LIVE FEED SPOILER LEAK – Evicted house guest & HOH Winner REVEALED during the live feed BLACKOUT!

POV Holder: ? POV Used ?
HOH Winner Derrick Nominations: ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-16 12-44-49-466

11:54am – 12pm During the live feed blackout there is a leak where the live feeds are turned on showing the house guests moving around the house. The leak reveals that DERRICK WON the HOH competition last night after FRANKIE was evicted from the house. The house guests are dressed to play in the veto but have NOT yet played! It is unsure who Derrick nominated but I would guess it was Victoria & Caleb. This week it doesn’t matter who is nominated as the person that wins the veto decides who goes home and who they want to go to the final 3 with. If Derrick wins the veto then he decides who’s not on the block and that person picks who is evicted.

Up in the HOH room – Derrick is putting on a back brace under his red veto shirt. In the HOH basket there is a licence plate that reads #1 DAD. Derrick then heads downstairs to the living room.

In the living room – Cody, Victoria and Caleb are talking. They are all wearing coloured shirts with a veto badge on them. Caleb is talking about what shoes he wears when he works out. He says he wears chuck taylor shoes by converse. Cody says he’s never heard of them before. Derrick joins them and Caleb asks him if he’s heard of them. Derrick has heard of them. Derrick asks if they’re wearing snap backs for the veto comp. Caleb says I would hate for them to wake us up and then have us not play till the end of the day. Cody agrees and says today is going to be a scorcher. Caleb says I wish we were getting wet mic’s. Cody says yeah getting dirty! Caleb says I’ve gotten so small in this house. When Devin was here we were working out everyday.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-16 12-37-27-210

In the bathroom – Derrick and Victoria are talking. Victoria wishes Derrick good luck in the veto. Derrick wishes her good luck. Victoria comments on how all her socks have been stolen. She says that when Amber was here she found her underwear in Ambers basket. My thongs, my underwear! I was like what the f**k not only is this girl taking all of my clothes makeup. I got so pissed!! Derrick says that’s a little weird! Victoria says its disgusting!! Derrick says it is, not going to lie! Victoria says okay I’ve got this! Derrick tells her to go have fun with it.. we’re on big brother! Victoria says there’s no fun in 500K and losing it. Derrick says you’re not going to lose. We’re all winners. We’re in the final part of the show. If you look at it that way you don’t put that pressure on yourself and you’ll perform better. You said something to me last night that really stuck with me … money’s not everything. Victoria says its nothing. Derrick says don’t play for the money.. play for yourself. Play because you want to win because you want to prove to yourself that you’re a competitor. That you’ve come so close in so many comps that its just a matter of time before you won one and this is the one you’re going to win. Victoria says yeah. Derrick says that’s why you win ..not for the money. You know I need the money for my family but I win for me. You know!? Victoria nods. Derrick says and my family I know is going to love me either way. Victoria says oh yeah. I can do it. Derrick says you can, you’re absolutely capable of it. Maybe today’s that day. Victoria says I’m nervous. Derrick says Can I tell you a secret? I’m nervous right now but its a good nervous. Victoria says but you don’t really need to be..
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-16 12-53-31-966

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Pinnocchio Obama

I’m really looking forward to when Frankie gets voted out and seeing him find out that Victoria played him will be priceless.

Retired Teacher

Have to admit, Kudos to Vic’s acting skills!!! Loved that she pulled it over on Frankie!


even if Derrick didn’t win the HOH, everyone left was taking him to the final. Derrick wins this season easy with the votes. I would love for Caleb to win the VETO to make it at least an interesting final 3 showdown. this was a frustrating season with great quality of people compared to the racists of last year. Frankie was the worst of this group, but I gotta give him props for his competitiveness approach to the game. the season fell flat once Frankie confessed to the HG’s that he was Ariana Grande’s brother. Frankie’s big mistake was backstabbing Zach, which will be Caleb’s costly mistake of getting rid of Frankie. it’s been a very anti-climatic ending to this very below average game play season. I blame production for their usual interference and handling of the HG’s decisions. I believe Derrick’s secret of being a police officer was a non-factor this season. Derrick and Frankie’s secret was just a corny production gimmick to add flavor for this season. I just want to thank Simon & Dawg for another amazing season with this blog. I also want to thank the posters here who make it way more entertaining than the BB season itself year by year. *salute*


Well said. I actually thought this season had some good people even the ones that are left. They all deserve to win at this point. Christine and Frankie were by far the worst of the season – equally but in different ways. No racists – that was a huge plus and even the people sent HOME home deserve props.


