Big Brother Spoilers – Cody “You’ve been talking about Amber and yourself for 90% of this game!”

POV Holder: Cody
HOH Winner Derrick Nominations: Victoria and Caleb

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9am – 9:35am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Up in the HOH room – Cody is talking to Derrick about the decision to evict Caleb today. Cody says we’ve been playing a game of big brother. You’ve been talking about Amber and yourself for 90% of this game! I’m obviously not going to say that but. Derrick says no, its the truth though. Cody says this move he doesn’t.. Derrick says I think he knows its coming he expects it. Cody says but if you know the game you know that if you’re in the final 4 and there’s someone like her.. I’d be like and I’m sitting on the block. I’d be like I’m f**ked! Derrick says that’s why she got brought this far. Cody says she’s not even close to being a Britney (BB12) because they had to cut her loose because she actually won HOH’s, like she actually won. Derrick says right she got herself here. She always come up here saying she got herself here. The BOB she didn’t win that Caleb won it. Cody asks which BOB’s? Derrick says the one with Caleb and the one with Brittany. Cody says oh yeah the one that Zach blew. Derrick says come on you know the one in the beginning of the year with Brittany. I think Brittany actually one that one. Cody says and we were helping them along the sidelines. Derrick says I think there is going to be some huge razing for her making it this far from the huge fans outside of here. But that’s a strategy. Cody says and what are they really going to say when its You and I sitting in the final two! Derricks says thats the thing its all going to come to fruition. We know she hasn’t played the game at all this season. She hasn’t been on the in on anything this season. Cody says she sat here at the end with monsters. Derrick says if that girl some how wins that final HOH and ends up winning the 500K. I promise you feedsters I will never .. you’ll never see me again. I will never talk about big brother again. the bitter jury would love nothing more. Cody says I don’t think so. Derrick says you don’t know what could happen he (Caleb) could beat you in the endurance and then one of us has to beat him in the mental. Derrick and Cody go to sleep in the HOH room. Meanwhile Caleb is still sleeping in the earth room and Victoria has also gone back to bed.

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10:40am All the house guests are sleeping. Big Brother blocks the feeds and starts show the live feed highlights.. It’s likely time for the HOH lockdown.

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183 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Cody “You’ve been talking about Amber and yourself for 90% of this game!”

  1. I love Derrick!! Greatest player ever!! All you hate on him and say he made it boring… Say that it was easy for him in a house full of idiots… Well that’s the point!!! He MADE IT LOOK EASY!!!! Duh!!

    1. Well, gee, if a guy who made a living off being an undercover cop for 10 years can’t manipulate a bunch of college aged kids, why the hell would he have been promoted to sergeant in the first place? The truth is Derrick had no business playing this game, he was given an unfair advantage right out the gate, and Big Brother knew that. They’re trying to manufacture a new Dan for the audience. Well, it isn’t working. Dan was charismatic, he was original. Derrick is a joke. He’s boring, he panders, he’s hypocritical, he’s a poor sport, and he ruined this season.

      1. Look you froot loop dingus !! What’s with all these conspiracy theories??? You think cbs wants a show that’s predictable??? NO! They don’t.!… It WAS obvious that derrick was going to go this far… But It was fun seeing him manipulate all these 15 people and still be liked by all of them…I bet your a Donny lover! Now that was a boring guy ! Oh he’s nice??? Yeah Derrick is too…$500,000 in who’s pocket??

        1. An undercover cop with a photographic memory. Yeah, no real advantage in a game if manipulation and memory comps. None whatsoever.
          Derrick and this season will go down as the downfall of this show as the fans can tolerate a certain amount if rigging and scripting but Derrick’s casting and the advantages he had coming into the game combined with his TA membership, made it impossible for this season to be ever be anything but predictable and fun.

      2. Yes, Derrick was a different type of obnoxious then Frankie. First he was dealing with stupid people and knew it, so he thought he was so ‘charming’ talking to ‘America’ so often. I was like “stop talking to camera! You’re not that interesting!!”

        From the excerpt:
        “Derrick says if that girl some how wins that final HOH and ends up winning the 500K. I promise you feedsters I will never .. you’ll never see me again.” SEE, this is the type of obnoxious he is…like it’s such a big threat to us that he won’t be seen again!! I mean HE’S GOT A HUGE EGO too.

        Oh please win Victoria so Derrick can keep his promise and well never see him again.

        1. OMG PLEASE Victoria win this HOH. It would be a reward to all of us if we never have to hear from Derek and his snout ever again. I love how enamored w/himself is and the way he acts like we are being punished if we won’t get to see/hear from him and his BB insights in the future.

          He has singlehandedly manage to make this the most boring season EVER!

          1. I agree with Lili. Please let Victoria win the most important HOH of the season. I believe that Victoria is about “6 french fries short of a happy meal,” but it would be poetic justice for her to come through when it really matters. Also, I would give anything for Derrick to never speak again or be seen by America again.

            Derrick feels that he is the King of the Castle, and I don’t like his obnoxious attitude all summer. I can’t wait for the jury to find out he’s an undercover cop who doesn’t make a lot of money back in his hometown. I so wanted Frankie to backdoor Derrick as much as I wanted Cody to backdoor Frankie. It would’ve been awesome to see both Frankie & Derrick in the jury looking stupid.

