Joe says that Ian has a little Hitler in him, it’s going to be a Willie effect.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


2:30am Frank and Joe are sitting in the hot tub talking. They are both hoping this next week is an easy week. Joe says that he thinks he has been promised safety for the week. Frank says that he will feel better when Dan is gone. He says that then he wants Joe or Jenn to win HOH because they won’t put him up. They both discuss how they feel like they can’t trust Britney. Joe talks about how Britney plays a good social game. Frank says that he doesn’t like how paranoid she gets. They both agree that it’s an advantage to go on block early to get it over with. Frank again bring up how if Joe and Ian had just stuck with him and Boogie they would be in a lot better position way with Ian winning HOH, Frank winning POV, Frank winning HOH .. he says that it could have been 5 against 2 right now. Frank starts talking about Shane and says that he would love to see pictures of Shane when he was chubby to see how far he has come. They both say Shane has a model’s body. Frank says that last year when he didn’t make it on the show he went home and watched the show and gained a bunch of weight from all the eating he did. Frank tells Joe how he sometimes comes out early and talks to the cameras because he knows no one else is up so he knows everyone on Superpass is watching him. Frank says that he likes to gives Superpass viewers a little insight into what he’s thinking when he does his solo talks to the camera. Frank says that he can’t believe he hasn’t gotten a f**king chum bath in a hot minute. He says that he could have been sleeping! Frank tells Joe that it’s Sunday, we have three weeks until the finale night! They talk about how it’s crunch time and how they need to make the final push in the game to make it to final two. Joe tells Frank he is going to keep Jenn fed because they don’t need her in a bad mood.
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3:20am Frank gets another Chum bath alarm. He heads over to the chum bath and dumps it over himself and yells f**k this shit is cold yo! Frank then showers off and then gets back in the hot tub. Joe tells Frank that he will stay up with him. Joe heads inside to get water. Frank talks to the camera and says that he hope everyone at home can see the passion he has for this game! He says that he did everything he could to stop Dan from winning veto today even though he got disqualified. Frank says that he just loves this game and says that he can’t compete in the next 2 HOH’s. He says that he hopes that doesn’t come back to bite him. Joe comes back outside. Joe says that Dan won’t get out of the disco confinement until 6pm tomorrow. Joe says that he thinks Dan is resigned to the fact that he is going home. Frank says that he wonders if the chum bath alarms are on a set schedule or if they are watching and listening. Joe says that right now we have a 1 in 8 shot at winning. Joe asks Frank when have you ever had a 1 in 8 shot at a half a million dollars? Frank says never.
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3:45am – 4:15am Joe says that he is really worried about Ian winning another HOH again. Joe says that he only saw twenty minutes of an Ian HOH reign and doesn’t want to have to see a whole week of it. Joe says that Ian has a little Hitler in him, it’s going to be a Willie effect. He says that he thinks the power will corrupt him and people will start to hate him. Joe says that it will ruin his nice kid image he has in the house. Joe says that it could also be a good thing because there would probably be a big target on Ian. Frank says that he told Ian that he better not double cross him again because he won’t vote for him to win the game if he makes it to the final two. Frank says even if Ian was up against Dan in final two. Frank says that he would vote for Dan to win. Frank says that he would taint the jury and make sure others didn’t vote for Ian either. Frank says that it just kills him that Ian did that to Boogie and I. Frank says that he doesn’t want what Ian did to cost me my game. Frank says that he doesn’t think Ian would put me up but I still don’t want him winning HOH next week. They talk about how they have no idea what Ian would do with HOH. Joe says that f**king boy got a devil in him. Joe says that we are going to be shocked when we see his diary room session. Frank says that I gave up three grand for him and he puts me on the block?! Joe talks about what Ian said to him before putting him on block. Joe says he could be Ian’s dad and whip his ass you little punk. He is lucky I am on tv because I would have wrung his little neck. Frank says that poor Ashley, I knew she was going home and I thought you little c**ks**ker. The chum alarm signals Frank to take another chum bath. After the chum bath they head inside to go to bed. Meanwhile, Dan continues to enjoy the all night techno dance party..

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6:05am Frank gets another chum bath alarm. He does the routine: chum, shower, hot tub, HOH shower, back to bed. In the have not room there is a loud humming noise and no music for the last while. Dan has been tossing and turning all night.
7:30am It happens all over again.


9:30am All the house guests are still sleeping, with the exception of Dan, he may or may not be sleeping in the techno dance party have-not room.
9:50am The Techno Dance party music is back on in the have-not room.
10:20am The house guests are still sleeping..

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180 thoughts on “Joe says that Ian has a little Hitler in him, it’s going to be a Willie effect.

  1. Just a little confused right now with the HGs. Would someone please explain:
    What happened to the QP? Are they falling apart? Is it because of Ian? Is Ian having problems getting people out of his game that is not in his alliance? Is Ian just putting on a show to hide his alliance? What is all the butt kissing with Frank, especially with Joe? Joe certainly appears to have turned up the charm with Frank, but is it fake just to keep from going on the block? Help!
    Also, is it me or are the people all appear to be catering to Frank? Are they really that afraid of him, or do they believe that he would be a good ally? Like, if you can’t beat him, join him? This cast is hard to understand at times, and because they keep changing I don’t really have a favorite. Maybe that’s a good thing.

      1. The QP is still intact they may be losing one member but they are already planning to take frank out in the next two hoh and i don’t see jen winning them right now they are all just sucking up to him because he is hoh

  2. Got to give JOE credit for being one of the best floaters ever. Last week he said he was tired of picking sides and drew a line against Frank and now he’s all buddy-buddy and gives out just enough lies to keep both sides fighting each other. Maybe, Joe is the smart one? I mean, he’s been on the block a bunch of times too like Jordan was and he’s still in a great position.

    1. I have to disagree he isn’t very good at it he jumps from side to side and eventually when dan and frank are gone he will be next because he is way to open about it. He is definetly getting on my nerves I do feel sorry for Frank they are all lying to him he just doesn’t see it

    2. Joe is NOTHING like Jordan and I hate the Jordan way of playing the game…Jordan/Britney gameplay is win nothing, be nice, and hide until the end behind their strong men that take all the heat. The Joe style is be an annoying loud kiss ass to whoever is in power while simultaneously putting a target on his own back. I would agree that they both suck.

