Caleb tells Derrick if I roll into jury Frankie’s going to say “I told you, you should have kept me!”

POV Holder: Cody
HOH Winner Derrick Nominations: Victoria and Caleb

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-17 13-35-58-153

1:30pm The live feeds return. Derrick and Caleb are in the fire room talking. Caleb says I knew when we had Frankie upstairs, I knew he was going to rock the boat with that one. Derrick asks as far as what? Caleb says when he was like I am just going to tell him I’m not voting for him. I was like oh god! Derrick says I’m sure they (production) didn’t like that. Caleb asks upstairs? Derrick says in the walls. Caleb says you mean what we told Frankie? Derrick says yeah. Big Brother says you’re not allowed to talk about production. Big brother blocks the feeds, when they return Caleb says yeah I trust him. I trust him. Derrick says that’s all you can do. Caleb leaves and Derrick takes a nap.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-17 13-38-09-026

In the bedroom hallway Victoria is look at her clothes and cursing at how she has nothing to wear.

1:45pm In the bathroom – Cody messes up his sideburns and tries to fix them. Caleb watches and laughs. Caleb says in there it looks bad but out here it doesn’t look bad. Then head to the fire room to ask Derrick to help him. Derrick says hopefully we can fix it. There’s a big line there. The head into the bathroom to fix it. Derrick says its not like we have a live show today or nothing. I told you I would cut it! Cody says I didn’t want it cut. We’re in play off’s! You don’t cut your hair in play off’s! Cody says that he had a dream last night where the people in the jury were making fun of him. He says especially Zach and Hayden. I started swinging off on Hayden.

2pm In the fire room – Caleb tells Derrick you know what Frankie’s words will be if I roll into jury.. “I told you, you should have kept me!” Derrick says yeah but Frankie wasn’t rolling with us any ways. If we had kept him he probably would have won this HOH .. but then again he wasn’t that good at retaining information. He got murdered in that face morph. Caleb says he got beat by Victoria.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-17 13-53-35-330

2pm – 2:20pmBig Brother starts showing the live feed highlights again… The feeds return and Derrick is talking to Caleb. Derrick says that Frankie was promoting his sister AGAIN! I guess that’s what this was for him a platform for him and his family and I respect it but he didn’t deserve to win it for those reasons. Caleb says my speech has to be killer. Derrick says but be you. I like that judi-chop part because that’s definitely made the air. You are a brand. You’re a product. You haven’t been fake or anything like that. That’s why people were calling your name over the board.

Caleb says this is a save my life eviction speech.

“First off I’d like to give all the praise and glory to god. I feel like you’re the reason I’m here. I want to give a shout out to all my family and fans. Love you guys and hope I’ve made you proud. I’m going to add that to all my military personal thank you guys freedom is not free. Then I’ll jump in to my speech. This has been a long road between the 3 of us we have worked hard, fought hard and won comps. We’ve kept each other safe and its no doubt that’s why we’re still here. Loyalty, respect, honour, integrity those are words I’ve lived my life with especially in the military. They are more than just words. My actions have lived out those words. That being said I am a good game player, I’ve won comps. You have, so has Derrick. We’ve kept ourselves safe and I put my self on the block recently so that you wouldn’t have to sweat bullets because I trusted you and wanted you here more than the other person. With that being said you can either evict me with the sharpness of your judi or keep my by the loyalty of your actions.” All that stuff I’m not going to say but those are just the thoughts in my head. Caleb says I might also add how she’s said she’s fought hard to be here.. How many times has she kept you safe?

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-17 14-14-48-192

In the kitchen – Caleb, Cody and Derrick talk about how long Victoria takes forever to do her make up and hair. Caleb says a lot of the girls this season took forever. Its not like she looks like beatle juice either. Cody says I get it their on TV and this year its in HD but.. Derrick says look at me I woke up and I got up 4 hours ago. They talk about dressing up tonight for the live show but also having their althletic gear ready. Cody, Derrick and Caleb head into the bathroom. Cody talks about how he was digging Brittany’s picture in the veto. She looked good!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-17 14-25-38-542
2:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

If you’ve enjoyed our live feed updates this season, please consider donating.

