Big Brother 22 finale episode and season in review

The two-hour finale starts at 6:00 pm PST. As is the drill It will show copious amounts of filler and pharmaceutical/political commercials. In between, we’ll see the last two parts of the Final HOH. Part 2 for which we know Cody wins and part 3 where Cody and Nicole will face off. We’ll see the questions from the jury, the final vote, and America’s favorite player (if there is one.. lol) From what I’ve seen I think Cody and Nicole will take each other to the end. Cody should win this season but of course, it’s 2020 and I’m fully expecting some sort of upset. Cody winning final HOH taking Nicole only to lose again would be a perfect end to this fantastic year.

The last image on the feeds shows houseguests saying Bye to the feed watcher. Feeds went dark before noon. After spending so much time watching these people I usually feel a bit sad saying goodbye but this year I’m just happy.

My thoughts on the season – This season was very boring for a feed only watcher. To name a few contributing factors to the suckiness.  Few likable people, almost nothing unexpected happening,  constant feed blockages, pregame distortions, and houseguests tiptoeing around their social media accounts.  All in all a Kraken season if there ever was one. I’m routinely asked if I think this was the worst season of all time and I can say with certainty for me it was the most boring and my least favorite. Finally, BB16 is not the worst anymore.. Congratz to them.

Thank you to everyone that visits the site I’m glad we were able to pull it together during the pandemic. Man, we’ve been doing this for a long time. The comments as always were a real treat to read and were the one highlight for me this season. Thank you to all the regulars for their insight, support, and funny takes. Love you all. I would have stopped watching this season after Kaysar was evicted if it wasn’t for my OBB peeps.

See you all again for BB23.

Results from the show


Clips from part two of the HOH. Winner is Cody.


Christmas joins the Jury. They go over the final 3 giving out the pros and cons of why each one should win.

Dani hopes Cody wins.

Part 3 of the final HOH (Backdoor techno sounds neat)

First questions – Cody-1, Nicole-0
Second question – Cody-2, Nicole-1
Third question – Cody-3, Nicole-2
Fourth question – Cody-4, Nicole-3
Fifth question – Cody-5, Nicole-4
Sixth question – Cody-6, Nicole-5
Seventh question – Cody-7, Nicole-6
Eighth question – Cody-8, Nicole-7

Cody wins Final HOH.

Nicole Cries..

Enzo “YO YO … my guy man. everything I did including saving her was for you man.. ”

Cody cries..

Cody takes Enzo. Evicts Nicole (Holy shit!)
Enzo – you’re awesome yo… you’re awesome.. you’re going to destroy me in this YO
Cody – it’s not about that YO
Enzo – my god … YO Cody is my guy YO.. I’m indebted to you YO ..

Nicole is shocked. Says she never saw that coming.

Nicole joins the Jury and they get to ask their questions. (Dani is happy to see Cody again)

Finale Speech..

Enzo – I finally made it YO.. I finally made it took me 10 years.. This season was easier than the last one. YO.. I’m proud YO..

Cody – I am so much more deserving than I was the first time I played.

Some words from Pre Jury.. (Everyone but Nicole A gets some air time)

Some more words from the Jury.. Dani says Cody played a really great game.

Final Vote..

Everyone voted for Cody to win.

Cody wins Big Brother 22

America’s favorite player

Top two Tyler and Da’Vonne. Da’Vonne wins

This has been a fun finale who would have thought! The first time something unexpected happened it only took 85 f***ing days.

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BBAS2 baby

Will the finale be delayed because of a hurricane zeta?


Nope. Doesn’t affect California

ACB Is In The House

It will only be delayed if Grodner needs to stuff the America’s Favorite ballot box.


Or if Memphis needs to stuff Christmas’ box


That’s a present that should remain unopened and tightly wrapped up….

Joy Rod

Do not agree with fav plyr. It was Enzos funniness or Nicoles dittziness that made the season

Backseat Driver

Thank you Simon and Dawg for getting us through this season….I feel your pain trying to keep us informed…..however, you did a great job and your sense of humor, quips and honest reporting is most appreciated. I’m headed to the tip jar and besides all the bitching…..see you for BB23.


Thank you, we appreciate it!


Warning – long post

Wrapping it up

I saw a prediction of the jury voters ranking order but disagreed with a few. For example – they said Kevin’s order was 1) Cody 2) Enzo 3) Nicole — I disagree b/c I think he’d pick Enzo over either NiCody although he’s softening on his Cody angst he was the most affected by the wall yellers. As for Nic he might not appreciate how Nic didn’t have to play (shield protection) until F5 while he was constantly on the block fighting to stay. And if she tries to sell them the story she’s practicing on live feeds I can’t imagine that won’t rub Kev the wrong way.

I might be on an island (I think) regarding my view of what will happen especially with the NiCody pregame F2. Still — here’s how I see it & why…

Competition rank (prior to P3 of final HOH):

  1. Cody: EIGHT wins- 3 HOHs, 4 POVs (including critical F4 POV) & P2 of final HOH
  2. Nic: 3 wins – F5 HOH/POV & P1 of final HOH
  3. Enzo: 4 wins – 1 POV (week 1), W3 safety suite, 2 HOHs (W4/F4)

Although Enzo has more wins (or ties if you don’t count the safety suite) & Nic won versus fewer people she still beat Enzo in all the comps she won at a critical point in the game. There no denying Cody smoked EVERYONE in this area.

1) Enzo – most liked by house, never offended anyone, never nominated. Never told blatant lies – simply said his famous “that’s it” line. Memphis who didn’t warm up to many in the house clearly like Enzo.

All the strongest competitors/strategist in the house wanted to take him to the end (Cody/Tyler/Memphis) & not just b/c he was someone they could beat b/c they could’ve opted to take any of David, Kevin, Day or Xmas to the end if they wanted a goat.

