Big Brother Spoilers final POV “they always save the Winner for last”

POV Holder: Cody
HOH Winner Derrick Nominations: Victoria and Caleb

BB16 2014-09-16 21-02-37-326

9:02pm Living Room Caleb and Cody talking about Girls playing hard to get and playing games.

BB16 2014-09-16 21-01-54-477

Derrick going over a speech..

BB16 2014-09-16 21-05-18-740

BB16 2014-09-16 21-08-58-037

Derrick is called in to the Diary room. Memory wall shows Victoria and Caleb nominated. Caleb and Cody still chit chatting in the living room. Caleb is talking about a christian school he went to. Victoria is packing.

9:20pm In Dallas the girls would rather jump in a jacked up diesel truck over a Ferrari any day.. my Ferrari is a jacked up diesel truck.

Caleb wonders if Derrick is slaying things to her to make her feel safe. Cody doesn’t think so. Caleb mentions that Victoria seems happier than she should be. Caleb asks

Derrick comes out of the Diary room. Cody says he’s the only one that hasn’t gone yet. Derrick tells him “they always save the Winner for last”

Cody wins the power OF veto

9:42pm Kitchen Victoria tells Derrick and Caleb they will be a live show tomorrow

BB16 2014-09-16 21-57-32-590

9:55pm Caleb talking about his time served in Iraq. He was part of a squad that was required to work out and be strong. They broke up the riots and fights at the prison.

10:01pm Derrick says it’s already noticeable how much cleaner the house is with Frankie gone. (Frankie was evicted yesterday)

10:03pm Cody – You think that mouse is gone.. I get so f*** paranoid
Derrick – I haven’t seen it.
BB16 2014-09-16 22-25-06-666

10:22pm Kitchen Victoria, Cody and Derrick
Cody – HEY DONNY.. I got your M&M’s right here. (Takes a mouth full of skittles.. Remember Donny had said he was going to use M&M’s to pick his nominees like the detonators used Skittles)

Just a bunch of chit chat.. this is most likely the final 3.

BB16 2014-09-16 22-53-43-541

10:40pm HOH Derrick and Victoria
Derrick tells her there is a good chance she’s staying.
Victoria doesn’t think so.
Derrick – you never know..
Victoria – do you know something I don’t
Derrick says he talked to Cody Said Caleb is a big threat Victoria is not Cody seemed receptive. He gave Cody his opinion why Victoria should stay.
Derrick told Cody it’s him and Derrick to the end if they keep Victoria is’t easier for them to get there. Derrick – it’s a good argument.. we just have to go with it.. He was all like TRUE TRUE.. hopefully it’s enough but if it’s not it’s not.
Derrick – that is the best effort I can give.. it had to come from the guy off the block”
Derrick says Cody is keeping it really close to his chest. ‘live Veto tomorrow.. I’m sure THEY let him know it’s got to be by the book”
Derrick tells her to keep the speech short and sweet says she’s been on the block 9 times “make a little bit of a joke.. it’s pretty crazy”
Derrick – You can’t really say anything new.. They’ve heard you plead for you life many a times.

10:43pm Victoria says she’s only fought for her live 4 times
Derrick – you’ve given a speech more than 6 times
Victoria no
Victoria gets called to the diary room
Derrick – oh my god TVGN have you ever seen a house guests have to coach a house guest as much as I have to coach her..

BB16 2014-09-16 23-08-14-728

11:08pm bathroom Derrick and Cody
Cody is talking about Voting Caleb out.
Cody wants to tell Caleb – “Caleb the contract came up and the Hitman took you down”
Derrick says it’s so dope, warns that is might not come across well for Caleb but on the other hand Caleb might dig it.
Derrick – Bottom line he’s going to be pissed at us.. he’s been saying to me for weeks you and me to the end
Cody – final 3 came up week 10
Derrick – we are doing exactly what we did to Frankie to him.
Derrick says they are smoking Victoria in the Final HOH “I’m not falling off.. i’m not falling off.. I’ll win the mental”
Derrick says in his mind Caleb really thinks Cody is going to take him. Derrick is sure they can reason with Caleb that them taking Caleb to the final 3 is a bad game move.

BB16 2014-09-16 23-26-16-635
11:25pm Kitchen
Caleb asks him if Victoria is still trying to convince people
Derrick – I ain’t got time for that..
Caleb – I got a pretty good speech planned I have some one liners that are pretty rough, pretty tough to beat.
Caleb – I can walk out that door by the sharpness of your blade.. Or I can stay by the loyalty of you actions
Derrick – that’s pretty good.

BB16 2014-09-16 23-29-47-601

11:31pm HOH Derrick and Cody
Derrick talking about Caleb’s speech.. Derrick laughs. “You know what i’m thinking.. if you say the hitman tomorrow he’ll tell the whole jury. Cody says he’s said the hitman in goodbye messages.
Cody mentions his speech about Caleb’s contract being up.
Caleb knocks on the HOh door.
Cody – Why do you knock
They tell him only Victoria needs to knock.
Cody gets called to teh Diary room.. Caleb says h’es not going to have a prepared speech. Caleb then goes into rehearsing his prepared speech.. “I’m standing next to a girl that has never kept you save.. I have acted on my loyalty”
Victoria comes in.

11:58pm HOH Everyone
Caleb saying his step brother and him where asked to be on Amazing race but they fdound out he wasn’t Claeb’s blood brother. Caleb – “Blood vs Water” on second thought Caleb adds it was Survivor not Amazing race.
12:04Am Caleb goes to bed.

BB16 2014-09-17 00-18-34-115

Cody and Claeb in the HOH with Victoria. beast Mode sleeps.