Simon and I work 24/7 all season long to keep you updated on everything that happens inside the house. Any amount is greatly appreciated! Your donations go directly to paying the fees required to run this site.

**** I want to personally thank all of our loyal Online Big Brother fans that have once again helped make this another great season. I unfortunately won’t be around for much of the remainder of the season as I will be getting married to the most amazing girl this weekend and then we’ll be off on our honeymoon. She puts up with me working every day for over 3 months straight and I couldn’t be more lucky to have her in my life.
Go easy on Simon as he’s juggling a new addition to his family and will be keeping you up to date on how the final week plays out.

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Yeah, called this last week. While I don’t like Frankie, Caleb would have gotten further with him. No doubt.


For all the people who wanted to boo frankie… here is a gift for you #byebyefrankie

Retired Teacher

LOVE it! If only it could have happened that way – what a jerk!


Yep, that’s what SHOULD have happened!!


Oh my god! That made my day! Great job for the author!


Thank u both


Congratulations !! Enjoy your wedding and the much needed time off, you deserve it, this blog is time consuming but appreciated !

The Mist

Right about now Caleb is wishing he would’ve kept Skankie cause he knows he’s in trouble.

Derricks Cheque

This is one numbers game CALEB you lost. All this season CALEB you talked about the numbers, and yet you couldn’t figure out this one. YOU HAD the HOH that week and you should have put anyone but FRANKIE as the pawn and it would have been fair for you CALEB now you’re going to watch houseplant Victoria,the one you were ranting and raving about that shouldn’t get dick, get 50 grand ! Thanks for playing right into DERRDICKS game


Hurrd dat. 🙂


Frankie would have took out caleb no chance he would have taken him to final 2 Frankie was loyal week to week cody and derrick getting it done in comps made the difference everyone had a chance to control there own destiny

miss k

congrats on your pending nuptials, dawg. =) wishing you & your lady all the best. enjoy the honeymoon!! thx for keeping us updated all summer long.

The Wishing Well

Congratulations Dawg!

Dame Judi Chop

Do they not know there is a live show tonight?


It’s called sarcasm you froot loop dingus!!!

Dame Judi Chop

Oh is that what that is?

You All Take the Show too Seriously (reposting)

You All Take the Show too Seriously says:
September 17, 2014 at 2:04 pm
All these people directly mocking how the houseguests look or attacking them in general even though it’s all a game. It’s disgusting. How does that make any of you better than Christine or Aaryn or Amanda or any other bully from the house?

Also, I’d like to congratulate Derrick on the win that he’s going to get. The house certainly was not full of idiots compared to the recent seasons and I felt that every single person except Jocasta, Pow, and Joey were all very capable of making smart big moves. It was predictable Derrick would take Cody over Caleb this week since back in the first couple weeks, Derrick and Cody were anti-Devon and thus the outcasts of the Bomb Squad which made them tight. Derrick held his allegiance to Victoria and Cody like he promised all season, and he was able to play the rest of the house to bring them this far

But damn people, stop being so hateful and taking it so seriously. Especially Derrick talking to the feedsters, since it is clearly something he appreciated houseguests doing when he was a feedster.

House rat

Finally someone I agree with.

Team Zach

Yeah, except when Dan, Ian, and even Zach this year talked to the feedsters, they were being honest about their game play. Derrick has treated the audience like we’re idiots. Especially concerning the Team America stuff concerning Donny. We saw everything, and yet Derrick still acted like Donny was the only one passing on Team America assignments, and acted like he didn’t want Donny gone. PLEASE!

