Big Brother Spoilers Dan emerges from solitary Dance party “My heads not right.. All I see is Flashing Lights”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

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***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 1 week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments

3:23pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Couch Joe, Britney, Danielle, Shane with Ian in the shower

Britney is talking about the book the crystal castle and how sad it was. Joe mentions that his life was like that book. His father was a speed addict and alcoholic. JOe says his father would steal money from the family then blame it on Joe. Joe: “He HIde Speed in the bush so they would blame it on me.. you know to hide where all the money was going because when you are doing that kind of stuff it’s expensive”
Joe and his mom were going to write a book about their life stories but they felt that nobody would believe it “the things we went through…. the things he did were so horrific”

They start talking about marriage and do you tell your spouse they look when they look like crap or do you let it slide.
Joe: “If you think you have to be deeply involve every day your marriage is not going to last.. marriages are heavy arguments it’s heavy love”
Joe: “You have to be a realist.. it’s not always unicorns and rainbows”
Britney: “Oh I’m a realist to.. “

3:36pm Cam 1-2 Joe says his wife and him have telepathic powers because their love is so strong. It’s took them years of communication, Loving and arguing to get to this point. (Powerhouse is a freaking telepath)

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3:50pm Cam 1-2 Britney dragging Danielle around the house. Frank helps Britney out. They all end up in the Bathroom. Frank tells them they are all invited in the HOH room he’s going to head up there right now. Danielle says Frank is welcome to hang out with them They move over to make room for him on the couch. Frank says he does not like to hang out in the bathroom. Frank leaves.

Britney out of nowhere: “Where is Bangladesh”
Danielle: “in China”
Ian: “near Pakistan”
Danielle: “Near Turkey”
Britney: “Russia”
(WOW none of these people know where Bangladesh is)

Britney points out that the live feeders are hating them right now.. they have to figure out what to do. Shane: “Lets talk about oral S$x again”

4:07pm Cam 3-4 Dan still in the solitray Dance party.. I think he’s out at 5
Here is a picture from last nights torture Dan had to go through. (Image Link)

4:11pm Cam 1-2 bathroom Everyone but Frank and Dan
Ian gives them a rundown of Big Brother 9 and how Adam and Matt (MATT MACDONALD) were arrested for smuggling oxycodone. He adds that Matt (MATT MACDONALD) was also accused of beating up his girlfirend while she was pregnant.
Shane: “When she was on the show?”
Ian: “No no”
Ian mentions Matt Hoffmans twitter account (@HeadOfHOFFhold) and how his tag says something like “As long as I don’t beat up my girlfriend while pregnant i’ll be the best Matt in Big Brother history” (It’s since been changed)

Random chit chat.. apparently Frank’s chum baths are over. they have been in lockdown for a while now.
Britney says she’s 1/16th Native american.. Cherokee.
Danielle: “Im 1/8th native american”
Danielle: “I don’t think speeding is that bad of an offense I do it all the time.. All the Time”

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4:22pm Trivia.. Dan must be let out .

4:26pm Cam 1-2 Dan emerges from the 24hour solitary Dance party
Danielle comes in asks him if he’s alright
Dan: “My heads not right”
Danielle: “What do you mean mentally? ”
Dan: “Ya”
(dan looks like SHIT.. everyone is talking about it around the kitchen as Dan walks by them to go into the storage room)

4:28pm Cam 1-2 Dan smiles to the camera gives a thumbs up and says he is fine.

4:32pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Joe and Dan
Joe is offering to make him some good to help him out. Joe is thinking maybe a soup to start.
Dan: “I see flashling lights I don’t know what is going on”
Joe: “You need a medic?”
Dan L:’Hmmm I dunno..”

Danielle comes in starts asking him questions.. He trails off doesn’t really give her a answer. Danielle starts to panic gets up runs to the Diary Room sayign “I need to get into the DR RIGHT NOW”
When no one is looking Dan winks at the camera. (OMFG this is funny)
Danielle comes back after requesting a Diary Room session
Dan asks her if there is any good news at all .. Danielle says everything looks like it’s going to be the same.

