Big Brother Spoilers Donny “you think Derrick is the ring leader.. he’s pretty smart”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 19-58-26-606

7:58pm BEEHIVE Jocasta and Donny
jocasta says he’s caught Devin in a Gazillion lies
Donny – “You can’t remember a lie you can remember the truth”
Caleb joins them they Test Big Brother , Caleb sings “the lords” prayer while banging a beat with his hands and get called to stop. Jocasta said Frankie spoke the Lords Prayer and was allowed to.
Caleb says the only things he ate today was 10 tortilla chips and 2 cinnamon roll ups. Caleb hopes that people leave at least one pizza for him when he gets off the Have nots.
Jocasta – You look smaller”
Caleb – “Like bodywise.. I’ve gotten smaller”


Zach and Frankie hug and run off to the storage room. The camera Zooms in on Nicole is appears that she was watching them.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 20-07-56-324

8:07pm Storage room Zach and Frankie
Zach tells him about the detonators, says he has Cody and Derrick close it’s an alliance of 5, (Christine, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Cody) The alliance of three Zach, Cody and Derrick is “Los tres Amigos”
Zach tells him to not let this information out because if “they” find out Frankie knows they will both be targets.
Zach – “We’re golden dude.. tomorrow is big”
Frankie – you have to win..”
Frankie explains they have Victoria and Jocasta to get out which will be easy they won’t make any enemies. After that things are going to start getting dirty.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 20-31-08-894
8:24pm CAM 1-2 Hayden, Zach, Frankie and Cody acting like 4 “Guidos”
“the boom bots” This one is worth flashback totally funny..

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Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 20-52-41-287

8:36ppm Living room
Victoria says her dad bought 20- bags of turkish coffee for her to bring into the house but they wouldn’t let it in. So she left it at home.
8:52pm Frankie leads them in meditation

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 21-03-12-518

9:01pm Derrick has lately become a baseball expert he’s always talking about his days being a pitcher. He goes on about curve balls, knuckle balls..

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 21-18-51-883
9:12pm Caleb and Devin
Caleb is talking about his one gland that is getting swollen. Caleb says it’s because he’s eating a lot of bread “The gluten in the bread transfers to estrogen Raises my levels up”
Caleb “The Doctor will have to prescribe me literally breast cancer medicine.. thats what happens some type of estrogen blocker.. like 10 .. 10 of those 50mg that will do it”
DEvin – Ya dude that’s crazy man I’ve never heard of that dude”
Caleb “We’ll you’ve heard of gynecomastia.. It’s basically.. it’s not that it’s the same symptom .. like when you get man b**bs.. it has to be surgically removed”
Devin -”No way”
Caleb says for him the gland gets plugged it’s from what he eats and it goes away.
Devin – “How long do you have before you turn into a girl”
Caleb says his left breast soon

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 21-41-08-865

9:24pm HOH Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says he’s going to put up Victoria and Jocasta. Devin brings up the scenario where they get second pick for HOH. Caleb says they will put up Brittany, Jocasta, Victoria and “Someone else”
Derrick thinks is the only person that will put him up is Jocasta. Caleb says they are going to really look like “Studs” after getting DEvin out. Derrick says his plan is to go to the end with Caleb, Derrick – ‘We give our speeches don’t dog each other.. give them our reasons… thats the plan” Caleb goes on about the girls in the house and there’s no way Jocasta will beat Amber in a Endurance competition. Caleb says Amber has so much heart and i light she’ll win it for sure.
Caleb asks him if he really needs to give a lengthy speech Tomorrow Derrick tells him it’s not needed. Caleb is glad because he’s going to give his family a shoutout and say “Beast mode cowboy out”
Caleb talking about them getting tuxedos and walking the red carpet after the finale. Derrick explains they have backyard interviews with different media outlets after that they are free to go to after parties.
Caleb – “I’m not drinking beer with Rachel.. you should see her in that room” Rachel asked him to see his stomach.
Frankie comes in.. says Brittany is legitimately uncomfortable with his alter ego “Frank”
Frankie – “Make sure you slop it up like a lunatic tomorrow because if it’s endurance you’re not coming off that wall”
Caleb says his gland is getting swollen from all the estrogen. “I had to request to see a physician to get something to lower my estrogen level”
Caleb show them all his swollen gland