      3. That is is so dumb you are a idiot unfair advantage??? Really. It like saying someone had unfair advantage because they good at math. You can say Caleb has unfair advantage because he was in military. You have to be biggest moron ever to leave a post on here.

      4. Cody is acting like he was the force that carried Caleb and the rest of the house all season. for one, if it wasn’t for that rewind twist Cody wouldn’t be in the position he is in now. also, Cody talks about Caleb and the Amber talk all season, but this is coming from the coward who’s game consisted of flirting not only with the women in the house, he even let Frankie dry hump him all season. Cody, you’re not to far away compared to the Caleb’s stupidity and delusions. Caleb has been way more entertaining than Cody from the start. I don’t understand how these fools who came in the game, not personally knowing anyone else in the game, and they feel obligated to carry someone because of a name of an alliance. it all comes down to the 500K. Cody stupidity of thinking he can win against Derrick was a stupid game move. Cody was supposed to maneuver his game play for the 500K against Victoria and Caleb. his odds of winning it all was better than facing Derrick, who I hope when it comes to the F2 chooses Victoria over Cody. if Derrick backstabs Cody to insure he gets jury votes, I will instantly place Derrick 4th as my all time BB player. (1. DR. WLL, 2. DAN GHEESLING, 3. EVEL DICK)

      5. So you are saying someone should not be allowed on Big Brother based on their career choice? so no police, no doctors, no teachers, no therapists, etc…. I guess Big Brother should only cast people with an IQ under 100? His job has nothing to do with this, yes, he can read people, well, Donny is a landscaper and read people pretty well too, he completely figured out Derrick and thus he was kicked out. Frankie is a glitter bomb and could figure people out also. Don’t blame Derrick because he was able to choose the weakest immediately and stick himself to them. Free will….people have that and they could have NOT fallen to Derrick’s persuasion, but they did and who is the blame for that? Derrick? no, the people themselves? yes!

      1. I would say Derrick was better than Dr. Will or Dan G. He didn’t have to make and grandiose speeches to save his ass. He just talked through the game with many of the other house guests, listening to their ideas and then without doing it in a threatening or overbearing way, brought their thinking around to what he wanted. He was smart enough not to try to hard to push his ideas on those that were not easily manipulated, and may have been wise to his tactics. “That being said”, it all could have came crashing down quite easily for him, if the others were smart enough to connect the dots on what they were all being told by him. I think it really depends a lot on the personalities of the other house guests. If there were more big personalities like Amanda, Gina Marie, Russell, Jeff, that would have taken what he said to them in confidence and said it openly to the rest of the house, then he wouldn’t have made it to far with his strategy as it is, but if he was really good, he could have changed his strategy to match the different personalities. Another big factor in the way he could sway people like Cody, Caleb, Frankie, is that they have such big egos and high opinion of themselves, it was easy to make them think that everything was their idea and not his.

        1. Dr. Will and Dan are light years ahead of Derrick when it comes to BB game moves. Derrick cloned his game from Dan. Dan fathered his style. there’s nothing original in Derrick’s game, he just played in a season where the whole house was an alliance. I respect Derrick though, and he earned his way to be the winner of this season.

          1. Can anyone list for me, the big game moves that Dan G made in his time on big brother, other than the funeral speech. What is it that he really did that was supposed to make him such a good player? For that matter, what kind of game did any of the best players play? You can say, this or that person copied this persons style or whatever. Look at Zack, if anyone copied Dr. Will’s game it was him. Same hat, same style, same half assed speeches where he said he hated everyone jokingly. You have to measure every good players style against the type of opponents they had. The “Undercover” style that Derrick has played good against the egotistical and the weak, gullible players. Besides covering all his bases with the different personalities in the house, he was successful hiding his true identity, adapting his mannerisms, dress, and having a back story for an alternate job, that he stuck to. Again, if any part of the web of lies he told broke, his whole game could have unraveled. Maybe that is when we could have seen what kind of player he was. But is his success all attributed to the egos and insecurities of the people he manipulated, or was it he who made them that way, stroking and inflating their egos more and more and emphasizing their insecurities, breaking them down slowly over the season? This show really has the potential to be unpredictable, and who knows how he or any of them would have adapted their game if it was more uncertain. It was his or any of the better players fault that there were so many house guests who just sucked at competitions and were predictable in that suckyness. Or that there were house guests whose only interest was getting some TV time, to further their goal of being famous. People love a good villain or a nice guy, and it is usually one or two actions that they take that cast them into this light and make people love or hate them. Derrick has been kind of middle of the road and has only made many small but good moves throughout the game. It helps him in the game, but it definitely doesn’t win him any fans.

    2. But it WAS easy. Because he WAS surrounded by morons. That’s not at all to say he doesn’t deserve to win THIS season in THIS group. But greatest of all time he is certainly not.

      1. Derrick would have probably been eliminated early on if the house had players older than the average age of the current House guests.