Dan: ‘I need to get outside.. I see the walls coming in the lights are flashing”
Danielle: “Dan Dan.. why do you want to go outside.. are you mad at me”
Dan: “When are they letting us out”
Danielle: “someone was having a party out back and the music was so loud they brought us back in”
(Feeds cut to the kitchen…. Shane, Joe and Frank )

Joe is saying that the havenots room smells like puke.. They all comment how crappy and sick Dan looks.

Britney joins them they tell him that Dan is in really bad shape they are getting a medic and everything. Shane says that Danielle is with him.

Danielle and Dan walks by the kitchen table to go into the Diary Room to see the medic.

4:47pm Cam 1-4 Speculation run rampant about what happened to Dan in the Dance party
Joe thinks the puking got to Dan
Shane thinks it was a panic attack from the lights
Danielle thinks a mental breakdown.. “He kept saying my heads not right my heads not right.. last time I saw someone like that they were suicidal”
Britney: ‘Maybe the game got to him.. because the last time he was here he sailed right through”
Joe: “Dan will not give up he’ll fight till the last second.. that night just got the best of him mentally.. ”

5:14pm Cam 1-2 Danielle, Frank, Britney and Frank
Danielle is crying because Dan is in “Rough” shape and one of them is going home. Frank saying that he was in a similar situation last week when he was campaigning to get Boogie’s votes. Britney keeps bringing up that Dan has never been on the block after the Veto has been played. Britney: “He wanted to be the first person to win this game twice.. it’s a big pill to swallow”
Frank: “He’s going to be one of those guys that will be like … I did my best.. he not the type of person to hold onto regrets”

Britney brings up that when people talk about the best Big Brother player of all time Dan’s name always comes up. Frank makes the comments that maybe now one of them will be considered the best player of all time. (If Frank gets on the block and doesn’t win the Veto his crash and burn will be epic)

Dan comes out says he feels a but better tells them he head was really messed up. HE apologizes for worrying them all.

5:38pm Dan and Danielle Danielle is trying to get him to go to the Arcade to lay down. Dan keeps muttering he doesn’t want to go back in that Room.. “They” are going to make him go in that Room. (he might be talking about the havenots room and “They” are production)

5:48pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Dan Arcade

Dan talking about the experience.. the worst part was the lights.
Britney comes in asks him how he’s doing. Dan says he always thought he was a stable person mentally but being in that room broke him .

Dan: “It smelled in there to.. I don’t know why.. did you smell it in there”
Frank: “NO but Shane and Joe did and they said it smelled funky like you threw up”

Ian and Shane join them. Dan explains that the lights had a set pattern it was messing with him. even with the bandana around his eyes the light still got through.

Dan: “It wasn’t being alone.. just mentally I never felt that way”

6:17pm bathroom Cam 3-4 Danielle, Britney and Shane
(Danielle cried for awhile about Dan “ignoring her”)
They are convinced that if Jenn or Ian use their power than Britney will go up but if both use the power Shane and Britney will go up. Danielle says she will go talk to Jenn tonight. Britney keeps telling them that Dan has already won 500 thousand dollars.

6:20pm Cam 1-2 HOH Frank and Jenn
Jenn saying that she will not use the POV but is worried that Ian might not use it. Frank :”I’ve told him Britney goes up and goes home if he uses the Veto on Dan”

Frank says he knows that Britney is high on Ian’s list than Dan. Jenn says if Ian uses the veto power he doesn’t have Jenn anymore. Frank says Ian has burnt him once already if he does it again he’ll lose everyone but Dan.

Britney joins them and says there is no way they will not Vote Danielle out of the house. Jenn: “Danielle is not going home.. and thats that.. period.. this has all gotten my heart beating.. “
Britney: “Me too because I know I’m going up”
Jenn: “I do not want Dan to stay.. NEITHER DO YOU BRITNEY” (OHH Shit.. ?? is slamming it down)
Britney: “Dan said he wants to talk to the entire house about how to handle the next couple days”
Frank says that Dan is laying it on really think.. Jenn says her heart is pumping really hard and her mind is raising because she see’s Dan downstairs talking to people.

