“The Surgeons” – Dan the surgeon and Danielle the nurse, he cuts them up and she stiches them backup.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for a week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


POV Ceremony Results:

  • Ian did NOT use his VETO power.
  • Jenn used her Veto to save Dan from eviction.
  • Frank replaced Britney as the replacement nominee.

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1:50pm – 2:10pm Dan and Danielle are in the kitchen talking. Danielle tells him that she knows something that she isn’t telling him and that she kind of enjoys not telling him. Dan tells her that he knows she would tell him something if he needed to know. Dan tells her that he is an open book with him. Dan tells her that some people buy that we aren’t working together, just Joe and Shane. Dan asks did you think I would be the last coach standing here? Danielle says nope, I thought you would be the first one gone. Dan asks her if she is upset that Britney is leaving. Danielle says yes, she is my best friend. Dan asks Danielle if she has Shanes vote. Danielle says yes. Dan says that he needs to calm down ..you get caugh when you get c**ky. Dan says that even if he gets one more week he is happy. Dan says that he thought Jenn would use it on her. Danielle tells Dan that she was up till 3am working votes for him. She says your welcome. Dan asks how confident are you that you have Shane’s vote? Danielle signs 100%. Dan asks if Britney will lay down and Die. Danielle says yeah. Dan asks did she tell you that? Danielle nods yes. Dan calls their two person alliance The Surgeons. Dan says that he is the surgen and she is the nurse. He cuts them up and she stiches them backup.



2:10pm – 2:40pm Dan asks Jenn if she is okay with him playing salsa ball with Ian in the pool. He says that he won’t if she does mind. Jenn says let it chill a while. Dan heads out into the backyard and gets in the pool with Frank. They toss the ball around a bit. Ian yells hey everybody guess what time it is? IT’S POOL TIME! Dan says ask Ian if he is drunk. Ian says no just buzzed he only had three beer. Ian does a cannon ball into the pool. Ian and Frank talk and joke about the fight they had in the living room. Ian says that s**t was so cash it has been the best season and one the fans will appreciate it. Ian says that its all cool, it’s just a game. Frank trades Shane a t-shirt he got in his HOH basket for 3 beer. Frank gets back into the pool. Frank starts getting heated about how BB got mad at him for not putting the carrot suit on when he went to get a beer out of the fridge. He says I haven’t argued it one bit and then get after me for getting a beer out of the fridge. Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitchen.

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2:45pm In the kitchen Frank and Shane are talking. Shane thanks him again thanks for giving him the heads up. Frank says right now it is good for us that everyone wants Ian out right now. Frank says maybe we should just have a quick convo with Joe to get on the same page. Frank and Shane talk about how they don’t trust Ian. Frank says that he doesn’t trust him as far as he can throw him and I could throw him pretty far. Shane says that he doesn’t trust him either and says that Ian could have at least been honest and instead of hiding under a rock. Frank tells Shane that this is good for him and that instead of him being the target people will be going after Dan and Danielle. Shane agrees. Shane heads outside. Frank goes to the washroom and says yes, yes, yes as he does some fist pumps.


2:50pm – 3pm Shane and Jenn have a short conversation. Shane tells Jenn I give you props I know it’s hard to make a big move. She says I told ya’ll I was here to play. Shane says yeah you got to do what’s good for you. Meanwhile, Dan, Frank, and Ian are in the pool talking about random stuff. Joe is sun tanning by the pool.

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Welcome to the Dan show everybody


I CAN”T HEAR YOU can you say that a little louder

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Don’t get excited too soon. Dan will stay this week, but if Brit and Ian get Shane and Joe on their side, then Dan will need to win HOH or POV next week, unless Jenn can get everyone else disqualified from the HOH or POV next week.


I much I as love her…Brit is gone


Love him…or hate him…. (it doesn’t matter.) Dan is a Friggin’ genius.


