David “I think Cody is bringing information up to Memphis which is getting to Kaysar.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

7:20pm Backyard. NicoleF and Kevin.
Nicole – have you heard anything new? Kevin – I already told you that Janelle was talking about you. She is trying to put it on NicoleA as if it was her and it was not. I was there. Nicole – I know it wasn’t. Kevin – and I am a little nervous because I want to do what the house wants but I already promised her I would vote for her. Nicole – yeah do it. Kevin – we have plenty of days too.. today is only Monday! Nicole – yeah so much time. Kevin – do you think people will think its weird that I’m voting for her. Nicole – no. I would totally expect you to keep her. Kevin – and I already told David and he said I understand. Nicole – that is nice. I just feel like there is some weird energy and its different you know. Kevin – I feel like lets get rid of the energy. Nicole – I know.

7:55pm Lounge outside the HOH room. NicoleF and DaVonne.
Nicole – I feel like a lot of people are lying. DaVonne – I agree. That b***h (Janelle) has got to get out of here. That B***H has got to go! DaVonne – I was talking to her and how she didn’t trust you in this game and something about you did something to Rachel in the Amazing Race. Nicole – it wasn’t anything. Rachel was not my friend and not my ally. Rachel came and told me that my friend and her enemy were after me. So I verified it. She is mad because she told me something to help me and I asked if it was true and it was my friend. And her Enemy so I thought she made it up.. that is it. They just dragged it out into real life and that was no reason. And to bring that up in this game is so dumb because there is no reason. Nicole – do you still want David to say? DaVonne – yeah. I love Nicole but she is attached to her (Janelle). Nicole – I feel safer with David for some reason. I feel like you have a little control with David and I have a little control with Ian. And we can use that to protect us. No one is saying anything about you though so that is good.

8pm Bedroom. Dani and Cody.
Dani – she (Janelle) tries to flip the script on me like I did something wrong. Like she doesn’t know if she can trust me. She thinks that we’re super close. Cody – honestly I am done saying sh*t to her. Dani – nothing. Cody – and we’re supposed to be in an alliance.. so you come to me and say that she is mad at me .. so I go to her just to make sure .. If we’re going to be in an alliance. Dani – she was acting like I’m not allowed to talk to you because even though we’re in an alliance I’m supposed to be close with her. It so stupid. Cody – but this is what she f**king does. Dani – she’s had like 3 strikes in 2 days. Cody talks about Tyler in it. Dani – Tyler is in it now!? I am so sick of this fake alliance.

8:30pm Hammock. Ian and Janelle.
Ian – do you know how these noms were settled on because they seem pretty f**king random to me. Janelle – he doesn’t talk to me about that. You now what I’m saying. Ian – Its just like the most recent season. Its just like odd. Its interesting. Janelle – I am leaning towards picking NicoleA just because of physically .. I’ve been beat in the end by physical players so I know what to do. Ian – that’s a good point. Janelle – and David has that hunger to win.

8:40pm Bedroom. NicoleA, NicoleF and Dani.
Nicole – its so frustrating .. I just want to stay and have my moment. And just do at least one think like oh wow Nicole did that. Then I can leave. But right now what did she do.. she almost died on slop and then she dropped a ball two seconds into a comp. Well Done! NicoleF – the comp was so hard and slop is too. Dani – you’ve just gotten the crap end of the stick. There is still a lot of time and there is always a chance.

8:55pm Storage room. David and Tyler.
Tyler – I am telling you Day and Bay are in an alliance with Janelle and Kaysar. I think it might come down to a 6 – 6 vote. So I need to be talking to Memphis about that because he breaks the tie. And if he breaks the tie and keeps Nicole .. he is with them. I am going to tell him that he shouldn’t play his cards for something like that. David – I don’t think Day and Bay will turn on you. Tyler – dude I see them sneaking into rooms the whole time. David – because they’re not good right now. Kaysar is trying to rattle them to get information. I think Cody is bringing information up to Memphis which is getting to Kaysar. Tyler – what kind of information. David – all guy alliance .. coming from that room. That Enzo invited him. Tyler – like all guys? David – no like small guy alliance ..like our little group. Tyler – Kaysar is making sh*t up. He is probably saying that its me with Cody. David – but he is trying to say I am in it to DaVonne. Tyler – what did you tell him? David – I told him that I am protecting Bay and Day. Tyler – I don’t know bro. David – Kaysar is good. Tyler – Kaysar is going to vote you out.

