Derrick “I’m not going to make a mistake. If I lose, I am going to just lose. I can’t afford to f**k up.”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used No
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-15 02-11-06-565

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12:45am Derrick wakes up and heads into the bathroom. On the way back he runs into Frankie. Derrick says its not happening (sleeping). Frankie points at Victoria getting up too and agrees. Derrick says he tried but couldn’t fall asleep. Derrick heads outside. Victoria heads outside right behind him. Victoria asks why did he wake up. Derrick says why are you so concerned with him? Frankie joins them. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Derrick is talking to Victoria alone in the backyard. He tells her that she has to be careful. You have literally 6 days left. To be honest with you in the end we’re going to try and beat each other but the last thing I want.. right now you’re in a position where Frankie’s going home. If for some reason, someone gets an idea that they’re hated by the jury and they think its a better idea to take Frankie because he’s more hated over you .. do you get what I’m saying!? Victoria says yeah. Derrick says that’s all I was trying to say because if you have couple of drinks and say something you didn’t mean to say .. there is no going back from it. Victoria says I know and the thing is that the conversation wasn’t even about him and he took it and completely twisted it so that when you walked by then right away went inside and said his underwear is too tight. He cut it up. He ran straight to the room. Cody .. he took my words and completely twisted them. I never said that though and I hope you see that he completely twisted his words. Derrick says I know, I get it you’re lonely. I just feel like if I don’t win this money I want you to win it. Its done, he hasn’t even mentioned sending you home over Frankie. It’s not going to be that I just don’t want to see you screw up your game. I was nervous not only for your game but also for mine.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-15 02-18-49-872
When you said Derrick I’m tipsy and then you had another I was like damn .. I didn’t want to have to follow you around the house either because that looks bad too. You need to take a page from Donny’s book and just lay low. Victoria says I don’t think you get it. Derrick says I do .. he (Cody) took your mannerisms and developed his own opinion of it. Victoria says correct. And I said to him I never said Hayden hated you because I didn’t know that for a fact. And he was like no you don’t because Nicole told me he was fine with me. He was throwing a huge fit and throwing the stool over on national television. Derrick says no, I think you’re good. Derrick says I was’t mad at you. Victoria says not even mad. It’s like disappointing my dad. Derrick says disappoint in a good word. Victoria says she just felt really bad because she felt like she disappointed Derrick. I am just so annoyed with Cody. Derrick tells her to enjoy the last few days. Victoria says I’m trying but its hard being 4 men and 1 tiny girl.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-15 02-40-59-714
Derrick says I’m going to try and beat you in the end just like you’re going to try and beat me. But at the same time I do care about you and I don’t want to see you make a mistake that you’ll regret. In the end if I’m being honest with you I’m not going to make a mistake. If I lose, I am going to just lose. I can’t f**k up. I can’t afford to f**k up. As stressed out as I am there is no way in hell that I am going to slip up in these next 6 days. If I go home, I go home because of something I said earlier on in the game. With that being said, you’re going to have to do it on your own. Victoria says I know. When you said you were tipsy and you were kind of fumbling a bit ..I was thinking that’s a recipe for disaster. Victoria says did you see the other night Cody.. Derrick says you’re still thinking about the same thing! Don’t worry about it he trusts me. What you did last night didn’t change anything. Victoria says just know I love you and I do hope you win. Derrick says it’s going to get ugly these next couple of days.. just know I genuinely do care about you. You’re a good person, a good girl. Definitely a big age gap where I am in my life and you are in your life. When I tell you where I was at 22 years old you’re not going to believe my life at 22. Just trust me, trust me. When we get out I will tell you everything. We are definitely going to be friends outside of here and if we’re not its because of you not me. I think you’re good person and you’re awesome. You’re like me little sister .. and if she was in here and said she was a little tipsy .. I would be in her a$$. Derrick says when we get out you better not be drunk texting me saying you’re driving. Victoria says I did that once. Never again. Derrick says when we get out you’ll know just how much that bother me too. There’s a back story behind that. Victoria says just know I would never have been able to do this game without you .. I don’t think. Derrick says I’ll be honest with you I think I could have done this game without you but you’ve made it more entertaining. I liked you from the start and you were a good girl and real genuine. Victoria says I never thought coming in I would want someone more to win than me. Against you I don’t know how much I want it. Derrick says I don’t want any pity wins. Victoria says I hope I win. Derrick says I’m not letting you win. Victoria heads inside to eat cereal and then she goes to bed.

