TIE DYE Shirts & Cody says I don’t hug people in the morning because they smell like sh*t.

POV Holder: Cody POV Used No
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-15 08-55-57-461

8:40am – 9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Cody says I hope we get something HUGE or a DOG!!! Cody says he couldn’t sleep last night until he finally passed out. Caleb joins them and drops an elbow on Derrick. Caleb says the backyard is locked down. Caleb and Cody head into the storage room and find that big brother gave them all tie dye kits to make their own t-shirts. Frankie joins them in the kitchen. Cody listens at the back door and says he hears something. Big Brother tells him to stop that! Caleb and Cody are sitting on the living room couch. Caleb says bing-bong. Cody says I don’t think the door bell is ringing any more. Caleb says was that the reason we had to make sure everyone was up… tie dye shirts? Cody says I love tie dye shirts. Frankie comes to hug them all. Cody says I don’t hug people in the morning because they smell like sh*t. Frankie hugs him any ways. Cody says I’ll do it now because you’re ready and you smell good. Caleb says I am here .. I can’t wait to start tie dying! Cody, Derrick, Caleb and Victoria open up the tie day kit in the living room. Cody reads the box and says big brother we need a dvd player! Cody says alright well this is lame! Big Brother blocks the feeds and starts showing the Jeff Schroeder highlights.

See what they can’t show you on TV! -Try the Big Brother 16 live feeds for FREE!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-15 08-55-08-963

10:15am – 11:25amLive Feeds are still blocked.

1:48pm Feeds will be down until Tuesday night after the show airs on the east coast. CBS tells us to enjoy the Jeff Season Highlights in the meantime.

Outline of the last few days.

  • Tuesday nights show will reveal who gets evicted either Frankie or Victoria. (Probably Frankie)
  • When the feeds come back on Tuesday night we should know who won the HOH/POV and who the nominees are.
  • Wednesday night will be live eviction.
  • After Wednesday night I suspect the feeds will go off for the seasons. We’re at the mercy of CBS’ edit so who knows what will happen after that
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Frankie who?

Frankie will have a new pretty shirt to go home in.

Double D



Monday morning the HGs will get up and Big Brother will record a few hours of them pretending that it’s nighttime to be used Monday night for After Dark. This is intended to try and trick BBAD viewers in to thinking the footage is actually at night. It’s ridiculous, but that’s what they do. HGs might get booze and they’ll be on lockdown so you can’t see the sun.

Starting sometime later on Monday the Feeds will cut and the next eviction will take place but unlike regular evictions there will not be a public audience. CBS will bring in employees to reduce their chances of leaks. Fans hoping for the next evictee to receive a Christine-like wave of boos may be disappointed.

Back inside the house the remaining Final Four HGs will face a new HoH competition, but of course Caleb, the outgoing HoH, is not eligible to participate. That should get things down to a face-off between Derrick and Cody, but with little impact on the resulting nominations.

A nomination ceremony will be held where we can expect Victoria and Caleb to be put up on the block. Though Derrick is worried that might scare Caleb & he could turn on them if he wins the Veto. The nominations don’t really matter as the real power to evict lays with the Veto.

The Power of Veto competition will likely also be held before the Feeds return and when we learn what’s happened that should tell us whether or not Caleb makes it to the F3.


Not even funny or amusing.


not sure if they do any sort of audience. I seem to remember one eviction late in the game where the evicted HG comes out to no noise, no audience, just them and Julie. I wish this isn’t the case with the Frankie eviction, but I guess it could be. I know what you mean with the way you describe these events. We know they are doing another evict on Wednesday, and that is a lot of activity to do this evict for Tuesday, another HOH, POV and eviction for a live show done usually around 2pm PST?


BB Can 2 I think


Both seasons had instant evictions with no audience just the host Arissa Cox in the studio. Topaz Brady the 1st season and Allison White the 2nd season. Big Brother Canada did these instant evictions two years in a row and both had no studio audience.

pet peeve

PDT actually, not PST

Roll Tide

Thank you! Will not watch BB After Dark tonight!


Can Frankie really save himself with the diamond veto? I think it was meant for him to find it, that was too obvious!


Who said that he found anything?? I was never led to believe that and I don’t think anyone else was either.


You have some serious problems
Try writing properly at least.


So Stupid….Really??

Kathie from Canada

If that is your attempt at humour, it’s pretty disgusting!!!!

cat c

You are one sick arsehole. Your Robin Williams reference was not funny and was uncalled for.


You go gurl!

Troll Hunter

Don’t feed the troll people.


You like many others are naively assuming that Frankie will be evicted.. Those of us who are long time viewers of Big Brother know for a fact that production interferes in the game when it feels it is necessary for the game and to keep ratings up. Some examples are season 13 and the very controversial Pandora’s Box event where Porsche Briggs opened it and the introduction of a duo twist was introduced thus both Rachel Reilly & Jordan Llyod who were targeted for eviction by Porsche were given the chance to save both of themselves for eviction IF one of them won.. Rachel won and both her and Jordan were saved from the block.. That made a lot of viewers thinking the Pandora’s Box was set up to be in favor of Rachel & Jordan. Other house guests complained that it seemed like it was a competition set up at the last minute and geared so that Rachel would win.. That’s one example.. Frankie won’t be going anywhere come Tuesday night.

Lawon's Special Power

Don’t forget the Coup d’etat with Jeff on his season. Which led to Jesse’s eviction and the Chima’s meltdown and explosion.


Ah yes, one of the all-time great BB moments!

Jeff Lover 23

Everyone always seems to forget that when Jeff got the coup d’état he had a 2 week window to use it. This happened prior to Chima’s HOH, he just chose not to use it the first week he could have. It was not a power set out to destroy Chima, that is just how the chips fell.


But there’s never been a comp or pandora this late in the game with only five left, has there? I don’t think they would do something like that this late, scheduling and editing two shows would be a nightmare!


What happened in Season 13 is a known fact…. Those disputing it, are in denial.

Let me break down what happened to cause Production to bring in the unplanned Pandora’s Box a.k.a Production’s Box.

There was an Balance HOH comp that everyone got to practice before Dani got evicted… Jeff was the best at it and Porshe was the 2nd best, everyone else wasn’t so good at it.
If all went to plan, Vets would’ve kept the power, knocking out the Newbies one by one, we’ll things didn’t go as planned.

After Dani got evicted, and Jeff and Jordan was on the block, that Clown Shoe POV, was clearly for Jeff, but when he jumped in he started searching for the 1st shoe too hard, and accidentally knocked a shoe out his bin. When he found the 2nd, he thought it was the 1st, so he went back in searching, not realizing he already knocked the 1st out earlier, so Porshe ended up winning POV. This event let to Jeff being evicted, and Jordan throwing a tantrum(without Jeff winning a power again to shift the game in their favor, she had no chance of winning).

Porshe being the 2nd best in that HOH they practiced, pretty much guaranteed she would win and of course with the Newbies against Vets, you knew Rachel and Jordan would be going up, Rachel was the target, with Jordan being backup, in case Rachel won POV, so it was a lock that one of them would be evicted.

With the odds finally in favor of the Newbies, in comes the unplanned Pandora’s Box(Julie tells the viewers what twist is in play before it happens, so we know this was NOT planned), the idea of the Box, is “EVERYONE opens it, because there’s always something enticing in it”. Porshe sees the money and immediately opens it, sharing with Kalia, unleashing the Duo Twist, that predictably protects both Rachel and Jordan if either won POV.

Right before the POV, Jordan mentions to Rachel(which is caught on the feeds, of course feeds were blocked a second after, *hint hint*), that the POV will be catered to them(obviously Rachel, because Jordan sucks in comps 95% of the time if it’s not crapshoot). POV “How long can You Hold onto your duo partner?”, which might as well have been called “How Long can Rachel Hold onto Brendon?”

With that being said, I was actually happy Rachel won BB instead of Pacer.


Everyone on twitter trend this #BooFrankie

Its already trending in Canada!

Make it WorldWide!

Ariana Grande stinks

But it doesn’t make sens. As much as I’d love to see him shredded to pieces, the eviction will take place in front at the empty BB studio and so…

Not a pink poodle fan

CBS you little chicken-shit. Don’t want to offend the diva, Ariana Grande so they’re gonna have Frankie be evicted to an empty studio or an audience filled with CBS employees. Grow a pair CBS – arrange for a REAL audience to be there tomorrow night. Not those that are on CBS payroll.


That’s Derricks fault then, that there won’t be a live audience. by this time in BB, there is always a chance the person evicted is going out to no one in the audience, due to the taping schedule. had Frankie gone out instead of Nicole, or even christine? that was the time for the boos.

Wasted a couple of good opportunities, for booing as well as other things, and that has definitely disappointed the fans 🙂

Boo hoo

`Is it more important that Frankie gets evicted or booed? Really people, did your parents never teach you that life is full of choices?

mn man

Actually, don’t give him the satisfaction of any response whatsoever. What would crush him the most is a completely apathetic reaction from the crowd.


