Big Brother 16 Spoilers Eviction and HOH Results Frankie gets evcited


There was a Live feed leak from earlier today Frankie was evicted and Derrick is the new Head of Household. Tonight we will see the Frankie eviction and Derrick winning the HOH. I’m not sure when the Nominations or POV will be shown but I know Wednesday there is another eviction leaving just three people in the house for the final week.

My predictions
We know from the Live Feed leak earlier today That Frankie was evicted and Derrick is the new HOH. We don’t know who he nominated or the POV Results. I believe Derrick will want to get Caleb out. If Caleb wins that Veto he will have the sole vote to evict and I believe he would evict Cody. If he Doesn’t win POV he’s going home and the final three will be Victoria, Cody and Derrick. Derrick has hard final 2’s with Cody, Caleb and Victoria I do not see a scenario where Derrick is evicted he will be in the final 2.

I’m not sure when the live feeds will go down for good I suspect it will be Wednesday night. They are not letting any new subscribers. The Live feed service will remain on until 10/8 so you can flashback and re watch some missed drama.

Show results
Cody votes to evict Frankie
Derrick votes to evict Frankie
Evicted house guest is Frankie
Actual team america task.. Win Big Brother and take home an extra 50 thousand dollars.

Derrick wins the HOH

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265 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers Eviction and HOH Results Frankie gets evcited

    1. The Leaks were intentional today. The concern was ratings going up against America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars which both would crush BB head to head.
      The thought process was if it was known to potential viewers in advance that Frankie was going home there would be a push to view his eviction since it would be game worthy in their opinion and “not to be missed”.

      1. Would love to see a reunion show. However, would not want to have Julie Chen as the host. She is a straight up fail as an interviewer, she never ever ever ask the hard hitting questions that true fans are inquiring about.

        1. Forgive me if I get this person name wrong but I think it is Perez Hilton, he would be a good interviewer he would get to the heart of the questions that we discuss on OLBB and if the HG guest are holding a secret tell it to the evicted HG so we can see the expression on their face.. I sure would love to see everyone’s face when they find out about Donny going on the BB. Frankie did not get the boo’s we were looking for Bless his heart he thinks we love him. Booooooo

          They need to make it more interesting next year if they want to keep it on the air, cause this year suck

          1. @ Lance. I doubt CBS would allow Perez Hilton to host, he has blogged in the past about his disgust for Frankie. Now, Kathie Griffin…I would be down with that! We all know that woman has no filters, and would go for the jugular.

          2. First of all, Julie Chen does not come up with the questions to ask the HG on her own. Production hands her the only questions she is “allowed” to ask. Secondly, Julie can only disclose secrets of HG that are still in the house to the evicted HG that are going “home.” Julie can’t disclose secrets about other HG to an evicted HG that is on his/her way to the jury house because it could damage that house guest’s game and cause them to lose the game.

          1. Not only did Frankie attempt to upstage Zach’s froot loop exit with his stupid glitter….he also made a last ditch effort to upstage the now infamous term “froot loop dingus”! “Sparkle like a Frankie”? Really? You think people will actually repeat that, Frankie? Um…no. Now run along and fade away.

        2. Julie’s job is secure . I do take issue with her calling Frankie a “showman”. He is nothing but a show-off!!! The worst actor ever and without his sister’s talent he is not even close to talented. So happy to see him gone! He has no respect for boundaries and that makes him look very unattractive in spite of his pretty in pink hair.

      2. What the hell! I didn’t see Frankie’s eviction. It jumped from voting to him seating in the chair talking to Julie. Also, everyone was clapping and cheering for frankie but I never saw the audience after he was out of the house… Huhhhh

        So, derrek it’s taking home $500k, $50k and on top of that Americans team winnings. Are they giving him all that money because he is a cop?

        1. Speaking of jumps, did anyone else notice an edit when Frankie was give his POV speech? From an earlier recap where he was rehearsing his speech:
          Frankie is out in the backyard practicing his speech. “If you use the veto on me Derrick will be the replacement nominee.. which is great because he is a really good father figure and husband .. and a general good guy ..there’s that.. basically he’s never been on the block before so use it on me.” Crushed it!
          For shame CBS, for shame…

        2. So…I read somewhere that BB/CBS picked it’s audience tonight, so there wouldn’t be any booing. The person who wrote the blog said she always gets to attend BB Live Shows, but was told tickets were not available and more or less by invitation only. I have a feeling now that BB/CBS are stepping in and not gonna allow booing by audience members anymore…personally, I don’t know what to think anymore…after reading OBB & its commenters, this show just doesn’t seem authentic now.

        3. Hey Isalove, Here’s what you missed: After the vote, Julie announced that Frankie was evicted. On the way to the door, Frankie said, “Alright, line up for speeches.” He turned to Caleb and handed him what I think were chess pieces and said to him, “Caleb, I’m returning these to you, because even though, Im a queen, I have been the king of this house for 88 days.” He took Victoria’s hands into his hands and said, “Victoria, please try to win something.” He put his hands on Derrick’s shoulders and said, “Derrick, as the only remaining responsible adult, please dont kill my fish.” He put his hands on Cody’s shoulders and said, “And Cody, I’ve had better” (insinuating that him and Cody had sex). Then, as he was walking out of the door, he turned to them and said, “I Love You All!!!!!” When he opened the stage door, he threw glitter up in the air as everyone applauded and he ran over to Julie.

          1. The little creep … that last shot at Cody was despicable … Frankie could care less about “raping” Cody over the coals … or anyone else for that matter .. except his sister … oh, wait – he has no boundaries.

      3. Wow, Chen gushing all over the degenerate pervert made me want to puke and she did not ask him one hard question like: can’t get over Frankie making death threats against a religious preacher, threatening to rape a photographer for no reason, threatening to kill people in their sleep and making fun of the children of an innocent single mother or gang rape or punching a woman in the mouth or he even suggested as he left that him and Cody had sex in the house by saying I have had better!!! The guy is a vile vile vile person and Chen is an imbecile and rigging the audience so they clapped made me ill. I did hear one guy booing him but then I guess security escorted him out! What a POS BB AND GRANDE ARE!!!!

        1. “can’t get over Frankie making death threats against a religious preacher, threatening to rape a photographer for no reason, threatening to kill people in their sleep”

          I HATE Frankie with a passion, but COME ON! That was a little overboard. Frankie never made a “death threat” against Jocasta or anyone. He said as a (bad) joke that Jocasta should just kill herself. And he never threatened to rape anyone…he made another awful joke about everyone raping drunk Victoria which is NOT a “threat”.

          Let’s not overreact and try to get politically correct over every little thing that’s said just because we hate someone. Sheesh.

          1. If someone said “you should just kill yourself” or joked with big muscular dudes that they should rape you in your sleep and take your virginity I am sure you would have found it hilarious. Not to mention for Cody and Caleb, how disgusting that he would suggest it as a joke seeing that he’s suggesting they do it.