Even Dani who planted seeds & encouraged dissension between everyone never went after Enzo. In fact, I’m hard pressed to recall anything she ever said other than “he’s popular”. That’s impressive b/c she tried to sow doubt with Cody about Nic but never attempted the same on Enzo.

Not until F4 were there any negative comments made & it came from Xmas b/c he didn’t tell her she was being nominated & from Nic b/c she was angry he let Cody deal with Christmas & went for the win. The real reason was she wanted Enzo cut at F4.

2) Cody – yeah he pre-gamed & had numerous F2s but not any of them wanted to target him or blindside him. Well, in truth Ty/Memphis would’ve cut him but Cody got them out pretty much the week prior to when that would’ve been an option.

Also, never ended up on the block and the key catchphrase all year was “let me talk to Cody” or “what did Cody say”. That is the purest sign of someone being in control. Kevin wasn’t a fan of his & Kaysar/Janie called him out early yet he got along with them on a personal level ie: it wasn’t contentious.

3) Nic – This season was similar to her BB18 win with a preference for males & though she had female allies (Dani/Day/Xmas) she seemed more aggressive in betraying them. Tyler was the only male she treated similarly.

In reflection, she laughed about ignoring Nic A’s messages to be on her podcast, the Janelleousy was a constant, she ridiculed Xmas game play only shifting when she needed an ally to turn on Dani. How she dealt with Da’Vonne felt unnecessary if not cruel setting up Da/Kevin/David to vote out Ty & then continuing to lie about the vote afterward ultimately placing the blame on Dani.

On one hand I get it b/c it’s part of the game — they all lie and arguably women get the short end of the stick when it comes to how their actions are perceived compared to the men. HOWEVER — Nic’s choices and refusal to own them are why it’s hard to have empathy or cheer for her.

Whether the jury angst toward Dani is genuine or fodder for social media banter it’s hard to believe there won’t be similar angst toward Nicole. It’s often said how you treat someone aside from game talks is what a juror remembers and the fact Nic spoke poorly about so many behind their backs if revealed will be costly. And many saw through her when she was being fake.


  1. Cody: Landslide win again. Sure he had all the deals & F2s but consider how many times his allies asked him to take out someone or for a quid pro quo that never happened. Dani wanted to backdoor Ty & b/c of David’s power jumped the gun. She could’ve ignored Cody & put up Memphis or Enzo but acquiesced to nominate Cody’s target (Ian). Likewise, Enzo evicted David to keep Nic (for Cody primarily), & would’ve been better served to keep Ty/Memphis instead of Xmas in both incidences but couldn’t convince Cody.
  2. Enzo – no one was more determined to take out prior winners but the DE vote to save Nic proved how much control Cody had over the Meow Meow. He made feeble attempts to shift Cody off Tyler (Xmas), Memphis (Xmas) & Xmas (Nic) but it was Cody’s priority boot who left each week. He gains an edge over Nic though b/c no one ever nominated him let alone even considered doing so.
  3. Nic – Go back to the initial Committee convo & notice how Memphis hesitates when he says Nicole. It was mentioned on live feeds that Dani/Cody had to convince him to include her as Bayleigh was the original Memphis choice. She couldn’t get Dani to put up anyone other than Ian or work with her to keep Ian & in 3 successive weeks Nic tried to convince Cody to keep Ian/Day/Kev (instead of Ty/Kev/David) and lost every debate.


Not much surprising here as there was never a point in the season where any of this trio had to pivot & make a major strategic shift. I think that was my greatest disappointment of the season b/c I so love a great brain with strategic adroitness.

  1. Cody: Create a pregame alliance complete with four (maybe five) F2s and a spoon fed blueprint detailing eviction order. Navigate the season by winning comps and testing those five F2s to see who is most loyal and who the best bet to win against at the end is.
  2. Enzo 2A (Nic 2B – see below): It’s the one category I’m awarding a tie. The reason is both players essentially played precisely the same way they did in their previous seasons. Enzo gets the slight edge b/c he won comps this time and I simply enjoyed him more. Also of note in his solo live feed chats this week he stated he DID NOT have a pregame F2 as he questioned whether NiCody did. His greatest error occurred down the stretch when he voted out David, Tyler and Memphis all players he would’ve been better off keeping (David only b/c of Nic being the option). But at the same time risking taking out Nic might’ve meant repercussions. If (when) Cody wins P3 if he takes Enzo then that choice will prove correct. It also sounded like Enzo had hoped to win P1 of the final HOH which I would’ve loved to see just to know if he would’ve cut Cody had he won P1 & P3.
  3. Nic (let’s call it 2B): In her third kick at the can she used essentially the precise same strategy as she did in BB18 minus the showmance. Surround yourself with strong male threats or bigger targets (Cody/Ian), develop ties with female allies to backstab when the time is appropriate, wait for jury & strike only when it’s essential to win. I’ve NEVER been a fan of a player who does nothing for more than half the game. Worse are the ones who employ that strategy & then claim they controlled the game. Dr. Will didn’t win comps but he OWNED who he was & DID CONTROL the game so he affected every move in the house. In contrast, Nicole never owns her sh*t she plays the victim & if we’re honest she’s only in F3 b/c of Cody AND Enzo who saved her with his vote. That said, it’s hard to argue her strategy (or in truth her obvious close relationship with TPTB) b/c it’s landed her in deep in the game twice in a row.

The Final Two:
I believe if Cody chooses he’s taking Enzo — production has been setting that up for weeks between his GBMs & DRs of wanting to take the right person this time. We know his longer F2 was with Nic & while he could be implying he’ll betray Enzo it makes more sense that he would cut the former winner b/c he has a great argument against the Meow Meow & how he controlled him. Plus Enzo essentially played the role Cody did to Derrick (bringing him intel but w/o the same competition prowess).

And while he could say he was the shield for both Enzo/Nic his story versus Enzo is better b/c Enzo delivered so much information & kept him apprised of what was happening outside the Committee.