    3. To make it to final 3 and never be on the block, even though there were FOUR noms most weeks, is amazing. I don’t care if you were playing with actual children, that takes some serious work.

      I also don’t think the cast was as dumb as many people like to think. This was season 16 — these players have all had the opporunity to watch past seasons and see all kinds of different strategies, and most of them know the game well.

      Go look at the season 11 cast list, or even season 13. Or last year. Caleb and Frankie would have torn through any of those houses.

      1. What would we possibly be jealous of? That makes ZERO sense.

        I just don’t think it’s a far stretch for him to be able to lie and manipulate people. He was trained to do that. He’s never impressed me. I just think the house was full of a bunch of sheep and they don’t have a thought of their own.

        1. There were house guests that started to catch on and figure out Derek…..and he IMMEDIATELY got rid of them, convincing the HOH it was best for HIS/HER game before it could cultivate and spread…..Pretty good in my opinion. We all just think WE would be smarter and catch on if we were in the game…….but come on things from a distance and Hind sight…..always look clearer than Up-close and In the Moment……He may not be my favorite this season either but, come on give credit where its do…….Or We sound just as ignorant and childish as those we are criticizing …….

    4. Follow the house rules, don’t hit anyone, don’t kill anyone. Get there any way you can. They don’t say anything
      about being truthful, honest, respected, liked, honored, worshiped, loyal, or hated. One person will get there.
      Maybe next season will be more eventful.

    5. I do not like Derrick but he has played a good game. Victoria is my favorite of the people left but I think tonight is huge for the end game. Will they make a move and get rid of one of the guys?

  2. Congrats on your wedding! You had to put up watching a lot of boring feeds this past month, so missing the last week will be a blessing.

    Great job again guys!!

    1. Congratulations Dawg on your forthcoming wedding! thanks for all the hard work you put in to keep us BB addicts informed. you deserve the best!

        1. Not always BB14 was a very bitter jury and they choose
          Ian over Dan . Dan clearly made the best moves that
          season and should have won .

          1. I couldn’t disagree more. Ian deserved that win! He won many many HOHs and Vetos. Had Dan won the final HOH and taken Danielle, then he would’ve been the best that season, but Ian definitely deserved it!

          1. The jury isnt too bitter, almost every one of them is saying, “Derrick is good!” At the very beginning he sat back and watched, then he started playing. He is probably a good guy, just playing the game. Like he always says, “This is just a game.”

  3. Congrats to both Dawg and Simon on their expanding families and nuptuals. You’re building another generation of OBB hosts and fans. I wish the best to you all. See you soon for BBC 3.

      1. Not to be nosy but…………… will you spend your honeymoon in California and possibly be part of the finale audience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better yet, go to Gold Coast Australia and be part of BBAU audience.

  4. Congratulations Dawg! I wish you and the bride-to-be much happiness.

    Simon, you can take it easy for a while and enjoy that new baby. You and your wife are aso lucky to have that precious bundle in your life.

    Thanks to both of you for keeping us all updated on this year’s BB and rest a bit before BB Canada begins.

  5. I am so disappointed with this season. I am not happy with any of the final houseguests who will be winning some big money. I am especially unhappy that Derrick and Cody plan to evict Caleb today. Derrick is already planning to evict Cody next so he will stand next to Victoria as the final 2 which will ensure his win. I don’t think that Derrick deserves the money but Ce La Vie! Hope next year is better .

  6. On the spoiler before this one, I gave a shout-out to some of my fav posters, but I forgot one & I really like her so didn’t want to leave her out – Kathie from Canada! Again – thank you all for making this season more enjoyable than the actual show! LOL! Donny for AFP!!

    1. Sorry guys, I’m driving my own self nuts – but I’m kinda OCD & just realized that I left another fav off my list – Evictoria! I will try to stop now – it’s just every time I read another comment, it reminds me of how many of you I have really enjoyed!

      1. And it has been a treat reading your posts. The great thing about this site is the friends you “meet”, if you are absent for a bit, people ask for you, we are free to disagree and aside from a few trolls, people are open to another’s point of view. Somehow I feel that school is letting out for the summer and it will be a while til we all meet again. Stay safe everyone and keep supporting Simon and Dawg.

        1. taylor – your comment here just proves why you are one of my favs! (If you didn’t see it, please check back on the previous spoiler section – towards the end – where I def. Did Not forget to list You! LOL!) Yes, I know, my OCD is showing again. But you have been one of my favs from the start. I Luv your candor, wit & compassion. That’s a great & often unique combination. And your post here is a perfect analogy – I do feel like school is letting out & I’m gonna miss my friends on this site. You stay safe too & Bless you my B.B. friend!

    2. Thank you V. That is very flattering to be included on your list! There are so many super folks who have visited here all summer. Many have made me laugh until I’m in tears. Others I didn’t necessarily agree with first but you certainly provided food for thought! I will go Into OBB withdrawal for sure. Hope everyone winters well and we will meet again for BB 17!! Cheers on surviving this season such as it was!

    3. V Absolute pleasure to be on your list. Your mom
      Is looking down now and very proud to have such a great daughter. I might add she may have even voted for Donny for AF. You take care. God bless.