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The Mist

Bye bye Caleb you fruit loop dingus!


I know what a fruit and a loop is but what is a dingus? Guess only Zach knows.


Caleb, at the end of the day, Victoria lasted longer than you.

Ladies in the Beast Mode vicinity….get your pepper spray and restraining orders ready. Amber, we’re sending those bodyguards asap.


just double evict Caleb & Victoria tomorrow. I rather they just go straight into the F2 battle with Derrick & Cody. this is gonna be an embarrassing F3 with Derrick & Cody against Victoria.

Mr. & Mrs. Laziest BB Final Two Players Ever, With Horrible Noses!!

OMG!! You did it daddy Derrick, you PIG nosed turd! You convinced and “brain-washed a women with the brain of a 13 your old to get you to where you are! The least thing you could do is buy the hopeless hooked-nosed Jevv a ticket to see Ariana Grande in concert, or a Justin Beeber t-shirt!

The ONLY good outcome of this OBSOLETE season would be Donny getting the 25 k, watching Pinkie Boy screaming like a school-girl… and seeing Beast Mode kick Derrick’s A$$!!!!

Nose Obsession

How the heck did Victoria get Derrick to where he is???

Look in the mirror ass face

Wow, you’re an ass!!!!!!


haha, Caleb can continue to brag himself up as being the biggest “beast” at comps as he’s walking out the door lol.

Any comp that involves brain power, Caleb is usually fucked.


Bmc is dumb. For him to think derrick and cody would be loyal… bmc did all the dirty work for him, and to get this close and get evicted. Smh


Well, he’s consistent in his delusion:
– He told Derrick a few days ago that they should evict Cody before Victoria to guarantee themselves F2.
– He said “Cody might be mad at first, but he’d understand”.
– He said about Frankie: “I don’t care who I win against in F2. It would be stupid to keep Frankie over Victoria.

– He ABSOLUTELY EXPECTS Cody not to drop Caleb like Caleb would have dropped Cody.
If he practices as he preaches, he should say “Of course you’re evicting me. Congrats, you beat me to it!” We all know that’s not the case.


BMC is not worried, after BB he’s going to Nashville TN and cut a grammy winning country CD! LOL

Grow Up

I’m not a Frankie fan but your screen name is disgusting, grow up. I don’t know why your post was allowed.


I agree. “Branded: FRANKSTER THE PINK-HAIRED CHILD MOLESTER” is a sick thing to say and should NOT be permitted to be posted on here. Saying Frankie is a child molester because you don’t like him is NOT funny. That’s not a subject to joke about.

Space ace

Yeah he might not be a child molester but no doubt he is a man molester


I agree with you and have changed my name. I have never actually seen Frankie molest a child, but I’ve seen him molest boys. Although, age-wise, Caleb, Cody and Zach are men, mentally they are boys and Frankie has made unwanted sexual advances towards them.


Only after he becomes the first Survivor/Amazing Race/Big Brother winner ever! Because….technically, at the end of the day he really DID win Big Brother cuz he chose to lose so he could win America’s Favorite because that’s literally a bigger honor because it’s AMERICA and he technically only lost America’s Favorite because he felt bad for his boy Donny and well…..(insert 1000 more excuses here).


WTF is wrong with you?? To even jokingly call someone a pedophile which is someone who harms children sexually is disgusting and shows everyone not only are you a spineless coward hiding behind a keyboard in your mother’s basement, but also thinks child exploitation is something to be made fun of.. Are you the same weirdo that has been making up all these other disgusting and sometimes perverted names that we have seen her before in the past?


Caleb may go to Nashville but I think the only thing he’ll be cutting is the ribbon at a grand opening of a new car wash. He thinks he’s some sort of hero type but rarely if ever triumphs. It’s kind of like “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

Alex C.

This POV has been as vital for Caleb as the yesterday’s one was for Frankie .If Caleb did see Cody is closer to Derrick then Caleb is with either of them, then Caleb might blame himself big time for not putting up Cody or Derrick and not trying to make deals with Frankie.Now , since Caleb will be going home for sure, the BB fans are ok with anyway.

Sure Sure

Let’s see if Cody has the balls to stand in front of Caleb and evict him.


So happy Caleb’s finally out. Yes Cody will evict him, what’s Caleb going to do…come after him? Oh wait, he can’t coz he’s off to jury.

This is Cody’s redemption from last time, and this time is even more beautiful because he is the SOLE vote to say buh-bye Beast Mode.


Caleb better not come after him! You KNOW Cody would SMOKE that guy! *insert obligatory snot sucking sound here*

worst bb ever

I was trying to eat while bbad was on and I had to quit cause I got nausea’s listing to Cody. When he gets home and watches the replay so this season, I hope that he stops that disgusting habit!!!! I see now how the house guests are saying Caleb is stinkie. Even after they talked about him getting sweatie today he made a statement that he was gonna take his shower tomorrow, not!! No wonder why both of them don’t have a girlfriend!!!


Its going to be one of those, well “Caleb I’m evicting you cause you’re going to be America’s Favorite….blah, blah, blah” and then Cody is going to call Frankie out when BB17 starts. The suspense is killing me….lol

Boreal Bag Lady

I want to thank you, SlopBalls, for your entertaining posts this season. You kept me laughing, right up until the bitter (snort) end so I don’t have to call you out now! 🙂


Thank you kindly… and if there was any mucus with that snort, for gods sake , PLEASE spit!!