I’m also in the minority b/c I do NOT believe Nic would take Cody and not primarily for the $$$ but for the TITLE which is her driving motivation. With that — if the jurors really are bitter I think it would be a greater factor if Nic cut Cody & the jury pay back was giving the money to Enzo instead of her. That likely wouldn’t happen but here’s how I see the vote – – based on priority of each jury:

Juror voting priority:

Ian: 1. Cody 2. Nic 3. Enzo
This is the one jury vote that could easily shift to Nicole b/c of their friendship but Ian has said he’ll vote based on overall prowess in comps, strategy & social. Besides with Nic voting him out he doesn’t owe her anything.

Da’Vonne: 1. Enzo 2. Cody 3. Nic
As a floater she’ll appreciate Enzo’s game play and since Cody will win in a landslide she may toss Enzo a vote. If Nic/Enzo sit beside each other she’ll abandon her “female winner” penchant in favor of her redemption arc to take the money away from Nic this time.

Kevin: 1. Enzo 2. Cody 3. Nic
As much as Kevin has recently spoken highly of Cody’s game he never liked how the pregaming affected him & was the most affected by the wall yellers.

David: 1. Cody 2. Enzo 3. Nic
The wildcard in the group – he was spouting accolades about Nic but I’m not sure he strays from rewarding Cody – AND I’m not sure he wouldn’t credit Enzo getting to F2 as the only non-Committee member.The most naive member of All-Stars could end up being the swing vote if Nic sits beside Enzo!

Dani: 1. Cody 2. Nic 3. Enzo
Bitterness could come into play if Dani holds resentment over how Nic backstabbed her so if Nic sits beside Enzo the true payback would be voting for Enzo but I think she’ll stay true to her backstabbing BFF.

Tyler: 1. Cody 2. Enzo 3. Nic
While Tyler said cutting Cody would garner favor with him and his vote the fact Nic was constantly targeting him and speaking negatively about him could result in Tyler picking Enzo over Nic (but I also won’t be surprised if he does the right thing & credits Nic if she cuts Cody)

Memphis: 1. Cody 2. Nic?? 3 Enzo??
The OG of the group won’t vote with bitterness and will reward Cody. And while I don’t think Memphis will be bitter he might not feel Nicole is deserving against Enzo. Remembering he didn’t want Nicole in the Committee at first he might view her as no better than David & simply someone who starting playing at F5 & got the benefit of Cody/him and the Committee doing all the heavy lifting. In this scenario I could see him reward Enzo for being the one who told Cody about Wise Guys 2.0 which gave Cody the reason to cut him.

Xmas: 1. Nic 2. Cody 3. Enzo
What we know for sure is Xmas WILL NOT vote for Enzo b/c of bitterness and anger. Although Cody should get her vote if it’s NiCody in the F2 I think she’ll vote for Nic out of “friendship” lol.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:

Even before the final juror joins the group Cody has the game won if he gets to that chair. The biggest question is whether the jury would reward Nicole with the top prize if she wins P3 & cuts Cody. David & Memphis’ votes could make this interesting as they both could vote the opposite as how I have it above. Still, I have it as a 4-4 tie which would mean Cody would be the deciding vote.

That sure would give us some drama. Would he credit Nic for cutting him or would he punish her & crown Enzo with the victory? Many have said there is a “deal” in place to split the money (which isn’t allowed as per their contracts btw) but even if it was true I think Cody would be pissed she took away his shot & title & would reward his Jersey buddy in the ultimate payback!

AFP: Social media banter seems to be focused on Da’Vonne plus she’s got Angela pushing Tyler fans to vote for Day. If Enzo gets cut I also won’t be surprised if his name gets inserted as one of the top AFP finalists and maybe TPTB reward him for being a good production puppet.

All that said, I think Da’Vonne wins with Tyler & Janelle as the other finalists.

Until we meet again:

Thanks to Simon and Dawg for another wonderful season and providing the platform for all us BB fanatics to congregate. And, thanks to all the posters for providing such insightful posts. Whether we agree or not it’s always fun to meet here each season to share our thoughts and reunite.

If you are interested in staying in touch you can find me on Twitter under the same moniker (TTOTambz) or visit the sites I write about the NBA on (Raptors Republic, Thunderous Intentions).

Wishing everyone a SAFE & HEALTHY year — until we meet again. xo


This season was not the most exciting season, but I’m just glad there was one.

ACB Is In The House

This season Big Brother got Covid.

Guy From Canads

Cause it’s on life support?


And we can’t complain about the winner.

2 hot guys winners in a row.


The lead photo is great.

Hello, Clarice!

ACB is in The House

Thanks for the links Simon. Are they good all year?

Lady E

Thank you, everybody! I appreciate the entertainment on OBB. Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones!

Mary Altman

You too!!!

Red Wave

Enzo….37 minutes. Stevie Wonder could beat that time.

ACB Is In The House

Who do the feeds think they are ……Twitter, Facebook or Google?

another name

I guessed 16 yesterday. hhahahhaa.


18 out of 85? Seems significant.

Stuck in Testine

That happened to me once, I ended up in hospital.

Billy Big Bottom

Thanks chaps for your hard work. I appreciate it every year.

Thank you other posters for bothering, thinking BB and even making me laugh occasionally!

I will watch the finale, without really caring who wins, but hoping that buffoon Da’Vonne doesn’t win AFP.

BBAS2 baby

That jury segment was great

ACB Is In The House

They should always show more jury footage. It was very good tonight.


So based on the Jury segment….Cody will be winning with this jury

BBAS2 baby

cody’s steaming through these statements


We missed something. Nicole knew this was going to happen while we weren’t sure how Cody was leaning


Yeah. I guess we will never know how it happened


There must have been words exchanged because both Nicole and Cody looked upset when the commercial break ended


Production may have stepped in and let it be known some folks are calling shenanigans on the pregaming bit between Nicole and Cody and something has to change.


