“People don’t remember me for being a comp beast, a puppeteer mastermind.. they remember me as the f**king teacher that got bullied.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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DURING NOMINATIONS: Memphis told David – “Welcome to big brother” and “Hey buddy, welcome to the grown-ups table”

10:10pm HOH room. Memphis and Janelle.
The feed switches mid conversation. Janelle – I think I am at 9 my season (competition wins). Memphis – Nice! Janelle – I won 5 vetos and 4 HOHs. Memphis – holy sh*t! Janelle – and it was a short season. I think I had a 60% chance of winning every time I competed. That is my average. This season ..it is pretty sh*tty because I suck! Memphis – my goal is to win (Veto) and let you guys decide. I am excited to pay tomorrow. I am excited to play in safety suite next week too. This HOH man… that sh*t stresses me out. This is between me and you.. I think with you.. you’ve hit a certain status with big brother where if someone tries to put you up on the block right now .. it frightens people. Janelle – I feel like there are people in the house that are going to put me on the block. Memphis – you would be surprised. Maybe I am wrong but.. I think no one is going to take that shot any time soon. Janelle – I don’t believe that. Memphis – Just because they put you up does not mean you’re going home. I think in peoples minds people are scared of you. To do it right now .. it is not ideal to anyone. If they miss .. its like battle ship .. if you miss you’re f**ked! Janelle – I think if Kaysar and I hadn’t won safety suite last week .. we would have been up. Memphis – when I look at a lot of these people .. I look at them as kids. Janelle – a lot of them are. Memphis – its not that I’m not phased by them but I don’t see them on the same playing field. Not to say that one of them isn’t going to take me out. I feel like they don’t have the mental capacity .. the life knowledge… or maybe I am just over confident and they’re all going to come after me. Janelle – I think we’re still in danger next week. If Day, Bay or NicoleF would have gotten it we would have been safe. If Tyler had gotten it we would have not been safe. Memphis – you think? Janelle – 100%! Memphis – if Tyler had gotten it and put me up.. I would be gunning for him no matter what. I am not going to be one of these people .. oh its okay or whatever.

Lounge room. Kevin, DaVonne, NicoleA.
Kevin joins them to tell them that Memphis and Janelle are up in the HOH room laughing and drinking wine together alone. Nicole, you got to.. DaVonne – distance yourself from that. Nicole – just so you guys know .. I am still selling to them that I am with them because I have to. Kevin – she sees you as a vulnerable easy target that she can milk. She is a spider that is weaving a web and if you’re not able to avoid it .. you will get used. DaVonne “clocks out” and leaves the room. Kevin – do you want to be on the side with Memphis being a douche bag? Nicole – no. Kevin – because that was a douche bag move what he did .. how he called David out like that. That is the gross side of the house. Like she is up there laughing and having wine. Like that is ugly. Nicole – last night she was telling me that Memphis, her, Kaysar want to bring in me, DaVonne and Bay. Memphis is HOH .. what do you think I am going to say EWWW no I don’t want to?! Kevin – that safety suit stuff that Janelle is giving you is bulls*t. That is not the reason he put you up. Something is not adding up .. if Janelle is trying to recruit you .. why would they humiliate you. Nicole – it was Janelle’s idea to make the alliance and Memphis is against a big alliance. Kevin – they’re sh*tting on us.

10:20pm – 11pm Dani joins Kevin and NicoleA. Dani – the delivery (of the nominations) was not okay. Kevin – and to being you into their fold .. that is a humiliation. There is a back door a foot. Dani – I wouldn’t be surprised. I am going to have to go back up there and kiss some booty cheeks. I have a feeling like I have no idea what is going on in this game.. no one wants to talk game. Nicole is crying and Dani is comforting her. Nicole – I am the friggin outsider that gets nominated early .. it is so f**king embarrassing. People don’t remember me for being a comp beast.. they don’t remember me for being a puppeteer mastermind .. they remember me as the f**king teacher that got bullied. Dani – you know what else you’re remembered for? You’re remembered for being America’s Favorite! Nicole – when I got the call .. I told my family I don’t think I could do it again if it happens again. I shouldn’t have said yes. I shouldn’t have put myself through this again. Dani – don’t let them break you. The veto is tomorrow. Go out there and kick some major butt .. then take that veto and swing it in their face. I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Kevin – you there for me last week. Same feelings. I think he is going to go .. I did that because I wanted you to be a pawn and people not to think we’re working together. Dani – no, he would have said that up front.

