Power Of Veto Winner Results! “it was laughable “

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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Feeds were down for a very late night Veto. This might be the latest since BB11 for me.

3:17 am Feeds return. NicA in the storage room crying about losing the veto.
Kevin says the competition was a “Bi-cep ” game. says it was a competition for David to win.
NicA cries says she froze up
NicA – it was laughable
NicA says Memphis nominated her because he doesn’t like her

NicA – I have issues I need a therapist. That is what this season is teaching me.

3:24 am David
David – I lost.. I lost HOH, I lost safety suite, I lost POV while ion the block. I tried. I lost. It sucks to lose when you are competitive.
David – I hope there not a backdoor against Tyler. I want Nicole to stay but Tyler is the bigger competitor. If they switch those around.

3:28 am Cody, Enzo, Dani, and NicF
NicF is worried that Janelle will convince Memphis to backdoor her.
Enzo says NicF has to talk to Memphis tomorrow.
They tell NicF that he’s not going to backdoor her.
Dani – even if you were we would have the numbers are you kidding me.
Enzo says he never talks to Janelle
Dani – I don’t think Janelle likes me.
NicF – I lasted 36 seconds and she’s scared of me? give me a break
They talk about Memphis locking the door to the HOH.
Enzo – you can’t shower.. that’s his kingdom
Dani – And nobody is questioning it..
Enzo – he was like I got targets and you’re not one of them right now
They talk about the Veto being “Too Heavy” for the girls.
Enzo – I don’t think that was for a girl to win
Dani – the only girl that would have a chance to win that was Christmas no one else.
Enzo – Tyler did really good
Dani – David did really good
Dani leaves..
NicF says Rachel doesn’t like her and Janelle is close to Rachel, “Stupid stuff like that”
NicF – Janelle was invited to my wedding because I thought she likes me. since we’ve been in here I don’t like her at all.. Game on I guess. It sucks they are scrambling soo much.
NicF- As long as Ian is not playing me

NicF – I think he’s loyal he likes me we’re friends but he doesn’t owe me anything
NicF still on about getting backdoored says she will need Da’Vonne’s vote.
NicF says it’s such “Bullcrap” to go after her right now. Goes on about being under 100 lbs and not being a threat.
NicF – I have a social game that I am loyal to people but I can’t win Comps. It’s just for her ego
Enzo – I thought Da was the target. F** man
NicF – Kaysar talks to NicA he’s trying to get her off the block
Enzo – they’re the reason she is on the block like I don’t understand.
NicF – I am not going home this week I will be so pissed ..

They thought Dani would talk to Janelle. They’re surprised now to hear that Dani doesn’t think Janelle likes her.
Enzo – Dani better not be playing both sides.
NicF – that would break my heart.
Enzo – part of the game I guess.
Enzo says there’s a lot of scared people this season.
NicF says she’s not scared if she wins HOH she’s going for the “Big guns”
Enzo tells her to offer Memphis a deal. “Offer the safety pass.. f*** it make a deal”
NF – I don’t think he’s going to put me up
NF starts counting her votes, says she’ll have Christmas’
NF brings up Janelle staring her down during the competition.
NF – I’m out YO

Enzo says he hopes that Memphis doesn’t use the veto. Asks if the noms stay the same who would she vote out
NicF – NicoleA I’m hoping she’s working with Janelle.
NicF – Cody and David are starting to get close.
NicF – Please stay the same.. I can’t believe I didn’t use my safety pass. I thought I was good. Are you kidding me my name is floating around?

They talk about telling Memphis he should keep Janelle’s main target in the house.
They start joking around..
Enzo – YO YO YOY YO YO it’s a wrap yo it’s over yo ..
Tyler comes in. chit chat..

3:37 am Cody and Christmas
Cody going on about Bayleigh and JAenlle always being together.
Cody says Kasyar is the brains but he sucks at competitions.
Chritsmas – so get rid of Janelle
Cody – next HOH is very important.
Christmas says this next veto meeting is very important.
Da’Vonne walks by claps “All RIGHT”
Cody – Da’Vonne is sketching me out
Cody – like what she did right there
Christmas – she’s not talked to me twice.
Christmas – I don’t deal with that passive-aggressive sh1t

Christmas warns him that she caught Enzo listening in on him while he was in the HoH.
Cody says he had a completely nongame related conversation with Dani.