Exactly!!!!! That’s why Cody was crying. Derrick said on an interview I didn’t see Cody cutting Nicole at all; at all. I bet ???


I was so excited when he cut Nicole. !


That was the highlight ALL season and therefore the BEST move!! Imho.


Best move ever!!!!!

The Beef

It was the logical move, but you never know with all of the pre-game agreements. I think he just did what he needed to do to ensure the win. After losing the way he did in 16, it only makes sense he take the person he’s most likely to beat.


Omg! Cody cut Nicole! I love it!! Excellent, regardless of final outcome. She sat there with that cat who ate the canary look all the way up until….CUT!! HA!


A silver lining in a challenging time


She’s certainly not a gracious loser


Especially for someone that already won. Like Cody said “give one of us a go” Or something to that effect.

BBAS2 baby

Janelle stans can sleep well tonight
Cheers to us yo

C. D.

Hmm, maybe Nicole will learn to stop relying on these guys to get her through the game.


Oh, oops. There goes CBS paying for her wedding. Lol. That’s probably why she’s crying. And, yeah, totally sore loser. While I’m at it, remember her telling production to buy her a new dress for finale since her chosen one would no longer fit? Uh, ooops….Guess they declined & just had her throw that coat over it tonight. Bye bye, Nicole….


The ? got snaked. And no sponsers to go home too. Victor why not sum up 2020 for Nicole. Just jokes.


Ian is giving me 70s vibes tonight, lol


I just want to say, there is no way Cody did that in just over 4 minutes


Thinking the same thing. It looked like it took 4 minutes to lift those cardboard people. No way……Enzo’s time seemed more likely.


If you compare Cody’s time to Enzo’s time, it does seem lopsided. However, Cody was smart to use the stairs and not the balance beam to return to the buzzer. Not having to dodge those pigs saved him a lot of time. I’ll bet Enzo used 15-25 minutes when he misread the question and didn’t realize it said “3” and not “2.” And then going back and forth on that beam, dodging pigs, over and over and over again on that one question. I can see how Cody’s time was so low.


I KNEW Cody would stay true to the Root — good for Enzo. I’m so glad he made it to a F2 chair – he hasn’t cried all season & to see how emotional he got really touched me.

Enzo played that final speech perfectly by saying – everything I did I did for you – INCLUDING keeping her in the game! Smart Meow Meow. He’ll get burned probably 9-0 or 8-1 but I’m happy he didn’t get Enzo’d.


Yeah he laid it on Cody at the end. She was pissed.

BBAS2 baby

Enzo has a shot with these answers omg

ACB Is In The House

Enzo is happy with second place.


Sounds strange but there may be only one vote this time made for personal reasons over game


She is so pissed!!!!!!


She was so positive that she was going to win…remember how she practiced, practiced, practiced her acceptance speech about how fabulous she was & how deserving, on & on….And was SPEECHLESS when she got cut? This was Priceless.

Terrible Horrific Season

OMG!!! One of the only times this season that I have a smile on my face. Bye bye Nicole! Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey good bye.

I am Nicole’s Enraged, Inflamed Sense of Rejection

$10 in the jar, thanks for another great season Simon and Dawg


Only excitement I got all season was seeing Nicole screwed over. She was acting like a childish idiot over Cody choosing Enzo. I’m glad Enzo at least got $50,000. He deserves it over her.


I agree with everything you said, but remember that all three of them were crying and were very emotional. Unfortunately for her, Nicole had to be the one to walk out the door after feeling she was truly blindsided. She redeemed herself by voting for Cody to win.

The Beef

How’s that? By actually voting for the person who deserved to win to win? Or for voting for the person who carried her throughout the season to win? No way she is even alive in the Final 3 if it wasn’t for Cody, and Enzo too for that matter. If not for Cody, Enzo cuts her during the triple and she goes out in David’s place. She did nothing to save herself there – only Enzo not wanting to piss Cody off saved her.

Hell, she admitted she was laying low and not even trying to win early in the game. That’s her strategy – find a meat shield or two, hide behind them and try to skate to the end without doing anything (no blood on your hands). It worked in 18 when the jury was so pissed off at Paul, they voted her the win. Not so much this time. She needed that last win, and she just couldn’t quite get it, although she was very close. Cody proved he deserved to win by not missing a single question, while Nicole only missed one. Thank God they didn’t do the usual “crap shoot” type questions, as these were all fact based, and they both did well on them.

It would have been a travesty had she won the final HOH, and the jury somehow decided that was enough to award her the win for this season against Cody. Cody dominated this season, and while it was a boring, he fully deserved to win 9-0 against Enzo, IMHO, and should have won by a similar margin against Nicole, although I know she may have received some votes from “friends” (possibly Ian and maybe Kevin).


I agree with everything you wrote, The Beef. I did not want Nicole to win or even be in the final two.

Tammie Davidson

Does anyone think Dani’s marriage will survive with her infatuation with Cody? Hmmmm


Isn’t she 40 and he is 29?


For Dom’s sake I hope it does


She was drooling when Cody popped up on screen. She’s gonna pull an xmas move.

C. D.

Dani is IN LOVE with Cody!!


Oh absolutely.


I’ve been saying that all season. She totally disrespected her husband on this show. Same for Nicole with her fiancé. It was awful to watch.


Neither of them disrespected their husband/fiance’.


you obviously didn’t watch the show or read these updates. They completely did. I’m not saying Cody is innocent. He completely disrespected his girlfriend as well.


We all are

Miss Impression

Cutting Nichole makes me feel a little better about Cody winning.Still hate the pregame planned finish.


100% agree


Derrick was on Danielle and Jason show after the finale. Why did he ask them you hear the background music. He was playing “We are the Champions”

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Cody finally got a pair! The big move that he needed to make…………done!


Finally is right!