What will crush him more is when Donny wins America’s Favorite and that he is going to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Boo hoo

Donny winning AF will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Derrick is going to turn to the feeds and plea with us “How could you do this to me? I am a cop with a fuc8ing kid to feed! YOU ALL ARE TAKING FOOD OUT OF MY FUC8ING KIDS MOUTH! WHY AMERICA, WHY?!!! I NEVER LIED TO YOU. I ALWAYS HAD YOUR BACK AMERICA! DECEPTION!! LIES!!! DISLOYALTY!!! WHY AMERICA, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO AMERICAS FINEST!!!”
I hate his frickin’ pandering to the cameras but I would thoroughly enjoy hearing Derrick explode when Donny wins AF!!

bolt uprite

Derrick doesn’t care about AFP, he’s never mentioned wanting it or gauged his chances of winning it. He just assumed it would be Donny or Frankie. I look forward to your head exploding when they announce that Derrick is taking home $580,000.

I thought all you Donniedicks took your balls and went home weeks ago.

Alice In Chains

Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
You know he ain’t gonna die
No, no, no ya know he ain’t gonna die

Please.... NO!

Just read that Frankie is now favorite for America’s Favorite Player, his diva sister is campaigning like crazy for him.

Feel nauseated at the thought of him winning that. No MVP PLEASE!



Losing Interest

Hope he doesn’t hug Julie. His shirt will still be wet. Yah for us and Boo for him that he is leaving.


He will leave with his shirt matching the rooster’s comb on top of his head. Every time I look at that guy, he looks like a rooster strutting around the house. His behavior on BB has been extremely inappropriate. He should have been evicted several weeks ago.


A Banty Rooster….

echo 1

Frankie can audition for the new Broadway play Charlie Brown Christmas with him playing Woodstock!!!!!


If you look in the dictionary under rooster – a picture of Frankie may pop up with his ridiculous comb top as he struts around the BB house, crowing about how he rules the roost.


Frankie truly a disgrace to the gay community. If I read anywhere that he blames the dislike from BB fans on him being gay, I will do what I can to correct that. It has nothing to do with him being gay and I never heard of his sister before this season and couldn’t care less about her fame. I’ve read she is very egotistical herself. I read that Franks mom saw no unfairness to ask Justin Beiber and his sisters fans to vote for Frankie for AFP. Really? Don’t fall far from the tree. I really was not going to blame any of Frankie’s behavior on his mom. That is just not fair, but when I saw her comment on twitter, I couldn’t resist.


Why shouldn’t family members rally for their own? Or is this not allowed because it is Frankie Grande? Seriously WTF?? As for Justin Bieber, I don’t think he would interfere because Frankie is not one of his own family members. He has over 54M Twitter followers who are an army on to itself and will do whatever Justin tells them to do. IF he tells his Beliebers to vote for AF, then Frankie will win, it will be no contest. You are another one who seems to think that Frankie will leaving come Tuesday… ROFL!
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! This is Big Brother after all…


You are forgetting that half of those followers are paid for and the other half is only following for the drama and entertainment. If he has 54 million followers willing to do whatever he wanted, don’t you think he would be sellling way more albums? Does he even have a diamond album yet? Stop thinking these celebrities have more power than they actually do. They are ONLY entertainers.


You are correct. A good percentage of Twitter followers are paid accounts that have never tweeted and probably never will. Marketing companies sell such lists to make people appear more popular in the Twitterverse than they actually are.

Cops are like Arianna Grande Fans

Funny how so many fans are all about the game being a game. They say “alls fair” this is a game of manipulation and deception. Then, when Frankies family tries to help him, they cry foul. Look, I hate Frankie but this entire BB game is all unfair. This is not a court of law with rules and methods. It doesn’t have any true rules that cannot be broken at will. So as much as I hate to see Frankie win anything, if he does and CBS lets him, then we can’t complain. Just like if Derrick wins given that he basically had the game handed to him because of his work as an undercover cop, then we have to admit that is how CBS wanted it.
SO, if you believe that things are rigged for Frankie and are upset than you also have to be upset for the game being rigged for Derrick. Don’t you think that all the cops all over the couitnry are on this site plugging and trolling for Derrick? If you are not aware, cops will do anything to defend each other and as fanatic as Arianne Grande fans may be about her and possibly Frankie, cops are even moreso about protecting and ADVANCING one of their own.
And all the thumbs down on this post will be from cops and Arianna Grande fans.


I am not a cop and uh, Ariana Who? I thumb’s downed your post just to be contrary.


This season became unfair when they paid other houseguests $5grand to sabotage their game. I want to see everyone have the same advantage to win a half mill. No unfair perks. If I gave up my job, family and entire summer, I would want to have the same opportunity as everyone else.


Monday morning the HGs will get up and Big Brother will record a few hours of them pretending that it’s nighttime to be used Monday night for After Dark. This is intended to try and trick BBAD viewers in to thinking the footage is actually at night. It’s ridiculous, but that’s what they do. HGs might get booze and they’ll be on lockdown so you can’t see the sun. So stupid.
Starting sometime later on Monday the Feeds will cut and the next eviction will take place but unlike regular evictions there will not be a public audience. CBS will bring in employees to reduce their chances of leaks. Fans hoping for the next evictee to receive a Christine-like wave of boos may be disappointed.
Back inside the house the remaining Final Four HGs will face a new HoH competition, but of course Caleb, the outgoing HoH, is not eligible to participate. That should get things down to a face-off between Derrick and Cody, but with little impact on the resulting nominations.
A nomination ceremony will be held where we can expect Victoria and Caleb to be put up on the block. Though Derrick is worried that might scare Caleb & he could turn on them if he wins the Veto. The nominations don’t really matter as the real power to evict lays with the Veto.
The Power of Veto competition will likely also be held before the Feeds return and when we learn what’s happened that should tell us whether or not Caleb makes it to the F3.

The Truth

This is completely possible as they did the same thing last year when Judd, Gina-Marie, Andy, Spencer and I think Mcrae were still there. I remember the houseguests joking about it. As if we care if it’s night or day, CBS should save their energy and focus on picking a better cast next year.

Zing Sting

You already said that. Smh


The only thing that scares Caleb is soap and water


I doubt CBS can salvage much at this late date. I hope they read at least some of the feedback on these sites, so they have a year to revamp the process. We, and the HG’s all knew exactly what would happen this entire time. So boring. Can’t believe it’s almost over and we’re still waiting on some excitement. I have no idea how to watch the BB shows in other countries…can someone out there help?


In Memorial to the cast of BB 16

Jenn – Still streaking…..out the front door.
PowPow – Play that funky music Asian chick!
Britney – Got back in my beamer sooner than I hoped. It’s hard being upper middle class poor
Amber – About to star in the new series the stalker.
Devin – Bull in a china shop. This is why people look at car wrecks!
Jocasta – they really should make a minister take a few religious courses like Christianity 101
Zach – unbalanced on a high wire called life. To live a day in his mind fascinating or insanity?
Hayden – Mister take him by the Hand! Spicollie would cry fool at the fake surfer dude!
Nicole – Dressed down little hottie bit of a comer if you take the glasses of. Midwest girl next door could do Hustler tomorrow….. oh my!
Donny – After he shaves “the beard” no one will recognize him. This is truely the smartest player ever. 1 summer and done…… til BB All Stars 2. 🙂
Christine – Tat skank for the season, BB gamer she was not. Talkie, talkie no more talkie!
Frankie – been molesting himself a long time thus molesting others are just second nature!
Caleb – GBA for your service and from Derrick thanks for being my puppet!
Cody – you got Hit Man!
Victoria – best female player in BB history rejoice at what you feeders wished for!
Derrick – owned the season from day 2 on. Sincerely hope they give that douchebag Victoria the money as you beat Cody or Caleb in a cake walk. You bring no honour to the game! You likely bring 500K home to mommy though
Sock Monkey – a BB 14 reincarnation of all that is great about BB at its core. Trustworthy and loyal, a comp best in endurance and in questions. If it’s random luck box sock monkey FTW.

Life giver

You need to get a life, seriously. That was the worst run-down of the BB16 contestants I have read yet.


Life giver a dumbo.

Eure ka!

If you think you have seen the last of Frankie, you are sadly mistaken. People hate him and actively root and WATCH in the hopes that he will fail. He drives ratings, so yes he will be on All Stars, and most likely either The Amazing
Race and/or Survivor.


Please no!!!


Good I will watch for that and then AVOID watching any show that this peacock is on!


Oh please no Frankie on Survivor. Frankie who think a week of being a have not is not to be borne a second time? Survivor on a good day is like being a have not on a bad day it’s 100% worse. The only positive of Frankie on Survivor would be seeing the total scorn Jeff Probst would cover Frankie with when he self evicted.