            His jokes are beyond politically incorrect. His offensive jokes always involve some sort of point that people should be hurt. And he always insinuates people are worth less than they think they are… He needs to look in the mirror figuratively and less literally.

            1. Does it have to be a big muscular dude? Are you insinuating that a big muscular dude will rape me before a little fat dude? I find that offensive on behalf of all big muscular dudes. Stereotyping is a form of bigotry and that is inexcusable and I think you should apologize.

          2. TO GIVE ME A BREAK: THERE IS NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY FUNNY ABOUT SOMEONE BEING GANG RAPED OR THE SUGGESTION OF IT!!!!! You do not make a joke about someone being gang raped and if you bothered to watch the feeds the PIG FRANKIE even acted part of what they should do to her out. Do not make excuses for that degenerate. Do you also make excuses for him saying he wanted to punch a woman in the mouth??? I mean hey even the NFL is waking up to that being wrong, and it is a shame CBS does not wake up also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Do you people have reading comprehension skills or what? I said that what Frankie said were JOKES….which IS how Frankie meant them. Did I say I thought the jokes were funny or were even remotely okay to make? NO

              The person I was responding to said Frankie was “threatening” to kill people and “threatening” to rape people. I CLARIFIED that what Frankie said were jokes and NOT actual “threats” to commit crimes.

              There is a big difference between making a joke (no matter how awful or disgusting) and making an actual threat to commit a crime. I’m willing to bet 99% of the people here have said at one point or another in their life “I’m going to kill…(insert name here)” Am I wrong? Should we go around saying that we’ve all threatened to commit murder since we’ve said that? I’m not telling anyone what they should or should not feel offended about. But let’s not jump OVERBOARD and say people are threatening to commit crimes when they clearly are not. Some people make pretty offensive jokes. I can be offended but I’m not going to go all PC and try to censor people and demand public apologies from every jackwagon who says something offensive and stupid. Even as a woman with a sensitivity to the subject of rape because of something in my past, I’m not going to let it bother me when people make jokes about it.

              But the bottom line is that “threats” and “jokes” are different things. People shouldn’t go around saying someone is making a threat to commit a crime when they clearly did not. Period.

              1. “As a woman with a sensitivity to the subject of rape because of something in my past,” supposedly, I don’t see any logical reason why you would even condone anything like that even as a joke. The thing that is wrong with the things Stankie has said and did in this house are that he CLEARLY crossed the line and there are just some things that should not even be joked about. There are women in the East who are gang raped in daylight and are not laughing. If one of those people were you and those guys said it was a joke, you would cry “murder and off with their heads!” And people kill themselves everyday. And you think that’s funny?! Unbelievable!!
                give ME a break, please because I just don’t believe even half of the shit that you are saying.

            2. I just find it funny that the first Anonymous said “threatening to rape a photographer for no reason” and the people jumping all over the guy for saying that Frankie was making jokes not threats didn’t attack the first guy. Is there ever a reason to rape a photographer or a reason to threaten to rape a photographer? LOL

          3. Exactly,people are putting words in the guys mouth and looking for any reason to degrade the guy…yes frankie is annoying and narsasitic and kinda grates on your nerves.Everyone has a right to their opinion but who in life is perfect .its funny how we all sit here and judge the guy for the shit he did …..which honestly i dont think was that bad …stick and stones people but i guess everyone here is perfect and has not done anything in their lives that they regret….my bad!!….now let the thumbs down party begin!!!…..LOL!!!

            1. Too Habs Rule: I don’t think anything Frankie said was a joke because the guy is a deviant an think he would of stood by an laughed if they had gang raped victoria an had he an opportunity he would of hit Nicole an probably would of handed Jocasta a gun? Frankie is a sad excuse for a human being an a horrid example of a gay man.

              1. To Anonymous…….WOW!!! Look i know alot of good people that have said the same shit frankie said in a joking manner and yes it is a stupid thing to say,shit ive said things as bad as frankie said,does it mean id actually do the things i said…….HELL NO!!,,,,,,,we all say things in our life that sometimes we regret saying….does it mean were sick depraved monsters i dont think so!! and the fact that you actually believe Frankie would laugh at them raping her and he would actually punch nicole do you know this for a fact or are you just guessing he would because if your just guessing he would that s a pretty damaging statement for just a guess!!My god if we judged everybody on what we say sometimes this whole planet would be a bunch of depraved monsters….the only difference is that frankie said this in front of millions of people…….oh and before you judge frankie to hard after the statement was said did you not here derrick laughing about it!…….so i guess hes a monster too!!

        2. What kind of bull was that show last night! They stacked the audience with CBS employees, Julie calls Frankie a showman, doesn’t ask any questions like she did to last years horrible contestants about his vile comments and sexual improprieties toward the guys, lets him get away like he is so loved…it is so calculated by Production. So I guess they didn’t want to rock the boat because CBS allegedly owns the parent co. of Ariana’s label. What a disgrace to let that overblown, egotistical, self absorbed man child get away with his actions against Victoria, the guys, etc. and not even ask one hard question? And don’t let the real BB fans boo him as he deserved.
          And I did think Derrick heard the crowd and stepped back to change his answer in POV. Hope Cody does the right thing for his game. Like Derrick but that was a little shady.

      4. Production knew Frankie was going home so they didn’t want real peeps out there because they knew they would boo him.

        1. Wonder if CBS had to pay those employees in the audience time and a half to cheer for that asshat? So contrived and cowardly on CBS’ part; they should have let real people in to express their feelings regarding Frankie’s eviction.

      1. It doesn’t really matter who he takes out. He has a final 2 with all of them and there is no way he loses to anyone that is left.

    2. Did they cheer for Frankie? *tears* the only reason I watched the episode was to hear the boos & listen to Julie call him out on the many revolting things he said, including the rape comments concerning Victoria?? What in the heck did I just watch. :( & seriously? Frankie blaming Derrick for Donny’s eviction? Does he think we don’t watch the episodes or the feeds? He was most definitely not trying to keep Donny. He’s such a worm. *GAG* The only bright side is knowing his hands won’t be getting on the 500,000.

      1. I feel exactly the same. So they allow Christine to get booed beyond belief (Couldn’t stand her either) but come on, if anyone deserved to get booed off the damn stage it was Frankie. Words cannot express how disappointed I was. Julie Chen is a coward and they need a new host. She was pretty much kissing Frankie’s a$$. This show is a sad shadow of what it once was.

          1. I doubt that very much (that she would call him out on his shit). She took a SELFIE with him after his segment, for God’s sake. I think the pandering between Julie and Frankie was disgusting and pathetic on both parts this season. Chenbot needs to be re-booted!