YES he is!!! I hate that he’s having to play with Frank, because I personally think Frank is an arrogant, egotistical ass, but it’s absolutely AMAZING that he pulled this off. WOW!

brit's sexy

I am rooting for Brit cause I want to sleep with her. All the rest is garbage and the only person who desrves to win is me YO. Ian is a queer epileptic, shane is the dumb jock, Frank thinks he is smart which is why he keeps getting screwed (something I would like to do to Brit), Powerhouse is someone I would beat in a bar the silly jerkoff, Dani is a crybaby liar who pretends to be innocent, Jen effin this and effin that Oh I mean who is Jen, and Dan although good at the game is a loser. I must admit though Jens metal band Kittie is really good, listened to them for years even though she was out of the band after the first album. So to conclude, I WANT TO SLEEP WITH BRIT. YO

brit's sexy

I am rooting for Brit cause I want to sleep with her. All the rest is garbage and the only person who desrves to win is me YO. Ian is a queer epileptic, shane is the dumb jock, Frank thinks he is smart which is why he keeps getting screwed (something I would like to do to Brit), Powerhouse is someone I would beat in a bar the silly jerkoff, Dani is a crybaby liar who pretends to be innocent, Jen effin this and effin that Oh I mean who is Jen, and Dan although good at the game is a loser. I must admit though Jens metal band Kittie is really good, listened to them for years even though she was out of the band after the first album. So to conclude, I WANT TO SLEEP WITH BRIT. YO—Preesh

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Joe will hands down win BB 14, he is playing with the heart of a lion right now!!!!


Joe makes me want to spew chunks everywhere.


are you talking about the same heart that basically caused him to have a heart attack on live television during the DE veto comp. heart of a lion…i think not, more like heart of a delusional floater.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

I don’t really agree with your post — I kind of like Joe and I think he might have a big move in him when the time is right. But I had to respond because it’s such a rare pleasure to see someone spell ‘delusional’ correctly.




Does Jenn City really have a crush on Dani? I would LOVE to see some lezbo action for the 1st time on BB, I missed the 1st one


I’m starting to think so….Jenn would protect Danielle and stuff…so weird


TPH 4 Life YO!!!!


You have gotto be his wife..lo

billy bob

britney is acting way to cool after the dr,either she’s an a pill,r she knows ians veto can be used thursday,

Dirty hands

Ian chose to not use his power today can’t use it on Thursday. The rules were explained to the houseguests ahead of time.

just a random fam

That beccause she has already been told that she has Shane’s, Joe and Ian’s vote by all of them personally. If they will actually follow through with that come Thursday is the tricky part. She believes she’s staying against Danielle.

Chicago BB Fan

I like how the house flips every week……. Wonder what happens next ??


Dan and Frank for F2.
They both deserve it!
Nobody can deny that.


I’ll say it again. This plan by the “Surgeons” is going to completely back fire. Danielle is an idiot for believing she has Shane’s vote. Because if Shane votes for her to stay, he is an idiot. I assume he is just playing Frank and Jenn, as he has to understand, he can take Frank out within the next to weeks (with him out of HOH) – because odds are – he is going to win one competition – against the rest of the “weak ass” players.


This is Shane’s chance to get rid of the extremely needy Dani. He wouldn’t have to worry about her clinging to him anymore.

Hammock Boy

lets face it, shane is a idiot………


Looks like Shane is the deciding vote.

Trey Gorman

Watching someone with great faith in another being completely decieved is rather ugly. Britt and Shane bought Dani hook, line and sinker. She’ll probably be in Jenn’s bed toninght.


So is joe and shane on the same page and is going to vote dani out or brit?


I really hope that Frank doesn’t get screwed over….once again…

Eric CA

Would someone in that house screw Frank over again? It is pretty much guaranteed they will. It has become a tradition. He should not expect less, or be insulted if he isn’t on the block… LOL. He would probably act like Danielle “Why is someone acting like Dan or Ian are a bigger threat in this game than me? Why? I am Frank the Stank Beast, YO. I should be up on that block, not those guys. “


@Eric CA, Sorry I break it you but your boy Ian is going home next week. Frank will keep winning his two PoV’s. He has odds stack up but he can pull this off. He will never screwed. He just keep on winning.


I so hope Franks gets screwed over again and sent packing as soon as possible. Have to give it to my man Dan!! He is a master and all the time doing it telling the truth!!!


