Caleb says I want to grab a banana & smash it in Amber’s face! I’ll smear it in her grill!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner ?/? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 01-50-48-980

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1:45am UP in the HOH room – Hayden, Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Christine and Zach are talking about Victoria. They all laugh about how she actually thinks she was picked up by a crow when she was younger. Caleb says I left room when she said that. Hayden says how cool would her sister be if she made up that story and got Victoria to believe it. Hayden tells Zach how today in the kitchen Victoria talked about how much you loved her. She said that you were talking about how hard working she is. Hayden says and then I remembered how you were up in the HOH room talking about how you were going to lie and tell her that. They all laugh. Christine says were you there when we were talking about if you could be an animal, what animal would you be? AND Victoria said she would be a unicorn! They all laugh. They we were like a unicorn isn’t a real animal, what real animal would you be and she said a white horse with a tiara! They all laugh. Nicole and Victoria come up and join them. The Victoria bashing ends. Derrick and Amber join them.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 01-52-14-960

In the hive room – Brittany tells Frankie that she just doesn’t play kiss a$$ with the HOH. I am just not all over Cody like the younger girls are. Brittany says I feel like I am the old girl in the house. Today is just a really hard day for me. I just really miss my family. Brittany asks if they can just tell her if she is going up on the block. Frankie asks who do you think I should put up for the house. Brittany says I think Victoria. Frankie says that’s who I thought too, it all depends on if I get to the key first. Frankie says now that Devin is gone the shift is back to getting out the weakest people in the house and that is not you. This week I am going to try and put up the weakest people in the house so that they lost the battle of the block and I stay HOH. Brittany complains about being a mom and having to share a bed with 5 guys. Caleb joins them. Frankie says we were just talking about how freaking awesome you are. Zach joins them. Brittany comments on how Zach bullsh*ts Victoria all the time. Caleb says she thinks she’s at summer camp. Zach says she has no idea what 500k really is! She doesn’t know the value of a dollar. Brittany comments on how Victoria has Zach says Victoria you are so hard working and the most responsible individual I have ever met and I look at you as a huge threat. They all laugh. Zach asks do you want to laugh real quick.. think of POW swinging. They all laugh. Victoria joins them. The Victoria bashing ends. Zach starts talking about her little brother.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 02-20-21-913

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2:30am – 2:45am In the small HOH room – Hayden is talking about how Victoria was giving him a rub down. I am surpirsed she didn’t feel it. I don’t know maybe she thought it was my belt. Hayden says I am going to go tell Victoria “Fire room again .. lets see what happens.” Jocasta says she knows what she’s doing. They move into the other HOH room.

Frankie, Zach and Caleb head back up to the HOH room. Brittany comes up and says goodnight. Zach is pushing hard for Victoria to go up. She needs to go this week! Zach says she literally comes in whenever we talk sh*t about her. Frankie says we’re always talking sh*t about her. Caleb says she’s one horny girl. Zach says yeah she definitely craves di*k! Frankie says she’s a 22 year old virgin. Jocasta comments on how Victoria has cuddled with Zach, Frankie and Hayden. Zach says “I am just going to say it Victoria’s a F**king idiot!”

2:50am Hayden goes down to the kitchen grabs a cookie. He heads over to the camera by the kitchen table and shoves the cookie in his face as he mean mugs the camera.

2:55am Hayden comes back up to the HOH room and the house guests talk about different challenges they could do like the saltine cracker challenge and the cinnamon challenge. They get ready to go down stairs and Big Brother tells them to knock it off! Zach says I got an OTPHJ from Victoria. They ask what an OTPHJ stands for? Zach says and Over The Pants Hand Job. Zach find Frankie’s “Dream Cream”. Can we just leave this in the jack shack? Zach reads the label and says oh this is for your hands I thought it was actually for jacking off. Cody comments on a spot in the shower he was scoping out as another Jack Spot. Amber asks?! I hope you clean that up so that I don’t step on it and slip! They talk about how the tin foil heart that Amber handed Devin had a little, little pickle in it. Zach says that is hilarious!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 03-01-48-578

In the other HOH room – Caleb, Derrick and Zach are talking about who should go up. Caleb says they (Cody and Frankie) should nominate Victoria and Jocasta on different sides so that at least one of them goes this week. Caleb says I want to go grab a banana and smash it in Amber’s face! I won’t actually smash it I will smear it in her grill! Caleb heads down to the kitchen where Amber, Christine and Nicole are looking at the memory wall. Caleb walks over to Amber and throws a candy wrapper at Ambers face. She says why do you always aim for my right eye. Caleb says its a candy wrapper. He complains that she was hitting him with a pillow in his face. Caleb then grabs a pillow and starts hitting Amber with it. Amber tells Caleb that he is making himself a target in her eye. Caleb says you need to be holding a bow to be able to shoot an arrow. Amber says just so you know these two girls are safe. Christine tries to get into the HOH room but they don’t let her in. Caleb then goes up and they let him in. All the girls yell REALLY!?!?! Christine says those boys are going up next week.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 03-39-52-861