9:25pm Bedroom. Kaysar and Janelle.
Kaysar tells Janelle what he told Ian – I said if we don’t get David out we are going to be in a world of hurt. He wants to get to the second half of the game. Janelle – you’re really good at talking to Ian. He gets really nervous around me. Kaysar – I said no one is going to target you with Janelle and I in the house. I said if you work with Janelle and I .. I will do everything in my power to make sure you get to jury. I said a vote to keep David is a vote to strengthen Cody. He was like what would you do if you got HOH. He said do you think we can break up the alliance and I can still salvage my relationship with Nicole? I said of course. He said how do you do that. I said you have to get Cody out. He said yeah that is the right move. So now he has a personal vendetta to get Cody out. Janelle – okay good. Kaysar – I said that is what I am going to do if I get HOH. I am taking Cody out. He is extremely dangerous. He is a comp beast and he has an extremely charismatic social game. Janelle – have you seen him around girls .. he acts like a girl! What the f**k! I am not falling for it. If I was a 25 year old girl .. my first time around .. 100%!

Janelle – I think he (David) wanted to come at me with honesty .. but at the same time he isn’t thinking about what is in it for me. If Memphis comes off the block .. I go up. Why would I keep you (David). He’s like guilty by association. Kaysar – it basically implicates you. Janelle – you’re on the block .. how is this good for me?! I love DaVonne to death but she bounces around like a ping pong ball. If she doesn’t vote with us .. Its a game move.. why is she here. kaysar – everyone has triggers ..we have to be understanding. When would she (DaVonne) be okay with getting him (David) out? Week 2, week 3? Janelle – when we’re up on the block!? I said if you’re going to go after Memphis .. where do I fit into your game? He said well you’re guilty by association. I was like so you’re going to put me on the block next to him? He was like I respect you.. you’re the queen bee. I will give you respect .. which means you’re (Kaysar) going to be on the block. Kaysar – we need to tell Memphis. We need to get him out. DaVonne joins them. Janelle tells Day about what David told her. Janelle – David came into the storage room for his pitch and this man told me .. I am here to campaign .. I am going after Memphis. I said David that is fine.. I don’t have anything with Memphis but like where do I fit into your game. And he goes .. you’re guilty by association. I said so if Memphis wins the veto .. you’re okay with me going home? He said well I would give you a one week deal ..respect! I respect who you are as a player.. you’re a legend! I was like okay.. Day – what am I supposed to do with that. Janelle – so you’re after Kaysar? Kaysar – so I’m guilty by association. Janelle – they’re using him. They’re using that man. His pitch was terrible! Kaysar – I love and respect you but this dude is going to f**k up our game. Janelle – he is threatened by me. Kaysar – we need to lock down an alliance. For the sake of our game we need to lock this in. You need to trust us. Day – its not that I don’t trust you. Kaysar – what are you worried about .. you think you’ll be stronger by yourself. Day – I told you about what I am battling with ..

Janelle, Kayar and Christmas.
Janelle tells Christmas what David’s pitch was to her. Christmas acts shocked and then tells Janelle its his first time. Janelle – okay so you’re going to give me a one week pass and then you’re going to take out my buddy!? Christmas – when you’re backed up against a corner you don’t bite the person that can save you. Janelle – so where is your head at? kaysar – I want to seal a deal. Janelle – how do you feel about us three and Day / Bay. Christmas – I’m on board but I want to make sure they’re on board too. I have no problem working with you guys. Where would NicoleA be in this? Kaysar – we’re cool with NicoleA. She is a solid number. Christmas – I am good with everybody. I just want to make sure socially it stays that way. We’ll check in ..in the next day or two. Kaysar – right now I think we’re close to having the numbers to keeping NicoleA. Christmas leaves. Janelle – I think Day will come around. Bay joins them. Bay tells them – I am being 100% honest .. don’t tell anyone I told you this .. but Memphis told David he is staying. Janelle & Kaysar – WHAT?! Bay – if there is a tie.. Memphis will break the tie to keep David. Janelle – Memphis told us he would break the tie to evict David. Who told you that? Bay – David. Janelle – girl.. he is sloppy.