    1. I agree 100%.
      I hate how he repetas “scumbagged” all of the time. We get it, Frank, you’re a scumbag for holding life long grudges.

    2. Not only most gullible ever but also most deluded ever. He thinks the viewers like him and I don’t see much evidence of that in the comments. He also really thinks he can taint the jury against Ian. HAHAHAHA I doubt he can taint anything other than his underwear.

      1. Alot of people like frank and is seen in the comments just you choose not to see. Also no point in fighting with you Dan lovers who want to monopolize the board with your “hate frank” comments.

        1. I have to say i do like frank i just wish he would open his eyes and see it at times i think he almost does but i am also a huge dan fan in a perfect world they would team up I am still hoping dan can find a way out maybe he will out Ian and save himself

    3. What option does he have? Every single player in there is lying to him so his only option is to put his trust in someone. It’s not his fault that every player in that house will say any lie to him that pops into their head. I know that Frank is not a favorite but he’s clearly been the underdog since week 1 so I won’t stop cheering for him until he gets evicted (which will probably be in a week, or two at the latest). He did cast a vote in an eviction ceremony until last week for crying out loud. He’s cocky, yes, but he’s only gullible because he has no other option. Don’t forget that he saw right through Dan and wanted him out 2 weeks ago but Boogie talked him out of it.

      1. He never really saw through dan franks first issue with dan is that he couldn’t understand why dan didn’t want to work with him for him it seemed like a good option him, boogie and dan the second thing is that frank is working on wrong assumptions he thinks everything that has happened is because of dan. He thinks that dan manipulated ian into voting out boogie and pushed him into nominating him and ashley. What he doesn’t relize is that Ian has been in an allience with them since the reset, that he told them every convo he had with them and that the reason boogie went on the block was because Ian told brit they were coming after them. He was totally playing them for the begining but i have a feeling frank won’t be in the dark for long dan won’t just walk out without a fight and if he is sure Ian won’t save him he will out him.

  3. It’s official….Britney and Shane are worthless. All they had to do was win POV to support their alliance; Ian was going to get the blood on his hands to take Dan off the block.
    And who wins the freaking thing? Question Mark wins which tells me only Frank was fighting for the Veto and he only lost because of disqualification.
    But then again, who knows how hard Dan fought for the Veto? I am a HUGE fan of his (I reallyreallyreally want him to stay and show us the great Dan Magic again) but I am not sure I would have even considered throwing any comp when my butt is on the block.
    I don’t know…this entire season has been “off” for me, beginning with the Willie incident (which is when I decided I totally disliked Frank…he did not just lie, he sullied a person’s reputation and raised doubts about a person’s character), the seemingly impossible task of evicting a player on the block pretty much the entire season (Frank) to the gameplay of both Boogie and Janelle which I found to be not very impressive. Manipulation and mind-fucking is one thing but all I saw from those two were bullying and intimidation. I also think that Dan and Boogie were great when they part of a duo (Dr. Will/Memphis)….it is interesting to see them play solo (well, Boogie immediately latched onto Frank) and I have to admit, I am disappointed neither of them chose to shake their gameplay up.
    That may be what contributed to Boogie’s eviction and may be Dan’s downfall.
    PS–Simon and Dawg, I lovelovelove you guys and Team Powerhouse! :)

    1. Totally agee. I think Ian would have kept his end of the bargain. If Shane and Britt did throw the POV, he will see that they cannot be trusted to help his game and he saves Dan and they make a F2 deal. Also, Dan would be a better partner to get rid of Frank. I would prefer Joe or Jenn winning rather then seeing a scumbag like Frank winning.

    2. I feel for Dan because I really like the guy. But sticking so close to his alliance is what did him in. I would have tried to save my own ass and go talk with Frank, tell him everything, and hope for the best. It’s probably too late now anyway. I mean, at some point you have to worry about yourself. It’s really freaky that Frank won this HOH because it was 6-1 going into the competition, I believe. The unthinkable happened. Bad luck. Whatever. But even yesterday I heard them talk strategy to save the QP by Dan and Danielle throwing the veto and one of Shane or Britney winning it, so that everyone in the quack pack is protected while taking D/D off the block. Again, if Dan had a chance to win but purposedly threw the game to keep the alliane intact, and Shane and Brit actually threw the game, as well, then I feel really really bad for him. I’ll be curious to see the POV game on TV.

      I will say, though, that I don’t remember Dan winning anything this season. He did have his chances now. An HOH and two POVs. He is partly responsible for his own predicament.

  4. Why isn’t Frank wearing his carrot top outift and why is he getting away with breaking so many rules in this house. This guy is going to be the sole distruction of Big Brother at the rate he’s going. Breaking rules, intimidiation other players, threatening- do this my way or you’re out, i’m not voting for you, etc. WHat an f’n diva!!
    Hey, Frank, you are shi!!ing on the rest of America’s dreams to get on the show!!! Dam cochroach!!!

    1. Its funny how people want to call out Frank for threatening with his jury vote yet Dan does it passive aggressively to Ian and it all find and dandy. Please!

      1. The action doesn’t matter as much as who’s doing it and to whom it’s being done to. Asking for consistency in HG bashing is asking for too much.

  5. I think ian has a chance to become a remembered player in this game if i was him i would not use the power and get dan out then send frank home next week. If ian did that there is no way the members of jury would not give ian the money since he would have taken out boogie, dan and frank.