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2am – 2:15am Derrick sits alone in the backyard and says god I almost slipped right there. I definitely almost wanted to tell her right there. Dammit!! Derrick don’t do it. Almost wanted to tell her. F**k that would have been stupid. So glad I didn’t! That would have been dumb. That would have been real dumb feedsters. Don’t tell her yet, whatever you do do not tell her what you do. That will crush your f**king game. Do not do it. Do I think she would say anything… no I don’t. I don’t think she would say anything. I think she would take it to her grave but don’t do it. Just wait 6 days. I can’t wait to tell people who I am. It sucks not being able to be who you are. That is the closest I’ve come to telling anyone in this game. That would have been dumb. I would have regretted it instantly. Derrick says John if you’re not busy I would like to come in for a quick diary room session to vent. Never mind if you are. Derrick says he can’t wait to be back on the feeds. In this f**king house you just never know what the right call is. Obviously you guys know I’ve been loyal to Cody and I plan on continuing that for sure. But that girl is a very good girl and I just know she hasn’t played the best game and you guys are probably crushing me right now. Like Derrick what are you even talking about. And you’re probably right but when you learn about people and who they are it does play into your decision making process. The only person that probably affects me is her. And I know there is more to her that I don’t know. She probably needs the money just as much as everyone else in here. Or maybe she’s rich and I’m just reading her wrong, I don’t know. Cody’s a good player in this game, he’s a good guy and loyal. Derrick talks about how he thinks this Wednesday there will be a double eviction. Derrick heads to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-15 03-15-29-358

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Bye frankie hope you get booed. see ya never


If CBS have half a heart, they would let the audience boo for the WORLD.


I wish they could air the boo Frankie would get from across the world!

Oscar P.

I sooooooooooo want to see his eviction Live!!!!!! As crazy as it sounds, there are times that I feel pity for Frankie and A LOT of the time that I CAN NOT stand Frankie….more so of the latter! Bye Frankie!!!!


Love it! See ya never!! Pink haired piece o pooh!




Since it is not a live eviction, they will stack the audience with fans of Frankie and Arianna so I assume he will noy get a boo. I’m still not certain he is going until he walks out


It’s not over until it’s over. BB Production can be shameless when one of their favorites finds themselves evicted.

Not falling for the hype!!

Sounds like Derrick is trying to con us into believing that he is gonna take to final 2 Victoria cause he likes her not cause he thinks no one will vote for her. How lame does this guy think we are? Only reason he is gonna betray Cody is for the simple reason that he doesn’t think he can beat him. I would have more respect for him and his game if he just said that. Instead of thinking that America is as ignorant as the house guest have been. You fail Derrick. I hope you do take Victoria and that she beats you. That would put a smile on my face. I don’t usually care who wins. This year is not different. Just don’t want Derrick, Frankie, Christine to win. 2 down 1 to go!!

Evict Production

That’s my biggest issue with Derrick’s game. Own everything you do. Stop trying to play the viewers and just own what you do. He doesn’t get we don’t have a vote on who wins so trying to smooth things over with us doesn’t do you any good. We know you’re playing a game, own your moves and you’d have the fans respect.


Don’t forget, Derrick is trying to snow the viewers because he still thinks that there might be a chance that the viewers will vote him for AFP. He won’t own up to his actions because he knows only thoses with the live feeds know how shady he is and he knows those without live feeds might believe him and the bs he’s saying cause the might not know the truth and like him enough to make him AFP.


Derrick talks to the views like they are idiots and he has to explain everything he is doing and why he is doing it and why he is doing it. He must think they can’t possibly be on to him because he’s so smooth.


The irony is that at the beginning of the season people kept saying his much they enjoyed him doing that. Man people are fickle and hard to please. Someone is always unhappy. I personally like it bc it’s entertaining in a season of boredom. Derrick is a feeds watcher and knows that people get bored so he is trying to give them something to watch. It’s fun to hear his internal thoughts.


I happen to agree with you. Most people tend to think that Derrick is trying to BS america by talking to the feedsters, but I honestly think that he is just thinking as a feedster himself. And what would be the point anyway? That he’s trying to pave the way for AFP? Derrick’s not playing for AFP (like some of the others), he’s playing for 500K. And while most of his “big moves” have been on the down low, which doesn’t make for exciting game play, I don’t think he’s given enough credit. He has been calulated and uses common sense, which is a lot harder to do (in the BB house) than people think.


Don’t the police have better things to do than post on here? Are there no donut stores being robbed?


…come on all you cops giving this the thumbs down. You gettin’ paid overtime to troll this site?


I have to agree w BeReals comment re: Derrick. Que the vitriol but Derricks game, IMO, has seen more criticism then it probably deserves. I wish he would have aligned w Donny but setting that aside, his game has been pretty methodical and has relied upon him maintaining a cool and steady head. Just my opinion. The attacks on his nose are pretty lame too, lol.


Sorry, the nose if fair game. It’s a site for anybody and is a metaphor for his gluttony.