Yellow Ducky For The Win

Poor Cody is stuck there still trying to explain to Enzo the difference of being laughed at and laughed with.


And poor Victor is stuck with pouty “why not me?” Nicole. Yikes. Can you imagine having to listen to her for the next however long???

The Beef

Yeah, poor Enzo thought the jury was laughing at him! I almost felt sorry for the guy.


Cody wins!


I forget is there any season where they didn’t reveal the other keys once the winner was clear?


Yeah – typically what Julie does is check the votes during commercial break so she can strategically pull out some votes for each hamster. In seasons past for example say someone won 7-2 the first four keys Julie pulled would include those two votes for the second place finisher & she would stop once the five votes for the winner were revealed. Then after the next commercial break she would reveal how the other hamsters voted.


I am so happy with Davonne winning AFP

BBAS2 baby




da’vonne america’s favorite? did grod only count her own vote?

The Beef

It was “in the bag” for Da’Vonne from the get go. They pushed her and her agenda throughout the season, and even during the jury segments, Day was always front and center in all of them. Clearly CBS was fully behind a Da’Vonne win in AFP voting.

Yellow Ducky For The Win

Da’Vonne as America’s Favorite?!? Where did that come from?


From me and 999,999 other people


Since someone could vote 10 times a day for over 10 days, it’s pretty safe to assume a million people did not vote for her. I know I didn’t!!


From CBS. You mean to tell me America voted for Da’vonne because they loved her speech. But America hated Tyler for what he did to Bayleigh& Da’vonne, but he got 2nd place. Lol.

C. D.

40% of America probably love Tyler for what he did. So yea, that 2nd place isn’t far fetched. Do you live in America? Have you been paying attention?


CBS loves Tyler for some reason so gave him 2nd to give him extra camera time.

BBAS2 baby

I’m happy for Da’Vonne she earned it!

Lady Faced Tyler

I’m happy for her also…but how did she earn it?

C. D.

Well Its America’s Fav, not he winner of the show. So “earned” she just needed to be liked more than the others.. who is was there? Im told that the top 3 was her, Tyler and Janelle. That sounds about right to me.

BLM Pitty Vote

she didnt earn it, what are you smoking?

David’s Acting Coach

Racism was rewarded. Shame to those who can’t see that.


Earned it is a little far fetched. Just a teeny bit.

BibiFan 2020

CBS way of atoning for last season’s debacle.

BibiFan 2020

I’m hoping they won’t be casting big brother cast members for how much politics they can bring into the house. I get it, last year they had a Michie and the bunch that said some nasty things. But going to the opposite end of the spectrum is not the way to go either. Sure, they’re on video 24/7, so they’re going to voice their real world concerns. But when it becomes part of the speech making process for block safety, I think that’s just too much soap boxing. Just my opinion.

another name

Finale Assessment. aka How they make Cody the landslide winner we’ve been expecting since the first HOH on the Premiere.

I apologize in advance for any barbed or hyper sarcastic comments I might make… LOL I’ll edit myself but I think some of it will slip through.
Let’s spend a few minutes trying to figure out when exactly production convinced Enzo he should work with Nicf instead of targeting her. Like It’s not a possibility. Let’s all figure out how Cody cuts Nicf and most likely still gets her vote. Anyone not expecting that… go back and watch the early episodes and the storyline edit. Cody is going to break the preseason agreement. Come on. It fits.
Part 2 of HOH.
This looks like someone from Production would have to explain the rules to Cody and Enzo for about six hours. And then again. And again.
So Enzo the comp beast sucks. Surprise. Hard to cheat in an individual time comp unless you are production manufacturing times. Yeah, I’m not editing that out. It’s how I truly feel.
Gee the frame of the camera swung right pretty far for cody’s first shot. hmmm. So they get to crop in production as well? cool.
No really, go back and check the cropping of the stationary cam. SHENANIGANS.
Not that Cody needed help. He was against Enzo. but still.
Enzo has a temper tantrum mixed with guilt trip and we all get to take a ride on the mood swing. Higher, push me higher.
Commercial break. They say we’ll be hearing from the jury soon.
Oh wait…. we get more Enzo poor sport crap. Yay. I was expecting the Jury. Cody Nicf snow each other, then Enzo Nicf snow each other. I get the feeling that Enzo votes Cody 90% ( I rarely say 100%). NIcf at this point would be bittttter, but still 85% votes Cody.(ASIDE: took me until after third commercial block to realize they were showing the Families of the final 3 on the screens).
Jury Roundtable.
Let me save you some time: the jury will follow whatever lines Production feeds them. There will be one person being nice about each of the three, but in total it will be a two camp discussion and we’ll think we know how they are voting…. but in the end vote one person will pull a wonky vote from what we are seeing.
Do we learn anything new? Nope. Totally expecting everything I’m hearing. Seeing the jurors speak reminds me of every character flaw I hated in them, and the way they played / failed to play all season. They thought Nicf failed to be a powerhouse and was more of an undercover player. They thought Enzo rode coat tails but was well liked. They thought they should change the name of the series to Big Cody but his jury management sucked ass.
Part 3 of HOH.
I wasn’t listening to the rules but sounds like multiple steps? Probably not.
Question 1: Cody wins a point. Question 2: Both get a point. Question 3: Both get a point. Question 4: Both get a point. Question 5: Both get a point. Question 6: Both get a point. Question 7: Both get a point. Question 8: Both get a point.
Cody wins the final HOH. Oh look. He’s “acting” like he’s suffering in this dilema of who he will evict (meaning he evicts Nicf and will tell her in a minute or two during commercial before the vote).
He may not have told US who he was getting rid of… but the decision was made before he entered the house. Now we get to wonder does he go the easier route, or the easy route. He’s taking Enzo.
Nicf seems to look like she’s crying. Hyper emotional final two speeches.
If he cuts Nicf does he lose her vote 100%? Does he vote Bros before like the show edit implied…? Yup. he cut Nicf. There goes a wedding invitiation. Nicf said the dirty f word on her way out the door. Anyone else hear that?
Is anyone surprised that Cody cut her? Closest thing to shocking of the season… but is it?
Not according to storyline, but surprising according to pregame. Ooooo. Someone is in trouble after the show. Get ready for an angry phone call Derrick.
Now the Nicf fans will think Da’vonne was bitter and a poor sport? Nicf will be bitter about that for a long time.
Enzo can’t speak well. That’s abundantly clear and expected
Who is the bitterest juror? First glance tells me Xmess is bitter af. By the time they finish I guess Xmess and Nicf will all be social media bitter betties.
The questions were written by production. It’s painfully obvious.
Anyone else notice that everything Derrick told Tyler was wrong with his game first time… Is everything Derrick told Cody to do.
David’s question from jury is the most off the flow. It’s making it look like Enzo’s goodbye messages caused jury strife… when we all know people were more put off by Cody’s. and Cody didn’t have to answer that question. Sneaky production keeping hero boy clean.
Nicf is the bitterest but she was just evicted. facial expressions are telling me Xmess is going to be pretty bitter as well.
I’m still thinking best possibility for Enzo is 6-3. but probably not. probably best Enzo can hope is 8-1.
(Aside Thought: telling all your other final 2’s that you had multiple final 2’s shouldn’t be something you crow about as a positive. just saying. I would NOT be saying hey everyone I had a final 2 with half of you.)
First 5 Evicitees
And nice to see them… too bad they barely speak to them. They ask the jurors more questions than the first 5. Oh well. What is there a rule… if the first 5 speak for more than 30 seconds they have to actually pay them more? Though why bother asking Nica anything? It would have been apologetic fluff anyway.
hope they disinfected the keys block. lol.
Ian: cody Da’vonne: cody Kevin: cody David: cody Dani: cody.
Does Julie reveal the rest of the votes? Not before a commercial.
Cody won unanimously.
AFP: I so don’t care.
The winner of AFP is Da’vonne.
What is Cody going to do with the money…. after the payoffs? I shouldn’t have said that but… It’s a thought.