3:25am – 4am In the small HOH room – Frankie talks to Cody about how the people they could put up are Amber, Jocasta, Brittany and Victoria. Frankie says what Derrick was saying a power move could be to backdoor Donny. Frankie says I would put up Amber and Jocasta. AND you could put up Brittany and Victoria. Cody says I can’t put up Amber because that would wreck everything. Frankie tells Cody how Brittany told him that she thinks you’re going to put her up. She says that she isn’t going to follow you around like the other girls. Cody talks about how he put his neck out on the line for Brittany and she didn’t even appreciate it. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return.. Cody says this is the problem with having an 8 person alliance. Frankie says this is the last easy week. Zach and Derrick join them. Derrick tells Frankie that Amber already said you told her is safe. Frankie says I never said that. They talk about how Cody can tell Brittany that people have come to him and told him things that make him not be able to trust her. They talk about how Cody could nominate Brittany & Victoria and Frankie could nominate Jocasta and Amber. Hayden Joins them. Hayden says I would like to see either Amber or Brittany gone because they are stronger competitors. Derrick says Jocasta is better to get out over Victoria because she will give up and Jocasta is here fighting for her family. Zach says Victoria is going to cry! I’m going to sit right next to her! I’m going to grab a front row seat! They end their conversation and Amber joins them. Hayden and Zach head down stairs.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 03-57-49-393

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I want to ask a question.. lets say one of the two HOH lost their place. for example, the week before ( Derrick and Nicole) Nicole lost. Can Nicole be nominated again by POV? or once she was an HOH she cant be nominated for the week?


so the nominees who will win the battle of the block will be safe for the entire week?


Do you even watch the show?


yeah its not that hard to follow


its my first season… I watch BBUK and its different so this is a bit confusing…sorry.


Yes Hanna. They are safe the whole week. And I’ve watched every season of USBB (bar season 1) and the BOB/double HOH/Quad noms has me confused too. Can’t wait for it to be over.


If they nominate all girls then it’s time for the girls to clue in on the fact that the boys seem to be loyal to each other. They should therefore start an alliance, ideally, Brittany, Amber, Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Christine.


I’ve never seen such a bunch of wimpy guys in my life.
The Americas Players are supposed to pick a “physical threat”
and they choose all women with a plan to backdoor Donny?
What morons. They should loose all their bonus money!
I think most would agree America would consider Caleb or Cody
or Hayden an actual physical threat. Not Amber? WTF?


In fairness though Donny is a legit threat. He’s won 2 PoV’s and 1 BoB (yes I know it was thrown but it still counts as a “win”). No one else has won more yet. I do think it’s a bit silly to use this week to get rid of a “weak” player or even Donny for that matter.

Why you would not consider using this week to get rid of a strong player is a bit weird. You know the double HoH’s will have to come to end soon (mainly because of numbers) so why not take out someone before it gets harder to do so? I personally think this would be the best time to get out Caleb.


Donny may be a physical threat…but, they didn’t put him up. They put up ALL women.


I don’t see Donny as a major physical threat as he tends to win comps that require logic, skill and reasoning. Although Caleb has not won any physical comps recently, he may end up winning when physical comps return.
They should get him out now but he will be protected by the long arm of the law. Derrick may not be HO but he will certainly add his two pence worth to NOMS and will manipulate until he gets his way. Too bad others cannot see how manipulative he is. The TA task was poorly worded as it allows for now repercussions if D,D, and F put up whoever they want and claim they felt that person was a physical threat. If they manage to get Vicki up, how could anyone think for one moment she is any kind of threat.


I am hoping for 4 females to be nominated so they clue in and form an alliance with Donny and Hayden.


It should definitely be a wake up call for Amber. She should wonder why they nominated her instead of Nicole.


Isn’t if funny that Joey was right from the get go. Her idea to form an all girl alliance was pretty much spot on and all the girls dismissed it. Brittany point blank said “Girls can’t work together.” WTF? Its a friggin game to win money and you can’t get past personalities and petty annoyances?? The guys are obviously going to pick them off one at a time.