Exactly right. Mike Boogie Malin used to do the same thing.

Derrick knows its a show and talking to the feeds is just him trying to give people something to listen to.


Policeman wives must be bored too…. They on here as well.


Those 29+ thumbs down are some really bored police man wives. Don;’t you ladies have some clothes to fold or something?


The DR room is in lock-down
Frankie can’t even get in. lol !!!
Derrick is using the camera time as his confession,…no I mean intentions, in his game. Entertaining !
… now when do we get to see the Frankie melt down ?


The difference between Boogie and Derrick is that Boogie would say, “I’m taking Victoria to the end because she’s my ticket to $500,000, and I’ll do what I have to do to win.” He didn’t care what viewers thought of him, and that’s why love him or hate him, he’s a popular and memorable character. Derrick is lying to the feedsters about his intentions for wanting to take Victoria, and that is what bothers viewers like me. I am 100% fine with him saying he’ll cut throats to win (which he is doing very slyly and successfully), but don’t lie to me about it because it makes me dislike you. I would respect him a hundred times more if he just said he’s doing what he needs to do to win, and cutting Cody is part of that plan. My problem with Derrick has never been with his game play in the house because he’s doing a great job of manipulating people, but I don’t want to be manipulated as the viewer.


You’re right.. There is a difference between Mike Boogie and Derrick.. It’s called a heart. I don’t think he’s trying to BS anyone. He’s a huge fan of BB.. So he knows about the feeds and trying to let people into his thoughts. Also, many who have played before have stated how hard it is with those you get to know and bond with more to actually double cross later on knowing they too have families. Which is probably what’s going on with him. Especially knowing how naive Victoria has been.

BB Fan for life

If you believe that what Derrick is presenting during his DR sessions and his pandering to the camera during the live feeds, is authentic, than you my friend, are not a true BB fan. I have watched this show since the first season and have seen this all before. Derrick’s got no heart. The only thing he loves is money. He has used his family as a cover to gain money. The guy is manipulative and shrewd and is calculating on fans like you have the same reaction that you are having.
My guess is that had you been in this season of BB, Derrick would take you to the end because you would be as in love with him as Victoria and not been very good at detecting his lies. Derricks best trick, and one he just pulled on you, is that he blames everyone else in being a crook, liar, disloyal, heartless, money-grubbing tool whereas, he is the real crook, liar, disloyal, heartless, money-grubbing tool. BUT, and you fell for it base on your post above, you don’t see it because you want to believe the best about him. He is adept at manipulating you because you want to believe that he is a good guy because he is a family man and has a child. You fell for it but the majority of the feedsters see through it and that is why you have so many fans that don’t respect or like his game.


And I think you’re a dick.


i just think hes being informative as in his nature is to do so- rem production has a say with alot of there camera action so they could be telling him to explain stuff.


Have you ever thought Derrick might actually have genuine feelings for Victoria? To me it seems he truly cares about her and Cody, too.


I think Derrick has a genuine feelings for Vic but it’s not platonic/sibling-kind of feeling. I think he fell for her. How else can you explain that he keeps saying she’s a good girl and all that bs.


Um, what? I don’t get that AT ALL! To me it seems he has nothing but protective, older brother type feelings for her.

Derricks future child support payments

I feel so sad fir his child. He has disgraced his family. What this if father refers to his child as ” my fuc8ing kid”. Douchebag…. I hope you are proud of yourself.


Your lack of awareness at the situation astounds me. Maybe he keeps saying she’s a good girl bc he truly thinks she is (although I think he’s wrong but that’s another rant). Saying someone is a good girl has the sound of a protective older brother or father. He thinks of her like a child (which might have a lot to do with her lack of mental faculties). He doesn’t have any attraction to her. That’s ridiculous.

Derricks future alimony payments

Derrick has seduced Vic. It’s obvious he is in love now. So sad for his wife.


You’re insane!


I agree but at the same time, I understand why he won’t own up to his manipulation while still in the house. Just for example, he’s sitting in the back by himself, who says one of the other guests doesn’t stand in the doorway without his knowledge and listening to everything he is saying aloud. I will be disappointed if in the end, he doesn’t take responsibility for all his manipulation. While I understand it’s part of the game, and I respect his game play… as you say, he needs to eventually own up to it all.


Isn’t he owning up to his manipulations in the diary room sessions? It sure seems like it to me.


Sure he is owning up to them in the DR. What I am referring to mostly, is to the other house guests, when he reconnects with them.


Yeahhhh Vic isn’t going to beat Derrick. And he genuinely cares about her like a sister. Stop being so hateful and ignorant. And I’m still on the fence if he takes Vic or Cody.


