Another Veto controversy Shane: “That whole Disqualified thing.. I was like what just happened”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours

10:00pm Britney, Shane and danielle Bathroom (Shane Sleeping)

A bit ago Frank came in and was snarky because Danielle, Britney and shane were in the bathroom and not in the kitchen. The Girls tell him they are more comfortable on the bathroom couch. (Both Danielle, Britney and Frank were snarky with each other the tone was negative.)

Britney: “For 10 veto points would you make out with Frank.. “ (The Power of Veto competition today required them to pick punishments for “veto Points”)
Danielle: “No”
Britney: “What if you were on the block”
Danielle: “I am on the block .. NO”
Britney: “For 10 veto points and you knew you were going home .. “
Daneille: “no “
Britney: “would you kiss Shane in front of everyone for 10 points”
Danielle: “YES… but i’ve already kissed him twice.. in front of everyone”
Jenn joins them. She isn’t sure if she can eat “America’s Choice foods” or drink beer because of her slop punishment from the POV Competition.
They start wondering if maybe Dan has to keep dancing when the music on
Britney tells Jenn that a Girl has never won this game when sitting next to a male.
Jenn: “We’ll hopefully that all changes”
Danielle and Brintey Shackle (Image Link)

10:41pm Cam 1-4 Solitary Dance Party

10:47pm Kitchen Shane, Britney, joe, Jenn, Ian Mostly chit chat.. Shane tells them he calls his Pen!s Pedro.

10:49pm Shane, Jenn and Danille talking about 3some fantasy. Jenn says she’s had threesomes so it’s not really a fantasy.
Shane says there is a lot of stress for a guy to have a 3some. Ian and Joe join them..
Danielle is unshackled from Britney right now because Britney is in the Diary Room.. She says this is the last 10 minute unshackled until tomorrow. Shane: “take a shower and go to the bathroom. Danielle has already gone to the bathroom but says that “They” want Briteny and Danielle to shower together. Shane: “You going to wear your bathing suits?”
Danielle: “I don’t know”… Feeds cut

10:05pm Kitchen
Frank joins them.. Frank starts talking about 2001 A Space Odyssey .. he says it was a old SciFi movie but really good..

10:28pm Kitchen Jenn, Ian, and Shane
Shane and Ian tell Jenn she did a awesome job grabbing that Slop punishment for the remainder of the season.

Jenn: “I came here to play baby”
Shane: ‘You came here to prove it”

Shane: “that whole Disqualified thing.. I was like what just happened”
Jenn: “I knew something was up it was taking Way too long”
Shane: “Ya it was taking way too long”
Ian: “I could see that you and Brit were freaking out because if one of them go down “
Shane: ‘You guys ultimately hold the power”

JOe: “I didn’t see him say it I saw him motion”
Joe: “I understand it.. I knew it was a glitch.. because of whatever had already transpired what they looked at”
Ian: “I knew something was up because they stressed they had to clarify something”
Neither Joe and Shane heard him say anything (Frank i assume) Joe mentions that Jenn heard “Him” Jenn giggles.
Shane: “Worked out in your favour.. even Dan was like I don’t want to win like this.. he felt bad about the whole thing.. if he got the last question I’m sure he would have been happy. ”

(I still don’t understand what happened… in the Veto but Frank did get disqualified and removes from the POV competition and it also looks like Jenn benefited from this. Still not 100% what happened.)

11:32pm Cam 1 Britney and Danielle showering while Shackled.

11:54pm Kitchen Joe, Shane, Ian and Jenn
Ian: “Danielle and Britney are the only 2 out of the 8 of us that like Dick”

12:21AM Danielle, Britney, JOe and Shane
Danielle is tripping out that she’s been with these people for so long.

They go around the table and tell a fact about themselves that they don’t already know.

Ian – He once co hosted a local television Show called against the grain. It was about African American culture in pittsburgh. They talked about African American players and Basketball.

Britney – when she was a kid she did a lot of theatre she was in grade 9 and played a aborted baby that meets her mom in heaven. She stopped doing theatre in highschool..

