“next week if we get the power we get rid of Cody” .. “That will be devastating for them “

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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12:15 am Kaysar and Janelle
Kaysar – Ian’s out
J – he said he’ll work with me when you can
K – so after we get out NicoleF
J – He said it would not be a wise decision to go after NicF
K – Oh my god.. Okay dude relax
K – We have to plow through this house. why do we always find ourselves in this situation?
J – I don’t know
K – Do we have Kevin
J – Probably not
K – F**, If he takes NicA off what does that do for us. If Da’Vonne doesn’t vote with us
J – we literally don’t have the votes to do anything
J – what we have is me you Da’vonne bay and Christmas working together that’s five (Jeepers they think shitmas is on their side)
J – 5 people who gives a f***
Kaysar says David, Ian is with the other side and so is Enzo. Kaysar adds up the other side of the house counts 8 people.
J – it’s so frustrating
K – Meanwhile Memphis doesn’t believe anything is going on
J – there nothing we can do Kaysar that’s just his game that’s the way he wants to play. I can’t convince the guy
J – At least we have Christmas, Bay, and Da’Vonne working with us even though Da’Vone won’t vote a person out
Kaysar says its all out in the open now the other side is all hanging out in groups the house will be “extremely Divide” soon maybe next week.
Janelle – this week was a diesaster
Kaysar – we look like idiots
J – we can’t control Memphis
they talk about Ian’s theory about pairs in the house.
Janelle says Ian has the pairs all wrong “It’s actually Cody, Tyler, Dani, and NicolF”
Janelle brings up that someone told Da’vonne that Janelle was working with Cody
Kaysar – WHAT
Janelle says it was one of those four.
Kaysar – we came here to play lets play. This is going to get really ugly. This game.
Kaysar – I’m so tired of being on the outskirts of these frigging alliances every time
Janelle says they had their 4 person alliance in Allstar that one the first 4 HOH’s and took out floaters for 5 weeks.
J – we had an opportunity and we blew it
the laugh.
K – Ok fine, you got a point.
J – DOn’t get down don’t think like this all we have to do is get in power that’s it. we’ve done it before you won the HOH when the whole house was coming for you 15 years ago.
K – I don’t like the last 3 years where’s there s a pattern and big alliance plows through the house..
J – JKaysar don’t worry about that kinda stuff
They agree Kevin is a dirty player.
Kaysar says they have nobody that is a lock for a vote “Not even Ian”
Janelle – we’ve lost two people in a row.
K – Even if I put Cody up we don’t have the votes..
J – This week if we get the power we get rid of Cody
K – that will be devastating for them
J – Yeah

12:45 am Enzo and Tyler (Hard to hear)
Enzo – yo .. yo .. yo ..
Enzo says he talked to Memphis who to vote out “he said I don’t give a f** I don’t care”
Tyler says if Memphis is trying to keep NicA he’s 100% with the other side
Tyler says Memphis will want to keep NicA.
Enzo – if Janelle wins HOH this week I think we’re all good
Tyler suggest they might go after COdy
Enzo – I think she’s going after all girls
Tyler – Nicole
Enzo says he’s worried about the girls. (Da’Vonne/Bayleigh) adds that he told them once the noms are locked this week they’ll get together and name their alliance.
Enzo talking about players that don’t do anything in the game get to the end then win everything. Mentions Ian’s name.
They talk about their side having 7 people in it.

Tyler says they need to get Memphis to agree to keep David in the case of a tie
Enzo says they have Bay, Da, and Cody’s vote. “WE’re good we got the votes’

1:08 am NicA And Janelle
NicA – my goose is cooked which is fine
NicA says Kevin has promised her a vote
J – then you have a chance
J – I don’t think Ian is
NicA – I don’t think anyone else is
J – You have me, Kasyar, Christmas.. Da’Vonne, Kevin
NicA says some of the those people won’t for her, “I was told I don’t have the numbers. If Memphis doesn’t use that veto I’m f*ed”

NicA says she doesn’t want to be called a rat. “Please don’t say anything please”
NicA – it’s a done deal if i’m sitting next to David.
J – By Da’Vonne
NicA – by three people
NicA – Memphis doesn’t care
J – Memphis sucks
J – Will you offer safety suite
NicA says she offered Memphis that before his noms.
Nic says everyone was wishy-washy when she asked them about their votes except for Kevin.
Janelle keeps asking her who told her she’s F**ed with the vote
NicA won’t say.
Janelle says Memphis told her he wanted David gone.
NicA – from what I hear the person next to David is going home.
NicA goes on about how Memphis can take out a strong player. “It’s literal a repeat in last year where I put all my eggs in people’s basket because I thought I was good and now they are like NAW”
Janelle says Kasyar makes Memphis mad. He gets super agitated when they talk to him.
Janelle says Memphis told her if it’s a tie he’ll vote out David he wants David gone.
Janelle proposes she goes to Ian and offers him the safety suite for a vote.
NicA says everyone she talks to seems convinced about their vote.
They count votes, Kaysar, Janelle, Kevin
NiCA – you say Bayleigh .. DA;’Vonne
Nic – I don’t know about Bayleigh.
Janelle – she’s yes
NicA – are you sure you want me here.. I can take it on the chin
Janelle – Nicole are you serious I love you
NicA – I just don’t want to look like a moron
Janelle – Don’t give up it’s not over until it’s over. Get your head back into the game. Promis Ian the stars get his vote he doesn’t have anyone.

