“I just feel so bad for her.. NicA was seriously second-guessing our friendship”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

3:06 pm Janelle and Kaysar
Janelle – I should have protected her
Kaysar – he didn’t listen to us and we had no idea what he was doing. and when we try to dave her we can’t get people to vote for her. we literally have no say
Janelle – NicA was seriously second-guessing our friendship. She asked me if everything I told her was true. That makes me so sad..
Janelle cries, “I just feel so bad for her”
Kaysar says when he found out Bayleigh and Da’vonne weren’t going to vote their way it kinda sucks.. A punch to the gut
Kaysar wanted to work with NicA from watching her season
Janelle was the same.
Janelle – so Bayleigh said she wouldn’t vote for her to stay
Kaysar – I didn’t hear it from Bayleigh.
Kaysar – the reason why she was crying yesterday because Da’Vonne told her.
Kaysar – let’s see if she can get Ian and Kevin
Janelle – I don’t see Ian voting.. he votes with Nicole.
Kaysar says David came to him wanting to work with him and Kasyar told him why would he want to work with him when David has something going. David said to him he was scared he didn’t know where else to go
Kaysar – he’s like.. I’m not coming after you
Kaysar – I was asked what I would do differently this time my strategy is we need to adapt that is how we survive. Let’s try to save her if we can but we got to keep moving. I know it’s hard I feel heartbroken too she’s amazing
Janelle – I feel responsible
Kaysar – we tried our best we tried to change his mind.. he still put her up it doesn’t make any sense.

3:20 pm Enzo and NicA
Enzo tells her he likes her a lot and her staying is better for his game.
Enzo – Janelle f*ed your game up so bad right now are you going to get the votes to stay
NicA – I’m talking to people as my own person. I don’t know what they are telling people
Enzo – you can be a mole on that side of the hose I can be a mole on this side of the house and we can share information like we do
NicA says they have a similar game.
Enzo – you think Janelle and them are voting for you to stay
NicA – They are. I don’t know what their intent is.. .
NicA says “they” didn’t look out for her
nicA says that Janelle and Kasyar “f**ed her over” and now they want to keep her in the house. The house doesn’t want to keep her because they think she’s with Janelle and KAsyar.
(NicA might be the dumbest person this season OMG)
Enzo – why do they want to keep you use you as their pawn
NicA – yeah
Enzo talks about David is a better competitor than NicA.

3:34 pm Christmas and NicF
NicF says that NicA “told her everything”
NicF says that Janelle wanted to get NicF backdoored, “She said she (Janelle) does not like you as a person it has nothing to do with the game”
NicF – She (NicA) sys She (Janelle) says a lot of me things about you as a person
Christmas – that makes sense.
NicF – she said she has receipts.. the info. she said if Jaenlele were to deny that.
Christmas – what does she mean receipts
NicF – I don’t know live feeds maybe
Christmas – ohh post-show.
NicF – I don’t care about that.

NicF – she (NicA) said Janelle keeps lying to me (nicA)
nicF – I’m like I can’t help if Janelle picked your side so I do feel bad but I’m not going to stick my neck out.
Christmas – I need to get a read where David is.

NicF says she’s not keeping NicA, “We can’t be flip-flopping”
NicF – Memphsis wants David gone so we need to figure this out. We need 7 votes.
Christmas – Memphis doesn’t listen to anybody
NicF says that NicA was in on the plan to backdoor her she was there during the conversations. That doesn’t sit well with her.
NicF says NicA will flip back with Janelle if she stays in the house. NicF dreams up that Janelle is telling NicA to do this go around and make it look like they are not together,.
NicF – we have so many people we can’t take on another one
NicF – say she did stay and we did let her join
Christmas says the fact NicoleA can play in the safety Suite next week is reason enough for them to get her out. Says they have enough in their alliance to cover the safety suite with NicoleA gone.
Christmas – If Kaysar or Janelle wins HOH we can win the veto they would be forced to put up a person in their alliance. either way, we’re good.