Christmas – Janelle stirs the pot.
Cody – all of them have a f**ing hand in it. Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are flip-floppers
Cody says last week they were super tight with him now they are super tight with Janelle because they think she has sway with Memphis but little do they know Memphis is telling them everything.
Cody – they’re looking like flip-floppers to us
Christmas – have you connected with Enzo at all.
Cody – we have that Jersey .. thing.
Christmas – how are we going to approach Memphis
Cody says it’s pretty clear cut. “they’re spiralling mentioning my name multiple times”
Cody says he’s going to focus on them targeting the four of them.
Christmas suggests they can bring NicA in
Cody brings up NicA told them that she was in an alliance with KAysar and Janelle.
They agree NicA is struggling

3:50 pm NicA and Da’Vonne
NicA is sad.

3:51 am Cody, NF, Tyler, Enzo
Cody going on about Da’Vonne saying something after seeing him and Christmas whispering in the kitchen.
NicF still worrying about going on the block.
NicF – I need your guys help .. to stay off the block
Cody – that’s a big ask..
NicF asks if he’s joking
Cody says he’s joking of course.
NiCF makes a sarcastic comment about them never playing with each other and she can’t tell when he’s joking.

The camera pans to Tyler (who must be wondering about the integrity of alliance he’s in)
They bring up how Enzo was a good host. They didn’t give him a costume though. He was able to do it in one take.

4:00 am Da’Vonne and Bayleigh
Talking about telling Memphis they are not going to vote David out and if they do that and he uses the veto on David and put NicF up what do they do?
Bayleigh – COdy wants to keep NicF, Enzxo doesn’t care, David doesn’t care
Da – Dani wants to keep her too
Bayleigh – and they think with us they have the votes
Da – here’s the thing I noticed anytime I told Dani something about Cody. Cody would come up to me the next day and be like Dani told me you said.
Bayleigh – Janelle said its Cody, Dani, NicF, Tyler
Da – I believe three I don’t know about Tyler
Da says Tyler threw the Veto competition today.
Da – Tyler keeps telling me he doesn’t trust Dani

Bayleigh – why don’t we got with that original plan if we can get Memphis to put NicF up we’ll vote her out (Music)
Da – that’s going to piss Cody off
Bayleigh – here’s the probably Cody you have yet said if you have something with NicF
Bayleigh says that Cody told her he hasn’t talked to NicF in 6 years
Da – that’s a lie I know for a fact.
Bayleigh says she’s not going to get caught in the middle of two alliances “we’re just as bad as floaters if we do that”
Da’Vonne about Kaysar “I’m not going to lie some of the sh1t he’s saying is adding up”
Da explains that NicF and Dani are close “they’re good friends”
Bayleigh – they are
Da brings up Dani telling her that NicF pissed off every girl on her season
Da – I told Dani early .. ‘Dani look Nicole came to me and apologized to me’ I remember I specifically said I don’t think she genuine I don know if I believe it or not but I’ll give her time to prove it”
Da – NicF comes to me the next day “Hey Da I just want to talk to you .. I want you to know that I’m genuine and I want you to trust me and she was like you know I mean it everythign I said the day before”
Bayleigh suggests they wait to see who wins the HOH next and take it from there.
They agree they’ll Vote NicA out if the noms stay the same.
Da says the house isn’t voting David out.
Da is telling them (kasyar’s group) straight up she’s not voting out David.

4:10 am Dani and NicF
Talking about what Janelle’s “deal” is.
Dani – apparently she went to Bayleigh and Bayleigh was like I was attacked.
NicF – she just wanted me out.
NicF says that Ian knows about people wanting her to get backdoored.

NicF – I think I’m telling people too many things and this is why I’m in trouble
Dani – who are you telling things to
NicF – you, Cody
Dani – that’s good that’s who you are talking to.. Tell me everything

Dani assures her that Memphis is not putting her up
NicF – I know but I hate that for them saying me and no one cares because it’s not them..
NicF warns about Janelle and Kaysar being with Memphis all day tomorrow. Memphis wants to make a power move and they’ll talk him into it.