I seriously don’t know if it’s production plants, derrick’s family, trolls, or just blatantly ignorant people, but Derrick’s game was mediocre (and heavily influenced by production), his personality is terrible, mean-spirited, and rooted in hypocrisy, and anyone paying attention sees that.


I hope Derrick reads this when he gets out because it is so very true! I dislike Derrick for who he is and the fact that he dislikes disloyal people like Frankie, tells me he is nothing but a hypocrite!


I have a feeling that the people who know Derrick in real life are not surprised at his abject behavior on the show. I think that Derrick is probably pretty well know for being duplicitous within his home city. I don’t care because I don’t have to watch the guy or listen to his pablum ever again after Sept 24, or maybe sooner if I am lucky!


Anon–I think that you are probably pretty well known for being duplicitous within your home city and for dumb and unfounded comments.


Lots of cops on here posting positive pr crap about Derrick. It is obvious these posts are not from BB fans but from people who don’t know much about this show and are just trying to cover up for all of Derricks disgusting behavior.


Derrick is the most disgusting player. Victoria is going to see how she was manipulated and taken advantage of by that old man. YUCK!!!!!


Anonymous. You are the disgusting one!


now where do you come up with a bunch of cops on here saying good things about derrick just whatever comes up in your mind yeah that’s the reason make some sense or at least have verifiable facts to back it up good lord


And some people just hate cops so therefore posting hate towards Derrick for playing the game as well as he has.

Stop Taking the Comments too Seriously

People sharing subjective feelings and observations is part of the experience too.


I agree 100%. Most of the people here are way more disgusting than the house guests. Everyone tries to push this holier than thou attitude on everyone, then follow up with insanely nasty comments. People don’t realize how hypocritical they are. But then again, we live in a culture where everyones loves to hate things.


I tried to say the same thing to people but I just got bashed in a way, and being called Frankie’s sister…like how hateful is that lol. I am glad to know not everyone is a bully and have to make personal attacks on the houseguests which have nothing to do with the game whatsoever.


‘Derrick and Cody were anti-Devon and thus the outcasts of the Bomb Squad which made them tight.’

You seriously got that wrong. As soon as the Bomb Squad was created, Devon, Amber and Caleb became targeted by people both in and outside the Bomb Squad. Frankie and Christine both sided with Derrick, Cody and Zach. Within three weeks Devon and Amber were gone. You can’t get more outcast than that.


I disagree on everything in your post. I feel just the opposite, but don’t feel like explaining it.


Like many, I have watched and enjoyed BB from its inception. Every summer I tune in 3 nights a wk. I have never watched BB from another country, until this wk when I started BB UK 2014 on YouTube. Not the ‘celebrity’ edition, just as a sidenote. I have to say, I feel like a kid living in squalor who just realized he was poor as dirt. Never realizing his situation, just living in it. I strongly recommend watching. It’s been eye opening. We live in squalor. Our version is horrendous comparatively speaking. It’s lost. Is it a social experiment or a game? If it’s social, create social situations and divide so we can be entertained on how they cope. If it’s a game that is based on power, create legitimate competitions. Hanging on a log, finding bones in the dark, and 50/50 questions I find absurd. We just witnessed the most important competition of the season be waged on a 50/50 guess. And then not even give them enough time to wade thru their mind to find the answer. Am I alone in how ridiculous that is? That’s not even mentioning the comparison in production, DR sessions, aesthetics, viewer participation, and editing. Julie Chen comes across as amateurish compared to Emma Willis. An hr long show is aired every night of the wk for the previous days events and an extra hr long show with insight on who the housemates really are with a panel consisting of housemates from previous seasons, evicted housemates, and a host of others. Half the housemates get booed going INTO the house, much less when they come out. The exit interviews are no holds barred and the crowd is real and genuine, unlike what we saw last night… My point isn’t that their show is so great. It’s that ours is bollocks. And yes I’ve picked up fantastic words and phrases as well 🙂 … I feel cheated and lied to. My intelligence feels insulted and my loyalty to the show feels taken advantage of. I thought I was wearing luxury designer clothes when in fact I’m wearing cheap generic knockoffs. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t charge me 5k and tell me my suit was hand tailored by Versace himself, when four 12 yr old girls in Indonesia really made it. CBS has hoodwinked me… This is long, I’m aware, but hardly even scratches the surface. Watch the first wk of BB UK 2014 for yourself. Draw your own conclusions. You may find that you’ve been sleeping in the dirt as well. Once you realize feather beds and high thread count Egyptian sheets exist, it’s hard to happily crawl under a bed of leaves again. Let us quit asking CBS to listen to our complaints and concerns in hopes they will change. Let us demand it. Shit sandwiches for dinner on Wednesday nights is no longer acceptable. Give us the show we want, and we will give you your ratings. What is so hard to comprehend about this?


