Big Brother 16 Spoilers Final 4 Eviction Results


Yesterday it was official Frankie was evicted from the Big brother 16 House. The final regular HOH winner Is Derrick and he nominated Victoria and Caleb. Cody won the power of veto which he plans to not use. The result is Beast Mode Cowboy will most likely be evicted tonight. This leaves Cody, Victoria and Derrick in the Final 3.

Past years had the final HOH competition take place in three parts, Endurance, Puzzle/blend and mental, The losers of the first part play in the second part the winners from both part 1 and 2 play in part three. The winner of part 3 is the final HOH winner they get to decide who to take to the end. When securing Jury votes the final HOH is look upon with high regard.

Victoria has a chance to win the endurance part if it favors people with smaller bone structures but chances are great one of the guys will win the other two components and therefore the final HOH. Who Derrick/Cody will take in the end is up for debate. They are both given a for sure win if sitting against Victoria but when sitting against each other things get a bit more murky.

Since CBS doesn’t tell us anything about the Live feed schedule I have no idea what they are going to do. I know they are not selling any new subscription and service will remain open until OCT 8 for Flashback purposes. I would suspect tonight is the last night but who knows.

Results from Show
Cody Wins POV.
Cody Votes to evict Caleb (Cody outs the hitman in his speech)
Evicted house guest is ?

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Can I get a live stream link of tonight’s episode

kickin chickin

Thank you Simon for a great link and a great season of dedication to your fans. We love you in Pinon Hills @Mellow-D-Ranch!!


damn..that was a sad eviction for BMC. beast mode you and Zach were the most entertaining people in the house this season. there were up & downs with BMC, but no one can’t deny those BMC stories and his lyrical genius freestyle raps with Zach were golden on the feeds.

Southern Chick

Caleb had his moments, but his massive ego ruined it for me. Zach was entertaining without thinking the world revolved around him. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes during Caleb’s exit at the stupid girls screaming in the audience. Like his ego wasn’t big enough already? It goes to show what idiots some girls are, ignoring the fact that a man like Caleb lies every two seconds and thinks he is above women. It’s like, really girls? You really want to be treated like Amber? Yeah, he’ll put you on a pedestal but don’t you dare forget who owns you! smh


Simon, is there a website to get tonights episode and last nights (not live)?


Simon/Dawg, is there a website that would have tonights episode on it (taped, not live)>?


Oh, WOW! Frankie thinks he controls who wins! What an idiot.

worst bb ever

I agree! Could not believe what he said, talking about his million followers he has. Well they won’t be voting on who wins bb. I’m so glad the house guests told him how full of shit he is. I sure hope we get to see him when he gets to the jury house, but CBS will probly spare him the embarrassment of the cold reception he will get. Winner-anybody but Victoria.

Kathie from Canada

Agree 1000 per cent! Under what scenario does Frankie think that his life would ever again intersect with Derrick, Cody or Caleb??? Why would they care for one nanosecond what F’s ‘millions of followers’ think especially given the videos that will live forever on the internet about the crazy flamingo? CBS finally let the regular BB viewers get a realistic look into the personality that we have long known through OBB!!!

ChenBot, that's an OVERWHELMING NO to journalist creds for you

So Frankie was shocked when Julie told him he was evicted, yet tonight we find out they had told him during the blackout before the eviction was taped! Wow, go out lying & trying to play us again BB Broadway Frankie!

My only dilemma is who to hate more for trying to play the audience – Frankie or Derrick. I understand Frankie’s public relations logic for lying to us, but what the hell does Derrick get out of it other than wanting to win the biggest douchebag ever award?

Southern Chick

I’m so glad they aired Frankie saying all that. I’m shocked they did considering how up his ass CBS is, but happy the regular viewers got to get a small taste of how Frankie really is. They should have aired Caleb and Christine talking about how he acted when they were on the football trip when the cameras weren’t on…..demanding someone get him a coffee and whatnot. That’s proof enough he’s a self centered diva. I guess that’s where his sister gets it from after reading what a diva she has been.


