Caleb plans to tell Frankie he’s being evicted “see ya you screwed me GO”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used No
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-14 19-24-58-966

7:25pm Derrick tells Victoria to continue to act nervous like she’s going home that is all she’s got to do.

7:30pm Victoria in the shower giving the camera crazy eyes

BB16 2014-09-14 19-54-30-600
7:54pm Cody talking about his Brother who hustles like he’s never seen before. Cody tells him their parents don’t give them any financial help they pay their own way. Caleb asks him what type of car does he drive. Cody and Frankie explains to him nobody owns a car in New York.
8:09pm Kitchen everyone has finished up dinner..
Victoria – Tomorrow is going to be a full day

8:11pm Fire room Caleb invites Derrick to the HOH tonight. Derrick says he’s probably not going to go to bed until midnight. Caleb says Cody is going to bed right now
Derrick – I’ll believe it when I see it”


8:16pm Caleb gives Cody a snap chases him into the shower stale.

BB16 2014-09-14 20-42-21-339

8:41pm Bathroom Frankie and Victoria
Victoria – Frankie I hope we keep in touch after this.. You don’t forget about me.. I definitely want to keep in touch with you
Frankie – we’re going to play in Miami we’ll go see my sister concert together. I can’t wait for her tour..
Starts in Europe in January.. it might be called My Everything.. 60 days 20 European cities
Cody comes by Victoria starts slathering the lotion on his back.

BB16 2014-09-14 20-46-08-409
8:47pm Pool table Cody and Derrick
Cody “I’m crushing it”
everyone but Beast mode in the backyard. Victoria and Frankie talking about tomorrow’s plans. Victoria goes over that production told her they want them to Look fresh at 9am. Frankie thinks it’s a 9am wake up 10am activity.

BB16 2014-09-14 21-28-21-256
9:16pm Backyard everyone.
Trying to figure out what is going on at 9am tomorrow.
Caleb – They want us to look good they don’t want us to look like we did with izzie.. with boogers in our eyes.
Cody thinks it’s more than just colouring books, “they did mention activities”

9:31pm Backyard Everyone
Talking about central park Frankie mentions Stanley park being “the seal the deal date
Caleb shares his seal the deal date.. (Which actually sounds like a good idea minus the unspoken hatchet)
“It’s a horse the girl sitting on the saddle me on the horses butt.. my arms around her holding onto the reigns. walking in a big old pasture.. we’re going to get to a place.. lay down a blanket, got some fishing polls, little river, cooler of beer.. a picnic right on the river, hang out and fish.. seal the deal done.. ”
Victoria starts talking about “Mob Wives’ she asks Cody if he watches it
Cody – I don’t watch that sh1t
they start talking about Cake boss Cody says he’s heard that the cake boss store in Hoboken gets line up s around the block.
Derrick – He’s got a f**ing mansion

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Is tuesday a live eviction or is frankie getting evicted on momday and will there be an audience when he gets evicted.

Here's the story

Tuesday’s show, to be recorded Monday, will include an eviction. It will have a studio audience, a regular audience and not CBS plants. Like every taping the audience will be asked to behave appropriately and to not boo the evicted houseguest. We will know on Tuesday if the audience followed instructions or if they went rogue and booed Frankie on his way out.


Do you know if the feeds will be off until the show airs on Tuesday?

Big Sister

It would be favoritism/sexism if CBS allowed Christine to be booed and forbade the audience to boo for any other evicted HG. I say, express your disgust with boos just like you clap with enthusiam for your favorite.


That’s a LIE…that was a hand-picked audience with instructions to Clap Loudly and Cheer the slimiest rodent ever to be on BB.


Derrick is worried about looking like a schmuck, too late.

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

OMG, Derrick is such a bore – lecturing Victoria for like 10 hours. So sick of him right now.


Just like when a cops confidential informant doesn’t want to continue being used. Berate and threaten to keep them under control.