Final Thought:
Man. It was a painful ride. If it weren’t a pandemic, I would never have made it to the end of the season. Premiere night I wrote that Cody is likely going to win given how it was edited, now we just watch how he gets there if we can stomach it. I brought a bucket to make it through the finale.

another name

Thanks Simon. Sorry that comment was so long, it was real time to the episode plus five minutes of deleting the curse words and reeeeaaaaalllllllly nasty thoughts.

Miss Impression

Can you post the deleted version?

another name

It was real time. Add in a lot of f-words, a lot of production sucks thoughts about just about everything, and a lot of choice words about Enzo’s behavior that had me so disgusted that I couldn’t even take the appropriate amount of joy to watch Nicf get ousted. The Enzo edit wrecked my joy in watching Nicf fail. I take great umbrage that my joy in watching her fail was impeded by him.


Enjoyed your dialogue this season!!

another name

it was fun writing.
and ya, If someone asked me last Friday, I would have said the preseason beats the show edit in terms of heirarchy. But I watched the early episodes again yesterday. I was 5050 after that.


Another name thanks for the post, enjoyed it as always.
I said to myself, “4 minutes to complete the comp”. It seems like it would have taken 4 minutes just to move those cardboard people around. Lol
And was it just me, but Enzo had no urgency, like he was throwing the comp. Wait a minute, he wouldn’t be throwing a comp at the end? Then the horrible acting Enzo did after losing the final comp. I sware it just seemed fake; just over the top. Like a “D” movie.
Then Cody got all of the questions right in the end. I can’t believe it. Lol
Then the jury reading the questions that you can clearly see they never saw before tonight.
After finale show Daddy Derrick was on Danielle and Jason show. He told them to listen to the song he was playing in the background ” We are the Champions”. Derrick had his cigar in hand with a big grin. Waiting on his cut. And Enzo will have his cash, and a Rolex watch promised by Cody.
Hopefully next season will be better, heard will be newbies. Maybe they should consider the same for production.

another name

I don’t generally wish people ill. It’s just a game. After a season ends, I tend to not really give a damn about people that have been participants in a season of any reality entertainment programming, unless that person is in the news for some huge reason.
That said, I have disliked Derrick since his involvement in the 18 rigging. Now to hear about him celebrating another successful season rigging, and being given any forum to celebrate makes me think nasty thoughts.
Big issues to point at when anyone asks me why I hated bb22:

  1. Premiere night competition production shenanigans. From the choice of which hole each group had to sink, to the moving pedestals in part 2: that comp set up the season for me as a vigil for rigging that lasted all the way to the finale.
  2. An individual timed HOH. Feeds down for 6.5 hours for an individual time comp that had no reset involved, so took about 2 hours to film if there were no multiple shot shenanigans (go back and watch the episode edit pre commercial and post commercial, tell me that the ‘golf ball’ ricochet we see before the commercial break matches the 3 cut shot they show us of the ball landing in the number 2 slot.. hint: it doesn’t).
  3. Individual time comps being 50% of the comps for four weeks running… after jury begins, excluding the triple. Anyone that still thinks individual time comps aren’t rigged? I think Cody’s segment doing the second part of HOH was actually longer than the 4 and a halfish minutes they said it took him to complete. Then there’s the photo cropping from a stationary cam. More fishy than Denmark I tell you. Add that to Kat’s post veto griping in season 21? Yeah, give up the ghost. Individual time comps are rigged for storyline. Would Enzo have won? Never. But they fixed the time to make Cody look better than he was. Something that happened multiple times. Production pets got unrealistic times that made them look a cut above their competition. If the cast are surprised by their own times… we know there is something fishy.
  4. The cast spoke about preseason rigging so often, that there was at least one wall yeller every week for multiple weeks. Think about that. Viewers were confronted with widescale cheating so much that they felt the need to intervene MULTIPLE times. There is a HUGE problem here. And I don’t put it on the fans. I put it squarely on the heads of production, that knew about it and aided it.
  5. Production’s response. The cheating was endorsed, and anyone that planned to target cheaters was told in a production house meeting that we heard about twice on feeds that they were not allowed to target the cheaters (even if they were already targeting them) because of wall yeller information. Pretty easy to say you were never on the block when production is telling people they can’t target you. Ian’s complete 180 in game trajectory is completely explained by this meeting. I’m assuming Derrick is a paid agent of Grod, getting a storyline credit now.
  6. Arbitrary bonus money gifts starting in the premiere and culminating in the “extra comp” at the final four. Total bullshit. Multiple times money was not earned, it was just thrown at somebody.