NicF – Christmas could have saved me.. I could have played Safety Suite
Dani goes on about Memphis being on their side. “Don’t freak out relax you’re fine.. even if you weren’t you have the numbers you have Da’Vonne and Bayleigh I promise you”
They go on about NicF inviting Janelle to her wedding then Janelle not being instant BFF allies in Big Brother with her.
Dani – you were trying to do something Nice in her real-life.. I don’t know what her (Janelle’s) deal is she’s playing messy and it will bite her in the butt. everyone in here wants her out.
Dani – she’s digging her own grave.
Dani calls Janelle a Angry woman.

4:25 am NicF and Christmas
NicF – he’s not going to do it.
Christmas – We have the numbers to flip the house don’t worry we can save you
NicF – everyone knows about it
Christmas – who
NicF – our alliance
NicF back to saying Janelle stared at her the entire comp “That’s why I look at you and was like I can’t do this anymore”
Christmas – you weren’t first out
NicF – I still looked weak
Christmas says Kaysar is trying to rope her into an alliance. “He said we need to lock something in officially”
NicF – do it
Christmas – be in alliance on both sides? I feel so traitorous
NicF – you have to that’s what Ian did he won his season.
Christmas says last time she played such a loyal game. She doesn’t want to tarnish her reputation by being traitorous.

5:00 am Cody and Enzo
Cody going over a conversation he had with Da and Bayleigh
Enzo says it’s hard for them to get their alliance in one spot to talk because they are always in the house and there’s no room.
Cody is stressing about Da’Vonne and bay spending time with the other side.
Enzo – we have to lay out some rules you can hang out with the enemy
Cody – Kaysar and Janelle have both mentioned my name multiple times.
Enzo and Cody agree that bay and Da are in some sh1t with the other side.
Cody – they are nervous about us
Enzo warns if Kaysar wins HOH he’s putting Cody up
Cody goes on about having his name mentioned and how everyone in the alliance (which is a sh1t ton of people) circling the wagons to protect him

5:18 am Enzo, Dani and Cody
Cody talks about their alliance where they are branching out. the problem is how can they compare notes from their side conversations when their alliance never talks.
Enzo – exactly
Cody asks how they can find out if there’s any bullshit going on by not talking.
Cody brings up when he was HOH they would use the room to talk but now he’s down here nobody talks.
Cody – a lotta moving pieces.
Dani gets called to the Diary room.
Enzo tells him that Dani is playing with everybody in the house.
Enzo – Da, Bay are with Janelle too
Cody – if you want to be like that I’m going to David, Tyler and I’ll grab Ian
Cody – tomorrow we’re getting the backyard we’re going to play pool. We’re going to play pool until we’re by ourselves.

6:20 am Sleeping

6:30 am Ian’s punishment is to wear a robot outfit and read a scene from a sci-fi robot love story.
Da’Vonne also has a costume and some lines. they perform a short skit.

6:45 am Feeds back to showing all sleeping houseguests.

8:01 am Sleeping yo.. and I should be to.
9:40 am Memphis is roaming around

10:47 am ZZzzzzzz

11:19 am Memphis, Kaysar and Janelle
Talking about being 40.
Memphis – the quickest way to age.. the f**ing sun

Memphis leaves to talk to David in the HOH.

Kaysar tells Janelle about Dani being with the other side of the house. Says that Da’Vonne really doesn’t believe it.
Kaysar stressed to her that the other side has the numbers and will pick them off one at a time it happens every season.
Janelle – Bayleighs down
Kaysar – she’s the person I feel strongest with
Janelle – shews the one I trust the most.
Kaysar says Bayleigh is competent she’s not going to screw up.
Kaysar says he has to keep reassuring Christmas it’ll take more work.
Janelle – I’m so happy Memphis beat Tyler

