Big Brother Spoilers – Derrick says big day tomorrow about to play Grim Reaper!

POV Holder: Cody
HOH Winner Derrick Nominations: Victoria and Caleb

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12:10am UP in the HOH room – Cody, Derrick and Victoria are hanging out talking. Cody wonders if Jeff will be a fan of theirs. Derrick says he thinks Jeff will be a team Donny fan. Cody wonders if people like Boogie makes a surprise appearance. Derrick says at the after party like Rachel’s thing, absolutely I think he’ll be there. Cody asks do you think they’ll look at us and be like losers, you guys are rookies! Derrick says I think they’ll be like nice game but you’re not at my level yet. And you would be like am I though!? Am I though!? Derrick says Boogie won All-Stars! He’s kind of a big deal! The talk about the POV competition today. Cody says it was his favorite comp of the season. Derrick comments on how this is his last night in the HOH and after tonight they won’t be able to come back up here. Derrick talks about his letter and how it says we’re all rooting for you and promoting you like crazy. Derrick says you don’t promote things you don’t like, right!? Derrick says after the season ends he wants to do more with the show than just a feedster. Derrick and Cody start tossing the fake lime back and forth.

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1:30am Derrick and Cody are alone in the HOH room. Derrick says I have to win the second part of the HOH to be in the end with you because she ain’t going to beat you in endurance. If she wins the final HOH and takes you I am still voting for you. It could be a freak chance.. we have to both get there. Cody says oh if she takes you I am voting for you but I’ll kick you in the balls. Derrick says either one of these guys could take me if they think they could beat me. Cody says the chances of her winning are really low. If she had to list the HOH’s that simple to remember but if its something she has to jump up then thats hard. Derrick says she’s going to panic any ways. Cody says we’re going to f**king crush her. Derrick says we’ve done everything we could to get to this point. Caleb’s the final thing. It’s the best chance we have of both getting there. Cody says he’s got to go. There’s no hesitation in it. Derrick says he’s got to go. We’re playing statistics here. Statistically he has a better chance at splitting us up than she does. Derrick says its possible because we’re not meat heads sitting here saying its done put a fork in her. It could happen, I know it can and if I go home because of it I have no one to blame but myself. Cody says the final one is a guessing game and that’s why I would rather be sitting next to you than her because I don’t want her to get an opportunity to win it. Victoria joins them again. The conversation turns to talking about if big brother is building 1 comp or two in the backyard. They talk about the past house guests and who had more to their stories than they were letting on. Derrick says Devin, Donny and PowPow. Cody says good night. Derrick says big day tomorrow about to play Grim Reaper! Cody leaves.
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1:55am – 3:30am Victoria tells Derrick that she has no idea what to say tomorrow. Derrick says just keep it simple! Victoria asks do you know what he’s doing tomorrow? Derrick says I think he is thinking of keeping you but I don’t think he is dead set on one way or the other. Derrick helps her with what she should say in her speech. Derrick and Victoria talk about the jury votes. Derrick says that Jocasta, Donny, Christine and Frankie won’t vote for me. If by chance you win the final HOH and you win, I would totally understand it because of everything you’ve gone through to get there and winning the final HOH. Victoria says who knows Cody might not even keep me. Derrick says I put a good word in for you. Derrick says we have a 2 in 3 chance at making it to the end, we just have to get to the end. Derrick says I think you would have a harder chance against Cody in the end. Victoria brings up her basket of bathroom stuff to shower in the HOH bathroom. Derrick starts talking to Victoria about how self conscious she she about her hair. Victoria goes to shower and goes out after to show Derrick her hair. Derrick tells her that she has more hair than most people. You have a ton of hair. You completely over exaggerated it. Derrick says I’m going to sleep. Victoria says thank you and goes back to blow drying her hair in the bathroom. Victoria heads downstairs to go to bed.

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i was hopin caleb would win, for whatever reason he grew on me,

Zach's Lost Showmance

He grew on me, too, and not just because I’m from Kentucky. He was loyal and honest to the point where it ruined his game moves at certain points (telling Frankie they were thinking about back-dooring him?!??). Still, at the end of the day, I believe Caleb was the most true to himself while playing the game. Sure he wants fame and a music career, a chance to be on Survivor, to play the Amazing Race, and to pay off his family’s debts and donate to Wounded Warriors. Do I think he would do all he said he would do if he won the 500K? Absolutely. I don’t think Caleb is programmed to deliberately lie to people. He exaggerates when telling stories, but isn’t that what Derprick did 21-Jump Street style to win the game? I love Caleb and wish him nothing but the best!


Caleb not only ruin his game
He ruin my viewing experience. Bye


AHHHHH, I missed the live eviction. Anyone have a link to last nights show?


I know this doesn’t help you right now, but they will replay this weeks episodes on Friday on TVGN. πŸ™‚


Go to


I was too. He lived in a strange delusional world but I started to realize it was harmless and kind of funny to watch. His blind loyalty did him in. Having Derrick win has just been all too predictable for most if the season due to this lame cast. He deserves it most but would like to see him screwed out of it just cuz he’s been such a cocky a-hole

I was wondering how did Cody survive this long…he basically has done nothing but was protected by Derrick. He’ll be shocked if Derrick cuts him loose.

On basic gameplay Derrick deserves win for being puppet master and I think Caleb rightfully deserves second place over KotexKody and VapidVic


On the wedding!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your hard work!

Nichole's and Hayden's Sweet Romance

Dawg: Have a beautiful wedding, a pleasurable honeymoon and a happy,successful marriage! (Thanks again for all the time and hard work Simon and you have put in on a most difficult BB season!)