Memphis comes up starts talking about their stupid alliance name “The Committee”

3:45 pm David and Janelle
Janelle – I’m in this game with Kaysar. I’ve worked with him before. that’s my friend.
David – I like him
Janelle – yeah, he’s a great guy. He’s a straight-up player he doesn’t do the whole tricky tricky sneaky sneaky thing he’s not into that
David – Should I talk to him
Janelle – you should yeah
Janelle – Just hang in there I know it’s hard. I was put up Week 2
Janelle – You’ll be ok just hang in there.
David – I want NicA to be Okay .. that sucks
Janelle – I feel horrible for her
David – she’s questioning things
Janelle – she’s questioning her friendship with me
Janelle – I feel very responsible that I couldn’t protect

4:07 pm Janelle and Bayleigh
Janelle – even ian is like I’m with NicF. I’m like okay there’s another number
bayleigh – the sub alliances are a thing
Janelle – it’s horrible.
Janelle – If it’s our alliance and we have Kevin how many votes is that
Bayleigh – 6
Janelle – then we’re good
Bayleigh – will he break it
Janelle – yes he would
Janelle – I thought we didn’t have Da’Vonne
Janelle – She said Janelle I can’t do that because of his cause
Janelle – she has to realize that we have to play a game. In here I don’t see people like that.
Bayleigh says there might be some sway with Da’Vonne
Bayleigh says the other group is going to use Da’Vonne.
Janelle – they are going to use her like they are using David
Janelle says David is a weapon for them if he wins HOH perfect they can play in the next HOH.
Janelle counts Christmas’ vote. to make up the 6.
Janelle warns about “those four” Cody and Tyler are very sociable. adds that Dani is with them that’s her core but she’s trying to be good with everyone else.

Bayleigh – this is going to be so fun
Janelle – and we thought we were going to have so much fun this summer.
Janelle says she’s cried more than she ever has in the house.
Janelle – should we be open to Kevin. no, he’s too chatty..
Bayleigh says Kevin feels closer to them but still “he’s hanging out with Dani all day”
Janelle – she’s good too
Bayleigh – I’ve been watching girl
Janelle – they know they need him to turn it if they have him that’s it
Janelle points out that Bay and Da are close to Kevin they need to work on him to keep NicA.
Bayleigh says NicA is close to Kevin and Kevin is closer to Da’Vonne over Bayleigh.
Bayleigh says, in the beginning, Dani got into Da’Vonne’s head. Nothing bad about Janelle just little things like you gotta watch out for this.. She chose Dani and I think she chose wrong.
Janelle and Bayleigh agree they can’t work with Dani she’s in with that group tight. She’s surrounded by strong boys
Janelle – it’s a great spot to be in
Janelle – I wonder what Dani told her..
Bayleigh – I don’t know
Janelle – it must have been the Cody thing
Janelle brings up Dani trying to bring her and Kaysar into an alliance and they turned her down because they were already with Bayleigh. Dani was trying to get her to target Christmas and David.
Janelle warns that the sneaky sneaky players like Franzel are super dangerous. Cody is very charismatic
Bayleihg – if you put them on the block they have the votes to stay
Janelle – as long as you put both up
Janelle – Da’Vonne would never be like Sorry Janelle /Bay I choose Dani
Bayleigh – Never
Janelle – they’re a bunch of guys they’re super strong. we have Christmas we’re super strong too (barf you don’t)
Bayeligh warns that Dani is working Christmas too
Janelle – where is Christmas
Bayleigh – in the have nots with NicF they’re besties

4:32 pm Bayleigh and Enzo
Bayleigh brings up Dani offering an alliance to Janelle, Cody, NicF, Tyler.
Bayleigh – that is why Da was like what’s going on

Bayleigh – do not tell anybody the problem me, you, Da’vonne, Tyler. Cody and Dani
Enzo – that’s six. Does Tyler trust Dani
Bayleigh – he’s good with Dani
Bayleigh – the only thing that is getting foggy I know that Cody is tight Dani and NicF
Enzo – Cody likes Dani a lot he told me
Bayleigh is worried Cody will pick them over her.
Bayleigh – lets not freak out
Enzo – once we get to the end we have to turn on each other. There’s so many variables.

Bayleigh – who is going to call her out
Enzo – everyone is flip-flopping everyone is scared.

4:37 pm NicA and Kevin
Because NicA has a clear idea of what is going on. NicA wants to call Janelle and Kasyar out and declare to the house they are her targets.
The problem is NicA needs Kaysar and Janelle’s votes.
Kevin – you could blow up Kaysar and Janelle’s game the other side will be like those people are going to hate you know.
NicA still going on about blowing up people’s games who plan on voting for her.
Kevin – I don’t think you should to it.
NicA says if she has Janelle, Kevin, Christmas, Ian, and Bayelgih she has enough votes.