Zach's Lost Showmance

How could Frankie ever compete on Survivor? Really?!?!? What about his ‘nerve condition?’ Not to mention he wouldn’t be able to take his makeup bag (unless he designates it his luxury item) or panty-liners. WTF?


Frankie drives up the ratings, without him who is left that will keep viewers awake during live feeds or tv shows? Do you think fans want to see the uncontested coronation of Derrick as BB16 winner, complete with the other house guests bowing down and thanking him for allowing them the “honor” of being allowed to play alongside him.. Ad nauseum That is something that is already going on right now with the exception of Frankie who has finally caught on to Derrick’s manipulation.. The only other one who was on to Derrick is Danny who is now sitting in the jury house.


Huh? I don’t know a single person that still watches this show because of Frankie. Lol. It gets really old and it’s pretty awkward having to watch him grope grown men that don’t want to be groped by another grown man. He’s more of a reason NOT to watch. I mean he’s not Zach or Donnie. Lol


I still watch it for Frankie. And he may grope them but they don’t really seem to mind.


I guess you don’t read the updates too thoroughly. Caleb has spoken out about it several times. He HATES it. Cody uses not hugging people in the morning because they smell like sh!t as an excuse to keep Frankie off him, and Frankie STILL hugs him anyway. lol They are sick of it, and so are the majority of the viewers.


Don’t be a complete idiot. If these big he men can’t get Frankie to stop they are just total wusses.


Caleb has told him more than once to stop grabbing him like that. Finally he said something to the effect of “stop grabbing my ass, people will think I’m fruity”. I think some of it has to do with they don’t want to come off as anti-gay. But it seems like the ones he tends to grab the most like Caleb are really getting sick of it. Caleb has even brought it up to both Derrick (who Frankie never seems to grope) and Cody.

bolt uprite

They put up with it because if they protest they will be branded ‘homophobic’ and they aren’t allowed to beat him up.


I didn’t mean that way.. What I meant is that Frankie has taken on this role of being this “villain” whom some viewers are repulsed by but that translates into those same viewers going on social media and continuing to trend his name on sites and those sites are getting a lot of hits by his haters.. Some others like the drama he is creating and usually root for the villain no matter how awful they are perceived. Frankie is like the King Joffrey of Big Brother minus the sociopathic behavior and royal title. I’m not saying people love to hate him, but he certainly is getting the show a lot of media attention and that is translating into ratings.. Sunday’s show held it’s own against NFL Sunday Night Football and didn’t get crushed.

yes sir

I am just over all the Frankie hate. Can we hate on Derrick for a while? If he is ever cast again in a reality show, the only one that I would like to see him cast in is Divorce Court.

Hey Troll

Frankie is a psychotic drug addicted mess. I don’t want to see him on my TV because he is a disgusting to watch phony 31 year old man pretending to be a 3 year old girl, so I guess if that makes me homophobic then I must be heterophobic too because I cant stand the rest of these unwatchable fks.

Oh, by the way yer a whiny little bitch yerself so STFU & go jump off yer bridge.

Unblemished Truth

Hey, “Branded” is a troll and he is Frankie’s boyfriend. He goes on different sites defending the SKAG. He would like you to believe that he’s been repressed all his life and that we owe him reparations. What we owe him is a swift kick up the wazoo. Don’t forget to disinfect your shoes afterwards

another name

since Frankie’s raynauds syndrome made it difficult to be a have not for a week, it is highly doubtful that survivor is in his future. cold and stress are triggers for the syndrome. have difficulty seeing him on the amazing race either… they are prohibited from flying first class.

Frankie NOT 1st Class?? I think not!

Frankie has already bragged about flying first class–international–on at least one occasion. The cost of that ticket, as I’ve mentioned before, could probably feed an entire African village for a year. But of course, all Frankie talks about is how cool it was to have a staircase in the airplane. Give me a break about his perceived “illnesses” and his taking 27 Advils per day. He’s the untalented sibling and he has been given a LOT of extra attention because of this, which he now craves. Let’s hope he doesn’t get extra attention for this “only bothers him when it’s convenient” disease. He is more in danger, IMO, when he thinks that molesting straight guys outside of the house will be tolerated and gives it a go. Can you see him on one of Caleb’s safaris humping on one of Caleb’s brothers? He’s in for a rude awakening. I’ve done nothing but be gay and been pummeled more than once for just walking down the street. These guys are only putting up with it for the sake of the game, although even they are obviously tiring of it, and of course so they aren’t labeled homophobic by the public. Caleb shoved him across the kitchen one evening and 30 seconds later, he grabbed onto him again! (As if he was saying, “But you still love me don’t you Caleb??”) But in my book, when someone says no, it means no and he should STOP it.


Frankie makes Richard Simmons look butch.


I’m still finding it hilarious that Frankie, who was just SOOO anxious to push the shiny gold button (once he was HOH) ended with it being the road to his own demise. I have a feeling that everything he does now and in the near future will lead to the end of his road….career wise.


Simon & Dawg, Will BB block the feeds til Wed live show since Tuesday is a taped eviction show?


The scroll across the top of the feeds says down until Tuesday evening. Probably after the show and the new HOH and POV.

What do you think Dawg?


keeping the feeds blocked the rest of the season will do us all good. these people with their lame attempts of justifying who needs the money more is annoying. there should be a new rule in place next year that all house guests should not talk about the prize money. CBS needs to direct some attention to the jury house. if there was some access to some live action in the jury house the BB feeds will be more interesting this time of year. you know the feeds have been dreadful, when the knucklehead of the season Caleb is more entertaining on the feeds than Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Victoria put together.

The Truth

I agree. Despite all his faults Caleb is hilarious. The Judy-chops and high flying kicks have me rolling.

Zach's Lost Showmance

I agree. A lot of people get on here and hate on Caleb, but deep-down he is loyal (which cannot be said for Derrick or Cody). Victoria is being strung along like dirty underwear by Derprick and doesn’t even realize it. Caleb can laugh at himself and has shown a better side since Amber left. I hope Caleb makes it to final 2. At the end of the day, he’ll probably blow the money, but at this point I’d rather see him get the $ than Derprick. Heard ‘dat!

Derrick Is The Sleaziest, Dirtiest, Un- Faithful, Two-Timing Misogynist who has the face of a PIG!! (oo)

Derrick makes me sick how he groomed a woman with a brain of a 13 year old to bring him home the 500,000! Poor little thing will never be able to trust cops again! Derrick you $UCK dude!

I thought the whole point of Big Brother was to manipulate the others in order to win. Is it Derrick’s fault that the others are so easily manipulated. What did you expect him or any of them to do? He’s played the game perfectly and without being rude & obnoxious…he deserves to win!!!

Long Island Mom

Derrick is a disgrace to cops everywhere. My friends in law enforcement tell me that he gives cops a bad name. My friend told me that if she was married to Derrick (her husband is a cop) she would have already filed started to plot her exit from the marriage. Cop’s wives are a special breed of people and they don’t take kindly to being ridiculed publicly. There is no way you can claim with a straight face that Derrick has played a great game and kept his honor. I no of no officer’s wife that would defend Derricks actions on Big Brother. Not one woman worth her respect would give Derrick a pass on what he has done on this show to the other female contestants as well as how he has broken his marriage vows in so many ways.


Seriously,Mom, this is over the top. The man has not touched this “good girl.” He has brought her to the end to help his game. He is trying to win the money for his family, and Vic is a naive dodo, but she could win! He’s done nothing he doesn’t do in his job as a cop. He manipulates to get the desired outcome. But, he’s not cruel. If Derrick’s wife went crazy on him for the way he’s playing the game, she doesn’t understand him and she’s revealing that she’s a very insecure person. I have to say, your friends must be telling you what you want to hear. Derrick is a good husband and probably a good cop, too. IMHO.

Long Island Mom

Not over the top at all. Just the facts of what has been shown on the show. You can’t tell me what I have seen with my own eyes in the feeds is not true. That won’t work on me. And as an added update, trying to diminish my post by claiming I am being dramatic and by claiming that my friends are only telling me what I want to hear, that’s ridiculous! Those two statements used by you are classic police techniques used to discredit witnesses and manipulate suspects. Nice try but you are as transparent as Derrick.
One last point, you clearly don’t know many police wives because you would be hard pressed to find one that would agree with you that Derricks behavior was innocent or just for the game. Maybe it is your friends that tell you what you want to hear?

Linda C

Reality check Mom…IT’S A GAME!! Everyone of the houseguests on the show and their families know what they are there for. You have to tell some lies in order to move forward. Derrick has manipulated to move further in the game to win, but he has done it with more class than most as he has not been vindictive or obviously mean to anyone and he most certainly hasn’t done anything inappropriate with any of the girls. I don’t know what you’re watching, but being nice to someone is not against your marriage vows!! He’s trying to win $500,00 and has done an excellent job of getting to the point where he could win. If you think no one should lie at all….then maybe you shouldn’t be watching the show in the first place. That’s the only way to get to the end because if you point blank told someone you were voting against them, guess what…you’re gone!!