I feel exactly the same way. One day I think he will take Cody and the next Victoria. Right now I think he will take Cody because he can say to the jury how loyal he was to him (and Victoria to the F3) which will explain a lot of his game. I also think that the jury will not appreciate that Victoria would make it to F2 although he could make the argument of how difficult it was for him to convince everyone to let her get that far. They sort of have themselves to blame for that one. I always saw the game as one you have to backstab people and lie because not everyone can win but that you need to stay loyal to a core group of one or two others to get to the end. Once you get there, it’s every person for themselves though.

Dame Judi Chop aka :^€

Was Derrick a feedster in his former life? Is that why he talks to us soooo much? I don’t remember a houseguest doing that. And it is starting to annoy me. I don’t want your coolaide. I get it, I even sometimes admire your style. But, Derrick, I’m not one of your minions. Nor am I crazy Caleb, to buy your line. Stop talking to us like we are in the house! You do not have to justify your actions to us, just to the jury. And you are gonna get slammed by people anyway, so get over it. Please.

The Truth

Dick Donato and Dan Gheesling talked to live feeders a bunch. Dick generally did it in the mornings when he was the only one up — smoking in the backyard.


But they weren’t trying to con us. They just admitted to
some of the shitty things they were doing. I’m not sure
why Derrick is doing that but it’s very off putting.

The Truth

Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he’s trying to con you.

He seems to be more upfront and forthright talking to the feedsters than he does in his DRs. He’s less scripted that way. He gives you a view of what he’s really thinking at that moment.

Derrick is the only HG I can remember in which feedsters didn’t like him talking to them. They usually appreciate it because you get something that the DR doesn’t.


The people on here who hate on Derrick for no apparent reason are proof that he was smart to not tell people he’s a police officer.


WHAT? Seriously, stop apologizing for Derprick. You people have no sense of the game. This guy is a fool, I don’t like him. Doesn’t matter if he is a cop or not. His game is lame and your comments defending him are more of the same.


^^^^Delusional comment from one of Derricks’ informants

BB Fan for life

Exactly right!!


Is Derrick’s big reveal that he is a police officer??? Big whoop. His background and training may have helped him read people and manipulate people, but other, better BB players have done that without being police officers. It’s more important to you, Derrick, than it will be to anyone else- get over it.


True enough but if he revealed his profession to the other house guests, it would have been viewed as an advantage so yeah, keeping it to himself was smart on his part… in my opinion.


Never understood why DePrick is so reluctant to admit he is a copper. Yes, he is good at manipulating but most of these hgs wouldn’t recognise manipulation if it crawled up their backsides. I also know many coppers that cannot manipulate their way out of a donut bag. They rely on flashing their badges to get the results they need and not on physical prowess or mind games. I wonder if he would have come clean about his profession if he was a rent-a-cop or a lawyer.


Not all cops work undercover and Derrick specifically said he worked undercover, so therefore it could (and probably would) be viewed as him having an upper hand.


Seems like Caleb is somewhat catching on to Derrick but I wonder if it is enough for him to evict him if he gets the chance.


We will only see frankie when ever his sister is on tv, because he will never be the celebrity he think he is or gonna be because of the show. hahahahhahah!!!


Fakie thinks he’s going to get his own tv show out of this. Can you imagine the cost of insurance for any production company that hires him? The first time he grabs someone’s junk they’d be sued.

Calebs Piehole

Dadgummit blab blab blab the dadgum blab blab blab dadgum Amber blah blah blah dadgum blah!

Calebs Piehole


Roll Tide

Some camera shots of Frankie, he looks a lot older than 31. I don’t understand the acting like a 13 year old girl. He is disgusting. Went out to dinner on Saturday night and that is what the people in our party were talking about how did CBS choose someone like that to represent them.
Thought it was just me who wondered that.


I have a thirteen year old daughter, and thirteen year old girls would never dress like that! That is more like a four year old, maybe a six year old girl mentality of dressing. I think that this guy really needs professional help.

Derrick is king

There will never be another to play a flawless absolutely flawless game.

On the flip side there is Veronica.

The ultimate final 2 showdown.


Who is Veronica?


That brown-haired girl who’s sort of nebulously and vacantly floated through the game, not memorable at all. I think her name’s actually Valencia.

Ariana Grande stinks

Definitely flawless! Let’s just hope he won’t blow it in these ultimate stages, but definitely the best player ever. Even Dan falls short in comparison.




If the final 3 are indeed Derrick, Cody and Victoria whoever wins the final HOH should definitely drag Victoria to the final 2. I know Cody and Derrick like each other and have been working together since the beginning but sitting next to each other at the end could be a coin flip while sitting next to Victoria is a guaranteed 500 k. It would be a kick in the teeth to the one that gets sent packing but that is Big Brother. Victoria should get 50k plus her stipend for doing nothing for 3 months. Sad really.