          2. I agree…When Frankie left the house he was not questioned about his sick comments and vile behavior. Julie was doing her job… ask him about his behavior is admitting that CBS was aware of it and did nothing to stop it or address it. (After all, remember who Julies husband is) It appeared that this creep was more concerned about how his sisters career was going…..she is a vile self absorbed creature like he is. I guess he’ll ride her train again since he’s a failure in his own right. To suggest that Frankie go on survivor or amazing race is laughable. He would not last long In either one.

        1. Did you notice they didn’t show any of the audience from the front? They were all production. The reason they taped it was so Frankie wouldn’t get booed.

      2. Couldn’t believe Frankie’s remark last night about choosing greed or, like him, honor. He with Christine tried to get rid of Cody and Derrick when Nicole was HOH. He didn’t want to keep Donny, but used it at the last minute for his game. Julie gave him the longest exit interview in the history of the show. Audience was hand picked, no tickets offered, just their own employees…the fans were so cheated on Frankie getting his just desserts, boos and at least one question about disgusting behavior and words. You’re losing fans BB. And I hope Cody eliminates Victoria to have a real three way battle. Been a fan so long and am so disappointed by last night’s show. How do you vote for AFP if not on FB or Twitter? Want Donny or Nicole to win.

    1. Let’s do BB16 over and have Chris Kattan as Mr. Peepers play Frankie. I mean, they look alike, chew with their mouth open and they both can’t stop humping things. The resemblance is scary. Just spray his hair pink, toss on some glitter and boom….Mr. Peepers IS Frankie J. Grande.

    2. I agree! You guys (Simon and Dawg) have given everyone the visual proof that Frankie sucks (in case there was any doubt!).

  1. CBS better not be giving Frankie special treatment during the eviction. If they allow negative receptions for one (Christine) they should allow them for all. As appropriate.

    1. afaik, these special eviction nights the audience is made up of staff and reliable friends. anyone who will not leak the results. being staff, not real audience viewers, there is unlikely to be an authentic response when he comes out, so you can expect regular clapping.

      my prediction is that if caleb were to win veto, he would not vote out Cody. he considers cody a worthy opponent, and he does not feel as a competitor victoria should be there, he’ll vote her out.

      1. I knew Julie liked Frankie, she has said in interviews she loves his comments and thinks he is genuine, but what was THAT fawning crap?

        No spoilers from the outside my ass.

        CBS you have let us down again.

        1. After Frankie’s coronation by CBS and Julie Chen tonight, his future is most certainly secured. All Stars, Amazing Race, and/or Survivor here he comes!

          1. How long do you think Fakie would last on Survivor once he started talking butt plugs and grabbed someone’s junk. I don’t think Jeff will let him on the show.

    2. Not only did they give him a great edit, not only did they stack the audience with deluded Frankie supporters, not only did Julie fail to ask him any questions about his horrible behavior in the house, they also conveniently announced the vote for America’s Favorite Player directly after his interview. I want to puke.

    1. not the way it was presented saying if both of them made final 2 just giving winner extra 50k regardless if Americas player or not have no effect on game the way people assumed if it was both have to be in finals now that would be over the line and unfair to the others

    1. Frankie’s exit – while just what I’d hoped for – to thunderous applause insulted me.
      CBS – your protecting of Frankie after his sexual groping of other men, attempting to get straight men to rape a drunken woman is deplorable.
      Will be sure to email all commerical advertisers of this show that I will never be buying their products & why.


  2. I am voting for Donny!! I am not giving up my vote because of Zach fans fear mongering!! They are RELENTLESS in their insistence that a vote for Donny is a vote for Frankie… Zach fans are active on twitter and trying to convince others to change their vote to Zach… EVERYONE just VOTE for YOUR favourite HG!

    Donny has won TA $ (but only $15000, and $5000 less than Derrick/Frankie… shouldn’t our FAV member of TA walk away with MORE money?)… And BTW Zach did win a trip for 2 to Germany… And Donny is a hard working man, Zach lives with his parents chillin on the golf course with a degree from a good university and will do just fine in life…

    If you want to vote Zach… be my guest! But if DONNY was YOUR favourite, then VOTE for him! Don’t listen to twitter idiots (or past HG like Evel Dick) trying to scare people into voting Zach… Plus in reality, based on MOST sites I have seen, the real vote splitter is a vote for Zach (look here, Donny has over 50%, with Zach at 13%)… If fans are going to unite against Frankie… then the votes should be for DONNY!


    (The real shame is that there has to be a strategy to beat America’s most hated houseguest in the AF Houseguest vote… that’s the shame of BB putting Arianna’s brother on… even worse is the picture promoting the AF vote, with Frankie out front and centre before of EVERYONE… pathetic)

    1. Frankie isn’t the most hated house guest in America, only with live feeders who make a small fraction of millions of viewers….Donny will probably win….but will have to wait and see.

    2. I hope when Julie announce the winner of AF he says who the runner up is and maybe the third place runner up just to see the look on Caleb’s face because all season he was playing for AF instead of winning the game. The look will be just as priceless as the look on his face if he goes home tomorrow.

    1. I agree….that was it shows that production doesn’t have their arms in the cookie jar and maybe just their hands.

  3. Voting for Zack has the BEST shot of beating Frankie..and his sister’s shenanigans. With all their money…they still want to cheat a POPULAR HG out of the dosh.
    I’m voting 20X a day…….fingers crossed. Frankie won’t be booed..but losing to Zack is REALLY going to hurt:)
    Donnie made a good chunk of change………and Zack was far more entertaining than Donny..who..btw..tried to throw his friend Nicole under the bus..with a TA mission. For the money. So..first he says no..on a previous TA mission..saying it would be unfair game play. But..when HE’S on the block..well then…….he wants to cho Nicole..who never threw him under the bus.


    1. You are a complete idiot, please look at the poll right on the top of your screen and read that Donny is CLEARLY way ahead of Zach. I still don’t think Frankie has a chance at winning, but trying to rally votes for Zach is going to split the votes more than anything because everyone was voting for Donny to begin with.

      Team Donny (still)

      1. Using the above poll as evidence that Zach has a low chance of winning is not valid, as there is only a small fraction of live-feeders who will vote compared to millions who watch the show, and and even smaller fraction of live-feeders who use this site. that being said, I am voting for zach and donny, so long as that fake-ass pink dirtbag does not win I’ll be ok.

      2. LMAO YOU are calling someone “dumb” when you’re too stupid to even understand the poll on this site has absolutely nothing to do what-so-ever with the numbers of the ACTUAL VOTE on CBS. Wow…..

        1. I don’t think it said anywhere in my comment that I thought this poll was the cbs poll….
          But you are so right, this site must only attracts Donny fans. I’m sure it doesn’t reflect at all in some way the common census of who people are voting for….