Janelle joins them. Chats about campaigning for NicA .. then get called to put on her microphones

NicoleA says if she blows up their games she’ll lose Janelles, KAsyars, Ian, and Christmas’ vote.
Kevin – I don’t know..
Janelle back.
Kevin says David feels very confident.
Janelle says it’s because the guys told David he’s good. they are using David and they are starting to work on Christmas.
Kevin – don’t you think we should intercept the guys
Janelle – f** now.
NicA – the guys are Cody, Tyler, Enzo that’s just three
Janelle – there’s girls too voting for them.
Kevin – then we can intercept the girls
Janelle – if you get Da’Vponne you’ll be Okay
Kevin – what about Bayleigh
Janelle – yes

they count votes, Janelle, Bayleigh, Kevin, Christmas, Da’Vonne.
Janelle – Ian is with Nicole Franzel and she votes ith Cody
Kevin – how come Christmas gave teh safety pass to Ian
Janelle – she didn’t have anyone
Janelle says the vote will be tied if they get Da’Vonne. Memphis will break the tie and evict David.
Janelle – those guys are trying to use the fact that you haven’t been out of the bed as Ammo.
Janelle says Bayleigh and Christmas are “Locked In” to keep NicA
Janelle – Just keep working Da’Vonne keep working Christmas those are the two
Janelle leaves.

NicA – thanks, Janelle.
Nic – in the grand scheme of things I don’t’ think she gives a f* about me .
NicA – right now we need her
Kevin thinks that Cody and Tyler are possible votes he never sees them with David.
NicA says Cody, Tyler, Dani, and NicF are a voting block.
NicA – ideally if things fell into place this works out and I stay we pull back and she goes after them. If they win HOH they’ll go after them (Janelle))

Kevin – As much as Janelle says they’re not connected but they are (Memphis and Janelle)
NicA – I think we could have Ian. I think Ian is working with her
Kevin – unless NicF is with them (Janelle and Kasyar) and it’s all smokescreen. (ZOMG)
Kevin – they played in the amazing race together
( I just can’t with NicA and Kevin talks)

5:16 pm Kaysar and Ian
Kaysar – I’ll tell you this, Our brains together are way more powerful than if we did our own thing
Kaysar says he will respect the game Ian plays
Ian – I try to play this thing to checkpoints
Kaysar – this house has been shaped there is a tipping point a point of no return if the power is consolidated. You have floaters taking information back to the core group to be in their good gracious just to survive the next week
Kaysar – once that happens
Ian – that’s what happened on mine and I wasn’t in the core and I had to scratch to survive
Kaysar – it’s brutal and exhausting
Ian – yup it’s not fun
Ian – can I ask a question. Do you think there’s any way to fragment the core four such that people are in it get shuffled into other alliances?
Kaysar – I’ve been thinking the same thing
Ian – the reality is this is going to have to reconcile itself. I want to go far in this game with NicF. But
Kaysar – NicF and Dani are willing to find another home if it’s required. We have to hit that team in such a way that it breaks its up. Tyler and Cody are at the core the head of the table
Ian – I agree
Kaysar – they are comps beasts
Ian – he had the power the first round so he was able to use that to consolidate
Kaysar – that is exactly what happened
Ian – I had it all figured out
Kaysar – they are going to play an exceptional social game
Ian – I’ve walked in on it all you know. EGAD
Kaysar – I like NicF she’s the biggest sweetheart in this house. They got to her first.
Ian – can I give you some advice. You and Janelle better perform on THsdday
Kaysar – I know
Ian – I can tell which way this is going
Kaysar – they were gunning for us day one that is why I played in the safety suite. I’m not stupid I know how to read between the lines.
Kaysar – I want to work with you Ian
Ian – when I saw you in here I wanted to work with you
Kaysar says Janelle would love to work with Ian
Ian – everyone wants their parachute it’s like 7 all over
Kaysar is surprised they didn’t bring Ian into that alliance because he’s with NicF.

Kaysar wants to work with Ian “I want to be able to use our brains and talk game with you so we can do things that have never been done before”

Ian – when I came in here it was really clear to me.. I said I was going to be smarter than everyone when I saw you there I have an equal at least
Kaysar – le us join forces instead of knocking each other down
Kaysar – think about it
Ian – yup
Ian – here’s the only thing I need, My Goal is to be in teh top 1/2
Kaysar – that’s fine
Ian – you think you can help me with that
Kaysar – yes, Think about this logically. Janelle and I are HUGE targets it makes the most sense to keep a big target.
Ian – I know I’ve thought of that one.