Caleb grew on you? I guess after watching him attach himself to Amber, he does resemble the qualities of a fungus.


I’m glad Caleb is going You can’t tell him anything that doesn’t stroke his ego.Too bad he was evicted earlier before the jury. I don’t wish him anything negative outside the game or any of them really as I don’t care about this stuff that much passed the finale. But I have not enjoyed watching him in a game like this. He isn’t loyal. He’s very egotistical and made moves and decisions based off that. The only reason he isn’t coming off as bad is because they evicted Amber because he would have kept on with his offensive talk about putting her in and crossing boundaries acting like he was indebted or a piece of property. I guess he thought she was Sally Hemmings and he was Thomas Jefferson in another era in the backwoods somewhere. And he isn’t harmless because his existence in the game actually affected others who were trying to play in the game because he was no mind numbinlgy ignorant and arrogant were people like Derrick could easily manipulate him to turn on people that he should have been loyal to in the game. If you are a woman he looked at you as less than.


Totally agree with you. Caleb sexually harassed Amber at the beginning of the game. He even admitted to telling her that he would keep her safe if she went on a cruise with him. He is so disgusting on so many levels. Whenever he was telling one of his two hour long fictional stories I either muted the feeds or turned them off. I don’t know why people are suddenly so forgiving of him just b/c he made a few good game moves. His attitude and treatment towards women on this show has been deplorable. I’m glad Victoria outlasted him. How he can justify calling himself BMC after leaving the house before her??
As far as people saying he deserves to be there over Cody b/c of his loyalty and game play, well Cody has been just as loyal (to Derrick) and has beaten Caleb in several head to head competitions just like the F3 veto yesterday . I’m not a fan of either player, but Caleb has just really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m glad I wont have to watch him strut around that house like he’s God gift after today.


Being obsessed with someone isn’t sexually harassing someone.


He kissed her on the forehead while she was asleep.

The bottom line is, he was a total creep to her while she clearly stated she has no interest in him. He completely disgusts me from his fame hungry endeavors to his lying. He knows he can’t sing yet wants to be a country superstar. He went to West Point. He almost had a million dollar acting gig for saying one line in Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean come on. And I can’t believe people have forgotten all the misogynystic things he’s said and done. Like when he tried scaring Amber “into place” by saying she was put on the block by him and only her can take her out. What a shmuck, I’m glad he’s out. He would have blown all the money anyway on trucks, a club and new house (not that he could buy all those things after taxes). Not to mention his ego being boosted by a million. The only good thing that would have come out of him winning was the wounded warriors donation.


I’m hoping that Cody wins the final HOH and evicts Derdick and takes Victoria to the final 2.


Congratulations to both Dawg and Simon on the very important times in both of your lives.
Thank you so much for keeping all of us updated this season , especially when you have much more important things going on in your lives.
Good luck and congratulations! !

Can't believe I am going to say something nice...but

I think you may have short shrifted the hair conversation. It was surprisingly moving and made me actually both feel bad for Victoria and feel good that Derrick isn’t just using some dumb, sweet girl. She hinted at a very serious medical condition that she was scared the other HGs or feedsters would figure out (she kept leaving parts out of the medical part and promising to explain out of the house so no one could figure out) and implied she was surprised Big Brother accepted her on the show, but that it was a huge boost to her confidence. She for once didn’t seem like the airhead but instead like a scared kid afraid of being made fun of. And Derrick really was like an older brother, genuinely kind, patient, and gently affirming. It was really sweet. Didn’t make me like either, but something in it stirred my cold heart of stone, lol.


A few MAJOR glitches in what you may or may not have hear or perceived about VICTORIA’S HAIR TRAUMA. She never said what it was and never indicated it was medical, only that she lost alot of hair and it made her really insecure. This could be from wearing or having extensions sewn in, sleeping with them on or alot of various vain reasons. We don’t know that.
Another MAJOR thing is Victoria was recruited. She was seen at a bar in with friends and asked if she would do the show.
She was insecure about her hair but as we have seen this is ludicrous as she has a full head of hair and was ‘found’ while wearing extensions.
She was not SURPRISED as you said that they accepted her; she was RECRUITED.
As for being a scared little girl; NO. She is very full of pomposity beyond belief in her initial interviews and sees herself as very ‘hot’.
She claims that when she is out and about people say ‘who is that’? Doesn’t sound like an insecure little sister to me.
She did in fact say she would use her sexuality and looks in the game. She was way too aggressive with it at the beginning with a lot of the guys and they talked about it making them uncomfortable. She claimed to be the most gorgeous girl in the house and was a complete bitch behind Amber and Brittany’s back and flirted with Hayden in front of Nicole trying to be the queen b and getting all the men’s attention sexually. They didn’t find her attractive; in fact she came off needy and self-absorbed.
Just for clarity……you have your own perception…I have live feeds and have disliked everything about Victoria since the moment she appeared on the screen (amongst a couple others).
She is juvenile, out of line with a married man, and vain.


Agreed! Funny thing is she thinks she’s the most gorgeous but no one was into her bc she’s not as attractive as she thinks.

Rio Seven

I agree and I disagree. Based on quick research, it appears that Victoria’s hair is currently recovering from a past problem that was probably medical – although not a serious medical problem. From what I gather, she only wears clip on extensions because the extensions that are sewn in can cause hair loss.