Also I’m kind of over Brittany both saying and being labeled as ‘old’. Derrick, Jocasta, Frankie and Donny are all older and Amber, Devin, Paolo and Joey not far behind. Frankie is friggin 12 years older then Hayden!!!

It’s about time BB mixed up ages more and don’t put people in who don’t know the game. It leads to boring weeks where the clueless just get voted out one by one. I think they can have more then one token “over 40” and one token gay. I will say it’s a super attractive group but good looks is only interesting to look at for a week or two then their shallowness emerges.

Does everyone on these shows think they are going to get some ‘career’ out of this? They all seem to have visions of fame and fortune. Ugh. Don’t they know they’ll most likely just fade into the woodwork and never be heard from again, Thank God!


I know people keep giving Joey credit for the all girl alliance idea but that’s just what it was. She didn’t seem to have a clear plan. Since all women would be involved it probably meant that that not all girls could have been included in the beginning.She should have first pulled one or two aside after establishing some sort of connection or got a feel and went from there to have some sort of core group so that other girls would be more confident in joining and went from there.

I agree about Britney even-though I’m now rooting for her to stay. She may just feel that way with her life experiences. And I really could care less about her complaint of sleeping in the bed with guys because she’s a mom. You shouldn’t have came in there. I wouldn’t want to be in those conditions of sharing bathrooms are the environment so I would never ever apply or go in there even if I were recruited because I know I wouldn’t be able to handle certain things or the mystery of them controlling my environment.


The only problem that is, at this point will Donny and Hayden join. IMO, no. I think it’s. 6 guys, 6 girls right now. Derreck plan is correct put 4 girls up. Only two will come down. They still can use Christine or Nicole as pawns.

It should knock Christine or Nicole in the head that they may go up, as well as Donny. Which I think Derrick is thinking about but not saying. If he does vote Donny out it could backfire on him if bb decides to replace him. Who would it be and would they be happy as Derreck and Frankie about.
It’s over for the girls. Sorry. Lol

Julie's Glitter

Derrick will probably want to keep Donny for a couple more weeks so he can get some more easy Team America case (Amber a physical threat ? – right- all it took was for the 3 of them to declare someone a physical threat, they could have said anybody) If Donny goes, I bet BB invents some twist to bring him back in the game – maybe America votes between Devin, Donny or Victoria to be brought back in to the game.


These girls ain’t going to clue in on anything. Weakest bunch of women ever. Nicatine are the only 2 who even know the game and don’t have any guts.


But they won’t because they are girls.

Oh Caleb...

Dude, just…stop.

I wonder if Amber is voted out this week if Caleb will continue to obsess over her. I can just hear him now, “I bet Amber is sitting at home right now thinking, Caleb sure was a sweetheart, why didn’t I realize that when I was in the house?” smh


Haha it is going to be another GineMarie & Nick situation!


And it’s time for a mental HoH, balance things a little.


The girls may not do better than the guys. The guys have discussed how they will answer if it’s a “majority rules” comp. (which is usually one of the early question competitions). They already said they would all answer A-B-B-B-A-A-A .
The egg transfer game could have had a female winner. Seems like girls have the advantage of thin fingers. The women need to get together, but they’re all too busy trying to be accepted by the guys. It’s frustrating.


hi caieb


What the heck?!?! I sure hope Donny doesn’t get evicted next week. All these meat head guys and they’re afraid of little ol’ Donny. This season will suck if he goes home and one of these punkass win. I was wanting a shake up this week and the power to shift. I’m sick of the ex bomb squad and their smug faces running the show.
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like big borther


Ditto…Although I did not like it in Season 11, please give America the right to vote for who earns a coup d’ etat. This season started off looking interesting, now not so much. It says something when I am not planning on watching the live feeds next week!


It would serve Donny right if he gets evicted next week by using the veto on Jocasta and getting Devin out! When all of long he wanted Caleb gone. You big dummy, you always keep a bigger target in the game a little longer so you don’t become the target!


Victoria may be a lot of things, but she doesn’t deserve to get bashed like that behind her back, and then have everyone be nice to her to her face. That’s one thing I can’t respect, is when people have something to say behind someone’s back but won’t say it to their face. These HG’s all act like children.


I agree they are ganging up on her, but I can’t even listen to the live feeds when she is talking. She focuses on how mean the other people and focuses too much on non-game play. Maybe if she was actually trying to play the game, they would respect her more in the house, but doubtful. I think in group dynamics people seem to need a person to dump on. i don’t know why people bond over breaking someone else down, but you see that a lot and the target shifts with the wind. If it’s not Victoria, it will be someone else once she leaves. Devin bashing bonded them for two weeks and now they need another target.