10:30pm Kitchen. Kaysar is burning something in the kitchen. Kevin asks why he is trying to BBQ in the house. Kevin points out all the smoke outside the HOH room. DaVonne tells Kevin – if the sprinklers go off and my wig gets wet … I am going off!

11pm Hammock. Kevin and Dani.
Kevin – I am trying to understand where she is with her vote. Dani – Did she say anything? Kevin – yeah, she’s leaning towards David. Dani – keeping? Kevin – yeah. Dani – I feel like they’re closer. Kevin – I have a feeling its going to be a split vote. Dani – who do you think is going to vote to keep NicoleA? You? Kevin – please, I don’t want anyone to think I am part of something when I’m not. I am doing it because Nicole voted for me. Dani – tell me who is going to vote for NicoleA (to stay)? Kevin – me, Janelle, Kaysar, Christmas, Bay and there a sixth person they are trying to work.. either Ian or.. Dani – do they have DaVonne? Kevin – Janelle is trying to get me to work DaVonne to bring her to Janelle’s side. Dani – why is she trying to split the house.. why am I on the opposite side ..I am so confused. I don’t understand what is going on. I have never spoke one bad word about her or said that I am after her. They’re literally trying to put me on the opposite side of the house.

Janelle tells NicoleA – so Kevin thinks its going to be split. NicoleA – damn, damn, dame! Janelle – Just stay super positive. I would campaign to Enzo and Cody just to throw him off. I think the only person that sees us together is Dani.

11:40pm Hammock – NicoleA and DaVonn.
Nicole – Did Janelle approach you today? Day – yes. Nicole – did she approach you with an alliance? Day – yes. Nicole – did you accept said alliance? Day – no. Nicole – okay. Day – why? Nicole – I am trying to fact check what Janelle told me. Day – oh, I didn’t decline it either. But I didn’t say yes or no. Nicole – okay. Day – why? What is she trying to do? Nicole – she is trying to tell me that it is locked in because she made an alliance. With her, Kaysar, you, Bay and Christmas. The five of you locked in an alliance. Day – 4 out of 5 are true. She was pressuring me and I said let me sleep on it. Nicole – I am just trying to figure out if she is really advocating for me or if she is just blowing smoke. Day – no she is trying. She is following me around trying to get me. Nicole – I am sorry, you shouldn’t be pressured like that. Day – I was supposed to be the one to solidify it. Day – don’t tell D (David) anything. He just rubbed me the wrong way. He was like stop campaigning for me. I said I am not campaigning for you ..I don’t even know you. I am just saying what I am not going to do. It could be any man. Its not you. He was like you just need to chill out. You just need to chill out. So I was like HHHmmmm. Okay! It just really rubbed me the wrong way.

12:20am Bedroom. Dani, Cody, Tyler, Day and Bay.
Cody – I am really friendly but I am extremely loyal. Tyler – everyone is putting us together anyways. Bay – do we need a handshake? Lock in your six!

Cody – the rest of this week I can’t wait to see what comes out. If Ian actually believed them. Day – if he turns .. they could probably pull it off. If Christmas turns, what is Memphis going to do? She (Janelle) is that that she will not (vote out David with a tie breaker). Bay – he (Memphis) is a beast! Cody – I wish we could fast forward to the HOH comp. Janelle and Kaysar told NicoleA not to even campaign to me. Dani – why would you not campaign to someone .. that’s like sinking your ship. Cody – I talked to her for like 45min in the hammock. Enzo – this could be our thing. (See photo below). Day – no, that is out. Bay – as soon as she finds out I am with you.. she is going to put me up. Cody – I’ll have her on the block before that.

2:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Kid Rock

I think Christmas is trying to hard.

If Ian is smart, he will out her to David

Dayvonne creating drama

I’m kinda loving how the house is flip-flopping about whether to keep Nicole or David. It’s stresses me out, but I’d rather have that than a boring week where we all know what’s going to happen.

another name

Of course Kevin runs to Dani and tells her who is going to vote where.
Because Kevin Kevin.
Bayleigh is a little late shutting down their talk because i think Kevin is the ONE person in the house that is STILL misted by Dani.
I mean… NicA would probably join him in inhaling the mist because the two of them are morons.
By next HOH Da and Bay aren’t going to have a choice BUT to be on Kaysar and Janelle’s side. They still had a little wiggle room of deniability, even if Independence Day blabbed…. if more like when and to whom… like say Nicf.

Kevin David and NicA… They’re the new and improved (because the 3 made it through first eviction) version of 18’s Revolution (Jozea, Victor and Paul).

oh. okay… Bay outed the alliance BEFORE Christmas after seeing Kevin talking to Dani.
She knows someone already did or is going to spill the tea, so she spilled it herself.

Jets Jets Jets

I’m really not sure how I feel about Da saying that she won’t vote for David because he’s black. Isn’t that just as bad as voting for him because he is? I mean if we’re just going to vote for people based on race it sort of diminishes the game. If she was in a strong alliance with him then yes of course but she’s not and has now told several people of her feelings about her vote. It’s not as bad as Jackson’s moves last year but it’s not a good thing for the integrity of the game.

another name

I’m of two minds. I’ve been rolling this one around for HOURS in my mind, I hope it is at least half cohesive, because i’m still processing my logic vs my emotion.

I think it could just as easily be weaponized as a reason to evict da before jury. Because if she won’t evict based on race, it’s a logical assumption she’ll vote for winner based on race. Nobody has clocked that yet in the house, but somebody is sure to whisper it so that it isn’t said aloud so they aren’t accused of being racist in pointing out the logic extrapolation argument. Just as surely as a black finalist could make the argument to jury that there has only been one (pretty sure just the one) black finalist in bbus, and never a winner.

At the same time, I can see the point of someone saying why aren’t there black winners and i believe somewhere around 12 black jurors in all of the seasons combined? And wanting to change that. I’m not black. I see color, i just don’t care what color anybody’s skin is in my perception of a person’s worth and value. But i also see society. For some reason race does seem to matter in terms of societal judgement on a level and of a weight I do not understand, because I’ve been, I guess, “gifted” (so hated using that word but can’t think of another or a better one) with not having to bear that weight and judgement myself.

As a social experiment as reflection of current social values…. she has every right to vote however she wants for whatever reason she wants (the analytical game part of me really disliked typing that, the human had no problem). Do we ask why a showmance automatically votes for their partner based on their shared relationship instead of game? Of course we don’t. We accept that, more we expect it. Have we judged voting block agreements to punish gameplay because of bitter juror syndrome? We don’t like that, but we don’t insist on a rule saying they have to judge game play not hurt feelings. We accept bitter juries can happen. We don’t insist that jurors adhere to the rule that they are not allowed to talk game or votes in jury without supervision.

Don’t hate, but the skeptical part of my mind still thinks a reality entertainment program using a gameshow template isn’t a gameshow anyway. We watch the story unfold. The ‘prize’ money is contractual bonus for future appearances and endorsement and a non compete clause and nda. With that in mind this is a plot development of a storyline, and isn’t about fair or unfair. Okay, because this paragraph is going to annoy some that got this far: disregard if you aren’t a part time tinfoil hat skeptic.

tbh the game side of me says it is fair to point out the argument to Da. The human side of me says it’s fair of Da to hold her convictions.
I won’t judge her convictions. I only say that her convictions in the game could be turned against her. And if they are turned against her because of a logic argument, I don’t judge that either.