    1. well at this point he has to decide who he wants to work with more brit,shane, danielle or dan becuase if he takes dan down he exposes his allience but then frank will put up the other two. I am not sure what he will do because he is in a tough spot if he doesn’t save dan i have a feeling dan will try to make a deal with frank and jenn and tell them everything he was considering it in the isolation room

  6. Why does frank think he heard people cheering for him during the DE POV? I went back and watched it again and it’s clear as day they were booing and groaning that he won. I hope anyone asking him questions when he gets out brings this up to him. This guy is delusional. He also keeps telling everyone that they made a mistake voting out mike and Ashley when in reality it was the best move For everyone to get those 2 out. Maybe it was the best move for frank to keep mike but not for everyone else. Why can’t this guy just admit that it was a great move by everyone. I just want this guy to know that America is not in love with him like he thinks they are and that he’s getting a favorable edit and people are still booing him on the live show. Another person who I can’t stand is joe. He says he drew a line in the sand and was against frank and now he says he’s with him. Next to the word floater in the BB dictionary should be a picture of joe. There is no reason to suck up to frank right now. Frank only wants Dan out. Joe is wasting his time. And the last thing something tells me frank got the diamond power of veto in his PB. Why would he give up playing in an HOH? Yes I know it’s 2 but it’s really only 1. something isn’t right. With production interfering in the game once as usual and telling Ian to not use his veto it just seems they would make things easier for frank. I guess we will see Wednesday night

    1. I was cheering for him and many folks are pulling for Frank and will vote him America’s favorite too. Yes., a few boo’s from Ian fans, but cheers for Frank are there too. Now, whose won the most compeitions with their neck on the line? Yes,. FRANK. If Shane, Frank or Ian make the finals they will win vs anyone else in the game. Brit needs Jenn in the final to win and that is even a close vote. Danielle needs Brit, Jenn or Joe. Strong case that Frank or Shane or Ian will win this game. But, Frank and Shane win vs Ian in the finals. Ian on only wins vs all the others.

  7. Hey Simon I have a question for you. Can you tell me is a fast forward the same thing as a double eviction or is it something different?

    1. Based on Season 6, the HOH competition and nominations happen in Thursday’s episode after a house guest has been evicted (like normal). Within the next 48 hours, the POV competition, POV ceremony and eviction all occur, with the next HOH competition happening shortly after and another house guest going home by Thursday.

  8. I am so sick of joe he keeps floating to one side of the house then the other it is pathetic as for frank i feel sorry for him with the exception of jen everyone is against him and his obsession to take dan out may have cost him the game. No matter what joe said i don’t think dan has reside himself to leaving i am sure he has one more play before hand.

  9. Frank is douche. Does he think that Ian should have just helped him and Boogie get to the end, should he have just fell on his sword? You see, Frank, when you say mean things about someone, when you underestimate them because of their age, when you ignore him, when you make him feel expendable, they tend to look for appreciation elsewhere, and that’s what Ian did. Ian got Boogie out of the game, but Frank insults Ian again by not giving him credit for making a big move. He still doesn’t think Ian is capable of anything unless someone bullies him into doing it. I hope that is Frank’s downfall. Just last week he was trash talking Jenn. When Dan is gone I hope Ian wins HOH and sends Frank home. Maybe then Frank will realize that Ian is a smart kid and doesn’t need anyone to force him to make a move. He is socially awkward and he seeks company, and Frank was too busy licking Boogie’s shoes to spend time with the kid. Brit and Dan have been nice to him. Frank treats him like an annoying little brother. Frank is one of the most arrogant players ever, cut from the same mould as Boogie, Jessie, Brendon. I am not a big fan of special powers, but I would love it if there was one hidden in Dan’s cake.

    1. I totally agree with you. I also hate how Frank plays on Ian’s insecurities like saying he will control jury votes (Dan also said that tooina heated moment) because once the jury chills out from the game they usually think totally different imo. I just can’t like Frank he is lacking something, I still can’t figure it out.
      Thanks for the great spoilers Simon and Dawg!

      1. And the way Frank has treated everyone in the house, do you really think they are going to listen to him in the jury house? He’s just being his bullying self. Especially since everyone has wanted him out since day one. They all seem to chill out in the Jury House and then begin to appreciate people’s game moves.
        Can’t believe Ian doesn’t see this.

  10. Frank needs to learn how to shut his mouth. Eagle Eye is the biggest suck ASS. He has got Adam beat by a mile. Frank talks too much. He already has a mountain to climb if he is going to make it to the end. I hope he does but it’s going to take a miracle. Unfortunately he trusts to much and he can’t shut the Rattling Grill Up. Frank wake up the whole house is against you, when your HOH is over Everybody will have their foot on your back kicking you out of the door.

    1. They ALL talk too much, except Dan, who just sits back, listens then strategizes. However, Dan may have waited too long this time to make his move. Seems like past players try to play the same way they did previously, but it is a whole new group of people with different personalities, phobias, etc.

  11. sounds like frank wanted dan out so badly, that he essentially self evicted himself over the next two weeks, by sitting out hoh…he better maintain his pov record, or this game could change substantially.

    wonder if he’ll feel differently about his decision after the finale and sees that it was ian who helped kick mike out…

  12. I am so disappointed with the show right now. Always been a huge fan… have LOVED this season – how exciting it started off.. now is seems like THE FRANK SHOW and I dont love Frank.. AT ALL.. I personally find him to be like a priveleged whiny entitled bully. I cannot believe that the popularity poll has him at such a high % today. He grew up with a rich and famous family, doesnt work, has cheated now twice in the game – in fact, should have been voted out the week that they put the coaches back into the game… And I get the feeling that production WANTS him to get to the end. I think they want him and Ian to be the Batman and Robin of BB14… uuuuggghhhhhhhh

    1. The biggest problem I have with all of the Frank hate is that the other house guests seem to become absolved of all blame regarding their problems as if they are innocent in this game :-\ There are problems with all of them.

      1. And this is exactly why I’ve leaned toward Team Frank. He has his flaws and personality deficiencies but everyone else in the house does as well. It seems like the Boogie hate (which was also pretty extreme) rubbed off onto Frank.

      2. No one else has this God complex and arrogance like Frank. The thing is, that
        the whole house knows what is going on practically. Frank thinks he is the only one
        playing the game, while they have been playing without him.
        He will find out later. !!LOL

      3. I don’t think everyone else is innocent. Britney can be a whiny brat, and Joe’s floating gets on everyone’s nerves. It’s just Frank’s behavior and the things he does often overshadows everyone else. For example, no one in that house has an ego that matches Frank’s. Frank is the biggest offender when it comes to a lot of things, in my opinion. No one in that house is perfect, it’s just that Frank’s faults are the most blatant and apparent. And people usually pay most attention to what they see frequently.