    2. Well, I’m a “real” BB fan, and I do like Zach very much, but I’m voting for Donny because he was my favorite. He was also a better player than Zach to be honest. If Donny would have had the “frat pack” at his disposal like Zach did and wasn’t excluded from the beginning, he could have been a real contender. He did amazingly well for someone completely alone in the game.

    1. That eviction was so incredibly unsatisfying.
      I know that at this point they use a fake audience, but tonight it left us without “closure” for Frankiesteins eviction. He walked away thinking he is liked?!

      1. Sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh very hard at what he said to each HG. Even you have to admit that it was funny when he said to Victoria “Win something”.

        1. Yes, Victoria is terrible she should “win something” haha

          Sorry, but coming out of Frankie’s mouth I did not laugh at all, because as soon as the cameras were rolling Frankie was trying (too hard) to put on a “show” as he always does. I was rolling my eyes from start to finish. Anyone that still finds him the slightest bit amusing must not watch live feeds or they’d be sick to death of his attempts like the rest of us.

    1. Well, I knew Frankie wouldn’t get boos….CBS made sure of that. But what gets me the most is Frankie’s showboating. He was so desperate to have the biggest exit out of anyone and even attempted to upstage Zach’s frootloops by tossing glitter. Sorry Frankie, but your exit oozed of being practiced too much. Zach was the real deal and nobody will forget frootloop dingus!

      The only upside to Frankie’s exit tonight is the fact that HE’S FINALLY GONE!!!!!!! Yay! lol

      Now I’m off to vote for Donny on a whole bunch of accounts I made today. I’ll probably make some more accounts tomorrow. 20 votes per day on 20 different accounts will be my contribution to giving Donny what he deserves! But if Zach gets AF I won’t be mad. ANYBODY BUT FRANKIE!

      1. Frankie’s exit wasn’t original. Glitter Gary did it first on BB Can 1. Folks, don’t look at Frankie’s glitter; look at his humping, vile actions in the Big Brother House and be glad he’s gone. This is one where CBS better rig it (if necessary) to make sure he DOESN’T win America’s Favorite because all of his vileness will reflect very poorly on CBS if he won AFP. CBS needs to let Frankie Grande just fade into the sunset.

    2. I voted on a poll most hated in bb history Frankie was 47 percent 32 percent above the next person about 6000 people had voted google people who hate Frankie grande

    1. Frankie’s exit riled Cody. His ego is so fragile he was still thinking of what Frankie meant when he said “I’ve had better” before he left the house. He couldn’t even concentrate on the HOH comp.

      1. The Rooster is truly disgusting. It appears The Humping Pervert was insinuating that there was some action between Cody and him with his comment about having better. He knew it would upset Cody’s game as well as have the audience question their relationship. Frankie had better enjoy all the glamor and glitter while he is in jury because finale night is going to be interesting. CBS can only control so much. Victoria /Cody’s family members and the general public will be in the audience. He may get booed louder than Christine. Cody may also have a few choice words for that repulsive pervert. And when he leaves the game, Victoria and her family may be seeking some justice for his pathetic behavior on the show.

        1. You just know Cody is gonna “smoke that guy” when he gets out of the house for saying that. Watch out Frankie! Cody might actually do what he says for once! lol

      2. Skankie was probably referring to the night Cody was passed out drunk in his dino suit. the predator went on the attack hoping to get some but Cody was completely passed out and didn’t respond.

  4. Was hoping for a boo or not a loud cheer for him but alas it wouldn’t be Big Brother unless something was expected.

    *rolls eyes*

  5. Production made sure not to have a live studio audience, so Frankie didn’t get the boos he deserved… Crustine will be pissed.. LOL

    1. Ya, that’s pretty annoying. We’ll have to satisfy ourselves with knowing he will read a lot of stuff about himself when the game’s over.

  6. ARGH! RAGE. Frankie has no idea how much we hate him. According to that speech he’s clearly delusional, and needs to be put in his place.

    1. Oh, don’t worry. Frankie will find out how much he’s hated soon enough. And I’m smiling right now thinking about his face when he gets to jury and finds out Donny was asked to be on the Bold & the Beautiful. lol

      1. and when Frankie finds out the first thing out of his mouth will be what about me I should get an opportunity im trained hes not this is so unfair Is that pretty close guys

    2. Let’s all start tweeting PowPow to call out Frankie at the finale! She don’t give a f#ck! lol

      Still hope that SOMEBODY says SOMETHING to him at the finale. Viewers need to see him get a reality check, at least a little bit. Bonus if it’s Zach who somehow comes to his senses and says Frankie is an egotistical phony on national tv.

    1. Me too! Citibank sent me an email today to buy presale, before the public, tickets for Ariana Grande’s concert tour. I just about puked and almost cancelled my account.

    2. I voted 20 on three different email address and spread the word to friends and family! And will do it again tomorrow, and so on, and so on,

  7. Best day of BB16. Skag got voted out and went to jury, didn’t deserve to make it that far. Okay let’s not waste any more word on a sexual predator!

  8. Well that was a CBS manipulated audience. I wasn’t looking for him to be crushed by boo’s but the cheering just fed his over inflated ego. “Shine bright like a Frankie”??? GAG!

  9. having to listen to that piece of sparkle shit fame whore flap his plastic lips was probably the most painful thing ive watched yet! soooo glad hes gone and how about the bold face lie about wanting to keep donny but dereck didnt ….. delusional piece of crap

  10. can’t believe the edit and fake audience fillers for Skankie’s exit. Julie didn’t address any of the controversy he committed. Plus call him out on the playing for charity BS.

    Uggggggggggggggggggh!!! worse bullcrap BB season ever!!!!

    seriously all die hard BB fans should watch the Australian and Canadian version!!!! so much more entertaining.

  11. I call BS! He (Frankie) didn’t leave the house immediately and was allowed to give speeches to each HG. Then got a exuberant cheer from the crowd full of CBS staff and friends/family… Then had a long interview and was able to SHAMELESSLY plug his sister through the whole thing. CBS should be ashamed of themselves for ruining this “social experiment” for us!

  12. Chen should feel ashamed and embarrassed by that softball interview of Frankie. She dideverything she could to rehabilitate the perv. After what he did and said in the house this summer he did not deserve this special treatment. And. The audience was definitely advised by cbs on how to react– disgusting!

  13. In the HOH competition Derek guessed wrong on a question and then heard the audience groan so stepped back. If he had not heard the groans he would have lost to Cody outright.

    1. I caught that too. I am so sick of that smug, arrogant, manipulative, cocky, self-absorbed lying blow hard acting like he is such a BB Legend when the fact of the matter is he was placed in a house full of brain-dead morons. Nicole couldn’t even make the simple decision on who to eliminate in the Luxury comp (she stood there frozen losing valuable time to Hayden who got the final disk) and we wonder why Derrick has steamrolled to victory. Derrick had this season won by week 2. In a season when double the number of HG’s than normal were required to be on the block somehow nobody noticed that good guy Derrick has NEVER been on the block. These HG’s are so stupid then all WANT to take Derrick to F2 because they THINK they beat Derrick. Delusion doesn’t begin to describe these imbeciles. Derrick wins hands down against every single HG left. What a disaster this season has been. In a country of 300 million people these 16 people represent BB’s best contestants? Pitiful!!