I really real good now that both Frankie and Christine are gone. Not very many seasons that I actually like who wins much less all those left in F4. Now if Derrick wins and Donnie can get AFP it will be one of my favorite BB endings.

Alex C.

I think the winner of AFP will be one between Donny and Zach. Either of them deserves it hands down. Also Frankie has not been booed after the eviction.


Ummm no victoria does not deserve to win half a million for sitting on her ass all day, applying makeup and extensions, staring in a mirror, and chomping her food. Sorry no, you’re wrong!


VERY well said……thank you for posting that! Another thank you to Simon and Dawg for their attention to detail and occasional comments that moved us through this season of Big Brother.


Everyone who reads/posts to this blog, and I mean everyone, needs to donate to Simon and Dawg. For them to hang in there and get that 6 minute leak absolutely made our day knowing that pinkie got what he deserved.

Victoria F3 for the laughs

Just because this season has been incredibly odd. I like Caleb but Victoria being in the F3 or even F2 would make the bitterness from the jury be that much more palpable. Although I thought Nicole and Donny woud be ok with Victoria. I have never understood Jocasta and Hayden’s huge issues with her and well, Christine was just a bitch to her the whole way. I don’t think V should or will win, but the detonators were assholes to her… I want to see her in F2. Derrick won’t take her as he wants her vote tho, the only chance is if she wins Veto. He will take Cody, that will be his loyalty story.

After watching half hour of last night’s BBAD, I think Victoria was more than good at dealing with Frankie who was always so nice to her face but said the vilest things behind her back just to belong/show how “edgy” he is. Her playing stupid act doesn’t usually work in BB, but you can just tell her real personality because she kept her mouth shut completely this past week and getting frozen out by Cody and Caleb, not being able to chat with Derrick, and faking it with Frankie wasn’t fun.

Pinocchio Bush

Do you think she was that good? I think that Frankie kind of knew that she was turning on the tears but I do have to give her credit for being able to stay in character when talking with Frankie. That would be hard to do at this stage in the game.

Victoria good/bad

I don’t think Frankie didn’t know. But I also think Frankie realized she DID play him to a certain extent as he obviously thought so lowly of her but she was also well aware of it. Frankie may also have realized that Caleb and Cody probably don’t know that Victoria and Derek are closer than they thought. I can’t tell if Frankie fully knows or not that Victoria is fake mad at Derrick but he has an active mind and could have figured it out by now.

As much as I am not a fan, I know Frankie has caught on to what’s going to happen and he is intelligent. But I think this was a case where his arrogance towards her hurt him, he thought too little of her and thought their combined distaste toward her would ensure that she would be gone by now.


Victoria didn’t play anyone everything that has happen has been by cody and derricks design. Victoria is the worst player to play this game the only reason she is still there is because she is so useless. She thinks she played frankie when in fact she os merely derricks puppet.

Most useless

I would argue that Jocasta, Brittany and Amber were worse players than her this season.
Amber was stupid as hell in her handling of Caleb and Cody. Not as a woman, but as a gameplayer. Jocasta is worse in all challenges and I did not like her actions in the luxury competition. Brittany’s whining and inability to read social cues is alarming, BB obviously cast her for looks. Also the blue haired girl is much more stupid than Victoria.
Victoria aligned herself correctly (yes, Derrick dragged her along but she was smart enough to give him reasons to take her along when she could have screwed up their relationship) and never said anything inflammatory, for someone so “stupid”. Its just that she chooses to not talk about anything serious. She was stupid as hell in what she did to Zach before leaving though. I don’t think she was the worst player this season, and can’t be the worst player in BB ever.


Victoria re: Zach and the hat. Victoria seriously thinks that that is playing good TV. The fact that BB used it just proves that she was right. how often did a goodbye message come from Victoria, well this time she made sure she got on TV during the live TV show.

The biggest problem i have with Victoria is that she plays TV, not BB. Caleb is almost as bad, but he is aware there are HGs, whom he inevitably breaks down in 2 ways: Not worthy of beating in a comp versus worthy of beating in a comp. Currently with F4, he only sees Cody as worthy. If not for that, Caleb and Victoria are equally concerned with TV time, and for Caleb, being America’s favourite will prove to him that he was right.