Man oh man, the applause and dancing around at Derrick’s house tonight when he won the HOH. Wife elated. She loves her husband so much and their family is so proud. She cannot wait to see him at the finale!


I stand proudly behind you on this LI Mom. Anyone else ready to stand too?


That wasn’t tie-dye…. it was coloring for Frankies hair.


It will be funny if they boo Frankie when he’s evicted. The Internet moron, sorry mogal.


If they boo him he will most likely blame it on the fact that 90% of viewers have never seen a gay man on tv. He will never admit to himself that his meanness of spirit and his meanness toward other houseguests has anything to do with it. He will also never admit that his groping of the other men has anything to do with it. He perpetuated the stereotype of gay men that most homophobes use to prove their ignorance. He’s not a good example of a gay man. Hell, he’s not a good example of a man period.


There are about 25% of the people on this site that are anti-gay period. They hate Frankie because he is a flamboyant gay man. They would not respect him no matter what. The rest of the people that hate Frankie hate him because he is obnoxious and is just a bad human being. But you cannot say that homophobia is not a factor in the Frankie hate because it is obviously a factor based on 25% of the posts on this site alone. Facts are facts.

Eureka Hunt

Facts not supported by evidence are not facts, don’t even try that BS!
It appears that Frankie has been on a mission to increase homophobia with his behavior on BB16.
So you want to blame part of the Frankie hate on the percentage of homophobes on this site.
How about blaming Frankie’s behavior for causing a percentage of people on this site who were previously accepting to gay to move towards homophobia?
What facts are facts percentage are you gonna pull out of your ass for that phenomenon? Frankie has done the gay community no favors, nor the American community.


So you counted all the post and with some pro-gay extrapolation, you came up with 25% of all these post are written by homophobic men/women..you should be a Astronaut.


All you bigots need to just stop. So much homophobia on this site. Anyone who believes that Frankie has made people homophobic really needs to stop homeschooling themselves

Eurstilleka Hunt

Wait a minute, I would really like to know who “all you bigots” are that you refer to. Are they –
A. The people who question your “Facts are facts. 25% of the people on this site are anti-gay period” statement.
B. The people who are offended by Frankie’s behavior and don’t appreciate his representation of gays & Americans.
C. The people that see right through your gay card bullshit including yours truly members of racial minorities & LGBT.
Which is it?
If you can’t read through the following post because of your lack of any kind of schooling, then go down to the library and get somebody to read it to you. And you need to stop whining like a little bitch –

The Real Issue with Frankie Grande: Gay to Gay

The real issue with Frankie Grande has nothing to do with many of the things that make me dislike him. He wears a wardrobe that should have been left in the 80s, lies about his age, grandstands, lacks self-awareness, rides coattails, demands rather than commands attention, worries endlessly about his image, and the list goes on.

None of that matters.

In the grand scheme of life, and certainly the micro world of Big Brother, there are always people one will like and others you just cannot abide.

As a lesbian, I can say without reservation that Frankie’s behavior under the microscope of Big Brother is more than bothersome, I find it dangerous.

I have raised my two sons, now 21 and 23, with my partner for the last 11 years. We have taught them a certain framework of life and Frankie puts a kink in some of those lessons. For instance, we have told them, and their friends, that should a gay person ever flirt with them, ask them out on a date, or be touchy feely with them they could simply, and politely, turn them down in the same way they would if someone of the opposite sex did the same.

Then you have Frankie. Frankie who has repeatedly groped obviously straight men. Frankie who has had his roaming hands removed more times than I can count only to come back and do it again. Shameful. Men who identify as straight should be treated as such. I do not believe in the guessing game when it comes to sexual orientation. That is for them to declare and not for me to play a game with.

I cannot see into the heart or mind of another, so this is pure conjecture on my part, but I have watched many hours of his behavior, and I truly believe Frankie has used his touchy feely ways in a mean spirited way. His attempts to seem light and friendly read, to me, as hateful. He knows those guys would be terrified of being perceived as homophobic and that they had to feel under pressure to just accept Frankie’s behavior rather than forcefully tell him to knock it off. Of course, maybe a few of them really have not been bothered by Frankie’s constant and inappropriate touching, but I have heard several of them complaining about being tired of it. I don’t blame them. I would have been the first one on the bandwagon defending them if they had finally told him to knock it the hell off and anyone tried to claim they were being homophobic. I think they took far more than anyone should have expected.

The danger in this is not that one gay man will undo all the work the larger gay community has done to show that we are just like anyone else, but that he has had some effect on the thinking of others.

More than once in more than one Big Brother chat room, people have equated Frankie’s antics and behavior with Frankie being gay. This is simply not the case. He in no way represents the gay community on a global scale. He is one pathetic douche bag who is filled to the brim with himself that happens to be gay. His homosexuality is not the reason for his abhorrent personality.

Do not even get me started on his “lessons” about gay life and how gay people act out in the real world. Or his nonsense about lesbians choosing to be gay. None of the gay people I know have ever behaved in the way Frankie does. Some flamboyant, yes. Some in love with the brightest colors in the universe, yes. I have seen flashes of parts of Frankie in many of the gay men I have known, but Frankie is a total package unlike any I have ever witnessed.

Gay people come in all of the same range of behaviors, shapes, sizes, political beliefs, religious beliefs, cultures, just as straight people do. I, again, implore people not to equate Frankie’s lack of self-awareness, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors with his homosexuality.



Hear! Hear! What an excellent essay! Your breakdown touched on every point necessary, and I would challenge anyone to say it better. Thank you for your insight and I am encouraged knowing you are out there and teaching the future generation commom sense! Suze


Will Frankie be booed if it’s not live?


If its an outside audience then he probably will (hoping) if its filled with CBS staffers and his sister and her fans then we will all be disappointed again with this season.


So ready for this season to be over already, it started out great but got boring (thanks Derrick). Doesn’t really matter to me who wins at this point, they’ve all played the game (yes, even Victoria in her own way).


I have watched every season and can’t remmeber ever missing an episode but, this year I couldn’t care less…paid for live feeds and haven’t really watched in the last few days. Caleb or Cody are my picks, they both have good and bad points, but who else is there. Vic is brainless, Derrick hasn’t played except for lying (not my type of game player), win a comp once in a while. Bring on BBCanada, I’m over BB16


I know! This is the first season that I have missed most of the episodes. Soooooo boring and I can’t believe Frankie thinks he is entertaining!


Derrick has won the same amount of HOH’s as Cody and if you count the one he handed to Frankie only one less than Caleb. No he hasn’t Won any BOBs because he has managed to stay off the block the entire game which is amazing considering during most of the game four people went up each week. He hasn’t won any vetos but I am not sure he really tried to except for the one they played twice and that’s okay with me. Say what you want and try to make it look how you want it to look he has played this game and played it well.


I’d be willing to pay you 500 grand right now if you can tell me how exactly Vic had played. Just tell me one game move she’s done! And how exactly did Derrick make the feeds boring. He def didn’t make them interesting but really you’re going to pin the blame on one person instead of the whole cast?!


I blame them all but, mostly CBS for interfering so much…I miss the game when it was the houseguest that determined who went home not the producers……just my opinion


If instead of interfering they simply enforced the rules it would have been a good season. Can you imagine how many penalties would have been handed out in the first couple of weeks? They’d be more concerned about penalties then how many twitter followers they would have. And they need to add a new penalty–even talk about throwing a comp and you’re on the block with no chance for POV to be used on you even if you’re HOH. That would shut that bs down real quick.

I Don't Like Derrick

DUMBASS PLEASE!!! You’re not giving anyone 500K. And I could tell you a game move Victoria has made, and how Derrick has made the season ridiculously boring. I can almost guarantee, Derrick will not be back for another season, because he has made this the most boring season. He might be on as a guest to host a comp, talk to Julie, etc, but not as a player. And yes, we can blame this on one person, DUMBASS… DERRICK!!


Most delusional BB fan ever!

You Are A Dumbass!!

DELUSIONAL?? You definitely don’t explain how. Weren’t you one of the dumbasses who attempted to change the meaning of floating last week??


Laughing my dumbass off! Your stupidity qualifies you as one of Derrick’s followers! Hahaha

I Don't Like Derrick

LOL. Talk about stupidity… You are one of the dumbasses who have supported him. I’m glad at least you acknowledge it, and have a sense of humor about your dumb ass. I notice you don’t respond to the point. Dumbasses never do. I understand why you think I’m so delusional. Your dumb ass obviously believes the person above would actually give someone 500 K.


With a little anger management probem. 😡


To :I Don’t Like Derrick. So who is going to win $500,000+? DERRICK! So who’s the dumbass now, you Dingus dumbo???