Kaysar – if I can promise you we’ll make it to the top 1/2 will you work with me
Ian – yes
Kaysar – then let’s do it
Ian – I want to work with you
Janelle joins them.

5:34 pm Tyler and Cody
Cody says a lot of the rumours going around were caused by Dani.
Cody – we just got to keep smiling
Cody says Da’Vonne is full of Sh1t says she’s saying that Tyler approached her.
Tyler says Dani told him that but she wouldn’t tell him who said it.
Cody – exactly. they’re all playing themselves.
Tyler says he caught them both within an hour and they know it to (Da and Dani)
Tyler – you’re not going to catch me dead talking to Janelle (huh?)

5:40 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
Talking about David messing up in the game saying he’ll target Memphis,
Bayleigh wonders if there is a boys alliance and they say the target is bay or Day will David warn them.
Da’Vonne wonders if David will try to prevent it.
Bayleigh mentions that David’s pitch is underwhelming.
DA’vonne says they can’t ride the wave
Bayleigh says they have to make a decision
Feed flips to NicA

6:20 pm working out

6:43 pm NicA and Da’Vonne
NicA going on about wanting to blow up Janelle. (or something like that honestly I can’t with NicA anymore today)
Da’Vonne – I heard 10000% there’s a buyback
Da’Vonne- she made them tell her she said if I go home I want to go see my kids and they were like you’ll go home in September.
NicA – that’s so scary I’m not good at comps.. If I have to face off against 3 other people.. So are you telling me I’m gone
NicA says she’s been told she has 5 votes, “You would be my sixth”

6:44 pm Cody and Memphis
Memphis sounds indifferent to who he wants gone. Cody goes on about their final 2 deal called the commission and how nobody in the house is going to figure it out.
They agree to keep Janelle and Kaysar to keep thinking NicF is the mastermind of their side.
Memphis wants Kaysar our before Janelle.
Cody brings up Dani is constantly coming up to him telling him that everyone is saying there’s a guys alliance.
Memphis – if Dani wins (HOH)
Cody – she’s throwing everything bro
Memphis says Dani came up here and was really pushing to backdoor Janelle. “that was before I won the power of veto”
Cody – I can’t tell whats’ going on to her. I just like her for who she is as a person

Cody brings up Bay and Da begin floaters this season.
Memphis says week 4 if he wins HOH he’ll put them both up and they can fight it out.
Memphis asks if next week if Christmas wins HOH, will she put up Kaysar and Janelle
Cody thinks she will says Christmas is all about their team.
Memphis says Janelle and Kasyar are the only ones on the other side trying to get numbers.
Memphis doesn’t know where Bayleigh and Da’Vonne will go if they win HOH

Memphis says it feels like it’s week six. Cody claims he tried to work with Janelle week one.

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Seriously WTF NicoleA, totally clueless. I hope she goes, she’ll never be an ally to Janelle and Kaysar. I’m liking Janelle and Bayleigh together, I hope they pull DaVonne in and Kaysar brings in David. Kevin and NicoleA need to go

another name

Okay. i was pretty… naive as a young teen. Every time i listen to a NicA and Kevin talk i say to myself, is this what an LSD flashback would feel like?


So…crazy thought?

NicA is actually playing the greatest week of BB as she has EVERYONE (including us) that she will nom J an K and out to get them, really in an effort to win votes from the other side…sells to NicF because as NicA stays and wins HOH, at the nom ceremony she says, “you may have ghosted me outside the house, but I clearly see you both sitting in those chairs. NicF, Dani, pop a squat!”


Not hardly…she really is just that clueless


This is absolutely frustrating. Nicole A. looks so dumb. Janelle is going around doing what Nicole A. should be doing which is CAMPAIGNING for her to stay and the only effort Nicole A. has contributed today is to bash Janelle. I hope to God she does call out Janelle so that Janelle can rip her to shreds.


Speaking of Marcellas he made it to jury which David says a poc has never done.


Lol Da has made it to jury. I’m sure he’s talking about as a winner though. Also, black people and poc is not the same thing.


Marcellas made jury twice. Marvin made it in season 5, Beau in Season 6, Ollie in season 10, Lawon and Howard both went out right before jury (seasons 13 and 15)




Zakiyah (BB 18, Paulie’s ‘flirtmance’) made it to jury as well. David is pretty clueless, which is why he probably wont make it.