        1. I don’t really take what Frank says too seriously. If someone thinks he’s godly, you don’t hate him: you call him ‘ridiculous’ or something like that. It’s a different feeling than hate for me. I didn’t like him at first, but he’s always being targeted and some of the things that people like Britney have said about him (and things they’ve said to other people, for that matter) have been disgusting. Franks speaking ill of people constantly targeting him is different than Britney speaking ill of people she doesn’t like, speaking as if she hasn’t left high school.

          1. I’m not a huge Frank fan and I’m sure he’s not getting to the end, I just didn’t want the QP to get down to the final 5.

    2. Rich and famous? Because his dad was on TV for a few years. Yes, his dad was a professional wrestler who had a few high profile years but Sid Vicious wasn’t exactly Hulk Hogan (or his family).

      1. Well, after reading multiple posts from you CJ, I was wondering if you could come up for air from Frank’s crotch and actually see the truth, or if you want to stay down there in your tag-team delusions with Carrot Top. Although Sid Vicious was no Hulk Hogan, he was a nig star and made millions. Frank lives in a house his daddy bought him in Florida and doesn’t work, living off of the rent he collects from the GUEST HOUSE in the back. He is a whiny bully who feels a sense of entitlement, after all he’s the only one who came into the house trying to win $500k, right? The others are just there to do his bidding while he goes for the gold, and heaven forbid they play their own game to advance themselves to possibly destroy HIS DREAM!!!! He’s a bully, screw Dan for bullying Ian too, I’m not on his side before you try to pull that crap argument on me. The only difference is Dan will vote for Frank or whoever when the time comes, because he truly appreciates the game. Frank would never vote for Dan or Ian, because they stole his DREAM. I just call it as it is, not blinded towards anyone. I’m a fan of the GAME, and the game doesn’t need bullying, self-absorbed assholes like Frank winning it. IF he would own up to being a villain I would have respect for it, but he REALLY THINKS he’s a good guy who’s been wronged because the players don’t do what’s best for HIS game. Sorry for the long vent, but wtf, I read to much BS from you and people like you for too long now…SMFH

        1. See, it’s people like you that take what HGs do WAY TOO SERIOUSLY that make me root for people like Frank in this game (and pretty much every season). Have I made personal attacks against you or anyone else (other than saying how idiotic it is to point out one person’s flaws while embracing the exact same thing someone else did)? Nope. To do the same with me when pointing out an opinion I have is ridiculous.

          First off, you contradict yourself by bashing Dan for bullying Ian but then say Dan would vote for whomever he thought would played the best game and saying that Frank wouldn’t. Which is it? Who are you to say that Frank wouldn’t and that he’s just blowing off steam? Even if you’re not “Team Dan,” you still excuse his form of bullying against Frank’s by justifying it. And there are a lot more of “you” than there are “me.”

          So what if he’s pointing out how much he wants to win this game and doesn’t like it when things don’t go his way? Just because he verbalizes it more than anyone else doesn’t mean the other HGs don’t feel the exact same way. And I’d rather watch people who are fans of the show like Frank or Ian win it over Jenn, Shane, Danielle, Ashley, and people who were simply casted off Facebook or who applied on other shows.

          As far as his family goes, I was pointing out his stature compared to someone like Hogan. No one would recognize Frank in the street before BB, people would recognize Hogan’s family. Maybe a few people would recognize Sid if he showed up at a random grocery store, everyone would recognize Hulk.

          Pulling the “calling it as I see it card” is a bullshit way of trying to pass your opinion off as fact. You have your opinion, I have mine. So please take your blood pressure meds, have a drink, and shut the fuck up.

          1. CJ I disagree. From what Frank has shown us he will not vote for the best player – he hates DAN. His blind hatred for Dan is the reason he does not have anyone on his side. Can you see the difference from Dan using his treat to IAN as game play opposed to really meaning it? I promise I am being unbiased. I really feel like Dan’s threat is a game play to convince IAN (although it won’t work) and Franks threat is sincere.

            1. Someone else had mentioned this previously (forgot which thread it was under) but people usually cool down in jury and start to think much more game than personal especially if they’re there longer. That being said, if Frank is to go to jury, the HGs need to do it this week.

  13. I never know that Big Brother controls so much of the game. It’s sick because last year they handed Rachel the win and it all most made me stop watching.

  14. ok i am confused about the Willie effect comment? can someone explain what was meant by that ? they saying that Ian will morph into willie ( personality wise) if he gets another HOH

    1. Saying that the power will get to Ian’s head and arrogance will turn him into WiLLie version # 2. But Powerhouse Joe is a joke calling Ian Hitler. Imagine that little strip of hair on Joe’s chin placed under his nose then imagine him with his eagle eyes all boogered out! Then go back and watch an old clip of Hitler giving a speech. They’re twins separated at birth.

      Except for the fact that Hitler could cook a lot better than Joe!

      1. LMAO … hey Joe can you say Zeig Heil???? or maybe the extended arm salute…. i would kinda say that would be appropriate if he was a person who had the drive to be a leader.. but he is a follower. he follows the power

    2. Joe was talking about (which I saw) how Ian had cornered him in a room before voting and his personality completely changed and was acting like a dictator telling Frank what to do, or else, in a very demanding way. Joe even responded, “Yes, SIR!”.

  15. I really don’t know what Ian’s plans are, but I feel that it would be in his best interest to use the Veto on Dan and take him off the block. Frank can’t play for the next couple of HOH’s and this would be the perfect opportunity to get Frank out, although he will be playing for the PoV that A.G. has geared for him to win.

    1. How does Dan help Ian’s game? Ian is the the 5th of a 4 person alliance. they don’t plan on taking him to the end. He now is stuck doing their dirty and getting blood on his hands without benefiting from it. He also has to think of Jury votes if he screws over everybody that burns peoples thoughts of him when they are stewing in the Jury House. Getting out the biggest manipulator in the house Helps not hurts him. He then can play his own Game not Dan or Brittney’s.

      1. Exactly. Ian also knows this. He helped the four of them by getting Boogie out, now it’s time for Ian to bounce his check to Dan.

    2. Yes, so interesting how everyone is bowing down to Frank this week, now knowing that he can’t play for HOH next two weeks. The rats will be scrambling once his reign is over and Frank will find out he is the cheese in the mousetrap!