Be The Change

Racism is racism. Doing, or saying, ANYTHING based on the color of someone’s skin by ANYONE… is racism.

NO respect for this mentality. It just keeps it alive.


And your last sentence is the end goal.


Didnt Day vote for Nicole , just because she is a woman? (or was it Natalie?)

another name

Day’s Nicole vote is sketch.
Natalie definitely voted Nicole because she is a woman.
Zakiyah voted Nicole because Paulie told her to. Don’t @ with that one, it’s why.

Shirron Sue Stone

You must be white. I hate Memphis what is his beef with David. He also mentioned all 3 blacks


Bayleigh seems to be the only one, outside of Janelle and Kaysar ( I mean besides their Christmas hot take), to not have poop for brains. I’m really enjoying Bayleigh’s gameplay this year. Janelle, Kaysar, and Bayleigh are my top 3, I pray they give this house hell!

another name

Bayleigh who knows David said he’s in a guy’s alliance, and knows David says Memphis will break the tie, and knows Christmas is bestie with Nicf and knows Kevin was just talking to Dani….
is pretty much outing the entire alliance propostion before anyone else does. To Cody’s snitch Dani (that she is aware is Cody’s snitch).
Bay is looking at Nicf, looking at David, then looking at her own ass and saying my ass.

And she’s spilling to Dani that one of the boys told Kaysar they are in an all guy’s alliance, but not naming names.

The Beef

Good! As if there’s not already enough paranoia in the house, maybe THIS paranoia will go a long way in breaking up that huge alliance of Cody, Tyler, Dani, NicF, Enzo, Memphis, Christmas and their side pieces Day, Bay, Ian, and David! NicA and Kevin are useless as alliance members, except for voting numbers, but K&J seem to have made some inroads with Ian, and now maybe Bay and Day are finally waking up. If paranoia shakes loose a couple of others, and a positive outcome comes from this weeks HOH, who knows what might happen in week 3!

Michele Smith

If Kaysar & Janelle we’re smart they would be working Tyler & Christmas to join them and maybe Ian or Memphis?
They either aren’t working hard enough at making alliances, or they just come off very cool and the others misread them. Especially Janelle!! Those girls hate her! I feel really bad but maybe I’m missing something. I can’t take either of the Nichole’s with their non-stop pity parties for themselves. NicF & Dani are so jealous of Janelle. I do NOT like Cody this year at all. Enzo’s Yo’s are compulsive and annoying as hell! Memphis is rude & full of himself. Bay is actually much less annoying to me this year. I would love to see her with team Jansar. Lol

Baleigh's Snorts

Michele Smith, you must be sharing a brain with NicoleA. What do you mean they should be working on Christmas? They think she is with them and that’s one thing that is screwing them because she’s taking info from them back to her squad.


Gameplay or lack there of is all over the f’n place….. I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t anymore….. both Nicole A & David can go Thursday, they are both terrible at this game…. they can also drag Kevin out the door as well…. this doesn’t seem like an all star season so far…. pls God, let Jaysar win HOH this week or I am gonna lose my f’n mind!!

Backseat Driver

I hope it’s Nicole that goes…..I still can’t figure out why the producers brought her back. She’s clearly got some serious personal issues. Sometimes it’s painful to watch.

another name

David almost sinks his game. Honestly should have. But First…

Janelle almost saves Nicole, but not really but she thinks. But Kaysar’s trust in Christmas, Da’s trust in Kevin, Bayleigh knowing when there’s smoke ain’t nobody got time for that, seems to have buried that in the ground. NicA doesn’t even want to be IN the alliance that has been organized IN PART to save her, and she told Bayleigh that.

The Slick Six, a fake alliance was born. It has a sub alliance 4, also fake, and finally a final three of the men involved (that may actually be fake to 2 of it’s members because they alllll have final 2 deals in a circle). No word on if Bay and Da believe it is legit, but they acted very excited to be part of something. Especially with Cody throwing out nicf and ian and Memphis’ names to ‘watch’ and including Memphis as a possible target. The whole thing was actually so transparent in their voice tones to me… but Da and Bay seemed to be buying it. Most of what they say the plan is… well it’s a lie.
Dani quickly included to the boys that Bayleigh doesn’t trust them AT ALL after Ba Day leave, and before she leaves.