Danielle – (She rattles off a ton of sh!t ) I went to a 24 hour dance a thon.. became a dance governor … I use to work at a roller skate rink

Shane – In college I was in the process to produce anf market some type of weight machine. Shane could not come up with the money to get it manufactured

Joe – his second passion is to set up a boys Ranch .. (LOL OMFG powerhouse Boys Ranch.. damn the feeds just paid for themselves)
Joe boys ranch will take in the very troubled boys and help them get out of bad spots. He will teach them cooking and his best friend gunter will teach them electronics (Because he’s a electrical engineer)

Britney – her mom makes money online by buying toys from liquidation sources and resells them on amazon and Ebay.. Britney says that her mom made enough money so the family could go on vacations every year.

Danielle – She loves photography.. she scrapbooks… it’s her passion..

12:34pm Frank sleeping (Image Link)

12:36Am Franks bath is ice cold

12:45am Cam 1 Joe and Shane
They are waiting for the hot tub to heat up.. “hot tub time machine”
Joe saying that Frank has thrown his game out the window by not being able to play in the next 2 HOH. Joe: “You can’t be a character like that last long”
Shane says if franks can last 2 more weeks maybe he deserves to win. Joe is surprised that Frank wanted Dan out that bad.

1:05AM Hot Tub Jenn, Joe and Shane
Chatting about Frank taking being Benched from HOH for 2 weeks. Shance mentions that he thought it was only for 1 weeks but since he can’t play for it next week it was extended to 2 weeks. Joe: “That’s one confident mother f**ker right there”

1:12AM Hot Tub Shane, Ian and Jenn (Image Link)

1:13pm kitchen Britney and Danielle

Britney saying that if Frank makes it to final 3 he deserves to win “he’s literally been a target since day 1”. Danielle asks Britney if She would vote for Frank over her. Britney: ‘No never”
Britney says they have 2 weeks to get Frank out.
Brintey: “You have to make 100% sure Jenn doesn’t use the veto”
Danielle: “She won’t”
Brintey: “are you sure”
Daneille: “Yes”
Brintey: “100%”
Danielle: “Yes”
Britney: ‘I’ll feel better on Monday”

The horn blows and Frank heads to the gunk bath (Image Link)

1:31AM Cam 3-4 Dance Party

1:53AM Horn goes Frank jumps in the chum

2:05AM Cam 1-2 Hot Tub Ian, Frank, Joe (Image Link)
Talking about hangovers.. Joe: “I’m literally non functional .. I need to drink a gallon of f**** water”
Ian: “I’ve been hospitalized for alcohol.. straight up.. before I was a RA.. the golden days.. I went out on my birthday.. and man I mixed the wrong stuff.. “
Joe: “Hangovers hurt more than they use to.. I tell you after you turn 30 they hurt”
Frank: ‘If I have more than 6 drinks i’m done the next day”

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Frank said earlier that he was repeating, out loud, something because sometimes you think it’s a direct quote, but BB sometimes makes something plural and you agree it was a direct quote, but your wrong because it wasn’t plural. So…he broke some kind of rule during the POV. He said he was guilty but he wasn’t cheating…just talking out loud, repeating something to remember.


I found the Flashback: 7:02:44
I mean, I don’t like being DQ’d ya know, that’s no fun. I think what it was, I looked over at her because she buzzed in, but she was having trouble, and I looked at it and what it was? and I was reading out the spaces…”summer”, and to see it wasn’t plural, because they get you on that… I absolutely said it, I went in the DR and apologized for it. I was like look, I know I said it, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry, and I know it’s not good for TV to have to do something like that. I’m like, look, I’m sorry.


thanks for that info. I need to go back and check that flashback out.


Dan needs to deploy the nuclear option. He needs to go to frank and tell him everything tomorrow. He needs to show that Ian is the snake who was running and telling verbatim everything that Frank and Boogie said and that’s why the Silent Six split. He needs to show that Britney was the biggest anti-Frank/Boogie voice in the Silent Six from day one. He needs to show that Shane is a mental midget who will do whatever Britney tells him, including backdooring Frank next week. He needs to reveal all the shit-talking Dan did over the last week. At this point it’s about his survival and his chances to win the game.