Jim Carrey

It’s sad to see Derrick has taken possession of her soul, she is going to be devastated when she’s at home watching the tapes.

Geez Louise

Please oh please, let the camera be pointing right on Caleb’s face when they announce Donny as America’s favorite player. Thats our reward for having to hear Him brag on himself all season!


Will pay to see the look on your face when they announce there is no AFP because of TA. People in the outside are more delusional then the ones inside. There is no link for AFP yet and people are be pyscho about it. Having twitter wars Donny vs Zach fans, Frankie’s mom vs BB fans. I am hoping there is no AFP so people can shut up about it already. No one is talking about the game only about AFP get a grip.


If they’re smart they’ll have the AFP vote for feedsters only. That would take it out of the hands of the twitter wars. If they don’t do that then they need to not have it at all.


Frankies mom vs. bb fans? What happened?

Geez Louise

Well, someone needs nap, huh Samantha?


I would pay top dollars to see Frankie get booed when he gets evicted. I know it’s a pre-taped eviction show but one can only hope someone in that selected audience feels the same way we all do. Frankie is such a horrible person that seeing him get his comeuppance and not make The Final Four is 150% the most satifisfying thing to happen this season.
See you never Frankie!

Cackling Hyena

What if the audience boo Pinky on the taped eviction, would Production “mute” / remove / reduce / edit the sounds the audience would make and replace them with “canned” applause? If I go there myself and be a part of the audience, I wonder if they would let me in with a bullhorn and megaphone…..Cackle.


Oh my god they are such cowards.
Tell him now get it over with.
What can he freaking do to your games… honestly.
It isn’t that I don’t think Frankie deserves to not to be blindsided… he does.

It is the cowardice of those other guys… all of them every eviction…. crap
this Season has had some of the biggest cowards in Big Brother History.


With fewer people in the house and the pressure turned up, Derrick’s mastery of the social game is really coming into focus.

The way he interacts with Caleb and Victoria is amazing. He really makes an effort to talk to them on their level, build them up, make them feel good about themselves, and show them how they can get what they want by doing what he wants.

He not only understands the game at a different level, he understands people.


LOL about making them feel good…
Right now, I’m watching him telling Victoria in the BR that she should watch what she says. It just turned into a super-long mind-torture, he’s pretty much making her cry.


“Derrick is very worried about Victoria screwing up their games doesn’t want her to drink wine any more.
Derrick – when you are paranoid and you drink a bottle of wine by yourself you get tipsy to be honest i’m worried.”
Oh ya Derrick is a real prince this season. God help the man who ever tried to take away my wine!


All that government training and years of being an undercover cop are coming in handy. He knows just when to build them up and when to berate them to manipulate them.


If BB17 is all stars who would u want in my list would be if it was 16 house guests id go.
2.DAN BB10
6.IAN BB14



Here is my list of Big Brother AllStars
1.Will BB5
2.Dan BB10
3.Evil Dick BB8
4.Matt BB12
5.Lane BB12
6.Ian BB14
7. Zach BB16
8.Donny BB16

1.Janelle BB6
2.Rachael BB12 (ONLY Without Brendan) BB12
3.Brittany BB12
4.Nakomis BB5
5.Danielle BB8
6.Jordan BB11
7.Danielle BB3
8.Nicole BB16

Of course to be Honest I never want to see an All Star ever again unless it is Special Season Winter maybe…. or Vets v. Newbs.


I don’t want to see Britney from BB12 in BB All Stars 2!!! Yes she made me laugh but that was all she was good at….


I say since this is season 16, we take the last 16 seasons of “America’s favorite’ house guests and put them in the house for season 17!

Just Sayin'

Big Brother didn’t have a “Fan Favorite” until Season 7 Allstars…Janelle won. There wasn’t one for Season 8, Eric Stein was America’s Player that year. That’s why I have a feeling, with Team America this year, BB won’t have a vote for AFP.