I don’t get how she doesn’t realize that they are doing this. You can usually pick up cues when people have been taking about you or don’t really like you.


She’s just a naive girl without a ton of life experience. But she’s a nice person at the end of the day, and she’s being absolutely humiliated in front of everyone who watches the live feeds, by people who pretend to be her friend. These people are all disgusting.

And ironically it’s guys like Caleb, who takes a lot of the heat from viewers and is one of the most disliked, who’s not really participating in the slander. Caleb may be obsessive, and narcissistic, but he’s still a better person than Zach, Frankie, Derrick, and everyone else piling on Victoria.


She had no problem ganging up on Devin. She even made nasty comments about him after he lost the POV and was sitting quietly with his head down in the Havenot room. All of them were up in the HOH taking pot shots at him.
She has said that she would like to stab Devink , pretty much called Donny a pervert, but got over Zach calling her a B


In regard to what Victoria had not picked up they are talking about her.
She’s a meathead. She’s in the void see no sanity, hear no sanity, speak no sanity.


Hey CBS …. Why don’t you play some of the live feed conversations
to the house guest to stir things up? It would make for a real Twist!


Victoria had no problem talking horribly about Devin and Donny, so…


Come on Jocasta!! Girl, you need to get your head in the game!! Win HoH and make some deals.

If christine thinks she’s safe with the boys, she is sorely mistaken as well.

Brittany doesn’t realize that by her saying she won’t chase Cody around “like all these other girls” she’s actually insulting him and their relationship assuming he’s that kind of guy. Which gives him more of a reason to put her up.

Her gameplay/ploy of a last minute “heart to heart” like with Devin WILL NOT WORK AGAIN.


How disappointing that this will be another quiet week in the house. Targeting Amber as a physical threat is ridiculous! Maybe she is the strongest female physically at this point in the game, but it’s just an excuse to put her up. After this week, it should be very clear the girls are getting picked off one by one.

I wonder if Derrick and Frankie asked the DR what happens when they lose a TA person. Maybe it doesn’t matter and so they have no need to protect other people in TA. It should be they have to protect TA people no matter what. I also wish we had a say in who they had to get on the block. That would make it more challenging and maybe put them in turmoil if it was an alliance member.

Caleb, grow the F up. You are obnoxious and too full of yourself.

dan smith

AMBER IS NOT A POWER THREAT. I hope production tells them it has to be a male


I agree Amber isn’t a threat at all!


How incredibly sexist of you!


I can’t believe that Frankie would want to get rid of the women while counting on guys he can’t beat in competitions to carry him to final two.


I think his idea is that when it gets lower in numbers the meatheads will start picking each other off because it appears they are more set for physical competitions and Frankie will slide by as a non-threat. Don’t know if i twill wok, and since I can’t stand the troll hair guy, hoping it doesn’t and he gets sent packing soon.


Not sure one can count out Frankie as physical threat. He did win the first HOH which was a physical challenge and now has 2 HOHs so he can be a definite threat. I agree that his game play is all over the place and I cannot figure out who he counts as his alliance. I would think he and Zack would have a separate alliance, but don’t see that. He needs to be careful, because he rarely contemplates his game play in terms of what it will take him to finals. I do not see why they won’t put up Caleb. This should be the number one target. He is not that great at competitions as everyone assumes he is. I have not seen it except for one HOH. The rest he has sucked. What needs to happen is Frankie, Cody, and Zach should form a sub-alliance and get rid of Derrick, Hayden, and Caleb as soon as possible.


Caleb and Zach are the biggest D-bags. Derrick and Cody are not far behind.


Yup. Zach is a very entertaining d-bag, but a d-bag nonetheless. Derrick and Cody really surprised me, though. Derrick was easily my second favourite after Donny when the season just began, but he’s kind of a pompous ass now. And Cody thinks flirting his way to the end will get him the $500,000.


Yeah, I think Cody is secretly one of the worst in the house. All of his flirting is pure manipulation, which is scary because it’s so convincing. I think Amber is the only girl he’d actually be into. Everything else is predatory.

And did you hear the story he said the other day about how he told this girl how ugly her nose was and then he saw her again after some time had passed and she told him that she got a nose job because of what he said. That’s just vile.


That’s just good advice!!


What else would you expect from DerrICK?
After all he is a backstabbing cop!
He lies, manipulates, and ruins ppls lives for a living.
He’s a weasel of the worst kind. Undercover pretending to be
ppls buddies so he can ruin their lives over a little herb or x


I can see he’s got your number!!!


Zack is the man. He reminds me of dr will and dan the 2 best ever. Not saying zack is as good as those 2 but by the end he might be just as good. Most of the hg think zach is just a mouth piece. I think when it comes down to it he will win the comps he needs to, to win bb16.

