“Have you seen her season ..They called her the snake, god she’s super dangerous”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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8:51 am Memphis and Janelle
They complain about how messy people are.
Janelle – they’ve told NicA she’s going home
Memphis – who has ..
J – she won’t tell me but three people
Memphis – at this point she probably should say
Janelle says Da’vonen won’t vote David out of this house..
Feeds cut..

When we’re back we have Janelle saying she’s worried David is working with those four.
Memphis – David seems more like a wildcard and a threat than NicA..
Memphis is annoyed that NicA won’t say who is telling her she’s going home.
J – she doesn’t want to be seen as the rat..

Janelle – she basically admitted it was Da’Vonne.. it’s close if we have Enzo.
Memphis – without Da’Vonne
j – yeah it’s really sketch .. if David stays it’s very bad for you for me.
Memphis – I’m with you it’s the better choice (NicA)
J – she’s not a threat.. and David has that fire
Memphis – you can only go off luck for so long.
J – if Enzo flipped the vote..
Memphis – even with that..
Janelle – you would have to break the Tie.
They talk about if the votes are close Ian should vote to keep NicA it’s better for his game.
Memphis says NicA is throwing a pity party for herself
Janelle – she has some deep issues
Memphis says some people cannot handle this game.
Janelle says that David really looks up to Cody and Tyler
Memphis had a talk with Tyler yesterday “He seems like he’s chilling doesn’t seem like he’s playing that much”

Janelle says Tyler tells you he’s good with everyone in the house. When people say that it’s bulshit. Memphis agrees says you have to have a couple of enemies in the house.
Janelle – as of now David is staying.. it’s so easy NicA is not a threat. she was out immediately during that veto.
Memphis – she might need a pep talk today
Memphis says he told NicA she’s not his target.
Memphis – sucks that she’s not aggressively working

Janelle talks about her lake house.. “we use it year-round.. He’s into snowmobiling.. he goes hunting”
Janelle – the last weekend in September is the last weekend I do the lake.
They talk about how short Fall is in Minnesota.
Janelle – we’re so close to Canada we get that cool front immediately
Janelle goes on about how bad the winters can get.

They talk about this week’s HOH is going to be a battle.
Memphis – they’re not pulling out an endurance
Janelle – I hope not that’s not my specialty.

They go back to Enzo saying that David was the bigger threat.
Memphis – Enzo is floating around this house
Janelle – I think he’s with them but as the information guy
Memphis – in his mind he’s playing his own game his own f***ing rules.
Memphis says if Enzo knew he was being used he would be pissed.
Janelle says they’re probably making Enzo think he’s with them.,
Janelle says she saw Enzo, Cody et al. having a meeting with David telling him they got him.
Janelle – it would be in their best interests to keep David so he comes after us
Memphis doesn’t think David will be a threat this season.

Memphis says David will end up on the block next week.
They talk about Dan being the person that should have won the season that Ian won.
They talk about all the variables people consider when picking a winner.
Memphis says if he makes it to the end the cards are stacked against him adds that he owns restaurants Etc. people will bring that up.

Janelle – the younger people are all about how you treated them, their feelings and if they need the money
She says the older players will base their vote on gameplay.
Janelle – I can’t believe the votes are there for David to stay.. it’s the dumbest thing ever

Feeds flip to Cody in the bathroom brushing his teeth … When we get back they’re talking about their kids starting school.

Memphis talking about NicA has to do her part and Campaign, “She’s gotta make some deals”
Janelle – can you approach Enxo and say can you vote this way for me?
Memphis – I will, I can talk to him for sure.
They talk about how bad Keesha was at getting votes.
Janelle – it was really bad.. she told NicoleF we’re roommates give me the vote..
Janelle – Kaysar noticed that during the veto those two guys never looked at their balls they only looked at yours.
Janelle – Tyler never looked at Daivd, David never looked at Tyler .. they just looked at you
Memphis – that’s interesting..
Janelle says Tyler was scared you would get it because he doesn’t know what he’ll do.
Memphis – I’m surprised David didn’t make it man that’s life or death sh1t bro.

Memphis – how is Bayleigh doing
Janelle – she’s such a sweetheart.
Memphis – she seems worried.
Janelle – She senses the other side so together and she’s like UGH
Memphis says he 100% wanted to backdoor Ian. I didn’t think that anyone would have picked Ian to save him.

Memphis wonders how hard NicF will fight for her to stay. He thinks she’ll campaign like crazy for him.
Memphis wants NicF and Ian on the block he wants to see how loyal she is to him
Janelle says NicF is with the other side nad is using Ian.

Janelle – have you seen her season
Memphis – no
Janelle – They called her the snake ohh god she’s super dangerous
Memphis – I’m starting to see that.
Memphis – you need to get that next HOH
Janelle – If I don’t get it I’m f***ed.