6:34pm bathroom Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane
Shane asks her if she still has the final 3 deal with the girls alliances. Danielle says she hasn’t really talked to the girls since the Ashley left. Shane: “We need to keep strong”

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134 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Dan emerges from solitary Dance party “My heads not right.. All I see is Flashing Lights”

    1. Danielle is trying her hardest to turn into the Danielle show. Dan is getting medical attention and she’s in the bathroom crying for herself. JHC what a piece of work.

    2. I’m a Frank fan…but the whole sensory deprivation angle Dan is playing is just brilliant. Makes me re-think my initial opinion of him, especially if he drops the faux Choir boy act.

  1. Really is that all you got Dan. Look Ian and Jenn please pull me off the block. I was tortured in there and no one from production noticed. Feel sorry for me I am so week. Yeah Right

  2. Come on Dan!! You can do this!! Make it work! It’s go time! I am hoping you can pull this off and get off the block and send Britney out the door, if not Ian! I’m not giving up hope!! If you could handle that crap for 24 hours you have fight left in you!! Do this! Go Dan:)

  3. Ah guilt, what a good Catholic Boy, that is how you start staying in that house. Way to go Dan, get to work on those people. gain that sympathy, get the votes.

  4. I feel so bad for Dan because he looks awful and the only thing that is worse than the solitary dance party for 24 hours is spending a whole week alone with Ashley at the Jury house.

  5. What’s Dan hoping to gain from this? With the veto ceremony tomorrow he shouldn’t be wasting his time doing this crap and should be trying to manipulate Ian or Frank.

  6. Well I was not expecting Dan take this plan of action lets see how it turns out, Do you think he wants to expose Danielle as a nurse? What’s the motivation? I can’t wait to find out more. BB Please keep Dan in the game it would be so boring without him,

          1. Am I the only one who thinks Ian would be better off using the veto on Ian & aligning with him than Frank who can’t play in the next 2 HOH? I’m sure everyone will be kissing the a$$ of whoever wins the next HOH, so I wouldn’t count on Britney, Shane, Dani being loyal to him no matter what… At least Dan & Frank would continue to go after each other & are both huge targets every week. I just think it’d be better for him… Frank will be pissed but Ian has 2 weeks to calm h down or hopefully get him out.

            1. I think Ian would be better aligned with Dan right now because Frank can’t play in the next 2 HOH’s . Frank is a big target and he doesn’t win the next 2 pov, he’s gone

    1. is Matt allowed to comment on whether or not BB productions rigs aspects of the so called game or is he in the brotherhood of not being able to say anything?

      It would be nice to get an honest answer from someone that has been their.

      AG is a d-bag

      1. I think we already know the answer to that.. I stopped thinking Big Brother was 100% left to chance and skill at season 6. I still like the show

  7. Someone stick Britney in that room like that for 24 hours and then say maybe the game got to him since he just sailed through his last time!! Really wench?!? Let put you in there with your big mouth!! And then we will say the same thing!!! Go away!’

    1. Are you thinking of the right Britney? The same Brit that would have been out the door week 2 had she not won a veto? Her route was harder than Dans.

  8. haha this is why i love dan he loves messing with peoples head. I really hope he pulls off a miracle and stays in this game but i know it ain’t going to happen

  9. Joe’s right – I wouldn’t believe his life’s story, but there again he’s telepathic and already knew this! LOL!!

    And Dan – this is sooo freaking awesome. Glad the DR is playing with this as well. Can’t wait to see what angle he’s working now that it’s out!

  10. I love Dan. This is hilarious and everything, but how is this going to help him? If anything, it may make people more willing to vote him out.

  11. Did this muthafucka just say Ashley deserved to be there more than Joe??? OK i guess I get it One Idiot has a vagina and the other Idiot don’t

  12. That room they had dan in reminds me of a show i used to watch called solitary they would torture people like that all the time

    1. well what do you expect the house has made the show about all summer what with nominating him 5 times and all. Even if Frank does not win he will be one of the most memorable BB players, and I def see him coming back for all stars.

