to throw someone under the bus to save yourself. Cody – my god you’re a f**king savage. That’s a good thing. Dani – I said maybe that is your only move to stay and she said I’ve been holding some stuff in. So I am going to try and get her to drop a bomb on Janelle. Cody – my god that would be insane. You would be blowing up the DR too. It would be like walking in and out for you. It would be a monster play for you. And you would be the mastermind behind it. Dani – I don’t think it would ever happen. Cody – but I don’t think she (Janelle) ever said anything personal about Memphis because it has to be personal about Memphis. She might have to make up a lie if she really wants to stay… that could blow up in your face.. do not do that. Cody – who would you save if you got the safety suite? Dani – I don’t friggin know. It depends on who is HOH. I would save NicoleF or you if I thought they were after you .. if not maybe DaVonne or something.

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So, I get it that last season was traumatic. The fans have our own version of PTSD from seeing our BB game reduced to such a pathetic state. But does this entire season need to be talking about the trauma from last season? Maybe we could put a pause on the therapy sessions and … I don’t know… play the freaking game this season?

Linguini Pants

And Nic A only trusting Kevin?! Did she watch his season?!? I know she was young then, but she’s a self-described super fan. All this crying and moping and whining and PTSD among so-called All Stars?!? This is why we need real All Stars. Maybe with Covid this is what we’re left with, who knows. That, and others not wanting to come back. Realizing opinions run the gamut on Paul, but I’d trade at least four of these players for one Paul in a heartbeat.


Exactly! NicoleA is so consumed with her traumatic season last year, that she has squandered any sensibility she used to have (maybe she didn’t have any all along, who knows). She really is frustrating, Janelle has been nothing but nice to her, like Janelle is really pulling for her to stay. The fact that NicoleA questions Janelle at all is laughable, especially since she backstabbed Janelle to the others. When she told Kevin she only trusts him, proved to me that she’s not ready to be an all star. Disappointing…


Couldn’t agree more. Move on already, both of them. David’s wanting to be there b/c he wants to at least make the jury and assuming he’s the first of his type to make it shows even more then we already know that he has no idea what this game is. Marcellus made the jury both times. And others have too. Yeah he got dealt a bad hand b/c of the twists last season but grow up already. Nicole too. Where the hell is Danielle Reyes when you need her? Love Janelle but she’s out of it this season. As she said last night, i’m tired, i’m 40. Dani & Nicole F are jealous that Janelle hasn’t even made it to final 2 and she is still more well liked then either of them. Too many outside relationships anyone of us could have picked better “All-Stars”

The Beef

Maybe they are jealous because one of them was carried to Final 2 by her father, and the other “meat-shielded” and hand-jobbed her way to the Final 2 and eventually a win against one of the most despised players in BB history (also one of the most loved – he’s that type of guy for most….Either you love him or you hate him). The jealousy is not a good look for either one of them though, and only serves to make them look spiteful, since they are in such strong positions alliance wise and Janelle’s is just the opposite. She and Kaysar do seem do be miss reading Memphis…by a lot, but every where they turn for alliance help they are getting kicked in the teeth it would seem. Even sweet innocent little Nicole A has been poisoned against them by the venom in the house. They think Bayleigh is with them, but she’s not, as she’s going with the numbers just like the rest. So I’m not so sure that it’s a case of Janelle being out of it this season, or just that the alliances (especially the pre-game alliances) are stacked against them, and they are unable to gain any “traction” because of that and “numbers”. Could possibly change with an HOH win this week, but I doubt it given the totally uneven playing field at this point. It’s like Cody and Jessica vs. the house in BB 19 all over again.


Cody having a conniption fit because Memphis went off script. I’m waiting for Cody to yell: But Derrick told us to do this!

another name

Been scratching my head.
Cody week one: can’t backdoor anybody it’s too soon, it would put too much of a target on me and excuses….
Cody week two: You should backdoor somebody. Why aren’t you backdooring somebody?

He’s the guy that tells all of his friends he’s going to call out that guy. Does nothing.
He’s the guy that stands behind his biggest friend and says are you gonna let him talk to you like that?


Now that you mention it, in his season Cody was CONSTANTLY saying he was gonna call out this or that person, but he never did it, not even once.

Team Janelle

LOL yes he did. Too funny


Does no one remember how lost he would have been without Derrick? He was a huge hot-head who would’ve been in drama in the early weeks if D didn’t calm him down all the time. He has no one like that, and the funny thing is that Kaysar would have been that guy!! He wanted to be, too!!