10:23pm Storage room. DaVonne and Tyler.
Tyler – I don’t want to go out the back door with out being able to play in the veto. DaVonne – I hope you get picked. And I don’t want to be the one to say it but I think it would be smart to leave the noms as they are. I don’t want anyone else to go up.

11:10pm HOH room. Cody and Memphis.
Memphis laughs that he fed Janelle all the wine and get “all the information”. Cody laughs. Memphis – Gone (bottle of wine). I set it up, Janelle lets crush this bottle real quick. And she was like I’m down. She drank most of it. First of all its so interesting to see their side. They’re just grasping at straws. And they’re so willing to open up to me. They’re splitting the house. They’re saying that they have everyone outside our 6. DaVonne, NicoleA, Kaysar, Her (Janelle), basically everyone and they’re trying to pull me into that. I am not biting. It is way too early. I am not telling them like f**k off. Cody – they don’t have the numbers that they think. Memphis – I just have to make sure they don’t stop talking. Cody – Christmas just finished saying.. they’re the snakes head. Memphis – who? Cody – Janelle and Kaysar. Kaysar went to Christmas and said the other side of the house which is Dani, Cody, Tyler, NicoleF are trying to get Memphis to do their dirty work and put you on the block. Memphis – they’re playing the mind game man. Cody – they think its us as in Me, Tyler, NicoleF, and Dani. Memphis – in their mind they think Christmas is a wild card .. and they think you, Tyler, .. they think Nicole is the mastermind of the entire game. Cody – which is not even close. Memphis – this is what they said.. if I (Janelle) get to play in the POV, I’ll use it and put NicoleF up. Cody – that’s what she wants you to do? Memphis – yup. They think that Nicole is the top. Cody – the head of the snake. They are so off. We’re good because no one knows what we are but they .. Kaysar and Janelle are going to put me on the block with NicoleF. Or I am going on the block next to Tyler. Memphis – I think they’re going after NicoleF. Cody – yeah but I could be up there and then the line has to be drawn drastically. This week .. I expect that they’re going to want you to keep NicoleA. Memphis – I told them I don’t give a sh*t. I don’t like that Nicole still has her safety suite. But I am not worried about David at all. Cody – he isn’t going to win a comp. And you don’t have to worry about David because I am F**KING TIGHT with David. I would just be like listen you didn’t have the tight feel with him because you don’t get his humor ..he was just kidding. I will F**king wax that in a second. But he also isn’t going to win a comp so you don’t have to worry about that at all. Memphis – you or Tyler have to start hanging out with Bay more. Cody – no I am telling you that I am f**king tight with Day.

Havenot room. Cody, Christmas, NicoleF.
Cody – yo he is so f**king big like team.. its his disconnect at communicating. He said he didn’t think we needed to meet. He was like I was going to show everyone how loyal I was just because nobody was going to be on the block but there was a lot of sh*t. Like they’re f**king spiraling. Memphis joins them.

11:40pm – 12am Bedroom. Cody and Dani.
Cody – dude they’re spiraling out of control. Dani – who?! Cody – Janelle and Kaysar. Dani – they’re freaking working together like I said. Cody – you know who they think the other side of the house is? You, me, Tyler and NicoleF. Dani – who thinks that? Cody – Janelle. Dani – ok so apparently Janelle hates NicoleF and apparently she is against all of us. She told NicoleA that you’re totally good. Cody – they think that they have the entire house! And we’re the other side. Dani – she (janelle) literally said that she hates NicoleF and that she wants to pull a group of Janelle, Kaysar, NicoleA, Bay, DaVonne and I feel like there was one more person. Cody – and Christmas. Cody explains how if Janelle or Kaysar win HOH next week they’ll put two of us up. If one of us comes off, they’ll put the other up and one of us will go home. I told Memphis if we win the veto one of them (Janelle / Kaysar) have to go up. Dani – which one? Cody – I said Kaysar. Tyler joins them and Cody tells him everything Memphis said.