It is up to production, whether or not Frank leaves maybe the like Changes in the house

Now im just saying if danille goes home and Britney , Shane , Ian , and Joe

make it then they put up Frank and then one of their own; then production has

Frank cheat again. He do it then they will change it again


If Shane, Ian or Joe win HOH Frank will go home unless he wins POV.


can’t wait ’till thursday…


I am getting nervous, Shane is so wish washy you never know what’s going on in his brain. (mostly Crickets). If Shane Joe and Ian get together it’s a wrap. Then it will be Frank, Dan, Jenn against Britney, Joe, Shane, Ian. The only good thing about it is Frank can play HOH.


Frank CAN’T play in the next two HOH’s ! :p


I missed something. Can someone tell me why Ian said that Frank cant compete in the next 2 HOHs.


He got DQ’d in the POV, so he has to sit out 1 HOH, and since he’s current HOH and can’t play in the n ext HOH anyways, he has to sit out the following HOH, but as long as He has Dani Dan and Shane helping him, he’ll be iight


He volunteered the one HOH in the comp. The DQ had nothing to do with it, except it cost Frank the chance at POV.


why did he volunteer? what was the alternative?


he took it as a punishment in the “who wants it more” comp.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

The veto comp was a “How Bad Do You Want It?” comp. Frank volunteered to take the ‘not eligible to compete in the next two HOHs’ punishment for veto points to try to win the POV comp. He was DQ’d and didn’t win the comp, but he still has to take the punishment. He’s the outgoing HOH and therefore not eligible to play in the next HOH competition anyway, so he’s really only giving up one HOH competition.


from what i think frank said, he took a punishment in the POV comp that made you not allowed to play in the next HOH comp, and he thought that since he couldn’t play next week anyway (as the current HOH), why not take it—but then production informed him it would apply to the week after next (i.e. the first HOH comp he is eligible to play)


Thanks for explaining it Ill Will.


ILL Will, does he have Shane. I can’t keep up with who is in which alliance.

Roisin Dubh

We need a powerhouse picture!!!!!


I really feel bad for Ian. I really hope him and Britney make it to the final 2.


How can you feel sorry for Ian??? The boy WANTED to play a villain, this is something he has said multiple times, he wanted to be sneaky, he wanted to play both sides and betray people. So HOW can you feel sorry when he was a little blind sided, he was already planning on taking out frank the next two weeks, like cmonnn.


Feel Sorry for Ian are you kidding me? Ian has been playing a very dirty dirty game. He is just experiencing the flip side of what happens when you are ratted out by a Professional. You gotta be prepared to handle the wrath or have a backup plan when you play a dirty game.


I agree with you ! I Can’t stand Frank…he HAS to go !


Nope, I don’t feel sorry for Ian at all. He dished it out now is the time to take it. He really didn’t think it would be smooth sailing for him with him doing the betraying and not getting consequences.
Well Ian, this is the game and people do fight back.


This is quality BB action going on and the joke is on Britney now. She deserves to go home for being one of the worst houseguests guilty of floating. I never liked how she always had other people do her dirty work. Shane just needs to remember what happened after he put up Boogie and Frank. Brit wanted to take no responsibility and let him take all the heat and he wasn’t having it. I like that he called her out on that but people have a short term memory in this house. She also said before that Shane was a liability and that he would need to go after Dan. Shane needs to stick with the DDFJ alliance or he’s a goner.


If Shane joins up with Frank, Dan, Jenn, and Danielle, he becomes the third or fourth largest target in the alliance rather than number one or two on the other side. Shane does what the best manipulator in the house at any given day wants to do and that’s looking like Dan right now.

raymond j

wow… i have to admit – this season keeps me on my toes.. I was so over it yesterday and today it is a NEW SHOW!! I would LOVE for production to find a way to keep Britney and have Daniele be evicted!!! that would be AWESOME!! I also see Frank and Ian working together again… I actually like Dan


Dan has officially became the greatest player to play this game. If he were to get to the final 2, it will be no debate.

I’m not rooting for him to win but dang that was one heck of a move he pulled off. Sorry Brit.


COME, COME that has DICK’S name and game all over it.


My only problem with Evel Dick’s season is America’s Player. Without that spin, there is no way Dick would have lasted the whole time. He wanted to vote out Dick but instead, America picked Dustin. There was still a whole month to go when that happened and Dick to make his big moves.

