“Shout out Brittany’s B**B, Shout out Brittany’s left b**b, Shout out her right b**b”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 14-48-40-953

2:48pm HOH Derrick and Caleb
Caleb wants Amber to be one of the first sent to Jury, He doesn’t like Cody and Brittany habing those 1 hour sessions With Amber in the hammock. Caleb points out that Amber is spending a lot of time with these other people outside their alliance. Caleb doesn’t trust COdy because Cody is close to Brittany and Brittany close to Donny. Derrick asks if Amber still trusts them. Caleb knows she trusts him he hasn’t given her any reason not to.
Caleb calls Amber a floater. Mentions how he’s done all these things for her and she doesn’t appreciate it. Derrick agrees, mentions how what Caleb did was a stupid game move it was “a personal thing”. Caleb says he didn’t only volunteer to be nominated because of Amber he also did it because he wanted to go toe to toe with Devin. He figured he had a good chance to beat him. .
Caleb – “This Cowboy is about to play his game a little different”
Derrick supports him says he’s got his back just like he told him in the BEEHIVE regardless of where the Caleb/Amber relationship goes Derrick is with Caleb.
Caleb – we’ll make it to the jury
Derrick – they got to get us out first..

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 15-10-47-182

3:04pm Backyard Brittany Cody Hayden, Christine, Nicole, Donny, JOcasta
Brittany – “Zach won’t eat unless you feed him” He doesn’t like to dirty dishes. Cody mentions how they are going to be in lockdown soon.
Hayden shares a story about rollerblading 40mph holding onto a car. He was holding on to the side of his door with rollerblades on and elbows in. .
Cody – “I can’t believe you branded yourself”
Hayden explains they heated a spoon until it was red then stuck it to his calf.
Jocasta – did you video it
Hayden – no no I was in my friends basement
Hayden explains how it got infected and there was “lines” shooting up his leg. he put polysporin on it all day every day until it went away. Cody – Didn’t you see a Doctor. Hayden – No.
Hayden was able to hide it from his parents the entire time they don’t know until now he would only walk by them on his left side hiding the scar.
Derrick shares a story about playing softball sliding into first second base he got a “Raspberry” on it. His leg was all puffy and there was a line running up his leg into his lymph nodes. It was a mrsa infection they gave him vancomycin and had to cut out the infection, They talked about possible amputation. He was in the hospital for 14 days the guy in the room next to him had the same thing and died “There was a red card on the door”
Derrick “Form a raspberry in softball”

3:37pm Caleb working out Beast mode cowboy

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 15-40-52-508

3:38pm Kitchen Devin and Derrick
Derrick really appreciates the way Devin is going out. Devin says of course mentions he has a daughter and he doesn’t want her to see him in a bad light.
Devin says the lockdown starts in 25 minutes they must be building something big.
Derrick – I’ll tell you one thing people aren’t going to question you on
Devin I can eat
Derrick you’re a competition beast.. Competition f***ing animal.
Devin is going to make a huge push to get on the amazing race.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 15-46-57-695

3:46pm Hammock Frog and Victoria
Nicole is being annoyed by everyone in the house.
Nicole tells her she adores Victoria she’s one of their best friends … feeds cut
Victoria says Zach really wants Donny gone, Victoria – “I kinda do to”
Nicole doesn’t know she says it suck to put people up because they are all still kinda friends.
Lockdown is called so production can build the Head of House hold competition.
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Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 15-51-25-858

3:52pm Devn and Hayden
Devin is saying goodbye
Hayden – “We’re gazing on this backyard reflecting on our experiences and our times here.. Brittany has great b**bs.. thats it”
Devin I concur.