  16. D-bag AG should have made it so Frank could not play in the veto next week. If he wants to cheat he should have to pay the price. Taking way a hoh comp is nothing, taking away his veto chance would be interesting.

    AG is such a d-bag. AG can have her trolls relay the message back to her.

    1. Allison G. gives us good entertainment! Don’t like it, don’t watch it. But like Shane says in the BB commercial, “You know you can’t stop watching”!!!

    2. They made (Carrot Top) Frank wear a carrot suit.

      Why don’t they make Danielle wear a Nurse Ratchett suit?

      And Britney a $5.00 dollar crack ho suit?

      1. That was me posting, forgot to include name

        And may I add that Jenn could wear a suit of that man in the news a few months back who got pregnant.

        1. And may I add that Danielle could dress up in a salad suit, cause she’s had her tossed so many times.

                    1. Naw, not a good idea, STDs are transmittable through ALL bodily fluids, those include what comes out of Britney’s udders.

  17. Frank makes F2 deals with everybody in the house. LOL!!! It’s definitely going to come back to bite him. If Jenn, Brit, Ian, or anybody had in sense in that house, they should try their best to get him out and sent to jury

      1. Pretty sure Frank will play in all the POV’s and possibly win. If the other HG’s. Don’t step up their game and win the POV’s, then as much as I hate to say it, then, Frank deserves to win

    1. Can’t wait til all this comes out this week. Everyone will be looking for a reason to evict him, and if they don’t get out the strongest competitor, they can only hope to win the $50K…

    2. You’re counting on the intelligence of these HGs. These are the same HGs that all decided to be in a five person alliance with BSDD while knowing they were the fifth wheel.

  18. ok i am confused about the Willie effect comment? can someone explain what was meant by that ? they saying that Ian will morph into willie ( personality wise) if he gets another HOH simon or dawg?

  19. Question for anyone:

    What time is the POV used??? Will Dan have any time to talk to Frank before the POV ceremony when he gets out at 6pm???

    1. Yes Dan will have time because the pov ceremony isn’t until Monday morning, not that it will help anyway. They should have kept Dan I the house one more week because when’s he gone, wheres the excitement in watching??

      1. Thanks. I agree… BB wants so bad to keep Frank in but I am surprised that they don’t want to keep Dan in so there is a great power struggle between the two sides… OR an unexpected alliance between the two. Once Dan is gone, the only really competition is Frank and maybe Shane, though he lacks socially and mentally.

    2. Once Dan is gone there is no rivalry left in the house, which will make for a very boring end of BB… So disappointed

  20. Frank really is an idiot. He is stating that if Ian backstabs him again he will not vote for him and will make sure that he taints that jury so that no one votes for him. Isn’t that the point of Big Brother? Who can manipulate the best and win at the end? Dick didn’t exactly walk away from Big Brother with everyone his best friend but they voted for him because he was successful at the game. Hopefully, with him not being able to play in the next 2 HOHs, they can finally get him out. The Big Brother bully needs to go!

  21. It is truly sad that Frank is seemingly getting so much help from production. Whoever said taking away the POV would be a bigger punishment for Frank’s cheating (if he truly has AND BB has OFFICIALLY deemed this time as really cheating) is exactly right. Screw taking away the HoHs. Take his ability to save his own game life (POV)–that would be ultimate justice. Instead he is allowed the opportunity to save his game life and continue onward–just as production wishes it to be.

    Dan has a small window of opportunity this week. If he prevails and remains in the house it will be one of the best saves in BB history. He has a HUGE mountain to climb though.

    I still love Ian’s game play. I want him to save Dan but I can understand if he chooses not to do so. The guy is flat-out playing a great game right now. I admit I may be overly impressed with Ian BECAUSE of his age and obvious social disadvantages.

    Joe (the F**king Powerhouse) is also playing a great floater’s game. Jordan would be proud.

    Jenn just doomed her own game life… as if she had any game life to speak of anyways. Slop for that long does NOT do a body (or gameplay) any good.

    Danielle is truly a chore to listen to, but doing well so far. She ain’t a winner though.

    Shane is comp. queen, but needs to pick up that social game and needs to do it like three weeks ago. Shane is wearing thin with me.

    Brittney is a meat-shield but great TV. I like Brittney but like Boogie said, “She’s a fourth place player.”

    Right now, IMO, Ian, Shane, and of course Frank have the best chance of winning this thing. If Dan comes through this week, I would actually take Frank’s name off that list, ’cause Dan would gun for him and allign the people to finally take him out.

    1. Can someone explain to me what happened with that? From what I understand, Frank tried cheating during POV and they took away his chance to play for HOH two weeks from now? Do I have it right?

      1. They didn’t take away his chance to play for HOH, that was just one of the punishments he took for 10 points.
        But thers, including Dan, said he didn’t really cheat…

        I really don’t get everyone saying how much help is Frank getting from production. Unless it turns out he got some secret power, this PB was very likely to screw up his game giving Dan two chances for POV or even the whole QP to stay intact. And giving up two HOHs is definitely something Dan would take and could actually benefit from.
        I’m not sure but it might make Frank a bit less of a target the following week.

    2. The HOH thing was a punishment Frank chose. His “cheating” (as others have mentioned, even the other HGs think he didn’t cheat) eliminated him from the game.

  22. I wish everyone would stop crying foul whenever their BB favorite loses. It’s getting so repetitive and irritating! If you don’t think the show is legit or you can’t make a constructive comment then stop watching BB. Your continuous complaining is beginning to annoy all true BBF who really enjoy watching BB for the entertainment. Geez…grow the hell up!!!

    1. It’s the bathtub where Powerhouse Joe took a bath prior to Frank getting in. And you’re misspelling “CHUM”, just take out the “H” !!!