There’s no way that Frank won AFP for his season. He was hated and I wouldn’t want to see his bully @ss on tv again.

Teri B

Thumbs UP if you think Frankie is going home,
Thumbs DOWN if you think Production or anyone else will get in Derrick’s ear so he saves him. Fun!
(Fingers crossed he does)


This has become sooooo boring.

I watched tonight’s show and what a breath of fresh air it was to see people like Frankie and Donny with actual personalities. Even Hayden and Nicole were fun. Jacosta was just as useless as ever. RING RING Hey Jacosta girl, NOBODY AND THE ROCK MEANS NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FIG ABOUT YOUR LAME BOWTIES!

I know a lot of people are happy to see Frankie go, and I don’t care about any of these ijits anyway but what is possessing Caleb to get rid of the one person that will take him to the end? None of the other 3 that will be left will take him, there is zero chance, and I don’t see him winning every comp to get him to Final 2. Frankie would have very likely taken him to 3, maybe even 2 but now Caleb is going to be following Frankie out the door next week. Derrick is bringing his two ladies to the end, like a player walking down the red carpet with his two ladies, Victoria on one arm and Cody on the other.

Habs Rule

Caleb is Just a little brain dead is all!!!….He was used as derricks Puppet and now when theres no need for him the strings will be cut and he will be booted out the door right after frankie….Thats if caleb doesnt win veto.


Exactly. I think Caleb will watch back and feel like a dingus. Same for Frankie when he realises that he was used by The ‘Hitmen'(Derrick/Cody) to get rid of his closest ally and loyal subject Zach. Derrick is the best of the worst at this point, so i hope he wins.


Well, that is on Skankie and Beast Mode Cow Puttie that they were played. It is not the fault of Derrick or Cody who I am now rooting for to win the F2 regardless of what I think of them. Frankie’s game failed when he got rid of Zach and the way he treated him as his only true ally in the game. I think Frankie was more enamored with Caleb to make sound decisions. He is a tool and deserves the boos and dislike. The way he puts down Donny, even last week, to paint himself in good light is pretty sad. Skankie has no loyalty or empathy. You can play this game and still respect others without personal assassinations. To a certain degree Derrick and Cody have played the game at least with some respect towards others.


CrazedCaleb truly believes the jury will vote based on comp wins. Plus he’s been telling Fakie to quit grabbing his junk but Fakie keeps doing it and Crazed is getting pissed off.

Bob Superfan

What would be amazing is if Vic wins HOH, nominates Cody and Caleb, and Caleb wins POV, taking himself off. That would be amazing to watch everyone self-implode. We can wish….


LOL you’re hilarious, Victoria winning HOH. Stop I can’t handle it, its too funny.


But just to see their faces especially Derprick’s lets all chant VapidVic for the Win!!


lmao Would be funny to see everyone self implode!! But It wouldn’t happen… maybe except for Caleb.. Derrick and Cody already want him out… that would just work even more in their favor because they’re not the ones putting him up on the block..


You know what I just re read that lol forget my last comment.. I thought you said if Cody took himself off.. 😛


OK…first, in my opinion, The Princess Cried doesn’t have crazy eyes…more like dead eyes…like a great white shark’s. In fact…I am going to play the Jaws theme in my head every time she follows Chief Wiggum around. Second, ewwww…looking at that pic of Walking Vagina’s sweaty pits reminds me of what his ball-less twat must look like after a workout. And third, I find it so fitting that after all of production’s obvious manipulation to help keep Spankme in the game…their last-ditch effort to spice up the season (and save him…if needed) actually caused his demise. I am surprised they aren’t scrambling to correct this with a Pandora’s box or something…

Lastly, I will be happy with Spankme going…but I want Wiggum gone more than anyone. I am tired of people saying…and himself thinking…that he is some mastermind. When you are put into a house with a bunch of morons who can be easily manipulated…it doesn’t make you a master manipulator. If you shoot fish in a barrel…it doesn’t make you a master fisherman…