4:00pm Caleb is packing general chit chat and messages in the living room
Devin says he’s been doing a countdown until live eviction “I’m tripping but not in a bad way.. it’s good”

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 16-19-29-101
4:14pm HOH Derrick and Cody
Derrick – Dude I’m loving the hit man do.. grew on me” (Hitman Alliance)
Cody – “I’m literally a sniper with a pistol”
Derrick better get a silencer
Cody laughs he’s going to get evicted next week right after they found a name.
Derrick tells him he has to win it because Zach is going to throw it.
Cody says if it’s him Hayden and Christine left in the competition he’s going to drop.
Victora comes up Derick say she can’t escape her she’s like his wive.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 16-25-10-950

4:16pm CAm 1-2 Frog and Christine
Frog says if she could Kiss one guy it wouldn’t be Cody it would be Hayden. Cody flirts with all the girls she doesn’t like that he’s not her type.
Brittany joins them.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 16-52-23-961

4:41pm Doing dishes Donny, Hayden and Frankie.
Doing their english accents.
Frankie says every time they say a bad word they say “Sticks your fingers in each others holes.
Frankie – “Long john and I we’re about to do.. “Quick stick your finger in your holes.. stick your fingers in your holes”
Frankie does a brooklyn accent teaching kids about “The Bird and the Bees” his character didn’t like those terms because “I look down there I see no birds I see no Bees” his character calls it “Snakes and tunnels” instead.
Hayden and Frankie and Hayden start some shoutouts.
“Shout out Brittany’s B**B, Shout out Brittany’s left b**b, Shout out her right b**b, side boob shout out her hair, face, tan, teeth, music videos whispers”
they start doing a “Nickelodeon” show
“Tonight’s episode How you talk to your parents” you don’t you ignore them ‘Slime .. Slime.. SLime”
(they are absolutely goofy makes little sense worth a flashback)
Frankie “Us doing children’s show that was the missing piece of the puzzle”
“tonight’s episode Stick your binky in your mouth” The less is not to stick it in any other h*le just the mouth. “Slime Slime SLime”
They start doing a Terrance and Phillip act from southpark.
They talk about doing kids fitness segment on their nickelodeon show. Frankie “Bigger hotter faster stronger better”
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Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 17-11-49-809

5:10pm HOH Derrick, Devin, Chrisne and Amber
Derrick talking about his job as a grounds supervisor. He wanted to clay the entire baseball diamond but hey didn’t have the budget.. Devin says most of minor and major league diamond are clay with what they call diamond dust sprinkled on to make it look like dirt.

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54 thoughts on ““Shout out Brittany’s B**B, Shout out Brittany’s left b**b, Shout out her right b**b”

  1. now victoria wants donny gone when is these people going to play their on game we need racheal danielle and jennile on this season women that wont back down i can see it now victoria asking for donny vote christian asking for donny vote we need donny to win hoh i hope america mession helps donny this week an next

    1. Am terrified that they all view Donny as a physical threat since he’s been the REAL “Beast” at competitions. Am going to vote for floaters on the CBS website.

        1. My dream scenario is this: Donny and Derrick sit down, acknowledge to each other they’re playing for 1st and 2nd and agree to a F2. This is when we learn that Donny is really ex-CIA :). They agree to each play the best game they can while protecting each other, and let the jury decide.

  2. Watching the POV, Christine thought she was getting revenge on all jocks who bullied her in high school, whoops, get Devin out of comp. FAIL!
    Derrick’s Robocop moves were no help either. I’m glad they both lost! Don’t write checks your a$$ can’t cash!
    I’m moving from like to annoyed with Derrick. Well, all Christine did is have high school flashbacks, so she was annoying from Day One.

  3. grizzle t: I am rooting for a Nicole, Hayden, Derrick & Donny alliance. What should we call it?? Perhaps the “Double D Nichayden”? LOL!!

    1. Something quad…four…they’re all such different personalities. But I dont think it will happen. Derrick and Donny are the biggest threat to each other. Who wants to be sitting at the end with either of them? At this point I dont know I’d pick to win. They’re both GOOD at this game!