BB “used it”? I would bet the farm that BB TOLD HER TO DO IT!!! I am not a Vic hater, but she would have to be a genius to act so dumb and get away with it, and I seriously doubt that is the case. I feel sorry for Vic more than anything….she has obviously led a very sheltered life and is mostly just clueless and vain, and that’s probably because she’s been told her looks are ALL that she really has…notice how often she stares at herself in every reflective surface? She’s almost as bad as Skankie was in that respect. Otherwise, I think she’s a ‘nice’ girl who put her faith in a man to ‘carry her’ to the end, and she got her wish. Now she should gracefully bow out and go to the jury like a good little girl, thanking Derrick for the free ride. I am sure Derrick will be loyal to Cody, and since Caleb has already been told how that works, he shouldn’t have any hard feelings either. Go Derrick!!!


But amber and Brit actually played and did ok in comp. they weren’t a complete waste of space like Vic. Vic literally has done nothing except listen to Derrick. She was lucky with her circumstances and the fact she did nothing made her no threat to anyone so they kept her around,

Pinocchio Bush

Victoria is just a sad case. Sad. Very sad.
Did I say how sad she was?

Pinocchio Bush

Glad Frankie is gone. Now lets hope Cody gets evicted. Would love to see a final 3 of Derrick, Caleb and Victoria with Caleb winning final and taking Victoria to the end. Can you imagine Derricks face if another hg used his own strategy against him? It would make this season worthwhile to see that happen!!


finally frankie is out!!!!

Big Sister

To reiterate what I said a few days ago: Hey, Frankie! Once less “Problem” without you!!. Next mission for us viewers–Counter the votes of Ariana’s followers–Vote Donny (Tell all of your friends and relations) for America’s Favorite Player as many times as you can!!!.


Wanna give 2 thumbs up, but only allowed 1


I gace he 2nd thumbs up!!!

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Sure Derrick has been playing a great game of manipulating all of the evictions, but he is far from entertaining. In fact, all of his posturing to the cameras is very off-putting. I hope he doesn’t win for no other reason than he has such a high opinion of himself and is so greedy. Cody has won a few comps, but has played his game as more of a yes-man, not a hitman. I don’t want him to win either. Sigh! That leaves me having to root for either Victoria or Caleb. Sigh!

Not a popularity contest

Such a BUTTHURT mentality…the game is NOT about making the FEEDERS like you; it’s about playing the game & making the HG like you and Derrick CONQUERED that task. He’s not playing for AFP, he’s made that AND some with his TA tasks; he’s playing for half a mill (+$50K more)

You sound annoyed that your “popular” HG were too dumb to PLAY THE GAME and got served by Derrick who has played BB since he walked into the front door….so stop HATIN the playa and, FIND ANOTHER SHOW TO WATCH!!)




Amazeballs!!!! I cant wait to see Frankies face. Even though he will have his terrible acting face on, its still YAY!!!


So excited that New Girl season 3 will be on netflix today πŸ™‚


You’re on your own with that lame show turd. Maybe you mean……
“How exciting Mob Wives has started.”……


New Girl? Cant say I have heard of it.


Julie Chen: By a vote of 2-0, Victoria….
(Frankie smiles)…..
Victoria you are safe!!!

That is what I want to hear! Maybe even Victoria telling Frankie to get to steppin’ you fool.

pants on fire

Bye Bye Frankie…it’s been a pleasure!! NOT!!! Can’t wait to watch tonights show to see your face…especially if you weren’t foretold of your demise!!



Retired Teacher

Okay, Frankie IS gone – HOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAY! Derrick as HOH should make it interesting. And Vic winning veto would make it even MORE interesting! Still going to enjoy seeing more of the jury house – hoping that’s the biggest part of tonight’s episode. Surely they won’t make us suffer through watching them study the wall for the morph competion, or watching them tie-dye shirts?!?! I’m ready to see more of Zach, Donnie, Nic & Hayden, along with seeing their reactions when CockadoodleFrankie comes strutting in!


i think this is going to be another short HOH reign for Derrick, if they are doing Veto now, and eviction tomorrow lol. Personally i think he is going to want to be the HOH to take out Caleb, not Victoria.