Even when Evel Dick came back last season, he wasn’t around long enough to see if his game could work without America’s Player saving him.


Your right, with dicks season no way would he have won if they hadn’t had the america’s player twist. But what a lot of ppl dont realize about that situation was in that particular week where dustin was blindsided cus eric had no choice but to evict him, that was the week dick won pov. he just chose to use it on danielle than himself. who’s to say he wouldn’t have won the game if they didn’t have the second dumb twist of putting his daughter in there.


Gotta agree with you there.

Will Kirby is Greater than Dan

This move is legendary, but let’s see Dan make it to the final four before we call him the greatest player ever.


thanks Dawg for the update u and Simon are the best


Please wake up everyone and Vote Danielle out!!! Shane, Ian, Joe, and Britt. Could be a great team

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I agree…well except for Ian, Joe and Britt.


I think frank is smarter than everyone thinks , he just pulled a very big move and I hate to say it but I hope brit goes to jury this wk.


whoever thinks frank deserves to win is moron. this is the most beyond dumbest move ever. who in their right mind would replace dan with britney? “yes, lets take one of the best players in big brother history off the block and put up a 5 foot nothing blonde who got played by 3 meat heads in her season and vote her out this week.”


whoever thinks frank deserves to win is moron. this is the most beyond dumbest move ever. who in their right mind would replace dan with britney? “yes, lets take one of the best players in big brother history off the block and put up a 5 foot nothing blonde who got played by 3 meat heads in her season and vote her out this week.”


ok, I agree totally with you about the stupid, stupid move Frank made, but you don’t have write so mean! Britney is a little thing who has won nothing, but at least she brings humor to the house. I may stop watching if they have her leave and not Danielle. I don’t think Britney deserves to win, but neither does Danielle. Danielle is just too much! Its not even fun watching her anymore. Just too much girly drama!


Couldn’t disagree more. It’s a great move by Frank. Even if Dan and Danielle are lying to him, he is no worse off than he was before. He still has to win 2 POV’s to stay. But this move has a chance to take the target off his back a little and if they aren’t lying, it gives him someone to play with and some protection Also, he can’t beat Brit in final 2, but he has a shot to beat Dan. It’s a no lose situation for Frank. He is either much better off or no worse off. That’s a win in the BB house


If he hadn’t made this move, next week he would face a united front of 6 people determined to get him out. Now there is disarray everywhere because he pipebombed the house. Make no mistake, this is Frank’s move, not Dan’s. The whole thing doesn’t work if Frank doesn’t talk Jenn into doing it.


It’s exactly how I see it Kyle. At least this move has rattled the Quack Pack. Now it’s Brit having to campaign for herself aganst her BFF.
Before the alliance was united in cutting Dan loose, now it’s divided. Therefore something was accompished, they were getting too comfortable.

Dan is THE MAN

There is no way this plan would be happening if not for Dan. Dan is the quintessential scheming mastermind. Brilliant!
I agree that Frank would be in a tough spot next week, if not for this plan. So at least he is smart enough to realize that. Remember, Dan proposed this plan to Frank not the other way around. I don’t see Frank as the strategist here – it’s definitely ALL DAN. Well, except that Frank had to agree to it.


i understand britney is comic relief of this season, however i respect the people who play the game the most rather than the entertainment aspect of this show. and if im going to honest, at the beginning of the season when the producers exaggerated about bringing back 4 of the “greatest big brother players ever” i never understood how britney fell into the category…


Uhhhhhhh because Frank had nobody in the house to begin with…..At least he tried to make a move and protect himself for a couple weeks….I think it backfires because Shane and Joe will vote out Dani but it was a hell of a try


It has been said many, many, many times by Britney herself that she is going after Frank the next two weeks. She has convinced Shane and Joe to do so. Frank, currently has no one that is on his side but Jenn who I didn’t remember was in this house. So yes, playing with Dan might be stupid, but voting him out from Frank’s point of view (considering he can’t play in the next 2 HOH’s) means he’s getting backdoored no matter what. Now he at least stands a chance.


I know! I hope this comes back to bite him the butt…..he has such a huge ego, Joe has been masterful pumping that ego. I don’t know if Joe is going to vote for Brit or not though. So I am just sittin here confused…..