  23. AG seems to have an obsession with wrestlers and now wrestler’s sons, since Jessie is full time employed in the profession and won’t come back to play the game. I bet she offered him a coaching spot this season. When he said no she gave Frank the nod because of his dad. I felt bad for him when he was Boogie’s horse, I felt like he was a target because Boogie was his coach, I felt like he would have played differently if the coaches twist didn’t happen, but when the game was reset, he didn’t break away from Boogie, he did the opposite. I lost respect for him since then, and see that Janelle was right, he is a douchebag and should have gone home weeks ago. The only person he hasn’t bashed behind their back is Boogie. And he doesn’t just bash them in fun like Brit (she will also do it jokingly to their faces), he says really mean things and then blows sunshine and rainbows up their asses when he is face to face with them or needs something from them. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to see them all being nicey nice and considerate of each other. That would be boring. But the way Frank goes about it is wrong. He feels entitled, and anyone that does anything, whether it’s on purpose to mess him up or just playing for their own game, he blows a fuse and becomes this low life asshole. Wow Frankie. You are da man. You can win stupid BB competitions against people that either aren’t trying to win or suck at competitions and when you don’t you know production will come up with ways to keep you safe. Winning would mean that you could sit on your ass and do nothing for a few more years, since I have never heard you talk about having any aspirations or goals in life. You probably want to be a reality “star” and go on TAR and Survivor like Brenchel are trying to make a career of it. Pathetic. Grow up and do something with your life! You have made final two deals with everyone in the house except Dan (we still have time for that though) and you don’t stop to think that some of those final two people will get together and discover that everyone thinks they have a final two deal with you. When they do, you will be pissed at THEIR betrayal. What a tool! Great game move if you want to be third or fourth jury member. I want Dan to miraculously save himself this week, not because I want Dan to win or because I am a big fan, but because it will piss you off and put you in a very bad spot going forward. Shane got Chima’d when the game was reset and his HOH was rendered useless. Tit for tat. I hope this HOH goes the same for you.

    1. You think it’s not OK for Frank but OK for Danielle and Shane to both be connected at the hip to their coaches? You must be a Janelle fan? Get over it she aint coming back!

      1. No, I don’t like that they are still connected to their coaches. From the start I was saying that I hoped the players would make it difficult for their coaches and make alliances with each other, regardless of who their coach was. Willie, Shane and Frank should have worked together from the start, no matter what their coaches wanted. Danielle is just pathetic. Yeah, she won a few competitions, she talks game, and she moved against Janelle, maybe for the wrong reasons, but it was the best move. I gained a bit of respect for her when she did what she wanted, even though Dan was not really on board. Shane has done nothing to play for himself. He did throw Brit under the bus big time last week, and I was glad to see it. The only two that broke away from their coaches as soon as the game was reset was Ashley and Wil, and both of them are gone now. I wish the newbs had listened to Willie first week. It would have been a very different game.

    2. AMEN Chloe and thank you for voicing my thoughts exactly! I also wonder if Jenn would be so willing to(D-bag) Frank’s bidding and NOT use the veto on Dan if she knew that Frank had called her “dirty brown water trash” ? What a disgusting excuse for a human being!

    3. Frank has mentioned how CBS wants to do a reality show with his Dad (and family?). What better way for AG to get this show on CBS then to make Frankie-boy the Winner of BB. AGGGH! Not a show I would ever care to watch. Can just imagine all the “bleeps” for foul language and all the “body sounds” we would be subjected to.

    1. Would hardly be a pandora’s box if both HOH and the rest got positive things, goes against the definition of a pandora’s box. But you wouldn’t see that being blinded by rooting for Frank. And I’d say that no matter who was HOH, so don’t try to pull that argument with me. Just stating fact.

  24. Shane did not take any punishment? I know Brittney and Danielle are handcuffed. Dan is in Solitary. Did Shane take a Prize? Or did he just stand there?
    I know Frank was penalized and lost the PoV that is why Jen won it. Did Frank and Shane make a deal? I am just trying to figure out why Frank isn’t making the best move by having the Veto used and take off Danielle and put up Shane as the replacement.

    As it stands once Dan gets out of solitary, Danielle is going home not Dan. Who knows people this Season never seem to do what is best for their game. They just sit around and wait for the inevitable, and complain.

    1. Didn’t know Frank could use the power of veto to put Shane up, pretty sure Jenn won it. Oh yeah!!! Forgot!!! Jenn should bow to Frank’s wishes because they’re supposed to make plays to benefit HIS game, and not their own!!!! WTF…..SMFH

  25. Does anyone know what is in the plastic bag near Dan’s head in the HN room? It looks like printed pages, but it isn’t thick enough to be a bible. I keep hoping there is a special power in that room.

  26. I would think Britney needs to keep Dan in the house this week. If he goes then she’s the last coach & even though she never won BB, she’s already had her chance. Without Dan in the house then she may become even more expendable than tattoo. Thoughts?

    1. I can’t believe Frank has the audacity to say that if Ian screws him again he’s going to poison the jury against him and make sure nobody votes for him if he makes it to final 2. Really Frank? Who the hell are you that you can tell people how to vote? And what makes you think they’ll listen? Face it — Ian is a way better player than you are.

    2. Frank probably misunderstood the punishment. It was probably said that he has to sit out one HoH. In his mind he was thinking, he already is sitting out an HoH because he is the current HoH. He may have thought the two canceled each other out. So he took the punishment. It was ruled 2 HoH’s counting the next HoH he already is sitting out and the next HoH the following week.

      Foolish was he did not take a prize and let someone else win the PoV. He was so focused on taking Dan out, he completely missed his best move to get Dan out. The other bad thing for Frank is that he gets all of the punishment and NOT the PoV because he was disqualified.

    1. This season is being catered to a Newb, just like last season was catered to a Vet … it’s sad people can see what’s right in front of them.

      Rachel and Frank were chosen because they were better in comps and got talked about the most..

    2. There was a time when you heard BB production was over sveral times, first how frank should use his power and just recently theY told Ian not to use the power on DAN, i am very dissss about this that production tries to tell who to take to thje end

  27. Frank has never cheated. Production only cheated for Rachel last year, that’s it. Haters need to get over it and stop crying, Frank is just that good.

    1. exlpain the 2 houseguests choice in the veto comp? that has never ever happened before and only way it could happen is via tomfoolery/cheating

      1. Statistically it is possible, to have two “player choices” drawn without it being production. I don’t think anybody here wants to bored out of their skull by the 20 pages of of math to prove this. On the flip side there is proof Frank palmed the chip and Boogie, told him to shut up and never talk about it again. As much as I dislike Frank it is all water under the Big Brother Bridge.

