Big Brother Spoilers – Shane pulls out the Big Guns “Dan Gheespoop”

3:17pm Cam 3-4 Britney, Shane and Danielle

Britney: “I kind of thought something was up when they said that Ian’s veto would go first… Because Ian’s veto… Feeds cut”

Shane: “You can’t trust Dan again.. you know that”
Danielle: “He broke my heart..

Shane: “I hope Chelsea divorces him for that”
Britney: “he did this in his last season he backstab people”
Shane: “He always swears on his bible”
Britney: “He says it’s not personal it’s a game.. I’m a logical person I can see that he saw we were fine with him going home”
Britney: ‘I’ve always regretted that I never fought for it in season 12 but for me to fight it right now means I go against the sweetest person in the entire world”
Danielle :”You can’t Britney I won’t hold anything against you”

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“The Surgeons” – Dan the surgeon and Danielle the nurse, he cuts them up and she stiches them backup.

1:50pm – 2:10pm Dan and Danielle are in the kitchen talking. Danielle tells him that she knows something that she isn’t telling him and that she kind of enjoys not telling him. Dan tells her that he knows she would tell him something if he needed to know. Dan tells her that he is an open book with him. Dan tells her that some people buy that we aren’t working together, just Joe and Shane. Dan asks did you think I would be the last coach standing here? Danielle says nope, I thought you would be the first one gone. Dan asks her if she is upset that Britney is leaving. Danielle says yes, she is my best friend. Dan asks Danielle if she has Shanes vote. Danielle says yes. Dan says that he needs to calm down get caugh when you get c**ky. Dan says that even if he gets one more week he is happy. Dan says that he thought Jenn would use it on her. Danielle tells Dan that she was up till 3am working votes for him. She says your welcome. Dan asks how confident are you that you have Shane’s vote? Danielle signs 100%. Dan asks if Britney will lay down and Die.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power OF Veto Ceremony AFTERMATH! Fight Time!

12:35pm – 12:50pm When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA.. Frank, Jenn, and Ian are up in the HOH room. Ian is telling Jenn that he was surprised that she used it. Ian is freaking out in the HOH room. Frank tells Ian that he never should have gone against him. Ian keeps saying that that he had a lot of people in his ear. Ian tells Frank that he wanted to work with him. Frank tells Ian that he heard from several people that Dan said he was going to rat you out and you lied to me about what that was about. Frank tells Ian that if he is going to start raising his voice he can step the F**K OUT! Ian says thanks, I will. Shane comes into the HOH. Shane thanks him for telling him what was going to happen right before. Shane says that he heard screaming and wanted to make sure everything was okay. Frank tells him that he wants to work with him and thats why he told him. Shane says that he wants to work with Frank too. Ian comes back and tells Frank he wants his beer back. Frank tells him to grab it them. Ian starts grabbing the beer out of the fridge. Frank says I bet you wanted to drink and tell me off or something huh. Britney comes up and says it is what it is, it’s just a game.

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Dan recounts the events of last night and says he prefers people hating him in this game..

7:30am Dan is up and out in the backyard talking to the cameras about yesterday and his plan to save himself. He says that it all comes down to next four hours. He describes the events of last night, just in case you missed his “handy work”. He says that he had his funeral and told something nice to everyone except Danelle. Dan says that Danielle did not take kindly to that. He says that he then went upstairs to the HOH room to talk with Frank. He says that his conversation went better than normal and it was up to him to get Jenn to use veto on me. Dan says that by the time he went to bed last night, Jenn was on board. Dan says that it’s amazing what 24 hours can do. He says that the real question is if this goes through, am I going to stay true to Jenn, Dani, Frank. Dan says yes I am. Dan says the question is who is going up when I come down. He says that he wishes it could be Ian, but he has a veto. Dan says that Britney has thrown me under the bus and I get it now. He says that it all comes down to Jenn City, if she doesn’t take me down I’m going to the jury house.

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Frank and Dan wonder if their alliance should be called The Last Call Crew Or The Dark Knights.

12am Britney and Dan are talking in the bathroom. Dan is apologizing for going overboard with Danielle. Dan tells Britney that he regrets what he said and wishes Danielle forgive him one day. Britney says there are conspiracy theories going around about him and Frank working together. Britney tells Dan that he made a mistake but everything will be alright. Joe comes in to the bathroom and tells them that he is going to bed. Britney starts talking to Danielle and tells her that fricking detective Joe cornered her after she went to talk to Dan.
Dan and Frank meet up in the storage room for a quick meeting and talk about how the excuse for putting up Britney will be that Ian is too close and that Danielle and Britney are too close. Danielle goes up to the HOH room with Frank and she asks him how her safety is guaranteed if she is up against Britney on the block. Frank tells Danielle what he is going to tell Joe. Danielle tells Frank that she think Shane’s vote for her is only 50/50.