Libra in BB10, too.


Yep and so did Da’Vonne and Danielle Reyes made it to final 2 but that doesn’t seem to mean anything to to David. It’s all about the men


No hes just an idiot

another name

Watching Tyler mirror Cody when they are together is sort of nauseating. (I know Tyler is doing it so Cody is more comfortable with him but still).
Tyler is developing a greater dislike for Dani.
Cody is just happy to complain about anybody because they speak to others without his hand up their butts moving their lips. That’s not how Derrick used to do it.

Da and Bay are still going back and forth on whether to stay with the group they know is sketch but has numbers, or become the numbers for the less sketchy and risk their survival. I feel like they’ve had this conversation for 2000 gifs now.

Ian is throwing little bits of obvious advice alllll over the place today.
to Kaysar: you guys better really hustle on Thursday.
to David: well if you’re HOH and want to figure out who’s gaming and who’s allying you have to do some sleuthing and some fact finding.
(ed: or be kevin, look who is in a room, decide they MUST be an alliance led by gasp Janelle, and run with it). I feel like Kevin watched clips of Jozea’s game from 18 and said Looks Good!!!!


LOL. That was the worst gameplan ever. And he still got onto The Challenge.

B. Compton

This post is spot on!!!!


Will NicA still get to name a have-not next week…watch her name Janelle, as she walks out the door.

Memphis should have done something, David stays and renames Memphis as a have-not. Next week he’ll be grumpy…David will also have a chance to prove his mic skills as he continues the growing feud.

another name

Memphis Cody conversation.
Anyone that doesn’t at least consider the possibility that the two have been asked to talk by tptb in order to put it into the current episode narrative that they’ve been equal partners all week?


I was able to see the actual video on youtube of Janelle getting teary about Nicole A and it was 100% honest, all the non verbals cues support her genuine reaction. She sincerely cares for Nic A and it breaks my hear that she Nic A questioning her devotion to her. I really hope Janelle or Kaysar get that HOH (crossing my fingers and praying to the BB gods).
ALSO, anyone else getting super annoyed as to what a big threat Janelle and Kaysar are being perceived as, like come on there are more dangerous targets in the house. Tyler, Cody, Christmas… from what we’ve seen so far Janelle and Kaysar are decent competitors this season but haven’t been in the top 3 in the comps thus far.


Well Simon…Bless your heart:( I’m so sorry you have to listen to these buffoons. However, I’m grateful it’s you and not me. I just can’t do it. Reading the conversations makes my head hurt. May the force be with you Simon & Dawg. This is just the 2nd week;-0


Nic A needs to hit the door right now. It’s sad to see Janelle crying over that dork with no brain. GTFO Nicole. You are a waste of space.


Omg Nicole…I am legit going to be concerned for her well being when she walks out the door and realizes how stupid she looks. How can you have a bb podcast when you are this bad at the game? Like c’mon..she played better with Cliff!
Why aren’t people letting Jenelle know what the hell Nicole is saying to them?


Because they are going to squeeze Nicole for every bit of info for the rest of the week. Then send her home…unless BayDay don’t like this David with the boys…his game is real bad, too! Umm, ahh, awkward silence…at least he’s consistent when replying to questions.

another name

David is excellent at campaigning….
for whoever is sitting in the OTHER eviction seat.

Ask Da’vonne.
Tyler must be saying “Kaycee would never…” in his head.

another name

oh good. kevin is talking da’vonne out of an all boy’s alliance? The boy alliance is janelle, christmas, memphis, cody and tyler kevin says. and she still listening to him talk?
while kaysar and janelle have invited (kind word) christmas and da’vonne to be in an alliance?
and nicA has talked to cody about her Janelle angst? and wants to nom J/k again….
tell me again why they’re trying to save (waves hand around up and down) that?

Is this some kind of hold my beer contest???????

LO Live

They need to keep Janelles name out their mouth omg— this is ridiculous ?

B. Compton



For someone who thought she was bullied her season nicole a sure does talk a lot of smack this season. The Nicole’s must have a competition on who can say “janelle” the most


She wasnt bullied


going straight from a nicA/kevin conversation to a Kaysar/Ian conversation is the brain cleanse i needed.

B. Compton

Nicole A. Isn’t dong anything!! Emwgat us wrong with her. I’m having flashbacks to last yr. When she was telling everything she knew, which got her into trouble. But this yr she’s clueless to what’s actually happening.