From this season, BB camera’s have not been too kind. Now I see why she was voted out in her season. I liked Brit till last week, I’m so ready for her to leave.

Eric CA

Ah, this is a fun week. Next week will be an explosion. Thursday is a line in the sand. I am not 100% sure who is packing up and going to jury and I like that feeling, it is the first time I have felt like this in several BB seasons. Usually I know for sure after the power of veto is used. It could be either Danielle or Brittney. I would love for it to be Danielle. Just for the expression on her face. It will not effect Dan in the least, he is mercenary, Danielle is just possible collateral damage in the game. I think it would hurt Shane more to evict her, but to keep her is to evict the person he is closer to than Danielle, Brittney.

Oh well, If Dan or Jen do not win HoH the nominees are Dan and Frank possible backdoor ????
If Dan or Jen win HoH it is a boring week of Ian vs Joe backdoor Shane or Shane pawn. I think option one is more enjoyable to watch next week.


Well Britney just three hours ago you were bad mouthing DAN and look where your at now. lololol Joe did say, there is something brewing I cann’t figure it iout, but its something, Britney said he was nevous, Anyway Britney you should of stay true to the alliance and won that veto like it was plan sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo once agin your own ignorance got you bounce, you will go down in BB brother as the bigest Blinsided person and Dan will go down as one of the ghreatest comeback players. We all no, that Dan plays the game like chess always three or four moves ahead and Bitmey plays like checkers one move at a time.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

LOL that JOE figured it out.


Well said!


Frank should have told Jenn to save Danielle and put up BRIT., then if the vote is tied Frank still has control. Now, it’s Joe and Shane in control and that’s not a good thing in this house. I really don’t care who wins. We got 5 more new allainces (sp) coming in the next 2 weeks.


There are 8 people in the house, therefore only 5 votes this week. There is no possibility of a tie. Learn math.


Actually, Frank should have worked with Ian to take off Danielle, telling him he is putting up Joe. Then..really put up Brit. lol Jenn then would save Dan and put up Shane. This way either one leaving is a bonus.


Boogie, Frank, and Dan would have been a great team. I’m 100% team Boogie but he kind of f*cked that up trying to backstab Dan back when they were coaches.

Chilltown 2.0

August u obviously have no idea how this show works


Are these people really that stupid or delusional ( Brit, Shane, Ian). Why Dan would do this? Umm let’s see. Britney you sold him down the river and made a deal to save yours and Shane own butt just invade frank won POV. ( something she said she didn’t want anyone in her alliance to do). Also Dan takes all the heat from Ian being the rat and that’s why frank wanted him out and how does Ian repay him? By not using the veto on him. Also how did Shane not get 1 punishment and Brit get the easiest punishment. ( tied to her best friend). Why do they say Dan is only looking out for himself when in reality that’s what your all doing. Ian hid behind everyone. And even after voting mike and getting Ashley out and puting frank on the block Ian still wasn’t the target and he basically blamed Dan for making him do it. So what these idiots are saying its ok for them to look out for themselves. It’s ok for them to let Dan take the heat and get voted out for something he never did. But when Dan wants to save himself oh then he’s the most horrible person in the world. Maybe if Brit Shane Danielle and Ian had put the blame on joe and pushed for joe to go up instead of pushing for Dan to go up then just maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if Ian had told Dan he would definetly use the POV or even let him win it while at the same time Britney getting close with frank then maybe frank would have out joe up but no they threw Dan out there and Dan saved himself. Britney has only herself to blame.


Mike you are so correct!! Dan took all the heat and then that backstabbing Quack Pack sold him out!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Dan turned it all around and did it be being honest and not cheating or lying!!! DAN DESERVES TO WIN BB 14!! He is a master people player. Dr. WILL had the lying to everyone done pat, but Dan has the playing honest and fair down PAT!! GO COACH DAN!!!


I would love to see Shane, Joe, and Ian vote out Danielle. Britney say to Dan “Congratulations, you’re selfishness just helped get the only person who had your back voted out.” Then Britney goes on to win HOH in an endurance comp and bye bye Frank!


That would be great if it all backfired and Danielle went! That would be the best

Roisin Dubh

What drugs are you on?