Janelle is shocked that Da’Vonne doesn’t believe that Dani is on the other side.
Janelle – Do people not realize how close Dani and NicF are .. outside of this house they are close
Kaysar – I don’t know I don’t keep track of these things.
Kaysar – Dani is trying to double deal
Janelle – obviously
Janelle – the thing is I’m not putting Dani up and I’m not voting her out that’s the deal I have on a personal level.. Whatever.
Janelle – she probably knows we’re not going to target her.. NicoleF is the problem. I want to take Nicole out. I know how close they are outside this house. Dani has told me.
Janelle brings up some previous Drama with NicoleF and how she tried to smooth things over. Goes on about how close Dani id with NicF outside the house. \
Janelle says NicF keeps saying that she’s close with Ian but it’s really Dani that she’s with.
Kaysar – it’s amateur hour.

Kaysar – we have one job and that is to save NicoleA .. we haven’t finished this week yet
They are going to tell NicA to campaign to Ian, Enzo, Dani and Kevin.
Kaysar – she needs to campaign hard with those four I’ll secure the rest
Kaysar – we need memphis to stay calm.

11:25 am David and Memphis
Memphis says David is not his target it’s up to the house to decide who is going home.
Memphis says a lot of the house wants someone backdoored but he thinks it’s too aggressive right now.

11:37 am Janelle and Kaysar
K – NicA is taking this very personal
Janelle says just on a competition ability David is a more dangerous player
J – We’re excited to be here but we’re also not this is everything to me
K – Right..
J – it’s everything to them
Kaysar – It means a lot to them, we’re going to our normal lives and we’re going to be happy.
Kaysar – This is like. I’m going to do this next, this is going to make my life into this, I have to prove blah blah blah
Janelle – these people are here for followers I could give a f** less I ll probably lose Followers
K – there’s a deep psychology effect
They talk about after season 6 they didn’t leave the house for months. Janelle says she drank 2 bottles of wine a night. “By myself”
Kaysar says they had a positive experience in the house whereas a lot of the people playing now had a negative experience. They are trying to prove something
J – we were screwing around we were young we didn’t care. I was like ohh well I’ll save myself with the power of veto.. not so sure of myself anymore
they laugh
Kaysar – I couldn’t win a power of veto 15 years ago
They talk about being on Big Brother 6 and 7, Being young and not caring.
Janelle brings up Boogie teasing her that nobody sees Janelle all day she rolls out of bed and win the Power of Veto .

J – I feel so bad for NicA she’s very stressed.
K – Part of the stress is she up against David because they both felt they were bullied last year
J – I wish we could have talked to Memphis
K – I was hoping David pulled himself off..
J – I love David
K – Such a good guy
J – He’s a really nice guy

Janelle says David looks up to Cody and Tyler he’s happy to be part of something. Kaysar points out with him David is serious but with Cody/Tyler he’s giddy.
Kaysar – how to I break into that

11:50 am Ian calls them inside for him punishment

11:55 am Memphis and Janelle
Memphis saying how heavy the board was they had to hold for the veto competition.
Ian’s punishment gets called again.

Memphis – Kevin is acting so bizarre to me..
Janelle – he’s a shit talker

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SMH. I guess we will see what happens next but I don’t hold much hope for either coming off the block 🙁


I wish he would backdoor Janelle so we can see who everyone talks about and obsesses about when she is gone.


Kaysar, or anyone else not named Cody/Tyler/NicoleF

We’ve seen this song and dance a million and one times. They will always find someone to scapegoat that isn’t in the core.


Memphis alliance will be short lived for sure. Everybody was so easy to jump on board with this being their new main alliance. Obviously because Dan created it, just Memphis is too useless to execute. Dan loved to align himself with the weakest players. Memphis will be gone next week, can’t wait to see him cry!


Is there even a hint of possibility of a Nic F backdoor? Why is she trembling? It would be so stupid of Memphis to do that.


Because she is a self-absorbed whiner.


Gosh I hope so, that would redeem Memphis in my eyes if he played an “all star” move and switched the Nicoles and put NicoleF on the block. Her whining sucks, the poor me routine is played out. Her and dani’s obsession with Janelle is pathetic, the only angry women are them. I’m praying DaVonne and Bayleigh saddle up with Kaysar and Janelle, with NicoleF gone they could pick up Ian. If Memphis doesn’t have it in him to put up NicoleF then my only other hope would be for him to take off NicoleA and throw Kevin up there.