What does he owe Britney? She’s a complainer who hasn’t won anything and is making side alliances with everybody.
What does he owe Ian? He let Dan take all the heat for his betrayal and is the reason Dan is on the block.
What does he owe Shane? He just does what he’s told, wins competitions, and has no backbone.
What does he owe Dan? A floater who sucks up to power.

He has to know that at a minimum, two of these people will be voting him out on Thursday…and it’s likely that they all will.

He should tell Frank everything and say that despite what he’s being told, he has no allies. Frank is logical and Dan is logical. They should work together and do it quietly. Frank must know that if everybody is still firmly against him, then it does not matter who he evicts and if Dan reveals everything (but protects Danielle for his own benefit) he might sway Frank, since the truth will make sense and add up. If Frank needs to see a confrontation, then Dan needs to do it. This is survival time. Does Dan want to win or does he want to be a martyr? It’s time to backdoor Shane.


Ian is the only one who can save Dan now. Jenn is not using her POV.


why is Danielle and Britney against Jenn using her POV? Im so confused – that’s their teammate!!


I think Britney does not want Jenn (or Ian, for that matter) to use the POV bc if either of them do, then is most likely going to be the replacement nominee – and I don’t think she is confident that she has the votes to stay.


Anyone who says that it’s Ian’s fault that Dan’s on the block is an idiot. It’s Shane’s and Britney’s fault. Shane threw Britney under the bus and pretty much told Frank/Boogie that Britney made Shane nominate them. As a result of that, Britney told Frank/Boogie that someone told her that they were coming after Britney and Shane. Ian was simply informing his alliance that they were going to be stabbed in the back. Why the h*ll should he be punished for HELPING his own alliance? How could the Quack Pack not know that Boogie/Frank were going to be extremely angry? Why didn’t they have an excuse ready?


I don’t think Frank is logical when it comes to Dan. He is out for blood and has tunnel vision right now. I honestly think it boils down to the ‘three’s a crowd’ comment that Dan supposedly made regarding Dan, Boogie, and Frank. He holds Dan responsible for breaking up the Froogie bromance.



If you want to delete it that’s cool, but this is HILARIOUS. I spit my drink right out with this one!


why is it so important for Danielle to stay… shes won more than Dan has…why cant the house see its best to kick her out…


If the Quack Pack votes out their best competitors, they’ll have no chance of beating Frank in the competitions. He’s a beast.

Nicky Brand

That’s probably why he isn’t wooried about not having HOH for 2 weeks. He knows he’ll just win the veto comps if he’s put up. And everyone else pretty much knows it, too.

But his social game apparently sucks, since everyone is against him. In fact, I would argue that winning too many comps and making everyone fear you ruins your social game.

And if it’s you vs. the whole house, you beat them all at comps and put them out the door, how many votes will you get in jury?

I think rather than winning more comps and making threats, he needs to prove he’s willing to do things that benefit someone other than himself. Getting DQ’d for helping Britney may be the best move he’s made.


If Dan can talk with Ian and let hin know the girls all want to go to the end he may use the veto and than Frank can put up BRITNEY, and get her out, In my opinion this would be the best move and I think IAN KNOWS THIS, RIGHT now Frank is playing an emontional game and since he can’t play HO he will get put up…what do you think


You think Frank would put up Britney if Dan gets vetoed? I think it would definitely be Shane, but he would probably end up staying because he’s Frank’s only real competition.


it would be kind of funny if one of these times they do put jesse in the “solitary” room and just absolutely drive people crazy


omg!!! tooooooo funny


That was the best ending to bbad; Britney: “Joe’s jokes make my vagina wanna fold inside itself.” End of show end credits


Her and Danielle were in the down stairs bathroom after their shower right when they walked in there by the mirror.