Memphis says the timing doesn’t make sense right now they would have to have 2 doubles so if they do a “Battle Back” they would need to have 3 doubles?
Memphis doesn’t remember Enzo’s season
Janelle fills him in. He formed a 4 person guys alliance called the brigade with Matt, Hayden, and Lane.

9:35 am Cody joins them..

9:47 am Cody and Janelle
Cody – does he have a big backdoor scheme going?
Janelle – no you’re fine.. are you seriously worried
Cody – no .. this time. I’m not like worried I just wonder. I haven’t gone to talk to him.
Cody – he comes down during the day then he goes to bed at 10 ..

Tyler joins them.
Cody – have you talked to NicA I feel like I haven’t seen her
Janelle – she spiraling out of control.. it’s sad
Tyler – I didn’t see her all yesterday
Cody – I legit haven’t seen NicA (She’s up all night)
Tyler – her and David were from the same season they were friends.
Janelle mentions that the night after the POV NicA went to bed at 4:30am

10:21 am Kaysar and Janelle
Janelle says she talked to Memphis this morning he told her he doesn’t understand why they aren’t voting out David he’s a bigger threat.

10:43 am Kaysar and Janelle
Janelle – They’re keeping him (David) to go after us
Kaysar – and Memphis doesn’t care
Janelle shakes her head
Kaysar – cool
Janelle – once again playing from the bottom
Kaysar – I couldn’t go to sleep last night I was so irritated
Janelle – it’s incredibly frustrating
Kaysar – the reason why Da’Vonne believes that David isn’t working with them is because he believes that Da’Vonne and bayleigh are just floating.
Kaysar explains that David has that alliance with Cody/Tyler and then he has friends outside of that alliance.
Janelle – it’s so dumb, I just don’t get it
Kaysar – I don’t know either
Janelle – they’re using that as an excuse to vote her out.
Kaysar – because she’s sad
Janelle – yeah
Kaysar – sorry you’re sad you’re out

Janelle – it’s two weeks in a row it sucks
Kaysar – If we can’t save her. Dude, it will be so sh1t if we were trying to convince Kevin to keep NicA and DA’Vonne is trying to get NicA out.
Kaysar – it’s fine.
Janelle – yeah
Kaysar – it could be worse.. we just need to remind ourself not everything goes as planned in this house.
J – yeah I know
Kaysar – lets pick up the pieces.
Janelle – I don’t see where Memphis’ head is at Cody asked me this morning if he was getting backdoored. He doesn’t trust Memphis
Kaysar – Memphis is just going to find himself out the door than.. what are we supposed to do about it
Kaysar – There’s people in an alliance and there are people that are left those are the people we need to work with

Janelle – just sucks
Kaysar – if we can put this alliance together it’s not perfect but it gives us some numbers at least for the next two weeks (Facepalm Sh1tmas is in that alliance)
Janelle – playing as a known pair is super difficult too
Kaysar – everything is a question mark.. I was like Tyler and Cody are together. (implying no one ie Memphis believes her)
Kaysar – how did Dan play the second time around he was a lot more aggressive.
Janelle – he laid back his team was picked apart. He only had one player so he wasn’t a threat. His player was in a showmance so what Britneys.

Kaysar – what are you getting ready for
Janelle – why no there’s nothing else to do in this house.
Kaysar – we could have been in this house and not know who is in power but we do and chances are some people don’t in some cases it’s working against us because we have to state the obvious but at least we know and that knowledge is powerful.. who is leftover is excellent players if we can get them to commit to an alliance and not double deal.. The longer you wait for the sloppier it gets you don’t get a clear alliance
K – we have to make sure Bayeligh and Da’voenn have their heads in the alliance we create
Janelle isn’t worried about Bayleigh
K – Da’Vonne
Janelle – of course
Janelle – if we don’t win power we’re f**ed once one of us goes they’ll go after Bayeligh and Da’vonne the next pair.

Kaysar – nobody can calculate 2 or 3 moves down the line.. Everyone thinks they’re safe.
They agree they can’t get into the other alliance even if they are at the bottom
Kaysar says this week is a disaster “We accomplished nothing”
they say they’re not alone like they were in season six
Kaysar – It’s not 2 of us against the entire house
Kaysar – the only way to reset is to bust up that alliance from the top. Take out the head of the snake reset the house. No more sitting back see what happens.
Kaysar calculates that they have a 1 in 6 shot to win the HOH
Janelle sighs “those are terrible odds
Kaysar – if you consider Bayleigh, Da’Vonne and Christmas. that’s a 5 out of 12
Kaysar does some math “we have a 40% chance”