I Don't Like Derrick

DUMBASS, What in the world does the likelihood of Derrick winning have anything to do with the comments, I made above?? I didn’t make any comments, stating he wouldn’t win. DAMN!! If I did, your dumbass post would make more sense. Unlike so many other people who write what they want to believe, instead of what is realistic, I will acknowledge that Derrick is most likely to win. There’s still a small chance he won’t, if Caleb or Cody realize they can’t beat him, and cut him at Final 3.

Derrick is playing the game and has done well. It would please me if Victoria Won and she would not even know why. Caleb is an idiot. Frankie is Amusing and Cody does'nt give a s**t.

Derrick is playing the game and has done well. It would please Me if Victoria Won and she would not know why. Caleb is an idiot. Frankie is amusing and Cody doesn’t give a s**t.

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Derrick sucks the fun out of everything – and lying and manipulation come too easy for him.

Double D

Can’t wait until Caleb finds out who got the TV deal. And maybe fan Favorite


So hope we get to see Fakie’s face when he hears Donny got the gig on B & B.

Joe Blow

I would love to see Amber and Donny be each other’s date at the finale , they would be arm in arm and announce they are going on a cruise with the money Donny got for AFP. How do you think Caleb will handle it?


This Frankie eviction is so long overdue.


It’s so overdue it smell rotten, like the BB house.


Here we have even more people who will screaming come Tuesday night when it is revealed that a “secret” competition was played Monday during the time the feeds were cut off, and Frankie is now holding that power as he had won. The question is who will go on the block in his place once Frankie takes himself off? Derrick or Cody? Will there be time for Derrick to determine who gets evicted if Cody & Victoria are sitting up on the block? Or will Victoria finally be sent home leaving Caleb/Cody/Frankie and Derrick as the final 4 come Wednesday’s eviction night? This is my reasoning as I can’t see producers allowing Derrick to be handed the win by the other houseguests who will gladly hand it over to him without even putting up a fight with the exception of Frankie.

Eureka Hunt

Here we have even more people who will screaming come Tuesday night when it is revealed that Frankie was evicted because the audience is all homophobic.
And then, as a backlash, hopefully Derrick will get evicted next because the audience will be horrified with him for having evicted a gay man.
And then Victoria will end up winning the season because she has more brains than fktards who don’t know Frankie is already gone. Bye bye Frankie, stay off my TV cause I want to see you never!!!


^^^^^^ anti-gay bigot^^^^^^^

Eurstilleka Hunt

^^^^^^^ fktard troll ^^^^^^^

Victoria's Secretion

the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

My only wish is that Frankie would have a live eviction with all the booing he deserves. I’m sure CBS will stack some sort of an audience with people that will give him rousing applauds. He doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with applause nor airtime. Granted looking back on this season, I will remember him most, but not in a good way like Donny or Zach. It’s sad that after all is said and done Frankie will blame hater’s on being homophobic, jealous etc. of him when in fact a lot of people loved him until he showed is true identity. A large percentage of people that want him out, I think, loved Frankie at first. I adored Frankie until he started doing his cringe worthy antics. He was very sexually inappropriate with houseguests, both verbally and physically. He felt like he was entitled. He was production’s pet. He clearly is a sociopath fame whore. I was watching the Talk on CBS and remember hearing Julie Chen talking about how Arianna Grande came to the lot a while ago to root for her brother and how everyone said she was so nice etc. – CBS is gong to go out of their way to continue to give him preferential treatment and favouritism because of his sister, plain and simple. They want HER to come on their talk shows, both late night & daytime, they want her to appear at network award shows and events. She probably will be singing for the Thursday night football theme now that Rihanna is out. She will be what the Kardashians are to the E network. Unfortunately what they fail to realize is that people respond to the truth and what is genuine, that’s why Donny and Zach are truly the all-stars. The people that watch the feeds & get info from this site can tell the difference between what’s real and what is manufactured. All that glitters is NOT gold.


Fakie’s sister is getting the rep as a diva b!tch and there are photographers and producers who now refuse to work with her. At 21 she’s killing her own career. Add the fact that most of the Fakie press this season has been about his inappropriate groping and rubbing and vile mouth I don’t think that family is going to end up famous more like infamous.


The sister is also a major piece of work. She’s already acting like a major diva and thinks she better than Mariah Carey …. what another joke. She can sing … problem … she needs learn to enunciate the words. have no idea what she’s singing/saying. she ain’t all that. the real divas who earned their spots can sing her under the table with one note. she’s no Mariah, whitney, Aretha or Christina Aguilera. she may be the flavor of the month but we all how that goes. remember what’s her/his name from?????

the Grandes share the same delusion of grandeur. they are nothing but a flash in the pan. these two are burning bridges they will never recover from. Respect and humility are virtues that does not run in their DNA.

Famous they will not be . infamy … definitely. they both will be remembered for their bad behaviour.


My son is 14 so I went to his school (high school) yesterday and asked, I guess, around 100 young people 9th grade through the 12th if they enjoyed Arianna Grande’s music. Out of the 100 kids I asked this question to,
only 3 of them had ever heard of her and (they said) only because their parents watch Big Brother. THREE!!!! Does THAT tell anyone anything? (One of the girls who’d heard of her said her Dad saw her do the national anthem on Sunday night football but doesn’t watch Big Brother). <3


They play her music all the time on Radio Disney and they have had her on for an interview before. So kids that listen to that station (majority younger than 16 yrs old) know who she is.


She is huge. You cannot like Frankie but his sister is not him. You don’t get to perform with people at the level that she is performing with and do world tours in capital cities all over if you are not talented and successful. I don’t really care for her music but I also don’t care for Lady Gaga but she has made a lot of money and some people don’t know who she is either. I guess I could go down to my local McDonalds and ask kids about Lady Gaga and get back to you as to what they say but what would that prove. Nothing! Just like your asking a bunch of kids who Arianna Grande is.

The Truth

No you didn’t.

But if you did go to a high school to ask a bunch of 14-18-year-olds whether they’ve heard of Ariana Grande, that’s downright creepy.

(Guaranteed it would have been way more than three, however, if you were telling the truth.)


In forty to fifty years, Frankie will be hired to do a remake of the film about Liberace’s life. It will be a made for the web tv movie. It will enable Frankie to achieve the stardom he always desired.

The Canadian gal

I laughed so hard at that! Liberace! Hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!

Ariana Grande stinks

If only!


Frankie is the old man on the show now. Ole queen is in his 30’s and trying to pass as 16.
He needs a good dousing with a fire extinguisher to de-flame him.

BUT Liberace was TALENTED!

Just ask my Grandma! OK, you can’t ask her anything now sadly, Bt she loooooved him so much, without a clue that he was gay! He really did entertain people though, where Frankie is seriously UNtalented in anything he tries to muster up! His accents are without depth, meaning an understanding of what someone with that accent would be thinking or saying. His dancing is only other people’s dances copied, and he’s still not very good. His voice…. Ewwwww, embarrassing! The reason he has to rely on bass, coarse, obscene and vulgar dialog is because he can’t sustain anyone’s attention for very long, so he tries to shock people into nervous laughter which he takes as validation, like spontaneous, genuine laughter. So delusional is he. Yuck.


Why is Tuesday’s eviction a pre-taped show instead of a live eviction show?
Is there a problem with doing a live show two days in a row?


Too much work foe Julie, not in her contract. Lol


Julie works bi-coastal so has to fly from LA to NY and back. I think that’s why she always looks like she needs a nap.


To tye-dye, you have to tie very, very tight cords around different parts of the shirt, then you have to completely immerse it in cold liquid for hours. Sounds like they should do that to Skankie!


what would drive frankie up the wall would be total silence from the audience. no cheers, no boos, just stone cold silence. even boos are a form of attention to frankie. but silence implies he is getting no attention at all and that is absolutely infuriating for an attention whore like frankie.


Posted the same thing a few days ago.

echo 1

Frankie has left the building hustled away in a hugo


I’m not a touchy, feely kind of person. If I were a HG, I would’ve knocked out all of Frank’s teeth, broken his jaw and smashed his ribs in, then I would’ve told him, “I love you Frankie”


Josh, You may be on for a surprise. Frankie would level you in a brawl. I don’t agree with him being so grabby but don’t underestimate someone just because they are flamboyant. You may have to find that out the hard way.


No Comment necessary. Just sh*ts and giggles!

Perfect Situation

You got beaten up by a gay? BWA-HA-HA!!!


I was wondering when the violent homophobes promoting gay bashing would show up to talk about Frankie.. Do you seriously think you are any better than Frankie, considering how you are advocating gay bashing violence?


You have it wrong dear friend, it is not about gay bashing. I am against that! It is about sexual predator bashing! I have dignity and self assurance, if the likes of a creep like Frankie attempted to try anything, I would give him fair warning that his advances were unwanted and unwelcome. If the Chester the pink haired child molestor would continue to physical assault me in a sexual manner as he has done on national tv. Then I would proceed to “gently” persuade him to stop and never do that again, no what I mean jelly bean?