Lol the only time when Cody can confront someone when he has no other choice OMG HHAHAA


Lets just analyze this situation. Christine goes instead of Victoria…. Frankie goes instead of Victoria… Caleb goes instead of Victoria… Can you guess who is going out 3rd and thus watches that douchebag do nothing win 50K ….Cody you complete idiot! See Cody is a moron that reminds me of Danielle Mumphrie how’d you like that one? Completely manipulated by Derrick as good old Dan did her. She had 50K in her hand but took Shane off and Dan decided.
See if Cody was smart, and he’s about as smart as a sack of rocks, he’d see he is golden F 2 with both Caleb and Derrick. He keeps Victoria we all know Derrick wins 7 questions he taking Victoria 100%. It’s got some BB Canada 2 feel in it too. Think of Derrick as Neda and Cody better win part 3 of the finale or he’s getting nothing but F’d up the azz. I won’t feel the least bit sad either. No one is thinking for themselves it’s a pathetic statement on youth and just a complete lack of common sense.
One idiot after another can’t/couldn’t figure out their eventually next.

I’m sure if you’ve read my comments you know my 1 pee off in this less than twisted mediocre season. That’s spoiled do nothing lay about delusion douchebag Victoria getting 50K. And it’s going to happen barring a miracle. I’d laugh my azz off if super Derprick went out 3rd. But it isn’t happening. Cody Just had to answer the 7th question right for HOH he bombed. He won’t win 7 questions.

RIP Big Brother it might be time to retire this tired series if they can’t get things turned around.


Victoria has to win two comps to win HOH. I don’t see that happening.


I see what you’re saying but I honestly think Derrick has NO intention of winning that final HOH. Why you may ask? Because hes guaranteed final 2 no matter who wins because both Victoria & Cody are loyal to him to the end! If Derrick wins he has to choose between the two and if he chooses the easy option (Victoria) he has almost certainty lost Cody’s vote however if he does decide to pick Cody then Victoria MAY still vote for him but he would have made her upset, so why risk it? If Derrick “loses” Cody will almost certainty win (Lets face it Victoria couldn’t win her way out of a paper bag) and the Hitmen will cruise to the Final 2 and Derrick won’t upset anyone!


Nobody in any scenario would throw the final HOH comp. It is the worst strategy ever. Derrick will compete but Cody will beat him. At that point, I would not be surprised if Cody took Victoria because Cody knows that he can beat Victoria in jury AND if he takes out Derrick at this point, he gains even more respect from the jury. The jury is more bitter toward Derrick than Cody


Bye Caleb!


Im sorry but did anyone else see that derrick switched his answer after the audience gasped it was wrong? Derrick should have not won that hoh! It was codys!


It doesn’t really matter who won. If Cody won that HOH, he would’ve nominated Victoria and Caleb and since he won the POV, he will keep the nom the same so the same two people will still be on the block.

I guess they are taking Victoria to the final 3 and I just hope one of them win and take victoria to the end and lose to her. That would be epic!!!


Oh God I don’t want Victoria to win. The only way she will win is if the jury is bitter that someone like her was allowed to make it to the end over them. But then the whole season viewers and houseguests have been crying for ‘big moves’ in the game, well Frankie was a bigger move than Victoria and Caleb is a bigger move. So Vikkie in the end, by default because of the reset button.

So if the jury awards Victoria the prize that’s crazy cause they wanted big moves and they got them. Derrick ftw.


Of course they are bitter that a floater like Victoria is still sitting in the BB house while those who actually made an effort to win comps and play the game are sitting in the jury house. Add Frankie to the mix and that jury house will get a lot more bitter at Cody and Derrick even more than they are now. Frankie will tell all that he knows. Notice Julie Chen never asked Frankie who he thinks deserves to win or will win like she did with everybody else on the eviction exit interview? A “stunning” upset with Victoria being handed the win in a close vote may ensure that this tactic is never used again by any future Big Brother players.. Julie asked Frankie questions about Derrick’s loyalty but never once asked him if he thinks Derrick will win.. That says a lot about how she thinks there is going to be a bitter jury including Frankie.


See that’s the thing, they wanted big moves and those moves happened, now they ‘ll be pissed that Victoria’s still there? If Donny had won HOH would he have gone after Victoria? If Nicole had won would she have? Nicole in the jury house was the one talking about the boys making stupid moves by getting rid of her instead of a bigger threat. Surely she did not mean Victoria. And we all see her HOH as a waste, I mean Jocasta for Christ’s sake.

Without the reset Victoria would have gone for sure, but it happened. It would have been boring for them to repeat the same nominees exactly, with Caleb’s HOH. Frankie’s gone and I’m sure the jury will be pleased to see him and not Victoria. It’s a Catch 22, damned if they make big moves, damned if they don’t.


If Cody votes out Victoria people will be like ‘what a spineless moron, too scared to vote out an obvious bigger threat Caleb.’ If he votes out Caleb and as a result Victoria ends up in Final 2 people will be like ‘oh Victoria deserves to win because they didn’t get rid of her’.

Lose-lose either way. So Cody should vote out Caleb then we see what Final 3 brings.

Alex C.

Even though the jury is bitter, Victoria won’t win over Derrick in F2 because Derrick doesn’t have blood on his hands on top of the fact he’s played way better then Victoria.Yet, for the sake of BB game as a whole, Victoria shouldn’t make it to the final.


For the sake of the BB game VapidVic should win. These stooges bullied there way through this season. Its one thing to lie and manipulate but its another to treat people the way they did. They acted like a gang and didn’t allow anyone to even give a sympathy vote. And the target each week was shunned and personally ridiculed. They made this season what it is so why not give it to VapidVic? She wasn’t in the BS squad or have anyone else besides Derprick. At least Vapid was nice to Nic before she left. She’s been on the block week after week and has been the live joke for the stooges all season.