I didn’t see who was nominated, just guessing Caleb and Victoria . super happy there was a leak. πŸ™‚

What's Next

Yes, this is a short HOH – Derrick is one of the final 3 – after tomorrow’s eviction there are 2 comps left – then the winners of the comps compete – and that winner evicts the third person – then it’s up to the jury.


Thank goodness – The ROOSTER has strutted out of the building and into the jury house. His crowing/harassing has come to an end. Hope he behaves himself in jury and doesn’t try to rule their roost.

Double D

Derrick would be smart to throw the Veto. No blood on his hands cause that person will be going to jury.


Now that Cody won, Derrick is able to keep his hands clean and Caleb will leave PISSED at Cody and vote for Derrick in the F2!!! Derrick has played a FLAWLESS GAME…NOT 1 TIME ON THE BLOCK! WOW! Can’t wait to see him win BB16!!!



Derrick as HOH should make it interesting? When has Derrick ever made anything interesting? Let me guess, he’ll put up Victoria and Caleb.

Joe Kerr

Ah…Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. Momma always said if ya don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. Sooo……


see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya …

Just saying

I don’t think Frankie ever heard that from his mother, like most of us did

Adios Skankie!

Ding dong the witch is gone!! Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!


Holy F*ck. The Pink skinny head flamingo is gone. I cant believe they did it. No audience for him to show boat to. He must be devastated.
Good going Derrick! If they are getting ready for veto, does that mean that Caleb and Victoria are on the block? Or her and Cody? Tonight should be good.


SOO happy to finally see Skankie gone! Just sucks that there is literally noone left that i can manage to like even a little bit. At this point was hoping for a Cody/Caleb final 2, just because Skankie and Derprick are disgusting and I really wanted to see Derprick get knocked down a few pegs. With him winning this HOH though, there is now no way he won’t get to the final 2…oh well, there is always next season, right?!?!


I really hate that Derrick won HoH but hopefully Caleb wins the Veto and he sends Cody home. Hopefully Caleb then wins the final and most important HoH.


Caleb? Unless something has seriously changed, there is absolutely no way he would vote out Cody. He has no interest in beating Victoria or seeing Victoria in F3. By ‘beating’ i mean he wants to compete against Cody, and he wants to beat Cody, that is his challenge. He doesn’t consider either Derrick or Victoria worthy of competing or winning against.


If it came to that, Derrick could easily convince Caleb to keep Victoria and vote out Cody. Daggum it!


I think that Caleb may surprise all of us. Frankie got in his ear before he left and Caleb is one to sit back and ponder things. I think that if Caleb wins veto, he could use it to his advantage and take Cody out instead of Victoria, or if he uses it on himself, he could then vote out Cody instead of Victoria.

Wish i was Caleb girl

Chee poor Caleb can’t play i feel for him


Caleb next out the door! The dumbest BB player ever just helped evict his no.1 ally.

F4 POV is always a memory comp. Caleb doesn’t stand a chance. Everyone prepare yourselves for a Danielle style opened mouthed blindside. It’s going to be wonderful.

Every single person who was genuinely loyal to him, he traitorously backstabbed. Devin, Amber and Frankie. All it took every single time was a few strategically chosen negative words to turn this total cretin. Thank God this weak minded prat was not captured by the Jihadis.

True colors

The Frankie moment that stood out from this season. Wen he was in the diary room and he was asked about the TA task and saving Donny. As he powders his face. He states. Oh no. America wouldn’t want that. I know America. They want a show. It just stood out to me as perfect synopsis of him. Always performing for the camera and so egotistical that he thinks being rich and making a YouTube channel about yourself means you are a person is the people. Far from it. I hope he gets a ride awakening to the fact that we saw all his vile remarks. Sexual predatations and inflated entitlement. Just a shame the final 5 all had the same inflated egos

Retired Teacher

Voting for America’s Favorite is now open & you can vote up to 20 times per day until Monday. PLEASE vote for Donny! I love Zack, too & even Nic & Hayden, but I’m scared the viewers’ votes will be between Donny & Zach with Frankie’s sister’s fans taking over & allowing HIM to win – UGH!!! (I’d rather see Caleb, but I’m definitely voting for Donny & hoping everyone will, too!!!)


Sorry I’m voting for Zach!