You poor excuse for a human, you wimp, don’t go around flashing you miserable gay card. This has nothing to do about “sexual preference”. If Rhonda Rousey got physically mistreated by a hetero miscreant of the likes of Frankie, I would expect her to roundhouse kick him into BB17!

The question is not whether your wrist is strong enough to hold your hand up. It’s will someone put up with sexual harassment and let it slide by, or give fair warning and then stand their ground! Capiche limp wristed fool?


If a gay man, say Frankie Grande were to crawl into my son’s bedroom window at 2:00am and I didn’t know him, I would shoot a golf ball sized hole in his torso with my pink gripped 357 mag and ask questions later.

That would not be gay bashing, it would be called protecting me and my family from a home invader.

I thouroughly understand and agree with Josh’s position.

Most homophobes are repressed

^^^^^Another example of gay bigotry on this site^^^^^^^^


If your intention was to redeem yourself with that second comment regarding Frankie and gay people, you failed miserably.. Or on the other hand you made yourself look like more of a homophobe than the first time…. “Limp wristed”?? Every time someone makes homophobic remarks like yours then it’s just further proof on how much homophobia is the deciding factor on why Frankie is hated so much.. Don’t get me wrong, if you are told to stop touching then do so immediately!.. But these are grown men not children he is “fooling” around with.. They never said a word to him before they found out he was related to someone famous, nor have they told him to stop since then. You do know the meaning of the word NO?? It has to be said out loud unless you are mute or unconscious in order to get the message across that unwanted touching must stop. Have we seen that happen…NO! Frankie’s behavior started way before people found out about his famous sister, so don’t use that as an excuse on why these grown men don’t tell him to quit.. These same men will crawl into bed with him at night on their own accord or say yes when he asks to join them in bed for the night.. Frankie is not overpowering these grown men.. SO accept it that they are willing participants and are not being forced against their will. IF these grown men were so damm offended then they would complain to DR and Frankie’s behavior would stop. You can’t call him a molester if these grown men are not telling him to stop doing it. NO means NO.. The word NO hasn’t been used by Zach, Caleb, Derrick or Cody convincingly. Is the word NO not in their vocabulary? Two grown men, one straight and one gay cuddling up in bed together and spending night after night like that is what originally started this wave of homophobia in the first place. We have seen time and time again Frankie’s hand getting swatted away by these grown men then later that same night they end up cuddling in bed with him.. No wonder people can’t understand why this behavior continues.. Talk about mixed messages.




That right buddy, open wide while yawning I knew you were repressed!


If Victoria made it to the finals I would vote for her. The fact she is in the final 5 and possibly final 4 is absolutely amazing. Has someone made it this far winning nothing and having such a bad social game?


The second place winner of BBCan last year only won the final 4 HOH. She was a better manipulator at the beginning, but turned into a cry baby at the end and floated to final 2 with that only win 😉


I keep thinking VapidVic is just playing a role. Those stares are just her mentally saying to herself don’t speak until you can sound stupid because they’ll catch on. Its very hard for a smart person to play stupid. And while the odds are that its not true I would still love her to be in the final 2 and come out saying how she played Derprick into bringing her along and she deserves the win for putting up with his arrogant ass.

VapidVic for the Win!!


I feel same, BUT
last night on BBAD, Vic had a lonnnnng convo with frankie about how much she hates malls (he loves them. 🙂 ) and how she came to New York once, and her sandal broke and how many blah blah blocks she had to walk (8) half-barefooted while Frankie tries to look the tiniest bit interested. He told her where there was an Aldo’s on the corner. And I gotta say, she was completely believable as a nitwit. If that was acting, give the girl the crown and the scepter and the roses and the half a mil, and throw in a TV role on prime time, because that was awesome — as acting. More likely, she’s just totally dim.


That is precisely why she has made it this far, she is absolutely NO THREAT and easily controlled. She is the weakest of all of this years players.

Victoria is laying low....

She will now reveal that she is actually an Israeli Mossad agent….and she is gonna clean up ….starting with small town cop…and working her way to 1st place.


Why mossad? I’ve read this before. Vic’s surname is Raphaeli. Italian, no?

Losing Interest

Here is a twist for you CBS. Next year let America vote on one prior houseguest to come back. Then have the America Team again, this time they only get $1000 each week they keep the one prior houseguest safe. The prior house can not win the half a million but can win the America Favorite. The prior guest has to keep things messed up in the house with a lot of drama to make it worth watching. Every week they are there, they get $1000 that week. Or maybe bring two back but they need to be crazy funny.

Zach's Lost Showmance

How about letting the house guests put up the nominees for eviction and America voting out the one they want? This will make those still in the BB house think about the game they are playing instead of mugging to the cameras and pretending like they are the BullGod.


So I know Tuesday is the taped eviction… but does anyone know what the live show Wednesday is about? Or the Friday show?


Wednesday is another live eviction. Then we should see highlights and someone coming in to talk with the jury. Hopefully we see Fakie go to the jury house.

#SAVE Caleb

Cody does not deserve to be in the final 2!! It should be Caleb and derrick. Cody does nothing accept scream and moan everyday. How many times has Caleb proven himself? This guy is dreaming about the money, it’s depressing to watch lol. I know after Frankie leaves, their going to go after him.

Dr. Zaius

I have always known about Caleb. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand and hand with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain. He must be a warlike creature who gives battle to everything around him, even himself.


The making of the tie dye shirt will be on TVGN tonight. CBS is now recording what will be on TVGN tonight. After they get done with 2-3 hours for tonight the live feeds for get blacked out until after Tues show. Once feeds are blacked out then they will tape the eviction (hopefully Frankie) to be shown on Tues then remaining houseguests will play for HOH tonight then Tues will be nominations and POV. When feeds come back on Tues night after show, then we should know who won POV before being aired on Wed.


Just an observation…Frankie seems to know he is going home yet he hasn’t tried to influence Derrick?!

If that 50K bonus is really out there…why not try and leverage that? I’m not saying I want Frankie to stay…can’t stand to look at his face/walk/glitter/nails/grossness.

If Frankie was truly a game player, his 1st move should be to talk to Derrick, and not Caleb who doesn’t vote. His nuclear option is to plant a fight-starter btwn Caleb and Derrick. Really, why haven’t we seen any good fights based on hearsay?!

BB16: CBS should look back at this season as a lesson in what NOT to do as far as casting


He could try but there’s no way a man with as many comp wins as he does will influence Derrick to get rid of Victoria over him. Derrick is too smart to be swayed by that, and if Frankie tries to pit him against Caleb it might backfire on him. Derrick has his puppet strings on Caleb they’ll just laugh at Frankie’s pathetic attempt to stay in the game.

I’m afraid his goose is cooked.


Frankie thinks he already has Derrick’s vote.

He doesn’t know that Derrick and Cody are a tight two. If he did he would’ve tried to split them up when he was in power. He also bought into the “fight” between Vic and Derrick, and Derrick has been steadily selling him the idea that he’s tired of putting up with her.

IMO, Frankie thinks Cody and Derrick will split and that Caleb will be the tiebreaker.


i was surprised we didn’t see that covered on last nights episode. Clearly Frankie make it up, and Derrick verified it wasn’t a TA thing? otherwise why are they never ever talking about it when alone? Was it just a joke that got taken as real and people who saw it flew off on a rampage over nothing?

I just don’t know why no one is discussing it at all ever


It could also have just been an enticement by production for Derrick to save Frankie. Derrick realized saving Frankie meant he may not be able to win the 500K so ignored the 50K. He knows he’s a got a great shot at the 500k so he’s sticking to a methodical and boring strategy.

Dan Kirby

On the feeds it says they won’t be back until Tuesday night. Of course, right when there would be something interesting. . .


Are you bi-polar? Either you are Dan Gheesling or DR Will Kirby. But you can’t be both! I know that both vanilla hunks are absolutely adorable, but you have to make up your mind on one.


Are you too much of a “sraight white guy” to understand his humor? Go throw a football around or something.


Or better yet, remind your ‘old lady’ where her place is……straight white guy. Even your moniker is disgusting and racist.


I think America voting on anything besides Have Not food, what piece of exercise equipment or pet to bring into the house ruins the show. It causes the players to pander to the crowd and play scared in fear of pissing anyone off. Bringing in someone semi-famous like Frankie or Elisa is also a train wreck. Either go All-Stars or all new people, plan the twists out in advance and let the players cause the drama.


…and make sure no one is related to anyone anybody has heard of ……….. real people only…………screen screen screen………….get the crazy people on the show, but not the insane.