Even BB Canada is better than the US version and it’s only been on for 2 seasons.


Nathan. I to have just started to watch BB Australia on U Tube and what a difference. Have to agree with you.

Teri B

Dear Simon & Dawg:
Congrats to you both on the wonderful things happening in your lives, best to you both, and thank you again, SO MUCH for putting up with us and this poor excuse for a season so that we don’t have to! BIG HUGS!

Dear NathanR:
THUMBS UP…..WAYYYYY UP!!! I’m a huge fan of BBUK, have been for years. Just discovered BBAU last year and am totally hooked.

I’ve tried to voice my feelings about this show vs. the UK version many times, and I usually got shot down by someone telling me it’s “all about the strategy”. Well, YOU, my friend, have managed to put my thoughts into words. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I feel exactly the same way…that we have been cheated. Year after year after year.

Well done, you! Cheers! PS….a season to check out for UK version is the Nikki Graham season, 2006. It was truly a season to remember and has some of the all time best characters AND tasks EVER!!! Takes a long time to watch all those episodes but totally worth it. AND, if you don’t already know who won this year, you will NOT believe it!


Well said and I completely agree! I have been watching their version as well as Australia’s and ours cannot even come close in comparison!


If you liked BBUK, you should check out BB Australia…which just started last week. Current episodes are posted, daily, on YouTube.


How do you search for it on youtube to get them in order?

Teri B

Try this: “big brother 2014”
There’s a certain uploader called (appropriately) “big brother” LOL
Once you get started with the right uploader (subscribe) it’s easy to follow along.
Good luck and enjoy!!


Thanx for telling how to get the BBAU launcher. I cannot believe how much different AU is and how beautiful that house is! BBUSA is cheap and amateur compared to AU!!

Dame Judi Chop

May I suggest BB Australia. You will not regret watching. Comparing our house to their’s is like comparing a 2 bedroom apartment to a 40000 square foot mansion. What I also find interesting is the comparisons a lot of the Aussie fans make. A lot of them think we have the better version. Go figure, I guess the grass is always greener.


I’ve just seen BB UK house (the japanese toilet rocks !) on youtube ( Launch night part 1) and BB US house in comparison to it is mere a “joke” LOL.


if you can watch bbuk 7. its the best ever. and the celebrity one with dennis rodman and pete burns. epic.


Nathan, you should really try BB AU. It started last week and the twists so far have been incredible. The house is pure luxury and in the DR you hear Big Brother and the housemates exchanging ideas, feelings. BB also takes infraction of rules very seriously. The other night one housemate tore open a pillow. BB was not pleased and handed out a miserable punishment. Just search for BBAU 2014 you tube and there is an episode usually 4 or 5 nights each week.


Caleb knows he is leaving. He is not going down without a fight. He believed that he would make it to F3 with Derrick and Cody. For Victoria to go to F3 is going to unleash that Beast Mode and not in a good way. Caleb does not want a woman to beat him in this game. It has been obvious throughout the entire game – even when he evicted his so called TRUE LOVE. He is going to get nasty as he leaves. He will be a very bitter guy in jury and I don’t think there will be much of a friendship with Derrick and Cody after the show is over.