      1. Oh Jake, you just put a tear in my eye and a smile on my face. Thank you for remembering. And I am voting for Donny 20 times a day for both me & my mom. God bless you too my sweet B.B. friend.

  7. I tried voting Donny for AFP on the CBS site last evening and was only able to vote 17 times even though they said you can vote 20 times per day. I just tried again this morning and they only allowed me to vote 10 times. What’s up with that? Something fishy is going on with the voting over at CBS.

      1. I tried to register to vote on my cell phone and was unable to. I’ve tried to register to vote on my computer, at work, and the CBS page won’t load here. So bummed! :(
        I seriously want Donny to win AFP. He deserves it and to see Frankie’s stupid face when/if Donny won would be ah-mazing. :)

  8. Could not remember PW …I requested it …and was sent 34 emails from CBS with nothing in them?!?! So…I tried to create new account and it sat there and said {loading} for hours….Got on Phone and create new account…and would not take the code on pics …thought I was maybe going blind….Got the glasses and still would not …said warning….words in picture not correct…this went on for about 12-15 times…and then…it just opened up and let me vote…WTF…could this be a sign that CBS is getting bombbarded with sign ups.???…Anyone else having problems?

    1. I had a problem entering the code in the picture during the apple pie vote. It gave me a picture of a mailbox with letters and numbers, when I entered it, a message popped up telling me that I could only enter letters ,no numbers. I repeatedly tried over and over and tried using different pics but kept having the same problem.
      It was the first time that I ever voted so I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong.

    2. Yes, I had the exact same problem trying to register on my phone. It said the code I entered wasn’t correct. I know it was correct. I even had my boyfriend check it. It wouldn’t work. So annoying.

    3. Yes, I had the exact same problem trying to register on my phone. It said the code I entered wasn’t correct. I know it was correct. I even had my boyfriend check it. It wouldn’t work. So annoying.

  9. Congratulations to Dawg and Mrs. Dawg. I wish you all the happiness that Brent and I have had. Enjoy the little things, and if you have to fight, do so naked. That was the advice my grandfather gave Brent.

    Now, if Victoria happens to make final 2, I hope a bitter jury does vote for. In my opinion, she has been used by Derrick. She looks at him like I look at Brent. Derrick sees this. He has manipulated this from go. She is one of the worst players. She had no business staying this long.

  10. congratulations on your upcoming wedding! don’t worry, given the summer of predictability that has been bb, you won’t miss much in the week to come.
    best wishes!

  11. Isn’t Derrick the one that told the guys Vic should win if any of them decide to take her to final 2, and that if he was voted out he would vote for her just on principal? Am I wrong! Let me know

  12. Hey Dawg,

    Congrats but Randomly I am going to a wedding this weekend myself. I don’t know the groom personally. It would be mad funny if it were you.

      1. Dawg a little advice Do Not talk BB at your wedding. Your wife will have to give you up every summer and we thank her for this. She deserves a BB free wedding.

  13. Simon and Dawg, thanks again for a great season of recaps. You guys rock (and congrats to you both!) I’ve been enjoying the comments, haven’t commented myself this year but have logged a few up and down votes! Just donated to the cause, don’t know what we’d do without you!

  14. I have been reading comments on here, and on other websites saying that the jury hates Cody. Can someone tell me why? Why do they hate him more than Derrick?

    1. 1. Dawg congrats on your upcoming wedding !!! Enjoy !! :) :)
      2. Ok .. Cody can’t win … Who likes him?? Christine ? Well if she votes Cody it will probably end her marriage .. Donny ? He kinda did but then just kept saying someone else was controlling him Nicole / Hayden they don’t like Cody as he (and Derrick) are the reason they got a swift eviction (the started rationales only to be betrayed first second) .. Zach .. He will be the only one to vote Cody if Victoria is next to him, zach knows Cody did nothing .. Caleb .. He may also vote Cody if Victoria is next to him … But Cody is going to evict him so maybe Caleb will feel differently about all that loyalty he has been giving him all game long (especially last week when he didn’t nominate him and put Frankie up instead). And that leaves Jocasta .. She doesn’t hate or like Cody .. She really didn’t belong in the game she had no intentions of playing (tongues and all). Is that everyone ?? Oh Frankie .. Frankie doesn’t like Cody because of the time when Frankie was on his own and Caleb sat it out … But Frankie may vote Cody but his vote doesn’t matter.

  15. First, a huge congratulations to Simon and Dawg for the happiness in their personal lives. I have no idea how the women in your lives allowed you guys to be so devoted to OBB and your fans when one was pregnant and the other was working on planning a wedding. Those women must be saints! Blessings to both of you and thank you for your dedication. I really believe that were it not for this site, I would not watch BB anymore. This site and all of the posters make the season bearable.

    That being said….I still want to punch Derrick in the balls. If Victoria wins, he promises the feedsters that we will never hear from him again. Oh please oh please oh please let Victoria win.

    I liked him in the beginning, but I just can’t stand his arrogance and his belief that all of America adores him. The talking to the cameras is beyond insufferable.