  14. Thanks alot big brother once again you disappointed us, you know damn well that everybody who gave any ounce of watching this crappy season knows that Frankie is a smug punk who deserves to get his face knocked. In yet you fake it, by giving him a good ole cbs employee audience that gives him a roar cheers. I totally lost all respect for you and the show it’s ridiculous how your so blinded by his and his sisters so called fame. Thanks alot for ruining the so called show I once loved, because this is officially the point that marks the downfall of the series. I wouldn’t be surprised in a couple of years to see it off the air since viewers are completely over your fixed ways of screwing up the game.

      1. Putting it in the proper perspective of it being a summer show with a low production budget, 7M (+/-) viewer is actually not that bad. If the numbers had dropped considerably CBS MIGHT have had an incentive to try to change it up. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will do much to the show.

        They already have commercials recruiting for next season’s BB. So be prepared for more Twitter/Instagram obsessed wannabe famous HGs who have all memorized each competition to show up next year.

  15. so I did roll my eyes a little with a sidelong evil grin when Christine was booed. I admit it. sure I thought it was a bit produced to give viewers vindication. but now my eyes are rolling like a slot machine. what kind of golden edit was that for Frankie? has anyone else seen goodbye messages since jury began? nope. has anyone else been coddled by the audience and Julie to this extent in the entire game? nope. was he asked any questions about his poor sportsmanship during the game? nope.
    happy he lost. sorry, nothing to do with him being gay, I couldn’t care less who he sleeps with; everything to do with being gratuitously rotten. never cared for him. thought he played competitions well, but failed as a person.

  16. I am not a Frankie fan but just want to say that veto was not a rewind..hoh comp was the same exact one ..veto was same morph idea but they changed the faces and they set the time to beat based on the previous comp..just sayin…

  17. With the group that is left in the house, I don’t feel any great satisfaction seeing Frankie go. Anyone of that crew could have gone and it wouldn’t be a big loss. It is going to be an anti-climatic ending at best.

  18. No Boos
    Did CBS staff help Derrick cheat?
    I heard groans when he had the answer wrong and then he jumped on the correct answer.
    Now someone Buzz said they can hear the audience if Julie presses a button… hmmmmm

    Since it was a CBS Staff Big Brother Audience… Did Derrick Cheat and Did CBS help him cheat?
    I hate to say this but I think the answer is yes.

      1. the others already had made their decision and Chen was waiitng on Derek to make a decision. It was when Derek stepped on the wrong one that the audience reacted.

  19. Icky, icky, icky! I think I’ll go take a shower – I just felt DIRTY with Frankie’s fake exit & grandstanding. I, too, am extremely upset that the crowd cheered for this skank! I hope Vic’s family DOES follow through with a lawsuit/apology demand (at the least!) from this guy. What a pompous a$$!

    1. I’m almost positive Victoria’s very perfect parents will sue for something. The perfect sidewalks were alittle cracked – they sued.
      If you’re talking about the very tasteless thing he said; everyone laughed and noone harder than her beloved Derrick.
      She claimed to be so pristine yet handed out free rub and tug sessions quite alot.

  20. I think if everyone took a drink every time Ariannas name was mentioned tonight on the CBS show… we’d all be drunk by now… pathetic.

  21. Frankie looking directly into the camera, proves wasn’t nobody in that audience.. It even sounded like a recording.. Same pitch applause twice? Nah..

    Hopefully Frankie finds out how America really feels about him at the finale.

  22. Also, Julie’s reassurance that his sister is going to “be a big star” may hold true for a few months, but from the press I’ve read about her, she’d better get a grip on her mouth & demands – just like her brother – or the industry will eat her alive! And I could care less!

    1. Never heard of her before Big Brother. I predict she will have maybe a 2 year career and flame out and be in rehab like all the rest of the twenty something manufactured pop stars of today.

    1. yes, Frankie lied. no surprise.
      the entire alliance wanted Donnie out. he wasn’t a member of the alliance.
      he’s trying to get favor because America made Donnie part of team America, and his fellow members voted him out.
      if he cared so much…. there wouldn’t have been a play.

    2. Yippers ….bold face lie. he opted to put on that thing/farce he called a play. He and Wiggum could have saved Donny. Skankie didn’t want to. He wanted to shine bright like a Stankie drag queen.

      He’s so delusional that he doesn’t know the truth and the lies he spewed all summer. I threw up in mouth when he said he played with integrity and done nothing to put his reputation in a bad light. if that’s what you call integrity …. the pope will be canonizing me as a saint tomorrow.

  23. I call bullsh*t on the audience response to Skankie. Why did CBS permit all the booing for Crusty yet allow that pink hair, prancing and pretentious POS to receive accolades. Reality tv? Ha.

  24. I swear they hand-picked and micro-managed the studio audience to!nite
    after the roar at Christine sonic boomed the building. Bye Bye Pinkie. We
    saw THE Brain’s plan going thru itz hideous paces without mercy just now.

      1. Sounds like you already are. But nevermind. HE’S the asshole, and you are NOT a bigoted piece of shit who needs to go after his sexuality because you have nothing worthwhile to say. Keep saying it and it will become true.

  25. Satan is out, the world is doing better for that…

    It was however sickening to see CBS bringing the crowd of “props” who were told to cheer, no matter what. By what standard would Crustine get booed and The Evil Gay Clown wouldn’t? He was vile, despicable, extremely offensive and disgusting on all possible level…. and no boos!

  26. Anyone notice the “is my sister here?” “No news from the outside world!” bullshit exchange? Like we don’t remember Juliet’s slip on The Talk? We ain’t stupid.

  27. CBS is going to give the queen A V P ….the glitter will fall, its up to you to send a message…anyone but frank the fondler !!!!!!

  28. Simon is it okay for me to use your post picture of Frankie vs. Victoria for my computer desktop wallpaper?
    That is unless you have something even more gruesome, like a picture of baby seals being clubbed to death.

    Come to think of it, could you photoshop the evicted houseguest in place of the baby seals?

  29. The flaming pos was treated like royalty lost all respect for chin CBS your credibility has been lost too I would be embarrassed if I were gay

  30. Thank you posters……I live in San Francisco, show hasn’t been aired yet tonight but I know now to press “MUTE” when Frankie exits and Julie had her fake interview with him.

  31. She builds him up as this great player on the TALK too, CBS is up his and his sister’s ass , they are all out of touch with the American public and reality!