So glad Caleb referenced those threatening remarks Frankie made when talking with Julie. You could tell she was at a lose as to how to react and quickly moved on to the goodbye messages. Bet she wishes this eviction wasn’t live so they could have cut that portion out. I dislike Frankie even more after watching this episode but I really like Caleb more ….way to go Caleb!


And THAT is the true Frankie…and THAT is exactly why he needed to go!!!

Alex C.

Maybe he just bluffed.


I have never been the biggest Caleb fan this season but I LOVED it when he stood his ground against Frankie and called him out on his BS. He truly was Beast Mode Cowboy at that moment.


and what a beast mode idiot he is as he clearly showed in his exit interview with Julie. it was so embarrassing from the moment he addressed Cody for the pov (copying Zach’s gator chop) to his last seconds with Julie flexing his muscles for the girls. if i were his family, i would be so embarrassed.


OMG Frankie!!!! If he was only as great as he thinks he is. Can not wait until reality hits him.


see all you Frankie fans what you been supporting saying he has all the power and controls who will win freakin idiot he runs the jury good lord

Dame Judi Chop

Silly, silly BeastMode, never, ever, ever, volunteer to be on the block at the final four! I don’t care how much trust you think you have.


Yep, but I have a feeling even if Caleb had refused to go on the block Derrick would still have nominated him anyways and given him some BS reason why, and Caleb would have been okay with it and understood. Sheer manipulation.
Derrick knew that all he had to do was make mental suggestions and Caleb would easily put himself on the block. Basically he mentally guided Caleb into volunteering himself even though it was already determined he’d be put up .

Derrick has to win this.


Why? There have been far more deserving players get to final 3 and lose.

Janelle did twice.


Cause I want him to win…duh.

Plus anyone that was able to manipulate all the way he has up till the end deserves to win, whether he was playing against a bunch of idiots or not. He deserves to win over those ‘idiots’. I don’t suffer from Bitter Viewer Syndrome. Derrick played a great game, and as much as I despise Frankie, I have to acknowledge he’s very smart and also played a great game. That’s putting personal feelings aside and analyzing gameplay.

Janelle deserved to win, but so does Derrick.


I agree that Frankie played a good game but he didn’t play one when it came to jury. He made so many people angry that if he made it to final 2 he would have definitely have lost to Derrick, and probably someone like Caleb or Cody who the jury actually like. For the viewers it would be a good game but he upset way too many people in the jury. In this game the players sometimes forget that the people they backstab are jury.

J sizzle

Caleb looks like his hopes and dreams are crushed and he knows his delusional world has come to an end!!!!!!!!!!!. Beast mode dumbass

Southern Chick

I love how Caleb’s parents didn’t even really try to defend him. They were like…yep, that’s Caleb! LOL

The Tip Jar!!

Thanks Simon & Dawg, for all the updates this season!! I don’t have the patience for live feeds lol


Caleb’s parents seem to be surprisingly down-to-earth.


I feel so bad for Caleb. I know he has to go but he made me smile. I’ll remember him.


I feel bad for him too, but gullibility on BB can’t be rewarded.

Southern Chick

How quickly some women forget how Amber was treated. Don’t forget who owns you Amber! And look what happens when you cross me! What was his eviction message to her again? Don’t mess with the king or some nonsense?

Caleb had his moments, but come on! He’s an egotistical, chauvinistic blowhard!


POV inspired by the new TV show “Stalker”… PERFECT for Caleb’s personality…. Bet Amber is laughing..


I was 100% sure there would be one of them making that comment in their DR when I saw that… Shocked that didn’t happen! 😉

Southern Chick

I know, right? Remember week one on the live feeds when Caleb was planning the fastest routes to Amber’s house? lol


I hope Cody wins the final HoH, grow a pair of balls, and vote Derrick out. I really wanted Caleb to win but he F**ked up when he put Frankie on the block.