I say give it to her VapidVic for the Win!!


It’s not the same though. Because then Derrick would be the one having to vote out Caleb or VIctoria, and either way he gets tremendous blood on his hands…

Now Cody loses Caleb’s vote in the jury when he evicts him, which is exactly what Derrick was hoping for.

Alex C.

…unless Cody votes Vic out over Caleb and Caleb or Cody wins the last HOH and sends Derrick packing.


That would be the best ending to this season. It would be the only way that Cody could gain utmost respect in this game is to take out Vic and keep Caleb. Then in final 3, if Caleb or Cody win, it would set up a pretty interesting final 2. I can see Caleb taking Cody to final 2 at that point if Cody uses the POV on Caleb at final 4. And Caleb ousting Derrick would immediately increase his status in the jury.


Seriously? Niether Cody or Derrick will take Victoria to the final 2. They know she doesn’t deserve to be there and they also know that since they “actually” played the game (unlike victoria) that some of the jury members may have developed hostile feelings towards them, and would probably vote for victoria to win. Derrick was the first one to say to them all about 3 or 4 weeks ago, – “If any of you jamokes take victoria to the final 2, I will vote for victoria to win.” Most importantly, Cody n Derrick are “The Hitmen,” which is one of the few “real” alliances in the house this season.


Of course Derprick said that. To throw them off to the fact that that is exactly what he would do. I would be shocked if mr. obsessed with money doesn’t take uslesstoria to the final two.

not sure...

I don’t think the house guests can hear the audience. Julia has the switch in her had…but I did have the same thought.


Really? Because in the double eviction frankie, and derrick were talking about how he could hear the audience! Do u not remember?!


I remember a comp where Frankie won and said he heard the audience gasp. So, yes, they can hear the audience and I thought the exact same thing – that Derrick changed his answer because he heard the audience’s response. If he would have remained on his original answer, then Cody would have won the hoh and the noms would be the same. Cody and Derrick have a True, Loyal Alliance.


I doubt he heard it, doesn’t Julie have that click thingy when she needs to speak???


Yeah, that was pretty obvious that he heard their reaction and quickly jumped back to change his answer. I was surprised that they let him change, because Julie was just about to say the answer.


IF there was ‘gasping’, who is to say it wasn’t for Cody or Victoria? Let’s calm down on the conspiracy theories.


Its not a conspiracy! He knew he was the only one undecided. So you calm down too!


Ur ridiculous! U obviosley didnt watch the episode! There was gasping! Theres no ifs!


Assuming he heard the audience, how would he know they gasped for his answer, and not one of the other houseguests? And assuming he knew they gasped because of his answer, why would Derrick think they were right? I am sure he studied it, and lived it, so I would think he would be more likely to know the answer . The audience only assumed Derrick was wrong because he had a different answer than Cody and Victoria. And Cody and Victoria could have been wrong. So personally, I don’t buy it.


Assuming he heard the audience, how would he know they gasped for his answer, and not one of the other houseguests? And assuming he knew they gasped because of his answer, why would Derrick think they were right? I am sure he studied it, and lived it, so I would think he would be more likely to know the answer . The audience only assumed Derrick was wrong because he had a different answer than Cody and Victoria. And Cody and Victoria could have been wrong. So personally, I don’t buy it.


1:15AM, HOH room: Derrick describes hearing 1 specific guy in the audience making a “uhh!” (unhappy) sound when he moved after Julie said she needed an answer from him. So yes, they heard the audience react.
Cody would have won that HOH, and his POV win would have meant Derrick would have had to send Caleb home. That might be the difference between Caleb voting for Cody and voting for Derrick. Plus, he’d have gone to the jury and told them Derrick went against his word, instead of now going there and telling them Cody did. That could possibly make a big difference in the end. We’ll never know for sure.
I’m afraid now whatever Cody says in the F2 speech, they’re already set on voting for Derrick to win. (Nicole promised Derrick she would go to Jury and talk crap about the others (Cody) to make sure they vote for Derrick.

Bob Superfan

Most predictable final ever…. caleb gets evicted, derrick goes to final 2 and wins. lame.

Fumigate the bunny slippers

Bye bye Caleb and good riddance to your arrogance


Do any of you think that Cody will have the balls to backstab Derrick if he wins the Final HOH? I want to laugh at the fact that Derrick’s 2 lackies make it to the end and he falls before them.

Eure ka!

Goodbye Caleb. Your mix of self-aggrandizement and naivete’ was entertaining at times, but Derrick is the Highlander.

Dr. Zaius

I have always known about Caleb. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand and hand with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain. He must be a warlike creature who gives battle to everything around him, even himself.


Please don’t insult those of us with Scottish blood flowing through our veins by calling Derelict a Highlander!


So happy for Cody. Caleb told Derrick that they should evict Cody now if they got the chance, and Derrick never “bothered” to tell Cody just how much he was in danger, that Caleb the “honor and loyalty guy” didn’t plan on being loyal.
Well, Karma’s a Biatch.
Delusional Stalker Coward Cowboy is out right after his showmance Frankie.
Nice to see something positive after the “Julie Chen wants Frankie J Grande for President” embarrassment they showed tonight. That was pretty low.