      1. Thanks JJtoWin – Derrick & Donny ARE the biggest threats -That’s the very reason I think they could make it to the final 2. Sorry to all the haters – guess naming an alliance is NOT my forte! LOL!!!

  4. Have Zack or Victoria ever done the dishes? Who keeps leaving out opened food, etc., for the ants? Bunch of “entitled” kids living there…

    1. yeah..every year they trash the BB House. think they should be required to keep the house in a livable condition and fined for their sloppiness.

  5. I am seriously worried for Amber’s safety. Caleb is really in need of some professional help. Amber has done absolutely nothing to encourage anything – it is ALL is Caleb’s head. She is just a nice girl who has told him several times that she is NOT interested in a showmance with anyone (in the nicest way possible). EVERYONE in the house is picking on poor Amber stating she is so unappreciative – she DID NOT ask CALEB to put himself on the block – he did this all by himself. I am sure he is secretly plotting to get her in the jury house first – then he will get evicted so that he can have alone time with her in the jury house – OMG – how scary is that. I seriously hope there is a qualified psychiatrist behind the scenes watching Caleb’s behaviour – he needs to be pulled out of the house so that he can get some seriously needed help. Also – Cody – watch you back!!!

    1. Does anyone know when Caleb finished his tour of duty? I worry somewhat that he might have PTSD … His emotions seem all over the map. :(

    2. Caleb is a douchebag he says I can’t put Amber up because it will look like i’m doing it because she doesn’t like me but it’s ok if somebody else does though and I will vote her out. Guess what moron that makes you look like a loser prick all the same because it’s the same thing. Also the rest of the girls don’t like Amber because she’s hotter than the rest of them. They’re jealous just like Rachel was in both of her seasons. I hope Cody backdoors Caleb next week.

    3. Yes indeed, Caleb is one scary little fucker – kidnapping Amber’s scarves and dresses to drape around his head or his neck, and now trying to manipulate a scenario where he is in secluded isolation, alone with Amber, out of camera range, for one week. If I were Amber, I would be seriously, seriously terrified about this becoming a real possibility. Did you see the other night when Amber was having a long talk with Derrick, how Caleb (who was supposed to be playing pool) kept standing near the lounge chair where they were, pretending to straighten Amber’s orange scarf that was tied around his head, just so he could eavesdrop on their conversation. This fucker is one controlling dip-shit who wants a hot babe, a boner and a Bible and has determined that Amber can be that girl. What a shitty life to give some woman – a life of road kill on the grill, with some grits served in a double-wide trailor.

  6. I don’t want him to win, but I hope Frankie makes it to about the final 4. He is so entertaining, I could watch him all day. If he leaves early live feeds will so boring. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of down votes, but c’mon….there’s something wrong with you if Frankie hasn’t made you laugh at some point with all his characters. XD

  7. Anyone else have a spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend who won’t shut up during BB and keeps asking dumb questions. Watch the damn feeds and read this spoiler page and let me watch the show!

  8. This episode of big brother was HILARIOUS from Caleb in the bed to him talking about Donny in the DR to Donny being upsetting about not getting a 6. I was dying of laughter.
    P.s Caleb looks good in a beanie

  9. I thought that it was really cute and funny how BB put Jocasta’s bow tie on the back of the chair to represent her during the picking of the veto players

  10. I was glad to see how emotional Jocasta got when Donny
    Used the veto on her, it good to see some real emotions
    instead of fake all the time.

    1. Credit for what? Donny only saved her because he wants Devin gone. But he used to oportunity to make him look good.

      Donny gotta go ASAP

  11. I really wish BB would give us the option to switch out TA member. I would replace Frankie with Hayden.

    I am really disappointed in Christine, I thought she’d be this fantastic game player and rise up and secretly dominate the game but all I see is a floater. :(

    Overall, what I am most upset about is how all but a few of the girls talked about a girls alliance. I was so excited to see if girls could dominate the game the same way the brigade did

    1. This should have happened last season with Amanda, Aryan, Helen, Candice.

      It sucks, but only Britanny seams to be a good player on the girls side.