I’m hoping for VapidVic in the F2 and a bitter jury just to see their faces–VapidVic for the Win!!


Back to never never land frenkendoodle


By far, the best comment today!! Neverland….HA HA HA HA LOL

Just One Jamokes

After Frankie’s exit, thank you for that house guests, there will be 3 people left that deserve to win & one that deserves to think she’ll win. An ending I can live with, finally!!

Victoria is growing on me....

Does anyone know what derricks backstory is, other than being a cop. He keeps hinting/making comments about his dark past/reality. Just curious if anyone has any info on his life outside of the BB house. Thanks!


when derrick was in his young 20s he was working undercover and was put in a lot of dangerous situations. he also was involved in an incident with another officer where they ended up shooting and killing a man armed with a knife. im not sure if it was when he was undercover or not but i believe he was the one who shot the guy. they ended up going through court and the whole nine and it was justified as self defense…. something like that, i could be partially off but thats the basics

Jim Carrey

He’s just a little policeman from Rhode Island, who, because he once worked undercover thinks he is James Bond.


Where he comes from is really a dangerous part of new England. That whole area.
Lots of gangs and the mob.


A lot of people are misinformed because they don’t know the area.

Central Falls where he works sounds like a vacation spot from the name, but it is it is actually a hardcore ghetto. It is probably the poorest community in New England and there is lots of drug business and gang activity.


Derrick is driving me nuts. I hate how he made both Nicole and Victoria feel guilty because they aren’t behaving just like he thinks they should. Ugh!! I would love to see him leave Wednesday.


Of course he had to make them feel guilty. They were straying and would have been on to him if he hadn’t reeled them back to his side. He not only did that but he switched it on them thus making sure they wouldn’t question him ever, and would still trust him. Otherwise they would have ruined his game. All he used was manipulation and the power of persuasion, not bullying, and they believed him.
Every season there’s bound to be someone whose lies almost get caught up with them and they either pull themselves out of it or they don’t. Well Derrick did and managed to get them to fell bad. Wtf? Regardless they fell for his BS.

We can debate about the ‘ethics’ of that but it is part of the mental aspect of the game, changing people’s minds, even controlling those minds.


Amen, Amen Queen Bee… totally agree with you!! Welcome to BB people! Play or be played.


There is a way to win bb without being a jerk, manipulator etc. etc. (Jordan) and we can go on and on and debate whether she was worthy of winning of it, but at the end of the day she did and she was kind, so there is a way to do it.


And there’s many ways to get to the same place, manipulation being one of them. This is a game. How about Victoria going to Frankie and putting on the waterworks for Derrick? Wasn’t she fooling Frankie much like Derrick fooled her? Is she a jerk too because when she faked those tears it was meant to deceive and toy with Frankie’s mind?
It’s just sad she was playing Derrick’s game but the point is she’s also capable of some type of manipulation on someone else as she did with Frankie.

The issue here is people don’t like Derrick so when he manipulates then it’s bad. Imagine if when Zach was being called out for his BS he had lied and actually turned it around and made Nicole and Victoria feel guilty… and even made his own alliance apologise to him, what would people be saying? Brilliant gameplay Zach…bravo ZACH blah blah. All because Zach was liked.

Anonymous, no one can play the same strategy, and Jordan…ugh, not the best example.


If you don’t find yourself liking Derrick a little more after that candid chat with the feedsters, then you are just a blind hater. That is a much better tell than a scripted diary room session.

Frankie doesn't match up to GLITTER!

All I want now is to hear Frankie be booed. Either on eviction or Finale nite. If this happens then watching this season will be “worth it”, other wise I am not sure if I will watch BB next year because of how “fixed” it is.

If this is the cast CBS wanted, just imagine how horrible it’s going to be next summer. At least we have BB Canada to watch and see some real characters.

All I know, Frankie is a mere image of GLITTER. No at least that is a real person I can get behind.

Let’s see who knows what GLITTER is. 😛

Glitter Gary

Who entered the house a second time and almost won? Who would have won if not for a miscast vote? Who among much drama had to come in second because BBCanada actually adheres to their own rules?

Frankie doesn't match up to GLITTER!

Last line is suppose to be “Now at least that is a real person I can get behind.” Darn auto correct.


Is there an app to get Derrick to shut the fuck up?

We Want to Watch The Jury House

MarciX, your comment is hilarious and definitely on point! Still laughing…..!


MarciX— it’s called a MUTE button you doofus.


Is Derrick drunk?


Funny, this thread/post had nothing to do with Frankie, it was all Eric and Vic….and the first comment posted is “bye Frankie”. lol Mango is a hated man.


I meant to type Derrick, not Eric. I work nights, been up a long time, time for bed.