      BTW Danielle tries really hard to make everything about her too!!

  13. I have to say this will go down as the worst big brother ever but with that said if dan goes i not sure if i want to continue to watch it is going to be so boring

  14. Lol Dan is so funny I love him! I have no clue what he’s up too the best I can guess is he is after Jen’s or Ian’s veto. Britney is just saying these things because if dan by some miracle gets off the block she or Ian is going up.

    1. It won’t be Ian he has a veto so if he uses it on dan then frank can’t put him up and if he does put him up Ian will take himself down so it would either be her or shane

  15. This comp of balance, no wonder Frank won, I can’t see any of the other 14 people pullin that one off… it was his to win

    I’m, pretty good at the labyrinth board game, but vertical? hell yaw man

  16. How are you guys feeling about tonight’s episode so far? Still amazing to me how Dan is getting all the blame for everything LOL Kudos to Britney’s sneaky little ass

    1. Stupid Danish! All she had to do was say Yes when Frank asked her if she would be willing to cut Dan. He wouldn’t have put both of them up otherwise! Instead she wanted cry & act a fool and get attention!!!!!!! I seriously don’t want Dan to win a 2nd time, I want someone new to win but I do want him to stay longer to make the show more interesting. I just want Danielle to leave because I’m not sure I can take her much longer!! She needs intense therapy!!

  17. dan did not slide to the end in season 10, he had to work his a** off, Britney is the one who had an easy ride to the final 4

  18. lol. what Dan is doing is not going to work. some of the people in there are gonna be like, I think it’s best we vote out Dan, his health is more important than the game right now. Dan’s act will end when Ian tells him he’s not using the veto on him. that’s when all hell breaks loose in the house. Dan will be evicted this week.

    1. His ploy is that he is not a strong competitor, this is his way of campaining against danielle without her knowing and this is how he won bb10 but i think he will try with Ian if that doesn’t work then he might try to make a deal with frank if he tells frank the truth it would put Ian in the hot seat and it just might get dan off the block.

  19. why do people hate Britney…common she is good at social games but I dont see why people dont want danielle to leave… she has won an HOH and veto…plus shes really strong can def do good in comps…so I find her a threat…

  20. Dan needs to throw them all to the wolves. He has to play the jury angle. He will poison the jury for Frank. Dan is the Best. He gets all the blame but I did not see him do that much. I love his thumbs up to the camera.

  21. Frank, though he may be a good physical competitor, he is by far the WORST SOCIAL GAME PLAYER OF ALL TIME!!!! He is gullible, delusional and his narcism is appauling to say the least

    1. I completely agree! And people say Shane has a bad social game? Frank can’t handle his shit, honestly, watching tonight episode if I was Britney I would have been in Frank’s face screaming my lungs out. Frank is a hypocritical egotistical arrogant self rightoues douche

      1. Believe it or not you really dont know Frank, or any of the house guests for that matter, to be saying anything good or bad about them. Your only seeing how they play the game.

        1. You’re right!

          In the game? of BB, “Frank is a hypocritical egotistical arrogant self rightoues douche”

          Is that better?

  22. Dan could have fallen outta that room dead and I’d still keep the nominations the same! He’s a nasty lil prick that “plays the good guy”. Are the house guests given mind altering drugs in there? Remember how he acted in the Pandora’s Box comp??? He was a DICK! (not a good one like my guy Evel Dick… love him!) You can’t PLAY the “good guy” part time… you have to make the commitment or “get off the pot”.

    And while I’m on a bitchfest and almost outta vodka…. I don’t think there’s ANYTHING wrong with Ian… no autism or Aspbergers… or whatever… He’s too cool in the diary room… think it’s all an act… i.e. Britney taking up for him to Frank when he was yelling at Ian… The dude LOVES playing the villain, and his “get to steppin'” comment amongst other comments i.e “take a seat”… just proves to me he’s like dude that said his wife could die and he needed the money for her treatment.

  23. That’s right Dan, play all them fuckers, you know Frank too fucking stupid to see this is a play, gullible idiot didn’t have the brain to know that Ian should’ve been put up to force him to use the veto on himself. That’s why he was so upset Boogie left, he had the brains.