    P.S. Donny made the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest (don’t judge…yes, I read it!). They showed his picture and a little blurb that he will be appearing in a future episode of Bold & The Beautiful.

  16. Wow!! Congratulations to you and the new Mrs. Dawg :) Hope your futures (you and Simon) are as bright and clever as you two are!! All the best from the Yukon Territory, Canada.

  17. Omg PLEASE VICTORIA CAN NOT WIN! If anything Caleb has played well and deserves to be sitting by Derrick. Victoris is the ultimate floater…its just not fair. With as much as I hate Frankie he deserves to win way more than Victoria! Cody is not even in the equation.

  18. Could Victoria have been underestimated.

    Is it possible that she intended to lay low, win comps only when necessary, seem clueless and attach herself to a strong player. If so she is the greatest player ever.

    1. I have a vision of VapidVic coming out from hiding behind that blank stare and winning the final HOH. Then at the finale talking about how hard it was to play brainless all season but she did it and fooled them all. VapidVic for the Win!!

    2. That would be awesome, but unfortunately highly unlikely. If that was her game plan her video diary/confessionals/blogs would have been different – similar to how Derrick’s have been. She is as clueless in them as she has been in the game.

      With that said, if she played the ‘take the weak player all the way to finals’ and explained so all along in the confessionals and then to the jury vote – if she didn’t win she would have ended up with 50K for 2nd and 25K for AFP. As much hate as there is for her now by fans (not sure why) it would have been the exact opposite and she would be enshrined in the HG Hall of Fame had that been her plan from day one.

  19. They need to let Victoria know she didn’t win shit this season, she always got help. If I was Caleb I would’ve let her have that 5k and take that veto from her, because in her ind she believes she earned that.
    Once her “ZING” is explained to her, it should her down off that high horse.

    I wonder what questions she’s going to have when Cody and Derrick are in the final 2? She probably will congratulate herself, while holding a mirror LOL

    I hope Derrick isn’t dumb enough to take her to the finals, too risky with that potentially bitter jury.

    Imagine Victoria winning BB? Could be worst than when Jordan won.. OMFG, that could actually happen again with this bitter jury. Hell even season 11 jury was a bit bitter, or Natalie would’ve won.

    1. You must be watching a different show than I am. The jurors all gave Derrick props for playing a great game and Frankie even hinted that he thought Derrick was playing a good game. Frankies comment to Victoria “win something” was awesome. All of the house guest realize Victoria is still around by design, take her to the end and have a guarantied win.

  20. Thank u Simon n Dawg for all the work u do …I love the site n I wouldnt survive the summer without it. Congratulations to u both. I have been with my husband for 17 years and yes u have ups n downs but its a wonderful ride.

  21. I forgot to congratulate you Dawg on getting married, and Simon on your newborn.

    Cody really is an idiot if he has NO doubts about Derrick not takin him to the final 2. Look what is happening to Caleb, and what happened to all of their other allies.

    Caleb knows his time is ticking, and Amber’s is ticking to get those restraining papers finalized.

  22. Thank you Simon and Dawg for your hard work this season. Congratulations Dawg on your upcoming wedding wish you nothing but the best as a soon to be husband.

  23. Simon and Dawg, you guys truly do great work.

    I really appreciate the way you guys capture the mundane details as well as the explosive drama — because to real fans they are both interesting in their own way, and often things that seem mundane at the time later on turn out to have big impacts.

    You also make a fantastic effort to stay objective, stick to the facts, and not play favorites in the way you write things up, so that your readers can form their own opinions!

    Great job all around. Here’s to your continued health and happiness!

      1. Is BBCan edited into a joke of a show the same way that BBUS is?
        I love reality tv and watch just about all reality shows (Survivor is my absolute fave), but I could never get into watching BB it seemed to cheesy. It wasn’t until I found this site that I became a fan because the feeds are so much different than the show. Almost like two different shows altogether. I am amazed at how much they can edit the show (into something so different) in just a couple of days. I now find myself questioning how authentic Survivor is and if it’s cast are contestants or characters.
        I have been wanting to watch BBCan because so many people here say how good it is ,but I have been hesitant because of the way BBUS edits its’ characters. Does BBCAN show the hg’s for who they actually are, or do they edit them into characters?

    1. I liked season one better because of over-the-top characters like Talla and Gary Glitter. Other people like season two because it has more drama.

  24. Derelict’s HOH letter “we are promoting you like crazy” I suspect a good deal of that “promoting” is going on here. Just in case he does not win F2, then perhaps AFP. Trying to mist us inside AND outside of the house. Never going to happen! And never going to admire him as a BB all star. Y’all can promote until the cows come home. I was impressed with all that “talking” at first. So much so I told my husband, after the first night of BBAD, that anyone that can talk so much should probably win. But then I watched him trying to mist us, the viewers, with his lies. Like we are stupid enough to buy his BS too. And then I watched him with Vic and I watched him berate Nic. And I heard what he said behind their backs. And his joking with the guys about the rape of Vic and how hookers could bl*w them in the back seat of limos. And if there was any innocence left in Vic he took that away too by dragging her down to his level with his lying and deceit. My perception now is that he is a controlling, lazy, cowardly bully with misogynistic tendencies. I don’t believe BB should be a house of just rainbows. But it shouldn’t be this far down in the gutter either. If you are going to judge Vic, Nic, Frankie or Caleb so harshly you ought to get the mist out of your eyes and take a good look at Derrick too. He may be THE winner but he won’t BE A WINNER after the show.