Why Derrick Needs the $500K

Once a control freak, always a control freak. Derrick may need the money to hide this evidence of what he’s really like from his daughter. And then, in 20 years, when she’s escapes her father’s emotional, controlling prison, she’ll have to win a Blood vs. Water retro season of BB to pay for psychiatric care.


Why Derrick Needs the $500K—- what a really idiotic comment.


Are you aware you are watching Big Brother? The whole game is about lying and deceiving people. Why is it that people are always so “SHOCKED” by this?! That is how people get by in this game – sorry! They all do it…. and unfortunatly if they DON’T they are usually the first ones out the door. GIve me a break and quit Bellyaching about people lying on Big Brother. Good Lord!




Derrick and Victoria…..WOW. Just…WOW.


I’m so good, I not only never got nominated, but I dragged her with me. Now she’s going to tell you that and that I deserve to win.


That is brilliant! If he actually said that I would love it because that is exactly what she would do.

Oscar P.

Hmmmm…. a little insight in2 Derrick’s take on Vic n Cody…..I think Derrick is being hyped more than he deserves. Derrick is playing a B + level game amongst B – and C level players. Nothing outstanding or exceptional about it. This season has been a let down…hopefully CBS will redeem itself next summer and give us something entertaining with a much better Cast of players!


If production would have just enforced the rules we would have had a whole different season. Get called out for singing after so many times = penalty. Cursing production = penalty. Ignoring call to DR = penalty. Tell someone how you voted in the hallway just after you voted = vote doesn’t count. Tell someone they are the nom/renom = they are safe for the week. And add that if you even talk about throwing a comp you are automatically on the block and can’t play or be pulled down with POV even if you’re HOH.


Where are these “rules” posted by CBS?


Throwing a comp is a pretty hard to prove. Short of a HGs admitting/bragging about it, there’s no real way to know. Also, throwing a comp can be considered part of strategy. It’s an ugly strategy when more than half the HGs do it most of the season,but it has it’s merits occasionally.


Throwing a comp is not hard to prove when the houseguest are in the HOH room saying “we need to throw this comp”. omg

Derricks Galactic Ego

Derrick has now become the most insufferable player of all time. I have no transitioned from appreciating his game to disrespecting his game and him both. Those who continue to want Derrick to win, I understand why but that is because you have tunnel vision about only one aspect of his game and not his entire behavior in the house and his lack of game in other areas. This entire post above as Derrick talks to the cameras is an attempt to rehabilitate his image with the feedsters. He is so blatantly transparent and obvious!! I can handle good gameplay but this guy, this guy is so full of himself and thinks he is so slick that he tries this on the feedsters and thinks we don’t see it. I cannot imagine why he thinks that if he says something enough times that it becomes true but then again, he has started to believe his own lies.
Here’s a clue Spacemode Policepoke, nobody cares about what you say, we watch what you do. Your game is not that great and we have all been waiting to see you actually make a big move or do something that would gain respect. That has not happened. Manipulation will only get you so far in this game and your overreliance on your undercover skills will be your downfall. You know believe your own lies of your own greatness and it will be sweet irony when your manipulation skills are used against you by the other hg’s. When you soon encounter a situation that you cannot control and are at risk of going home, let’s just see how well you handle the pressure. You are going to melt just like Victorias eyeshadow and explode as loud as one of her farts.


Derricks Galactic Ego—– Derrick says so what , screw you!


I am sorry to have to say this to you but EVERY single one of the remaining house guests have GALACTIC sized ego’s. It’s like picking of the less evil of 5 ego’s.


Deserving ending to a sad game……..Victoria. Wins. Derrick goes to jury third. Hahahehe


Then lose Derrick !


Over the past six or seven weeks, this whole game has been about pairs — and the principal drivers of moves splitting up pairs have been Frankie, Derrick and Christine.

Beginning soon, Derrick will be the only one of those left in the house.

Breaking up Nicole and Hayden. Check.

Breaking up Nicole and Christine. Check.

Breaking up Zach and Frankie. Check.

Breaking up Christine and Frankie. Check.

Breaking up Frankie and Caleb. Soon to be a check. (But Derrick/Frankie also goes bye-bye.)

Derrick is the only one left in the house now with two pairs — with Victoria and with Cody. And Caleb thinks Derrick is with him. But do the others in the house see this?

Derrick’s only loyalty in the game has been to Cody. But does Cody worry that Derrick might take Victoria? Has Derrick been convincing enough that their relationship is on the outs and that he’d cut her in a heartbeat?

Does Caleb have any clue that Derrick and Cody have been together since the beginning? Does he think that Derrick/Victoria might still be aligned?