It was hard to watch all the B.S. that went down on tonite’s show. I have no respect for Julie anymore. My God, you would think she was Frankie’s & Ariana’s agent the way she was promoting them both. She actually made me sicker than Frankie – & that is no small feat! I’m really worried now that Donny won’t win AFP. Frankie got the best eviction edit I have ever seen! What’s really sad is that he was funny & said all the right things (except that low blow to Cody) and people who just watch the CBS show have no idea of what a jerk he is. I can see a lot of them voting for him for AFP, add on all of Ariana’s fans, plus Zach fans saying not to vote for Donny – & I’m afraid that our kind, witty, wise & caring Donny may not have a chance. I do like Zach, but remember he wasn’t always so nice. He was part of the brat boys and said some vicious things. He has also won a trip to Germany, doesn’t really need the money & would probably blow it if he won it. Donny does need the money and would put it to good use. Please everyone – don’t forget about what all Donny went through in that house – & he still managed to play a good, smart, & witty game. Please vote for Donny for AFP!


In other words since Julie didn’t play the homophobe as so many of you wished she did… Somehow she must be a terrible person for it? Julie Chen knows damm well that Frankie has earned his spot among the best players of all time when it comes to comp wins and she acknowledged Frankie’s domination of comp wins. CBS is very grateful to Ariana for helping bring in the youth audience to Big Brother this year. This year seen a influx of younger viewers tune in and older viewers that CBS couldn’t care less about tune out. Advertisers don’t care about the older demo, they want the younger demo to watch the show and the commercials. How many of you actually thought that a room full of homophobes in the audience was going to happen, thus you are angry it didn’t.. Frankie got cheers for his game play from the audience plain and simple.. For that he has earned respect from the audience and those of us who look at his game play overall, social game and comp wins. IF you can’t give him that, then that shows how petty you really are. Give credit where it is due when it comes to game play and comp wins and don’t base your entire judgment on only what your personal feelings are about Frankie Grande.

Are you serious?

So we hate Frankie because we’re homophobes? Give me a break. Your entire post is ridiculous in its glorifying for him. And fyi, the audience tonight was filled with staffers not fans. You obviously don’t watch the live feeds to know anything about Frankie. You are just like the minions he brags about blinding with his sparkles. Don’t come in here and try to tell live feeders what’s up and then say we’re homophobes if we don’t agree with you.


Considering how because of BOB there were like 100000 comps this year…somebody in this cast was bound to have a huge comp win record. Can’t really compare win totals from this year to previous years.

You need to go back and watch the summer

You are probably a biased fan here to spread propaganda, but no one dislikes Frankie for being gay. No none even cares. He was actually quite well liked for his showmance Zankie and was funny for a while until he showed his true self. And not being someone’s brother, but comments that started to come out.

I see you are writing message after message calling people Frankie bashers, when we are just pointing out negative things he did this summer.


I LOVED Zankie! I really liked Frankie at first and even defended him as people began to dislike him. But the more I watched the live feeds I started hating him too. Everybody else has pretty much summed it up. If you haven’t watched the live feeds then you should if you think Frankie is so wonderful. I was just rolling my eyes through his entire eviction & interview with Julie. He’s just so fake and really isn’t a nice person. It has NOTHING to do with his sexuality.


@Branded….Frankie? Is that you? Why am I not surprised that Frankie J. GRANDE was given access to the internet after being sent to jury. Don’t stay up too late reading about how hated you are…oh and fyi, it’s not because you’re gay. Just like how people hated your dumbass play but not because we were watching a man in drag. Shocking how homophobia *isn’t* affecting your popularity, isn’t it? =O

p.s. tell Zach I said what’s up


Agree 100%, don’t really like Frankie but I have to respect the man’s game, he was the only true compition beast of the summer.

Give me a break

Yea, how dare Julie be nice to someone, she should of been unprofessional and attacked Frankie personally like she did to Aaryn and make everyone uncomfortable. I can’t believe she was doing her job.


Actually everyone, when you vote for America’s favourite player, you should vote for your favourite player.


Lol Caleb still believes they will be loyal to him despite this bunch never having each others back from the get-go. HA this isn’t the Brigade Beastmode! And good luck with that AFP…. HAHAHA.


Wait who is Derr taking to the finals Cody or Vic?


I predict he takes Victoria…too much of a chance to lose against Cody.


Derrick not taking Victoria.
If anything Victoria might take him.
Cody will win HoH and take Victoria for the sure win (in his mind).
It would be best for him yo do so.
Derrick Can smell the money, but the look on his face is sad cause he see how he is cutting throats and the next one just might be his.
I sure hope so. Lol for such a predictable season. I would do the happy dance.


If Cody wins Big Brother I may vomit.


The only way i wont vomit if cody wins is if he takes out derrick and is sitting next to vic


Wow!!! Props for The Hitmen, I guess.

Jimmy 64

I would like to say goodbye Caleb ( but) I don’t think
Cody has the balls to evict Caleb .
Victoria your time has run out.


The fate is sealed for Caleb? Or will Vic be voted out?

Either way, Cody wining the POV annuls it! He can’t use it on Caleb or Vic because there would be no one to replace them, (the POV holder can’t be the replacement). And Cody can’t use the POV on himself because he isn’t on the block. So the POV is useless other than sealing the fate for either Caleb or Vic…….


Do you happen to be registered with your local state offender registry? Is that why you think making fun of child molestation is even remotely funny? I asked you earlier if you were the one who has been making up weird and pervy names and comments in the past and never got a response from you. We are mostly adults here talking about Big Brother a show that is for adults.. Leave your junior high school level of thinking for a junior high school board. Nickelodeon or Disney is more your maturity level . Never make fun of child molestation ever. I’m surprised your post has not been deleted yet. Are you the same asshole who made that post about Robin Williams the other day too?