Jets Jets Jets

I am so confused about who is aligned with who. But I sort of think they are too.
Memphis is not long for this game. As soon as someone on the other side of the house wins HOH he’s going up.
I think after being quarantined since March and then being quarantined for 2 weeks alone and now stuck in this house it is affecting them. I also think as traumatic as last season was for NA that she hasn’t had time to recover. Also being alone for 2 weeks probably was even tougher on her because she still lives at home and has never had to be alone in her life.

The Beef

Frankly, I think Memphis has a better chance of being put up by someone on his OWN side of the house, than by J or K! He pissed most of them off with his nomination speech to David and now they are getting even hotter by his refusal to use the POV and backdoor either Janelle or Kaysar. Surely J or K would be better served in putting up other targets in that alliance before Memphis, as he at least talks to them, and they also seem to think (mistakenly) he may be aligned with them, so I don’t think they are in a rush to get Memphis out before NicF, Cody, and who knows who else they might put up before considering him.

another name

How much Nicf jumped out of the comp after seeing Nica had fallen out in her usual comp fashion?
Just so she could cry and whne, to top nica’s crying and whining?
She’d made it obvious she wouldn’t use it anyway.

Bitchy thought:
36 seconds in a comp about grip strength? Did you watch feeds season 18? Comp was made for her.

Bayleigh and Da’vonne take offense when Janelle wants NicA to stay. For effect only to the house.
Cody continues to go from one person to the next bashing people not in that little alliance, thinking nobody but him is cross allianced, and people start to get ticked… but do nothing.
Janelle and Kaysar continue to think the fire around them is fine.
Ian continues to take it personally that Janelle talked about his alliance with Nicf that the entire house was talking about already. Name someone that didn’t say yeah they’re protecting each other because they’re the two winners. That’s going to be a problem. Just he didn’t hear it. It WILL be a thing.
Christmas blind spot for Nicf makes her Nic’s new meat shield. A comedy of mis-steps ensues.

Linguini Pants

Dan and Derrick’s Number Twos really do suck at this game without their Masters.


Are you saying it is like the story “Much Ado about Nothing “ but in Big Brother fashion ? Lol

another name

less the movie version, and add a dash of midsummer night’s dream. We’ve all pretty much concluded Memphis is the Jackass.

Jets Jets Jets

How do you know what happened in the veto Comp? You talk like you’ve seen it and not just heard from the feeds.

another name

nicf made a point of complaining about her time, as a reason that she wasn’t a threat to Janelle. Somewhere around the BR just before she went into the bedroom with Enzo.
nica made a point of saying it was just like last season and she paniced when the comp started and fell out immediately. in the SR with Kevin and if i remember correct Memphis was there when she said it.
the house said it was about grip strength. mostly in the room between Tyler, David and Enzo who said he’d have been out like 3rd.
Nic f said she probably wouldn’t use it to Enzo long before the comp.

i said how much as in terms of i’d bet, not i know.
i stayed up and watched what was being said after the veto comp.


Memphis is a nightmarish ally. He seems very loyal to Cody, but only to Cody, hardcore. He is acting like all of his alliance members except Cody are redundant. Nonsense. He became a control freak the moment he was crowned HOH. Pretty sure he will be evicted soon. The fact that Ja/Kay believe him as their ally might help him for a while, but I think it will backfire somehow. I hope so.

“Tyler is working with NO ONE”… Day is just hilarious. Did she watch BB20?

Nic A begging Janelle for her safety is pathetic, but I guess she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.


Memphis is a nightmarish ally. He seems very loyal to Cody, but only to Cody. He behaves like all of his alliance members except Cody are redundant. It’s nonsense. He started acting like he became the king of BB the moment he was crowned HOH, even though he was just a lord in waiting for Dan the whole time. Pretty sure he will be evicted soon. The fact that Janelle and Kaysar believe him as their ally might help him for a while, but I think it will backfire somehow. I hope so. I give him that he made these so-called all stars scramble a lot. Still, he is not likable.

“Tyler is working with NO ONE”… Day is hilarious. Is she serious? Did she watch BB20?

Nic A begging Janelle for her safety is super pathetic, but I guess she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

Dr. EvilWill

Lets go Memphis, Join Jedi Jani And King Kaysar, make this season good. Then it will be them vs Cody/Nicole F vs Bay and Da vs Tyler lol

It would be such an amazing story if Janelle wins the second All Stars. Should of been her and Dr. Will final 2. She should of also won season 6 but that damn nerd herd!


I know that NicA is a great human being with a heart, and probably an amazing person to know and be friends with, but playing this game is not for her…

Her AFP and treatment from last year got her to all-stars. Last season she had horrid gameplay, was terrible under stress, could barely win, gave up too much information, and didn’t figure out what was going on until way too late in the game…then took THAT showmance to final 3…rinse, repeat, lather…hopefully she can rinse her gameplay off, realize how strongly J and K are there for her and how easily Kevin will chew her up and spit her away in the next few weeks.