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another name

Is Kevin trying to be inducted into FOUTTE?


Haha! That’s the only thing that makes sense of his gameplay

another name

My take on Dani as having Janenvy seems to be accurate.

Entertainment Tonight clip.
when asked about her goal, Dani answers:
“I want to dethrone the bbqueen, and finally have people see me as the best female player ever.”


Yeah but that belongs to Danielle Reyes.

another name

Dani R’s title is bb Robbed Queen.
Jani’s title is bb Queen (most definitely in the head of Dani dickspawn).
To be honest: Janelle has never done well without 2 clear sides. Sides were drawn by day 5 in season 6. It was known entering the house in season 7 that there was a big pregame alliance, like ten minutes after entering the house it was known.
My question is: will getting Janelle out of the game remove her reputation or records?
Probably not. Because most of her achievements come from two of the old schools most iconic seasons. The fact that they ALLLLL seem to have Janelle on the brain proves that even if they take her out, her reputation will be there because they were all scared shitless of her to that extent from day one.

All Stars???

Imagine if they get her out, then she comes back in a week or two.

Ms. Taz


Step 1242

They made a terrible decision thinking it was a good idea to blindside Marceles after he won the Veto and Danielle completely deceived him and for Jason to vote out Amy at the final 4 instead of Lisa.
Taking Lisa to the end so that she can have a chance to beat Jason and Danielle on the final hoh. Was bad logic considering how many people liked Lisa!!! And that was going to give her more HOH wins that season then Danielle Reyes
And if she’s able to beat Danielle and Jason in the final hoh it gives her that much more of an argument That she could play the most part of the big brother Summer without her number one ally Eric and still get in good with Jason and Danielle and be skilled enough to beat them at the end gives a lot of weight to her argument while especially when you consider how great her social game was Lisa.
Jason had a schoolboy crush on Lisa even Julie said it. And the fact that he wasn’t able to see able to see Amy would’ve been a complete walk over in the final three was huge considering that Lisa was head and shoulders above Amy as a player and Amy had already had been evicted once and Lisa had a good beat at what was going on the house because she was working with Jason and Danielle ever since Erik left in week four. Lisa she caught on to them being so close and having a secret alliance.
She was the wrong person to take because she had a beat at what was going on in the house he was helping out Danielle and Jason too she was just as much a part of gathering information and deciding things as well and the tape shows it especially once Eric leaves!!
And prior to that Lisa was in a larger alliance and in she got turned on by Gerry and Josh and to extent Chiara when she wanted Lisa out but at the same time because lisa was in a larger alliance she got good with the larger majority of the house which Danielle did not do. And Lisa wasn’t the one who caused that blood it was the people that turned against her so there wasn’t any ill will towards Lisa because she didn’t draw any BLOOD!!!

Bringing Lisa and thinking it was a good idea to the get to end was terrible logic considering how likable Lisa Was!!!
Lisa had an unbelievable social game and was able to branch each side of the house for the overwhelming majority of the game helping Danielle and Jason and she didn’t need a number one Ally ride or die to do it!!!