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Big Brother Spoilers Funeral Aftermath Dan to Danielle “I Just saved us both”

9:53pm HOH Frank and Jenn

Frank tells her it’s been Ian all along working for both sides.
Frank: “Would you use the veto on dan tomorrow.. you me, Dan and Danielle”
Jenn: “Ohh my God.. who will you put up Britney?”
Frank: “Ya.. Dan was actually mad at Daneille.. she was suppose to throw the POV ”
Jenn: “This is going to look so obvious”
Frank: ‘Ian has been working with them from Day one selling us out”
Frank: “heres the deal you and dan are going to vote out Britney.. and we are going to trick Joe into voting out Britney”
Frank wants ian gone.. “We got to do this for Mike”
Jenn: “it sucks I kinda wanted to keep these girls around”
Jenn: “I need your word”
Frank: “You know you got it”
Jenn: “I’m ready to do it”
Jenn really doesn’t want Dan in the game but she trusts Frank.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Dan Calls a House Meeting to say his final goodbyes

House Meeting holly shit

House Meeting Cam 1-4 Dan talks to the house.. lots of tears from everyone
Dan: “Number one rule no crying… The last 24 hours have been really tough.. If anything I’m going to have fun.. I’m welcoming you all to my big brother funeral.. I’m going to put you all at ease… Unlike a typical funeral i’m going to say nice thing about you”

Chef Joe – We started on different sides you have taugh me about how to be a good husband and father. One of the best things about you is you are a 41 year old kid and I’m a 27 year old kid

Shane – Shane is walking and living proof there is an actual captain america. You are such a good dude you are the type of guy I want to date my sister when you get out of here there will be a girl for you and she’ll be the right one.

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Big Brother Spoilers Dan emerges from solitary Dance party “My heads not right.. All I see is Flashing Lights”

4:11pm Cam 1-2 bathroom Everyone but Frank and Dan
Ian gives them a rundown of Big Brother 9 and how Adam and Matt (MATT MACDONALD) were arrested for smuggling oxycodone. He adds that Matt (MATT MACDONALD) was also accused of beating up his girlfirend while she was pregnant.
Shane: “When she was on the show?”
Ian: “No no”
Ian mentions Matt Hoffmans twitter account (@HeadOfHOFFhold) and how his tag says something like “As long as I don’t beat up my girlfriend while pregnant i’ll be the best Matt in Big Brother history” (It’s since been changed)

Random chit chat.. apparently Frank’s chum baths are over. they have been in lockdown for a while now.
Britney says she’s 1/16th Native american.. Cherokee.

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Frank flicks chum at Ian. Ian says ..agghh..that’s for Thursday huh?!

10:30am – 11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds come back, Dan is lying on his back with his eyes open in the have-not room. Frank is out on the backyard couches talking to the camera. He says that there aren’t many people that will take him to the final two, let alone the final three. He says that he thinks he can get Danielle and Jenn to maybe take him. Ian joins him out in the backyard. They talk about his chum baths that he has taken throughout the night. The chum bath alarm then sounds and Frank gets up to go change into his bathing suit. The alarm sounds again and Frank yells what you don’t think I hear that bubba! Frank gets into the chum bath, dumps it on himself and then gets out. As he heads to the shower, Ian says good sport bubba. Frank then flicks chum at him. Ian says agghh.. that’s for Thursday huh!

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Joe says that Ian has a little Hitler in him, it’s going to be a Willie effect.

2:30am Frank and Joe are sitting in the hot tub talking. They are both hoping this next week is an easy week. Joe says that he thinks he has been promised safety for the week. Frank says that he will feel better when Dan is gone. He says that then he wants Joe or Jenn to win HOH because they won’t put him up. They both discuss how they feel like they can’t trust Britney. Joe talks about how Britney plays a good social game. Frank says that he doesn’t like how paranoid she gets. They both agree that it’s an advantage to go on block early to get it over with. Frank again bring up how if Joe and Ian had just stuck with him and Boogie they would be in a lot better position way with Ian winning HOH, Frank winning POV, Frank winning HOH .. he says that it could have been 5 against 2 right now. Frank starts talking about Shane and says that he would love to see pictures of Shane when he was chubby to see how far he has come. They both say Shane has a model’s body. Frank says that last year when he didn’t make it on the show he went home and watched the show and gained a bunch of weight from all the eating he did. Frank tells Joe how he sometimes comes out early and talks to the cameras because he knows no one else is up so he knows everyone on Superpass is watching him.

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Another Veto controversy Shane: “That whole Disqualified thing.. I was like what just happened”

10:05pm Kitchen
Frank joins them.. Frank starts talking about 2001 A Space Odyssey .. he says it was a old SciFi movie but really good..

10:28pm Kitchen Jenn, Ian, Shane and Shane
Shane and Ian tell Jenn she did a awesome job grabbing that Slop punishment for the remainder of the season.

Jenn: “I came here to play baby”
Shane: ‘You came here to prove it”

Shane: “that whole Disqualified thing.. I was like what just happened”
Jenn: “I knew something was up it was taking Way too long”
Shane: “Ya it was taking way too long”
Ian: “I could see that you and Brit were freaking out because if one of them go down “
Shane: ‘You guys ultimately hold the power”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Solitary Dance Party

7:58pm Cam 1-2 Solitary Dance Party
Joe and Ian come to Dan and start talking to him through the door. Dan says the door is open they are just not allowed to open it expect to get dan’s wedding ring. Joe gets the ring and hands it to Dan.

Dan: ‘They have 4 or 5 songs they play in here so it’s kind of entertaining”
Joe: “They play them..” Feeds cut

Dan: “Theres champagne i’ll probably have tonight”
Dan Tells Ian and Joe that he wants to play a card game and they can slide them under the door.

Dan: “When people come by to talk to me they cut the music.. other than that it’s 30 minutes on 10 minutes off”

Joe offers to get him cotton balls to cover his ears. Dan says it was tough but the way it went down he wouldn’t have wanted to win it that way.. Dan says he didn’t think he cheated.. (I’m not sure what Dan means by this)

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