Oh Nicole, how bad she is going to feel when she gets out of the house this week. She needed more time between her seasons to understand herself and make corrections. When was she a mastermind last year?


Wouldve rather had Donny from 16

another name

I’ve said it a few times.
I’m saying it again.
NicA can go.

I’m so tired of her constant bullshit that the entire house is out to get her. Like it would take a super alliance to get rid of Nicole Anthony.
Bound and Determined to toss away EVERY life jacket she’s thrown and drown.
Let her.
And, frankly, if she’s in THAT much need of therapy for her PTSD from her season, she should be addressing that with a professional, not on live feeds for pity. It’s crossed the line from sympathetic to pitiful for me. Sorry if that makes me a monster.
She has been playing the biggest flip flop indecisive rat game of the season. And pontificates about straight up fair play.
Oh, shut up.
She’s talking to Kevin about whether or not Janelle and Kaysar are going to save her. Never ONCE asks Kevin what he’s going to do to help. Never once talks about how she’s going to be a 25/26 year old adult in a crisis, assess what is required, and do what must be done to survive. Nope. NEVER once realizes they have actually given her a viable (but unbeknownst to them doomed to failure) plan that might get her close to the finish line: they’ve told her who it is worth pushing hardest in campaigning.
Instead she’ll whine.
Are Kaysar and Janelle pushing Bay and Da’vonne to save NicA instead of David? That’s her barometer? Hey, Nicole, you’re supposed to be in a secret alliance with Da’vonne. Why aren’t YOU pushing her? Bet it’s the same microaggressive but in this case accurate reason.

Call a house meeting Nicole. That should be the nail in your big brother coffin. Only two votes she could possibly have on lock will walk away giving her the finger.

Yeah. I had these hot and cold feelings about her last time too…. but who else was there to root for even with my foregone conclusion that the season was tailored from week one for Jackson. There had to be some hope.

New season. And she doesn’t cut it anymore.
Hmm, I seem to have less patience and be more blunt and cantankerous on Sundays. Going to have to watch that.


She can go, but I do feel bad for how she is going to come away from this season. To hear how many former HGs have had such a difficulty adjusting to life outside the house. She was excluded at times and played for all of last season, but she came out to a lot of love and positivity from the fans, as well as AFP – lessens the blow, grows the ego – which can lead to overvaluing your gameplay and blinding yourself.
This season, she’s bullying herself and getting played to the point that she believes her opponents more than her teammates, she won’t be winning the AFP, and there will be far more harsh critiques of her time in the house. It’s going to be tough for the podcaster. She may begin to worry about other HGs ghosting her…

another name

If she hadn’t mentioned even in jest that the entire house as a group go up to the HOH and demand that he use the veto or they’d all evict him next week (in other words pull a season 10 bully routine)… I wouldn’t have rolled my eyes and said nope.


I wonder how it is that I agree with what you say but still cringe. Must be your delivery.

another name

Yeah. I’ve had that issue before.
Not saying it’s right, not saying it’s an excuse.
I’ve heard that before.
Too blunt, acerbic, and sometimes comes across as mean knowitall (the mean knowitall is the one I REALLY don’t intend, the blunt or acerbic… sometimes).


I don’t think you’re a mean know it all.

another name

Narrative writing style is sometimes hard to change.
Half of the time i’m tongue in cheek stream of consciousness, half sarcasm freestyle in hopes that i’m not being dry and too information packet subsection 2 a. in my thoughts.
If i get too obsessive on ONE particular point for more than a few days I’m sure I’ll be told to move off that topic.

Team Janelle

I agree, she’s horrible at this game. I cannot stand all the woes me crap….. between her and Kevin, it’s too much


She’s just annoying in every way. I hope she’s gone on Thursday.

another name

They’re editing it like Memphis and Cody did everything as a full partnership this week?

That’s… one way to…. nope. nope. not even REMOTELY what feeds are telling us. Not even close. Nope. Most of the participants of that alliance have always considered it a backup to the other alliances the edit isn’t even acknowledging.

As the episode goes on…. the more alice and the looking glass this edit looks.
It’s actually becoming sort of… unbelievable.
1) bayleigh and memphis have a deal. she isn’t in danger.
2) ian sit down. nicf convinced xmas to save you so that memphis would be forced to hopefully nom Janelle. The night before.
3) The comp times. I’ll never believe individual time comps on bb as anything more than production chooses a winner to advance storyline.


where can I watch tonight’s show on web?