I read on another blog that she told Frankie that she was in the shower once and it “all fell out.” So prob one of three possibilities, low iron, side effect of a medication, or alopecia. When my iron was low I would lose significant amounts of hair in the shower. Once it did get pretty bad but it does grow back, usually only to fall out again. It was upsetting to me because I got a small bald spot and my hair got real thin around my forehead. But like I said, it grows back and now that my iron levels are normal, it doesn’t happen anymore.

However, I still think Victoria is being dramatic and weak. I mean, she has tons of hair now, it is just shorter than she likes. Some women cannot handle short hair – emotionally speaking. Good example is the haircut reactions on the episodes of America’s Next Top Model when they do the make-overs. A couple of the women always lose their minds over it.

The reality is that you can’t have hang-ups like that because there are so many worse things that can happen to you. How would Victoria handle a serious medical condition? Because eventually we all have to deal with some medical problem/s and in the scheme of things, short hair is trivial. But she is young and naive, wait until she is in her 40’s and her boobs start to migrate south – lol.


This hair conversation sums up Victoria: useless and shallow and self-absorbed!

Her “hair” story is that she had a weave that gone awry! No medical condition about it. Her hair trauma is she has short hair NOW and it will take a couple years to grow it long. End of story.

That nauseating convo she had earlier with Hayden about why she cares about her looks, why she takes pride in it, how that convo went on and on and an hour later she still wanted to elaborate on it.

And yesterday top it off with her speech how she fought so hard to get to this point. Anyone notice the face that Caleb made? So funny.

Another funny thing about yesterday’s show is when Cody said I know that piglet nose is Derrick’s.


A few comments on your belittling Victoria of her hair issues. ;Her loss of hair is what drove her to start wearing hair extensions. The extensions were not what caused the problem. She does remove them when she washes and dries her hair – so they are not in all the time. So what if she was recruited…a vast majority of HGs are. Just because she was recruited does not give her a pass through to being a HG. She would still have had to go through a vetting process. One of the things all HGs have to go through is a full physical and mental evaluation. Her comment about them taking her with her “condition” would refer to it being disclosed during the physical evaluation. As for her not sounding insecure during her interviews…very often those who are the most insecure are those who are the most boastful. It is obvious that you dislike her intensely, however it is grossly unfair that you permit that dislike to belittle what I believe is a very real medical condition. For many women, their hair is their crowning glory…it gives them a sense of identity. That is made obvious by the trauma women suffer when they lose their hair due to side effects of treatment for cancer….it is devastating. Yes, Victoria is annoying beyond belief. Yes, she is a princess. But geez, have a little compassion.


Any belittling that was done to Victoria was taken care of solely by Victoria. Just like the hat she cut up being her own.
She proves just how shallow a girl from a gated community who purchases $600 sunglasses and states ver batim “90% of my identity is my clothing”, can actually go . My observation of it is nothing more than the fact that I have ears and eyes that work.
She took care of her own belittling and it’s the only thing she succeeded at in this game (daycare for her).


If Victoria’s identity is her clothing, then someone should tell her that all those ugly knee socks are NOT who she wants to be….

I forgot!

Thanks Evictoria! I totally forgot about Victoria’s comments at the beginning of the season. ” I’m the hottest girl in the house “. Didn’t sound like a girl with low self-esteem, huh? !


I saw the pre-game video of Victoria with Jeff…that girl is not shy, intimidated or meek. She was nothing like she is in the BB house. If you watch that video, it makes you wonder if this is her game…


I agree 100%. She’s not “a little girl “. She’s a 22 year old adult woman. She acts like a little girl because the way she was raised. She’s clueless and immature and shallow…obsessed with her looks and does not belong in this game. Basically was an insult to big brother fans and people who probably deserve to be on that show. Look at her video and see how she professes to be a spoiled bitch. Kim Kardashian is her hero.

And just how stupid is a player to work for someone else’s game!??? Why did you cast this mess CBS???


Wow, I find myself a bit torn in regards to Miss V. She really has done nothing to win any favor w fans. Not only is she just dismal at competitions, she is also far from being miss congeniality. It’s pretty damned hard to like her but I do feel a some pitty for her. She’s quite deluded about her looks and I don’t think she over plays this due to an insecurity. I do agree she has likely been overly coddled and has a grand sense of herself due to being told she’s a princess by her parents. She lacks the self concept and ability to see this as her parents way of simply showing love and instead sees it as true. She continues to try and make Amber look bad at random opportunities. WTF did Amber do to bother her other then look amazing in a bikini? When CBS learned she worshipped Kim K, was a fan of Mob Wives, and sorry, but was obsessed w Ariana’s “music” they should have hit eject. She’s been horribly miscast and belongs on an Oxygen type show if anything. Again, I feel sorry as it would seem no one has had a “coming to Jesus” w her. I think of the beautiful friends (inside and out) that I know who really are insecure for no reason other then being too hard on themselves and then I see Vaintoria and wonder how for f#%ks sake did she get THAT confidant? It had to be mommy and daddy.


Yes, Victoria’s unhealthy lack of self-awareness has to be the result of a mommy and/or daddy overprotecting her, giving her too much attention for doing little. Maybe she had some physical probs as a child and they were afraid they were going to lose her. It’s sad. She’s irritating. But, she can’t hurt anyone. And Derrick, even as he uses her, is taking good care of her. She’s not going to win. She is going to be heartbroken. She can use this experience and maybe grow from it. And the season was so bad, she didn’t really make it worse. πŸ˜‰


Hey seriously, let’s get real…Mommy and Daddy encouraged BB16 for Victoria so they wouldn’t have to hear that whiny voice for a whole summer!