I’m so sad dans probably going. I can’t stand frank I do think its funny he’s still targeting dan so hard it will prpbably cost him the game and even tho he knows its ian he’s still hating dan. I think dan should try to get ian to.use that veto. I think ian is just lame he goes wherever the power is and uses people


if Ian uses the veto, Britney goes up and gets evicted. Dan is gonna have to work hard in the next couple of days. he’s gonna have maneuver ways to sneak conversation time with Ian, and Britney is going be stink on shit and make sure Dan doesn’t get conversation time with Ian. it’s gonna be great seeing how all this unfolds, after dan finishes up with his Solitary Dance Party.

Head of Household

No way, Ian knows how this game works and Britney is his closest allie.


So…was the shower in bathing suits ot not

Nicky Brand

This may be the most important question that’s been asked all season. I’d also like to know.



Brit's Giant Mug O' Coffee

Can someone PLEASE write out the lyrics to the Solitary Dance Party song…’s too awesome!!

Brit's Giant Mug O' Coffee

Thanks Simon..I was listening to it earlier..and I was laughing too hard to make out half of the dumb thing..but I know I heard “Solitary Dance Party…nobody here but me..”..LMAO…I am sure we’ll hear it more tomorrow too….we need an audio that possible from the feeds??


I think production is making a huge mistake by ruling a DQ on frank immediately. I’m not saying frank SHOULD OF, or SHOULDN’T have been DQ. there is basically no official information out yet for us to even speculate anything. all I’m saying is, some house guests including dan are saying frank wasn’t cheating. frank doesn’t even look too bothered by the DQ decision. if production some how reverses the decision by admitting a mistake, and gives back frank eligibility to play in the hoh he was DQ for, the rigged brothers conspiracies will really blow the roof off this site.


I’m thinking part of why they went the DQ route was because of all the rigged talk.

I know the HGs think Frank shot himself in the foot but he couldn’t play for HOH next week anyway. Him giving up one HOH isn’t a big deal because his situation is pretty much the same regardless: hoping he can play for veto. Two becomes risky if he can make it that far without getting evicted but at that point he’s playing for POV either way because there’s only six HGs left.


he wasn’t dqed from the hoh before he was dqed he took a punishment for 10 veto points to not be able to play in the next hoh but since hes hoh its not the next hoh its the one after


it’s production way of appealing to many of the bb’s that are upset that Frank is a Cheater! and they found if he is consistently

Cheating ! So they had to d’q him it was to much for production to handle ! but it is still to much for them they need to oust Frank

and not have him win!


taking dan out is the best move for everyone

if anyone here wants to argue that point, go look at last week when I said to keep boogie

boogie they got rid of because hes such a “threat” yet the best so sit next to at f2

dan you get rid of because of the same reason, except he WILL win in the f2

how brit isnt forcing dan out the door is shocking to me

earth to quack pack, you have no one left worth staying in a lame name alliance for. who cares if frank/joe/jenn city team up? seriously.


Time for team 3s Company with a side of PowerHouse! Frank, Dan, Ian and POWERHIZZY!


I love you….


PLEASEEEEE evict stupid stalker harraser Danielle… she needs to stop touching shane he obviousely doeny like it… i cantt believe production doesnt step in… could be because shes female if it were a man production would have him removed


OMFG Simon no lie I litterally spit my beer all over my screen when I read your comment on the Powerhpuse boys ranch and subsequent graphic. Camp activities should include:

Learning to Haul Bricks

Proper Food Prep Hygiene

How to Cook in Massive Quantities for a Small Group

And lastly:

How to Conduct Yourself on a TV interview.

No that graphic is my new screen saver until he goes. TEAM MFPH4L YO!!!

Roisin Dubh

Fucking powerhouse had me crying, I’m trying to make it my screensaver


That dude could barely peel a cucumber.


i think Frank has a power of veto hidden somewhere…


It’s possible, we’ll know for sure Sunday

Seeing how most of this season has been catered to keeping him in the house the reset was obvious it was for him , because it hurt the vets big time, LIKE I SAID last season was catered for a Vet this season is for a Newb. Guess it’s fair in some way.