Ugh…with who is left remaining, I guess I am rooting for Creep Chode Cowpie. He is the only one left that doesn’t make me cringe with extreme dislike. Really though, at this point…I don’t care who wins it…as long as the final-two position is snatched away from Wiggum and his pasty Nosferatu-looking (Nosteraltu) ass doesn’t even get to say his egotistical, self-important, “don’t hate the player…hate the game”, and “by the way…I’m a cop…gotcha!“… bullshit speech that you know he is dying to drop on them. After suffering through this stanky turd of a season…watching him go out at third place, getting rushed through his exit interview, not even getting a chance to make an entrance into the jury house, and having it all snatched away at the last minute…would make it all worth it.


That…and watching their faces when Donny wins America’s Player and Zach is runner-up…

flying unicorns

Chief Wiggum made lol. Sorry if I’ve missed that nickname here before. Hilarious.

Caleb with Amber’s name in his hat makes me kinda sad for him. No one was supposed to see that, right?? How sad. I honestly feel bad for Amber. How awkward. We’ve all been there, the guy you only thought of as friend makes a move, now you feel horrible every time you’re around him. Yuck.

I enjoyed seeing the Jury in the house last night, laughed at the HGs reaction in the HOH room, etc etc. But I honestly had trouble looking at Christine on the screen in the DR. I had forgotten how…..unfortunate her looks are. Cody not picking her was telling. What was up with him gravitating towards Nicole so much?? Trying to distance himself from Christine? Meh.

If Christine ever reads this: girl, I was there. Married at 20 to my HS sweetheart, went to work and hit on by hot guys for the first time in my life, didn’t understand the concept of disrespect to my husband and only thinking of my selfish little young self. I’ve waited all this time to admit that, even to myself. Now in my 40’s, I’m on my second marriage, like you will probably be too, and hold my husband up HIGH. You will grow up one day. And be embarrassed. But like me, move on. And hopefully be happy with YOU by then. No hot guy can give you that.


Also, I hope that since Spankme doesn’t need the money…he blows up Team America to the rest of the house on his way out the door…just to mess up Chief Wiggum’s game in any way possible…


No, that won’t work. Derrick will just start dusting them. Telling them Frankie must have been the saboteur this season and this is Frankie’s final act. Then Derrick will lay out all his made up evidence that will cause the rest of them to believe Derrick’s story and by the end they will all be agreeing that they have been thinking the same thing too for weeks.


That may happen in the house but in the jury it would be different. And boy would Zach be pissed.

Seal the Deal Date

For Caleb, “It’s a HORSE”. Nothing says seal the deal, BEAST mode, like a date with a horse!


Admit it. Its a little sad that CrazedCaleb’s perfect date is something from some cheap romance novel. The reality would be “sealing the deal” while drunk and smelling like horse and fish. I guess there is a reason he said none of his former girlfriends will even speak to him.

Crazy Eyes Vic

Geez, Victoria has the most crazy eyes I have ever seen. Especially when she starts staring off into space. She can get a nose job for her gonzo nose but Im afraid there isn’t any cosmetic surgery for those crazy a$$ looking eyes she has.


That was funny as hell the jaws theme?Victoria on the boat old boy sitting across from describing her peepers to her(Their cold and black lifeless like a dolls eyes)I don’t care who you is that’s humor!


If that is directed at me…thanks!


Frankie your time is up you must be off,everyones tired of seeing you grab the boys balls in hope they would cough,you did try your best but your best wouldn’t do,you should of kept Zach but I guess your bag was to blue,now you shall go to the jury to see him once again,and I hoping he says I told you you fruit loop dingus I said Derrick would win,but it’s cool maybe he will take you back,and if not its cause you said his rhymes were wack,but lm sure Frankie will still be a prancing,atleast now you won’t disgrace Americans trying to go to Africa to build Schools for dancing,im sorry that’s just how the story goes,so it’s buh bye time to kick some rocks Rose.