1:33 am NicF and Christmas
NicF going on about how janelle keeps reminding everyone abotu NicF adn how she’s won a season. Says it’s a game strategy and it works because now everyone is talking about her.
NicF – Dani was trying to stay good with her but Janelle keeps saying her name
Christmas – she said that she and Dani aren’t even talking She said that Dani tried to offer her protection with her alliance. She was offering something
NicF – like safety
Christmas – and Janelle was like no because she didn’t want to work with that group
Christmas – Dani said well I can’t work with you
nicF – that never happened Dani said
NicF – Dani for some reason is scared to go after.
Christmas – she said the house is terrified of Kasyar and her
Christmas – she did say that the house is terrified of Memphis .. she said the house is so scared.
Christmas – I actually really like talking to her. 70% of the time it’s really awkward she just stares at me waiting for me to talk I make her talk first.
NicF – I can’t talk with her she doesn’t want a convo she just wants information
They talk about when Christmas will give Kasyar/Janelle a decision of whether or not she’s working with them. Christmas is going to “pull a Bayleigh” and just say she needs to get more comfortable with them.
Christmas – I just want to have a good time..

They talk about Janelle for the next 5 minutes..
Christmas – I have enough ammo to put her up
NicF spends most of the time talking about “my name coming up” and permutations of that
NicF – I’m on eggshells all the time.

NicF – how do you feel about Tyler Good?
Christmas – I feel really good about Tyler. I feel better about Tyler than I do Dani
NicF – I got to talk to Tyler more
Christmas – he’s super chill
Christmas goes on about getting a name for their alliance from Memphis. She told him they need to have one before the veto ceremony tomorrow.
Christmas and NF both don’t care they just want a name for their BIG alliance.
Christmas – he said 6 pac …
Christmas – like 2 pac
nicF – Ohh
Christmas – why don’t we use team 6 .. like seal team 6 (LOL)
Christmas – I’ll run it by him

2:58 am Kasyar and NicA
NicA – I feel confused and stupid
Kaysar – why do you feel stupid
Nica – I thought I would do better
NicA won’t tell him which people have given her a definite no.
Kaysar says he wants to know where people’s heads are at so he can help her. He wants to campaign along with her
nicA is afraid Kaysar and Janelle will become bigger targets if they help her
K – you don’t have to worry about us
Kaysar – I can’t help you if you aren’t going to tell me
NicA is just going to say that she was told she doesn’t have the numbers
Kaysar – we have days ahead of us I need to know who to work on to gain confidence if I don’t know who is wavering I can’t talk to them.
NicA – I don’t think it’s the people you mentioned to me to talk to.
Kaysar – NicA I’m trying to work I can’t do that if I’m flying blind.
Kaysar can’t understand why she won’t tell him.

NicA – they told me in confidence.
Kaysar – that they are not voting for you? what is the objective?
Kaysar – you need to work on Kevin and Ian. Will Kevin save you
NicA – I think so he said he would like to vote with me but he needs to talk to the HOH.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back. they’re still on the hammock.
NicA – it’s going to suck.. by a vote of 7 to 5
K – I’ll work on Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Just keep focus. your best bet out of all of those is Kevin and Ian.
NicA – even if I have Kevin and Ian I still need more
Kaysar – I’ll work on those
NicA – how about the girls, Dania and NicF
Kaysar – they’re all working with them.
NicA – Enzo
Kaysar – they’re working with them. they’re just pretending
Kaysar – once again it’s us against the house
NicA – tell me about it
Kaysar – now it’s the impossible task of getting everyone focused and working together.

4:00 am Ian called for punishment.

8:17 am more punishment.

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Team Janelle

Well then let’s hope Janelle gets power next week. Cody going out so early would be awesome. *Fingers crossed*

BBAS2 baby

Imagine Enzo and Cody on the block and if one of them takes themselves off Tyler goes up

I’d be fine with either of them leaving


Tyler is becoming annoying


Or the opposite of that. Will never understand the Kaysar jizzfest.