Sorry! Me too for Zach. He is the ONLY one who entertained me this year & he reminds me of a guy in HS (way back when) so I have a soft spot for him in my heart.


Then Neither Zach or Donny will win because the votes will be split and Skankie Frankie will win which will be a travesty!


Easy. Everyone vote for Zach. Problem solved. πŸ˜‰
Even though I love Donny, Zach kept me entertained. I still smile when I think of the time he won HOH and said he had to put on the HOH robe so that be could “think like a Boss” for nominations. Lol. And who can forget the way he exited the BB house? Fruit-looped all those losers. πŸ™‚


Don’t apologize no one is going to shun you for voting for Zach. I just hope that splitting the vote between Zach and Donny doesn’t give it to Frankie!


Donny received a nice chunk of money – I was prepared to vote for him but I think Zach needs to know some of us love him too even though he is the opposite of Donny πŸ™‚


Donny received a nice chunk of money – I was prepared to vote for him but I think Zach needs to know some of us love him too even though he is the opposite of Donny


Please remember the injustice when Zack was wrongly accused of hiding things in the house. He was innocent, we all know, but he could not prove it. That accusation was a huge factor that contributed to his elimination. We all know it’s a game, but in my opinion that went a little too far and I am disappointed that Donny, Frankie and Derick went to bad at piece with that act. They got money throwing Zack under the bus. This to me is a deciding factor in giving the AF money to Zack. Please vote for him!


I LOVE Donny BUT He is getting a very nice chunk of change from TA and Bold and the Beautiful. Zach kept me entertained AND was the main reason TA got the money they won to begin with. They wouldn’t have been as successful without him. VOTE ZACH!!!!

tis me

Donny is a hard laborer, doesn’t live with momy and daddy, donny must win


can u vote for America favorite player from different country ex: Canada


yes you can. You can sign in with social media to do it, like your facebook. takes under 5 minutes to vote 20 times πŸ™‚


Where is the voting page?


Donny for Americas Favorite!!



Thank you for making it easy to get to the voting page!! We can vote everyday until Monday, September 22.


I’m voting Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really wish CBS would eliminate Frankie from the AFP contest due to his sister’s 18M followers. Not really fair to put a relative of a celebrity in the mix with ordinary people. If CBS want celebrities’ relatives maybe they should do a season with nothing but.


Summer of twists: They should have a vote for “America’s Least Favorite,” Not to worry though, the money would be used to build schools in Africa.


I like that idea and the winner of that would lose their stipend and any other monies won. Might encourage players not to be so nasty for no reason.


so glad frankie is gone I wish they would have had a live audience to see and hear all the boos.. I wonder if they have a brecored audience orjust CBS employees!!!!


Frankie knew he was leaving days ago. I doubt he was shocked at all, so it wont be entertaining! I will miss his crazy antics- everyone else is so BORING. At this point I would say Derrick should win, with Caleb a close second choice. Vic and Cody should have gone a long time ago!!


Caleb could still win but it would take him realizing that maybe Frankie was right about Derrick and Cody. Not sure if that got through to Caleb but maybe it did. If Caleb were to stop for a moment and stop trying to figure out how to spend the 500000 he doesn’t have, than maybe he can still make final 2.


I wish that Caleb would win the veto and send Cody out next but he probably won’t.


Dear Frankie, I loved u, I hated u, I cried with u and I laughed at u. Thanks Frankie ur the best summer time friend!!!!!!!


DO NOT let Ariana’s fans let Frankie win this. We need to beat them. Everybody go vote for Zachattack


I loved Zach but Donny deserves the win and if we split the vote then the pink degenerate may win so everyone vote the same!


I like Donny, but why does he “deserve” it more than Zach? Donny is already leaving the show with alot more money than everyone but the winner between TA and Bold and the Beautiful. Zach went through just as much as Donny on that show, probably more. He’s deserving as well.


Donny ended up losing his job according to his girlfriend. Although his boss wanted to hold his job open his higher ups made him post it. His stipend and TA money doesn’t make up for that. Zach doesn’t even have to work, he lives with his family in a golf course community and has a free trip to Germany. When weight the two my votes go to DONNY!


Why does Donny “deserve” the win over Zach? WTF did Donny do that was so unforgettable? Every time I see Zach I remember how fun it was watching him, even when he was acting the fool. Donny is boring and his little zingers would have been better when he was actually playing the game. Maybe they would have thought he had a personality.
I cant see why Zach wouldn’t be in the running for AFP and not win it. Anyone who causes the Drama and said the things he has in the house and still be liked……….AFP right there.