Kind of Agree

Caleb leaving bitter will only play into Derrick’s game. Frankie will say “I told you so” – I don’t think Caleb’s bitterness will sway votes away from Derrick – that is if Derrick is in the final 2. But if Derrick wants to win – he can’t pull a Dan and act arrogant during his final argument to the jury.


This is one bitter jury and they are going to punish Derrick by not giving him the 1st place. Even better would be if he does not make final 2 but the jury will be the final word on Derricks game this season and the jury is not going to be complimentary about Derricks treatment of the hg’s.


I’m not sure about that since the last time they showed the jury house and they were discussing Derrick’s game, it seemed that most appreciated his game.. even if he was the reason they were evicted. I think the house guests have a better grasp on this game and don’t take it as personally as the viewers do. All in all they know it’s a game and they all know it would come down to turning on people, it’s inevitable. Once people in the jury house start to think about actual game play they will figure out who they think played the best game. They seem somewhat sensible and I don’t think they are looking to punish anyone but more to reward the person with the best game play.


Caleb is already having regrets! Lol

lemon balls

At this stage this game it becomes mostly luck on who wins hoh and POV. His regrets should of been week 4 when he should of realized that derrick was playing everyone and he should of started playing the game for himself and not a general consensus of votes. No balls buddy! Exit stage left.

On another note.. Victoria latching on to a strong social player like derrick is very boring but might prove effective.. He might actually take the winner with him to the end… Imagine that ….


Everyone make sure you vote for your favourite HG 20x a day until Monday 🙂

Donny is MY FAV for a number of reasons!! Nobody will convince me to give my votes to anyone else (no matter how hard they try). I don’t care about TA $ or vote splitting, I am giving Donny EVERY Vote I have #sorrynotsorry

But I encourage everyone to vote for THEIR favourites. Don’t try to be strategic! Vote Donny! Vote Zach! Vote Nicole! Hell, Vote Devin if you want… just show YOUR FAV HG your support! Don’t listen to people who try and force people to vote for THEIR FAV (Zach fans are super guilty of this, so cool it!) with lame reasons…

P.S> Vote Donny 😉 lol



Vote for who you genuinely like most, that’s what I’ve been saying for weeks. Yet, whenever I mention who I am voting for, since it’s not Donny, I get a dozen thumb downs. I’d say there’s a lot of Donny fans that are being pretty pushy too. I like the guy, I”ll be happy if he wins it, but let’s not pretend his fans haven’t been pushy and righteous about it.

Zach's love

Can wait to see my boothang come to the jury after Caleb I have missed her so much

Victoria for the win... PLEASE!

Victoria would be a well deserved winner this year, to hang in for so long and preserver is truly amazing.

Apparently she will be doing a photo spread in playboy after the finale.

I can’t wait to see her in the flesh.

Seriously she is the hottest bb babe EVER!


Just looking at Derrick grosses me out! His snout aside, does this guy have any idea what a gym is?!?! How in the world can a cop seem to have not one ounce of muscle on him? And someone needs to introduce him to the sun. So ironic that all season he’s had plenty of opinions on the girls and their physical appearance yet he’s got to have one of the most unattractive bodies and face.
Big congrats to Dawg on your upcoming wedding! Wish you all the happiness in the world!

The Truth

I second that!


Oh how I wold love to see your photo and critique YOU. Btw… every hear of melanoma? Smart people don’t’ bake themselves in the sun, just the stupid.

Keep Caleb!

I have been a fan of Derrick & Cody since the beginning, and I understand the reason behind keeping Victoria over Caleb…but oh how I was hoping to be done listening to her whiny voice and her complaints! I am still holding out hope (against all odds I know) that Cody keeps Caleb!!