Not sure Memphis is gonna do that. Of course I want Nic F gone so bad, but.. I don’t know. Memphis seems just too close to Cody to do that.

I can’t believe Nic F told Christmas, who is sort of in her alliance, to be in Kaysar’s alliance as well. Is she out of her mind? I mean, how…

D from FLA

Agreed! I have been hoping for a Day, Bay, David, J/K team from day 1! They are the smart ones and need to see what is going on. NicA should go after ratting on the BB Queen!!!


NicF: I will put everyone down in this house and throw their names out there
Also NicF: Why is everyone throwing my name out there…what did I do sob sob sob

another name

Memphis told Cody days ago he doesn’t want to throw grenades on week 2.
He told Janelle and Kaysar he doesn’t want to backdoor in week 2.
Janelle and Kaysar told NicA what they WANTED to happen, and that they hoped they could backdoor NicF.
NIcA blabbed. then NicA and Kevin blabbed. then NicA and Kevin and Da’vonne blabbed.
and suddenly because Kevin is SURE that bottle of wine in the HOH means Janelle is Memphis’ closest ally… wildfire.
Janelle and NicA and I think Kevin talking about things while Ian pretended to be asleep didn’t help.


I don’t think Memphis will change his own noms. He’s not ready to completely burn the Janelle bridge yet.

Neither of these 2 do a whole lot but I hope Nic A stays. David will just continue to be a puppet. If he won an HOH, it would be the same as a Cody HOH


I don’t think the powers to be are brave enough to rock the boat this early and use the veto. “All stars” are not quite ready to make “all star” moves. The choices for nominations tells me they are just not ready yet.
A piece of redemption can be had if a perfected back door takes place but not hopeful on that.


A friend of mine told me something about Janelle that stuck with me, She says Janelles biggest flaw in BB is she hates the eviction part. Janelle might say she has a target… but she never pushes to get her target out. Is that true?

another name

Old seasons of Big Brother were odd in the way that if an HOH pushed too hard, the rest of the house would vote opposite just to screw the HOH.
The old point of view was: veto is over, you can’t play in HOH next week, and you don’t get a vote, so go sit down somewhere and shut up.


I don’t think Janelle even knows NicF is in the house but NicF seems to be obsessed with Janelle.

Starry night

I guess I’m watching a different show. Janelle is obsessed with getting Nicole F out. But I am on the wrong page because I’m not in Janelle’s fan club.

another name

BOTH of them are targeting each other.
Both know they are the prime target of the other.
The main difference between them:
Janelle went to Nicf early in week one, and tried to push we’re friends, so we should not target each other. Nicf told everyone Janelle was full of poop, and she scared her and she made her feel uncomfortable.
One showed remorse for shit talking, and tried to apologize and smooth things over.
The other is remorseless about shit talking and plays victim.


Great summary!

How does NicF have fans of her gameplay? Good luck as she ages, Vic…


Janelle is now because NicF was from the very beginning while acting all fake to her.


Come on DaY and Bay, your finally waking up. Align with Janelle and Kaysar and take out Nicole F and Cody.

I hate these big alliances, they are boring. Small alliances are the best, Chilltown, Hitmen, Renegades. They only time the big alliance was great was season 6 when the house was divided in the middle and the power went back and forth every week with the Sovereign 6 vs the Nerd Herd (Friendship Alliance).


Whaaaaaaat up Kaysar!


I miss the old BB. Why don’t they do an old school BB!?!? Can we do a repeat of Season 7!?! Please!!!

D from FLA

I also hate the big alliances because they are nothing but schoolyard bullies!


I haven’t been able to watch much of the feeds myself. Mostly reading updates here. Have I missed something? What’s with Dani calling Janelle an “angry woman?”


But when Kevin was throwing Janelle under the bus to NicoleA, Dani went in there and defend Janelle by saying none of that made sense.