    1. Do like me–I watch General Hospital instead. Her performance with him tonight was insulting. Afterwards, she even tweeted about how great his game was. Past due time for a new host, casting, production, comps!!! They have ruined my favorite show this summer…

  32. Wow……just fucking wow I was a little embarrassed for Julie,tonight she basically let Yank your Frank run the eviction interview like she got evicted.I mean at one point I thought she might forfeit the mic,and just sit there applauding and smiling.Derrick as hoh is bad news for Caleb, he better win that veto or he will be reunited with his queen sooner than he planned.Unless Cody’s poor sportsmanship seals his fate.

  33. I know it’s in her best interest to do what the powers of Cbs tell her to do, but Jesus his talk with Chen lasted longer than Dan the man’s, or any other hg I can remember.All he was missing was back up dancers and lil music it could have been a music video.

  34. “The votes are in! America has voted for their favorite houseguest… and with an overwhelming majority (Frankie stands up and reaches for his glitter). Donny! You are America’s Favorite Houseguest (Frankie runs backstage crying)!”

    It has been written… it shall be done.

  35. His interview seemed much longer than the other house guests this season. I admit it may just have seemed like an eternity but I do believe his took twice as long as any other.

    1. His interview was longer than other evicted HGs. It’s tell-tale signs like that which shows how CBS/BB adores Frankie. He’ll be back for sure. He’s their own little disaster in the making. I have no doubt he’ll make life miserable for CBS Production crew with his outrageous demands/behavior.

  36. Can’t have the audience booing the gay guy. It might look like discrimination. Also don’t want little sister upset either. Just glad he is gone. Should of been grilled just like Aaryn was for her racial comments with what he said to Victoria.

  37. OMG if Derrick wins the Final HOH he will have officially gone the ENTIRE season without going on the block ONCE and be in the final 2! Even though im not a MASSIVE fan of Derrick, I truly hope he pulls this off and gets into the Final 2 purely so that in the years to come we can laugh at how bad these players were to not put someone on the block for the entire season and let him slide through! haha!

    1. Or better, it shows how absolutely amazing player of this game he is! If he wins, he will clearly be the best ever (or among the best 2-3 GOAT’s).

      1. Yes. He is a great player. Not to be nominated at all, and especially when for most of the game they had the two HOH and four nominees. Like him or not, Derrick for the win.

  38. BbCould anyone explain how someone like the pink perv got so many cheers when he opened the door? I bet 95% of America hates him, so there is no way that reaction was genuine. All I’ve thought about for the past couple of weeks is how badly I wanted him to get booed off the stage and have his glitter makeup run from his tears, but no, CBS couldn’t let that happen. Instead we get what seemed like the longest post-eviction interview of the season. Way to go CBS. Give the ego maniac more attention. If they bring him back for All Stars, I’m done. Can’t wait for Amazing Race to start, better yet, how about Beast Mode and Amber on Naked and Afraid? That probably wouldn’t work. Frankie would find a way to weasel his way onto the show – maybe disguising himself as a pink flamingo. Nope, they would recognize him. It wouldn’t be the pink hair that gives him away, it would be his ankle monitor alarm going off when he got in feeling distance of Caleb. On a positive note… nope, nothing positive to say about this season other than the the great work of Simon and Dawg. Thanks guys

  39. Julie Chen has lost her credibility. CBS has lost its audience and ratings. Skankie you’re a pathetic predictable charicature-a Pinnochio who wants to be a real boy. You’re the guy at the party who thinks people are looking at you because you’re so mesmerising while in reality

  40. Julie Chen has lost her credibility. CBS has lost its audience and ratings. Skankie you’re a pathetic predictable charicature-a Pinnochio who wants to be a real boy. You’re the guy at the party who thinks people are looking at you because you’re so mesmerising while in reality you have shatter on yourself.

  41. I understand them not wanting to have Frankie BOOED as Christine was but to have all the staff actually cheering him on tremendously really pisses me off. He deserved to know the public HATES HIM

    1. Frankie is going to find out the viewers and live feeders reaction to him…..he’s a media hound and once he’s back on a computer he will sit for days reading about himself whether it be good or bad.

    2. it sure wasn’t a true American audience ; boo on the dumb azz staff bs .. and as for the stupid questions Julie asked him made me ill. Who gives a rats azz about his sister .. geesh .. Frankie she will be wise to distant herself from you for awhile . Her publicist are working over time from the fall out of her magget brother ..sry about the spelling .

  42. Used and abused by CBS, Julie kissed his ass tried to make him look good, she held his hand, didn’t ask Frank why it was ok to grab house guests junk! What’s about the comments about Victoria! CBS is pathetic, Julie is…weak.frank the junk grabber got off easy, we have to blast CBS#cover up last straw!!

    1. im with you sick of hate!too much hate in this world to begin with……everyone is full of hate on here……im mean it s one thing to say you hate the guy but when you start to threaten the guys life and classify him as a child molester and pedophile,last i saw there were no kids in the house think they were all over 18 and they should of told him to lay off if they didnt like it…….and cody didnt seem to mind as a matter of fact cody was snuggling happily with frankie so i guess cody a pedo and child molester too………LOL!!! …..PEOPLE ARE JUST TOO FUNNY!!

  43. Just voted for Donny as Americas player and went to my Bear Groups and the Beard Groups on Social Media and asked them to Vote Donny as Americas Player…. #FeartheBeard….
    Julie Chen got reemed by fans when she tweeted The Ariana Grande request..
    lets not let a Putz like Beiber and Frankies Tween Star Sister win Americas Favorite. Time for a Grass roots Campaign for Donny.

    1. Call me crazy, but I think when you are voting for America’s favourite player, you should vote for your favourite player. I voted Zach, but would want others to vote who they want, not who I want. Please allow me the same courtesy. Oh, and love Donny, but Zach is my pick. Can’t go wrong. May the most favourite player win!!!

  44. I thought the live feeds were supposed to come back after tonight’s show?
    It’s been 80 minutes already.
    Did I misunderstand?

  45. Julie did seam to be securing CBS investment in Frankie. Julie can be very dismissive to the HG that she seems not worthy of her time.

    Holding Frankie’s hands was so unprofessional.

  46. my prediction
    cleab go home
    cody wins first hoh
    derrick wins second
    cody wins third
    in then he use his brain
    cody Victoria final 2
    cody wins
    I wish but what I do know is im vote for Donny America favorite player all week he was the reason I watch
    I wish next year they don’t favorite no house guess to win it all in put people in their with a brain

    1. He told caleb & cody to gang rape her while she slept. Her family then demanded an apology from him and even his sister. His sister said i hope they all die. Lmao the last sentence not true but the rest is

  47. I hope that the Veto comp is about who can whine the loudest or who has more hairs on their areolas. Not that I want to Vic to win the whole enchilada, I’d just like to see her win one comp. Or how about who can stab the most Palestinian children in 20 seconds, or who can saute the most kosher foreskins in olive oil?