    Frank is shitting on Frank’s dream yo…SELF EVICT

  24. I can’t believe that Frank thinks that Dan is his number one enemy, when Shane put him up twice. Of course he won the HOH. He got to practice how many times in a row. By the last time he could have done it with his eyes closed. BB is a flippin’ rip off.

    1. So BB made Frank do well in the comp. Everyone had 5 minutes to practice the comp the day before and Frank and Ian did the best at it (it was posted on here). the truth is that QP sucked at the comp. and they also lost to Jenn in the veto, and she only won because Frank was disqualified. So he would have won that too!!

  25. Dan needs to talk to Frank, spill the beans about Ian. And that everything Dan is getting accused of (calling Shane & Ian’s shots) is actually Britney. He needs to keep Frank from killing Ian though & surprise him. They need to get Jenn to use POV on Dan & put Ian up. When Ian uses his golden veto to get himself off, put up Britney. Then let Ian shit himself all week! LOL Dan & Frank need to team up, makes the season interesting for us, plus Dan will always be playing for 2nd place so Frank would be fool not to team up with Dan. He can’t play in the next 2 HOH’s & Shane is too easily swayed by Britney so he can’t trust him.

    1. such a good plan….. frank is an idiot for not keeping dan, who would give dan another 500 grand????? no one in the jury…..

  26. Well I have to say that I am starting to resign myself that Dan will be going. Sad, I hope he pulls a miricle. I haven’t had time to read all the posts like I normally do, but if he is thinking clearly, there is a way to pull this off and keep Dan, but Jenn and Ian have to be willing to do it. This is how it goes:

    Jenn takes Danielle of the block, that keeps both of them safe. Frank nominates Joe, Britney or Shane.

    If he nominates Britney, Ian saves her.

    If he nominiates Shane or Joe, leave it the same.

    Once either Joe or Shane is on the block with Dan, everyone votes for someone not Dan.

    It would work.

    1. Hey Dan Ashley called, she was wondering if you could bring her pair of shoes she left under Franks bed. Also she has some Fish Tacos waiting for you when you get to the Jury House Thursday.

  27. It’s unreal how much Frank hate there is. Guy should be cocky, I believe he now holds more wins then anyone in this game. How can you not pull for an underdog that fights this hard? I mean as much as he is on the block. And for as much as he has saved himself, he deserves to have a chip on his shoulder and rub it in their faces. Franks made them all look so stupid WASTING the entire summer trying to get him out. Let’s face it one of them can compete (Shane) the rest of them are all talk. I wish Shane would wake up and see, working with Frank presents an amazing opportunity the game has never seen. But he is too stupid to see it I think. But know this, if Frank goes home before final 4, you will see him brought back. And if they do, people will be breaking their necks to make an alliance with him.

    1. I feel the same you do Sam. I’ve never been the kind of viewer who pulls for big alliances in this house. I’ve always root for the underdog.

  28. caught tonight’s episode here on the east coast and all I gotta say is Wow,…I don’t wanna piss off Frank cause man he used that anger to pretty much dominate the HOH comp. Even the Frank haters will see why he is good in competitions. Ian has to understand though it’s Big Brother man! If you’re gonna make cut-throat moves expect the consequences. Did he think Frank wouldn’t be pissed off! I couldn’t stop laughing how Britney was defending Ian, telling Frank to yell at her and leave him along. Wow Brit, you only care cause Ian is another person doing all your work and u need him and shane to protect you lol

  29. Unfortunately I do not see Dan staying. :-(.

    I didnt like Dan being such a jerk to Ian during the Pandoras veto. Boo!!

    I can only hope that Frank goes home soon. He was SUCH a bully to Ian. He’s a full blown egotistical a**hole.

    Brit/Shane FTW

    I love Brit this season. She is funny and after seeing her be so protective of Ian against Frank Thurs night it showed she’s a really sweet person.

  30. Way to run the wrong person name in the dirt! It was Matt mcdonald not Matthew Hoffman…how long have you been watching Big Brother again?