Dani has not said a thing about Janelle uh until now, and the only reason she wants Janelle gone is because she’s afraid Janelle will put 2 of the alliance members up next week. And it makes sense, why wouldn’t you want to get ride of someone that is coming after you ?!


Dani has been talking smack about Janelle since she walked in the house. It isnt only just now.


Thanks! Sent small donation your way and will again. I depend on your updates!! ?


Please take NicA off and put up NicF. Memphis can say some speech that he thought NicA was the former champ because she carried herself better and thought NicF as a winner was really a typo for whiner.
NicF goes as there would be at least 6 votes for David, Memphis breaks the toe by sending home a former champ.

Her, Dani, Xmas (if they check what the audience is saying) will be majorly shocked when they get out. I’m pretty sure Xmas is unaware of how BB fans saw her on 19….she doesn’t want to tarnish her reputation??? Ummm… season 19 + dildo smacking her ex + ramming his gf’s car while herself 8 months preggers = your reputation is already in the pits…what more could you do to ruin it?

Janelle wasn’t gunning for anyone at the beginning until she was put in a corner and is figuring out that none of those girls will work with her. They’re misting themselves!


I laughed so hard at Christmas saying she didn’t want to tarnish her reputation! I don’t think her reputation could be any worse. Remember how she was flirting with Kevin (the old married guy) on her season? In addition to all the bullying and all her personal & legal issues the past few years. I’m shocked CBS asked her to come back at all!


the catty jealousy drama is getting to be too much. I wasn’t a fan of either Dani or Nicole f before, but geesh. They are taking this next level. I want to think Dani is feeding Nicole’s insecurities. Nicole is just a straight up child though, BB is allowing her to live in high-school still


I almost missed it in the middle of NF’s self-absorbed, infantile, incessant whining… But I have to say the funniest part in this update is that Christmas wants to stay loyal because she does not want to ruin her reputation. Bahahahahahaha!


Kevin wanders around …stopping & snooping . He literally puts his nose up as if he’s sniffing the air like a dog. He reminds me of red headed Andy. I could barely watch that season.

My 2 cents

Great job, Simon….especially since you had to stay up all night and listen to NicF’s incessant whining. I don’t know how you did it, but many thanks!!


Does she want to work with him? I mean.. why though?


Does she want to work with Cody? I mean… why though?

Linguini Pants

Enzo’s vocabulary: Words words words, yo yo yo, words, yo YO YO, some more words, finish off with some shrug-of-the-shoulders hyperbolic I-don’t-give-a-fuck words, then the big exit YO. If I never hear someone say “Yo” again…


Derrick would’ve told him to get rid of big names from past seasons, especially any from the older gen of BB. They’re more likely to win fan votes for prizes, powers, safety; get them out when you can….week 1, what does he want to do…knows people that he doesn’t know (connect to Memphis….Derrick would push that M would be loyal and less likeable than Cody, could also “clip” him whenever, threw many comps).

another name

My Cardinal Rule for Big Brother:
We Can’t Have Nice Things.

I’m still trying to see how much this season parallels the first all-star season.
Known on feeds pre-season alliance? check. (only now it’s social media)
week one the comp girl blonde was evicted. check
week two the outsider girl was evicted. wait for it.
But fear not… if it continues to follow suit, whoever falls into the greasy meat head guy role is in trouble for week three.

Nicf was never going anywhere. NicA was an idiot to tell everyone.
Janelle and Kaysar still won’t get it when NicA leaves after Keesha left: Memphis isn’t on their side at all.
Cody’s going to end up having more paranoia laced gossiping about his different circles of allegiance. Because there is no Derrick to impose rules of behavior on the house where nobody can talk to each other, nobody can game, nobody can close a door, nobody can even think about nominating without his approval.
His lack of control over Memphis’ HOH is a contributing factor to the way the week has been going. If Cody doesn’t control it, Cody can’t cope.
Cody is saying it himself: If you can’t win comps you’re out. Why? He can’t cut it otherwise. I believe his ‘secret’ plan was to have multiple overlapping alliances that would cover his ass. I also believe too many observant and suspicious people have clocked that.
What they do with that? Who knows. They aren’t all going to meet and share their conclusions.