  48. Out of the last 5 standing, Frankie and Derrick played the best. I wish they would have made it to the final 2. At the point, it wouldn’t really matter who won since they both worked hard. I really hope Victoria is not picked for the final 3. I’m sure she is a nice person, but it is a game. Others have shown up and played harder and better over the last 3 months.

    1. Were you even around when that episode was on??? This season has been just like the rest of them. Some parts good some parts bad. I think its the viewers who are getting worse. :)

  49. Last week when the America Player card came and Derrick seen he could get a extra 50k if he got to the end he longer wanted Shankie in the house. This whole game Derrick has had $$ signs in his eyes.

    I do not believe for one second that they had anyone in the audience that were real fans when Shankie was evicted. They had to be CBS employees and maybe family of Shankie’s.. Any really fans would have booed him. And the way he came out and danced over to Julie. Just sick. I was so disappoint in Julie Chen greeting to Shankie, she did not call him out on anything that he did in the house. (Guess he will find out when he back out in the real world)

    The way she talked about his sister going to be a big star ha ha ha not what papers are saying about her. Shankie sat there and told the world a bold face lie, how he was playing for charity he said on the live feeds how many times what little amount he would give.

    In the HOH Julie once again made a mistake ( not the first time she has done this and it was never correct) when Derrick answered a question wrong that should have been Cody’s HOH. Remember to vote for Donny 20 votes a day.

  50. Frankie is such an amazing person. Glad he was given a chance to show his true spirit. Btw go back and watch the episode. He was trying very hard to save Donny, more than I ever would, Derrek said no and Frankie looked into the cameras and said,America u just witnessed it. I tried… So stop bashing and give credit where credit is due. He got very caught up in winning so bad after his grandfather died that he lost himself. I truly understand that is why he decided to be fully honest about who his sister was. Since that info was revealed he has been very much a different player in the game. We all have moments that we lose sight of our true spirit and that’s simply all that happened.

    1. Take those blinders off , Frankie didn’t want to save Donny. He wanted it to be Derrick to get the blood. Frankie wanted Donny out he just didn’t want it to mess his game. Protecting his butt was how Frankie played and he used anyone who he could to do it.

  51. I hate you Julie!!!! I’ve waited all this time to see Frankie’s exit interview & YOU, not only avoided asking him about his nationally-known despicable behavior & comments that even garnered hate from the gay/lesbian community, but YOU smiled & flirted with the lil focker!! You certainly don’t mind dishing it out to female hgs when appropriate ( Aaryn, Christine)….but pucker up to kiss a$$ of Ariana’s brother…what a sell-out wimp of a woman!!

  52. Damn get salty much?Stab Palestinian kids……I have made my fair share of rude or bias comments towards Vic but that’s true hate coming out.Maybe you would like to drown all the inbred kids in Kentucky?Or wack all the lil bambino’s in NY?Hard core shit branded by Vic,maybe If Jocasta was still in the game would you wanna rally up a lynch mob for a hanging?

  53. Try to put your opinion of Frankie aside for two minutes.

    You must have a sense of humor to appreciate Frankie’s exit speeches.

    To Derrick ….good
    To Caleb ….,better
    To Cody …..funny
    To Victoria…..friggin hilarious! The best one! Victoria , please try to win something!!

  54. Glad to see Frankie walk out the door and I am glad he was a man about it. He did play a good game whether you liked him or his game, he did play. I just don’t like all the loyalty talk and calling people “greedy”. HELLOOOO you are there for money not for loyalty. When I knock you out of the game its not greed, its so I can win!! If you were sooooo loyal outside of the house you little shit you wouldn’t try your hardest to prove it to everyone who is watching plus the other HG’s. It reminds me of someone who tries to convince you they are not a liar. “I swear I am honest, Im soooo honest, trust me, I don’t lie, never ever.” Its like when Derrick tells Victoria shes good at the game hahahaha…..:P
    Glad he didn’t go out like a dick. Surprised there were so many cheers. I cant wait to see the 3 boys duke it out.

    *Say, bitch be cool*

  55. I really hope Frankie does not win AFP. Everything he did and said durning his eviction ceremony was planned and an act. Just like Victorias speech she says the same thing every week. All of the HG know how to act to make themselves look better some are better then others. With tht being said I feel like Zach has also done his share of acting but when he was genuine we loved him even more. Ever since Cristines BOOs all HGs have watched what they are saying and doing way more carefully. So Frankie is a huge actor who has probably had to put on acts his entire life and anytime the real him does surface he probably loses friends and fans. That’s has been his life Waaay before this show sad way to live but him and his sister would prefer the riches then to be true to themselves. So my vote is for my man Donny who was very genuine and one of the only to go hard about Derrick needing to go. He saw his game and was aware of F2 deals with each HG. He did all that while not having no one to align with and going to bed hours earlier then all HGs. He tried his best to win comps and was just a true to himself type of guy. He deserves his TA winnings and Fan Favorite he was against majority of the house from week 1. Vote for who you want but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssÉpée Anyone but Frankie!!!

    1. You say Frankie is amazing , and his true self came out after his grandfather died? I say after his grandfather died he did show his true colors, 1. Said the person who gave his grandfather’s memorial should go kill herself. 2. Said he wanted to punch a girl in her face. 3. Made a very bad rape joke, rape is never a joke, about a person in the house. 4. Would not stop grabbing guys junks, even when asked to stop over and over. That is why I feel Frankie is not amazing.

  56. I’ve been following this site for years & usually agree with most of the fans who comment here but lately I’ve been very disappointed in the awful things being said about the house guests. While I agree that Frankie’s comments about Victoria were heinous, some of the comments here have been nearly as bad if not worse at times. I don’t understand putting so much energy into hating people on a tv show.

  57. Just read this from someone else, had to repost it here:

    We have tie-die
    But no apple pie
    Skank is wondering why

    It’s because you think that having your hands down little boys pants
    Is your right and privilege and it’s your sick idea of romance
    Christine’s advances were always mutual by two consenting adults
    But your molestations are categorically classified as sexual assaults

    So Skankie you’ll leave the house with your jaw dropping to the floor
    On your way out may you be assaulted by the HG front door
    Where many other unsuspecting young boys have been before
    It’s your arse you fricking pink-haired whore!

  58. What? Where?
    I think this was a good win for Derrick. Everyone can build their resume of comp wins and POV wins ect….Just to be voted out. Its near the end when winning these things really count. This is what these guys are doing now. Its too bad 3rd place doesn’t get 20 000k or something. Just for the friggin effort lol.
    No one will be getting any real sleep in the next few days. Including all of us haha. Good show tonight!!!

  59. Why does Frankie keep saying its not his character to have turned on one of the guys last week, and praising his loyalty for not blindsiding the boys, um are you kidding, did he forget about what he did to Zach, I guess if you lie often enough you start to believe your own lies.