What do you guys think about Victoria and Derricks relationship?? You think derricks wife is jealous?? Yeah it is $500,000, but would you mind your spouse doing what they do?


I have never seen Derrick or Victoria do anything that derricks wife should feel jealous over. I must admit that I don’t get the live feeds but I do follow this site. It seems that Derrick treats her as a younger sister. Victoria may have an attraction to him but he keeps it ‘friends’ only. Now I’m sure some women are the crazy jealous type and would feel their husbands simply talking or looking at another woman is inappropriate.


So happy for you, Dawg. Congratulations and celebrations! Wishing you both tons of happiness now and always. Thank you (and Simon) for working your butts off for us this season. Have an amazing honeymoon.
Until BBCAN 3 🙂


Sigh…well at least this nightmare is almost over and I will never have see Sheriff Pork Rinds and Deputy Peanut-free M&Ms again. Man…that creepy way The Princess Cried just stares with those dead blacks eyes…I always hear the theme to Jaws now. Based on that and her swollen teeth/gums problem…maybe my new nickname for her will be “Jowls”… Dun dunn…dunnnnn dun…dun dun dun dun…dun dun dun dun…

Hey Dawg, congrats on the wedding and Simon, congrats on the new edition. Would you guys think less of me if I always pictured you two as an old, married gay couple? My bad…

Pink Skunk

a BIG CONGRATS to the Dawg for his impending nuptials and Simon for his new bambino…..I spend every summer with you guys because this is THE best BB site………I love Amazon and make sure I link up from here ,lol. I hope you both know how appreciated you are and with that ( sniffle) I bid you adieu! Thanks again and all the best wishes!

Nick Adams (future HG)

Let’s just all be honest here when we talk about Derrick. Derrick is an anomaly simply because he played a PERFECT game. We are all impressed with his game play and his abilities to manipulate (even if this cast was the easiest to manipulate) and yet, we are still disappointed. Why?

The problem is the perfect game play. Perfect game plays are not fun to watch.

Television shows like Big Brother and Survivor are entertaining through conflict. Changes in the plan, people moving up and down the ladder, and so on and on. Derrick played such a perfect game because he avoided such conflict.

Unlike Dan, Dr. Will, Amanda, Janelle, etc. who were loud and in your faces with their gameplay… Derrick never once painted a target on his back. All of these other HGs have, and often to their own detriment.

Derrick is the greatest BB player of all time, because he played a perfect game and never has left his game up to chance. He was behind every move in this game. So let’s not get disappointed with Derrick, let’s be disappointed in how boring a perfect game really is. For a perfect game requires one person always getting his way. If you are a true fan of the game, you should appreciate a perfect game when you see one. Even if it isn’t as entertaining.

Now take a drink for every time I wrote “game”

Thanks A Lot

Now I’m drunk….


I concur!!!!!


I am really upset that Julie let Frankie off so easy. That was worthless TV! No boo’s? Hell, he deserved Boo’s as much as Christine did. I guess Cody or Derrick will win. Whatever. I am just looking forward to seeing the jury. Can’t wait for Donny to get America’s Favorite. I want to see Frankie’s face. He is so convinced that he has it in the bag. Caleb too. I want to see the shock and surprise on their faces when Donny wins. That will be the best part of the finale.

echo 1

Cody is next!!