    1. I agree with you 100% about Derrick. I feel like as time passes, viewers forget the vile stuff he has done and the fact that he is a cop outside of the house makes it so much worse in my eyes. He lacks integrity.

    2. There are cops and law encirclement all over that are flooding this site and others trying to rehabilitate Derricks image and trying to manipulate fans into thinking Derrick is the best.
      It’s obviously not working as you can clearly tell who the Police Pa-Trolls are on this site because they use the same manipulation techniques Derrick tries to use in his feeds and DR sessions. So annoying and so transparently partisan.
      I just can’t wait for Donny to win AF because even Derrick and his Police Pa-Trolls cannot tarnish Donny’s image.

      1. LOL “encirclement” I’m not sure who it is but I can’t remember a time in BB history when they? have worked so hard promoting and campaigning with so many posts to rehabilitate someone’s image. It just feels so wrong that they? are trying to mist us like Derrick has misted the house guests.

      2. Jesus Christ! Really? You think the law enforcement community has nothing better to do? Wow! I’ll bet you’re one of those paranoid “truthers” who see THE MAN behind every opinion that opposes yours. Now go ahead and call me a cop (even though I’m not).

  25. Congrats! Your updates always brighten my boring work days and I wish both you and your wife a lifetime of happiness and congrats to Simon and the new baby BB fan to his family!

  26. Dawg, my son is getting married next month so I will give you the same advice as I gave him: “Your life as you know it is over.”

  27. I FINALLY agree with Derrick. Victoria should not be sitting in one of the final 2 seats. Let’s hope he is telling the truth.

  28. Even if Derrick manages to outwit Cody (not too difficult of a feat) and drag Victoria to F2, the chances are next to zero that the jury is so bitter that they would give her the win. There are enough players in the jury house who, although angry, still respect some semblance of play (Frankie,Christine,Donny). Zach doesn’t like Victoria and I can’t see him rewarding her non-existent game play with a win. The same could be said of Caleb.

  29. Derrick is still working Cody, trying to make sure he takes him if he wins final HOH. If Cody takes Derrick, he is an idiot. Derrick will take Victoria, 100%.

  30. I just watched (barely stomached it) Jeff’s interview with Frankie…I do believe that CBS only used positive tweets. I can only hope that he gets HUGE BOOS at the finale ………

  31. Congrats on your upcoming wedding Dawg. I hope that Cody is the one who gets to choose who to take, and he takes Victoria. I also am voting daily for Donny for AFP. I didn’t actually count how many votes, I just kept voting for him until the site stated that I had all my votes in. I hope that CBS is not working it so Frankie gets favorite, because he was not!

  32. Cody or Useless Vic for the win. Derrick can put food in his daughters mouth with his own narc money. Preferably Victoria for the win so she can buy herself more weave, makeup, ugly cheap hooker heels and more clothes. Brittany was right in her interview with Jeff where she said Victoria thinks she’s here for a fashion show. Derrick would have been an alright if he was honest in his DRs but instead he tries to talk to us the viewers as if we are incompetent imbeciles like the vast majority of the players on this season. Donny for AFP!

  33. Thank you Simon and Dawg for all of your hard work. I have really enjoyed coming to this site over the years and look forward to next year. Congrats on the new baby and upcoming marriage! You guys are the best!

  34. Congrats, Dawg. First ..Simon a winner with his gorgeous Baby..and now you with the nuptials to your Love.

    Wishing you all the happiness in the World. I did have one other happy moment this week..viv a vis.BB..Frank the Freak evicted . Now…All I need is to see ANYONE else win AFP :)…I contacted CBS because it’s not allowing me to vote 20X. Only about 7X. I am not a conspiracy any means…but something’s up.


      1. Yeah. Yesterday AND today. I sent a message to CBS and have been allocated a CASE #. ( Like in number million or so. ) Ha.

  35. This season started off good and ended off being extremely boring. Way too predictable. It’s kind of like watching your favorite t.v. show and seeing the preview for next week but, this time they’re giving away the ending every time. The only thing I am not certain of is whether Derrick would take Cody to F2.

  36. Derrick’s plan is coming to fruition. Whatever Calib is – is, but he has stayed loyal to the end and I think his arguement that it should be the good players that go to the end is legit.
    At one time I thought perhaps Victoria might be coasting dumb, but she has eliminated all doubt – she is trully clueless and does not deserve a place in final two.

  37. Congrats to you both :)
    lol Dawg you definely have a good woman for her to be so understanding with all the wedding details and BB going on at the same time. Guess she knew what she was getting into :P

    1. Thank you and yes she is VERY understanding. It definitely not easy as my summers are devoted to the updates but somehow each season we make it work. We’re definitely looking forward to our time away from everything BB :)

  38. I hope karma comes back and bits Derrick and he does not win, can not stand him. He is NO Dan or Dr. Will. If they would have had older people in the house not the frat boys they did Derrick would never made it this far.