Derrick will get to F2 as long as Caleb doesn’t win the veto on Wednesday. Even if Caleb wins veto, then Victoria likely goes, and it’s a free-for-all in F3 for those last two spots. Problem for Derrick there is that he won’t win the endurance comp, so he’d have to win parts 2 (usually a physical puzzle) and the mental part 3 (which is knowing your fellow HGs — at which he ought to excel, if he gets there).

But does he really want to send Caleb packing himself at that point, knowing he might have just lost his vote in jury?

Best case for Derrick is winning the F4 HOH, anyone other than Caleb winning veto (which means Cody or Victoria has to cut Caleb), and then Cody winning final HOH and taking Derrick over Victoria.


Derrick is already laying the groundwork to the viewers that he might take Victoria in the end. He wants to make it look like he is conflicted so that viewers won’t see him as a bad guy when he takes Victoria over Cody. By now he would know Victoria’s family has money. The comments about her needing the money as much as anyone else is just snoke for us so he doesn’t look like a creep for dumping Cody. He is pandering for a good image in the public. Trying to mist us.

The Truth

As long as the final three is Cody, Victoria and Derrick, Derrick will likely throw the final head of household competition to Cody, and Cody will evict Victoria.

That way, Derrick still gets Victoria’s vote. If he wins the final HOH, he’ll lose the vote of whichever person he chooses to evict. He can’t bank on a win if he has a couple of guaranteed votes against him. Plus, Frankie has already told him he’ll vote for Victoria if she makes it to the end.

Any Mouse

It’s sad to see Derrick has taken possession of her soul, she is going to be devastated when she’s at home watching the tapes.


Let’s not feel too bad for her, she actually voluntarily signed up to play the game and I am sure she has seen past seasons.


Agreed. She’ll put on a show for the cameras of how ‘devastated’ she is. Once those cameras are off and she returns to real life, she’ll get over it. Nobody forced her to give over her thinking to Derrick. She has watched previous seasons so his strategy/subterfuge cannot be that big of a shock to her. It happens every season.

Can't stand him

Hey Derrick. STFU!


To “Can’t stand him”— Derrick loves you too.


What are you guys going to talk about when Frankie’s gone?

Just sayin'

How terrible the rest of the houseguests are….


Hopefully we will talk about how hilarious it was to watch Freakie leave in those hideous shorts with his flaming hair undone. We could really get a hoot (and a lot of chatter) from that. ( PS: Go ahead you morons, give me the perverbial 3 thumbs down. Who are these goober Freakie fans?)


There’s still a lot to talk about: Caleb, and all his fantasies; Cody, worried about why they boo’d Christine and are they going to boo him; Derrick, how he dixk people around to get where he is now; Victoria, how she hung in there hanging on like a cat holding onto the last branch of a tree. Whew!!! Finally, Finale Night holda, coulda, wolda, and shoulda.

A Great Thank You to Dawg and Simon for doing such a great job keeping us interested and then everyone leave a tip and we movie on to Survivor, how’d I do.


We are going to talk about The Hitmen vs. Beast Mode Cowboy. I think it will make for some good stuff. Finally.

Used to Love BB

Monday – evict Frankie, 4 left
Tuesday – taped eviction, will they play for HOH/POV on live feeds?
Wednesday – another live eviction, leaving 3
Friday – “special show”????
Sunday – ????
When does this thing end? Sunday the 21st or Tuesday the 23rd?


Wednesday the 24th after the new Survivor. Got to have a lead in because once Fakie is gone nobody really cares what happens. Season = Epic Fail


I believe I read somewhere on here that Friday will be a “look back” at this season of BB…no new action.


Hopefully Friday’s look back will include more of the jury house and much, much less of Skankie’s groping and juvenile wardrobe, Vacant’s whingeing and tweezing, DePrick’s love letters to the feedsters, Kotex’s masticating and Crazy’s HEARD DAT!!!!


the finale is next wednesday

Least Twisted Season Ever

Sick of Derrick and Victoria. I hope she continues to slip up and Cody and Caleb realize they are being played and vote Derrick out next then crush princess worst player ever in the F3 and kick her hard to the jury.


Derrick Shut Up.
do and talk about something I don’t know.


Denisr2—— that should be easy to do.

Losing Interest

Hope they show us Frankie walking in the jury house. Zach and Frankie back together.

BB Ex-Fan Again

They better get Frankie out of the house before Caleb decks him for that inappropriate touching. Nobody likes you hanging all over men and rubbing yourself against them. You FRUIT Loop Dingus…


Derek SHUT THE FRUCK UP! Stop trying to run your “con” on the audience. It makes me nuts when he “talks” to the cameras. yeah like we are dying to here your bullshit insights.


lili—– yet another dumbo without a mute button.