Ditto to all of the above! What’s sad is Victoria was recruited and never knew of the game! It’s so frustrating that she may go to f2. I do Hope Derrick doesn’t take her. It would be unchallenging to say the least!


gosh, so unforgiving. you know, she said some pretty dumb things…. big deal! she’s a 21 year old kid who has lived a very sheltered life. in the next few years she will learn a lot of life lessons (some the hard way) and grow into a different person than she is today. if I look back at some of the idiotic, selfish things I have said in my early 20’s, I’m sure my 35 year old self would be mortified….. I would feel pretty stupid. individuals in their 30’s (derrick and Frankie) don’t get a pass, they should know at their age what’s appropriate and what is not. but as far as Victoria goes, being an idiot and self absorbed comes with territory of being 20-21. we’ve ALL been there.


Relax, relax! Derrick is 30 and Frankie is 31. Victoria is 22, not 20-21. I think by the time you’re 22, your “self” is pretty set. You are who you are.


asking someone with the screen name relax! to relax (even though my comment showed no sign of hysteria) seems a little redundant, wouldn’t you say? I was making a calm observation. and concerning Victoria’s age; you got me, she’s 22 not 21. however, I would still argue that many individuals do a lot of growing up in their 20’s. since you believe that your “self” (whatever that means) is pretty much set by 22, it’s probably safe to assume that you act like a perpetual 22 year old. based on your comment/attempt to set me straight, I’m guessing I’m right.


Evictoria– you sound like a woman hater to me.


I was 100% feeling sorry for Victoria until she said without her hair extensions she cant be Princess Jasmine anymore. She also kept saying that women were always super jealous of her long healthy beautiful hair. The fact is she is not used to not being the center of attention. She thought all the male Hg’s were going to be drooling at the sight of her. Her looks may get over on the older male set in Miami., but she’s in Cali now where there are beautiful women everywhere. She is not a princess. She is not named Jasmine. She is simply an insecure, manipulative, spoiled and immature woman who misses her one claim to beauty.


Victoria’s hair condition is called vanity.
She has pick, glued, stapled, sewed, and nailed so much hair in her head
She look like a fury princess whose scrape turned into a pin cushion.

Nothing Derrick did helped her. When she look back at his game , well let’s just say, her family might want to handcuff her hands to a bed post.


No, I don’t believe that across a crowded barroom, someone saw Victoria and thought she has to be on BB!. She is not that special. She’s a friend, niece, or cousin of someone in production. She’s kind of a joke to me in a way, then I remember all the nasty shit she said about the other women, and I think she’s fair game for all this criticism. Hopefully, when she watches the show, she will see how cheap her extensions looked and buy some quality hair.

Team Anyone

That was very kind of Derrick and I believe he was sincere with those comments to Victoria. Look, I also made fun of her and yes, I remember her crying after a DR session and she told Zach. Frankie tried to find out and Zach said, he wouldn’t tell him. That was cool too. Does it really matter how she lost her hair? I mean it could have been cancer for all we know and if we happen to see a glimpse of Derrick and Victoria sharing a moment on screen, then let’s just enjoy it. Why ya gotta be a jerk about it and bash him or her? just let it lie. Derrick will be the winner, they will still be friends, and we can move on to watching Survivor. OK???? geesh!

Roll Tide

I hope Derrick makes it to the end. He has played a really good game.
I hope Derrick and Cody stay together until the end, final two.
Frankie’s exit was so over the top. He sure is able to turn the silly
Off and on so easy. I think he is sad inside because of jealously of his little sister.


It’s sad to watch him though. He’s twice his sister’s age and acts like a child.


I think Fankie is always on the stage. When he was with Julie I expected him to just be his self and not an actor. He was in character the whole time and I thought the same thing. He is over 30 years old and acts like a kid. It was really sad to see him not be him self.


wonder if he acts like that on fckin job interview some children act like that for attention but other than that who have seen a few queens during my 30 years in Atlanta other than that no one on the planet acts that way


Frankie should have met Julie Chen as “Frank” his very butch alter ego. Now, that would have been great television..!

Derrick might be screwed

If Derrick doesn’t win the final HOH he’s screwed. Cody will win it and take Victoria. I don’t care what he says he will do. When it comes down to winning 500k he’s going to take the option that Guarantees the win. Derrick would have a better chance at winning if Caleb stayed because both Cody and Caleb think they can beat him and wouldn’t take each other. Victoria has zero chance of winning final HOH. Mark my words, I think Derrick finally effed up.

Geez Louise

Roll Tide!

mr ed

What a joke last night.Chen,CBS and production sucking up to Fuckface Fakie because of his stupid ass sis. Pathetic!!! Its ok to boo crusty but not asswipe Fakie.Bunch of paid lemmings in the audience.Chen didn’t ask one question about his antics but Crusty was not off limits.Total BS this year.This show has as much balls as Cody!!

Not A PHD Student

I’m sure Frankie is going to post of picture of him donating all his team America money to is hmmm “Charity” as he claimed he was playing for, right?

I agree with you

CBS may still be getting decent viewing figures, people waiting for the gratification of seeing certain house guests evicted, but after this latest eviction I am sure there are a lot of people who will not watch future seasons.

I want my summer back!

Worst BB ever!


lemon balls

I agree… Chen sucked up to the whole Grande family. Wonder if they had a hand in that . .no tough questions .. Not putting him on the spot like she does others.. Pick and choose who to disect. Totally unprofessional to be biased like that ,to treat Christine and even aaryon like she did and not address fakie in the same manner… He is vile and disgusting and he will have a rude awakening when he reads posts on the net.. Would love to see his face when Donny tells him he has a part Ina soap show…heheheheh … CBS needs to let the players play the game and stay out…. Period…

Team Anyone

HAHA! Fire Julie Chen??? Her husband practically owns CBS.