    1. derrick was the best player this year but still would like cody to win that last comp then you never know he may take Victoria and tell derrick sorry its whats good for my game enough said

  39. Many people are saying how Derrick should win because he managed to stay off the block the entire season. I think it is notable that Victoria stayed in the house after being on the block so many times. To get that far – even as a pawn -‘is pretty impressive even if you don’t consider it strategy.

    1. you watch I bet derrick or cody take Victoria to finals to ensure win jury maybe bitter but I don’t think bb would even let jury give 5 votes to Victoria because one of the worst players ever win the whole thing don’t think so nothing against her but comps aint her thing

      1. Comps may not be her thing, but she still made it this far. Not being a threat becomes a threat when facing a jury that may be bitter or thinks enduring the stress of being a pawn is an accomplishment in its own right.

        I would love it if she intentionally played the game as a vacant character whose strategy was to be taken to the end because people think they can beat her and then she reveal it her master plan in some great speech.

        As a fan who wants something unexpected to happen this season, I think it would be great to see diary room sessions where she does show this as a strategy. Do I think it is the case? No. But I still think it would be cool. Even if it were, the jury wouldn’t have access to those recordings until after the show. But I still think it would be cool.

        And we see how paranoid people get when they are on the block and the way they sort of unravel – HOH always promise the other nominee they are the pawn and Victoria is a target. That never worked out and she had no reason to believe they weren’t doing the same thing to her. She did have worries – without being told to act like it – and yet, she managed to go to bed.

        That is why I think it is noteworthy to acknowledge that as an accomplishment – surviving the stress.

        I’m not in the jury, obviously, but as a viewer, I give her props for that.

  40. Derrick is scum, low life I tell you. He did play the game dirty, anytime he was down the fowl things he would say about the other players really turned me off. CBS set this whole thing up from the start and I said that from the beginning when we all found out pig face Derrick was a cop. The only hope is no one will vote for him to win but that would probably mean Cody would win and I just don’t think I could stomach that!!!!!!!

  41. Dawg/Simon

    Im going to be honest…… I always wondered if whether or not you guys were a gay couple!!! Lol (Not that anything would be wrong with that) : )

    Congratulations Dawg!!! I wish you and your future wife all the best life has to offer. Congratulations Simon!!! How awesome to have a wonderful addition to your family!!!

    Thank you guys for all the hard work. I read practically every single spoiler this summer. I feel a connection with this site as it was a big part of my summer. I hate to see BB come to an end because I looked forward to coming to this site. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!!!!

    I made a donation this summer and encourage everyone to do the same!!!! In fact, make multiple donations if you can!!!! These guys deserve the help to pay for the fees for this site.


    1. Ok lets vote for donny beacause he couldn’t keep himself of the block and was boring…. LOL grodner is getting just what she wants donny got the golden edit an you all fell for it

  43. Derek is a product of having utter dolts surrounding him. Anyone with half a brain was sent packing and when Donny and then Nicole caught on first they were ostracized then he tried to “mist” them.

    As far as the jury they have a right to be bitter and yes they know Derek is the one leading the sheep but that doesn’t mean they will REWARD him with 500k. I remember Nicole & Donny already talked about this and giggled and said they might have to give it to Victoria bc they can’t stand these people!


    1. During the BB season Simon and I put our lives on hold .. its definitely not easy and near the end we start going a little crazy from lack of sleep but thankfully we’ll both be taking some much need time off.

  44. Hey Simon and Dawg! Congrats on the baby, Simon, and congrats on getting married Dawg!!!

    Dawg-don’t listen to the poster that handed you this piece of advice: Life as you know it is over. It’s not over, just different, and better. Marriage is a 4 letter word: WORK! This past March, my husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. It is doable!

    Simon-you hold onto that baby, and the next, and the next! Two summers ago I lost my 16 year old daughter unexpectedly. Big Brother can wait, as can most of our endeavors. Treasure every single moment you can.

    I wish you both the best of luck! And thank you for all that you do for us BB fans!

  45. So happy for your announcements !!
    Simon – best baby advice (cause that’s what we commenters do .. Lol) … Everything you say/yell/ curse/steam coming out of your ears in the middle of the night while caring for the baby is FORGiVEN no questions asked in the morning. That bundle of joy can really try your patience and its best to let it out and forgive your significant other in the morning … Babies !!
    Dawg – enjoy your day and cherish the one you love .. Have a wonderful honeymoon and turn the phone off !! Lol .. At least secretly check it when your new wife is sleeping hahah :).

  46. All these people directly mocking how the houseguests look or attacking them in general even though it’s all a game. It’s disgusting. How does that make any of you better than Christine or Aaryn or Amanda or any other bully from the house?