11:05 am Da’Vonne and Kevin
Kevin brings up talking to Janelle where she pretty much told him Memphis wants to keep NicA.
Da-Vonne about David “My mindset, if he leaves he leaves I just can’t be one of the people that secures that nail in the coffin but I have no problem with him leaving I have no attachment.
Kevin – my thinking is who s going to give power to..
Kevin says NicA is with Janelle and Kaysar
Da – I know she is I told you what she told me..
Kevin – like for real
Da – FOR real
Kevin says NicA told him she would put Kaysar and Janelle up
Da – I don’t buy it
Da – Janelle pulled me into a room to talk to me.. just shooting the sh1t and as soon as I came out of the room.. Dani and Cody goes whatever she says don’t believe her
Da – I was like who said she told me anything and why are you acting so guilty
Kevin – what do you think
da – I don’t know but they’re acting real guilty (Dani and Cody)
Kevin – something is off I can’t figure it out.
Kevin mentions voting to keep NicA and the house understanding because they are close he adds that he also is receptive to voting with the house.
Da – everyone knows you guys are friends why would you vote out your Friend.
Keivn – I don’t believe the whole Backdoor NicF plan
Da – that is what she was pushing for (Janelle). He’s not going to let it happen (Memphis)
Da’Vonne doesn’t think Janelle/Kaysar are working with Memphis, Kevin thinks they are.
Kevin – they are 100% with them
Da – Memphis is not attaching himself with anybody
Kevin – lies, I know he’s attached to them the question is what boys is he attached to
Da – Cody.. which ones .. all of the?
Kevin – they’re in on it and acting like. they want us to out them or they want to know if we know

Christmas wanting to name the alliance something military-themed.

11:30 am waiting for the veto ceremony to see the veto not being used and the nominations staying the same.
12:15 pm Feeds go down for Veto Ceremony.

12:58 pm Feeds back Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.

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I’m hoping that there will be an endurance comp, but not these new style ones. I want a pressure cooker, with the offers. Hold a button, stand in place – something easy physically, one that anyone can do, just who wants it more…

After 1 hour, some small prize. Eventually a $5k offer to whoever steps off/let’s go first.


Agreed! I miss these competitions. That would be interesting. Hopefully that’s the next HOH. I’ve been Hoping for an endurance comp.


Nicole A is totally screwed this week. I almost wish Memphis would use the POV, but from his game POV, there is basically no way he can do that, who could he even put up? The only people outside of his alliance he could even put up is Kevin and Enzo. There’s no way you could swing putting Bailey or Dayvonne up next to David. Whether David goes or stays, it’s probably in Memphis best interest to not use the VETO and try to lay low after this.


Is it just me, or is this All Star season turning out to be a dud? Nicole F is doing one thing she does best. Whine & cry. She is also getting her male shields in place like her last 2 seasons. Only thing is, we won’t be having to watch her in a showmance. Cody, Cody, Cody… Just goes to show he wasn’t the brains of the operation with Derrick. He is not smart. Kevin is showing us what he did best before… Stir the pot with imaginary situations. Nic A, hopefully pulls her head out of her self pitying situation & stop listening to Good ole Kevin & see that Jaysar is actually trying to help her. Memphis actually won something, & being a diptactor, not a dictator. Am So needs to realize he’s not a youngster again with all his “Yo”s. Tyler hasn’t changed any, “I’m going with you”, ” you’re my ride or die”. Christmas still thinks she’s da bomb, more like da boob. Dani is playing her normal game too. Same for Da & Bay. Ian is well nothing here. David not sure what. So basically recaps of all their seasons but just boring


I have enjoyed this site. Thanks for everything you & Dawg are doing.


Just cant have a Battle Back, that nonsense has to stop.


Way too early to tell. Just enjoy that we have BB.

Charles Arcola

Why does enzyo still talk like a 20 yr old? Embarrassing smh


Because hes from Bayonne, NJ.


Why do the nominees that are about to go home never campaign this season? Keesha was hopeless at campaigning and now Nicole A. It seems like she is in some sort of an intensive care unit, confined to bed, crying all day long, and poor Janelle has to campaign for her(A’s) survival all the time to no avail. Ironically, Nic A going home could possibly be a benefit for Janelle as Nic A is bashing her for no reason, whereas David is… just there.

Just let her go, Janelle. She is not an asset.


Keesha and NicA are terrible players that shouldnt have been included.


I like Janelle but she is being messy with a lot of her convos. Day did not tell her that David is staying. Day told her that she can’t and won’t vote David out. Day told Kaysar the same thing. I expect her to tell the same thing to anyone else who asks her. She said this is bigger than the game. With the stats on how black men fare in this game and the fact that only 1 has made it to jury in the 22 seasons she is not voting against him pre-jury. I imagine it would be the same for Bayleigh (…I don’t know if David would do the same for them…I would hope so?). Janelle is foul for twisting this convo. Not just that but why even say Day’s name. She didn’t need to name anyone.