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! They have slain the Frankiewok.


at least he’ll have some newish legs to hump and balls to grab maybe he’ll grab at Donny the navy seal lmao

Expect the Expected

Lets all head over to Taco Bell for some Taco Grande’s in celebration of this day.


Unless Caleb wins POV he is gone and if he does happen to win he is so blinded by loyalty and Derrick’s mist that he will then vote out Vic. Heard Dat!


I bet money Derrick really wants Victoria to win. Get one of the guys out.
I don’t think if it’s down to Caleb and Cody , Derrick. He might not win. Would be interesting to see who she would vote out.


I can’t wait till Vic gets to the jury house her and Zach are going to kill each other
Good to know Zach is still obsessed with her


If Virtual Reality goes to jh, Zach better watch the pink hat he received for his b/day.


Where do you vote for America’s favorite? Team Donny all the way!!!!


On CBS big brother site, under the more tab, Vote 20 times everyday


I hope CBS looks at the other polls online to see that Frankie is at the bottom or LEAST favorite houseguest. It is unfair to the other houseguests that Frankie’s sister and now Justin Bieber will tell their fans to vote for Frankie for Favorite Houseguest.


I don’t think there is a problem with Arianna and Justin Bieber’s fans voting for the Pink Rooster. They don.t have enough combined to beat Donnie or Zack!


ok I see Veto is about to be played but who is nominated?


ok thank u hon!


Voting for America’s Favorite is now open & you can vote up to 20 times per day until Monday. PLEASE vote for Donny! Lets show the Grande family they DON”T own CBS or us true BB fans WE MUST DO THIS FOR DONNY!!! if not Donny then Zack, Nicole or Haden!!! BUT I REALY WANT DONNY TO WIN πŸ™‚


My prediction:

If Victoria wins veto (which would be a miracle) Derrick will convince her to vote out Caleb, she might have done that anyway…

If Cody wins veto, bye bye Beastmode…

If Caleb wins veto, Victoria is a goner; I actually think he is so loyal that he wouldn’t take this amazing opportunity to take out a bigger competitor like Cody who can win things. What a Fruit Loop Dingus Bustafooligan!

If Derrick wins veto, again bye bye Beastmode…


Derrick is too much of a wimp and doesn’t want anyone in the jury to know he’s behind them going home until final two. He will throw the Veto comp considering he’s the HOH he’s already safe and don’t need to win it. Derrick don’t want the final three to be with the three guys. He ants Vic in the final three because he knows Vic will take him to final two and whoever the one guy is will take him to final two. He don’t want Cody and Caleb in final two because they may backstab him and not take him to final two. Besides Derrick knows he has a better chance of winning final HOH against one of the guys if Vic is still there. My point is Vic is safe tonight regardless because Cody won’t vote her out and if Caleb wins veto Derrick will convince Caleb to take out Cody. Remember Derrick has already been planting seeds with Caleb that Cody is loved by the jury. If Caleb doesn’t win POV he’s going to regret putting Frankie on the block, and Caleb in jury may hurt Derrick chances of winning, because if Caleb is about loyalty as much as he said he is, I think Caleb will convince everybody in the jury to not give Derrick the money especially if he takes Vic because Derrick has been saying with Vic in final two she deserves to win, but Derrick will throw the final HOH if Vic is the one in the end because he would want Vic to take him and not him take Vic so the jury won’t be able to hold it against him, but no matter how much he throws it I don’t think Vic will win making him to have to choose. At this point I really see Derrick and Vic in final two. I only hope Derrick is the one to take her and not her take him so he can explain himself to the jury which like Dan said will be a problem for him. Such a pity the game started getting good with less than a week to go.


Vic isn’t taking anyone to final 2 lol Derrick knows that.


Vote for Zach! Don’t split the vote or Frankie will win! The majority of twitter users are voting Zach to win against Frankie. If you don’t believe me search #bb16. He has A LOT of support. However, we have an uphill battle. Remember a vote other than Zach is a vote for Frankie! Voting is on CBS, you must be a registered user.