They tape these people 24/7 and a one hour episode has to include racism talk every single time!!! Can they seriously not find 45 minutes of activity that is game play instead of making a point of reminding us that Davonne and Bayleigh are black? Who gives a shit if they are purple with green ears and warts on their noses. Playi the game and stfu!!!!!


You’re a gross human being.

Linguini Pants

And Cody thinking Memphis is some kinda brilliant and should have beat Dan. LOL. Who told him that? Derrick? Still laughing!


Memphis is a gangster.


There was a convo between Cody and Dani that quickly was changed on the feeds where he began to tell her that Derrick may never speak to NicF again. Dani made a joke, and he started to tell that she called D and asked him about being on the show and he said yes, then it all cut.

Maybe, the original idea was pairs for these season: Dan and Memphis, Derrick and Cody, Kaysar and Janelle….could some of the Boogie drama be tied to Will not wanting to do the show and Boogie going way over the top that he missed a chance? Based on rumours, perhaps Tyler and Kaycee, Josh with Paul or Christmas?

It would be interesting to see who was cast late. Cody said he knew three months ago, Derrick a month before. The Derrick-Dan alliance may have been to tie the two 2-man teams together until final 4 or 5. We know Keesha was cast late. Some presume Christmas was too, but Paul left quarantine….take each other’s places? Perhaps David and NicA were in the back-up plans? Would Ian, Dani, Bay, Day all have known long ago, especially for all-stars; would they be on the backup sheet of callbacks, but not the primary players? Danielle Reyes said no. James Rhine is out with a new baby.

Kevin knowing months ago, would be evidence to go against this theory…who would he have teamed with?

Linguini Pants

Hope we find out how they cast this season eventually.

another name

What have we gleaned:
Nicf gonna blame Janelle. I’m shocked. Janelle stop causing global warming, Janelle where did you bury Hoffa?
Sherriff Porkrind is gonna sit in his backyard blaming Eric Stein and Evel Dick on social media. “oh people called me… I didn’t do anything.”
Cody has dropped multiple contradicting tidbits. The first three completely blowing Derrick’s undercover act. Now they are becoming more in line with the official story and still getting blocks.

Some people that were rumored to be possible cast decided their image might take a hit if they actually played and didn’t win / couldn’t win. Others wanted to play because of the possibility of increasing their brand.

As far as Kevin? We know that casting would be looking at their demographic cast board and saying oh… who do we get to fill the stereotype out gay male (that hasn’t done porn, doesn’t have a competing contract in the entertainment industry, isn’t persona non grata to the fans or isn’t just a whole big mess nobody wants to deal with…) the list gets short.

We’ve heard some of them talk about their outside of the game friendships, and we’re supposed to think that didn’t transfer into the game, and that they didn’t talk. oh okay.


All we know is Keesha said she was a late call. Memphis said he was a late call. I…. think David said he was a late call.

Linguini Pants

“Janelle stop causing global warming, Janelle where did you bury Hoffa?” Lol, Hahahah! So Janelle being in California is the reason for that damn fire tornado!


They are freaking driving me crazy on the live feeds today… they keep switching cameras when conversations are getting good… putting them on two people not talking staring into space… please keep it on the good stuff.

another name

I sort of had a feeling.
I knew when Janelle deadpanned to Bayleigh about being a protege that Bayleigh might not receive it as a joke.

Part of me is semi-hoping this is just part of that whole strategy Bayleigh Kaysar and Janelle were discussing. I have doubt.
But I think that comment intended to be self-deprecation mixed with ego about Janelle’s age experience and status on big brother might have injured Bayleigh’s ego.
oh well.
Better for Bayleigh’s game anyway not to be considered a steerage passenger on the Titanic by the rest of the house.


Nicole A is such a dumb ass! Kevin can go next… both are so fkn annoying….. Has Day caught on yet that Dani is awfully protective of Nicole F.?


Do i need to re-watch season 10? Did Memphis deserve to win over Dan? Where the heck is Cody getting that Memphis was brilliant and should have won? Cody saying that Memphis was incredible and how he played the whole house. Geez I don’t remember him even speaking until he voted out Keesha. Can anyone enlightened me?

another name

Cody HAS to think that way. Because Cody HAS to believe HE should have won as well. Otherwise, they both have to sink into the realization that they were just another guy’s stooge.

Memphis in week one? The house guests say he was stomping around and yelling at people when they were on feed cuts and lockdowns. He was unkindly compared to Jack and Jackson.

Linguini Pants

“Cody HAS to think that way. Because Cody HAS to believe HE should have won as well. Otherwise, they both have to sink into the realization that they were just another guy’s stooge.“

This, exactly!