I Don't Like Derrick

If all the dumbasses did not fall for Dan’s funeral, would he have been rated so good? No. If all those dumbasses had laughed at him, instead of fell for his bs, would anyone be talking about how good a player he was ? No. And I liked Frank, but Damn, he was stupid. If a player ever goes from having his mind set to having it changed for the benefit of someone else’s game, then he is a Damn Fool.


Dan in my mind is the best even without his 2nd season. And when u add in his 2nd season hes so far ahead of the next best.


You sound like a typical FEMALE!!!!


Part of me wants Frank to nominate Amber so she realizes where she stands with the boys so she runs to the other side and it’s game on.

Otherwise if she’s not nominated she’ll still think she’s good with the ‘bomb squad’ and won’t ever try a different alliance.


For some reason, I see a male winner this season.
These girls are either playing in the shadow to the boys (nicole, christine, and amber), very prideful (brittany), or extremely clueless (victoria, jocasta).

There have been a lot of smart minded male players so far in the game like Derrick and Frankie who think about certain moves but not one girl has made herself known to be just as strong. Half of them make moves based on talking to the guys or either talk about being scared to make move.

It’s a male dominated game… So far.

I love this season though 🙂 some of these people are real funny.

LIKE.. Victoria believing that she was picked up by a crow as a child?? LOL WHAAT


Caleb has the makings of a stalker. He went from having a crush on Amber, to being obsessed with her, to pestering her and trying to see if she’ll reciprocate his feelings, to being annoyed and upset with her, and now he keeps threatening her (either behind her back or to her face.) Hell hath no fury like an arrogant man (and his ego) scorned, I guess.

And I find it funny that Cody’s willing to put up Brittany now because she doesn’t flirt obsessively with him like the other girls do. What kind of game move is that? If you’re going to put someone up, put them up for something game-related, not something personal. Showmances are so dumb and pointless, and all they ever do is make you a target.


Cody has a crush on Britanny, but she is out of his league.

All the guys was all over her and thinking she would care for them, but she does not give “A” to them. That`s why they hate her now.


I am beyond disgusted with Cody this last week. He seemed sweet at first but most of the guys this year are turning out to be huge creeps! It’s so obvious he’s butthurt because she isn’t fawning all over him.

I just hope she finds someone nice on the outside and doesn’t have to put up with this BS after they vote her out.

A Nonny Mouse

I get the feeling that if the camera wasn’t on Caleb he’d be doing a lot more than hitting Amber with a pillow.


Instead of the zing bot this year, can we have Amanda Zuckerman come into the house and tell these houseguests everything that’s wrong with them? I didn’t even like her, but at this point it would be great to see a ballsy loudmouth like her give it to them straight.


I think big brother should end the current TEAM AMERICA team and get us to vote on another three house guests for the next 3 tasks. I’m hoping that Donny, Brittany or Amber, and Hayden are the next 3 picks to mix things up just a bit.

Caren in Canada

I could not agree more, I really don’t think it is fair the same three should be able to earn extra money throughout the entire season! I think it should have been split up between all of them, I mean come on the missions are so incredibly easy these guys could earn a huge amount over and above the rest if they last! Also it was a little unfair to make us vote on the three before we even knew who they were or what their intentions were! I think had they waited a couple of weeks for people to get to know them, they would not have picked the same three! A great idea would be to switch it out every week and give them all a chance at a piece of the pie! (just my opinion)


Amber wants Brit to go home cause she would put up all males if she became HOH but its ok with her that the guys only put up girls what the heck is wrong with her? Is she completely clueless it makes no sense to me.


The girls in this house are totally useless. What a disappointment. Christine, Nicole, and Amber are just sheep for the guys, Brittany is now fighting with the girls who she’ll need to save her, and Victoria is just being Victoria.


Derrick wants Britanny gone, only because Britanny is pretty and his wife is really ugly ( We all saw her photo remember? she weights like 300 pounds).

And I am gay…and my gaydar tells me Zack is gay, and that`s why he hates Victoria so much, he is really jelous of her.

I started watching since Season 8. And this is the wrost cast since them.

I still wanna see a guy leaving this week. But if Amber goes it will be bittersweet.


I’m a female (not gay)………..I have no “gaydar” but I think Cody is gay. Nothing wrong with that but it does affect the way he plays the game.


Can you be more specific?


300 lbs???? LOL you have a serious misconception of a woman’s weight. It’s idiots like you that make girls anorexic. Look in the mirror before you cast judgement Mr Perfect!!! Weight can be lost but stupid is forever.