O.K. – I know this is an unpopular opinion – but here goes anyways. I think Derrick has had a very rough “upbringing.” He has alluded to things in his past that seem painful. Even though most of us blame him for this season being boring – there was really only one time that I lost faith in him – when he laughed & went along with the “taking of all of Victoria’s virginities.” I did almost give up on him at that point. However, upon reflection, I too have been guilty of “going along” with something that I knew was wrong – just to “fit in.” And I think Derrick really wants to be liked & accepted. I think that is why he was so genuinely thrilled to be a part of T.A. In his mind, that meant he was no longer an “outsider” & that people really liked him. Can’t help it – that touches me. Do I wish that he would have played the game with Donny instead of rejecting him? You betcha! Donny & Derrick have always been my favs. And I feel like I’m the only one who likes BOTH of them. But it is what it is. Derrick knew that Donny was his biggest threat for the ultimate win. So, like he’s done everything else in this game – Derrick has methodically & efficiently gotten rid of all obstacles. So, though he may not be a Dan, Dr. Will or Janelle (who is my personal fav), Derrick has nevertheless proven (in my eyes anyway) that he is the ONLY one who has played this game 24/7, every minute, every day – and deserves to win. Sorry for such a long post! And Donny for AFP!!


Wow V, I usually love your posts but this one has me speechless 🙂 “rough upbringing”


Hey Krikey! Sorry to disappoint! I guess “rough upbringing” is a slang term I picked up from my “upbringing!” LOL! Anyway – I just meant I thought Derrick may have had a tough time as a child & teenager. I read that he may have been in foster care. Regardless – just trying to share why I think Derrick has been so “needy.” Again – Sorry to disappoint – I did write that in a hurry – kids coming home from school – expect dinner – not mom on the computer! LOL!!


no need to explain V 🙂


That’s what we like about you, V; you have a kind heart.


As do you Suze – thank you my B.B. friend!

Jimmy 64

Congrats dawg be happy.
If Derrick pulls this off gets Cody to vote out Caleb then he
belongs with the Dr. Will & Dan


Awesome! Congrats!!!

Thanks for all the hard work this season!

Lady Lovehandles

Could we get some REAL PEOPLE on BB17? Remember Chicken George and Kent and the FBI guy? Get these egotistical narcissists outta here and get some people with substance who are interesting to watch and aren’t afraid to be shit stirrers for crying out loud. Get some women on there who don’t count their worth by the reflection in the mirror but by their brains. Lets get some

Lady Lovehandles

Get a variety of ages and people. I’m sick of brainless eye candy.

Lady Lovehandles

Geez Louise…..

Pink Skunk

couldn’t agree more LL! I enjoyed the season with Memphis and old fireman Jerry who was always on his azz, lol. Brainless eye candy is a perfect description…….this season was a snooze fest , Derrick is good yes (yawn) but so very boring.

lemon balls

Ditto…. 1 million times ditto!!!!!


Congrats Dawg. Marriage has got to be better than dealing with us crazy folk.


Derrick is extremely handsome ….


… said NO ONE EVER.

Pink Skunk



Simon and Dawg…thank you for your patience and perseverance in bringing us BB16 unfiltered. Will we be able to purchase through Amazon and still get you a percentage after the close of the show? Would love to do some holiday shopping through the your site.

From today's papers

Ariana Grande Responds to Diva Rumors
Is Ariana Grande a diva?

Rumors are swirling that Ariana Grande is a diva and one report in particular seems to have set her off.

In a new series of 7 tweets, Grande indirectly responds to an article that alleges she did not exactly have a kind message for her fans.

The New York Daily News reports that while the 21-year-old singer was visiting a Manhattan radio station this summer where she happily greeted fans. “She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator,” according to an industry insider. “And as soon as the doors shut, she said, ‘I hope they all f**king die.'”

Today, Grande is fighting back the rumors and telling her fans that she is full of nothing but love.


I totally believe this story. Why? Because it sounds exactly like something Frankie would say. I don’t know this family, but the ones we see and hear from sound like snobbish, rich folk who feel entitled to say, do, and act anyway they want. Frankie doesn’t need BB money- the top prize nor the AFP prize.

Dame Judi Chop

Literally, at the end of the day, I am about to go off, totally beastmoded, essentially, with that being said, won’t we all miss these wonderfully un-inventive turn of phrase? Even when I don’t agree with you, I do love all you froot loop dingi!