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Please stop playing so hard Donny. Youll never get far pushing the sheep who will never make a move. Just lay low and keep making friends


I agree with you, but I think he’s absolutely right when it comes to running out of time to move against the remnants of the Bomb Squad. If Brittany and Jacosta leave in the next couple of weeks, the other side will have all the numbers. The only way Donny could do anything would be if the game eliminated BoB and reverts back to one HoH, where Donny could win HoH, be safe, and guarantee that he eliminated one of Cody, Derrick, Zach, and/or Caleb.

Honestly, I think Christine is going to screw Donny, Nicole, and Hayden so hard. Hayden and Nicole still trust Christine, otherwise I think Hayden would have zero problem going after the people Donny wants to go after and Nicole would follow them. But what I think will end up happening is Christine is just going to float and not tell either side about the other, the old Bomb Squad or Tres Amigos (whatever you want to call them at this point) will pick off Donny and Nicole and then Chrstine will just get voted out 4th or 5th.

I Don't Like Derrick

Do you mean Donny or do you mean Derrick? Please. Donny is being very subtle. Do you want him to roll over and not do anything at all?

give me a break

Well it seems like the Cop and his two butt buddies(cody,zach) are going to the end….all the girls in the house are weak, there are no strong females this year….Donny knows what’s going on…but he’s by himself…..The Gestapo Cop basically has this game won… one is going to put him up…


That’s why I was hoping they would chose to save Devin, and make a two week alliance. But, Derrick is good. He has passed on things he said/did and given credit to Devin.
So, now Donny doesn’t trust Devin at all. When its really his TA ally that is going to do him in.


I’ve been watching the live feeds as well as the actual show, and I have to wonder if the whole “I like girls thing” that Zach keeps telling the camera is a complete front. Even couples that have “showmances” don’t cuddle as much as they do lol


Meanwhile…back at the game…


At first I thought they were both playing each other, especially given Zach’s initial interview and Frankie trying to get Zach out. Now i’m not so sure!

give me a break

I feel sorry for Amber…she’s not even a person to these guys….she just a Vagina..Zach telling Cody he will keep watch by the door so he can bang her out…Cody saying she wants me….Zach is an asshole….but this guy Cody think he’s Brad Pitt….in the real world Amber and Brittany wouldn’t look at Cody…he’s basically the only option in the house….Devin would have a better shot with Amber and Brittany in the real world but his game play personality ruin that chance…..Cody is such cornball….it’s going to be hard to watch if Gestapo Cop Derrick, Cornball Cody, and the Bitch Zach control the remainder of this season…these dudes are disrespectful and boring.


The fact that they are treating Amber this way is rude. However, I can’t feel too bad for her because she hasn’t had an ounce of gameplay her entire time being here. She is losing her only ally in Caleb and basically exiling herself from the rest of the house. As for Derrick, Cody, and Zach, I believe they are playing very good games so far. More so Derrick but Zach and Cody haven’t been slouches. I understand that you don’t like their personalities but you do have to respect their game so far.

I Don't Like Derrick

Actually, NO. Like I have mentioned, a big part of Derrick’s success is not his gameplay, but other peoples’ stupidity. Donny knows, but he doesn’t have the numbers or too many people with common sense to work with. Devin knows, but he has obviously given up, and is uninterested emphasizing, “You Dumbasses Are Not Part of This Alliance and Will Be Picked off One by One.”


So you’re saying that Derrick’s gameplay is nullified because his opponents are dumb? He can’t control how smart other people are in this house, he’s just playing with the hand he is dealt with and so far he has done a masterful job controlling the house. He didn’t choose who he played with…


I do not feel sorry for Amber at all. Yes she got unwanted attention from an obsessive cowboy and she politely told him she was not interested, Then during Devin’s HOH she hung all over Caleb and was clearly flirting with him giving him several mixed signals. Why would Caleb take her polite “not interested” seriously with the way Amber was acting. She then attached herself to Cody knowing full well that Caleb would finally get the message and put the target on Cody and not herself when Caleb came to realization. Amber does not get my sympathy for what is her gameplay.