I totally agree. I DO NOT want Derdick in the final 2. Cody win this HOH and send that pig packing. Let his daughter starve.

Bring on the down votes.


I don’t want Derrick’s cute daughter to starve. And she won’t.
Don’t forget he got to win A LOT of money for getting to do simplistic “missions” for Team America!
Basically none of those “missions” required them to change anything.
– Having “someone awake” for 24 hours just needed 1 of them staying up a few hours longer than usual, since Donny always woke up super early.
– The Mouse mission was just “they need to be awake until 6AM”, which at that time was happening anyway most of the time.
– “Amber as a physical threat” was the planned nomination anyway!
– “Start a rumor that Zach is related to Amanda Zuckerman”? Come on!
5.000 Bucks for each of those little “nothings”, plus the stipend, plus the 5.000$ for filling the small snowman… I’d say Derrick will be well off even if he doesn’t make it to F2.
Cody didn’t get to make any of this money, and he would want to pay off those big student loans of his and his siblings. As of now, even Hayden – who was evicted an eternity ago – made 5.000$ more than Cody.
Unfortunately, I’m afraid Cody will take Derrick and lose.
And Derrick will take Victoria.

Does the Jury get to see the eviction speech (Cody telling Caleb about the Hitmen) as well as the comps?


So you want the best player kicked out and not win, even though he played everyone in the house? smart. The fact that you made a hateful comment about an innocent 18 month old just proves you are a very dark souled individual, how sad it must be for you to look in a mirror every day.


Congratulations to Simon on your new addition! Dawg… wishing you and your gal much happiness! Enjoy every minute of your special day and have a relaxing trip.

J sizzle

Yes cbs thank you for confirming what most of us already know,Caleb is definitely a delusional beast mode cowpie$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ NOT!!!!!!


Is it me or does Derrick have way more control over Victoria then Dan did Danielle?


I think it is about the same. It just seems different because Danielle and Victoria have different personalities.


W O W !!!!!!!!! Can not wait for BBCAN 3!!!!!!!!!!


The only person I like of the final 3 is Derrick


Did Derrick know Cody was going to say that? Victoria did not look too happy after that speech. Time for Derrick’s mind fog again.


What did Cody say? That Derrick may not have liked.


Cody specified that the Hitmen were formed day 2 (even if they only picked the name later) and that they had planned to make it through to F2 this entire time.
All Derrick ever told Victoria was that “Cody thinks they are close, and that he’d take him”.
I’m sure Derrick will tell her “I just said that to Cody, I didn’t really mean it!”, but at least Cody got to tell her all that in front of Derrick, and Derrick didn’t say that Cody was lying.
I expect Victoria to have a conversation with Cody at some point during the next days – when Derrick is away in the DR! If not, she’d really set the fact she’s useless and brainless in stone.
Derrick doesn’t want that, although it won’t change anything: she’d still take Derrick if she won (won’t happen) and she’d still vote for him over Cody.


Cody doesn’t do or say anything without Derrick’s approval which is why Cody doesn’t deserve the 1st place win, 2nd yea, but he never came up with any plan of attack on his own, he listened to Derrick and did what Derrick said was best. Victoria? bless her heart. I find her funny though, she seems to try but is too clumsey to win anything, but maybe her strategy was to appear weak to be taken to the final? doubt it, but she makes me laugh, at least she is not hate filled as some.

lemon balls

Kudos to Caleb for outing Frankie for the snake he is …


Yep…did anyone catch Julie shut him [Caleb] down/rush and change subject…. when he told the truth about Frankie…CBS does not want anything NEGATIVE said about Frankie


Julie Chen seemed to be thinking “Shut up and stick to the script! Frankie is awesome and kind and generous and should have won. You should have said that you regret taking him out!”
Shame on you, Mrs. Chen, this whole PR for Frankie is downright nauseating to watch!
Someone posted here earlier that Frankie’s sister’s manager also manages the CBS show Scorpion? If that’s right, that might explain a few things… We even got BB to host a POV comp with Scorpion as a theme to promote it, and Cody, Donny and Nicole got to see an episode.