The way Derr talks down to Vic is shocking talking shit bout her to Cody then telling her she should stop drinking, all bc she said Caleb was sweet LOL Derr your jealousy is showing clear as day

The Truth

The talking smack about Victoria thing with Cody is Derrick continuing the act of Victoria/Derrick sparring.

As for the chat between Derrick and Victoria, I understand where D is coming from. Loose lips sink ships, and Victoria getting drunk increases the odds that she’ll say something detrimental to their — ahem, Derrick’s — game.

The Truth

Imagine my surprise when I saw that someone else has the exact same name as me. I would never say anything in favor of Derrick. I can’t stand him and I hope he loses.

Th fact that...

you’re counting on someone to get booed on national television to feel good or derive some sort of pleasure is pathetic and indicative of the blackness of ur heart. If you fall in this category, you really need to start questioning yourself (and get a life as well)…truth be told ur every bit as evil as the person you want booed. This is a game and none of these people know you neither will you ever know them. No one is perfect and a mciroscopic look at you r own life would probably leave us with a sour taste in our mouths as well…but err… that doesnt matter to you coz your a judgemental hypocrite. Shame on you!
I don’t understand how booing has become such a big topic of conversation on these threads. Unless the threads are dominated by pre-pubescent immature kids, i dont see how and why this is the case…


Sports: fans boo. Theater: Spectators boo. BB: Viewers boo. It’s our right as consumers of the product to show displeasure of how someone has played a GAME. We aren’t booing their life. We are booing the persona they have put on during the game. These people aren’t real during their time in the BB house. They are acting (sort of and basically).



echo 1



Fakie has spent most of the season telling everyone how he’s a major social media mogul. How’s he’s loved by millions. Since he put it out there then its fair to give him our true opinion.

Beast Mode MOGUL

ever since I read somewhere that Derrick looks like Ms Piggy from Muppets…………..CAN. NEVER. UNSEE.

Twilight Zone

Google the 1960 Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder”. I swear Derrick has a cameo in it!!!


OMG!! That’s why he looks so familiar.


I’ve been away from OnlineBB for a few days. Did Derrick not bite at BB “$50,000 more if you take Frankie to the end” bait? Thanks in advance for any info. Simon and Dawg, thank you for all of your hard work on this site. You guys are the best 🙂

echo 1

Lets hope Victoria wins next HOH puts up Caleb and Cody Cody wins POV Derrick goes up and Cody votes to put out Derrick


Just wondering why, every time I post something it’s removed.


Whatever happened to the 50k that was offered to Derrick/Frankie?
What was that all about,was it true?




Stop yelling for pete’s sake


“Minus the unspoken hatchet” PERFECTION.


Here is a link for a succinct summary that in my opinion captures the reasons for all the Frankie-stein hate. My fave is the “get to hang out with normal people” comment:

another name

so, am I the only one that believes caleb’s seal the deal date involves night vision goggles and a bottle of chloroform?


well with the trend of cops i think i would like to see a all cops bb think it would make for great tv.


I love Caleb and Cody together. Its like this friendly big brother lil brother rivalry they have with each other. I have been enjoying them for the last while and their antics have been fun. The Karate chops kill me. Two fools lol.
Hope the 3 of them get to the end together. Derrick Caleb Cody. I am very much over Frankie and Victoria’s time is up.


Frankie is going to be such a little Ahole about leaving. I think that does suck that there will be no audience when he leaves. (I think I read that). So of course he doesn’t get any dirty looks or sighs or stink eye . Even though I don’t like the booing at all ( thumbs down if you must) I think he deserves to feel some tension in the audience. I have also liked the last few shows.(and reading all about everything else on this site 🙂 ). I will almost be sorry to see it come to an end.

Pie head

ok still next to know how cbs will try to make things better all stars

Pie head

Hope frank spills the beans about T.M.And than let’s see if the other three wake up.because for what ever reson they have slept though Derek,s season