Omg, thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t put this all on Caleb. I mean, he clearly gets too serious too fast, and God knows he needs to find a new topic of conversation, but Amber has definitely kept it going. Just like after POV, she runs right to him with a hug and, if I’m not mistaken, a kiss on the cheek. If you know someone is practically in love with you then don’t give them any reason to think you feel the same. I respected her being honest when he told her how he felt, but then she turns around and acts like a dumb teenager, giving him mixed signals and flirting/being cozy with other guys in front of him.

Caleb has poopy pants

Of course it isn’t all the BM cowpoke’s crazy. Amber plays the giggly 3rd grader very well. It’s all ” oh you really don’t need to save me, but it sure is nice if you will.” And since the BM cowpoke is all about the self involvement, he cannot conceive of how Amber could NoT want him. And Amber, is just smart enough, to hold him close enough, without giving him anything real, so that he will sacrifice himself for her. (And yes, I know that is a giant run on sentence.)


Thank you for capitalizing God.


The things Zach says are just shocking tome. I mean I guess they shouldn’t be, but damn- does’t he know he is on LIVE FEED all the time? UGH!

I Don't Like Derrick

Devin really isn’t that bad. Despite what people say, he is respectful, smart and honest. He was just wishy washy and changed his mind about using the veto, and who he wanted to go home. Overall, he is a likeable person.

The house say....

The house is targeting Brittany, Jocasta, Victoria and Amber the house!!


Im a huge huge BB fan.

But I think this cast is the wrost one everrrrrr.

Everybody is scared of everybody.
Not only the girls are scared to get ride of the guys, but the guys are scared of one another.
Hayden is fine getting ride of Britanny and Jocasta???? Is he really stupid what? He knows for fact all the guys are together and he is not part of it..

The only thing saving this Season is the 2 HOH and Battle of the block that i really like.


Nope! BB15 was the worst by far.
I know people who stopped watching BB because of that monstrocity


omg victoria is spooning with devin in the have not room (Cam 1 circa 11:21 pm) she is clueless and playing a stupid game.


Seems like to me Victoria is a thirsty broad


You forgot Zach’s daily hatred of Vic rant where he says he wants to punch her
If this was Devin people would be blowing up!


There aren’t any friends to make. Most of the house is in cliques or a variation of one big clique. So I don’t blame him for trying to feel Hayden out or whoever to try to get a gauge on where some may be at. What will change is if he can win one of the HOHs and if he does at least he’ll have some references. He seems to be onto to Derrick too and vice versa. But Derrick has the numbers on his side so Donny is on the hit list it seems. Nowhere to lay low at especially with Devin leaving who was a big target. They may be talking about getting certain girls out but I’m sure Donny is probably on the menu as well this upcoming week. Especially since he had the audacity to “talk back” and read one of Derrick’s cards and showing he’s not a simple-minded naive dumb*ss with an Southern accent.. He’s probably going to get the mob after Donny so I’m glad his at least trying.


I wish these girls would get smart and try to start another all girls alliance again. The guys are targeting the girls and will get them out one by one. The jury will most definitely be made up males with about 2 females




He is the guy with the least personality in the house. To be honesty I even like Devin and Caleb more than him. He is just trying to make a showmance. And he is just a floater, he is not even playing the game


Am I the only one that felt bad for Devin when he didn’t win the veto and the house was cheering when Donny beat him?
I mean I am happy for Donny but Devin isn’t that bad sure he did and said some things but he didn’t deserve that


I agree. Why did others keep getting to choose? When he won shouldn’t he then be able to choose who he wanted to go against or/win immunity for the next round? That would have forced the others to figure out who to leave to go up against him. And he was at a double, advantage. Donny talked about how the rest of them were able to figure out the sequences and call them out to each other. While Devin was figuring it out in the moment…

I Don't Like Derrick

DEVIN DID NOT DO ANYTHING? Why do people keep saying that? Get you own minds, and quit playing, “Follow Victims in the BB House, who just say things that are not true, or twisted, and so many people across America follow. But yes, I did feel sorry for him. I don’t think it’s fair when any competition is set up where people can be ganged up on. It should be fair to all players.