Red Lampshade

That’s my dream scenario.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

that could happen. They should have suckered Ian into using the veto…told him they would put Joe up.


If Dan hadn’t made the move he’d be the one going home, frankly I’d do the same thing if I knew my alliance was ready to evict me, I mean that would be a sign to strike against them and save myself. Funny how Brit expected Dan to be loyal when that loyalty would have sent him to jury.That would have been okay with her and Dan would have been good in her books. Well fuck that, Dan is playing for him to win BB, not for Brit to win BB.


Coming soon
Big Brother 14 (Wrestlemania)
Frank (John Cena) vs Shane (The Rock)
Once in the Lifetime

Final 2!


So you want Shane to win???


That needs be reversed Frank is The Rock and he will kick Shane’s ass if they make it to F2 just like The Rock kicked John Cena’s ass at Wrestlemania 28. Shane is a pussy just like Cena, Frank has balls just like Rocky, baby!


We already have Hayden vs Lane,Rachel vs Porsche and now Shane vs Frank epic moment!


Look at Jenn City tryin cop a feel in that pic with Dani….RIGHT ON..


Britney is the most irritating player! She hooks up with a strong player and he carries her through the game! She never wins, she is the one always stirring the pot. Yet she doesn’t know why she’s nominated! I had hoped that Dan,Shane& Frank would team up all season, they would be unstoppable. Britney is so stuck on herself that she really thinks she could win! I didn’t like what Ian did, but I think he has a crush on her and she knew it, egged him on with backstabbing his alliance. I really think Frank and Shane deserve to win so far, Frank just for his determination. Just like Rachel did after Brendan left, I think he will calm down a little and hopefully win! I’m just glad it won’t be Britney! She also thinks she’s soooo funny in the DR, when in actuality she just talks bad about others her housemates. Never to their face though! I still don’t know why BB brought her back, she didn’t do good like the other coaches when they played the game. WTF gives with that?

Chubbz Kanevil

Finally someone is saying something worth replying too….yea her and danielle are getting on my last nerve. Ms Stinkeye is talking about burning a bible?? really, didn’t know playing this BB game was that serious. Funny how it was easy for them to let dan drown on his own but wasn’t pushing for Ian to use the other veto on him….the young princess was covering all her bases but didn’t cover this….

Head of Household

Shane telling Brit he’s going to get the votes for her to stay.


Ian is getting back with Frank and he will vote Britny out! … Dani better start crying like Britney is doing to get Shane’s vote!!! – Britney is loud and obnoxious! .. I just want her gone! – did Britney think Dan was not gonna try to fight for himself?! … She has started all of the schemes in the house and Dan or Shane have paid for them!.. Excellent job DanTheMan! – Dan gets My Vote as Favorite Player!


How many think Dan is going to try to shank Frank since Frank cant compete in the next 2 HOHs?


If he’s playing Big Brother he will … *Raises Hand*

Carol & Steve

I agree – of course he will. He’s got time now to chat with people & work them over with his “mist” LOL!!

Dan is THE MAN

I vote for Dan to ‘shank frank’!


ian just showed a reallllly ugly side when he had that HOH. then the “get to steppin” to boogie, was not at all a nice way of saying it, he say it with some attitude. he showed a side of him people wont like, and no one wants to sit next to him as is, so hes basically done within the next 2-3 evictions, frank is probably as well, shane might be also

its possible dan finds a way to roll joe, jenn, danielle to the final 4, which would be hilarious, and unfortunate for frank

im hoping team dank just goes final 2, and dan can prove he wants to win against the best aka frank of the season. he beats frank, he earned it


the “get to steppin” wasn’t nasty coming from him sounded kinda goofy… I would’ve said somethin like “GET TO STEPPIN BITCH”


What Danielle Knows that she is Not telling Dan – is that She has a HUGE CRUSH on Him! :)


Britney is leadin the Dan hate parade right now on the feeds! It’s frikkin hilarious! I have no idea who’s with who right now……It’s mass chaos! All I know is Britney hates Dan! Good stuff!


they haven’t had anyone come back in this season after they were voted out?