Big Sister

Just the opposite. Don’t waste your votes. Vote DONNY!! Donny has a better chance at winning than Zach. Don’t let a split vote hand it over to Frankie!!! If Frankie does win, CBS is responsible for putting in a HG with a famous sister whose fans will do her bidding regardless of how her brother acted. Most of them probably didn’t even watch the show. Vote DONNY!!


Huh? I don’t think so. Literally every single person I know that watches BB where I’m from is voting for Zach. It definitely wont be a “wasted vote”. lol

Why bother

Victoria is in love with Derek and would sacrifice her first born for Derek’s approval .

Caleb is slow

Cody is a undercover coward

This is too easy for Derek

Zack's Pink Hat

I voted for Zach for America’s Favorite! Forget Donny, he got TA Money. Zach was the best entertainment all summer.

Hoping Derrick wins, the others that are left are schmucks.

I'm Torn

I agree with you – but I would like to see the reaction of the other players if Donny won! If not Donny – then hopefully it will be Zach.


I think Donny and Frankie may split the vote, and Zack wins America’s Favorite by a slim margin !
,,, good upset if you ask me .
… fingers crossed !


That trip to Germany Zach won is worth ten times what Donny has won! Two people to Germany? And Zach is going to profit much more on his stint with BB than Donny ever could! Zach is young, very dynamic, he will go on to host or something, like Jeff has…. Donny definitely deserves it more!


Don’t forget that Zach won the trip to Germany. If Skankie works his “magic” in the jh, Zach will take Skank on the trip.


It gives my heart joy to see the pink flamingo’s picture go dark.


Plain and simple it would be a costly mistake if Caleb or Cody take Derrick to the end. Derrick’s undoing might be the fact that he dragged the tasty morsel that is Victory all the way to the end because If he doesn’t win the final hoh or veto and Cody and Caleb does, no matter how much he tries to convince them They’ll wise up and take the easy win to the 500k which is a Victoria 2nd place. He might look back on that move in later years and kick himself


Derrick is already in F3 with his win of HOH. Pretty certain that if Caleb does not win POV, he will go home tomorrow night. If he does win POV, Victoria will go home because Caleb will not vote out Cody. It is a good possibility that the three guys will be F3. Derrick will be F2 because he has convinced both Codypendent and The Delusional Cowboy they can beat him with votes. Their egos and dimwitted thinking has given Derrick the win… Derrick will probably win in a sweep. The jury is already very impressed with his game and do not appear bitter.


Dear Caleb, please take out your edition of “BB for Dummies” and turn to chapter 1, BEWARE of houseguests who talk non FRIGGEN stop.


Frankie Grande Inappropriate Extended Version

The Truth

Oh noooooooooooooo!!! I swear we’re being punished. Please let Caleb win the POV!

The Jury House

Please – Please show me when Frankie enters!


I’m for Donnie America’s. Favorite!


The only way Caleb is staying is if he wins that veto! I am sure he is number 1 on Derricks hit list! I am more wondering how loyal Derrick is to Cody…when it gets down to it would he take Victoria or Cody to the final 2 as I am pretty sure Cody would get some votes and Victoria would not!


Yesssssss! The Grande Goose was cooked today. Woo Hoooo!


There are so many people on here just like Cody and Victoria: blinded by love for Derrick. Bunch of sheep. Please all of you, go back to watching your Matlock reruns.

B.J Hunnicutt

Because people don’t like who you like their sheep? F*ck off you cronie.


Typical cop telling people to fuc8 off when their authority is challenged.


EVERY single HG evicted has said that Victoria was the one person they wouldn’t miss most, couldn’t stand, and Donny always the most liked. They DO see more than we do, therefore, I feel strongly that Donny deserves AFP the most. He needs the money more than any of them, we don’t have any clue as to what B&B paid him, there have been other houseguests from previous seasons who did walk ons and didn’t get compensated. You can see from the families who has the most humble, hardest living conditions and hands down, Donny could use it most. Zach, with his personality will probably end up with a career from this…… Donny, he will go back to his life he had. He’s older, and the amount of money they will get for AFP won’t even go that far, but he will do good things with it, where I see Zach just blowing and going and not so much to enhance his life like Donny would. So I’ll continue to vote for Donny and pray that there won’t be a bunch of fruit loop dinguses who split the vote and end up giving it to Frankie. And if we don’t vote with our heads, that is exactly what is going to happen!