Nicf is currently trying to cover for leaving Ian out of all her alliances, by including him in the alliance Kaysar mentioned, but saying it’s not official, and tossing David in.
Is Ian stupid enough to believe “well it’s not o-ffffish-ulll” after saying she wanted him to “join” them and he asked join so pre-existing?
He seems to want to scoop up Kaysar after Janelle ends up leaving in his calculations after Nicf adamantly refuses to work with Janelle because she says nicA said Janelle called her a bitch. It wasn’t NicA. It was Kevin, who was also the one that started this whole rumor mill when he squeeled to Dani days ago. Enzo and NicA (after talking to Kevin) helped by spreading it more. Nicole’s take on house dynamics is the Cody approved version.
Christmas has been left out of the alliance Nicf proposes to Ian but Enzo has been added.
Her alliance proposition is “me, you, dani, cody, tyler, enzo and david.” You had to know a nicf alliance proposition was going to be almost totally male, right? Nicf told him Ba/Day are with Jaysar, and Xmas is in the middle but closer to the good side.

Now Nicf is filling Nica in on the “lies” that Janelle was telling today. Okay. I know that Nicf is a perpetual victim, but damn. And of COURSE NicA buys it. She’s a gullible idiot.

Very messy evening. update chart added but the nicf alliance is under construction not added.

bb22 DAY 13.jpg
My 2 cents

How much of the tea Kevin is spilling about Janelle is actually true?? Any of it? He is such a rat. Janelle has his number and has warned everyone about him. I am SOOOOO hoping she or Kaysar win HOH this week. These know-it-all newbies need to be brought down a peg or two hundred.

another name

kevin thinks the men’s alliance in the house is
memphis cody christmas janelle.
if that gives you any indication of how logical kevin’s tea is.
and yet people listen to him.. and both nicoles repeat what he says.

another name

As of right now, it’s the whole house against Janelle and Kaysar next week.

Baleigh's Snorts

Not the whole house, Ian and Baleigh aren’t .

another name

Ian is now on team nicf, and if nicf were to win both would be noms.
baleigh is now slicksix. they plan if they win hoh to nom as well.
They don’t HATE them, but they aren’t aligned with them, and would vote them out.


It’s so crazy how every season Janelle’s been in she is always the target. That’s how good she is, major player and one of the best to ever play.

Season 6 And 7 (AllStars)made it to final 3 with everyone gunning for her. And well the coaches season was what it was.

There are definitely jealousy and envy towards her. I’m still rooting for Jani and Kaysar, hope they make it far and she wins.

Baleigh's Snorts

Since NicoleA relies on her gut all the time for her off the wall decisions, hopefully everyone will go with their gut & vote her out unanimously which will shatter her already broken spirit.


Day – no she(Janelle) is trying. She is following me around trying to get me. (to keep Nicole) Nicole – I am sorry, you shouldn’t be pressured like that.

WTF? Is Nicole serious? Janelle is campaigning FOR her and she is saying that Janelle shouldn’t pressure Day.. Wow.. there is something seriously wrong with Nic A.


I sadly couldn’t watch the feeds between the “Da/Bay agree to join Janelle/Kaysar” and the “Da/Bay/Dani/Enzo/Cody/Tyler pinky promise on a 6 person alliance”. After the fact, I can only find 2 minute videos of meetings and convos, missing the whole ‘evolution of events’. Can anyone who watched the live feeds during all of this important time tell me their take on:

  • Are Da&Bay actually on board, or is this just yet another non-committal “sure, we’re good with you” like they’ve promised Janelle/Kaysar just before?
  • What happened just before that “new 6 alliance meeting”? How did it organically form? Did a smaller group agree to it and then went looking for the rest to meet up in a room? Or was this just yet another “these people happen to be in the same room right now, so… “yay, guess what: you’re all in!” ^^
  • could someone talk to me like I’m Enzo (use simple words! 😉 ) and really explain what exactly it is that Tyler lied about in that meeting that he later said to Cody and Enzo “he’ll see if it gets back to Janelle/Kaysar”?