At least now that Grod has gotten to live out her masturbatory fantasy of her season 16 underwear model poster boy winning a perfect game… maybe she’ll have all that crap out of her system. Doubtful. Now that she’s totally aware that she can get away with her shit even when the public is aware of it before the season even begins: It’s going to get worse. We’re going to be able to telegraph every winner from premiere to finale from now on (like we haven’t been doing that for two seasons now anyway). Meanwhile viewers will still watch as if it’s a gameshow governed by gameshow rules (IT ISN”T). It’s no longer tinfoil hat to expect rigging and shenanigans, It’s just being observant.


Yeah I agree 100%. I’ve been watching BB from Season 1, and I just miss the old BB. I just knew it would start taking a turn.
Oh Grod!!!!

another name

It’s the ridiculousness of the pattern and the rise in strength and frequency of the rigging that is so preposterous. As I’ve said before, there’s always been some level of production interference / manipulation involved in big brother. However, it was not easy to pick a winner during the premeire in old school. We know there was manipulation in season 3. We know there was in 5, and in 6. There’s a comp here and there that just doesn’t feel right. Usually those don’t feel right comps were individual time comps.

After the debacle that was bb15, it’s pretty much assured that the studio honchos and the advertisers called in the Grod to make assurances that unpredicted public outcry would be stemmed by coming up with approved storylines. Welcome to 16: A velvet hammer season of production cues.
17 was a little less hammered, since the heat died down about 15 by 17. Then we get to 18. 18 is where Grod puts in the ultimate amount of control she can exude up to that point in bb history.
It’s the second time in bbus history (16 being the first) that I predicted the winner JUST from the premiere editing.
19? Do you really think that Josh came up with his goodbye messages and speech on his own after he came out of d/r confused about what production was telling him to say and do? Yeah, talking to himself on feeds he told us that production was preparing things for him, and he didn’t understand. 19 was flexing a different muscle. They stayed hands off for the most part, letting return player Paul run the show, and then tested whether or not they could twist a win for a clueless buffoon.
SO what happened to 20? 20 is less rigged than 18 and 19 for the most part. The most rigging was actually for hg’s on the losing side (the Haliegh comps and her subsequent complaint that d/r had stopped asking her what type of comp she’d be good in after her second comp win).
Why? Why was there less outcome rigging in 20? Because the fcc investigation of the program had begun, and was active but not decided. That investigation was concluded but the decision not announced by the time 21 started. And look at how 21 looks. It’s a combination of the worst riggings: velvet hammer mixed with complete house control, and manufacturing outcomes. A precursor for season 22.
What’s ridiculous? Every season they talk about it on feeds. Feedwatchers that listen get to hear about every bit of how much this show isn’t a gameshow, but a manufactured reality entertainment programming event.

Next time they do their bias training, they need to add a few lessons on not speaking about the man behind the curtain. I know it’s manipulated for storyline programming: I just don’t want confirmation on feeds.


I forgot about the Josh stuff, and alot of the stuff you’ve mentioned. I do remember the Jeff & Jordan shenanigans ( Jeff had every saving grace you could think of). I didn’t know about the fcc investigation; interesting.
Yeah the feeds are hilarious. The houseguest spilled all the beans on the feeds. Lol.


Cody deserved it, Enzo deserved it, Davonne did not. But hey, at least her speech wasn’t as divisive as her previous speeches. Also, thrilled Cody didn’t take Nicole!!


Question; How do you DESERVE AFH? No seriously….It’s a popularity contest. He who has the most votes win. I mean… I guess I never knew their was criteria involved in being considered for a popularity contest…but enlighten me. ?

Yey Nicole Lost

With all this “Black Lives Matter” chaos, most people probably voted for her because she is black. Not because they actually liked her, but just because she is black and they felt for her.

The Beef

Considering the way production manipulates the actual game of Big Brother, do you actually think they don’t manipulate the vote count for AFP? It’s not like the results are tabulated and audited by PwC for authenticity or anything, and they can give the award and money to whomever they choose to give it to. Maybe she “won” and maybe she didn’t, but either way CBS says she won, so she gets the money.

C. D.

Because it’s impossible to like Davonne right? Impossible to like her over all the other so many likable people in the house, right?

The Beef

Clearly there are plenty of people who love Da’Vonne. But it is just as clear to me that she was “promoted” by the network throughout the season, quite possibly for the purpose of awarding her this “reward”. Now why would they do that? Maybe because there’s never been a POC who’s won AFP before, or the game (regular BB), so this kind of removes some of that “racist” label from the show maybe?

She may well have won it fair and square. I know there was a big social media push for her to do just that. I also know the network is not above manipulating things for their own agenda, as we’ve seen time after time after time. It’s nothing personal against Da’Vonne. As a single mom, she can probably use the money more than most of them, so good for her.


I guess my point is….I never understood why fans get upset every year with the results of AFH. It’s kind of like Miss America contestants getting upset about who wins Miss Congeniality. Whatever the reasoning why someone won doesn’t matter because we’ll never find out the truth anyways. And yes, it normally is awarded to the underdog of the season. It is what it is.