        Frank made a bad move his week and was disqualified. He still has to take a chum bath, wear a carrot suit and sit out two HoH’s, without the reward of the PoV. He should get Jen or Ian to use a veto to take Danielle off the block and so he can put up Shane. Frank, wake up you where on the block for most of he game. Shane put you there. You need to survive two more weeks. Think, If Shane goes up, and is evicted. You have a better shot at the next two PoV’s. Otherwise Dan goes home. It is the perfect win win. Instead he is opting for Danielle to go off to jury.

        1. Frank palmed the chip on a re-draw which would indicate he drew HG’s Choice to begin with. There was even a conversation after the fact where production told them they can dump all the chips on the table to show that all names and HG Choice were in there.

      1. LOL no shit will, majorly delusional, like the guy he’s rooting for….AG is trolling the blogs for people like this for next year’s show TFF

  28. Wow Dan fans are bitter on here blaming Frank for everting. But is anyone going to mention that it was stupid of him to take the blame for something that he did not do and making himself public enemy number to a guy who is a comp beast. He had two chances to win a veto and lost both oh yeah he is a great player. Why do these old players think they can come back and play the game the same way. It did not work for Janelle or Boogie and it wont work for Dan….and Britney is insignificant she never had game llay. Sorry to say but these newbies are taking the best players in BB history. Danielle took out janelle Ian and Shane took out Boogie and Frank is takong out Dan.

    1. Ian will use the veto on Dan and then frank will put up BRITNEY AND OUT SHE WILL GO AND NEXT WEEK DAN will win hoh save frank and vote out Jen

  29. this could be one of the worst seasons in Big Brother history, the way things are going right now Dan is going to be evicted this week and frank will follow him in the next 2 weeks, giving us a final 6 of Britney, Ian, Shane, Dani, Jen and Joe….. lol and they expect us to watch that!

    1. If that happens, you will watch….as will the others on here who have threatened to quit watching for years. Admit it!!! ;)

  30. I bet Frank went for not playing for HOH for a week because he thought that since he can’t play anyways next week, he had nothing to lose. Then it turns out that since he can’t play next week, it doesn’t count, and it will be two weeks instead of one. We will probably know tonight what he got in PB. I hope it was just money and not some power. I think he is acting like he’s not worried because 1) he thinks he is the greatest and everyone else is weak and stupid 2) he thinks he can keep winning the POV week after week 3) he thinks he is the greatest and everyone else is weak and stupid.

  31. I really dont think frank sitting out 2 hoh’s is that big of a deal he already wasnt going to be in the next one so hes really just sitting out one he needs to do more than just win an hoh to get to the end.Frank will probally have to win a veto 1 of those weeks and hope jenn or joe can pull off an hoh the other

  32. This is the dumbest cast ever.Frank has such a hard on for Dan it is pathetic if he had half a brain he would work with Dan that would be worth watching.Instead he all he can do is obsess about Dan and how Dan wronged him. He needs to grow some balls and open up his eyes to the big picture everyone else now is talking about stabbing him in the back.The QP is a joke how quickly they turned on Dan if they were smart they would vote out Looney bin and keep Dan I am done watching if Dan goes home KEEP DAN otherwise it is not worth this site

    1. Frank already got Pandoras Box. He claims that he received $3,000, and the other house guests played an extra PoV that Ian won.
      We will find out on Sunday if Frank one a wonky Mr Wizard Prize. House guests are forbidden to talk about the wonky Mr Wizard Prize, or loose it.
      So who knows if he did. I do not think he did though, I think he is operating on bravado right now. He has to focus on winning the next to PoV or he is evicted.

  33. Frank defenitly got the DPOV from PB. t just makes no sense to give up on 1 HOH at the most important time. Remember he said he read a bunch of books about manipulation and other stuff Next week they should put up joe and jenn. Hope frank doesn’t get picked to play which will be almost impossible because there’s on 1 person who doesn’t play. But if he does get picked then hope he doesn’t win it. Then put him up and if he does have the DPOV and if he uses it then he can’t play in the next HOH and will absolutely have to win that POV to stay in the game. As for AG. I think she tried keeping Dan in the game with that special veto ian won. If Brit or Shane had won POV then Dan would still be there.

    1. Definitely is a strong word, seeing how pandora’s box by definition has good and bad…and him having a DPOV would equal two goods, so I would take your bet on this, and if I lost would gladly pay you, then demand CBS change the name from pandora’s box to “do whatever the fuck we want to get what we want” box. lol ;)

  34. I keep reading about how Frank is a retard for being obsessed with and getting him out. What would you call the rest of the house being obsessed with getting Frank out since week one?

    You people are the worst.

    1. I see what you’re saying, but I think it’s because Frank appears to be so blinded by his desire to get rid of Dan that he gave up his chance to play in HOH for 2 weeks, and considering his position in the house, it’s either win or go to jury for him. Also, people want Frank out because of necessity. He needs to go, or he’ll win. Frank wants Dan out purely for personal reasons and for vengance.

  35. While I have loved watching Big Brother over the past 7 seasons, I am getting more and more frustrated in how much production has been injecting itself into the game rather than let the HG’s play their own game, i.e. DR influencing Ian to not use the veto, and other incidents that the HG’s have talked about.

    It looks like the Big Brother US franchise (Allison Grodner) is turning the game into another version of the “Joe Schmo Show” from back in 2003 – 2004 when that show was completely scripted and a winner was predetermined. At least they let the viewer’s in on the deception from the very beginning. The show was a “parody” of the many other “reality” shows out there at the time. Over the past few years Big Brother looks to be moving into the “parody” genre, but without telling the viewer’s of the predetermined outcome.

    It is sad to see Big Brother moving in that direction. I hope that I am wrong.

  36. So my little Frankie Boy got cheating again? What’s wrong with him, doesn’t he know that you only cheat when you can’t get caught doing it? He should have been disqualified when he got caught last time, thank goodness big brother is on his side.

    Frankie Boy, get over being hateful of Dan. Dan isn’t the one you should look out for, it’s Ian and Britney. Maybe if Dan talks to you and tells you what has been going on all along in the game you will change your mind about him. Nana thinks you should take Dan with you to the final two, that way you will win because they will not vote for Dan to have the money, but now that is out of the question because it looks like Dan is going to the jury. If you end up with Ian, Britney or Shane you will loose. Joe and Jenn should go to jury.