I really don’t think that Frankie would have kept Caleb if he made it to F4 and won HOH, or better the POV. I think that he thought Caleb would have been his biggest competition. Comp wise and socially. Caleb had one shot at F3 and that was the POV.

As far as Derrick taking either Cody or Victoria, I still can’t figure out which one he will take although I’m leaning toward Cody because Victoria is a solid vote for him. Cody could really, really feel betrayed if he is cut next and not vote for him. I don’t think Derrick wants to take that chance although I think he’s got the jury locked up for a win if he gets there. I think Derrick will look better as a player if he took his fellow Hitman. Everyone knows why Victoria is there but the fact that Derrick and Cody were solid from nearly the very beginning is great. I know that Cody has a couple more comp wins than Derrick, but Derrick has 4 HOH’s (a possible 5th that he threw to Frankie) and can also say that he didn’t win as many because he didn’t need to because he was NEVER, EVER PUT ON THE BLOCK. To me, that is the winner especially considering how many nominations there were with that silly BOB.

I think Cody will take Derrick. I will be shocked…SHOCKED… if he takes Victoria. I think he is truly loyal to Derrick. I know… I know. Expect the unexpected. Ugh. Please don’t do that to me Cody. I really want to see the both of you in the F2 at this point.


Cody has the same blind loyalty to Derrick that Caleb had to the (defunct) Bomb Squad. He will definitely take Derrick. However, who Derrick will take is a toss-up. I think he really wants to take Victoria since it’s a slam dunk win for him,but she needs to make it happen otherwise he will not risk his own game for her.

The whole eviction speech about the Hitmen Cody gave before voting out Caleb could make him look like the biggest fool if he doesn’t get to F2 with Derrick.

That Being Said

That being said. Can they please stop saying that?


I knew Derrick and Cody would do this to Caleb. He might have told stories but he has always been loyal and does not deserve to be treated this way.

Derrick greed is out of control next it will be bye to Cody cause Derrick thinks he entitled to the 500K, the 50K and the TA money. If money was tight as he has tried to make everyone believe this summer then he would have never taken 3 months off work, to be on BB. He has tried to manipulate the people on the live feeds all summer, it is clear he has no clue we have seen everything he has done. Derrick the people on the live feeds are not try to take food out of your daughter’s mouth. But you sure trying to do that to the other house guest with your greed. I hope karma comes back and bits him in the @$$.
I am so glad BB AUS is started CBS should really take a chapter from them, it is 100% better then BBUS.

loyal my ass

who got frankie out last week if caleb was so “loyal”


this game isn’t about loyalty. its not about who can lie the least and make it to the end…


It’s about nimble loyalty/loyalties of convenience. I don’t know why the HGs forget this so easily. Every one of them should fully expect that all the other HGs will stab them in the back for the win.

Cody the Pussy

At the finale they need to show a package of all the times Cody either claimed he was going to punch out another HG or that he was going to put them on verbal blast.

This pussy never could or would do it.

Guliana from New York

Congratulations Dawg!!!! I wish you and your future wife the best that life has to offer, and a lifetime of love and happiness. Thank you for your hard work and making this site the best EVER!!!!! Enjoy your day and have a happy honeymoon

Simon God bless you on your new addition:)


I think they got Caleb out just in time. His comment about Victoria not looking like beetlejuice could mean she is starting to look good to him. Lol. No time for stalking this time. But Cody might well have saved Caleb from himself.


OMG!!!!….The look on Victoria’s face. I think she realizes now she has been played to the utmost. I don’t think Derrick expected Cody to that, but it was a smart move to blow up Derrick’s game finally. I felt bad for Caleb, he was devastated.


*Vic: are you betraying him? Derr: it doesnt matter. We are playing the game of Big Brother. Get yourself ready. (walks out) *

Derrick’s greed is really coming out, and Cody is going to regret being so loyal to Derrick. He goin learn today if Chief Wiggums and Princess Cried go to F2.