So why isn’t anyone questioning Chenbot or Fakie about his vile behavior? Let’s see…Fakie’s sister has a manager (Scooter Braun who also happens to manage Bieber) who is the Executive Producer of the CBS show Scorpion. Guess that answers the question. CBS you S*CK!


Really, now that I know the tie in I think I will skip that series.


I gave to confess… I actually felt bad for Caleb. He really seemed genuinely hurt. Keep in perspective Beast Mode, it’s nothing personal, just a game.


Hopefully BMDumbo can reflect back how hurt and uncomfortable Amber felt with his stalking her. He needed to pay for how he sabotaged her game. And Donny
Bye. Him not winning save him from himself.

lemon balls

Derrick might of pissed off a lot of people in the jury house to win…


Who has Derrick pissed off in the jury? From what I heard from the jury house, they all like him even after knowing he had something to do with them going, Nicole, Hayden. Jacosta and Zach all said they like him, Frankie will vote for him to win also since Derrick told Frankie he was leaving and he was grateful for that. Derrick has not made any enemies in the house.


I loved hearing Derrick’s daughter and wife. That was pretty special and I absolutely loved his initial reaction.


I’m not going to lie that was a GREAT speech by Cody. I don’t know if it’s only me but I’d love to see Cody win the final HOH and take Victoria to the final LOL I know he won’t do it because he hasn’t made any big moves in this game (aside from taking Caleb out) but that’d be AMAZING TV. In reality though if Cody wins the final HOH he’ll take Derrick to the final like an idiot. Hurry up BB 17!

Butters Mom

The only thing that could make this season worth the effort for me is for Cody to win HOH and take Victoria. I would feel so much better about all of it! I do not want Derrick to win or to get 2nd. Can not stand his BB 101 lectures every single episode.


Yea, game play in Big Brother isn’t important, but what is important is your precious feelings and how you will feel watching it, since the world revolves around your “feelings”

Butters Mom

Rude much! Go F yourself Janie!


an episode that I could stomach!! Thank goodness Frankie is gone and they realize what a jerk he is!


Zach Caleb Frankie will make the most money after BB, Caleb and Frankie had the best exit ever , Frankie exit overshadowed every BB winner lol


Did anyone see Victoria’s face during the eviction when Cody told Caleb that he has been working with Derrick for the entire game and they plan on being the final two??? Her smile slowly turned into a frown. She looked so sad and heart broken. This may sound bad, but a little bit of me was happy that she is finally seeing that she is a pawn in this game. But who am I kidding… Later tonight Derrick will probably convince her that he never worked with Cody, and she will believe him. Ugh!

I don’t know who’s worse. Victoria or Sabrina from BBCAN2.


yeah, I noticed that too. Victoria was literally shaking in her seat when Cody said that. looked like she sharted on herself after Cody made that speech.


That was in fact a good move on Cody part. To expose Derrick now that’s another vote for him. Plus he can not watch Derrick closely to see the affects of what he said.

Pink Skunk

Wow, surprised that CBS allowed to show Frankie’s elitist, self absorbed behavior on the show; Caleb just reinforced it when he said he didn’t regret sending Frankie home because of it, lol ! That , coupled with his little sister’s diva behavior shows that the Grandes ain’t so grand!


Good for Caleb defending his decision to send Frankie out! Proud of him for that! I think they all saw Frankie’s true colours, he is such a dick!


Never thought I would feel bad seeing Caleb go, but I do.

Southern Chick

I don’t. I just reminisce about all the douchebag things he’s said over the summer….how he was going to teach Amber a lesson for biting the hand that feeds her and so on. Then I remember what a tool he is. Glad he didn’t win anymore money. His ego would have exploded if he actually won.