You Idiot...

she just had a baby – you bloody idiot……i cannot believe that you would make such a hurful comment about someone you do not even know – soooooooo disappointing….I feel sorry for your family that they are related to someone so disgusting that would make just a nasty comment about an individual.


The family members did not audition for BB and should be off limits when it comes to nasty and miserable remarks.


Amber wanting Brit gone cause she would put up all guys if she won HOH but finds nothing wrong with the guys putting up all females makes no sense to me. Is she completely clueless, they are being picked off one by one and she could actually be the female that goes home this week, no worries her light bulb will come on as she walks out the door…

smd nicole

lol did victoria really just say nicole is getting jealous of her? nicole is much more popular with all the houseguest AND she is becoming americas sweetheart this season and they literally made a joke on the show last night about not knowing who victoria is because she literally does nothing


Victoria doesn’t know that people don’t like her, so she would have no way of knowing that Nicole is more popular in the house.

As for Nicole being America’s Sweetheart, I’m pretty sure Donny fills that role. Nicole does nothing endearing, IMO. She complains and whines all the time…combine that with her annoying voice/accent, I’m over her. The sooner she’s evicted the happier I will be.


I hope this week will be like this.

Frankie puts up – Jocasta and Britanny

COdy puts up – Victoria and Amber.

BOB winners – Brittanny and Jocasta

POV winner – Victoria

Replacement N – Christiane.

Block – Amber and Christiane
I think these 2 stupid girls needs to pay for being so stupid


Ha…Vic win POV. Maybe if the comp is “who can land a jumbo jet on their nose”.

Joey was right

These girls better get their heads in the game and stop thinking the boys are their allies. The men this season are male chauvinist and the women are bimbos. The girls need to work together in getting some of the guys out.


God I hope Donny wins PoV and uses it on Jocasta or Brittany… who would go up… Caleb duh
Amber/ Caleb on the block would be hysterical.
Who would go home… hmmmmmm perhaps Amber. The girls hate her, but, people also don’t like
Beast Mode Cowboy.
Next week Cody, Frankie and Zach should be in trouble letting Caleb in the room and not Amber was bad… really bad.

Joey was right

To me, it appears that Britney and Amber will go on the block because Britney is not interested in Cody and Amber is not interested in Caleb. Is this real life?


Seriously! Cody was calling out Caleb for having a big ego and accepting the fact that Amber doesn’t like him, but Cody’s ego was easily bruised by Brittany’s lack of interest in him. This isn’t seventh fucking grade, it’s a game for $500,000. They need to grow up or else they’re going to get thrown up on the block and evicted. And what the hell is wrong with Amber? Why does she think she’s safe with the guys on her side? I hope they put her up and evict her so she realizes what a dumb mistake it was to trust them.


…I mean, idk what to say..this is ridiculous..
The targets are BRITT & JOCASTA.., n I kno if one of those 2 are still on the block & the other win POV, It WILL be used..even if donny wins..
These girls need yo wake tf up & realize sht, I dnt think they will until tonight when they get there asses nominated, Christine is fckin stupid if she thinks that she will win with the boys in the house..thats all she does is hide behind them…

Uhhhh I just hate that Britt & Jocasta didn’t win HOH, they were ONE egg behind!!!!!!!


Please backdoor Donny..

Admit it donnyzombies.!
These guys, the bombsquad2.0 and the detonators, are the better players. They’re complete, they have the brains-derrick and frankie, beauty-cody and nicole, brawns-caleb and hayden plus zach-the very likable d’bag, christine-basically the ears and amber-the most hated girl (the very reason why an all girl alliance will never be an option)


Christine in the best position to win right now she got friends on both sides of the house and no one views her as a target she also capable of winning competition

andy 2.0

i wish brittany and jocasta won HOH this week sucks. the guys are so catty and are all pansies (especially derrick and frankie) i heard that derrick cody and frankie cheated so i hope people will send letters to cbs to fix it now that they are NOt hoh




Britanny and Jocasta figured out a way to move with one hand only or something like that.. They were winning. Then Derrick was watching and told COdy and Derrick what they were doing.

NOBODY can help or say anything to another person while competiting


Could you please elaborate how they “cheated” Andy 2.0… Cause there is no way to cheat at that competition!! Lol I think your just mad the people you liked didn’t win


Derrick told Frankie and Cody their strategy. Frankie and Cody adjusted theirs and managed to win.


What kind of lame mission is that. So ambiguous and subjective..”believe” “floater”. Easy $5,000 each if BB accepts Amber as a physical threat. If the mission was floater, they still could have chosen her. Disappointed big time, I hoped Caleb would be the target as a result of the mission.