Literally at the end of the day

Derrick give us a BREAK! Quit trying to sell us your bullshit. You’ve sold these HGs a box of rocks. So now TRY and keep your ego in check and STFU.


Cant wait until a big diesel truck full of adios frankie pulls into the bb house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cough, Derrick!

Don’t try to play me like you play those idiot HGs, by talking to the feeders and telling us how much you care about Victoria. I know you’re a cop, and I know you’re a rat.


I’ve heard people mention that BBCanada is so much better, what network do you watch it on in the US I have DirecTV? Dawg or Simon how can I watch it from CA?


Big Brother Canada will be on Global TV network this year.

Love BBCanada

I watched it on Slice’s website. But they block you if you’re from outside of Canada, you can’t pull up the videos. So I used the Chrome extension Hola Better Internet. The Canadian version is so much better than the US! The cast was great & the house amazing. Much better twists. They even gave Canada the HOH this year.


Weird how so many people hate Derrick (the cop). Bet it would be different if he was a carpenter! If you don’t want to see the game played with lies and deceit, watch ‘Little Babies’. Big Brother is meant to be played that way!


Thank you!!!! Why is it that everyone is so shocked that people LIE and DECEIVE people on Big Brother!?!? Its part of the Game!! They all do it …. every season!!!


It’s because Derrick is so smug about it. You all are missing that part of everyone’s post commenting on Derrick. It’s not about “lying”. It’s about his attitude and then that he has to turn to the camera and say “see, what I did here was this and this and that’s how you win half a million.” We don’t need his own play by play from his own mouth. Just shut up and play is what I think everyone is saying.


I almost think that Derrick’s talking to the feedsters is his way of keeping himself sane. He has manipulated & twisted conversations so much with the HGs; he knows we know the truth.




To DERRICK IS NO MASTERMIND— you get the award for the dumbest comment of the day!!! (So far!) Too much time in the sun?


To DERRICK IS NO MASTERMIND— you get the award for the dumbest comment of the day!!! (So far!) Too much time in the sun?


One of the problems with Derrick is he has spent so much time trying to shape the viewers opinion of him that you can’t trust anything that comes from his mouth. You have to assume what ever it is, it’s purely based in the game he’s playing,nothing more.

He thinks crafting this caring,brotherly image will endear voters and get him the AFP $25K,added to his TA money and the $5k he won, he’d at least be close to (if not more than) the 2nd place winner’s amount. (Provided that he doesn’t win the main prize).

We get it Derrick. Just don’t be surprised when it doesn’t work. The viewers get a global view of what goes on in the house,not the compartmentalized perception the HGs are treated to.


Totally agree. He knows what’s up. He knows if he doesn’t make it to final two that he needs to do all he can to ensure himself of getting as much money as possible. Of course live feeders have the advantage of seeing his total game play and America certainly isn’t going to vote him as AFP, but he doesn’t know that, as we all know he is cut off from all media (social, news, personal etc). So, he is once again being smart and at least making an attempt to earn some more cash if he doesn’t make it to final 2. What’s the point in going into the house all summer without trying to win as much money as you can? People really think he’s in there to allow someone else to take home the money? D’uh!


ummm the feeds are down but did anyone just notice that derrick won HOH and Frankie indeed was sent packin -time for a celebration WOOT WOOT


Derrick I believe would take Victoria over Cody in a heartbeat…but I think he does really feels guilty about it because Cody has been loyal to him since day 1. I don’t even know if he will have that choice though I feel like Cody or Caleb might beat him in the games coming up. I think he more needs to win how he’s being winning this whole time convincing people to take him to the end!


I don’t think he’ll take Victoria over Cody, I think he’s going to be loyal to Cody. I think that Derrick will manipulate the situation and work it so it will be either Caleb or Cody who get Victoria out, so the blood is on their hands and Derrick will still look perfect in the eyes of Victoria. Of course, after the season is over Victoria will (hopefully) see how she was played and what happens from there (as far as their friendship goes) will be up to her. Who knows though, time will certainly tell.


I don’t care what kind of BS he’s spewing to the cameras on the live feeds he totally intends to bring Victoria with him. He knows Cody has a better shot at beating him in the end b/c he’s actually won comps (even though most were handed to him).


When they block the feeds for the eviction will they bring the feeds back up before tonight’s show?


I thought the show was tomorrow night — Tuesday.


BBAU has been so much better with more twists in the first week and better game set-up, HOH and even the way they do the DR sessions. BBUS needs to look at BBAU (I hear but have not seen BBCA is good also) and rework the format or cancel the show because the last couple of seasons have dragged a once favorite show down to a new low of HG’s and twists. Dare I say a new host may be in order as well. I like Julie ok but it may be time to re-tool and get someone younger and more “hip” in there