  60. 1) The cheering (stacked) audience as Frankie walked out of the house. (I think CBS may have paid the audience to ALL cheer or offer maybe them an open bar after the show was taped,)

    2) The length of the Julie Chen/Frankie interview. Lasted about 7 minutes (twice as long as any other of the eviction interviews)

    3) The tone of Julie’s questions (painted Frankie as some poor “victim”)

    4) The DR’s edited to puff up Frankie.

    5) The ad to vote for America’s Fav IMMEDIATELY after the interview.

    What a pathetic attempt to glorify an arrogant, nasty, disgusting scumbag. Disgraceful.

  61. Did anyone else notice during the HOH competition that when Derrick had answered a question wrong the audience groaned and then immediately he switched his answer? I’m assuming Julie’s mic was open and Derrick heard the audience so that is why he switched his answer. Appears Cody was cheated out of a win.

    1. YES I did hear it also. Derrick took a long time to answer the question and was answering it incorrectly and you could hear people in the audience reacting, He then switched his answer to be the correct one like Cody and Victoria had,

      It was B.S. Right then and there they should have either threw the question out OR give him an incorrect

      1. There is no way he could possibly know why the audience would be groaning. He didn’t have any way to know how the other two were voting, or if someone else had changed their answer. Silly.

    1. I think Zach has been to that rodeo already, even though he said he never bottomed for a guy before.

      Same goes for Cody, except in his case I think there was $$$ involved.

  62. It’s a strain just watching this desperate ,,ageing putz try and deliver the OPPOSITE of what he is. But..he’s no fool..and he will soon be able to put 2 and 2 together. He IS loathed..and rightly so. bum. Money going to charity? HUH. He can hold onto whatever delusional thoughts he has. He will always be known as Ariana’s brother…(and a very despised person).

  63. Check out the HOH comp at end of show – Question #2: Derrick is given loads of time to answer, then when he stands on the wrong answer, Julie didn’t lock in the votes but gave him even more time – a huge lapse in time – before the boos started (an unfair heads up to Derrick), and only after Derrick changed his answer (to the correct one) did Julie finally lock in the votes. Compare this to all the other questions and answers – Julie hurries the answers and locks ’em quick right after a contestant makes a choice. An answer should be locked once a contestant stands on his or her choice of ‘before’ or “after and should NOT be allowed to change them.

    So Cody should have won which would mean that he would be in the final 2.
    Cody’s the only one who never really talked sh*t about anybody. Derrick is too pyschotically cold and calculating, and besides, he truly does have a pig’s face and cops suck – just once inch above crooks.

    And as for FRANKIE: HE’S simply JEALOUS that if he had Cody’s looks, he could have any glory hole cock he wanted. He’s raging angry that he can’t have Cody. Oldest trick of mean ugly jr high girls: start a rumor that a guy’s gay if you can’t have him. Frankie the f)ckin duck face perv is finally flushed. SWOOOSH.

  64. Usually I don’t put to much stock in a lot of the comments but bringing up stabbing kids or hate on someone’s race is a lil extreme!!!Believe you me I have made plenty of fun of Vic’s peepers and her intelligence in many of post,or Caleb’s many skills and undying love for himself.Hell most of the guest I crushed them in some way or another.But ignorance like killing Palestinian kids or sautéing foreskin is not in my bag.Damn crazy talk from an alleged fan!!But on a lighter note,Cody’s temper tantrum from getting a wrong answer in the hoh comp was so good I put my tv in the corner for a timeout.I wonder if he were to get evicted would they have to drag him out kicking and screaming?Jesus man, for once act like you got a pair and not the ones Derrick has let you swing from all season.

  65. next season they should put a treadmill and spin cycle in the BB house. The players would have to peddle or walk in order to keep the power on the house. If they don’t exercise, then the house goes dark. At least put it in the “have nots” room. Just an idea.

    1. Sam that is a great idea- they should have to work for it. On the 2013 BBUK the house guests had to turn a crank on an outdoor shower every morning (this made them work together) and not only that someone neede to ride a bicycle to power hair dyers/shavers! Very funny stuff watching the girls beg the guys to ride the bike so they could do their hair every morning. Also there are no washers/dryers on the BBUK shows so the house guests have to get creative and wash clothes in the bathtub. The US house guests have it way too easy!

  66. There maybe some hope at the finally to boo that loser freaky and must not forget crustine when they get introduced voting any time they appear on camera deprick too give him a boos too and tell him zingbot is not a rapist so quit trying to imitate him say hi to your fellow cop buddies maybe they could arrest you for conspiring to commit rape along with cody caleb and crustine :)

  67. I like things to be authentic when they exit that house. Christine getting destroyed was authentic, that is how the people felt. hearing the response for Frankie, I just….there are articles on MAJOR websites that say he is one of the most hated HG’s ever. and not in the “people hate mike boogie for treating erica how he did” sort of way, but in the vile human being can’t stand this Grande BS shoved down our throats sort of way.

    I am so glad he lost, but CBS lost any respect I had left for Big Brother by hand picking an audience to cheer him like he was a beloved player. it just is not true, he is not even liked as russell hantz was, this kid is colton from survivor, and at least Survivor let him know exactly how we felt about his play.

  68. It was weird how there was a timer in the pov this time and not last?And Derrick’s hoh win left me with a bad taste in my mouth.Frankie’s role of villain finally ran it’s course and now Robo Cop is gonna be able to put his(Fucking kid) through college!!!Holla

  69. why should of Frankie got booed? I think people got carried away with the Christine boo’ing, I don’t like Frankie but atleast he was entreating by thinking he was better than everyone. I loved it how he said to Julie how he played a loyal game and it never came to him to take a shot at the boys

  70. Looks like Cody won the veto.
    BB called him to the DR, then a minute later he walked back into the kitchen and grabbed the veto necklace off the wall to bring into the DR.

  71. My favorite part of the show was when they showed everyone studying the wall and then a quick shot of Victoria reading the back of what looked like a package of tortillas. For me, that said it all. Clueless Victoria, no game play and not the least bit of interest in competing in this game; just hoping to get carried to the finale.

  72. Maybe now the Frankie bashing will stop. Past BB houseguest have done much worse tactics than he has. Its a game people! Trolls! He held his own, got far. Kudos to him. Derrick should win this Season though.

  73. This website is full of duck dynasty lovin trolls. People who think America is Christian Right. Coexist people, we are diverse. BB no different. Each has a new perspective.

  74. Could Frankie be a bigger megalomaniac?! I can’t believe he thought that telling them that he WAS the best player ever and would be the sole person who decided who won the 500k, would help his game! And he believes himself!!! I’m sooo glad he and his big azz ego are outta there! I’m looking forward to forgetting his name and face :-)

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