Make no mistake, Chenbot does exactly as she is told. Her kind of overachievement tells her to do whatever is necessary to have financial success. She even married for love of money. He is mature enough to know that.


Get over it. Frankie is out of the house just like everyone on this board wanted.


Wish she had at least asked why he lied to everyone in the house about his age.


NoName—- who cares you dumbo.


I’m not shocked in the way Julie Chen didn’t go straight with the hard ball questions for Frankie, because if you remember last year, she did the same thing with Amanda Zuckerman. when Amanda got evicted last year, I believe the studio audience where also CBS employees and she didn’t get any heavy boos.

hey Dawg, congrats on the marriage, and the best of luck with you and yours.

Lennon's Ghost

Next year have Zingbot replace Chenbot when interviewing evicted HG’s.


Frankie’s exit audience was CBS underlings who mandatorily had to work…and they were told exactly how to cheer. I call BS.


Congratulations to Simon and Dawg both!!!!!

Double D

Seriously ??? She couldn’t wait until AFTER the season??? Best of luck.


Dearest Simon and Dawg,
So happy for both of you! Major joy in both of your lives….much deserved. In this crazy world, it sure is nice to hear such good news! Best wishes to both of you and your families!




It should be HitmAn, not HitmEn, or even ItMan


You mean you’re wife to be won’t let you do this on the honeymoon? Go figure!!!

Frankie may be gone BUT

With the fan reaction you all can rest assured my boo will be a very rich and successful man. You all wanted him out so badly you forgot to think about how much you will see him on tv from her on in.

Rumour has it that Julie is retiring and Frankie was being groomed to fill her role.

See you next year with my babe as the M.C.


King Silva

Just one of many trolls who have made me laugh last night/this morning..

Frankie lovers are just too much…. O_O

P.S. Thanks Dawg and Simon for being so amazing with the recaps of the feeds.

I think Dawg is the one getting married so major congrats to you. πŸ™‚

Buh bye Frankie Forever

Yeah, if that’s true, i really don’t know if I could watch the show anymore! I actually liked Frankie at the beginning of the season, but the more I saw of his unwarranted egotistic ways, the more I loathed him!


Dear Mrs. Grande, The reason that will not happen is because Frankie is not bankable. He would only be able to attract a fringe audience that will not meet the requirements for massive corporate profits. For example, Adam Lambert, who really does have talent, is not shown much on tv because he is not bankable for a tv audience.


I would rather watch Adam Lambert than The Rooster with a humping problem. Frankie would be grabbing and groping every guy who walks out the BB door as well as insulting every woman with his nasty perverted mouth. I agree with several other posters who feel CBS weathered through Frankie’s pathetic actions and will be happy to send him back to his sister’s coat tails. From several reports about his sister’s disrespect for fans, her infamous coat tails may not last long for Frankie. He may have to go back to his favorite hangout – The Box (with all the world’s celebrities) and either be a server/bartender.

Very funny

If he actually becomes host (which I don’t believe you) then I will only be watching the show on Sunday and Wednesday.


lol. no way CBS hands over hosting job to Frankie. I believe if Julie steps down, Jeff will be the one taking the position. also, big brother ratings has been on a down slide in the last couple of seasons. don’t know how much life Big Brother has left with CBS.


LOOOOOOOL are you serious? Retard!

Frankie J. Grande, Poster Child for the Advancement of Homophobia

‘Ayy’, having a mentally disabled child causes me to be very sensitive to inappropriate use of the “R” word.
However; In this particular instance I think you have used it most appropriately, and I wholeheartedly approve.

In your dreams Bozo....

There is NO WAY Frankie J Grande will ever be MC of BB…If anyone besides Julie…[Unless they go outside for a pro host.] will be Jeff.
Now put that in your Blue Short Shorts ….and SMOKE IT!!!!


Trust this…I won’t see Frankie anywhere for any longer than it takes to use my remote. I have not seen his you tube stuff and won’t. I had miniscule curiosity about his sister and satisfied that by watching five minutes of her tv show. If either of them relied on me for fame or fortune they would live in extreme poverty.
Now it is on to Survivor. Here’s hoping that next season’s BB is better than this one has been.

Zing Sting

If Frankie were MC, as you imply, a lot of people will not be watching BB17 including myself. I think Zack will have more involvement with Big Brother. Sorry but a Frankie sux.


For the love of mango…..just marry the man child in a hail of glitter and prance off into the sunset and out of our lives.


My response to Frankie may be gone….



Frankie should have been booed…


sadly the cbs employees could not. sigh…


Man was he obnoxious on the broadcast. And friggin Julie feeds into him. She’s obviously all about keeping Ariana happy and not making enemies. Although I wondered if it was a slight dig when she called him a “little showman”.

I started to watch Frankie’s interview with Jeff and lasted about 2 minutes. I literally can not stand to look at him or listen to him. He is so F*cking full of himself. I could tell Jeff was just doing his job.

Please TV executives don’t ever have him on any show Ever! He/she is such a messy thing.

Kathie from Canada

CBS was WAY too heavily invested in the Grande family without properly vetting the weird stepson! They were left in the awkward position where they had to pump up Ariana’s career while tamping down the damage done by Frankie as a HG. As a result, the season became so skewed that it was hard to watch, especially last night’s eviction interview. Hopefully CBS has learned a hard lesson from this experience.