    1. Are you talking to me because I never said it was matt hoffman selling the oxycodone I quoted Ian who said that Matt Hoffman had on his twitter tag that he’s the other Matt from Big BRother that has not been caught selling oxycodone

  31. Looks like Frank and Jenn have a new alliance.. they want to take Joe to the final 3. Jenn is hoping to win the final HOH and Take Joe otherwise Frank wins the game.

    Here is there boot list

    1) Dan, 2) Ian, 3) Britney, 4) Shane

    1. The only problem with the under dog is that all the fan fav were on the other team and maybe if the vets didn’t come into the house i would have been on team frank but boogie kinda rude his game and the fact that he is so blinded by his hatred of dan he can’t see that it is really Ian. Not sure what dan is up to but i agree with joe dan isn’t going to go out without a fight

      1. Exactly… I know this year is about leading a Newb to the win, like last season was for a Vet… but them bringing Vets back again then royally fucking them with this “reset” that favored only Frank?, that was too fucking obvious.. I didn’t like Frank before he won anything, Boogie just made it worst

      2. Frank isn’t smart enough to not trust Ian, even though Boogie TOLD him, NOT TO TRUST Ian, and he keeps Ian off the block possibly allowing him to take someone off the block? All muscle, agility, but not a brain cell in that cranium.. I was just about to switch to his team, soon as Boogie was outta the picture, but this dude is a lost cause, he’ll be following Dan to Jury, if production doesn’t save him.

  32. Omg wow he really made a alliance with jen lol two hoh’s and two shots a getting him out maybe the first time you try a backdoor next time just put him up

  33. I know there’s a lot of Dan fans that are praying he miraculously stays in the game, but are you kidding me? the best move for everyone in the house is to evict Dan. this opportunity to take Dan out the game will probably never present itself again. if Ian or Jenn uses the veto it will go down as one of the worst moves ever on BB. Dan has no one to blame but himself, he had his chance yesterday and FAILED to save himself by not winning the veto. it’s great entertainment having Dan coming out of solitary confinement with his theatrics trying to con his way to stay in the house, but Dan’ shitting on Frank dream days are OVER.

    1. The only problem with that is that it is Ian who is ruining frank’s game everything that has happened is all on Ian it is sad dan is taking the blame and i hate how brit is throwing dan under the bus she is even using the he already won this game.

  34. Love love Dan! Whatever he’s planning I hope it works! Danielle is so bizarre, crying and stuff over Dan ignoring her umm he’s a little busy being sick(okay not really but it’s what she thinks). I think hes trying to appear weak but whats funny is he is kinda weak this season. He couldn’t win 2 vetos and Danielle has even won more than him I think Frank’s paranoia of Dan is killing both there games. Frank should get Dan on his side and form an alliance with Ian and Jen. Come on Frank start thinking or your gonna be out after Dan esp since he can’t play for HOH for 2 weeks.

    1. Not in the 4 seasons I’ve seen… No idea how it was b4 BB10(that’s when I started watchin), I’m guessing alliances were pretty mixed

    2. a “grils alliance worker? Would that be Joe, but who else is a worker on a grill? Would we add all the flip-floppers, cuz they would be like burger flippers? So does that give us Joe & Jenn. Seems pretty weak to me.

    3. a “grils alliance worker? Would that be Joe since he is for sure a grill worker. But who else? Would it be any flip flopper, cuz they would be like someone flipping burgers. That would add Jenn I guess. But man what kind of alliance would that be worth? Rather that a “grils alliance worker it should be called a big talker alliance.

    4. a “grils alliance worker? So would that be Joe because he’s a grill worker. But who else is in the alliance? Maybe any flip flopper if you use flipping burgers as a grill reference. But that would be Jenn. But what kind of an alliance is that. I wouldn’t call it a “grils alliance worker but maybe the All Talk Alliance, for those who like to shoot their mouth off.

  35. Dan is a fool, acting like a total donkey when pandora’s box was opened. Reallying showing his true colors – and don’t even get me started on Ian. Yes, it’s just a game, but whoa – I’m certain that this is exactly how these fools act outside of the house and their true self is being shown. Frank has been the best competitor by far, while Brit playing the best social game, it’s going to be tough for either one to win. I just hope it’s not Ian, that dude makes my skin crawl.