Please vote for Donny!

Zach 4 AFP

Who cares what they decide to spend the money on! Donny has already won money on Zach’s behalf. Yes, I like Donny, but this effort needs to be a concerted one. Any votes other than Zach are for Frankie. Evel Dick and other BB alumni are telling their fans to vote for Zach so we can have a fighting chance against Fakie and Airtard’s fans. VOTE ZACH!!!


Changed my mind.
ZACK for AFP !
… the fact that you are quoting ZACK”S catchphrase, makes him a WINNER !
… FRUIT LOOP DINGUS for the win !

Teri B

Agree 100% and all 20 votes went to Donny. Bless his heart…..LOVE HIM!!


I like Donny, this is not an “anti-donny” post, but I think it’s important we all vote for the person who most made us want to tune in and watch this season.

Personally, I quit watching on CBS, and cancelled my feeds, following Zach’s eviction. He made this season for me. Decent player (with room to improve), great personality, and really freaking attractive. Seriously, give me a guy like Zach over Cody or Caleb anyday!


Vote for Donny

All of them were so sure he would not be picked as AFP

Some voted no for the last mission of team America but promised to compensate for him in AFP

Plus zack was very entertaining but he was part of the alliance was not forced out till they blindsided him


exactly, ZACK was very entertaining .
ZACK for the WIN AFP !!!


I’m feeling sorry for Caleb! like him? Not really, but look at what Derrick is doing… No need for explanation, but, so what if he’s able to mind manipulate! Look at who he’s had to screw! the two people who were on to him, he made sure to get the weakest people to evict them. SO? He is definitely going to stab Caleb and take Victoria to final 3 and 2 if possible. I’m hoping Caleb wins POV and Derrick at least has to face ONE challenge on the way to the final. Otherwise, he looks foolish, scared, unable to beat a competitor. He already has them all convinced to take him to F2, so why not stand next to a person who has at least won a few comps? As much as I HATE Victoria, I think I would vote for her because I would want Derrick and FUTURE BB players to see that competitions DO matter and taking an IDIOT with you to the finals makes YOU the idiot in the end! I would vote for him next to one of the guys, but next to her? NO WAY!!


OK Victoria – get on those knees and open wide ’cause your ‘brother’ is going to need some incentive. This is going to be your biggest move yet – bigger than the pink hat move. I’m sure you know how it’s done….being so like a Kardashian and all.


Donny for the win

Just to see their reaction


Bye Felecia!


Derrick is the very best BB player EVER!!! He out played and out smarted everyone, and was a nice person too!!! He threw all most all the comps just to get ahead. No one thinks in this game. All people want to do is win everything, they do not think far enough ahead to know they will be the next target! DA I love Derricks game play. He did not drink and get stupid. He spent most of the time planning( that is what you should be doing) . He got rid of people using people. PERFECT This is a game people. How many can play like Derrick without causing people to feel bad about themselves. He comforted everyone, did not cause waves and still played a perfect game. Even if he gets second- Well Done Son !! Everyone look, listen and learn.


ROFLMAO! “without causing people to feel bad about themselves” You must have missed the parts where Derelict had Nicole and Victoria in tears and had them question their own sanity. Can you say misogynistic?


And he took an unsuspecting, ignorant, wanna be, and manipulated HER in to believing she was a great player, pumped up her ego, LET her truly fall in love with him, slept next to her the entire season, coddled her, made her believe HE was her only friend, (he was, he manipulated that as well) and she’s going to have to wake up to reality after this. And, SO is HE! Heck, she won’t even take her extensions out when her scalp is bleeding! Doesn’t want Derrick to see she has hair that is only 4 inches long! THAT is reality, and if he doesn’t leave his wife for her, she’s going to stalk him! He has created a post BB monster, mark my word, there will be REAL issues when all this dust has settled and he will pay dearly one way or another. Victoria has been his ONE grave mistake. Watch and see……


Victoria’s scalp bleeding, among all her other ridiculous stories; bullshit. The feeds show everything – she has her own head of healthy hair but chooses to look more like a ‘reality star’ with all the fakeness that it entails.


Derrick used guilt and coercion to get his way. He did not play a nice game. Further, he pandered to the cameras and treated us, the audience, like we were all blind idiots. Unfortunately, some people are rooting for him, indicating that he’s right to think so little of them.