    Also, I’d like to congratulate Derrick on the win that he’s going to get. The house certainly was not full of idiots compared to the recent seasons and I felt that every single person except Jocasta, Pow, and Joey were all very capable of making smart big moves. It was predictable Derrick would take Cody over Caleb this week since back in the first couple weeks, Derrick and Cody were anti-Devon and thus the outcasts of the Bomb Squad which made them tight. Derrick held his allegiance to Victoria and Cody like he promised all season, and he was able to play the rest of the house to bring them this far

    But damn people, stop being so hateful and taking it so seriously. Especially Derrick talking to the feedsters, since it is clearly something he appreciated houseguests doing when he was a feedster.

  47. I’d really hate to see vic make it to the end just because it ruins the integrity of the game, but part of me is curious just how good of a job derrick has done on her. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she told the jurors to vote for him instead of herself. Is derrick one of the best players…debatable…I say no. He pretty much pretended to be everyone’s friend and they trusted him…isn’t that more like Andy’s game? And he is just not likeable in my book.

    Also to echo the sentiments of everyone, thanks for all the work you guys do and congrats on the special events happening for you both! So glad I found this site this year

  48. if cody or derrick take Victoria to finals I guess she could say in her speech hey I was on the block more than anyone in the history of bb even spencer and im here bitches

  49. Like many, I have watched and enjoyed BB from its inception. Every summer I tune in 3 nights a wk. I have never watched BB from another country, until this wk when I started BB UK 2014 on YouTube. Not the ‘celebrity’ edition, just as a sidenote. I have to say, I feel like a kid living in squalor who just realized he was poor as dirt. Never realizing his situation, just living in it. I strongly recommend watching. It’s been eye opening. We live in squalor. Our version is horrendous comparatively speaking. It’s lost. Is it a social experiment or a game? If it’s social, create social situations and divide so we can be entertained on how they cope. If it’s a game that is based on power, create legitimate competitions. Hanging on a log, finding bones in the dark, and 50/50 questions I find absurd. We just witnessed the most important competition of the season be waged on a 50/50 guess. And then not even give them enough time to wade thru their mind to find the answer. Am I alone in how ridiculous that is? That’s not even mentioning the comparison in production, DR sessions, aesthetics, viewer participation, and editing. Julie Chen comes across as amateurish compared to Emma Willis. An hr long show is aired every night of the wk for the previous days events and an extra hr long show with insight on who the housemates really are with a panel consisting of housemates from previous seasons, evicted housemates, and a host of others. Half the housemates get booed going INTO the house, much less when they come out. The exit interviews are no holds barred and the crowd is real and genuine, unlike what we saw last night… My point isn’t that their show is so great. It’s that ours is bollocks. And yes I’ve picked up fantastic words and phrases as well :) … I feel cheated and lied to. My intelligence feels insulted and my loyalty to the show feels taken advantage of. I thought I was wearing luxury designer clothes when in fact I’m wearing cheap generic knockoffs. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t charge me 5k and tell me my suit was hand tailored by Versace himself, when four 12 yr old girls in Indonesia really made it. CBS has hoodwinked me… This is long, I’m aware, but hardly even scratches the surface. Watch the first wk of BB UK 2014 for yourself. Draw your own conclusions. You may find that you’ve been sleeping in the dirt as well. Once you realize feather beds and high thread count Egyptian sheets exist, it’s hard to happily crawl under a bed of leaves again. Let us quit asking CBS to listen to our complaints and concerns in hopes they will change. Let us demand it. Shit sandwiches for dinner on Wednesday nights is no longer acceptable. Give us the show we want, and we will give you your ratings. What is so hard to comprehend about this?

  50. I want to hear the boo’s that surely will come to bite on Frankie’s pink butt at the live finale next week. I was flabbergasted at his exits last night for it was so over the freaking top and Julie Chen was just eating it up. Grosssssss. But that’s just me.

    My thoughts for the F2/F3:

    Derrick has his sights on taking Victoria to the end to insure a sure win (we’ll see about that). I’ll be shocked if he takes Cody to the end, even tho they have a tight alliance with each other all season long. And Cody’s feelings will be so hurt (karma is a bi&ch when you mess around with a married woman, even if you’re not in love with her, Cody) if that does happen. I do wonder what the jury reaction will be if he should reveal that he’s a cop BEFORE they voted. Not likely to happen tho, he’s not that stupid. It’s most likely to be revealed AFTER he had won, if he wins, that is. In hindsight, It’ll make all the sense in the world for the jury.

    Cody, being the ball-less one that he is, will no doubt take Derrick to the F2 if he wins the final HOH, which will come back to bite him on the butt. He’d be better off in taking Victoria himself. He should be getting as much boo’s as Christine did since it does takes 2 to tango like that.

    Victoria – She’s going to need a bigger mirror if she should win the final HOH which would be just amazing to see. I have no doubt that she’ll take Derrick to the F2 since he’s her shining knight in armour and he is more worhty to be sitting next to her instead of the lowly Cody. I’d love to hear her speech tho.

    Ok, on to Survivor!

    Overall, this season, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the best show ever and 1 the worst show ever, I’d give it a 3 because it had become rather stale and predictable after Devin had left but still the season had its moments here and there.

  51. Dawg, Congratulations on your marriage! Simon, Congratulations on your new edition to your family! Thank you both for keeping us informed with the live feed action of the Big Brother house year after year. Much love and gratitude to you both!

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