Wow, congrats Simon for the recent new addition to the family!
And Dawg, all the Best for this Weekend! πŸ™‚
Thank you both so much for providing us with this great platform to discuss / bicker πŸ˜‰ and this great source of information regarding BB!!!
I can’t wait to see you again for BBCan3 and BBUS17! πŸ™‚
Now go and get married! πŸ˜€

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16 / Survivor Starts



Congratulations Dawg! Thanks for all your hard work!


Everyone please vote for Donny as America’s favorite!!!

I’m using 2 accounts and voting for him 40 times everyday until the finale please everyone else make duplicate or multiple accounts and do the same everyday as well justice needs to be served!!!


To. SMG HOOVER—– Frankie for America’s Favorite!!!


Congrats Dawg…very happy for you! You & Simon both have my respect for keeping this site going so well at the same time your personal lives were so busy!!! Congrats to you both!

I forgot!

Thanks Evictoria. I totally forgot about Victoria’s comments at the beginning of the season. “I’m the hottest girl in the house”. Didn’t sound like a girl with low self-esteem, huh?!


He really should have… I was getting excited because I thought he was going too… Then we watched it, everyone cheered and my bf looked at me and said I thought he was going to get booed? LOL Seriously CBS we all know why you taped that eviction… to make Frankie look good…. ugh


Congratulations Dawg! There has been more excited and great news this season with Simon’s son and your wedding. Dawg, I wish you and your wife to be many years of happiness and joy! Remember, it’s all about how you handle the ups and downs that counts in the end.

Julie (not Chen)

Congratulations Dawg! I am so happy Skankie is gone! I hope truly it isn’t true that CBS wants Him to host in place of Julie. I can’t stand watching him! He is way over the top and so self absorbed it would go from Big Brother to The Skankie Frankie Show, with him throwing fairy dust and name dropping. I agree he should have been booed too. OH well, now he is prancing in the jury house!


Congrats to Simon and Dawg and thank you for online big brother.the fans really do appreciate it!


Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for your hard work this season!! xo


Congratulations and Best Wishes Dawg. and also for the job well done on giving us the 24/7 updated of BB16. Again to Simon and Dawg Thank you.See you again on BB17.

Victoria's Hair Extension

I just want to point out how the rewind button completely helped Cody and Victoria toTOP 3 this season. Can you imagine if the game weren’t extended for a week?! Then it would be Frankie,Caleb,Derrick,and Cody in final 4 with Derrick winning HoH and Frankie probably wininng the last PoV. Cody would be evicted, then Caleb will win part 1 since it’s endurance and Frankie will win part 2 since it’s mostly physical with an easy mental like HoH order or eviction order. Derrick is not winning a physical competition that’s a given. He will be sitting on the sideline working and hoping Caleb or Frankie is not wiiling to take each other when they most likely are gonna take each other anyway. Then we would be stuck with Caleb and Frankie final 2. The rewind button releases America from a long-term suffering from almost having both of the most delusional players sitting in the finale.

I bet you Grodner put that button to help Frankie and she’s shitting bricks right now that it #FAIL HAAAA!!!
Derrick/Victoria for F2. Derrick FTW!!!!

Frankie J. Grande, Poster Child for the Advancement of Homophobia

I think the whole rewind button thing was simply a PR campaign exit strategy to get Freakie off the show while trying to make him look like a winner and a loyal game player.
I think that after the BB Broadway debacle, Donny’s eviction, the overwhelming no to apple pie & the Victoria rape joke scandal, Ariana’s PR company was crawled straight up Grodner’s wazoo to formulate a spin job for Freakie’s departure.
From hitting the rewind button all the way up through the fktarded exit interview – what a load of phony twisted spun malarky.
ChenBot, that’s an ‘OVERWHELMING NO’ to news or interviewing creds for you.


You nailed it. That rewind was designed to get rid of Frankie. His handlers wanted him off the show due to all the negative publicity he was generating. In exchange for him going early and not putting up a fight about it he was given a great edit , taped evection show and way more time than usual for his speech + his goodbyes to all the Hg’s. Julie also avoided asking him the really tough questions. He threw those comps and pretended he was upset about being nominated. Frankie is a horrible actor. He knew he was going home the whole time. I think CBS wants to wash their hands of this guy. Killing him with kindness then deleting his number from their corporate speed dial is the best way to go. .


Haven’t commented for over a week because of the bleh Final 5. The ony thing keeping me going is Caleb’s eviction today, and there being a good chance he gets booed. Imagine the questions Chen will ask “Beastmode”.


As a veteran OBB follower I would like to wish Dawg and Simon a heartfelt congrats! You’ve made this season (and many others) May new babies and wives bring you a lifetime of happiness! And remind other followers to make a donation! Big or small it makes a difference.

Victoria's Hair Extension

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised Cody won the last PoV. It’s probably one of those web-type-thingy where you have to figure out who was nominated a bunch of times and also a have-not a bunch of times. Or who has never participated in the BoTB (I bet Derrick puts himself as the answer for this when the correct answer is probably Joey or Devin LMAO! That’s why he didn’t win the POV. Arrogant Pig!!!) This kinda competition is certainly not made for Caleb. As for Victoria, yeah right! She probably already forgot that she entered the house on day 2.


This final four is EXACTLY like the final four in BB10. In that one, Dan and Memphis were in a real F2, and they were aligned with Keesha. They were dragging Jerry along because they could beat him.