Watching the Live Feeds right now; does Caleb ever shut up talking about Amber? He says he’s over her but he keeps talking about her on and on etc…

A Nonny Mouse

Totally agree. Even though he says he’s over her he STILL talks about her. The boy is worried he’s turning into a girl, he should be worried he’s turning into an embarassing idiot

Roisen Dubh

Wow. Caleb has high estrogen levels and is growing fun bags. That explains him. Wait for him to go into Yeast Infection Cowboy mode. Seriously though, need to vote out Lee Harvey and keep Devin. Dude has a set of nuts and still has to do hormone therapy. I was always confused, if he wanted to bang her or raid her wardrobe. I’m sorry but every time I see Hayden I see BACKDOOR! Oh yeah, his exit is gonna be brutal. Sorry Derrick, Zach will hand you your butt. This is some very interesting scenarios going on, thanks for the Chaos Devin, if there’s an All-Star season, he’s in it for sure.


this cast becomes a bigger disappointment as the show goes on…………. how many times must we endure the term “beast mode?” the two gay guys frankie and zach are annoying, but i love this site, great updates!


Listen up ladies! You better win a HOH and keep it this week! You better get with Donny! Pull Hayden back in, and then you may have a fighting chance! I know you all hate the heck out of Devin…but, if you could flip the vote and get out Caleb tomorrow, well…I just expect to see what happens every season…the frat boys take control, the girls line up and go home!


Leave Hayden out.

Hayden is just scared of all the guys. He is chicken and will do whatever Cody, Derrick or Zack tells him to do


When that dumba## Caleb FINALLY gets evicted I would love for someone to sing
‘You’re so Vain” when he leaves the house. EVERYTHING revolves around him in that brain of his. He’s the type if you did something, so has he BUT bigger and better. His ego is WAY out of control.

Thor's Sister

He’s the “One Upper guy”.
I don’t know why he feels the need to do this. He seems to want everyone to know(and tells everyone) that hes pretty much good at everything. He can even grow man boobs faster then any of them.

“Dude your going to need a “Bro or Manzier soon”


I know a lot of people don’t trust Devin. { I actually think the DR has his meds in check}. I think Devin has learned some very harsh lessons, especially on who his friends are, and who he can trust from his former alliance. {No one} I would use this to my advantage. Some of the people know that there is still an alliance, but they are too afraid to go up against it. The sad part is, if they don’t move now, they are done for. If they were smart they would use Devin.
Even before Devin had won HOH, his alliance members were targeting him, even if he had not had a melt down, he was gone. Derrick knew this was his biggest competitor. {Devin is a good athlete and he is not dumb}. Don’t forget Derrick gave Devin the thumbs up on Zach, so did Frankie. If I were in the group with no alliance I would of talked to Donny, {supposedly he is a huge BB fan}. and left Jocasta up on the block. Donny feels betrayed by Devin, which is really stupid on his part. { If Devin had not felt guilty and told Donny the truth, he would never of known.} If I was playing BB. I would want a strong player on my team that has a conscious.


I’ve never been this bored with a BB cast. Obviously, I love Donny but it would’ve been much more entertaining with an All Stars 2 season. Another season with Britney Haynes, Ian Terry, Elissa, and even Amanda Zuckerman, one of my least favorite contestants, would have been much more entertaining.


I agree. Nobody has personality this season


Derrick is hot.


So are jalepeno popper dumps!!!!!!


I can’t remember a time where I lost interest so fast with something I love & am addicted to.
This cast is so boring, egotiscal & lifeless.
Seriously Joey & Devin being the hot messes
That they are added some fun & insanity
to the house.
I have no interest watching pinkberry & douche zach
or looking up Derricks nostrils anymore.
Will still read updates from Simon & Dawg
cause they rock!