If you could ask the players I don’t think they know either.


what happened during the few minutes right before this meeting? how did the 6 of them end up in that room?


Sorry I have not a clue.

another name

The Slick Six is intentionally fake. Has been planned for days. Its purpose is to keep Da and Bay from flipping, and Dani from being so sketch.
After Christmas talked to Tyler and Nicf about Kaysar and Janelle’s proposal, Nicf immediately went to cover her tracks with Ian, knowing he was a potential recruit.
Tyler went to start gathering everyone to lock in the fake alliance.


Thanks! 🙂


Someone help me out, another big alliance that features most of the other big alliances? Just when I thought big alliances make the game boring, now they just make it the game – who can form the most alliances in a season – sucks.
NicA – what’s left to be said that already hasn’t, if there was a live audience, would she be booed for what she’s planning on doing? She will come away from this game with $40k (which so many other former players deserve), probably be ghosted by those who ghosted her, and I really can’t see J being on good terms with her.
If NicA could actually read things, if she left this week, she would have 40k and at least say that she has friends in J and K. If she goes “savage” and Janelle reaches her limit in the house, NicA may self evict because she will not be able to handle Janelle’s scorn and Kaysar’s fatherly lecture of how dumb that was.
Her reality show podcasting probably coming to a close, two seasons of being clueless and not entertaining, how many listeners can you keep?


I am so confused by what is real or fake anymore lol


Just when you thought this week couldn’t get more frustrating.


What in the actual hell?!?! I went to bed having a good feeling about Bayleigh and DaVonne joining Kaysar and Janelle, then I wake up to the nonsense of Bay/Day forming a new alliance with the other side. I mean, what?!?! F it, I hope Janelle and Kaysar go old school and just trade back and forth HOHs and get everyone freaking out. F this house


I hate everyone. Except Kay and Jay. Another lost season of big bully alliances. And Nicole A?! What a tragic, disgraceful fall. The most epic fall

Linguini Pants

This season is a mess with alliances. My head is going to pop. I long for the good old days, like Sovereign Six V. The Nerd Herd where we knew where everybody stood. What’s the saying, “Keep it simple, Stupid.” A million alliances, with no loyalty, equals zero real alliances. I think that’s what’s tripping up Janelle and Kaysar, these newer players acting like meth head tweakers…all over the place. They’re OGs, believe too much that a proclaimed alliance is actually an alliance, and are finding out differently and are like WTF?!?

This game has evolved and it’s a different animal now. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but this season so far is giving me a frickin’ headache. And CBS better edit all the Janellousy Nic F and Dani are displaying if they want to not piss off the true fans, IMHO.

another name

i was thinking you’d be 3 deep in Kraken when the slick group pinky swore.


How bad is it that I’d rather listen to Enzo say “yo” for the 600,000th time than listen to Nicole A. and Kevin’s convos?


This week is going to kill me.


I hope Nicole does go after Janelle and Kaysar so she can see how dumb she is.
We need everything blown up so we see where people really stand.

All Stars???

Christmas isn’t smart.

Team Janelle

I didn’t watch Big brother back in Ian‘s season, I’ve only watched the cbs version. So i don’t know much about him. Is he being serious about teaming up with Kaysar? Or he he just blowing smoke up their butts?

And does anyone have any idea if bay is just playing Janelle? She seems genuine when she’s hanging out with her so I can’t really tell!

another name

Ian said directly to Nicole that he wanted to scoop in Kaysar when Janelle left.

Bayleigh: she was genuine with Janelle. Until she wasn’t. When did that turn? I presume that turned right about the time that she heard Christmas had agreed to join an alliance to target a group including Nicf, and Nicf and Christmas are besties. And that Da got spooked by the way they set about making the alliance. It was too urgent and agressive.
That was my hot take that I have no evidence to support.