Talk all the smack you want to about Cody but he has won back to back veto’s. Both wins have been crucial to the Hitmens game. I hope that Derrick will take Cody to the F2. Cody has earned that spot over Victoria who has always been just a vote and a pawn. Cody helped Derrick get to F3 by winning comps. I hope Derrick is true to his word and does not take Victoria. She’s getting the full stipend plus $5000 for doing basically nothing.

Caleb is going to feel like the biggest fool. I want to feel bad for him, but he claims to have this amazing gift of reading people so I’m surprised he didn’t see this coming. Their is a pattern of karma here, Frankie betrayed Zach, Christine betrayed Nicole, and Caleb betrayed Frankie. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


he also only lost HOH due to a tie breaker. No doubt he is a competitor, and the wins are not dummy brute force wins, they are memory wins. He still reminds me of Jon, winner of BBCAN2, underestimated for his smarts, compared to his partner Neda, but when it comes down to the comps, the supposedly smarter of the two doesn’t always nail the comps.

Photographic memory dude Derrick isn’t crushing Cody in these things.


Cody is the most tolerable of what remains….aside from all that snot sucking. He’ll have a grand ole time with his 50k.


Derrick just wants a 9-0 vote. Hes a big fan and he know hes a great player so he wants to feel legendary by winning 9-0


Whoops–vetos/vetoes? not veto’s and there not their.

I hate to say it....

…because I really don’t like Derrick, especially since that whole Frankie acting out Victoria getting raped thing where he laughed and said NOTHING, BUT this entire season he has had one thing on his mind, that is to win the money for his family, acting as if he doesn’t benefit by being a part of his family, but whatever. He KNOWS every time he has done it that he was doing or not doing something that could have been AWESOME for the fans and the feeders, but every time he chose the safe route, because for some odd reason, he thinks that $500,000 is more important. Go figure. He KNOWS he’s been boring. He KNOWS he’s played safe every time he had a chance to shake it all up. He KNOWS the fans and the feeders are not getting quality TV, but he wants the money more. I can’t possibly fault him for that. $5,000, $50,000 maybe, but $500,000 is A LOT of money, and he really is playing to win it. Has been from the first week I saw. I knew then that he was going all the way. He had the strategy ready already. We may not be happy about it, well we’re really not happy about it, but if I disappointed people watching to be able to buy my Mom a house, I would do it, and having a kid is even more compelling. I think they are all blah, but maybe Victoria will win and at least I’ll remember this season! HA!


I agree with what you said about Cody.. He saved his game for the end it seems and is playing out of desperation, which I admire because it brings out the best in competitors at times. Karma is a bitch indeed and it has bit everyone in the ass with the exception of…. Derrick who seems to not have been affected yet. Hopefully his turn comes next week. Sorry to see Caleb go, because he did win the comps and was loyal but panicked and that led to the decision he will regret in letting Frankie go out the door. He could have made a deal with Frankie to keep him safe the first part of next weeks HOH in return for not nominating him, but he didn’t. Now he is going home next week.


Caleb…….ur an awesome cool guy vut you were waaaaaay too loyal my friend. But im glad you beat frankie! 🙂



chief wiggum

It’s true…I’m all CBS has left…I’m the luckiest winner of all time!


I totally saw Derrick, change his answer after the audience gasped. He should have been disqualified. Poor Caleb. He was loyal to a fault. I totally saw the Caleb blindside coming.


Disqualified for what? Because CBS is stupid enough to leave the sound of the audience open? The FAIR thing to do would be to redo the comp with different questions. I’m not a Derrick fan but I don’t blame him one bit for what he did….IF he actually did hear the audience and change his answer based on the reaction (we really don’t know for sure if they could hear or not). I would have done the same thing if I was trying to win 500k! Don’t hate the player, hate the game! CBS should get their shit together next time.


Just heard Victoria say to Caleb and Derrick, she thinks she’s been doing really well. they are discussing 3 guys 1 girl left in the house, and somehow she thinks she is responsible for her being there.

I like the idea of the Hitmen making it to F2, not gonna lie. How many early F2 alliances make it to the end. No one has ever believed Derrick’s F2 with victoria, or Caleb, but kind of do with Cody.

Glad Cody won POV and Derricks HOH win means the two of them are solid for F3. Now all he has to do is choose who to send home, and Derricks hands are clean of that decision, so he’s cool either Victoria or Caleb going home, they won’t blame him much. Anyway, Caleb has to go, its the only way they can control who is F2.


Feel sorry for Caleb? NO! All I feel sorry for is the poor glitter!


I feel sorry for Beast Mode Turd
He won’t get a kiss from Amber and
He won’t be making a album. To bad.

When he walk out to Julie I hope his tattoos don’t slid off his body from embarrassment.

2 years later Beast Mode Turd will still be a Turd.

Skeery Sheery

Would anyone else think the vote is rigged if Fakie wins AFP? What a shameless plug on CBS’ behalf tonight. I couldn’t even tell who was more fake — Fakie or the Chenbot. And how obvious was it that it wasn’t a studio audience he was evicted to…

Voting is open: Vote for Donny for America's Favorite

Don’t let Ariana and the Beibs steal this for Frankie, the least liked HG in recent memory.


Derrick will take Cody, for his loyal to him, and they help each other out – Victoria is just the useless space she has done nothing and she believes she has played the game She is so lost in the world. SO GLAD FRANKIE is gone,


Derprick was an undercover cop. He doesn’t care about loyalty. He only cares about who he can use to obtain his objective. He play this game like any undercover assignment–as he was trained to do.

Frankie has sweaty palms

I felt bad for Julie, she had to hold Frankie’s dirty ass hand with the sticky glitter all over it.