……and no more trained manipulators like Derrick. Whose bright idea was it go cast an undercover cop in with these basket weavers? What were they thinking putting an Olympic athlete manipulator in with the local Rec center kids.!!! The thing was rigged for Derrick from the get go.

pants on fire

Or at least…no lying about occupations…put them all on an even playing field. Once all the house guests enter the house they all sit down and watch about a 30 second bio on all of them…wouldn’t take long to do at all. Sure would beat all of them sitiing around drinking champagne saying I am…

Casting couch

I think Derrick gets more credit then he deserves for his skills. I’m sure he’s competent but half the house were incapable of any level of critical thinking. They bought whatever Derrick said at face value. Nicole and her I’m sorry I didn’t trust you after you evicted me. I hated Tony from survivor but he was good and entertaining when he got paranoid. Still they did what he told them.

Tony is the BEST

Derrick is no where near as good as Tony. Shoot, Derrick is delusional beyond belief. Tony really played hard and earned the respect of his cast mates. He also worked for his wins and put himself out there to win. I agree that Derrick is not that great but becasue he is surrounded by sheep, he looks better than he is. Kind of like in a dark room a candle appear very bright.


IMHO, I believe a true BB all-star retains his likeability and integrity after the show. I wonder if everyone who comes into Derrick’s life after this will question his honesty and integrity.

Zach's Lost Showmance

The Appeals Court has been overrun with petitions….on all of Derprick’s past cases!

Ariana Grande stinks

One less problem without you Frankie Grande! One less, one less pro-oblem…

See you NEVER!

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Vicoria's Areolas

There’ll still be four big problems, the 4HG that are left. And Victoria will still have 24 nagging problems, can you guess what they are? They are the 24 bristly, black hairs protruding from her “Kennedy” size areolas!

I got the answer



That is disgusting and not even remotely funny.. What is your age anyway? I could see a 12 or 13 year old making up something like that including your name and thinking it was hilarious . But a grown man or woman coming up with something like that? No! I don’t understand why some of you actually think that it is “witty” to come up with such ridiculous and juvenile comments. It only makes you look childish and immature.


Hopefully Derrick will look in the camera when BBAD comes on and tell us what (he wants to think) happened.


And the dress nice comment was probably for the taped eviction. maybe they didn’t want them to warn Skankie!


So will Frankie cry and will he not talk to anyone or will he talk and say it’s only a game and say good-bye to them all? I think he will not talk to them!

Mtn Feet

I’m hoping Frankie will be so pissed that he will rat out Derrick to all of them, should just
tell Derrick and Victoria congratulations on first and second place, also should tell them
he is going to be a tell-all to a very bitter jury!!!!

Retired Teacher

So, was all the talk about the TA goal of an extra $50,000 for Frankie/Derrick winning just a big ruse? OR, if Derrick wins, does it mean both he & Frankie get an extra $50,000? Sorry, I’m confused – haven’t kept up with the show or been reading all of the feeds transcripts. But…thank you SO much for posting and for all the time, effort & care you put into this site! Love you guys!!!


Frank and Christi can prance and cackle amongst themselves in the jury house. Out of our sight, thankfully.

Does anyone know.........

if all of the house guests receive a DVD of the entire time in the house?
I Donny was approached by Kelloggs ( or something similar ) to do a commercial, would CBS allow that within the one year time frame that I believe they are obligated to CBS?


Initially (for the jury house) they are given a DVD for that week. All of them may be given a DVD of the whole season once it is all over.
As far as the commercial, commercials should be ok. The contract is for programs. They cannot appear on any programs that are not in CBS for a specified period of time.

Does anyone know.......

Thank you for info. I would love to see the reaction of some of the house guests when they see themselves on DVD — entire season.
Has BB ever done a “where are they now” type of reunion show?


With very few exceptions, CBS only casts HGs whose primary agenda is to play to the cameras ONLY for the potential to get another TV gig. Most talk frequently about hoping to be on Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. Until they stop casting celebrity wannabes, this is what the viewer can expect. Too many house guests looking for additional fame, when the truth is they most likely will fade into obscurity when the show ends. I’m certainly no superfan, but have watched since the first season. Has any HG from any previous season ever found real celebrity after being on BB … in terms of real staying power with the American public? I don’t think so.



About the only thing that happens is they show up, probably recruited, for another reality show. IN one case, one of them is Kristen who is on a faux reality show called Treasure King, acts like a car expert.


The reason they cast people who want to be on TV is because those are the only people they CAN cast.

How would they cast people who don’t want to be on TV? There aren’t a lot of people who would be willing to give up an entire summer to live with strangers in front of cameras ONLY for a 1/16 chance to win $500K. And you wouldn’t want to watch most of the people who would.

The potential fame aspect is the biggest draw for many of these people, even if it isn’t realistic.

both should be booed

If Frankie should be booed, so should derrick. Derrick manipulated everyone and talked bad behind their backs as well (Donny, Nicole, Christine, zack and jacosta) He was nice to their face and mean behind their backs, so if Frankie should be booed for doing that, so should derrick.

Ariana Grande stinks

Absolutely not!
I guess you never followed the full BB season.
Derrick is arguably the best player of this game EVER.


Shortlist of better competitors:
James (season 6 and 7)
Crazy James (season 9)
Danielle (season 8 and 13)
Aaryn (I know, I know, but check her record, it’s disgustingly good in comps)

Shortlist of better strategists

Derrick is nothing compared to the greats of this game.

I Don't Like Derrick

Nakomis??? NO, DUMBASS!!! That stupid ass plan was given way too much credit, and so many dumbasses like you think she was so brilliant… PLEASE!!! That did not take a rocket scientist. I thought of that plan, before she did. It was just plain common sense. No genius there. Dan, Will, NO!!! Their success depended on other peoples’ stupidity. Way to be slick, and separate players fom competiton and strategy. Danielle, Season 8, not 13, Janelle, Ian, and Hayden were actually overall good players.


Your arguments on this board are invalid. You never offer a counter point to your incessant rants. If you don’t agree with my opinion that is, of course, fine, but you never provide an example of a houseguest other than Derrick that exemplifies good game play. I’m thinking you’re either a 12 year old girl with emotional issues, or you’re a troll. Same goes for most Derrick supporters who seem to just blindly throw support behind him without demonstrating any knowledge of the game prior to this season.

Ariana Grande stinks

That’s a myth “Everything was better before!”:
– Rachel was as annoying as Frankie. She and Janelle were excellent competitors but to me that’s really uninteresting. Frank was the best competitor ever, but that took him nowhere. Aaryn was a vile racist and I hope she and her family burn in hell for that – so thank you very much.

– Ian was the worst floater EVER! Hayden was fine but he is not in the same league with Derrick… Will and Boogie were competing in the early seasons when the game was still unexplored. They would be nowhere in the game today — their strategies would be easily figured out and they wouldn’t last more than a few weeks.

– I agree with you about Dan. He was truly brilliant and I think Derrick was inspired by his game to build his own [game]. Derrick is still to win it, but if he does he will definitely be one of the best ever, if not the best.


Derrick is subpar comparable to the true greats of BB.
Now lets get back to reality.


I absolutely agree Derrick needs a boo too, let’s not forget Cody, I’m quite sure his parents taught him better than that by playing and holding another man’s wife.

People call Derrick a good player (my thought is no) he’s a manipulating anal that wants to be more than what he is or ever will be and will step on anyone to get there (Victoria is one that cones to mind). HG, don’t realize once they leave the house their like old news easily forgotten.

Ariana Grande stinks

Why should he be booed? For what? What did he do that was bad, insulting or disrespectful? YES, he was a HUGE manipulator — but that’s BB for you. Frankie said he hoped and wished Jocasta would die after she was evicted; he wanted to euthanize Zach, discussed about women being guilty for being raped, mentioned that lesbians choose to be lesbians unlike gaymen who are just born as such, he was acting like a star among the gouseguests, dryhumping everyone to the point at which the other houseguests felt genuinely uncomfortable…

NOTHING to be compared to Derrick! Frankie will hopefully get his teeth knocked out as soon as he shows up in the streets of New York. #sorrybutnotsorry


Derprick DEFINITELY deserves to be boo’d. He was the leader of this gang of bullies. Look how awful he was to Nicole. She finally got a clue and realized he was running the show and he turned it around on her BERATED her and then after getting huffy w/her INSISTED that she apologize to him. That is so scum baggy. Also he was right there during the gang rape chat laughing like a hyena and SIMULATING the Zingbot banging his housewife Victoria. So he is just as bad as the rest of them and certainly has earned a round of boo’s!


I’m guessing Frankie will do like Christine and walk out without even telling anyone good bye. He’s pissed off at all of them right now.

Expect the Expected

When Frankie leaves, I believe I will go to Taco Bell and feast on Taco Grande’s.


Remember to order Grande drinks at Starbucks!

Brittany for the win

Frankie to Derrick. I hope we get another Team America mission. Maybe we could save someone who is on the block!
Derrick. I’ve got an idea. Lets put on a play

Straight Guy

That is so funny and I laughed so hard that I gave birth to a baby Frankie. I vote for the play!