I missed the convo between Ian and Frank on Thursday as soon as feeds came on so I watched it tonite. I caught something in the convo and wonder if Ian did. Frank was talking about how Ian was always part of their group – even if he was not in the Silent 6. Frank said he knew that Ian perhaps felt a little left out because of his and Boogie’s closeness, but that really had more to do with the closeness in his and Boogie’s ages. Had to listen to that twice – Ian is 21; Frank is 28; Mike is 42 — who is closer in age? oh yes, that would be Frank and Ian at 7 years as opposed to frank and Mike at 14 years.


that may be true of chronological age but frank and boogie were closer in psychological age than ian

Head of Household

Yes, because Ian is more mature than the both of them…

Jen W

Funny how he admits to being in an alliance without Ian but is made at Ian for betraying him??? LOL I would like Frank a lot better if he wasn’t so self-righteous.


BB production should send Frank home .. he has done nothing but Cheat and Bully since beginning! … So Now Daniele is against Dan!!?! – her Silly self! . Once Daniele talks with Dan, she will come to her senses and get Jenn and Ian to use the vetoes, I hope! – I am Still Pulling for Dan!!


who do you think is the one helping him cheat…




Dan did it to himself when he said he’d use the POV on himself instead of Danielle since Danielle was so convinced he would use it on her. As ridiculous as it sounds, that’s what Danielle believed and that’s when she started talking about Dan leaving.


It’s not that it’s rigged for Frank specifically, or at all for that matter (in terms of him winning comps).

Production is simply trying to create a story line here because they saw how tight nit the Quack Pack was and they saw the route that the show was headed (boredom fest).

I think that they would try to help the game play of anyone that was going against QP because then it makes it interesting; not because they necessarily love Frank, but because he’s the only one with balls in the house.

Without this, the show would be boring and predictable and that is the truth.


its not rigged just for frank i dont think,
they had the pandoras box ball thing, where a second veto was available, my guess is was it was for dan to win.
unless they gave frank a diamond veto in the pandoras box, tha woudl also make sense for him not competing in the next 2 hoh’s

Friend of Jenn

Jenn might win it all by staying alliance free. Then I will ask her to lend me some money when I see her again. Woot Woot, Jenn City!!!

Friend of Jenn

Also, Julie Chen, I went to grade school with you.


Why doesn’t Frank have to fully immerse himself in the chum bath like Brendon did in season 12? Could this be another break for him from the Producers? I want to see him covered in chum – head to toe – front and back. THEN I will consider it a punishment.


I don’t think Brendon had to submerge in the chum, he chose to…Putting that shit on your body is punishment enough


I kinda feel bad for Dan, that dance partay is pretty brutal and we all know he’s pretty much leaving on thurs. I hope he says ah screw it i’m bailing, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t have the feeds (I know I would not be able to stop watching and probably die at my PC lol) but, have the lights and music gone off at least? If not that’s pretty harsh, I hope he just concedes, it’s just not worth it.

Brit's Giant Mug O' Coffee

He gets 10 min of quiet and 30 of’s not that bad and the music has been off for awhile…Dan’s biggest concern should be the fact that Danielle basically was fine without him and could give two craps about him beiing gone on Thur..she laughed..had fun and good care less….jmo.


Probably not, it’s for 24 hours. Sometimes they stop for a bit and come back on though.

Swim golden

Can you imagine being his wife at home having to watch Dan do through this?


Evel Dick makes me “moist”… Season 8 was amazing and haven’t enjoyed a season that much since… just sayin’…………

Dae Yum Yum

Evel Dick makes me sick! Hates S6 and his bitchey daughter too!