Banana Minion

Hopefully with with information that Tyler gave Xmas, regarding Dani, they’ll decide to team up with Janelle/Kaysar Day/Bay. Tyler and Christmas would be a great addition to their group.


Hope not


I think the theme of this week has been
comment image

another name

Things that make no sense:

1) Before Veto: Da’vonne tells Tyler about Cnnct alliance because it’s sketching her out. So she agrees with Tyler that Cody (who is sketching her out) should be in the alliance? And why exactly do Bay and Da both seem to think Tyler is a poor wounded baby bird?

2)Kevin. just. Kevin. Wide eyed head shakes and shrugging… anyone got an answer?

3)NicA refusing to actually take help from the only people offering to help her campaign. why? So she can drown in a pool of her own existentialist self pity for 4 more days? Really? I almost want to tell her to grab a life vest. Almost.

4)How anybody is putting up with Memphis being Memphis. No really. Imagine if Memphis had given his ‘no, thanks’ to an alliance offer from a new schooler. They’d be crying, or staring in disbelief at the wall for a half hour. They’d need to be given a room to themselves for a few days to cope with the shock.

5)How Nicf contracted Janellous-20. and became patient zero creating a housewide hotspot. They aren’t even trying to develop a test or a vaccine. Is it a mutation of her Rachelvirus that they have to give her pressed juice to treat? Take a supplement like a grown up and quit being a primadonna toddler.

6)How nobody has turned to Enzo with daggers in their eyes and said, “say YO one more time, I dare you.”

7)How Janelle and Kaysar ever believed they were in a GOOD spot. They started the game having no choice but get immunity.

8)Tyler having some sort of deal with everyone. Someone should have stood on a table by night five and said how many of us have a deal with Tyler by now… show of hands?
I mean… really? Which is the real deal? Well i guess episode only people are going to have to wait until week 6 to find out which of his deals was actually his pre-game deal (or ask Ovi he’s spilling… He says David is the real one btw, but does he actually know or is his tea as good as his bb game?)

9)Christmas. Why does she believe she and David are so tight? Where’s that on feeds? Bueller? Bueller?… Bueller?…..


Number 5 ?. So funny and so true.


Spot on!

Just Sayin'

Ughhhhhhh how does NicoleA run a reality show podcast?!?! She is mentally draining to watch, who would ever want to be interviewed be her lol embarrassing


Shes Long Island trash. She left a job helping kids to search for fame running a podcast. Her realness is quite overrated.


Why is NicA protecting people that say they are going to vote to evict her? Doesn’t make sense to me. If they aren’t working with her and she don’t have the votes, what does she have to lose? Doing nothing isn’t going to change her circumstance…

Team Janelle

Exactly. It’s baffling. If I were Kaysar I think I would just forget it and try to bring in David at this point. Smh


Came to say exactly this. She doesn’t want to lose the trust of someone she can’t count on. Go ahead and take my lunch money, I won’t tell


At least she’s standing up for herself this season, like she said she would…sorry, that’s Janelle standing there, NicF is still in bed.


production ? Keep David ?


Of course he is staying. You know th theme of BB22 right?


I think she’s worried about Janelle and Kaysar talking to them and finding out what she has been saying about them


Can’t wait to hear all about it on her podcast next week!


I think because nobody told her that, other than David and she doesn’t want anybody to know what a dick move he made.


Nic A and Kevin are clueless. My ears bleed when I listen to them talking nonsense.

Respect for Ian though, cause he is carrying out that stupid punishment pretty well.


I think Kevin is kinda clueless, but more so is trying to find someone at the bottom that he can pull over to himself, for himself. He is going to coast now for a long time, because no one will be looking for a pawn as things are closer to erruption…Cody is the pin holding things together. Once one of his people figure out his connections and loses trust for him, the pin will be pulled (maybe NicF will still get a tug at something?) and lines will no longer be blurred to the house; so many people will need to make a choice. Enzo, Memphis, Xmas will all scorn if they realize how close he is with Dani and NicF. Add Tyler to this mix (and he still will have David), we could see this house divide into small groups with shots being taken at Cody – Dani – NicF from all sides…if so, S6 becomes needed by many…new moon soon?


I had a nightmare that NicF won this season…if that were to happen, I would hope that everyone stops watching this show forever so that it becomes meaningless.

Jets Jets Jets

Memphis’s on the block speech to David was bad enough. But his screw you arm motion and voice inflection was ridiculous also. You could see the look in a lot of their faces, especially Tyler’s.


Just who does Memphis think he is? Evil Dick?


If thats the way he wants to play, so be it. Its a littl strong and will prob backfire. Have to give him credit for not falling for Davids sophomoric attempts during veto.