I can’t believe I am saying this but. lol I think I like Frank after this move saving Dan. Now I just hope Brit pops a squat in the Jury house! Shane next week and after that who knows. lol


Why? Because Dan beat her to the punch? Wasn’t she trying to throw Dan under the bus as soon as Frank won HOH?


I rocked in my hammock for a few minutes this afternoon and thought about all the scenarios that could happen this week:

1. Brittany is voted out and keeps steppin’ to the Jury House to hang with Ash. Possibly some girl on girl stuff out of mutual boredom ?? Or maybe just more face picking, staring at split ends and other girl stuff.

2. Danielle wins the next HOH and Shane is caught licking her feet (in the HOH room) on BBAD and calls her Mommie and asks to be spanked.

3. Jenn decides she is no longer gay, well maybe Bi, and starts a showmance with Ian…someone has to take his virginity. They make out in the hammock and it finally breaks. (Yay, no more squeakin’) Now that Ian has lost his cherry he stops fidgiting, rocking and acting like a donkey. Him and Jenn plot to take down the whole house.

4. Joe tries to start a showmance with Dan but Dan is having NONE of that. Joe and the TeddyBear get involved.

5. Dan and Frank mutually agree to a Bromance and wile away the hours plotting their next move and overfeeding the fish. The fish do not survive the week!

6. Joe realizes there is running water in the bathroom and washes his hands this week. (Or maybe Joe cooks something rank and food poisons everyone making him the last guy standing and the winner of BB14??)



Chubbz Kanevil


Dan is THE MAN

Hilarious! :-)

Jen W

Brit’s roasting Dan now that she’s been in DR over an hour


I am hoping Dan makes it to the end.


britney needs to concentrate on JOE AND SHANE worrying about dan wont have her in the bbh she needs to strart working joe and shane now go hard or go home


It was actually a great move by frank. Now everyone is mad at Dan and not him. Now he may get a free week. I hate frank but I have to say this guy keeps making the right decisions. Even though Dan is the one who deserves credit for getting himself off.


With total respect, Frank made the “correct and thoughtful” move. Dan is a GENIUS!!!


he deserves credit for being able to put things aside with dan and work with him, and frank has been legit this entire game. hes been screwed over time and time again, had a chance to remove dan, and made a move with him instead, props to him for that. a lot of people wont let things go years later, let alone the next day.

I hope team dank is final 2, they BOTH deserve to be in the finals against each other. I know people hate frank, or some, but I think he and dan have played the best games, and both should be in the finals against each other, let the best man win the vote.


Like I said before, Brit has the votes to stay, Frank still be the main target and with two weeks of not being able to compete for HOH, he is gone! The next targets will be Jenn, Ian and Dan.

Ian screwed himself after getting drunk on two beers and saying: “Nobody better take me to the final two because I will win 7-0 on jury votes”. Ian’s ego is bigger than his hammock swing.


Omg Brit is worse the boogie


Mike you are so right and so is Shane!! These two cry babies! They throw Dan to the wolves and let him take all the blame and now they are MAD because Dan figured out how to save himself by doing nothing underhanded but just by telling the truth. I mean Shane and Brit are as disgusting as Frank and Boogie were. Frank and Boogie talking about assaulting Dan’s wife because they were mad and now these two sorry excuses for humans are talking about putting a hit out on Dan and Shane saying I hope Dan’s wife divorces him. For what playing the game honestly!! Brit’s husband needs to leave her whiny butt and Shane just needs to stick his head in the oven and shut up!!! GROW UP BRITNEY AND SHANE!! It is a game and all Dan did was tell the truth to save his own butt after the two of you let him take the blame for everything!! Both of you disgust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Someone keeps bringing up the rock and it reminded me of one of his catchphrases that I would like to apply to Brit “Brit know your role and shut your damn mouth!…………………..and stop bashing Dan and start campaining against that idiot Dani” DON’T QUIT MC SNOWFLAKE





How sure is it that Shane will vote out Britney? Danielle seems certain….


Shane and Joe and of course Ian will vote out Danielle. I wish that Shane would vote out Brit, but that is wishful thinking.


Ian arguing with a carrot, bet he had to change his boxers afterwards.
What will Britney think when she washes Ian’s boxers and discovers
that they are full of feces?