You must have been watching another show then. The rest of us seen Julie Chen being very happy and gracious to Frankie, hugging him and even holding his hand during the exit interview. I guess you Frankie bashers got denied huh? Frankie had earned his way to that final 5 and was the biggest threat in the house. The messages from the other house guests pointed this out very clear as well.. All of this hatred for Frankie has blinded some of you from even acknowledging that nobody else was a more bigger threat when it came to comp wins. Frankie’s social game didn’t backfire on him. It was his record of winning comps that put the target on his back as Julie pointed out.


You don’t seem to understand Frankie wasn’t hated because he is homosexual. He is hated because he is a nasty, hateful , gross person. No one gay or straight has the right to molest people because he knew if they protested too much they would be branded a homophobe. He totally took advantage of that situation. If he were to do that in public, he would be beaten to a pulp, but they really couldn’t defend themselves except to say stop, which he always ignored. Let me guess, I’m a racist because I didn’t vote for Obama. I know that has to be your thinking since we have to be homophobes because we don’t like Frankie.


Am I the only one who thinks CBS filled the audience tonight with Ariana fans just so Frankie didn’t get booed?


Vote for Donny 20 times a day


I will say one thing about Frankie getting evicted. He went out in style. No bitterness or blowing anybody else’s game up. Just generally nice parting comments, he even told Victoria to win something for once.. LOL The thunderous applause he got from the audience was for his game play.. It would appear there are indeed people who realize that with all of Frankie’s wins this season in competitions, he is now in the upper tier of the all time great players of Big Brother when it comes to winning competitions and has earned respect for that feat. Frankie has earned his place alongside Janelle Pierzina from BB7 All Stars with her 5 HOH wins and 4 POV wins when it comes to comp wins with his 5 HOH wins and 3 POV wins along with 1 BOB win which he won all on his own. I wish they had the cameras on the jury house.. I would love to see the reaction on the face of Zach as Frankie walks into the jury house.. LOL Congratualions Frankie on making history and becoming the #1 male competition winner of all time in BB history.. Just one win short of tying Janelle’s record! Now let’s see if Derrick throws either Cody or Caleb to the wolves. My bet is that he will turn on Cody next, because Caleb is much more guillable and easier to manipulate.


You do realize that when an eviction episode is taped and not “live” they fill the audience with CBS staff and trusted family members so that none of the details are leaked before the episode airs. The audience reaction to Frankie was not genuine. Also, the only reason Frankie has so many comp wins is because of the stupid BoB twist and having duel HoHs. There were a ton of comps this season. Had this been a regular season, Frankie would not have had such a high number of comp wins. Definitely not top male competitor in BB history material.


Keep in mind that janelle season was 70 something days! This season is like 97 something days. With a longer season, u are bound to win more. If janelles season was longe, no one would be able to break tht record


Say it as many times as you want it doesn’t make it true. Those of use who have watched the feeds know Fakie is nothing more than a mean girl and molester. Oh and filling the audience with people who work for you and telling them to jeer doesn’t make those jeers real either.


The purpose of the game is winning 500 k in the end, not winning the most comps and the past seasons have proven beyond doubt that winning so many comps doesn’t necessary secure the win.Janelle won many comps, but got evicted in F3.Frankie of season 14 won many comps which put a huge target on his back and eventually got evicted too.Even though winning many comps is commendable (and sometimes it’s a requirement if you are up on the block), a flawless social game outplays winning many comps.I would say that a combination of social game and winning comps , especially to the end, is the best strategy of winning (see Ian of Season 14 or Dan of season 10).


The king will be with his queen again,Heard That!Lol wat a Dingus Caleb you stayed loyal to the bomb squad now it’s time for you to go boom!But seriously Beast Mode has already won!!!How you say,well need I remind you he has done told everyone who would listen,he is a shoe in for AFP,Amber and Arianna will fight for the chance for his cowboy romance….The self proclaimed Ninja/Soldier/Country singer and break dancing Lowes know’s hunting and mouse trap making guide will probably sign the biggest deal in the history of mankind for just making and a appearance on bb!!!And if we are lucky he will get his own network where we can just look and or listen at him 24 hours a day.Him making us listen to all his stories…….to many countless hours.Him letting Vic win a comp…….5k.Him actually thinking someone gives a damn bout the BMC…..Priceless!


What could happen is Cody could get rid of Caleb. Then get to decide who he takes. He could take Vic and then she could end up winning. Biggest Big Brother underdog win ever.


VapidVic for the Win!!


It would be in everyone interests that someone take Victoria to the final 2. Nothing against her but she hasn’t won anything and the other finalist would get the $500k. I hope its Derrick and Victoria. Derrick winning 9-0.


With those Eyes and her love of breakfast…She is now known to me as the…..Cereal Killer!!!

Mean Girls, BB Edition

To The Beard: Yes! Victoria, the “Cereal Killer.” Perfect! Chomp! Chomp!” LOL I’m still smiling!!!


I bet Caleb is wishing he listened to Frankie’s warnings about Derrick. But knowing him he won’t even see it coming until he is evicted Wednesday.. With Caleb gone, watch Derrick go after Cody next.. Unless a miracle occurs and Cody snaps out of it and realizes he can’t trust Derrick, it will be Cody going home next week. Thus Victoria will be sitting along side him as Derrick wanted. The thing is I think Derrick underestimates how bitter the jury is that Victoria is sitting there still and being protected by the other house guests left while they are sitting in the jury house. I could honesty see the jury house backlash against Derrick and giving the win to Victoria out of spite, and it would be a close call.


And I could watch her wear those tights everyday,wait a minute I guess I already do.


I vote to evict Cody’s skinny jeans.