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Bye Dan


I dont feel bad for dan. the guy hasnt won a thing all year as that is his “strategy” then in the last few comps still doesnt win. its at the point where he hasnt faced any heat, he made a stupid error covering for ian, as ian just gave it up to boogie at the door, who then told frank not to trust the kid, dan basically lost because he felt he should take the hit for ian to look better to america, like he protected ian. well, congrats, you protected him from frank who then went on to “shank” you before you could pull off operation “shank frank”


I want Dan to go to Frank and tell him what is really going on. What does he owe the rest of them? Even though he took a hit, all of them are turning their backs on him (even Danielle). I think it wold be awesome if, as the other poster stated, he tel Frank everything and they team up silently and clean house. I can hardly look at Jenn, Frank or Joe…. and Danielle and Brittany? Oh no! And I’ve lost respect for Ian since he has decided not to use his POV to save Dan, considering all that Dan has done for him. What a wienie!


I love how it is “all Dan did for Ian” which truthfully is Jack squat. Ian was in an alliance with them and did his job. SHANE decided to blab to Frank and Boogie that he got info from a reliable source. SHANE could have either not acted on the info or kept his mouth shut and said hew was playing what was best for his game. SHANE did the bad move throwing others including Brit, his closest allie, under the bus. Meanwhile Dan has been the one not winning comps on purpose and hiding behind strong layers trying to be a puppet master. It is his admitted entire game and the same one from his season. People watched that year and knew better and he is now caught from it. He could have changed his game playe style and not been so predictable but didnt. Buh BYe Dan you are done and nave only yourself to blame.


what benefit ian gets for taking dan off the block? If ian uses veto on dan, britney/shane goes up. ian cant save the whole qp alliance, somebody has to go.

Power of Veto Corleone

These past few days have been so entertaining for me. I think Dan is a total scumbag with no balls, so for me it’s been fun watching how he handles being on the block. He now has to do all the dirty work on his own and can’t manipulate others. He’s on slop and got 24 hours of solitaire, so poor Dan has an uphill battle.
For me, the icing on the cake will be if he heads off to the Big House on Thursday. In the mean time I’ll get my cheap kicks watching the Worm squirm for a few days. I’m so over watching a grown man wear a kerchief on his head.
I’m catching up on BBAD and just heard Danielle say one of the things on her bucket list is to go to Africa and pet a lion and a tiger!!
WHAT??? She wiggled out of it when Britney looked at her like she was crazy. (which we all know she is.) Then she added that she meant baby lions and tigers. Then someone said if she tried doing that the mother would attack her. She got out of that one by saying she meant doing it in a petting zoo.
That girl is nuts.
First…..tigers are found in India, not Africa.
Second….why would a person go all the way to Africa to go to a petting zoo?
Third….if you did go to a petting zoo, I never heard of one with baby lions and tigers running around for you to pet.
I apologize for picking on Danielle. She’s way too easy a target and I generally let others point out how loony she is. But I couldn’t resist this one time.
She did display a good talent for telling a lie and backing it up.
No wonder her and Dan got along so well. Although she’s a lightweight, they’re two peas in the same pod.


I think frank is ready to go to jury he just wants someone other than dan to win if he was willing to take 2 weeks with out playing hoh. He wants dan out before he goes. I think if i was ian i wouldn’t use the power at all or not on dan use it on danielle and have britney as replacement nom. That way dan goes home then next week get frank out. if ian gets that done he has got the votes to win the game a jury if he is final 3, he would have taken out boogie, dan and frank

The Rose

Hopefully, Dan will have time to talk to the qp (minus Britney) and get them back on track. Frank can’t play HOH for 2 weeks, so they have a good chance to backdoor him. He can win competitions over Britney and needs to let them know the ones he has thrown. Jenn should use the POV because she has the best excuse.


at this poing for the individual members of the qp it is more advantageous to get dan out while you can this week. It leaves frank and shane as the best at comps left and frank with 2 weeks unable to play hoh. If shane wins this week and gets frank out then shane cant play and they can target him, even though he is qp he has to go some time for other members to win, do it while you can. I do hope they are playing to try and win the 1/2 mil and not just to get the qp as a whole to final 5, that would be dumb. qp has to break up eventually, do it when it benefits you most.

curiously nosey

what did frank exactly do to be DQ’d for 2 HOH competitions?