Team Janelle

Hopefully at least Ian will be smart enough to work with them. It seems like bay really likes them, hopefully they can keep working on her? I think she’ll be too easily influenced by da unfortunately. Knowing how paranoid da gets, I expect her to sink her game at any moment

another name

Bay only jumps to them if they win HOH.
Da is gonna Da. first juror.
Ian will follow Nicf because he’s put every potential egg in that Million Club basket. He’s basing his opinion on only being socially attached in the real world to Nicf and Janelle, and Janelle sketched him when she mentioned Nicf and Ian obviously working together while he was pretending to be asleep.
I’m pretty sure Nicf talks to Ian exclusively in toddler voice for a reason.

The Beef

I think Ian is smarter than you are giving him credit for. Yes, he aligned with NicoleF because they are both former winners, and it makes sense for them to do that, but also because a lot of the others (meaning Cody and Memphis and their pre-gamed alliance members) were already hooked up, Ian was kind of out in the cold, and maybe smart enough NOT to hitch his wagon (at least publicly) to the very high profile target team of Jaysar, which of course I would love him to do! I think he is just laying low right now, because that is the smart thing for him to do given his position in the game, and he is quietly going about his business, looking for the best openings that will provide the best options for him going forward in the game. He is highly intelligent and knows the game very well, unlike so many of the other so called “all-stars” present in the house. If he survives a while, I expect he’ll hook up with someone and his presence will be felt, a little further into the game.

Barbara Walker

I was watching David run around the house complaining about there not being any whole milk and other crap. He has decided to become the big guy on campus. Jogging in place, slamming things, then complaining about food. I originally had no thoughts about his personality but thought it was nice for him to get another chance. But between the fake crying after the nominations and now this cocky stuff, I do not like him. NicA may have a bunch of annoying habits but I want David out.

I think the hardest thing to watch, and this is my first season with the feeds, is 1. not understanding which alliances are fake, and 2. knowing which ones are fake or what lies are being told and being able to do nothing about it.

Barbara Walker

I’ve changed my mind. The most annoying thing about feeds is when they go to stars every 30 seconds for no discernible reason.


FYI feed updates are late during the day Tuesday to Thursday. trust me you won’t like them. It’s more of the same ..


First off NicF is a snake and Kevin is a lizard. That being said, I had high hopes for NicA coming back after the dreaded season with the stool partners. BUT she is just proving to be totally idiotic. Wont miss her when shes gone

another name

I’m actually thinking that the more that the incestuous alliances form… the more it hurts the house guests in them.
Can ANY of them use loyalty as a jury argument when they are forming five different alliances?
They are intentionally creating a bitter jury. Because they are intentionally creating a situation where they are allies with everyone, and therefore in a near constant state of betrayal.
They are at the point of not just creating alliances to cover their ass with everyone, but have moved on to intentionally creating fake alliances.
Why are they having to keep creating more circles? because none of them are good enough at taking care of their toys. This was a big hole in Tyler’s game last season, he’d leave his side allies to their own devices for too long without reassurance. It created part of the environment that lost him votes. This IS a big hole in Cody’s game this season. He spends more time complaining that everyone isn’t infordumping to him than actually maintaining his relationships. Nicf wouldn’t have her Ian issues if she didn’t leave him out to dry, and barely communicate with him. Now she’s pushing an alliance with Enzo and Ian together? Enzo doesn’t even want Nicf in the game, let alone Ian.

The only way a bitter jury doesn’t happen this season is if one alliance group circle comprises the entire jury.
It’s week two, so I usually would NEVER think this far in advance, but it’s just so messy.

another name

(turns on feeds)
oh. Kevin or Nica are my choices for who to listen to?
(turns off feeds).

That’s happened three times.
Thank you Simon and Dawg, i’m going to need the updates because I can’t do either of them at this point…. actually i’m considering muting others and just assuming the conversation will be janellejanellejanellekaysarjanellekaysarjanellejanellejanellejanelleJANELLEjanellekaysar.