      But who knows.. Last season a Zebra happened at the final and Andy won, but it will happen this season and Jocasta or Amber might have a shot

  12. When Caleb cooks a meal for the house It would most likely be rabbit stew I’m sure he has boiled a few bunnies in his day!!!

  13. Oh my god… Caleb is not being that scary, he is just coming to terms with his Amber foolishness.
    Devin will go home and I hope that.
    Donny, Brittany, Jocasta or even Victoria wins HoH.
    This week will probably be some sort of quiz or memory thing.
    They have been doing bizarre messages since last week.
    It would say that production wants the Outsider to stay.

  14. if we pick floater vote america mission the game will stay the same cause we know whos going up
    but if we pick phyiscal vote we dont know who going up we can change the game by picking the phyiscal one
    thats my america mission vote going to this week cause you know drick not going to push for donny or frankie to go up they going to use caleb and amber and cody with zack ones goes home money in thiers pockets now we playing the game

  15. I was thinking what would be really hilarious is if they sequester Devin and he comes back after a dbl eviction. I can see who’s ever left hotter than a firecracker. LMBO

  16. For the last Time THIS SEASON HAS NO FLOATERS. You have to have a clear separation in the house to have a floater and with all of the whackadoo Alliances where they exhaust most of their energies to get out members of the house that they are alined with, you can’t have a floater.
    A floater is up in the HoH no matter who is HoH
    A floater talks game with anyone
    A floater cooks and does dishes
    A floater will clean
    A floater lives to say how fabulous you are and how great a game you are playing

    that means everybody in the house at this time is a floater, if everybody is a floater you can’t have floaters. It is like a double negative… all floaters means No floaters.

    1. i’d rather describe the whole house as being adrift
      becuz its apt, since we know its too soon to spot
      the genuine floaters as by the classic definition!!!!!! i feel
      i must again agree the twist tends to eliminate the comfort
      zone floaters gravitate to, it instead is creating politicians,
      decisive leaders, and colorful characters. each HoH/BoB is
      going into LETz MAKE A DEAL mode way fast as we often
      see old Scratch gettin’ both envious and further confused
      becuz the proverbial divvil can’t quite follow the fast gameplay.

  17. i feel i shouldn’t say this, but i really hope Devin gets on AMAZING RACE.
    i totally like the way Donny stood up for poor Jocasta. He is way cool!!!!!
    i sorta hope Caleb stays one more week if he is more civilized as he gets
    over his fixation on poor Amber. Rachel was often irritating + polarizing.
    Zach likes drama, he dethroned a monarch & fractured the bomb~squad
    in part due to his ongoing feelings of boredom, insignificance and apathy.
    Devin deserves to replay these “agony of defeat” moments from BB-16
    as he learns how to pick up on social cues. he’s Wide World of Sports
    redux, he’s like the skier in the old intro from yesteryear… like is he ADHD?
    I’m wondering if POWPOW is Blogging or Tweeting about BB’s insta-alliances.

  18. Rooting for Donny and Jocasta to get HOH tomorrow night! If they do, watch Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Victoria, Amber, and Caleb to manipulate them, but I have a feeling Doncasta would stick to their guns and get out the bigger threats.

  19. This week is going to be boring with Devin gone. The house is suffering from extreme sheep mentality with the girls sitting there not thinking about game, but who is prettier. Derrick acts like he’s a don with 10,000 alliances and Zach is shooting his mouth off about them. Frankie is getting annoying and cuteness can only go so far with Cody. Jocasta and Victoria are pretty much ghosts with Brittany registering the occasional blip because of boobage. Hopefully Donny won’t go the way of Chicken George and make some serious moves. I appreciate that this isn’t BB15, but I get the feeling that this bunch have put their most exciting scenes behind them (thanks to Devin), and it’s only gonna go downhill from here.

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