Thank you Simon and Dawg!!! It just wouldn’t be summer without you and all the work you do. Looking forward to spending next summer with you.
Will be making a donation on Friday.


Caleb is my hero he walks in room and doesn’t turn on the lights that dude shuts off the darkness.

worst bb ever

My god diptoria is so anal!! The men can’t even shave with out her running behind them. I bet if they fart, she probly chases them down so she can smell it!!! 🙂

Bo Man

After watching this season of BB I am now suspicious of the other cbs reality shows. Are survivor and amazing race produced in the same mold as BB? That cheering and Chens love fest at the pervs eviction was sickening. My innocence is lost I guess. I just won’t enjoy Watching Survivor and the Race like I used to. But then again Probst is a much more professional host then Chen, I don’t think he would cater to a contestant like Frankie


I do suspect if the BB episodes are edited so differently to the feeds, then Survivor episodes must not have shown the same either. People like Rupert and Russell were quite unpopular among the Survivor players themselves. Maybe those bitter juries actually have some reasons to be bitter.

You are not allowed to talk about production

Um…ALL reality tv is “influenced” by their producers. Fact. There is no and has never been 100% real “reality” tv shows that are for entertainment and not educational purposes. BB has been rigged to an extent season after season after season. So has Survivor and every other reality show you can probably think of whether it’s on CBS or any other channel. Did you think it was just coincidence that on these types of shows the one person you really really want gone (or is a favorite) seems to either get to the end or almost get there? They fix it that way for the ratings. They have contracts that specifically state they can’t talk about “production” or face consequences. Just look at these shows for the entertainment value, not reality or fairness.


Watch BBAU 2014 on youtube. they know how to stimulate the social experiment and game. they have really wicked wicked twists. they know how to fulfill the credo ‘expect the unexpected’

BBUS needs to revamp and see how other countries have developed and kept the franchise interesting and the game fair both to the players and viewers.

viewer/audience booing or cheering should not be censored. if you can’t handle it … don’t enlist to play, it’s all part of the game.


As Twig leaf posted earlier we have a whole new type of player this year. In the past we have had Players and Floaters. This year we have Victoria who is actually hoping that someone else wins! We need a name for this type of house guest. I’m torn between “Dingus” and “Misty”.

Because nobody has said it about Frankie or Derrick yet, Kelli

Frankie is so fabricated and affected that even his supposed unique “look” is a total rip-off of two British young men, twins, called Jedward (their two names together) who had that look years ago now–and they acted like kids because they were still pretty young when I saw them on Celebrity BB UK, like 19 and more sheltered than Victoria! Anyway, look them up and you’ll see just how Frankie stole their look head-to-toe! One huge difference is that they are so cute and chronically naive you want to just hug ’em to death. They had a couple of little pop hits out in the UK, but mostly they were just entertaining naturally as themselves, the opposite of Frankie.
Then there’s Derrick. The fact that no one that I have seen yet has compared him to Chief Wiggum on the Simpsons is a grave oversight. Especially since there was a 12-day Simpsons marathon on FX while BB16 was airing. They look exactly alike, except for the blue hair, obviously. It had to be said, I said it, so there.

Alex C.

If i were Caleb i would say to Cody to save me and if i win the last HOH I would choose Cody over Derrick for F2.I would plant seeds in Cody’s mind that if Derrick wins the last HOH he may choose Victoria over Cody. But it’s unlikely Caleb is smart enough to make deals with Cody.


Derrick FTW. He’s earned it whether you like him or not. He’s a master manipulator. This is the game of Big Brother that we all love to hate.


Jacked Up Diesel formerly Beast Mode Cowboy.
I got to hand it to him; he’s played a really solid game and hasn’t been credited nearly as much as the Chief Wiggum.
Derrick is highly overrated in my honest opinion but at the end of the day….
I just don’t want to see Victoria on my screen anymore – pretty please?


I just want to say how awesome it must feel to know you’re in the final three and that you earned it, no one handed it to you(Victoria). Congrats to the Hitmen! Its funny how people (Frankie and Caleb) keep bringing up loyalty when each of them betrayed their closest allies.

Next season I hope they bring in some type of equipment or activity for the women to bond over. The pool table and weights give the men an opportunity to bond without seeming like they are conspiring. If the women are seen hanging out together they are automatically perceived as working together or conspiring. I think the men have an unfair advantage and that’s why we see so many majority male alliances. Just a random thought.


They should also cast strong, smart women who are or have been athletes. There are many beautiful women to qualify and they wouldn’t put up with the let the guys take over the house BS. Most women in college athletics don’t take easy pass classes like the football, basketball, soccer, etc men’s teams do. So these women can compete in comps both mental and physical and wouldn’t be running to the guys to protect them.

Come on BB there are thousands of these women in America and yet you never cast them.

Feeling Cheated

With the 24 hr blackout. We missed getting to see Frankie squirm.


Derrick talks about the Jon & Neda situation pretty often, I think it’d be hilarious if it happened to him. While it does seem like Cody is 100% loyal to a Hitmen final 2, I feel like that’s how I saw Jon too and we were all shocked when he cut his best friend for the goat who’d get almost no votes.


Derprick also talks about Woo and Tony a lot so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Derprick/VapidVic as final 2

VapidVic for the Win!!


Cody is winning a lot lately so I think he has a pretty good chance at winning the last HOH if he wants the $500,000 he better take Victoria to the end he will not win against Derrick…but I think it will be hard for him to turn on Derrick…Do I think Derrick will turn on Cody yes I do he’s after the money and has been since day 1. It’s a huge backstab but Derrick has done it to everyone and I doubt he will have a change of heart just because it’s Cody!