So what happened? Dan was F4 HOH, and knowing that the veto is what mattered most, he threw it when he realized Memphis was going to win if he didn’t. That allowed Memphis to get the blood on his hands by sacrificing Keesha. They got to play against Jerry in F3, knowing he couldn’t win two of the three parts.

And here in BB16, you have Derrick and Cody in a real F2 alliance, and they are aligned with Caleb. Although Derrick has a fake alliance with Victoria, he’s allowed her to be dragged to the end.

I have a feeling Derrick could have won the veto but threw it to Cody so that Cody would have to evict Caleb. (He would have anyway, but winning the veto means he could rub Caleb the wrong way by not taking him down.) Now we will have a F3 comp coming up in which Victoria has zero chance of winning two of the three parts.

It is BB10 all over again, and Derrick is setting himself up as the Dan figure. Question is, does he have time to convince the jury about his game? During BB10, jury questioning was taped a few days in advance and lasted a few hours. Now it is a live segment that takes 7-10 minutes.

Still, I think Derrick beats Cody head-to-head, believing he has (1) Zach, (2) Nicole, (3) Hayden and (4) Victoria. The fifth would probably come from Frankie, but does the $50K enter into his thinking? Does Frankie believe Derrick deserves $570K, plus stipend, to win? Has Derrick set up the family need with him well enough?

Frankie could go either way. He thinks Cody played him, but has no clue Derrick did too. But he knows Derrick, because of what he’s playing for, would do anything to win, and he says he respects that.

Then again, it could be another 9-0. (I really don’t think so, though. Donny is really bitter toward Derrick and I can’t see him voting D’s way. And Christine would like to vote for Cody, though she might second-guess that after the booing she received.)


I would guess Derrick was at least partly hoping for Caleb to win that Veto.

He would beat Caleb 9-0 in the jury vote, no question about it. Caleb rubbed most of the jury the wrong way and they don’t have a lot of respect for his game.

He probably beats Cody and Vic too, but it’s not a lock. Cody probably has a few sympathizers and Vic will get at least a couple of votes from people looking to make some kind of statement.

shouldn't be laughing

it’s juvenile. it’s wrong. still I literally spit out my coffee when I read “Frankie could go either way.” nope. I think it’s firmly established. he only goes the one way.
so wrong. still laughing.

Mtn Feet



Mtn Feet— you’re wasting your time. Frankie has it made.


Just voted 20 for Donny!


Congratulations on your wedding Dawg! And Simon, congrats on your new addition as well. All your work is greatly appreciated by everyone here. πŸ™‚


Congrats on the upcoming wedding Dawg!!! You & Simon are the best, thanks for all you 2 do during the BB season


Cody and Caleb should realize that Derrick will beat them or Vic in a final two. Therefore, Cody should try to take Vic with him; Caleb should try to take Vic with him. Cody and Caleb need to work together to eliminate Derrick.

of course this will happen because cody and caleb are too stupid and too in awe of derrick. It isn’t so much that derrick is a great player it is that all his oppenents are too weak and too dumb. that is why i hate all this talk about derrick being so great. such bullshit. i cant stand the fact that derrick will win. the other players this year are all pathetic.

zach was the only itneresting one to watch. all the others suck.


Huh? Not sure I follow.

Why would either take Victoria with them if they need to work “together” to take out Derrick?

I believe you meant to say that Cody should evict Victoria and make a real F2 with Caleb to cut Derrick out if either wins the final HOH.


Congratulations guys. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for all you do and thanks to your partners(wife/fiancΓ© ) for putting up with your sleepless nights when you should have been in bed with them.


That is really great for you Dawg, there’s nothing like finding love!
Congrats to you and have a wonderful wedding and a lovely honeymoon!
Thanks to both of you as well for this super entertaining site and all the hard work you must put into it!!!


Cody is making a bad choice for his game, but this is why Derek is going to win the season he has controlled the house.


Making a bad choice getting rid of Caleb? He’s a pu$$y if he doesn’t, he’s making a mistake if he does, which is it? At this point it’s all a gamble. What if he keeps Caleb and Caleb wins Final HOH and takes Derrick to the finals, because Caleb doesn’t see Derrick as a player on his level, he thinks he can beat him because he has admitted it. Then we’ll be saying ‘ bad move Cody keeping Caleb over Victoria’.

Cody has to win the Final HOH if he wants a shot because Victoria’s taking Derrick, that’s not even a debate, but we don’t know if Derrick will take Cody, he might take Victoria.


Congrats dawg πŸ™‚ have a great honeymoon

Dame Judi chop

Thank Simon and Dawg. And congrats to you both.


do we know if Derrick officially wants to take Vic or Cody? has he actually decided yet?


Wow, bless you both for putting up with us and THEM so shortly before the Wedding! Super congratulations to you and your lady!


Congrats DAWG!


I thought I posted this earlier but can’t find it. As Twig leaf posted earlier we have a whole new type of player this year. In the past we have had Players and Floaters. This year we have Victoria who is actually hoping that someone else wins! We need a name for this type of house guest. I’m torn between β€œDingus” and β€œMisty”.


Just call it The Weave play.


Too easy – ‘hair-brained’ is very exclusive to her type of play.

The Boss

I am rooting for Victoria and Derrick to be in the final two. I think the jury is still bitter and will vote for Victoria to win. I am also a little disgusted that the audience didn’t boo when Frankie came out, he of all people needs a reality check I hope the jury treats him how they treated Christine when she first arrived. Is it me, or have the past couple of seasons been rather boring? I feel so sorry for Simon and Dawg that you guys have to sit thru this mess. Congratulations on your marriage Dawg, and on your new addition Simon!