2. Beau (Season 6) and Marcellus (1st All-Stars)


Actually, Marcellus was in the jury both his seasons. Marvin made it to jury in Season 5, Ollie made it to jury in Season 10, Beau in season 6. Then Lawon was just before Jury in Season 13 and got out b/c of his own stupidity. Howard in Season 15 also went out just before jury. Also, David says there’s NEVER more then one in a season….Season 13, Lawon and Keith. David hasn’t watched or researched anything, Kaysar mentioned Howard’s name and David said i don’t know who that is he must have been the one that made Jury.


Sweetie that’s part of big brother gotta make lies scheme etc to get ahead you must be a new watcher been watching twenty years that’s part of game


Um no. ? Watched all but 2 seasons, and even though I didn’t watch last season I kept up with the feeds on this site. I know lying is part of the game but Janelle is looking for allies and trying to convince Day to work with her and Kaysar. Twisting a straight convo that’s about more than the game like this is dumb IMO.

another name

Glad Janelle told Memphis his veto ceremony is moote because a nominee has already been told she’s going home. Won’t help. But nice to see.
Memphis is in no way shape or form going to like NicA’s pity party. At all.

I can’t shake it. Every time i see Pancake Tuesday, I’m expecting her to have a meltdown or start speaking in tongues and screaming threats. Or ramble like a demented fool in some painkiller haze.

Has Kevin decided that Kevin is secretly in an alliance with Janelle in order to evict Kevin (himself) yet?

another name

Veto unused.
Surprising nobody.

At this point i’m thinking by a vote of 9-3 (K/J and a hinky vote not Kevin) Nicole will be evicted. If they were to vote right now. Kevin tries to vote to evict Janelle.

Backseat Driver

I would love to see Nicole go Thursday…..she’s annoying to put it mildly.


Totally annoying that she is blinded by Kevin

another name

I seem to remember my issue with David from last season again. Not a huge deal, just something gnawing at me a little.
He lacks empathy, and tries to justify his lack of empathy later.
He was that way last year talking to OVI in camp comeback about Kemi.
He is that way this year talking to NicoleA. That was pure intentional make her crash harder psych warfare. That he’ll later justify as the right thing to do if he hasn’t already had an alone in a room solo talk to the cams or some equally obvious crap. What was the point? To boast, or to stop her from even trying to campaign?
That’s a personality thing (which contributes to my opinion on likeability) but not a game thing.

Game: it’s smart for him to use Bay and Da (oh, you think he’s actually with them? IMO Naaa). They’re a vehicle to disguise his real alliance. Tyler. And a way to connect to their celebrity on social media because he didn’t like the opinions he got from part of the fanbase on social media. It’s calculated. Just like pulling tears and then turning to the cam and grinning. But hey, that’s social game in a way, and faking emotion is sometimes a good tactic. Having a cover group to hide your real priority person? Also a sound tactic.
He’s more for the Freeze alliance (that i’d forgotten existed… it’s the bedroom alliance of Enzo Tyler Dani and David with Defacto Cody included because sure… can’t have an alliance without Cody…) than he is for anything he has with Da and Bay. If Dani were out of Freeze? He’d be Hundo p. All in. His game model for last year was: get in with a group of Alpha guys and Steamroll everyone… it’s just the Alpha guys were extra strength Massengill, and he was gone in an hour last year.
I don’t have one problem with his game strategically. I wouldn’t consider him a hero by any means, but tactically his moves are working so far.

It’s just that irritating personality thing that’s going to make me hesitant with him.

another name

Counter point while i’m on a David related subject.
If someone were to be completely willing to be roasted alive on social media, it would be very easy for a houseguest campaigning on behalf of NicA to say David has two automatic votes because Da and most likely Bay are unwilling to vote him out because as black women, they don’t feel comfortable voting out a black man. Ask Da. If you are in final 2 with David… that sounds like he has 2 guaranteed jury votes. WIlling to take that risk?

To be clear in case anyone scratches their head:
In my earlier comment I said David lacks empathy.
I admit that could sound disingenuous because i often lack empathy as well in my consideration of how people are playing and behaving. I’m aware.


I agree with your counter point. While I appreciate Day being up front about her reasoning for not voting for David, she probably has not considered how this can be used against her and Bay. I think that this is a strong point that should be made by several HGs after they ask Day or Bay about the vote this week. Bring up that if any of the black HGs reaches jury and another one is in the final 2 that is probably an automatic vote for the black finalist. Is that right or fair…no, I want the votes to be based on game play but I understand why the black HGs would support each other this way. But you’re also right that if any HG said this it would probably cause a social media storm.


Exactly, she basically said they are in a alliance of sorts

Can’t remember

I hear the military acronym SNAFU is available for Xmas. Also normally if da’s mouth is moving…


umm Janelle and Kaysar are safe and either NicA or David leaves…. thats a WIN

need J or K to win HOH tho