    My little Frankie Boy I didn’t think you were such a scum-bag, potty mouth, hateful person, Nana isn’t proud of you.

  37. Dan failed at keeping himself safe in not winning the POV yesterday. his fate is in Ian’s hands. everyone in that house would be stupid to save him now. everyone now benefits from having a dangerous player out the game and have Frank with Dan’s blood in his hands. as much as I’m reading people saying Frank was too obsessed in taking Dan out, Dan and the rest of the house were obsessed in taking Frank out from day one. I don’t blame Frank for his obsession, he’s playing this game alone now.

      1. Wow, are you insinuating that “Golden Boy” is racist or something?? LMAO, good one!! But don’t sh!t on his DREAM!!!

  38. Best BB players .. 1. Danielle season 2.. 2. Will 3. Hardy Season2 … 4.. Dan … 5.. Boggie… What you think Simon

  39. Can someone explain to me why so many people have a problem with Frank? They’re playing Big Brother, a game that used to be about lying, backstabbing, and winning competitions. So what if Frank is rude to the houseguests? I’d rather watch him all season than see people like Britney, Jenn, and Joe floating towards the end. And why do people think Ian has a good game? He’s done NOTHING. He had a chance to flip the house during the double eviction yet he pulled off one of the WORST double evictions. He didn’t “get out Boogie”. FYI, he wasn’t a swing vote, it was 5 to 2.

    1. I don’t like Frank because of his ego, his self-righteous behavior, the way he’s condescending towards people like Ian and insinuates that Ian is incapable of making a smart decision without being “bullied” or “manipulated” into doing it. He thinks of himself way too highly for my taste, he’s a sore loser when he doesn’t get his way, and keeps talking about how honest he is, when he is playing the game JUST like everyone else. He does the same butt kissing, deal-making, throw-under-the-bus kind of stuff that everyone does, but acts like his game is different and superior. He acts like no one is allowed to make moves that DON’T benefit him, and if they do, they “don’t know how to play the game”. There are a lot of reasons people don’t like Frank, and why the audience groaned during the veto competition on double eviction.

  40. TO Simon:

    I’ve seen pics of Carrot Top before & after.

    Seeing that pic of Frank w/short hair you posted reminded me of that.

  41. Ian was a good sport with the Dawg costume.

    Frank was a good sport with the cheerleader outfit.

    Frank is being a good sport with the carrot outfit.

    Let’s see how Jenn City acts with her wardrobe being taken away
    wearing only her underwear, she won’t be able to hide her bulge.
    Maybe she can make an excuse that it’s her time of the month and
    she wears Super Ultra Maxi pads.

  42. OK I will try this one last time. My last post seems to have gone off into cyberspace! Only my first post seems to have made it. Are Canadians allowed to post?? hehe (we aren’t allowed to view CBS videos)

    The gist of it was:

    I don’t think Ian will use the veto on Dan. Ian wants Dan to go. That would put him back into Frank’s good graces and then he would go after Frank. Ian seems to like being undercover and getting these big guys out while deflecting most of the heat to someone else (i.e. Dan). At this point, even if Dan decided to rat out Ian to Frank, would he believe him?? Frank might see it as Dan making up a story to save himself. Sadly Dan’s goose might be cooked and if Frank goes next there isn’t much left to watch.

    1. I agree, even if Dan told Frank the truth Frank would not believe Dan and Ian would be mad and not use his power. It is over for Dan. Ian had a plan the entire time to take out the heavy weights and hide behind the tears. Ian is playing everyone.

    2. Dan and Dani should talk to Frank and tell him the truth about Ian. Tell Frank Ian will not take Frank to the end that Ian plans to take Brit to the end. It could be Frank, Jen Dani and Dan in a final four. Jen takes Dan off the block and put up Brit. Dan, Jen, Shane and Joe vote out Brit. Get Ian put up and out and the final 6 play it out. Shane. Joe, Dani, Frank, Dan and Jen. But, would Frank go for this? He so afraid of Dan….All should be afraid of IAN -He really might be a genius. Tell me what you think. When did Brit gain so much control over Ian?

      1. I like that plan but I dont know if Frank would go for it. He seems pretty intent on getting rid of Dan whether it is just pure dislike or fear I don’t know. I would like to see what happens if they worked together though!

  43. I think dans punishment is going to have long term side effects that’s just crazy!! I hope that when he gets out he tells frank everything! He already knows from dani that Britney was playing with frank this week to get Dan out! The only problem is Ian is in love with Britney petting him that he won’t want her on the block and will not use the veto ESP if Dan turns on him unless frank can talk jenn into using it and then frank and Dan work together to get everyone out! He will take the 50K and frank can win based on his overcoming the block(even though I don’t like franks potty mouth and bullying it could work to dans advantage)….seems like out of sight out of mind! It’s like dan is not even in the house anymore other than the music and frank talking about him! I think I would have gone nuts in that room in 20 minutes let alone 24 hours and how do we know Dan didn’t try to win it in the end he may of said he was going to throw it but he knew the night before that Britney turned on him from dani! I think frank needs to man up and acknowledge the player Dan is and call a truce and say dude let’s do this! Frank already said no one wants to take him to final 2 so this could be his chance to work a deal! It’s a slippery slope for Dan to rat out Ian but I think he has no other choice but to rat him out, although I am sure it will be interpreted as Dana fault that he did by frank! This season has been a train wreck! I love big brother but man this season just sucked, it just was a house full of bullies, old cast members, weird game play, cheating and a whiny dani! It was nuts! Defiantly not the best season by far! And if Dan goes home, I will be upset ESP after this punishment he should have just went home to jury last night screw that if he goes home it was all for not! The end!!! Ugh!! Damn you big brother!!!!!!

  44. frank is a dumb ass!! he cant play for 2 hoh,and he thinks hes gonna be safe what a stupid yoyo,like dans gonna take him,and jens a idiot too,geez what a bunch of jack asses.evict britney and leave shane,dan,ion,and daniel.frank is good in comps but he is one big retard.

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