I get everyone’s frustration with guys running the house BUT Joey tried to get the girls to team up but they were all too scared. Had they stuck together in the beginning things could be different. We’ve had 2 girl HOH. I like Nicole!!!! I think she has a lot of potential in the game. Bash Derrick all you want but he is doing what he has to do to move forward in the game. I agree boring week unless the drama gets good with Amber/Caleb!! I love love this site and Big Brother. (I’m making list of Amazon purchases of things I need to give Simon and Dawg some kickback!)


Zach is the only entertaining houseguest this season.


I like Donny quite a bit as a person. He’s sharp, funny, and caring.

But as a BB player, he’s made a lot of mistakes — one of them directly attributable to this stupid Team America twist..

Why is he on the radar for being backdoored this week? The principal reason is his convo with the girls after hearing from Nicole the plan to backdoor Devin by putting Caleb up as a pawn — a pawn who would throw the BOB to “save” Amber. Problem was, in relaying this info, he was caught by Amber, who promptly told the boys. Because she told the boys, Derrick knew that Donny knew the plan — and that’s relevant because Donny told him in the storage room before the POV comp that he didn’t know that the plan was to backdoor Devin.

Donny is a nice guy who happens to be a bad liar. Derrick knew the storage room conversation was a lie. And when Donny told the TA lie about Zach/Amanda, what was Nicole’s first reaction? That Donny is America’s player — and she has shared this with others, including Frankie and Derrick.

Donny has a target in part because he has made some mistakes and in part because lying is not in his nature. (He has done a good job planting the seeds about Derrick in Jocosta and Brittany, but their days are numbered because they are weak. He needs to seek out the lowest on the totem in “the 8” — as he calls them.)

It seems to me that Cody, Zach and Derrick are basically this year’s version of the Brigade — they have hangers on and people around them to absorb some hits — particularly Amber, Caleb and Frankie. And unless the others see that soon and team up, D/C/Z will cruise to the end.

At this point, Donny will be lucky to make it to jury, as he’s already seen as a target by Nicole, Christine, Cody, Zach, Derrick and Frankie.


Donny also has planted the seeds about Derrick to Hayden. Forgot that one.

Derrick’s downfall could be all of his final 2 deals. The one with Nicole has gotten back to Hayden too.

If Hayden is smart enough to team up with Cody/Zach/Derrick, while keeping Christine and Nicole around as buffers, he could win the game. He needs to keep the info about Derrick and Nicole’s F2 until there are only four or five HGs left. Then drop it to whomever is left — in this case, preferable C/Z so that they take it personally and take out Derrick.


I agree. If Donny had been receptive to Devin and formed a short term alliance, he would have been safe.
But, TA has also caused his downfall because he actually believes that Derrick wants to take him and Frankie to the final 3.
Jocasta talked about Derrick’s power of manipulation, but Donny feels he’s safe.


I wish I could have saw Christine face when the guys did not let her in the HoH. Then Caleb they let in. If true that was a sign to her meathead.

I Don't Like Derrick

Yes, but unfortunately, women are just so Damn stupid, and easily influenced by men. And this is coming from a female. I’m just happy I’m one of the very few non dumbass females.

Caren in Canada

So very sad that as a very proud fem I have to agree with you, my job entails me to work with over 3000 men everyday (building ford vehicles) and I worked hard to be seen as an equal, and then women like these (idiots is the only word I can think of) come along and with one swipe of a brush undo any work that other women have done to prove that anything men can do so can a woman! Just very very frustrating to most of us who want to be seen as hard working equals!


zach has something against women in general.


Hayden needs to go to Amber and tell her she is not safe with the boys and tell Caleb he is not safe either. Start a secret alliance with Nicole, Brittany, Jocasta, Donny, Caleb. Also tell Victoria that they plan on getting rid of her and add her to the mix, but I don’t know if he should trust Christine! It would make this show so much more interesting if this happened instead of everyone being picked off one by one!

Donny/Nicole F2

I want Amber to go home this week (not likely but possible) and then Caleb jump ship and start an alliance with Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, Jacosta and Brittany. They could lie to Christine and say that Frankie is with them (she would believe it) and she would be scared and then jump ship too, leaving Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Zach in a 4 person alliance.


The hateful remarks made about Victoria are just cruel… It’s board-line bully and the similitude between the way cast speaks about Victoria and how the cast from last year’s BB spoke about Elissa are the same. Zach needs to remember a big chin and massive under-bite doesn’t give you room to talk shit about other people.

Zach is a creep.