  36. omg, you’d think danielle who is so super intelligent (by her own beliefs) would know where bangladesh is and on top of that a bunch of danielle’s crazy is rubbing off on dan, he’s taking a major page from her playbook this week…powerhouse seems to think that he’s so smart, that he has everyone pegged, he thinks like some big brother mastermind when in reality the only master joe is is a masturbator but anyway TPH4L.

  37. I am not a Frank fan. I don’t hate him or anything but I found him somewhat crude when he was with Boogie (he is much more likeable now that boogie is gone). But I have to give him kudos for that HOH win! It was awesome and sad at the same time. I really think he should look at the big picture and team up with Dan..he probably won’t but it would make things more interesting to watch :) I think he could win jury votes against Dan.

  38. At this point Dan is starting the Mind F^&k

    Phase One: Sympathy (that room broke me)
    Phase Two: Convince Ian to use the PoV on Dan, set up a back up story, that Dan manipulated him with guilt.
    sacrifice Danielle to save Brittney (Dan is Ruthless, remember that. He warned Danielle that you have to be cutthroat.) They can get the votes. Dan, Ian, Shane and Eagle Eye. They just need three
    Convince Ian it is a gamble, but it is a gamble with a two week potential to take out Frank and then Joe.

    If Phase Two fails

    Phase Three: Campaign against Danielle. Dan just needs three votes. Once the PoV is over Frank has No power for two weeks and they still have bodies that they can sacrifice Jen and Joe to be precise if they fail in getting Frank out.
    Brittney can convince Shane it is their best move.

    Phase Four: Seal the deal to keep Dan not Danielle in the game. This can be accomplished by using Danielle against Danielle. Remember that piece of advise Boogie gave Frank week One “She is a girl, stay cool, she will do most of the work for you.” A Danielle that has been betrayed might fly off the handle, and get herself evicted, in a similar manner Jen almost got herself evicted. Those house guests just need an excuse to keep Dan, even an extremely flimsy one.

    There is more possibility to save Dan with Danielle next to him then there is in having Shane next to him. If Franks goal was to take out Dan he really needs to play just as Ruthless as Dan and get those three votes to evict Dan locked in. He thinks he has them with Jen, Joe and Ian… those three are extremely easy to turn. After PoV Ceremony is over Frank has No Power and therefor has just lost Joe. Ian has not been his for quite a while, leaving Frank with just Jen. this house has rarely gone in the direction the HoH has wanted. So sit back and enjoy, seeing what a real mind F***k looks like.

  39. Watching tonight’s show and the edit given to Frank, Ian and Dan…I think Ian is idiotic, Frank is psychotic and Dan showed his desperation.
    Hopefully Dan’s solitary dance party was able to help him somewhat gather his thoughts and composure to pull a save out of his ass.

    1. To be perfectly honest with you I feel like anything short of Dan punching a baby in the face would warrant your sympathy based on your prior praise of Dan…
      That being said all these players are the same in my eyes: self-absorbed in winning half a mil regardless of social or moral bridges they must burn..
      But what’d you expect from a bunch of people willing to sacrifice pretty much their livelihood to be on a petty T.V. show..
      Also why is it nearly every time Dan has to explain how the comp works like the viewers are unaware? It’s kinda annoying…

  40. OOh Dan told Shane he could date his sister. He’s trying to get Dai\nielle to go crazy so he can stay.

  41. The house AND Dan’s alliance flipped on Him!!! … Now, Dan is fighting for himself and for Daniele!! – LOve Dan, he IS the Greatest BB Player of all time – win or lose!

  42. Dan. Wow, You are the smartest player in the game. Useing your mind and health to win everyone over and worry for you and then the thing with Danielle and now look your off the block and going to the final 2 with Frank. Amazing. Dan is playing this game like it should be played and giving us a show as well. That was one of the smartest moves I have ever seen on Big Brother. I want Dan to win. He deserves winning twice. He owns this game right now.

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