Caleb was so into himself AGAIN that he had to make poses while Julie was tryin to talk to the camera. The biggest TOOL ever. Does anyone know Caleb’s military history? The first shot of him like graduating basic since there was no rank or anything on that uniform and the second pic of him in uniform was National Guard? I thought he was active duty not guard?

Butters Mom

Pay attention Janie…. he was in the Army… and he was a prison guard while deployed…


************* VICTORIA wins $500.000 that would be…fucking awesome. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Frankie believes he created Twitter.


OMG…He is a TOOL!!!! I watched Frankies exit interview with Jeff…and he actually boasted…HE created his sister…he is the person who got her where she is….WTF is in his Prescription bottles?????


Hoping that Victoria wins in the end. That would be a testament to how dull and ridiculous this season is. Would not be surprised if Derick wins though, production seems to want another “Dan” so they have pushed for him throughout this [boring] season.

echo 1

Expect the unexpected. BB giving an extra $50000.00 to Columbo if he wins. I think they wanted to get everyone excited about how generous they can be. I don’t think they will allow him to win! Thus the latest gotcha moment.


Say what you want about Caleb maybe he delusional but I think kid has heart of gold. Great morales. And he served this country with pride. Great kid

Southern Chick

Oh yeah, teaching Amber a lesson for biting the hand that feeds her is the sure sign of a great guy! Let’s all bow down to him while he wears his crown that he likes to wear. Give me a break. The guy is a chauvinistic tool who can’t go more than 5 minutes without lying about something.


Whatever sweetheart. Looks like no one agrees with you check out the 76 likes on my comment

Captain Crunch

lol Cody spilled the beans about Derrick and him being in a F2 during his pov speech with Victoria there but i bet Derrick is still gonna talk her out believing it but then again Victoria would rather Derrick win over anyone else.


Interesting that Cody and Derrick said in front of Victoria they had a final 2 and that 747 plane flew right over her head. Unbelievable!


Lol at Frankie thinking he has control over the votes, especially with the Jury hating him.

It is about time Calen got evicted, but I have to say his eviction interview had me silent. He shaded the hell out of Frankie. But it is disappointing that Julie did not ask him about his creepy behaviour to Amber.

This is the first time since…….BB16 Episode 1 that I do not know who will be evicted next.

echo 1

Cant wait for Frankies entrance to the Jury house. Getting a similar greeting Christine got. Seeing everyone on one side of the room with the exception of Christine peering in from the outside patio LOL. Priceless!!!


They showed a commercial for BBAD being on TVGN during the last commercial break… Maybe they’ll let us watch the live feeds for a few more days?
I mean, why not let us know who won part 1 of the 3-part final HOH?
Didn’t they do that as well for BB14? I think I remember watching that “hook line and sinker” comp between Dan, Ian and Danielle on the feeds – but I’m not sure.
Can you guys refresh my memory? What do you think?
P.S.: Great job Cody, you used the opportunity to explain the Hitmen well. First time you got to jump the ship on Derrick. Glad to hear Caleb was more disappointed in D than in Cody – but I’m sure Frankie will “set him straight” and he’ll still end up voting for Derrick.
Of course, Derrick had to tell Frankie by himself that he was going, when they agreed they would sit down the 4 of them and tell him together… Wow, Frankie was a real jerk telling them he’d reconnect with his millions of fans (trying to intimidate them!) and “singlehandedly decide who wins” since he’s so influential on the entire jury. Glad Cody told him “he’s not Jesus!”


I feel so terrible for Caleb. He was crushed. Reminded me of when Donny was evicted.


are you seriously comparing Caleb to Donny? has everybody gone crazy and forgot what a pos Caleb has been all summer or what? you guys are just as delusional as Caleb is thinking he’s some great guy all of a sudden


I’m glad that Caleb said what he did about Frankie and that CBS showed what a douche Frankie is.

Alex C.