Congratulations DAWG. I wish you and your lady love much happiness. 2014 is proving to be a good year for both you and Simon and I cannot think of 2 canucks more deserving of life’s blessings. You put your all into this site, ensuring that people you don’t even know are kept up to date and allowing us to express our opinions, regardless of how you view those opinions. Thank you both for all the hard work and off the wall captions.
God Bless you both and your families.


Congratulations to Dawg & his fiance !!!!!!!!!! Best Wishes for a wonderful life together !!!!!!!

Congratulations to Simon on the birth of his baby boy Jack !!!!!!!!!! Wonderful little miracles, aren’t they?

And many, many thanks to both of them for the best blog on the internet !!!!!!!

Ok all you posters out there………they are the ones really needing the money this year! Donate directly or go to…….honeymoons to pay for & baby needs a new pair of shoes………..


Congratulations to Simon and Dawg on their life additions and thanks to you both for watching and reporting this season so that I didn’t have to.
I hope that BB will come up with some new ideas for next season and go back to a few things from past seasons that worked. I also hope there will be less interference from production and more enforcement of the rules already in place.
As bad as I found this season I am already missing the show. A true addict…


Add my most sincere congratulations to both of you. Babies and weddings outshine BB any day. Going now to Pay Pal to make my last donation of the summer.


Thanks everyone for the words of support it’s been a big year for the guys at OBB.

The Talk is Full of It

I think it is a sad that Frankie’s soft exit interview by Chen shows just how sold out she is. The only hard exit interview I have seen her do was Aaryn who among many bad choices made the mistake of mocking Helen (an Asian American) and saying “go make some rice”. I guess if Victoria had also been an Asian American the Chenbot would have given Frankie the grilling he deserves. Yo Chen! You are still a woman and no matter how questionably famous someone’s half sister may be rape is never a joke! I hope you do not consider yourself a journalist. You are a glorified hostess.

ChenBot, that's an OVERWHELMING NO to journalist creds for you

Agree with you, but could you clarify – ‘Glorified Hostess’ what?
Twinkie, Cupcake, Ho Ho, Ding Dong, Sno Ball, Zinger or Honey Bun?


Congrats Dawg!! That is AWESOME!! You getting married & Simon’s baby are the true bright spots of this season. Enjoy your Honeymoon!! (I’m sure you’re gonna have a much better time than we are with the rest of this season! LOL!)


And speaking of bright spots – just want to give a final shout-out to some of my fav posters: CelticScorp; Queen Bee; Michael; sbb; Hawkeye; NotaGrandeFan; CoCo; Sasha D; Just Sayin; Mister E; RK; dingus on the block; Kelly M; Peggy; Cindy; NJM12; Ugh; Double D; KL; mr ed; Gina B; sunnydee; Moondance; Frenchie; The Whole House Alliance BB16; EriCa; Jax; JJtoWin; Linda in Tx; Suze; Jake; Taylor, and last but not least, Pink haired turdlet! Just because we sometimes disagreed – different points of view is what makes this site so fun. And all of you certainly made this season more enjoyable for me. So THANK-YOU ALL for your witty & insightful comments. (Now, lets all vote for Donny for AFP – Sorry, I couldn’t resist! LOL!)


Thank you V!! And what a pleasure it’s been getting to “know” you this summer! See you next year!


I noticed that last night’s goodbye messages were so full of sh*t, that prod probably had to shovel out the DR when messages were finished. They are all so concerned about receiving votes from the Prancing Pink Poodle that they did not say what they truly felt.
Also saw in these posts where DePrick now wants to parlay his 15 minutes of infamy into something more than being a feedster. If he hopes to be on tv ( ha ha ) he really needs to invest in a nose job. He may not even be aware until he sees the episodes, how extraordinarily huge his nostrils are. It is this feature that gives him the distinctive Miss Piggy look and can easily be corrected by a qualified plastic surgeon.


If Cody was smart and that’s a big giant IF he would take Victoria to the end. I still think she would beat him but I think its a smarter move for him. He really has nothing on his resume where he made a big move. Now if he would have listened to his gut instead of DerPrick WEEKS ago and sent Frankie home during his HOH he’d have something to brag about.

And I just have to say (again) STFU Derek. Him yapping about wanting to do more “with the show” then just being a feedster. Dude your in Andy from last season territory nobody wants to hear from you. We have already suffered through months of your bullshitting us.


It would be smart for Cody to take Victoria to the final 2, but I wonder if he is that smart? It would be FUNNY if
after all Derrrick’s “work” if got 3rd place.


Victoria for the win would be a suitable ending for this messed up season…


I guess from the way it looks Cody will win final HOH and make a horrible mistake (as usual) of considering a big game move, but instead takes Derrick to the finals, and lose to Derrick.

If Derrick wins, it really is a toss-up, it’s like Dan choosing between Daniele and Memphis.


What a sad state of affairs, Derrick completely controlled these infants …even after their deaths. CBS stacked the deck here.
Hey Frankie, Playing For Charity… REALLY?


I cannot wait to see a ZANKIE reunion!!!!!!!!!!! Will they show Frankie going to the Jury House tonight??????? I hope so!!!!!!!!

Kathie from Canada

Thank you to both you and Simon for the hard work you do for everyone in this community. I sent a small donation last month and hope it helps. It sucks being retired on a fixed income. Just wait until I finally win the Lotto! You guys had to endure a truly boring season to be sure, but look at your payoff. Simon is a new Dad and you are about to marry the girl of your dreams. I couldn’t be happier for both of you! Looking forward to reconnecting next season!! Luv u guys!!