Zach is obsessed with Victoria!
Maybe because he’s just mad that in real life she would never talk to him


I think everyone needs to understand is that by us suffering through these boring weeks of them taking out floaters will result in only power players who are close friends to remain… Gunna be a hell of an end game!! Give it till jury everybody and this house is gunna be a war!


But the thing is that Joey and Devin were no floaters


No. But one was the most annoying chick you could ever meet and the other was a complete mental case meathead.

BB15 Howard's Fedora

I can’t wait till all these guys have to turn on each other.


I’m still going to say a better twist was once you win HoH both should go into sequester after they place their nominations they can come out. They would have to rely on their own knowledge of the game and the relationships and talks they had with each other before going into sequester. Any planing would have to be remembered. It would be interesting to see the real choices they would make. And the aftermath after they had made them. I am going to send this into BB. I would love to see it played this way with all stars.

Caren in Canada

They did something like that in BBCan with Neda. not quite the same as you described but similar! Sent her into the war room and sequestered her for 24hrs and told her she had to name noms before she came out, that was actually one of the many twists that I rather enjoyed! lol


I am starting to root for Zach I think. He is rude BUT funny. I think he is the only guy that would shake up this house if he won HOH.
Everyone else are a bunch of sheep.


also why isn’t Cody going after Caleb anymore? SMH



“They comment on how when Victoria was dropping all the eggs they wondered if she thought it was a scrambled egg competition.”


Brigade 2.0, they just don’t know it.

Cody, Zach, Derrick, Frankie. Frankie=Matt from Brigade (expendable).


Caleb’s psycho… But Amber shouldn’t of told the whack job that’s she’s not into showmances and then pretty much be all over Cody’s nuts. Caleb sees it as her lying to him, and a slap in the face.

Never tell a psycho one thing and do another, that’s just Stage 5 Clinger 101

You Idiot...

Yes – you idiot – only an idiot would make that comment. She is friends with Cody – I have not seen a showmance between her and Cody. AND YOU KNOW WHAT…..even if she does like Cody – SO WHAT – she can like whomever she wants.



Such anger.



Have the feeds been down all day? They were sleeping when I checked this am and then they have been down for a few hours that I’ve been able to check.


feeds have been down since 10ish … must be noms, BOB and sleeping




If you have the feeds flash back to 6:48 am today (7/18) and see Brittany blow a chance to advance or save her game. She has Cody all alone and pretty much tells him she has given up. He tells her he doesn’t understand her distancing herself from him and “seems” genuinely hurt that she thinks he bases his decisions on who will flirt with him. Either that or he is just tired. I liked Brit but she wasted a chance to stay in the game.


Yep; from what i’ve been gathering by reading these posts every week (don’t have live feeds) Brit is kinda grumpy to people and extremely moody. She doesn’t appear to sleep much at all and it probably makes her oversensitive and quick to temper…unless that’s just her personality. I can’t figure out why she seems to be giving people the silent treatment – seems like it’s out of the blue ?? Get some sleep girl…kinda weird how she seems to be able to stay up that many days!


I doubt anything she does is gong to sway him into keeping her safe. She may be moody but I think she’s aware of that. His decisions are influenced off him being in an alliance even if he doesn’t put her up himself I doubt he would stop anyone else from doing it. So why feed his ego in the process when the main probably is she isn’t in a strong alliance and she isn’t going to be in one with him or getting any further than Amber (which basically is on the block this week).


Zach Is the most entertaining HG I have seen on feeds in years.

Cody is easily getting the “good” edit and although Zach says WAAAAAY over the top stuff, his actions aren’t like cody. cody is a total brit fiend. she isn’t giving him any attention and he fiends for it.


Yup. He fiends for it because he’s the kind of guy that knows he’s good-looking and gets the girls. Brittany’s not throwing herself at him and it pisses him off because he’s probably not used to be turned down. Hot guys and their egos, I guess…


Before I go through and read the comments, I’m just going to say this: why is it that anyone who talks game with people (other than this stupid alliance of most of the house), then they are a target? Derrick acts as if Brittany and Jacosta have no right to talk game to each other. Give me a break. First of all, Brittany thought she could trust Derrick and Cody and she was wrong. And yet they’re pissed because she feels like she can’t trust them. Um, SHE CAN’T TRUST YOU, you idiots.

Also, if they evict Donny this week, I’m done watching this year. Donny deserves to AT LEAST be in Jury over half that house.


I normally root for the underdogs too and pray for an uprising, but this year I feel differently… I like Derrick and think he is playing the best game thus far. My vote for winner.
Frankie is super annoying. Stop being sooo thirsty for attention. You are not that funny.