Folks it matters a great deal who the hell your in the final two with!!!
Especially when it’s somebody that the house doesn’t have any personal beef with or genuinely hasn’t rubbed anybody the wrong way.

another name

Final thought before I sleep.
if I’m getting this right:
Janelle and Kaysar take credit for NicA seeing Cody/Tyler/Nicf/Dani pow wows. To keep NicA safe. To Memphis.
Memphis tells Cody. Cody gets paranoid.
Cody wants Kaysar gone. Memphis wants Kaysar gone. They agree it’s the best move.
Tells Dani and Tyler. Dani and Tyler want Janelle gone. Even though Dani admits Janelle is sucking at comps this season.
So now Cody has to go back to Memphis: remember how you decided Kaysar should go first and I agreed he was the brains…. let’s go Janelle cus reasons. Since Memphis thinks he can get all the other side info out of Janelle, while Kaysar doesn’t tell him near as much… will he?
Would Memphis be so stupid as to target two people that believe he is aligned with him, for five people that are snaky about the alliance he cobbled together, that he honestly doesn’t seem to like very much? Maybe. But it makes him a target from multiple people. Why would he do that in Week 2?

I’m still thinking if this season follows the plot forecast I’m reading, Janelle goes out prejury and there is a battle back. I mean, Keesha is still in sequester, her friends are still typing out her messages. Julie Chen mentioned expect the unexpected when asked about the possibility of a battle back. Kaysar would be more able to pick up a side group than Janelle because of the rabid Janelousy of the season.

But who is everybody going to blame for their sketchiness without Janelle to take the fall?
I think we’ll see before Jury.
Janelle’s bbissue this time:
She’s letting her personal relationships with some of these houseguests totally colour her read. She’s friends with Dan, so is Memphis: therefore they must be cool.
She’s cool with Dani in real life, and friends with Dani’s father: therefore they must be cool.
She knows she’s not in for the long haul. She knows just how many people would like to see her gone. She just doesn’t know she’s sharing wine with one, and sharing secrets with another.
Will she be bothered? She’s taking a pay cut to be there. I doubt it.

another name

Sorry. Couldn’t sleep for a bit so was checking some messages from friends.

I don’t quite get the relevance of this (the techno-impaired somewhat unaware luddite in me jumps out)

message from friend:
“Janelle trending off and on for the last 7 days… did she die?”

trending is when someone is in mentions or tagged a lot, right? Man I sound like an idiot.
So… Janelle has been trending in the brains of the house for 10 days?


Except for one thing. Yesterday, before the nominations, Cody was telling Memphis that it was better to backdoor Janelle instead of nominating her right off the bat because “that would trigger her”. In that way I don’t think Cody is being paranoid. Memphis is an idiot. Besides the fact that he shouldn’t have said what he did during the nomination ceremony, there are clearly much better targets even if one of them you leave as a backdoor option

another name

Cody’s paranoia was in finding out he’s been seen and named out there having secret conversations and covering for them poorly.
His name came up.
He thought he was being slick.
Memphis is just too stupid to realize that he isn’t the only game in town and everyone in his alliance has at least two other alliances they are closer to.

I’m discovering that as the older players are going to leave, I’m going to feel a door shutting badly on memories from my 20’s. Makes me feel old. That’s my problem.


What is with all this simping for Janelle? She’s not good at the social game, she never has been; she was only ever good at winning comps, and that was a decade and a half ago. Kaysar was never good at anything except backstabbing his own alliance twice. (Hello James)

another name

oh, she’s leaving before jury.
the simping in my mind is because, honestly, i prefer old school bb to new school.
Bad social game? Yes. Entertaining as hell when she got pissed? OH yeah.
She was entertaining. That’s why.

The guy that two seasons in a row was playing float? I mean, his voting history had sketch written all over it. Let alone his secret side deals. example: Maggie and Yvette were leading the other side. Maggie is on the block as target of his alliance. Who does James vote to save? Maggie. why? Because he had a secret deal with the other side (specifically Yvette).
James went against his alliance any time they didn’t do things his way.
Both Seasons. He was not a good ally, and got caught playing both sides or jumping ship.
He was messy. He was messy on feeds. He was smoother in his own mind than he was in his gameplay.

another name

Wait a minute. James came in 7th both times. Kaysar was out pre-jury both times. How did Kaysar backstab James? By not doing what James wanted the week before James voted him out both times?