I guess Derrick will cut Cody’s throat and take Victoria to F2 if he wins the last HOH and Cody will take Derrick unless he smartens up in the last hour and gives Derrick the axe and takes Victoria to F2.

BB Jon

I know Frankie is an awful person, but Caleb is dumb as a rock. He was shown the door tonight because he evicted his only ally. I know fans on this board hate Frankie, from a game a stand point you guys had no business cheering up Caleb for putting Frankie up, it was a very dumb move, even Caleb parent said so


After seeing her face after what Caleb said, it’s really sad Victoria doesn’t get it, that she’s so useless, she doesn’t pose a threat to any one in the game, which is the only reason she lasted this long… In her little world, she’s convinced she’s the best female this season.. If it wasn’t Victoria in the final 3, it wouldn’t been Pow Pow, equally as useless and terrible in comps..

I honestly hope her zing gets broken down to her, where she could understand..


would’ve been**

Brittany's Forehead

I’d like to buy Frankie for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.

Linda on Tx

I thank Caleb for the service he gave our country. He has great soul and heart. He should be proud of himself.

Southern Chick

OMG! Lady are you nuts? You think someone with a great soul and heart acts like Caleb does towards women? He told her she couldn’t win without him. He said she “bit the hand that fed her” and he was “teaching her a lesson” when he put her on the block. That is a messed up attitude to have towards women, and that’s not even half of what he’s done and said in that house. Wake up!!

echo 1

Victoria to win and cap the most ridiculous fakest creepiest Big Brother ever !!!


It was awful sweet of Frankie to leave a sparkly skirt for Vicki to wear.


LOL!! Funny.

Pink Skunk

If it’s Derrick and Cody F2, it could be a toss up, aww who the f am I kidding? Derrick is the winner (((((yawn))))


live feeds are back .they are getting ready for the comp.

And that is why...

I voted for Donny 80 times today! Frankie is an egotistical ass. I think the Hitmen will honor their agreement. They respect the game too much to reward Victoria. You may think this season is boring, but it is much better than watching last year’s losers and have to stomach Amanda and McCray in bed all the time.


Derrick is golden at this point. He has brainwashed these two half-brains and both will take him to the end. I don’t see Derrick being loyal at all. I still think he will take Victoria to the end as its an easy win for him, even though he could get rid of her and she would still be a vote for him. He will take the sure thing. He has shown he is not playing emotionally, he is a greedy pig and will do whatever it takes.

Victoria is in love with him and will take Derrick no matter what. Who are we kidding, she couldn’t win a Victoria lookalike contest at this point, even Julie almost chuckled when she mentioned her name in the “who will win the HOH competition line” but if hell does freeze over she’s taking Derrick.

Cody might look pretty but he is not playing the game, he is playing Derrick’s game. He has not made a decision on his own, he has followed Derrick the entire time and he won’t go against him. Why did they out their alliance tonight? That actually helps Cody, I’m surprised Derrick would do that as it could upset Victoria, not that it would change anything anyway.

Butters Mom

Julie and the CBS execs didnt let us hear the boos we were all anticipating but they gave us a pacifier tonight by showing Frankie in his true form and then Caleb expressing what we all think as well about Frankie. Glad Caleb said what he did both in the episode to Frankie and also while he was talking to Julie after he left.

Canadian Gal

Congrats to Simon on the new addition and to Dawg on your upcoming wedding! Thank-you both soooo much for all your hard work and your families for putting up with is needy f’rs lol.

All the best and see ya next season!!


I have to admit I got a little bit teary with the Daddy holla tonight. I saw the video clip of Tenley recording it on twitter and I was really hoping BB would use it. It brought everything that Derrick is working for in perspective for me as a viewer. I thought it was really special and I think all 4 of them were touched by it.


We all know Derrick is going to win this thing and producers want him to but how fair was it that he got to hear his wife and daughter? I know it was just a couple of words and the others didn’t care but it shows yet another time where he is getting special treatment.