That would be priceless! Derrick says let’s put on a Broadway show…..

I got the answer

Frankie can do his drag show. That’s where he gets attached to a 4x4s bumper and gets dragged naked for 10 miles down a gravel road. Like BB16, the road is full of twists and the driver takes them at 60mph!


That’s just horrible. You should be ashamed. Seriously.


Judy Garland and what’s his name…………..the short guy………. I think every movie they did, they solved the money problem by “putting on a show” LOL Just remember that…………oh oh, ya, I am old.


Micky Rooney


Victoria is so in love with Derrick that she doesn’t care if he takes her to final 2, as long as he win, that’s all it matter to her. Derrick is going tell her that he cant take her to final 2 cause she will win and she’s going be okay with it. What a stupid girl!

Perfect Situation
Same ol Same ol

Ive been saying the same thing for weeks now. There’s nothing else that can be said that already hasnt been said. This has been the worst big brother in history. Derek is 20 times smarter than anyone else in the house with the exception of donny who unfortunately is long gone. I need to vent a little . Victoria is a moron who’s not even there to play for herself instead willing to try and help Derek win, are you kidding me? $500,000 on the line and this moronic girl just sits back and tries to help derrick. Beyond ridiculous. Frankie is disgusting nuff said. Cody is whatever. But Caleb annoys the hell outta me also. I have to question this dudes mentality. He is either the most loyal dude on the planet or the most nieve. Possibly both. If he would just wake the hell up and open his eyes he’d realize hes been a puppet the entire time and hasnt made one decison. Ughhhh all of these morons really have made a usually enjoyable show almost unwatchable. Out of everyone left i hope no one wins lol. I hope they split AFP between zach n donny and julie comes out and says the year of the “twist”. Even though its been the least entertaining and no “twist” was surprising or did shit. But the biggest twist is america has voted and feels zach n donny should split the $500,000. Lol. Derrick since you won you get 50000. And victoria since derrick dragged you to the end and we had to watch you do absolutely nothing all summer long you owe us money. Lol. What a joke of a cast. Damn u cbs.

Frankie was the sabateur

Derrick is going to get booed back home when he arrives with no dignity and no money. It’s fitting that someone who was so disrespectful of his wife go home empty handed.

Sparkling Irma

It seems a few are confused on tis weeks schedule. Is it possible to outline it for us. I understand Monday’s eviction is showing Tuesday . I also here there is another one on Tuesday. Please outline for us..


honestly I think the big problem with casting lately is just the fact that CBS doesn’t cast people who really, really want the money. if all these people wanted the money as bad as derrick seems to want it they would be seriously fighting for getting to final 2 and the season would be a lot more interesting since things in the house would be different (not as predictable, the big alliance would crack early on, no unanimous votes every damn week, etc.) but the majority of the people this season didn’t seem to care enough about their own personal game..or maybe they are/were really that dumb lol


I agree. But if you think about it, who in their right mind would give 3 months of their lives for a 1 in 16 chance at 500K? AND be exposed to public ridicule? If CBS were smart, they’d up the ante to at least a mil, they should certainly be able to afford it with the show being aired three times a week….think of all the advertising dough, and all of their prizes are cheap. I’ve seen better prizes on The Price Is Right. The only people that want to do this show are show-business wannabes and super fans. Raising the prizes would give incentive to REAL gamers and make it a helluva more interesting. JMO.


I think it’s hilarious that Frankie will be evicted and have to walk out into an empty studio with just Julie. Priceless!


That would be great…however I’m sure they will have an audience

Frank and Beans

He walks out to no audience and no Julie either. Just a dark studio and a red exit sign. Just what that attention whore deserves!


Now, that was funny (the exit sign) LOL


Time to go through what will probably happen….Frankie evicted on Tues(but really Monday’s show)…Caleb doesn’t play in HOH so either Cody or Derrick win HOH on Weds live show and Caleb and Victoria put on the block…Caleb evicted if he doesn’t win POV….the interesting thing will be if Caleb wins POV then whoever is not HOH might be evicted Cody or Derrick…Think high chance final 3 will be Derrick, Cody and Victoria

Don't forget

Victoria could win HoH…right? I mean Joey won more games than Victoria and she was only in the house for about six hours.


How is Frankie getting 2.5% in the poll above? That is like 2.5% too much!


Too funny

I got the answer

It’s because his ugly sister keeps voting!

Head in the Clouds

Right? and wait till Caleb see’s he is near the bottom of all the cast, he will stunned. Not quit sure why he is so confident he is AFP, do you think the rest of the people in the House are telling him that?


Production has no doubt fed Caleb’s delusions with the notion that America loves a loyal player above all else. It was a way of keeping Caleb in Frankie and Derrick’s pockets throughout the game, a necessary measure to protect Team America (ie, their pet, and their red herring). It’s finally gotten to the point where Caleb has had to choose, however, and he’s chosen Derrick, which of course is what production has wanted all along. They’ve been grooming Derrick to be the next Dan…and hiding the fact that they’ve had to manipulate half the house in Derrick’s favor in order for him to pull off the win-and an unimpressive one at that.


Derrick is the one who started feeding Caleb that notion of him winning AFP. It was yet another tactic to get Caleb to focus his attention on fame instead of (a small) fortune. He really was trying to convince Caleb that he’s risking losing AFP if he tries to make it to F2. Caleb being Caleb has now taken it as gospel that he will indeed win AFP.

Between Noon 9/15 and Evening 9/17

Beginning Noon (BBT) 9/15
Frankie has been evicted from Big Brother house. He is in the process of taping his eviction episode (with a hand selected “live” eviction audience). Also, they are in the process of playing for the final 4 HoH.

Evening 9/16
After the show airs, the feeds should be back with Frankie gone and the new HoH. We will have to decode the fall out of what happens when Frankie realized he was blindsided. I am sure Production will tell them not to mention a lot of things on the feeds. There will be a lot of plotting and planning on whether or not to get rid of Caleb.

Evening 9/17
The final Veto will be played and aired live on Wednesday, September 17. The winner of the Final Veto will evict someone and the endurance part of the final HoH will begin. After 1st part of HoH is done, there will be lots of game talk between the winner of first part of final HoH and Derrick.

Hope I'm Wrong

I was looking on the net for any BB related news and I saw that on twitter that not only are ArirannaWHO? and her mother are encouraging fans to vote Frankie AFP but so is Justin Beiber. WTF?!! How sad for Frankie that all his accolades have to bought by those more famous and talented than he is. If you have to cheat and pay for an award that you can’t win on your own than you are a certified loser. It just shows that even those closest to him don’t have any confidence in his ability to succeed on his own.

I got the answer

Yep, you’re wrong, Donny will still win and be crowned AFP.


The last show Justin did they Boooo him, I don’t think he can help Frankie cause he has his own problems


Justin Bieber was on Fashion Rocks last week and he did get booed by the male audience, but once he started stripping down to his CK underwear that quickly turned to screaming, clapping from the female audience. He stole the show. I can tell you with certainty as I am following Justin on Twitter among his other 54+Million followers that he has not made any comment about Frankie.. However that could change if Ariana who is also his manager Scooter Braun’s other high profile client asks Justin to get Beliebers to vote for Frankie as America’s Favorite.. Then it will be no contest Frankie will win.. Big Brother & CBS would love the media attention if Justin Bieber lent his name to the show in support of Frankie.. An Ariana Grande/Justin Bieber team up would bring in the teen audience to Big Brother big time. Not to mention anything Justin Bieber says or does becomes news world wide.


I read a post here yesterday that voting on America’s Favorite was closed. Don’t know if that is so, but, would be nice if the teeny poppers were a day late and a dollar short.

echo 1

I think a good idea from CBS and BB is why not just leave the Feeds hidden run Jeffs highlights all week . Call it a draw. Thanks for buying the feeds See Julie Chen live taped on her Talk show every day. Have a wonderful Holiday season and see you next July LOL


Name one season where nobody lied. Heck even Donny lied to Derrick. I think Derrick has played a GREAT game and he deserves to win. I think he maybe the only person in BB history that has not once been on the block. Its a game!!!!! EVERYONE lies to get further. I believe Derrick will be loyal to Cody. I think most of the people commenting here are bullies. Do u teach your kids to talk about people and call people names? I am willing to bet all of u with your negative comments would do the same as the HG for a chance at half a million dollars.


You are right this is a game. But call it what it is………. Bash Brother………..they all get us going with the lies, deception and trickery. This is expected in this game. This has been entertainment, sort of. But when you kick someone who is down, talk about raping, play grab-azz, take advantage of someone who is honest, and does not know how to play, it is beyond a game, it is cruel and unusual punishment to watch. What more do we have to do to show our contempt of the way CBS is playing this game, but to BASH back? It is our game to play. If our game is too rough for you, how can you stand the game that CBS is playing with us?