Congratulations to Cody, Enzo, and DaVonne!!


Thank you to Simon and Dawg for another great season!!

Ya Right

There is no way Day gets favorite house guest. All,she did was b*tch and whine the whole season and in jury.

Coin Slots

The MTV Challenge crowd voted/won it for her… Bailey has a huge influence on the outcome as well


I didn’t leave a single comment this year and I hope Simon doesn’t censor this one because it might seem tongue in cheek but I must ask: is Enzo what happens after years of prolonged drug use? What the hell was that crazy final speech? Besides the WTF element, there was that secondhand embarrassment of watching him throwing the prize on Cody’s laps. There was so much he could have used to try to make a case for winning like saying that it was information he deliberately decided to share that led to things happening in the house, and if Cody was so powerful apart from the comps, it was because he was being feed info by VicENZO. Buuuut, I guess I play was better from my sofa than Enzo inside that studio.

I didn’t participate much because when I learned we were gonna have a new season this crazy year of 2020, it had already premiered and 2 episodes had already aired, so I started catching up and I don’t like to read spoilers when I don’t have live feeds. Still I visited the site after about every eviction and clicked on ads. Let’s help Simon and Dawg y’all!

This season was boring and even the houseguests knew it and, if this is all-stars, my oh my… so many other interesting and entertaining people to bring back! At least we got Cody instead of Paulie, and THANK HEAVENS Ariana Grande’s brother was nowhere to be seen!

I LOVE Da’Vonne but girl can’t play this game. I’m so happy she won AFP now she needs to move onto other projects and forget reality TV. If Nicole F is an influencer, so can Da.

Seeing Bayleigh in the house just made me think of BLOCKSTAR! That line of her to Bay is just unforgettable: oh no, you were eloquent, you jut had blood coming out of your mouth! LOL!

Tyler wasn’t really there. That was an alien that replaced the guy who liked to play.

I’d comment on the other players but I don’t have much energy when I think I won’t ever be able to make fun of Cody for being Derrick’s pet. Well, actually I can: he needed a house full of middle aged players and other lame @ss players to get the 500K and he still lost to Derrick. LOL!

Now, what is the issue with Memphis? Is he as unlikeable on the live feeds as he came off on the actual TV episodes?

Now, Nicole F, please go be a bride, grab Vic’s hand and disappear from my view for a good decade. But I life only gives me one wish to never see anyone from this season, I’l pick Xmas – what an annoying human being.


P.S.- Didn’t finish watching BB Canada after the 1st week when a wannabe quit the game. Without giving me spoilers, is it worth going back and watching everything on demand?

another name

Man 8 sucked. Quitter, vote out, expulsion, expulsion, and then a wannabe quitter by vote out against the Chaos Gremlin of the season when they call it off by covid. It was HORRIBLE…. but still better than all-stars2. Go figure.


BBCAN1 alltime BBCAN fav!!!

Guy From Canads

agreed Bbcan 1 2 and 3 were the best….plus I was in college then and watched many of the feeds. 4 was a lame house guest and lame winner, 5 was fun but production meddling was the worst to keep Kevin in the game, 6 was like everyone was high on lithium with the F2 yelling in their speeches, 7 was a 4 guy alliance running the house Which a non binary couldn’t fit into and 8 was trash, so glad they cancelled it.


Where can you watch BB Canada. I tried watching Season 5, someome told me to go straight to that one? But you tube had the first full 5 episodes, and then just recaps?

another name

OH damn. don’t start with 5. Seriously.
My recommendation: start with season 2. If you can get through the twists, and the fan votes as production interference aspect of 2, without saying wtf… you can handle 1 and 3. Consider 1-3 the basic guide to BBCAN. When they get to a fan vote remember, BBCAN reserves the right to exclude votes before during or after a fan vote. It’s right there in the rules of the fan vote, as if it were an attempt to stop bot voting, but it’s actually so they can predetermine the winner of every fan vote according to the storyline they’ve been editing.

Once you get through the first 3 seasons, either stop, or only watch the rest until jury, and then walk away. Really. Only watch until jury and cut your losses. From season 4 onward, when you watch the first episode, write on a piece of paper who you think will win the season. It won’t be difficult. In each case it will be the person given ridiculous amounts of episode time for having NO involvement in the first week events.

BBCAN 8 dumpster fire

Don’t watch it. Not to spoil it for you, in the 6-7 weeks they ran before COvid shut down it down, there was only 1 legit eviction. The rest were either self eviction or kicked off the show plus another waiting in the wings getting ready to self evict. Ontario’s covid lockdown and cancelling of the show was just the cherry on top to that raging dumpster fire.


so glad to hear Nicole the snake got the boot. Take that for preplanning. He did it for Derrick.


Oh and one last thing: Enzo will have to spend the 50K in treatment for his kids! Seeing your father telling on national TV that he has a FOOT STALKER and watching him showing his feet with fungus on his toenails must be horrifying!

I Bite

He’s obviously a good father. His quirks are endearing.


I think it’s pretty shitty for you to say Enzo’s manner was because of prolonged drug use. It’s clear the guy is just a hyper, high strung guy. He may have ADHD or is just awkwardly uncomfortable in certain situations. I seen absolutely nothing to think he was a drug user and it’s wrong to put that out there.


Hmm for the record: I was asking. I didn’t confirm anything. Though his skin and teeth kinda makes me think I already know the answer.

Coin Slots

Where did he/she say anything about Enzo using drugs?!?!… Treatment as in for the foot stalker/feet condition you big dope lol


Nicole’s face/attitude during the Q&A is almost worth the crappy season to me. Almost.


LOL the look on Nicoles face the entire jury. hahaha


How the hell did Day get AFP , one 1 vote . Grods.

another name

My guess: Da learned her lesson from season 18, and held out for 25k as the price for her vote this time.

Coin Slots

MTV Challenge crowd