Not only the cast is boring, but CBS Shows are really bad this season.

The shows are only 55 minutes now… They got ride of 5 minutes.

And they keep showing Nicole/Hayden/ Cristiane doing stupid things and Donny mooing around..

And the raittings are really low this Season, around 6 millions..The good average should be 8 million.


Dude we still have about 9 weeks left of the show a lot can still happen, be a little optimistic.

Caleb has poopy pants

Soooo, it has come to this, Caleb is growing ONE breast, and apparently channeling a Beast-Mode cowpoke. Cody, who admittedly is a cute boy, is afraid the aforementioned BM cowpoke, will target him over the affections of the Sears catalogue cover model, Amber. Victoria, Jocasta, and Brittany all form a vacant trio of nothingness. Zach (I am really confused about my sexual identity and I hate Victoria) and Frankie ( my sister is a Disney princess with a cancelled show, and therefore semi famous) have a semi-showmance/bromance. Nicotine, ehhh… Hayden, what a nice boy. Donny, well, We All like Donny, will only last another week if puppet master Derrick has his way. And poor, poor, misunderstood Devin ( did you know I have a daughter) will soon walk out the door. Taking our only chance for entertainment with him.
I thought last years cast was the most vile, crass group ever assembled. But at least the could keep your attention. Much like a horrific train crash, but still…
These people are boring. Just meh…


Everyone talks shit about Devin mentioning his daughter all the time but all that comes out of Caleb’s mouth is Amber (can we say fatal attraction) and Beast Mode. Beast Mode my ass! Get the hint Amber(your queen) doesn’t like you.

Caleb has poopy pants

Poor BM cowpoke, he can’t look past his own ego. In his own head he is perfection, so why wouldn’t Queen Amber luv him back. It’s not just creepy, but kinda sad, everything he does to impress her, just backfires on him.


I honestly do not understand how Zach can literally get away with murder in this house and people laugh. He talks about women like they are dirt, told Cody that he would stand at the door, while Cody “banged the eff” out of Amber. Talks about punching Victoria and calling her every name in the book, talks about gallons of semen, bragging about slicing “p….”? YET, Devin rolls his eyes at a girl and OOOOOOH NOOO! All of the girls run up to the HOH room and hide because he is so mean, so threatening, so mean, so demeaning, THEY FEAR FOR THEIR LIFE! I’m just about over these people. Lol.


Amen. Zach is a misogynist. Devin never did anything close to this. I believe the ladies’ (or should I say the girls’) reaction to Devin was the classic “big black man” visceral reaction.


Slicing p***y? The only thing Zach is slicing is Meat Pie.

…Frankie’s Meat Pie.


I don’t even need to watch the show anymore. I can just come here and read Dawg/Simon’s awesome updates, and read all of the HILARIOUS comments. You guys talking about the houseguests are WAY more interesting than the actual show.


only a handful of girls in bb history have been legit competitors. all others are just soft and roll over. the show needs to find more rachels and allysas but no amandas haha.


Maybe they will have America vote to see which HG they want to see reenter the game.

new to BB 14

Donny leaves the house in two weeks then IN a twist they allow him and pao to reenter the house both as HoH’s this after Calib and Victoria are booted from the house. Would make an awesome BB


does anyone know where i can find the clip of Hayden, Zach, Frankie and Cody acting like 4 “Guidos”
“the boom bots”?


I personally think the smartest one in there so far is Derek, he is keeping his eyes and ears open all the time. He is actually the only one that is seriously playing the game. and making no enemies, which is going to take him further then anyone else. Donny, I think people are going to catch on to him very soon, he plays like he just loves everyone, but he does have a dark side to him. I think he will be put out in 2 to 3 weeks. I would hate to see if Zack or Frankie win, they are not the brightest bulbs in the pack. watch their ego if they win HOH, that’s what will get them into trouble. Best bet right now is get them floaters out, This way it would be more interesting when you have real game players left in the game. right now it is boring. Good luck to remaining players.